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Note: Variants of the name are all treated as "Mewse", and include Muse, Meuse, Meawse but not Mews which is a separate family


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There are a few earlier references to the name MEWSE.

An Adrian MUSE was a "denizen" and London merchant and is recorded as having one bale with 12 cloths 6 yards in a barge belonging to Henry SMYTH going to Gravesend on 20 Feb 1481 and one bale with 12 cloths in the ship of Richard LULL on 25 Aug 1481.
There is also a record of George MUSE who was warden of the church of the Grey Friars of Dunwich in 1505
The Suffolk Lay Subsidy return of 1524 lists Jaffrey MEWSE in South Elmham St George (value in goods: £4. paying 2s.0) and William MEWSE at Flixton in Elmham.
In 1537 an Adrian MEWSE was a witness to a fight in a drinking house, when one of the participants, being told to keep the King's Peace said "A turde for the king" [Letters and Papers, Foreign and Domestic, Henry VIII, Volume 12 Part 1: January-May 1537 ]

Bartholomew and Audrey MEWSE had Silvester MEWSE b 1559 Catfield, Edward MEWSE b 1568 in Catfield then John MEWSE bap 23 May 1574 in Norwich and then back in Catfield Thomas MEWSE bap 14 Feb 1587. It is thought that Silvester and Edward at least of the Mewse family moved to Souldrop, Bedfordshire. You can see the descendants of Bartholomew and Audrey

A Vance MEWSE was a servant with Roger JAMES in London, Tower Ward in 1582 and paid £4 in poll tax
Customs records for Sept. 1567-Sept. 1568 show Richard MOUSE to have been dealing in the following imports: ling, staplefish [good-quality, salted cod], eels, Scottish salmon and herrings.
An Adryan MEWSE married William ROLIFF 14 Apr 1569 in Sr Botolph, Aldgate

The first three generations are deduced from what little evidence there is but cannot be confirmed because parish records were not kept before 1550. However, it is clear that at the time there was only one family of Mewse in Suffolk and Norfolk for the period from 1580, and for this reconstruction it is assumed that was the case in the whole of the 16th century.


01......John MEWSE or MUCE b abt 1490?

The earliest record we have of John is in 1508 (probably born in the 1490s) when he was listed in the Presentments of the Warden in the Worshipful Company of Butchers of the City of London as an apprentice "John Muce from Lowstoff."

He then appears to get into some trouble. He was trading as a butcher in St John's Street, London when he was accused in 1518 that he "daily useth to blowe the kydneyes to make them swell and seem much greater than they would be"

(It is interesting that a much later 84 William Mewse (b 1657) was fined 6d for "inflating his veal with wind")

He was bound over with two sureties, Edward Langhorn and Robert Dunne, two other butchers of St Johns Street, to appear and answer before the Mayor and Aldermen

The result of the action is not known.

Each member of the Company, a trades guild, had to make an annual subscription, and in 1522 John was being looked for to pay, but apparently he had left London, to disappear for ever!

It seems likely, but not certain, that he went back home and practiced his skills in Lowestoft, and was probably (not proved, however) the grandfather of Wyllyam Mewse, who was a butcher with two houses and was buried in 1582. Certainly butchery was in the Mewse family in Lowestoft continuously until the late 1700's.


01John MEWSE or MUCE m unknown

Child of John and unknown
02......William b abt 1505

It is probable that William was the son of 01 John above.
02a....Jaffry dob unknown
Jaffry paid £4.2. 0 in the Suffolk subsidy of 1524


02 William MEWSE m unknown

Note: William paid £2.2.0 for goods in the 1524 Suffolk subsidy. William is also known of indirectly, through a muster roll of 1535 which records "William Mewse's servant" as an able billman in Lowestoft. (Muster rolls were periodic assessments of the availability of local militia to act as a defence force when needed) . This is the first recorded butcher in Lowestoft. A Thomas Rede, merchant is recorded in 1546 as owing William Mewse of Lowestoft and John Jaye of Earsham, a tanner, but the amount is not reocrded. [Nat Archives Henry VIII 1546 CPno1127]
Children of William and unknown
03......Bartholomew b abt 1535
see the tree for Mewse in Bedfordhire and USA here
04......Wyllyam b abt 1538
05......John m (a) Ann RUSSELL 1556 Framingham Pigot (b) .....COKOE 1561 Framingham Pigot

From this point all entries in the UK are confirmed by parish records


1 WYLLYAM MEWSE b abt 1538 bur 26 Dec 1582 Lowestoft see will m Elizabeth (b 1540 Lowestoft)bur 3 Jun 1607 Lowestoft

Note: Wyllyam, my 10 x great grandfather, was a butcher and owned two houses, one in High Street, Lowestoft and the other in West Lane (which became Swan Lane, now Mariner's Street. The house stood on the south side of Swan Lane at its junction with High Street). In 1568 he paid subsidy (a tax on land valued at £1) at the rate of 1s.. 4d. There is a record in the Manor book of 1581 showing William (with Mewse spelt Mease) as a juror.

His father or more probably his grandfather) may have been the John MUSE who was a butchers apprentice in 1508 - see details here. John married (a) Ann RUSSELL 1556 at Framingham Pigot and (b) ....COKOE, also at Framingham Pigot in 1561

The Muster Roll of 1535 shows "William Mewse's servant" as an able billman - this William is almost certainly father to Wyllyam above. [Proc Suff Inst Arch & Hist XVI]

Muster Rolls were periodic assessments of the availability of local militia to act as a defence force when needed.

William was a witness on 11 Apr 1582 as a "native tenant of the manor" in the surrender of land from Thomas JENTLEMAN senior to John ARCHER citizen and fishmonger of London.

Children of Wyllyam and Elizabeth
2......Elizabeth bur 6 Oct 1568
3......Thomas b abt 1562 Lowestoft Lowestoft bur 18 Oct 1620
Thomas Mewse was recorded in the 1584 muster list as having a byll and salet (weapon similar to a halberd and a steel cap or helmet)
4......Margaret date unknown m Edward LEESINGHAM 15 Apr 1574
5......Alice bap 25 May 1589
6......Joanne b abt 1561
7......Willyam bap 20 Jul 1561 butcher bur 15 Apr 1592 Lowestoft
Note: William Mewsse was recorded in the 1584 muster list but no weapons were mentioned
8......Ann bap 12 Jun 1563 Lowestoft
9......Agnes m (a) Henry PRENTICE 21 Apr 1595 (issue:William d 1601) (b) Richard HALL 1598 [see Prentice branch]

10 Edward MEWSE m Margaret BOWER 28 Mar 1592 Catfield

Note: Edward may have been a son of Bartholomew and Audrey MEWSE, mentioned in the green header above

Children of Edward and Margaret
11......Edward bap 28 Mar 1592 Catfield
11a....Christopher bap 23 Jul 1594 Catfield
12......Elizabeth bap 23 Mar 1596 Catfield
13......Margaret bap 16 Apr 1600 Catfield


3 Thomas MEAWSE (butcher) bur 18 Oct 1620 Lowestoft m Phillipp PEARCE or PEARSE b 1563 [ see will ] (bur 6 Jul 1651 Lowestoft) 15 Sep 1583 Lowestoft St Margarets

Note: Thomas is recorded as a butcher living at the Bell Inn, paying a Lords rent of 1s 6d annually. The Manor Rolls for Lowestoft record that "Thomas Mewse held plot 120, a tenement called the Bell, bought in 1606 from Thomas GODDARD at an annual Lord's rent of 1/6d" (now 148 High Street, still substantially the same building) It passed to Simon HAMMOND on 10 Oct 1627 "on the surrender of Philippa Mewse, widow and her sons William and John"

You can see the house which was the Bell Inn or alehouse, now a private house but with alcohol adverts all over it, here It has now (2007) been modernised and the old adverts have gone.

The house in West Lane left him by his father passed to one "GOLDSMITHE" and then to Richard BURY. It was described in the Manor Roll of 1618 [NRO 194/A10/73] as being "Situated south of West Street and abutting onto the High Street to the east, and on to the house of Gilbert BATEMAN (formerly held by Nicholas HEWSON) to the West". Presumably it was surplus to Thomas' requirements when he inherited it.

Although the house in West Street seems to have passed on his father's death to Mr Goldsmithe, Thomas did own two other properties. The first of these was passed on to Alice BURY widow who paid 4d Lord's rent, and stood on the corner of Swan Lane (now Mariner's Street) and High Street (now under the Town Hall). The second one belonged to George SEPPENS who may have been a butcher and paid 4d Lord's rent, and stood on the south side of Swan Lane, again under the modern town hall complex.

On 25 Feb 1582, a Ralph FAYERCHILD was fined 3s 4d for "making an affray upon Thomas MEWSE"

Thomas was in trouble with the law on a number of occassions and was fined in the Leet Court [NRO 194/A10/73]:
7 Mar 1584 fined 3d for obstructing the roadway with "neets scalpis" (cattle heads) (with six other butchers)
7 Mar 1618 fined 6d for selling beer by unlawful measure (with 10 others)
2 Mar 1620 fined 3d for the same offence (with 8 others)
16 Feb 1621 fined 12d for selling beer by unlawful measure. Since he was buried on 18 Oct 1620 this was a posthumus fine!)
These were my 9 x great grandparents.

Children of Thomas and Phillipp
14......Willyam bap 20 Jun 1585 Lowestoft bur 17 Jul 1656 Lowestoft
15......Margaret bap 22 Feb 1590 Lowestoft bur 15 Jun 1590
16...... John bap 20 Aug 1592 Lowestoft bur 29 May 1667 Lowestoft
17.....Ann bap 1594 Lowestoft bur 12 Jan 1678 m Thomas FELTON 1 Mar 1635 Lowestoft

Note: see Felton branch

6 Joan MEWSE m Robert GISLINGHAM abt 1581

Children of Robert and Joan
18......Christian (female) bap 28 Apr 1582 Lowestoft
19......Daniell bap 27 Jul 1585 Lowestoft
20......Wyllyam bap 6 Aug 1587 Lowestoft

7 Willyam MEWSE b 1561 m Elizabeth ASHBY (bap 28 Nov 1568 Lowestoft bur 3 Jun 1607 Lowestoft) 20 Jul 1588 Lowestoft

Note: William was a butcher. Elizabeth was the daughter of Robert and Annes ASHBY

Children of Willyam and Elizabeth
21......Alice bap 25 May 1589 Lowestoft
22......Michaell bap 27 Sep 1590 Lowestoft

Note: A Mr Wm MEWSE was nominated as a member of a House of Commons committee to consider "a Bill for two Subsidies and four fifteens" [House of Commons Journal Volume 1: 08 February 1606]

A Thomas Mewse of Horseleydown, Surrey apprenticed his son William Mewse to George BOUGHTON in 1647


It was in this generation that the worst of the Lowestoft fires occurred. An account of the losses and costs can be seen here An added problem for Lowestoft was the plague occurring in 1603 (310 burials in this year) and 1635 (170 burials) . The average was 40 to 50 burials a year. [David Butcher: Lowestoft 1550 - 1750]

23 Mark PACY (d 1596) m (a) unknown (b) Elizabeth WIGHT (d 1620 Lowestoft) 16 Jun 1580 Lowestoft

Note: Mark was a sailor at first but gave up the seafaring life after buying property sand fishing boats and became a prosperous businessman. After Mark's death, Elizabeth continued to expand the family interests. See Elizabeth's will here

Child of Mark and Elizabeth
24......Nicholas bap 9 Jul 1581 Lowestoft d 1652
25......Margaret bap 18 Aug 1583 bur 8 Mar 1585
26......Elizabeth bap 9 May 1585 bur 9 Jun 1590
27......Barbara bap 22 Jun 1589 bur 20 Oct 1589
28......John bap 16 Aug 1590
29......Samuel bap 9 Jul 1592 bur 2 Aug 1611
30......Thomas bap 7 Apr 1594

14 Willyam MEWSE bap 20 Jun 1585 m Emme (Em, Amy, Aime) ALLDEN 26 Dec 1608 Lowestoft

Note: William paid 13s 4d in ship money in 1636 - one of the highest in Lowestoft! [NRO 589/178] and again in 1640 he paid 3s 4d

William lost £150 of goods in the fire of 10 Mar 1645 which were stored in the yard of the Bell Inn, where they were probably hiring premises or outbuildings from Simon HAMMOND he having bought the messuage from Phillipa MEWSE and her sons in Oct 1627.

The Leet Court records that he was elected constable and ale-taster on 2 Mar 1620 and ale taster again on 1 Mar 1623

William was admitted to the west end of a tenement at Lord's rent of 2d on 6 Aug 1645. The following year he mortgaged the dwelling to Thomas LEEMAN for £22..8s It was then sold by William and Thomas LEEMAN to Robert RIX The same place was occupied by 33 Simon Mewse below

Ale Tasters, who were appointed by the court-leet were sworn "to examine and assay the beer and ale, and to take care that they were good and wholesome, and sold at proper prices according to the assize; that proper measures were used and also to present all defaults of brewers to the next court-leet."

Manorial in origin the constable had been the link between the Lord of the Manor and his tenants, and was also the keeper of law and order. He was appointed from the better off members of the parish by the jury of the leet court. The post was unpaid and no expenses were given. The constable raised taxes and kept accounts.

It seems that the appointee had no say in the matter - his appointment was for one year, when he was replaced with a new ale taster or constable

Children of Willyam and Emme
31......Ann dob unknown
32......William bap 28 Nov 1619 Lowestoft d 1699 Lowestoft
Note: In 1680 he was churchwarden
33......Thomas bap 24 Oct 1621 Lowestoft (lost £20 goods in the fire) bur 6 May 1688 Lowestoft
34......Mary bap 26 Sep 1624 Lowestoft bur 16 Mar 1626
35......Simond bap 2 Nov 1623 Lowestoft d 13 Nov 1623
45......John bap 1627 Lowestoft m Elizabeth
36......Marye b 30 May 1626 Lowestoft bap 26 Dec 1626 m Matthew WOODS 20 Nov 1645
37......Phillip b 2 Feb 1629 bap 14 Jun 1629 Lowestoft
38......Simon bap 25 Mar 1632 Lowestoft bur 15 Nov 1708 Lowestoft "an ancient man"
Note: Simon was a signatory to the Fisherman's petition of 1670 which may be seen here
39......Elizabeth bap 7 Apr 1634 Lowestoft bur 17 Apr 1637 Lowestoft
40......Alice bap 23 Jan 1637 Lowestoft bur 2 May 1639 Lowestoft
41...... Samuel bap 24 Mar 1639 Lowestoft bur 4 Sep 1641 Lowestoft

16 John MEWSE b 20 Aug 1592 bur 29 May 1667 m Mary GREEN (b 9 Jun 1590, Spexhall bur 31 Mar 1674) 28 Aug 1620, Lowestoft.

Note: John lost £100 worth of goods in the great fire of March 10th 1644/5, and his son (25) John lost £50 worth of goods. There were further major fires in Lowestoft in 1670 and 1717 when part of William Mewse's house was damaged.
John paid 2s in ship money in 1636 [NRO 589/178]
John was elected ale taster in the Leet Court of 16 Feb 1621 and on 26 Feb 1653 he was elected hog reeve (the person responsible for seeing that all pigs' snouts were ringed)
In the same Leet Court he was fined on 10 Feb 1649 for not maintaining the footway next to his house (3d), and a further 3d for not scouring out his ditch
These were my 8 x great grandparents
Children of John and Mary

42......John bap 24 Feb 1622 Lowestoft m Ann MITCHELL abt 1644, Catfield, Suffolk
43......Thomas bap 1 Feb 1624 Lowestoft bur 6 May 1688 Lowestoft m Ann KILLET, widow 26 Feb 1671 Lowestoft
44......Mary bap 30 May 1626 Lowestoft bur as spinster 2 Apr 1734
46......Philip bap 2 Feb 1628/9 Lowestoft
47......Alice bap 5 Feb 1631/2 Lowestoft m Mr BRETHETT25 Feb 1650 Lowestoft
Francis bap 25 Jan 1634/5 Lowestoft bur 3 Dec 1709 Lowestoft " an ancient man" m twice in 1659 and 1687
49......William bap 29 Oct 1637 Lowestoft bur 15 Nov 1713 Lowestoft
50......Simon bap 18 Apr 1641 Lowestoft (butcher) d 1719
51......Jane bap 6 Sep 1646 Lowestoft

Lowestoft was a royalist town, but not particularly strongly so - its defences consisted of a rope across High Street and a cannon which was unloaded. Not very frightening for Oliver Cromwell! He arrested the official defence

52 William FRARY m (a) Alice BOLLARD 12 Sep 1625 Lowestoft (b) Elizabeth BARAFAR 18 May 1627 Lowestoft (See Frary branch here)

Note:These were my eight times great grandparents

A Margaret BARAFAR is recorded as marrying William RAILTON in Lowestoft in 1615 - probably a sister to Elizabeth

When Oliver Cromwell went to Lowestoft in March 1643 to thwart a royalist arms shipment he stayed overnight at the Swan Inn - next door to William Frary, separated only by Swan Score entrance.. Cromwell's troops may well have been requisitioning various things and William as taking no chances - he hid his horse in the parlour of his house!

Child of William and Alice
53......Alice b 1626 Lowestoft d 1626 Lowestoft

Children of William and Elizabeth
54......Ralfe bap 26 Feb 1628 Lowestoft bur 27 Mar 1628 Lowestoft
55......Elizabeth bap 6 Dec 1629 Lowestoft
56......Margaret bap 12 May 1632 Lowestoft bur 12 May 1632 Lowestoft
57......Ann bap 14 Jul 1633 Lowestoft
58......Margaret bap 11 Oct 1635 Lowestoft
59......William bap 11 Feb 1638 Lowestoft
60......Susan bap 20 Feb 1643 Lowestoft m John PEAKE 21 Apr 1664 Lowestoft
Rebecca bap 20 Feb 1643 Lowestoft

24 Nycolas PACYE m Margaret EACHE (d 1620, Lowestoft) 1609 Lowestoft

Note: Nycolas was a mariner, known locally as "Captain Pacy" and became a succesful fish merchant. In his will of 1652 he left everything to his wife, but specified that his son Samuel should assist his mother in her role as executrix.

Children of Nycolas and Margaret
62......Nicholas b abt 1614 Lowestoft d 5 Nov 1680 Lowestoft aged 66 m (a) Katherine MOORE 1638 Wrentham (b) Sarah DUDLEY 1655 Salem, Massachusetts
Note: Nicholas emigrated soon after his marriage to Katherine who came from Corton, and was granted 10 acres of land in Salem, Massachusetts on 21 Nov 1638, and was granted a further 30 acres in 1639. Katherine died, perhaps in childbirth in March 1640. The Salem witchcraft trials took place some 50 years later. He returned to Lowestoft at some unknown date, but dies in Massachusetts.
Elizabeth dob unknown
64......Thomas dob unknown m (a) Elz SKOTSON 1647 Holy Trinity Minories London [Boyd] (b) Mary ARNOLD (wid) 20 Aug 1655 Lowestoft
Note: In 1674 Thomas was assessed as having 2 hearths for the Hearth Tax. He was described as a brewer in the will of Henry Ward of Stepney, but called himself a yeoman.
65......John dob unknown
66......Samuel b 1624 d 17 Sept 1680 aged 56
67 ......Margaret b Feb 1620 Lowestoft m Matthew Arnold 23 May 1640

Note: Also in this generation, Ric(hard) MEWSE m Anne ROCHEL 1649 Heston, London


33 Thomas MEWSE bap 24 Oct 1621 m (a) 63 Elizabeth PACY (bur 28 Feb 1656/7) 23 Oct 1648 Lowestoft (b) Dorotha RISING (b abt 1626 Woolferton bur 3 Feb 1670) 13 Apr 1659 Lowestoft

Note: Thomas, who was a carpenter, seems to have spent some time in Bermondsey, but in 1667 he was back in Lowestoft at the Manorial court in connection with the Lowestoft tithe barn messuage. He was assessed for hearth tax in 1674 as having 3 hearths, but the entry was marked "empty a Yeare".

Dorothy RISING brought to their marriage one small house and a fish house at Lords rent of 7p as a result of her husband William RISINGs will - she was admitted 27 Feb 1658 Dorothy's will left it to husband Thomas who was admitted on 23 Aug 1671. Thomas, with the release of William RISING, jnr, surrendered the property to Mary PORTER on 14 May 1673. This property stood at the bottom of Gallows Score/Cart Score. The site is now part of the Sparrow's Nest garden area.

Children of Thomas and Elizabeth
68......William 12 Dec 1647 Lowestoft bur 19 Nov 1688 Somerleyton
69......Sarah bap 14 Oct 1649 Lowestoft bur 26 Feb 1658 Lowestoft
38......Elizabeth bap 14 Oct 1649 Lowestoft bur 28 Feb 1658 Lowestoft
38a....Thomas bap 10 Apr 1650 Lowestoft
70......Mary bap 20 Jul 1655 Lowestoft bur 10 Nov 1684 Lowestoft m (a) James MAYES 30 Aug 1675 [see Mayes branch]
71......Ann dob unknown

66 Samuel PACY m Elizabeth BARDWELL (b 1624 Topcroft) 1649 Topcroft with Denton

Note: This is the Samuel Pacy whose daughters were claimed as bewitched and whose evidence led to the execution of two Lowestoft witches: you can read all about it here
Samuel Pacy was one of the richest and most influential men in Lowestoft of his time and was well known as a dissenter. In 1664 with others he was indicted for attending conventicles and summoned to appear at the next summer assizes. [David Butcher in Lowestoft 1550 - 1750]
He owned two fishing boats (handling 750000 fish in the autumn of 1662 and his own merchant vessel called "the Red Lyon". He also had shares in two other ships - the "Black Lyon" and the "Baltic Trader" as well as smaller shares in the "Riga Merchant" and the "Neptune"; both merchantmen. He lent money on mortgage and his principal house was rated as having 8 hearths, one of the largest in Lowestoft. When he died he left £2387 in cash, and his wife Elizabeth was a good enough businesswoman to have increased it to over £2849 when she died two years later.
In 1647 he became a trustee of the Lowestoft Townlands, was many times a juryman and twice served as churchwarden; in 1662 he was an Overseer of the Poor". The Calendar of Treasury Books records that Samuel Pacey of Lowestoft was Receiver General of assessments in 1658 - 9 for the county of Suffolk.
In his will of 1680 Samuel left property in Denton and Topcroft as well as in Lowestoft to his wife for her natural life, and then to Samuel, as well as £600 each to Samuel, William and John.William also had the house in High Street with fish houses while John had a meadow and a house in Blue Anchor Lane.

Children of Samuel and Elizabeth
72......Susan bap 12 Apr 1647 Lowestoft bur 22 Mar 1707 m Mr CHURCH [Will]
73......Elizabeth bap 29 Jan 1650 Lowestoft m Henry WARD 1688 Lowestoft
74......Deborah b 1653 bap 12 Apr 1654 Lowestoft d 23 Jan 1695
75......William bap 5 Mar 1656 Lowestoft bur 26 Oct 1656 Lowestoft
76......Mary bap 24 Aug 1657 Lowestoft
77......Samuel b 1659 Lowestoft [Will]
78......William b 1662 Lowestoft [Will]
79......John bap 10 Oct 1664 Lowestoft [Will] m Margaret (b 1862 d 13 Jan 1729 aged 67)
Note: John was a Master Mariner

37 Philip MEWSE m (a) Ann HOWARD (bur 31 May 1689 Lowestoft) 1651 Blundeston (b) Margaret GROOM (b1665 Lowestoft)

CHildren of Philip and Ann
80......Mary bap 2 Jul 1652 Lowestoft m Mr BOLLARD
81......Ann bap 22 Feb 1655 Lowestoft bur 17 Jun 1728 m William COE 30 Aug 1675
82......Phill(ippa) bap 13 Apr 1657

38 Simon MEWSE bap 1632 m Judith COE (bur 25 Jun 1699) bef 1654

Note: Simon was assessed as having 2 hearths for the hearth tax of 1674

Simon was elected constable at the Leet Court of 27 Feb 1669
He was elected ale-taster on both 11 Mar 1761 and 15 Feb 1673
He was fined 3d for not maintaining the footpath next to his house on 24 Feb 1672
These Leet Court records probably refer to this Simon but may refer to 33 Simon
He was elected constable on 13 Feb 1692 at the Leet Court. Judith's surname was revealed in her grandmother's (Phama KNIGHTS) will of 20 Aug 1656

Children of Simon and Judith
83......Ann bap 7 Aug 1654 Lowestoft bur 14 Aug 1737 Lowestoft
84......William bap 6 Jan 1657 bur 20 Mar 1716 aged 60
86...... Simon bap 4 Dec 1664 Lowestoft bur 30 Oct 1736 Lowestoft
87......Judith bap 17 Nov 1667 Lowestoft bur 4 May 1669 Lowestoft
88......John bap 26 Mar 1669 Lowestoft bur 8 Apr 1690 Lowestoft
89......Judith bap 8 Jan 1673 Lowestoft bur 9 Feb 1675 Lowestoft
90......Hovell bap 21 Sep 1675 Lowestoft
91......Havel bap 18 Dec 1679 Lowestoft bur 5 Jan 1680 Lowestoft
92......Elisabeth bap 13 Dec 1677 Lowestoft bur 22 Dec 1758 Lowestoft
93......Mary bap 2 Apr 1685 bur 4 Oct 1685 Somerleyton

45 John MEWSE bap 1627 m Elizabeth (bur 20 Sep 1679, Somerleyton)

Child of John and Elizabeth
94......Jane bap 6 Sep 1646 Lowestoft
94a....John d.o.b. unknown bur 1 Apr 1664 Somerleyton

46 Phillip MEWSE (bap 1629 bur 18 Apr 1673) Lowestoft m (a) Alice (b) Ann (bur 2 Sep 1679) 1654 Lowestoft

Note: Phillip was a butcher

Children of Phillip and Ann

93......Anne bap 22 Feb 1655 Lowestoft m William COE 30 Aug 1675 Lowestoft
95......Margrat bap 16 Nov 1655 Lowestoft.
96......Philip bap 13 Apr 1657 Lowestoft
97......William b abt 1660 Lowestoft bur 10 Jan 1688/9 Somerleyton
98......Elezbeth bap 22 Nov 1666 Lowestoft m John WILSON 9 Oct 1684 Lowestoft
99......Philip bap 4 Oct 1668 Lowestoft bur 12 May 1669 Lowestoft
John bap 19 Feb 1670 Lowestoft
101....Alice bap 10 Feb 1671 Lowestoft m Daniell LONG 15 Sep 1693

48 Francis MEWSE bap 1635 bur 3 Dec 1709 m (a) Elezbeth MUNNS (b 14 Jul 1633 Lowestoft d 2 Jul 1686) 16 Aug 1658 Lowestoft (b) Elisabeth GORDON, widow 13 Dec 1687 Lowestoft

Note: Elizabeth was the daughter of Israel MUNNS (fisherman) and Elizabeth Francis who was a cordwainer, signed the petition in 1670 and was a cordwainer at death. See a summary of his will here

Francis was admitted to property at 1d Lords rent (now 138 High Street) on 6 Jan 1686. It passed to his grandchildren by the terms of his will

Children of Francis and Elezbeth
102......John bap 11 Jul 1661 Lowestoft bur 8 Apr 1690 "a young man" Lowestoft m Anne (bur 13 Aug 1721) (issue: Elizabeth b 8 Dec 1688)
103......Elizabeth bap 3 Apr 1664 Lowestoft
104......Israll bap 23 Dec 1666 Lowestoft bur 14 June 1669 Lowestoft
105......Francis bap 16 June 1669 Lowestoft
106......Samuel bap 21 Oct 1672 Lowestoft bur 23 Apr 1678 Lowestoft

49 William MEWSE bap 1637 d Nov 1713 ( see will) m (a) 61 Rebecca FRARY [bap 2 Feb 1640, Lowestoft, dau of William FRARYE and Elizabeth BARAFAR, bur 24 Feb 1676/7] 19 Aug 1658 (b) Ruth SMITH (d 1714)(date unknown)

See FRARY branch here

Note: These were my 7 x great grandparents. William (a butcher) and Rebecca lived for a while in Wapping, returning to Lowestoft, perhaps, to escape the plague. At some stage William was living in Gt Yarmouth, for he was the joint guarantor on 27th Oct 1691 with Robert SEAMAN, a shipwright, of a settlement bond for a Robert SPECIALL, woolcomber previously of Norwich and his wife and family: William is recorded (YC/35/155) as a pulley maker.

The tithe accounts book of 1698 to 1767 recorded that he "had not held any cattle for three year"

William was fined in the Leet Court [NRO194/A10/4 - 16] 3d for not maintaining Lyons Score (now Crown Score) on 27 Feb 1669, and again on 11 Apr 1671. On 9 Mar 1709 along with four others he was fined 3d for failing to maintain the footpath alongside his property adjacent to the Denes (now 34 High Street)

Their house passed to 70 William on hos mothers death, but occupied by Simon and Ruth Canham in 1720

William also owned copyhold three tenements witha slaughterhouse at 5d Lords rent for the tenements and 1d for the slaughterhouse from 12 Mar 1673. It had previously been owned by Mary ROBKING and was clearly used to raise mortgages, and presumably to let to tenants. It was mortgaged on 3 Mar 1688 to Richard JENKENSON for £106, on 27 Jul 1692 to Susan FERNEY for £105 (cleared 31 May 1704), again to Samuel WRIGHT and Robert PAKE for £105 (cleared 7 Dec 1709) and promptly on 7 Dec 1709 mortgaged again to Samuel WRIGHT for £105. The tenements passed to 119 William by the terms of his father's will. The property stood on the south side of Swan Lane (now Mariner's Street) and is beneath the Town Hall.

William was elected fen reeve (Supervisor of hedge and fence maintenance) together with his son William (119 below) on 9 Feb 1706

Children of William and Rebecca
107...... William bap 20 Jun 1659 Wapping d 17 Nov 1727 Wapping
Note: William went to live in Wapping as an adult, and was a butcher See his will here This is the Wlliam who was cut off with a 5/- bequest in his father's will
108......Rebecca bap 1660 Wapping m Thomas HARWOOD 5 Mar 1679
109......Thomas bap 4 Jul 1665 Lowestoft bur 24 Apr 1669
110...... John bap 29 Feb 1668 Lowestoft bur 20 Aug 1670
111......Thomas bap 1669 Lowestoft d 7 Mar 1670
112......Thomas bap 31 Jul 1670 Lowestoft bur 7 Aug 1670
Thomas bap 28 Aug 1671 Lowestoft lived later in Ormesby
114......Elizabeth bap 12 Nov 1672 Lowestoft d 5 Aug 1673 Lowestoft
115......John bap 7 Jun 1674 Lowestoft bur 28 Jun 1674 Lowestoft
116......Susannah bap 25 Apr 1676 Lowestoft bur 28 Jun 1677 Lowestoft

Child of Ruth and unknown
117......Ruth m Caleb ALDRED [see Aldred branch]
Note: Ruth was married to Caleb as Ruth SMITH, with "MEWSE" crossed out. This seems to confirm that she was the illegitimate daughter of Ruth Smith, although as the step daughter of William, she was almost certainly known as Mewse. Perhaps William was her real father?

Children of William and Ruth
118....Ruth bap 23 Jun 1678 Lowestoft bur 10 Feb 1729 m Simon CANHAM (bap 1684 bur 21 Jul 1741 Lowestoft) 31 Jan 1706
Note: in the parish register her name is recorded as Ruth MOUSE
William b abt 1680
120......Mary bur 17 Mar 1682 Lowestoft
121......Ann m John WROTH, widower, 29 Apr 1697

50......Simon MEWSE bap 1641 d 1719 m (a) Ann COOE or COOD (bap 10 Jun 1643 bur 10 Dec 1683) 25 Sep 1667, (b) Ann GOBBETT, widow, 28 Jan 1693.

Note: Simon was a butcher. He was admitted to a house (previously occupied by 14 William above) but immediately beforehand by Susan TITLOW a widow, on 18 Dec 1667. It was left in his will to Ann Wisbridge for the eastern part and to 124 Simon for the western half. This property stood on the south side of Bell Lane (now Crown Street East) to the west of the curtilage of the Bell Inn

See a summary of his will here

He was assessed as having 2 hearths in 1674. The Tithe accounts book for 1798 to 1867 show that he "held" one cattle, but the Tithe book (NRO 589/90) of 1707 claims 2 cattle due to the minister but that Simon had none. In 1708 this claim was made zero.

Children of Simon and Ann
122......Simon b 29 Feb 1668 Lowestoft bap 3 Aug 1688 Lowestoft bur 2 Sep 1668
123......Ann bap 12 Feb 1671 bur 28 Jun 1676 Lowestoft
124......Simon bap 27 Sep 1672 Lowestoft bur 30 Nov 1736
Note: Simon was churchwarden in 1732 and 1733, and was a butcher
125......Thomas b 11 Mar bap 11 Mar 1673/4 Lowestoft
126......Elizabeth bap 16 Nov 1675 Lowestoft m Humphry CARTER, widower, 7 Nov 1737
127......John bap 8 Apr 1677 Lowestoft bur 12 Oct 1677
128......John bap 25 Nov 1677 Lowestoft d 1752 Stepney bur at St George in the East, Stepney m Alice (issue: 129......Elizabeth)
Note: John was a surgeon - almost certainly a ship's surgeon. See his will
here and daughter Elizabeth's will here. There was in 1795 a tombstone memorial to him at St George in the East [The Environs of London: volume 2: County of Middlesex ]
130......Thomas b 16 Jul 1714 bur 12 Apr 1718)
131......Samuel bap 4 Aug 1678 Lowestoft bur 23 Dec 1707
132......Ann bap 16 Sep 1681 Lowestoft m Henry WISBICH 6 Dec 1708 Lowestoft
133......Alice bap 28 May 1682 Lowestoft bur 24 Mar 1709/10 "a young woman" Lowestoft
134......Mary bap 3 Feb 1683 Lowestoft m (b) Thomas ANDIKE widower 18 Dec 1716 Lowestoft
135 ....Margaret dob unknown, d before 1752 m William HOWES 1707 Wortham

Note: in this generation it is recorded that in April 1699, Benjamin MEWSE was a member of the Council of the East India Company

There is a record of the burial of an infant, Judith, on 2 Feb 1689, without identification of the parents

A Henry MEWSE had his daughter Elizabeth baptised in March, Cambs on 4 Jan 1699

A Richard MEWSE had his daughter Elizabeth baptised in Chatteris Cambs on 31 Jan 1687

MEWSE, Ranalf; Ann, w, St Faith under St Paul's was recorded in a list of "London Inhabitants within the Walls" 1695


68 William MEWSE bur 19 Nov 1688 Somerleyton m Amphillis

Note: William was a parish overseer of Hopton in 1673; Amphillis m (as widow) Augustin MILEHAM 17 May 1692 Somerleyton

Children of William and Amphillis
136......Elizabeth bap 11 Dec 1673 Hopton bur 25 Oct 1710 Somerleyton
137......John bap 4 Dec 1675 Hopton m Eliza KED..Y.ER 10 Jan 1695 Somerleyton
Note: John was described in the register as "gent"
138......Mary bap 4 Oct 1683 Somerleyton bur 4 Oct 1685
139......Mary bap 2 Apr 1685 Somerleyton
140......Ann bap 3 Jan 1685/6 Somerleyton
141......Frances bur 28 May 1691 Somerleyton

100 John MEWSE bap 1669 bur 19 Jan 1742 Lowestoft, m (a) Sarah PEAKE (bur 3 Sep 1711 d of smallpox in epidemic) 1696 (b) Alice

Note: John was a butcher. On 13 Mar 1714 he was elected Constable at the Leet Court sitting

Children of John and Sarah
142.....Sarah bap 30 Aug 1695 Lowestoft bur 9 Feb 1696 Lowestoft
143......Alice bap 30 Aug 1695 Lowestoft bur 12 Sep 1695 Lowestoft
144......John bap 4 Feb 1697 Lowestoft d in infancy
145......John bap 25 Feb 1698 Lowestoft bur 20 Mar 1698 Lowestoft
146......Ann bap 21 Mar 1699 Lowestoft d 26 Mar 1699
147......Judith bap 23 Aug 1706 Lowestoft m (a) Thomas TOPPANNY 30 Jan 1729 Lowestoft and (b) Thomas TINGAY 26 Dec 1736 [IGI M009831]
148......Ann bap 8 Mar 1702/3 Lowestoft d in infancy
149......Sarah bap 17 Apr 1704 Lowestoft m John HAWES 5 May 1726 Lowestoft
150......Ann bap 26 Jul 1709 Lowestoft d in infancy 1710 of smallpox.
151......Ann bap 16 Jan 1711 Lowestoft m Thomas SOWELL 9 Feb 1734 Lowestoft (See Allerton branch)

Children of John and Alice
152....Thomas b 1714 bur 12 Apr 1718 Lowestoft - died of smallpox.

84 William MEWSE m Mary (bur 2 Apr 1734 Lowestoft)

Note: See William's will here

Wiliam was elected ale-taster on 8 Mar 1690 at the Leet court, but on 28 Feb 1691 was fined 10s 0d for not carrying out his duties . He and 12 others were fined 3d at the same sitting of the Leet Court for not maintaining the footway adjacent to his house.

William, a butcher, is recorded in 1686 in the manor rolls as buying the copyhold of no 71 High Street This was on the corner of High St and Rants Score - in later years some tenement houses were built in the rear of the garden and became 1 - 5 Rants Score, dwelt in by William's descendants.

William also had 2 tenements at 3d Lords rent previously held by Ann ARNOLD to which he was admitted on 29 Nov 1710. In the year before he died he mortgaged the property to Robert GRAVE for an unknown sum, and his widow Mary was admitted to it on 16 May 1716. The poperty lies in the St Margaret Plain area, but was on the north side of Fairstead/Almshouse Lane, now Dove St.

In 1692 and in 1693 William was fined 3d each time for blocking a drain (presumably a ditch) with sheeps' heads! Archaeological digging in the garden behind no 71 High St revealed huge amounts of bones, all showing the usual signs of butchery

But the piece de resistance was his being fined 6d for "inflating his veal with wind"!!! (shades of John Mewse of 1508 fame - see above)

The Lowestoft Tithe book entry for 12 Jun 1707 shows that the Minister was claiming 6 cows of William Mewse Score Head [probably his address to differentiate from 32 William from whom the minister was also claiming]. The following year on Apr 29 the minister was also claiming 6 cows, and the comment at the side says "he has more to reccon with you for".

On 15 Sep 1686 William and Mary were admitted to property described as "several tenements with yard" at 7d Lord's rent (now 70 - 71 High Street) previously occupied by John and Mary PORTER. Mary stayed there after William's death. The property was mortgaged to Sarah ALEXANDER in the sum of £105 and cleared on 1 Apr 1691 but was remortgaged on 12 Aug 1713 to John SMITH. It was later forfeited to Joshua SMITH, heir to John.

Children of William and Mary
153......Mary bap 17 Mar 1682 bur 9 Jun 1682 Lowestoft
154......Mary dob unknown m James KINGSBURY Note: Their first child 100a-1......James was bap 3 Oct 1708 Lowestoft
155......Margaret bur 29 Aug 1694 Lowestoft
156......William bur 6 Jan 1688 Lowestoft
157......Simon bur 16 Jan 1691 Lowestoft
158......Thomas bap 21 Oct 1702
159......Elizabeth dob unknown [source: will] m Thomas COREY
160......Rebecca dob unknown [source: will]

86 Simon MEWSE bap 4 Dec 1664 d 27 Oct 1736 bur 30 Oct 1736 Lowestoft [see will] and see inventory here m (a) Elizabeth MANNING (d 5 Mar 1729 bur 7 Mar 1729 aged 34) 24 Nov 1715 Lowestoft. (See Manning Branch here) and (b) Mary PEACH 1 Jul 1729

NOTE: Mary Peach re-married after Simon's death to Richard SALLOWS 21 May 1738

Simon (described as junior) was elected ale-taster on 13 Feb 1692 (his father was elected Constable at the same court sitting)

A memorial inscription in St Margaret's Lowestoft reads:-
"Here resteth the body of Simon Mewse who departed this life the 27th October 1736"

Simon became churchwarden of St Margaret's Church, and his initials are on the inner face of the plain wooden door and was elected constable at the Leet Court on 17 Feb 1689

Children of Simon and Elizabeth

161......Simon bap 24 Sep 1716 Lowestoft d 27 Jan 1716/7
162......Alice b 1717 Lowestoft
163......Elizabeth bap 6 Apr 1718 Lowestoft bur 3 Aug 1719 Lowestoft
164...... Margaret bap 7 Aug 1719 Lowestoft d 20 Aug 1719
165......Ann bap 26 Feb 1720/1 Lowestoft bur 7 Apr 1721
166......Mary bap 22 Apr 1722 Lowestoft bur 26 Apr 1722 Lowestoft
167......Simon bap 2 May 1723 Lowestoft bur 5 Jul 1723 Lowestoft
168......Margaret bap 3 Jun 1726 Lowestoft bur 17 Nov 1726 Lowestoft
Mary bap 24 Nov 1727 Lowestoft m James CURTIS (bur 9 Jan 1797) 29 Jul 1748 by licence
Note: James was a decorator at Lowestoft Porcelain. You can see an article about the subject here

Children of Simon and Mary
170......Simon bap 1 Jun 1733 Lowestoft bur 19 Aug 1734 Lowestoft
171......John bap 26 Oct 1734 Lowestoft bur 2 Nov 1734 Lowestoft

103 Elizabeth MEWSE m Henry DOE

Children of Henry and Elizabeth
172......John dob unknown
173......Rebecca dob unknown

107 William MEWSE b 1658 bap 20 Jun 1659 m (a) Ann SMITH (bap 25 Oct 1663 d 17 Nov 1727 bur 22 Nov 1727 London) abt 1684 Wapping (see Smith and Seamans branch)

Note: William and Ann were my 6 x great grandparents.

Samuel Smith was Ann's father and his memorial stone in Lowestoft states 'Also his daughter Ann ye wife of Mr William Mewse of St John, Wapping who departed November ye 17th 1727 aged 64 years.'

William was fined 3d for not maintaning the footway next to his house on 4 Mar 1693, and was elected ale-taster at the same Leet Court sitting. See his will here

On 25 May 1692 they were admitted to property (now 59 - 60 High Street) described as one messuage with yard and fish houses at 6d Lord's rent. On 29 Jul 1702 the property was mortgaged to John STROUD for £84, which was cleared on 9 Apr 1718. In 1711, the Rev Tanner records that "The Bell at Church lately cast being not approved of for Sound etc. It was new cast in Willm Mewse's Fish House by Thomas Newman in May 1711 and weighed 17cwt 0qr 14lbs".

In 1717 the property was affected by the fire which swept through part of Lowestoft.

"On the 12th of November 1717, about four in the morning another sudden and terrible fire broke out in this town, in the fish-houses belonging to the co-heirs of Captain Josiah MIGHELLS. then in the occupation of Joseph SMITHSON which, in a short space of time, entirely consumed the said houses, together with part of those houses belonging to William MEWSE which laid to the south.... The wind blew pretty fresh at south east so that the sparks flew over the town and once actually fired the thatch of a house in Swan Lane, but men and water being ready for that purpose it was immediately stopped"
- an account of the fire by Edmund Gillingwater, local historian

Ann's father Samuel left her one tenement, previously in his own occupation at 8d Lord's rent: she was admitted on 7th Oct 1719. This tenement stood , now partly occupied by the Wesley House, a sheltered accommodation complex and partly under Jubilee Way.

Children of William and Ann
174......Rebecka bap 9 Jan 1685 m John OSBORN 16 Nov 1718 Lowestoft
Samuel bap 14 Jan 1688 Lowestoft
176......Simon bur as infant, 16 Jan 1690/1 Lowestoft
177......Judith bur 4 Feb 1690 Lowestoft
178......John bur 27 Feb 1693 Lowestoft
179......Mary bap 7 Dec 1694 Lowestoft
180......Elizabeth bap 20 May 1697 bur 22 Dec 1758, spinster in Wapping
181......John bap 25 Jun 1700 m Mary RANDALL 26 May 1730
182......Susannah bap 2 Aug 1702 Lowestoft d 27 May 1742 spinster
183......Ruth bap 2 Aug 1702 Lowestoft d 5 Oct 1702 interred in same plot with her mother, Lowestoft
184......Thomas d o b unknown paid 10 guineas in tax at Wapping in 1732
185......Margaret dob unknown d abt 1748 Wapping as spinster - see will

113 Thomas MEWSE bap 1674 m Elizabeth CANHAM (bap 1681) 19 Apr 1705 Lowestoft

Note: He and Elizabeth were jointly admitted to copyhold in the Manor of Carlton 4 Apr 1722 and Thomas alone to one in Broomholme at the same date. Elizabeth was the daughter of Simon CANHAM, a mariner, and Sarah PHILBY Thomas and Elizabeth were non-conformists.

Children of Thomas and Elizabeth

186......Thomas bap 1 Nov 1706 [poss un-named child buried 20 Nov 1710]
187......Sarah bap 4 Oct 1708 Lowestoft m Thomas POSTLE by licence 7 Jan 1731
Note: Sarah's baptism was marked in the register "not baptised by me - J Tanner, vicar". This comment was added for dissenter's children from which it may be inferred that Sarah's father and/or mother were nonconformist
188......Simon bap 11 Jan 1710 Lowestoft bur 27 Jan 1710 Lowestoft
189......James bur 2 Nov 1714 Lowestoft
190......Thomas bap 10 Apr 1711 Lowestoft bur 12 Jul 1719
Samuel bap 14 Oct 1712 (Butcher) Lowestoft
192......Simon dob unknown d after 1770.
See his will here
193......James bap Sep 1714 bur 2 Nov 1714 Lowestoft
194......Judith bap 10 Jun 1720 m James ALDERSON around 1740
195......Elizabeth bap 7 Aug 1716 Gt Yarmouth Presbytarian Church
Note: Elizabeth witnessed a wedding bond for William BULL and Margaret FRARY in 1734. You can see the bond and the mark made by Elizabeth here
196......Ann [d.o.b. unknown bur 5 Aug 1719]

119 William MEWSE b abt 1680 m (a) Judith FISHER (widow) 5 Nov 1714 Beccles after a licence bond was made(b) Mary SPRATT (widow) 26 Feb 1718 (c) Sarah (born 1699 bur 30 Nov 1724) 1723

Note: In 1714, William was admitted to copyhold property in High Street (now no 34). The Tithe book for 1698 to 1767 shows that William Mewse held 4 cattle but had more "in another place, which he would pay for" William was alected Fen Reeve with his father on 9 Feb 1706 and on 25 Feb 1710 he was elected Constable.
In the Leet Court of 17 Mar 1714 William was fined 3d for not cleaning the street (outside his house) sufficiently

He was admitted to copyhold ownership of what is now 34 High Street on 8 Dec 1714 and promptly mortgaged it to James KINGSBOROUGH for £36..15s and again to Simon CANHAM on 7 Jan 1719. Simon and Ruth CANHAM were in possession of the property in 1720 - did William renege on his mortgage?

Children of William and Judith
197...... William bap 30 Oct 1715 Beccles
198......Ann b 1716
199...... Ruth b 3 Mar 1718 bap 16 Mar 1718 Beccles bur 3 Apr 1718

Children of William and Sarah
200......Blanch b 26 Nov 1723 bap 29 Nov 1723 bur 29 Oct 1727
201......Ruth b 30 Nov 1724 bur 6 Dec 1724 Lowestoft
Child of William and unknown
202......Ann b 1734 d 21 Oct 1802

124 Simon MEWSE bap 27 Sep 1672 Lowestoft m Margaret SYMONDS (d bef 1729) 6 Mar 1693 St Mary in the Marsh, Norwich

Note: Simon was a butcher. His home was on the south side of Swan Lane, under what is now Jubilee Way. It had previously been owned copyhold by Joseph SMITHSON and Simon was admitted at Lords rent of 2d on 5 Mar 1719. After the death of Benjamin, the family moved to Norton Subcourse

Children of Simon and Margaret
203......Simon bap 26 Feb 1695 Lowestoft bur 30 Oct 1736 Lowestoft
204......Benjamin bur 12 Aug 1697 Lowestoft
205......Elizabeth bur 1 Aug 1704 Norton Subcourse
206......Samuel bap 13 Apr 1708 Norton Subcourse
207......Henry bap 8 Oct 1710 Norton Subcourse bur 11 Dec 1776 Lowestoft
208......Sarah bap 28 Feb 1716 Norton Subcourse
209......William b abt 1718 Norton Subcourse
210......Henry bur 11 Dec 1726 Lowestoft
211......Margaret bap Jul 1719 Lowestoft bur 20 Aug 1719 Lowestoft
212......Elizabeth d.o.b. unknown
Note: Elizabeth was admitted to copyhold tenancies on 23 Apr 1729 and 30 Apr 1741, previously held by Simon her father and Simon her grandfather
213.....Mary d.o.b. unknown m Henry WOODCOCK 1749 Lexham East

125 Thomas MEWSE bap 11 Mar 1674 m (a) Margaret CANHAM 19 Apr 1705 Lowestoft (b) Alice

Child of Thomas and Margaret
213......John b 20 Feb 1706 bap 22 Feb 1706 St Michael at Plea, Norwich

Child of Thomas and Alice
214......Thomas bap 16 Jul 1714

Note: Also in this generation was 215......Augustine a boy son of Thomas and Margaret bap 25 Jun 1702 in Norwich and Thomas MEWSE m Ann LAKE 15 Jul 1710 Norwich

In 1729 the following appeared:
April 10 Warrant from the Lords of the Treasury to the Commissioners of the Customs. For the "Anne," Captain Mewse, at Standgate Creek, with currants from Zante, to discharge after 20 days quarantine [Customs Book XII. p. 343.]

Note: A William MEWSE of Bergh Apton married a Mary KILLETT (of Brook, Nfk) Norwich St Stephen 2 Oct 1722

There is a gaol delivery record in London, 1707, of a Mary MEWSE (Mdx sessions of the Peace) for throwing away books and MSS of William CAWTHORNE while cleaning his room in his absences. [ref MJ/SP/1707]

Samuel MEWSE and Martha SQUIRE completed a licence allegation 28 Jul 1720 and married in St Paul's Cathedral in 1720. Samuel and Martha lived in Wapping where he was described in 1721 as a Master and Mariner, and he wrote his will at this time, (see it here) although it was not proved until 1759. He was asked in a letter from Admiral Lestock on 23 July 1746 to undertake a survey of a ship, the Hare Transport, which had been deemed unfit for sea , along with Nicholas TRELEVEN, Michael GODEN, Thomas SMITH, Thomas LOVE and Simon COWARD

Benjamin MEWSE, an infant was buried 12 Aug 1697 Lowestoft without having parents recorded
Sarah MEWSE d 3 Sep 1711, clearly not a Sarah above in this generation,

There was a William MEWSE baker in Terrington St Clements [will of 1747]
Boyd's records the marriage of Arth MEWSE to Anne TUNKS in 1690 at Clerkenwell St James


175 Samuel MEWSE bap 14 Jan 1688 d abt 1747 m Anne HALTAWAY of Corton 7 Feb 1725 Corton

Note - Anne Haltaway, who was the daughter of Thomas HALTAWAYof Belton and Susan GRYME of Burgh Castle ( and who married in Somerleyton 28 Sep 1654) married 134 Simon MEWSE 8 Apr 1754 by licence after Samuel's death: also there is a record of John HALTAWAY [Anne's brother?] bur Corton 1711 aged 40 as well as a Susannah MEWSE bur Corton 2 Apr 1775
Samuel became landlord of the White Horse Inn at Corton and left it to his son William. A hundred years later Thomas Sales was the landlord - see here. You can see the pub as it is today here

Children of Samuel and Ann
216......William bap 22 May 1726 Corton d 1770 bur 15 Jun 1770 Corton [ see will ] Corton m Catherine - he kept the White Horse in Corton
217......John bap 28 May 1732 Corton Bur 7 Jan 1733 Corton
218......Samuel b 1733 d in infancy
219......Samuel bap 18 Jul 1734 Loddon bur 1795 Corton (but shown in register as "from Lowestoft")
220......John bap 1735 Corton bur 1808 Corton

191 Samuel MEWSE butcher, bap 1712 bur 13 Apr 1795 m Margaret MICKLEBOROUGH Chedgrave 1733 bur 20 Oct 1767 [ see Mickleborough branch]

Note: Samuel was probably the last of the Mewse butchers. By 1797 there was no butcher by the name of Mewse trading in Lowestoft, according to the Universal Directory of that year

Children of Samuel and Margaret

221......Elizabeth bap 1734
222...... Samuel bap 1735 d 25 May 1737 bur 26 May 1737 Lowestoft
Note: a memorial inscription at St Margarets Lowestoft reads:
Here lies the body of Samuel Mewse, the son of Samuel Mewse and Margaret his wife who departed this life May 25th 1737 aged 2 years
223.......Mary bap 3 Oct 1737 Lowestoft d 20 Jun 1795 Lowestoft bur 22 Jun 1795 Lowestoft
224......Margaret bap 16 May 1740 Lowestoft
225......John b 1739 bur 1808 St Bartholomew's Church, Corton
226......Samuel bap 1743 d in infancy
227......Elizabeth bap 20 May 1744 Lowestoft m Thomas LITTLE 9 Sep 1770
228......Samuel bap 17 June 1750 Lowestoft bur 5 Sep 1750 Lowestoft

194 Judith MEWSE m James ALDERSON

Note: James was dissenting minister at Lowestoft from 1738 to 1760 - the longest serving of all such clergy. Gillingwater says that he was held in high esteem in the town.

Children of James and Judith
229......James b 1742 d 1825 m Amelia BRIGGS 3 Jan 1769 St George Colegate, Norwich
Note.James was said to be the second son of Judith and James Alderson. James junior, a physician in Norwich, had a child, 228......Amelia ALDERSON (born 12 Nov 1769 Norwich bap 26 Nov 1769 Octogan-Presbyterian, Norwich d 22 Nov 1853 Norwich) who married John OPIE (b 1761) d 1807) 8 May 1798 Norwich, a painter, in 1798 and wrote extensively. Page 589 of "The collected poems of Amelia Alderson Opie" addressed the poem (and the succeeding one) to her father, James. Amelia remained close to her father throughout her life, and in 1825 became a quaker. You can read more of Amelia here

229......Judith b abt 1747 m Robert WOODHOUSE 7 Feb 1769 St George Colegate, Norwich
230......Robert dob unknown
231......Elizabeth dob unknown
232......John dob unknown
233......Thomas dob unknown m Margaret HAWYS 15 Mar 1763 Norwich

195 Elizabeth MEWSE m (a) Henry APPLEWHITE 12 Jun 1746 Beccles (b) Mr ffARABE

Children of Mr APPLEWHITE and Elizabeth
234......Henry bap 28 Jun 1747 Old Meeting Gaol Street Gt Yarmouth
235......Elizabeth dob unknown

197 William MEWSE d 1788 Southwold aged 66 (stated) - see his will here m as widower (a) Sarah SAYER 26 Nov 1751 Oulton (b) Sarah CLERKE nee BARNETT (d abt 1806) 5 Aug 1753 St Peter Mancroft Norwich

Note:William was recruited into the Customs service and worked in Cromer, Yarmouth and finally in Southwold. There is a Lowestoft Porcelain tankyard in Bristol Museum which you can see here, marked "Willm Mewse Southwould 1771". .

My brother has a 1754 book with William's nameplate about Dunwich, Blythburgh and Southwold by Thomas Gardner, which he annotated. William was a subscriber as you can see here

Sarah his widow died intestate, and letters of administration were granted to Cornelius BARNETT of Southwold, mariner, Sarah's brother, on 25 Apr 1807 by the Archdeaconry of Suffolk. Her effects were declared as "under £200"

Child of William and Sarah Clerke
236......Sarah bur Southwold

202 Ann MEWSE m John GLASSPOOLE (b 1733 d 1808) 20 Nov 1757 Somerleyton

Note: There exists a Lowestoft Porcelain bowl, painted in underglaze blue, nine and a half inches diameter, inscribed "John & Ann Glasspool Blundstone 1772" showing a sportsman with a gun in a landscape.

See Glasspoole branch here

Children of John and Ann

237......William bap 17 Sep 1759 Blundeston
238......Sarah bap 12 Feb 1760 Blundeston
239......John bap 25 Jun 1761 Blundeston m Elizabeth COOTE 25 Oct 1787 Somerleyton
Note: John was said to be of Burgh at marriage and Elizabeth lived in Burgh Castle and raised a family there
240......William bap 19 Aug 1765 Blundeston
241......Henry bap 24 Apr 1767 Blundeston
242......Mary bap 13 Oct 1771 Blundeston bur 30 Jul 1772 Blundeston

203 Simon MEWSE m (a) Mary MANNING 24 Nov 1715 Lowestoft (b) Ann MEWSE nee HALTAWAY of Corton 3 Aug 1754 by licence
Note: see 113 above - widow of Samuel MEWSE of Corton: witnesses to the marriage: Thomas HUNT and William HERRIS Simon was a mariner

Child of Simon and Mary
243......Simon bap 1 Jun 1733 Lowestoft bur 19 Aug 1734 Lowestoft
244......John bap 2 Sep 1734 bur 2 Nov 1734 Lowestoft

Note: Also in this generation William MEWSE married Sarah BARDWELL 21 Jul 1725, and
245......John MEWSE the son of William and Mary was bap 22 May 1727 Bergh Apton d as infant, bur 17 Aug 1727 Bergh Apton.
William MEWSE m Elizabeth HOWARD (wid) 17 Feb 1768 Norwich.


216 William MEWSE b 1726 - see his will here m Catherine

Note: William lived in Corton and kept the White Horse. He was admitted to the tenancy (previously of Samuel MEWSE) on 17 Jun 1747 according to the list of tenants in the Lowestoft Manor Rolls. His will shows him as a mariner, which may explain why Catherine was baptised in Gt Yarmouth

Children of William and Catherine

246......William b after 1750
247......Catherine bap 8 Oct 1758 Old Meeting House, Goal St Presbytarian, Gt Yarmouth

219 Samuel MEWSE, b 1734 bur 3rd April 1795 at Corton m Mary CROSS (bap 2 Jul 1738 Kirkley) 30 Nov 1764 Lowestoft by licence. Note: These were my 4 x great grandparents.
Mary was the daughter of John CROSS and Mary BUTTESON
Witnesses to the marriage were Isaac JOHNSON and Peter PENNINGTON
Mary CROSS, widow of Samuel MEWSE m Patrick PERNEY 2 Nov 1797 Lowestoft witnesses Robert MOATES and Hannah MEWSE
See Cross branch

Children of Samuel and Mary
248......Susannah bap 13 Jun 1768 Corton bur 22 Jul 1774
249......John bap 1 Jul 1770 d in infancy Corton
250......John bap 1 Jul 1771 Corton
251......Daniel bap 17 Jul 1773 Corton bur 12 Feb 1849 Lowestoft aged 76
252......Samuel bur 10 Aug 1774 Corton
253......Samuel born 1775 bap 14 Jul 1776 Corton ("about 1 year old" in register) d 2nd qr 1868 aged 93 [Mutford 4a 417]

220 John MEWSE bap 1735 bur 2 Aug 1803 m Jane PERKINS [b 1735 bur 10 Mar 1804] 30 Apr 1761 in Corton by licence

Note: John's will states that he was a yeoman. He was assessed for land taxat Corton in 1798 at 3s 31/2p and in 1799 at 4 shillings.The Archdeaconry of Suffolk Probate records show that probate was granted for John's will on 7 Feb 1804. The executor, James BRAME of Lowestoft, Beer brewer, renounced administration and probate was granted to 250 John MEWSE. Everything had been left to John's nephews, 250 John, 253 Samuel and 251 Daniel. It therefore seems likely that 254 Ann did not survive her father. Jane, his wife, does not appear to have been left anything at all - she died a month after the will was proved.

Children of John and Jane
254......Ann bap 1 Apr 1764 Corton
255...... John bap 13 Oct 1765 Corton bur 12 Jul 1770 Corton
256......Thomas bap 1 Nov 1767 Corton bur 8 Jan 1768 Corton

223 Mary MEWSE m William NESLEN (bap 22 Dec 1739 Corton d 20 May 1805 bur 24 May 1805 Lowestoft) 16 Dec 1766 Lowestoft

Note: William was the son of Richard NESLEN and Elizabeth WOODTHORPE and was a plumber and glazier

Children of William and Mary
257......Mary bap 25 Mar 1768 Lowestoft bur 3 Jun 1768
258......William bap 2 Sep 1769 Lowestoft bur 16 Feb 1830
Note: This was the William was witness to the marriage of 265 Hannah MEWSE bap 27 Mar 1797
259......Samuel bap 24 Dec 1770 Lowestoft bur 9 May 1771
260......John bap 3 Feb 1772 Lowestoft bur 12 Apr 1774
261......Elizabeth bap 11 Apr 1773 Lowestoft d 25 Aug 1822
262......Ann bap 11 May 1775 Lowestoft bur 11 May 1775
263......Samuel bap 28 Nov 1778 Lowestoft

Note: Also in this generation was born John MEWSE the son of Hannah (bap 1816 Lowestoft)

According to Gillingwater the population of Lowestoft in 1775 was 2231, and there were 445 dwelling houses and 24 public houses


250 John MEUSE b 1771 d 23 Sept 1833 at sea in “Violet” m Hannah ALLERTON [d 9 Sep 1813] 6 May 1792 witnesses John TAYLOR and William BOLLCHEN (William was a "Salt Officer")

Note: See the Allerton branch here

Children of John and Hannah
264......John b 7 Feb 1795 Lowestoft bap 10 Feb 1795 bur 23 Sep 1818 Lowestoft
265......Hannah b 28 Mar 1797 bap 29 Mar 1797 Lowestoft m James BURGESS [see BURGESS Branch] 25 Aug 1820

Note: Witnesses to the marriage were William NESLEN and Ann RAVEN
266...... Samuel b 25 Dec 1798 bap 29 Dec 1798 Lowestoft
267......William bap 20 Sep 1801 Lowestoft bur 15 Nov 1810
268......Will b 1803 d Sep 1813
269......Daniel b 29 Feb 1804 bap 6 Mar 1804 Lowestoft bur 16 Sep 1806 Lowestoft
270......Daniel b 25 Nov bap 27 Nov 1807 Lowestoft
271......Bartholomew b 1 Sep 1809 bap 7 Sep 1809 bur 18 Feb 1828
Note: At the inquest on Bartholomew, the Bury and Norwich Post of 27 Feb 1828 reported that a cask of whisky had come ashore and was consumed by a number of people including Bartholomew, who became insensible and was taken home where he died. Verdict: "death from intoxication"
272......William b 26 Jan 1812 bap 2 Feb 1812 Lowestoft m Hannah PORTER 5 Dec 1832 Lowestoft Witnesses Martha PORTER and Hobt NEWSON
Note: William was a fisherman in 1841 living at Beach. Hobt NEWSON was the Parish clerk. You can see monumental inscriptions for Newson at Lound

251 Daniel MEWSE bap 1773 d 12 Feb 1849 m Elizabeth CROSS [bap 1781 d 7 Nov 1850] 1802 Lowestoft. Witnesses were Richard MASON and Mary CROSS

Note: In 1841 Daniel was a Twinespinner. In 1827 his home was sold and it was recorded that his annual rent was £11. 10s

Children of Daniel and Elizabeth
273......Daniel b 9 Oct 1803 bap 10 Oct 1803 bur 2 Jun 1804
274......John b 1805 d 15 Jun 1875 [Bury and Norwich Post of 2 Jun 1875]
274a....Elizabeth b 14 Sep 1806 Chatham
275......Daniel bap 15 Oct 1814 bur 28 Jul 1887 aged 75
In 1841 Daniel was a twinespinner
276......John Henry bap 29 May 1812 Chatham, Kent bur 13 Sep 1887
277......James Cross bap 1817
Note: In 1871 James was at Beach, near Gas Works. In 1881 James was living with Henry Herod WOODS at 31, New Nelson St, Lowestoft as a widower.
278....Mary Ann b 1822 bap 4 Jun 1822 Lowestoft m Aaron DENT 11 Aug 1842 Gt Yarmouth [G Yarmouth 13 555](witnesses James BURMAN and Margaret WRIGHT) [See Dent branch]
Note: Mary Ann had an illegitimate child, 278a Elizabeth Ann MEWSE b 18 Mar 1842. Elizabeth was bap 28 Apr 1842 Lowestoft
279......Susannah bap 1824 Lowestoft
280......Henry b 1839

253 Samuel MEWSE (Fisherman) born 1775 Corton bap 1776 d 2 May 1868 in Corton m (a) Ann BARBER [bap 2 Oct 1777 Lowestoft bur 23 Jan 1868] 4 Sep1797 Lowestoft [ see Edmonds branch] (b) Rebecca (b 1776 Lowestoft)

[i] Samuel and Ann were witnesses to the wedding of James SPURDING and Jane STERRY 29 Aug 1804
[ii] Samuel and Ann were living at Frost Score, Old Back Yard in 1841, 39 Beach, Lowestoft in 1851, and in 1861 Samuel is recorded as a fisherman living with Ann at 6 Fisherman's Hospital Lowestoft.
[iii] Witnesses to Ann Barber's marriage were William ALLERTON and Hannah MEWSE
[iv] These were my great great great grandparents

Children of Samuel and Ann

Ann b & bap 9 Jan 1802 bur 6 June 1899 St Margaret's Lowestoft
282......Samuel Barber b 14 Sep 1803 bap 24 Sep 1803 Lowestoft d early Jun 1860 at sea in a hurricane whilst master of the mackerel fishing boat "Brittania".[Ipswich Journal 9 Jun 1860]
283......James Barber b 30 Apr 1805 bap 1 May 1805 Lowestoft d 22 Jun 1875 aged 70 [Bury & Norwich Post]
284......Eliza bap 27 Oct 1807 Lowestoft m Edward COLEMAN 29 Jul 1827
Note: Witnesses to the marriage were Charles COLEMAN and Ann COBY
John Barber b 6 Feb 1810 bap 17 July 1810 Lowestoft bur 13 Dec 1887 Lowestoft plot L/3/63
286......Joanna b Feb 1812 bap 18 May 1812 Lowestoft m William JACKSON (Jnr) 5 Dec 1831 Lowestoft
Witnesses: James MEWSE and Susan CHAMBERS.
Jackson branch
287......William bap 22 Apr 1816 Lowestoft bur 31 Dec 1892 plot L/5/96 Lowestoft
See many connections to 287 William here

Also in this generation: a Mary MEWSE and Joseph SAILE made a marriage licence allegation


You can read about Lowestoft as it was in 1848 here

276 John Henry MEWSE bap 29 May 1812 Chatham, Kent m Charlotte FOX (b abt 1801Leiston (or Aldringham in 1861 census) d 3rd qr 1871 aged 60 [Mutford 4a 481]) abt 1835 [IGI]

Note: In 1841 the family lived at Pound Street, South Side,Lowestoft, but John was not present. Living with them were James aged 26 and Eliza BOYCE aged 24 and their son James aged 1. James BOYCE was a twinespinner. In 1851 the family was at Church Road, Lowestoft.John was a twinespinner in 1861 living at 177 Church Road Lowestoft, when Mary A STONE (b Nfk) was a visitor. John and Charlotte were Wesley Street, Infirmary Plain in 1871 with their son James. John was bur at Lowestoft Cemetery on 13 Dec 1887 in plot L/3/63 (Fisherman, age stated as 77) and died at Fishermen's Hospital, Beach. Mary A, his second wife was a net mender in 1881

Suffolk County Assizes records that John was tried at the County Assizes on 26 Jul 1845 and found not guilty

Children of John and Charlotte
288......Elizabeth b 1836 Lowestoft d 1842 Lowestoft

Fro the Ipswich Journal of 1 Aug 1842

289......James b 3rd qr 1838 Lowestoft [Mutford 13 404]
Note: James was described as a twinespinners boy in 1851 but a cripple in the 1861 census. He was living at 71 Anguish St in 1902 (directory)
290......John Daniel b 5 Dec 1840 Lowestoft [Mutford 13 423]d 29 Mar 1886 off Yarmouth
Note: John was a fisherman, and in the 1861 census he was on board the "Prince Albert" (Master: John BIRD) [RG9 4445]
291......Benjamin b 2nd qr 1843 Lowestoft [Mutford 13 487]
Note: Benjamin was a "boy" on the boat "Garnet" in 1880 and the "Zenith" in 1881
292......William b 3rd qr 1850 Lowestoft [Mutford XIII 486]
Note: William was a fisherman in the 1881 census

275 Daniel MEWSE bap 15 Oct 1814, bur 28 Jul 1887 m Mary Ann PEAK (b 1810 Barking [1851 census] Bacton [1861 census] Barkin, Suffolk [1871 census] Needham Market [1881 census] d 5 Jan 1886 ) 25 Dec 1837

Note: witnesses to the marriage were Henry, Caroline and Louise BRISTOW, Mary Ann MEWSE In 1851 Daniel and Mary Ann were living at Compasses Lane, in 1861 and 1871 in Factory Lane and at 24 Factory Lane in 1881. Daniel was a twinespinner in 1861 and a labourer in 1867 - he was a dock labourer in 1881. Mary was said to have been born in Bacton in 1861 census

The connection with the Dent family is reinforced by the presence in 1851 of 4 of the children of Aaron Dent and Mary Ann nee Mewse: Mary A, 14, (stepdaughter to Mary Ann), Maria aged 12 (stepdaughter to Mary Ann),Harriet, 6 and Susannah aged 3, all lodging

Children of Daniel and Mary Ann

293......Mary Ann b 1838 d 1st qr 1906 aged 66 Lowestoft
294.......Henry b 1839 d 1st qr 1922 aged 83 [Mutford 4a 1632]
Note: Henry was a seaman
295.......Daniel b 4th qr 1841Lowestoft [Mutford 13 441
296.......Elizabeth Ann b 2nd qr 1847 bap 4 Jul 1847 Lowestoft m William READ, (b 1844 Lowestoft ) 4th qr 1867 [Mutford 4a 1611]
Note: Witnesses to the marriage were Daniel and Maria Rumsby MEWSE. Daniel was a fisherman
296a....Martha Ann b 1845 bap 5 Apr 1846 Lowestoft
297.......William b 27 Jun 1850 Lowestoft, bap 4 Aug 1850 bur 23 Jul 1923 Lowestoft plot L/P/448
Note: A William was an unmarried basketmaker in 1871 and 1881 living with parents. In 1891 he was at 19 Wyvil Rd Lambeth, a boarder with John REEVES and his wife, and was a basketmaker. In 1901 he was a lodger at 7 Coleman Street, Wandsworth. In 1911 he was boarding with a T E Smith at 24 Brook Street, Twyford, Berkshire. When he died he was still a basketmaker living at 73 Lothingland House, Oulton Workhouse infirmary and left £206 to 398 Charles Henry Mewse, basketmaker

277 James Cross MEWSE b 1817 m Mary Ann FIRMAN (b 1821 Reydon, d 2nd qr 1858) Covehithe 2nd qr 1843 [Blything 13 609]

Note: James and Mary were living at 21 Lighthouse Hill in 1851 (James is decribed as a shoemaker) when Samuel MEWSE b 1820 and Lois MEWSE b 1829 Beccles were living with the family. In 1854 he is reorded as a cordwainer.In 1871 the family was living in Tonning Street, Lowestoft and in 1881 he was shoemaker, living at 31 New Nelson St, Beccles as a lodger with Henry WOODS

Children of James Cross and Mary Ann

298......Mary Anne b 1839
Note: Mary Anne was a house servant in 1861 for Mr Samuel NASH at 22 Nelson St, Lowestoft
299......Elizabeth b 1st qr 1841 {Mutford 13 463]
300......Francis (or Firman or Freemen) b 1 May 1844 Lowestoft bap 4 Aug 1844 Lowestoft 1845
301......George b 27 Jun 1846 {Mutford 13 510] bap 27 Jul 1846 Lowestoft m Annie HOWIE 29 Aug 1891 St Aidans, South Shields
Frederick b1st qr 1849 {Mutford 13 508]
Note: Frederick was living with James in 1871
303......Ellen b 23 May 1851 Lowestoft [Mutford 13 554] bap 12 Aug 1851 Lowestoft
Note: Ellen was living with James in 1871
Charles b 19 Nov 1854 Chapel St Lowestoft
Note: Charles was living with James in 1871

279 Susannah MEWSE m John BALLARD (b Geddington, Northamptonshire abt 1814) 8 Feb 1846 Stepney [Stepney 2 420]

Note John was a carman In 1861. In 1851 the family was living at 1, Augustus Street, St.Pancras, London and in 1861 at 27 Queens Crescent, St Pancras, London

Children of John and Susannah
305......Susannah b 1846
305a....Joseph b 1848 d 1849
305b....Charles b 4th qr 1850 [St Pancras 1 345] d 1912
306......Mary Ann b 2nd qr 1853 [St Pancras 16 2]
307......Daniel William b 2nd qr 1855 [St Pancras 1b 11]
308......Eliza b 1st qr 1858 [St Pancras 1b 131]

281 Ann MEWSE m John STERRY twinespinner (bap 1 Jun 1798 Southwold bur 17 Apr 1858) 25 Dec 1823

Note: Witnesses Samuel MEWSE and Ann STERRY (see Sterry branch here)
Note: the family was living at Shuckford Loke, Lowestoft in 1851, and Ann was living at 3 Shuckford Loke in 1871 when she was widow and a netmaker, and 1 Spark Building Lowestoft in 1881

You can see the full STERRY family history here

Children of John and Ann
309......James bap 26 Dec 1824 Southwold m Elizabeth CHATTEN 6 Aug 1846 Lowestoft
310....Timothy b 1826
311......Virtue bap 8 Jul 1831 Lowestoft m Edward EDMONDS 25 Dec 1854 Lowestoft [see Edmonds branch here]
312......Frederick William b 19 Jan 1835 bap 10 May 1835 d (drowned) 4 Nov 1864 m Ann COOK
313......Naomi b 1839 d 2nd qr 1874 [West Ham 4a 36]
314......Charlotte b 1841 m Charles John TURRELL 20 Dec 1860 Lowestoft
315......John b 1846

282 Samuel Barber MEWSE bap 1803 d May 1860 at sea m Maria Rumsby GIRLING (b Pakefield 1802 d Mutford last qr 1882) 6 May 1827 Lowestoft Witnesses Hobt NEWSON and J BARRETT

Note: The family lived at 110 Beach in 1851, but in 1861 MarÄia was a nurse and widow at 3 Upper Woodland Terrace, Plumstead, Charlton, Kent. She was living at 10 Alms Houses, Thurston Rd, Lowestoft in 1881, a parish dependant
Samuel was in the Merchant Navy in 1845 and was an able seaman. He is the first entry on the fishermen's Memorial in St Margarets Church, Lowestoft

You can see the Girling branch here

Children of Samuel Barber and Maria
316......Maria b 1832 Lowestoft, bap 5 Dec 1832 Lowestoft bur 24 Sep 1840 Lowestoft
317......Samuel Barber b 13 Oct 1828 Lowestoft d 7 Jul 1894 Lowestoft aged 67 [Mutford 4a 461]
Samuel was in the Merchant Navy in 1845 when he was ticketed in Gt Yarmouth (123810) his height was 5'6" eyes grey hair brown and of fresh complexion. He is recorded on the Fishermen's Memorial in St Margarets Church , which states: 'Samuel B. Mewse husband of Elizabeth Mewse who was unfortunately killed by lightning at sea on board the boat JENNY LIND July 7th 1894, aged 65'
318......Alfred b 1830 Lowestoft bap 1832 d 17 Apr 1875 bur 23 Apr 1875 m Sarah Ann LIFFEN 4th qr 1850 Lowestoft [Mutford 13 1192]
Note: Alfred was recorded as being in the Merchant Navy and being ticketed (no 115859) in Gt Yarmouth on 7 Apr 1845 aged 15. His height was 4'10 1/2, eyes blue, hair brown and of fair complexion. He first went to sea in 1840 aged 10 and in 1845 and 6 he went on five voyages. Alfred was a fisherman in 1851 and was Mate of the "Hero of Delhi" in 1873 having previously served on the "George and William".He was also a lifeboatman and member of the Old Company - this is an account of one of his trips, recorded by W H Kingston in 1863:
"On 26th October 1859 the schooner "Lord Douglas" parted from her anchors in a heavy gale from the south and foundered off Corton. The crew lashed themselves to the rigging and awaited help. The Lowestoft Lifeboat proceeded under sail , and having anchored to windward of the wrecked vessel, succeeded in getting lines to the crew who were then drawn from the masts safely on board, and they were landed at Corton. So heavy was the gale that she split her fore-sail in the service. Scarcely had the lifeboat returned than another schooner though lying with three anchors ahead, drove ashore at Corton. A foresail was borrowed and the lifeboat reached the vessel under sail and rescued all the crew, but, having split her borrowed sail, she was compelled to run for Yarmouth beach where the shipwrecked crew were hospitably received by the Sailors' Home."

Alfred was awarded a silver medal by the Royal National Lifeboat Institute for his part in the rescue of fourteen people from the steamer SHAMROCK of Dublin. The story appeared in the Illustrated London News of 26 Nov 1859:

"When the lifeboat reached the steamer the sea was breaking over the masthead, but she was providentially able to anchor in a most advantageous position ahead of her, and although the seas broke over her and repeatedly filled her, this excellent lifeboat as often, in her bouyancy, clearing herself of the seas, was at length, with difficulty, enabled to approach the steamer. A communication was then by ropes established with the wreck and the whole crew of fourteen were hauled by the lines through the sea to the lifeboat and brought safely to the shore"

Another account of the rescue was made by W H Kingston in his book "Our Sailors"

On the 1st of November, the screw steamer "Shamrock" of Dublin ran on shore on the Holme Sand during a heavy gale from the SW. As soon as the position of the unfortunate vessel was discovered, the lifeboat was launched and proceeded under sail to the spot. The sea was breaking fearfully over the mast head of the steamer, repeatedly filling the lifeboat. To increase the danger, an expanse of shoal-water lay close to leeward of the wreck, so that had the lifeboat's cable parted, her destruction and that of her crew might have followed. Fully aware of the risk they ran, they persevered as brave men will, in spite of danger to themselves, and sending lines on board the wreck, the whole crew, not without considerable difficulty were hauled on board.

On this occasion the men who especially distinguished themselves were Richard HOOK, coxswain, Frances SMITH, Richard BUTCHER, Alfred MEWSE, Thomas LIFFEN and WIlliam ROSE

A RNLI silver medal

Thomas Liffen was also in the crew of the lifeboat - see the Liffen branch here

319......Susannah b 29 Dec 1836 bap 1 Mar 1837 Lowestoft bur 16 Jul 1840
320......William b 16 Jul 1837 [Mutford 13 318] bap 11 Aug 1837 Lowestoft d 7 Jun 1838
321......Isabella b 1st qr 1839 Lowestoft [Mutford 13 437] m Sidney ALLERTON 3rd qr 1859 Lewisham [Mutford 1d 947] (see Allerton branch)
Note: Isabella embroidered a sampler which you can see here. She was also a witness to the marriage of Naomi STERRY and JamesTheodore FRIEND 2 Nov 1858
322...... William Robert bap 1843
323......George A b 1851 Lowestoft

283 James Barber MEWSE bap 1805 d 15 Jun 1875 m Susan CHAMBERS ( b 1812 Gisleham d 10 Jan 1854)

In 1841 James and Susan were recorded at Beach with Benson and Henry next door to John Barber MEWSE. In 1851 the family was at Nelson St Lowestoft and there was a lodger, John ROBSON (a joiner, 20 years old from Aylesham) living with them. In 1861 James, now a widower, and family were living at 29 Nelson Score, still next door to brother John Barber MEWSE. James was then a fisherman, as he was in 1841, living at Beach. In 1867 he was a labourer. After James died, Susan remarried to Andrew GIBSON 4th qr 1879 [Mutford 4a 1699]

Children of James Barber and Susan
324......Benson bap 30 Dec 1835 d Apr 1914
Note: In 1851 Benson was an apprentice shipbuilder, and on 23 Dec 1856 he is recorded in the Merchant Navy as being on the ship "Pearl" of London aged 21
325......James Barber bap 2 Dec 1836 Lowestoft bur 12 Dec 1836
326......James Chambers bap 25 Feb 1837 Lowestoft bur 3 Jun 1838 Lowestoft
327......Henry b 3rd qr 1839 [Mutford 13 423] bap 1840
Note: Henry was employed by the railway in 1856 and was having his breakfast in the lamp room of the station when there was a gas leakage which caused an explosion. Henry had a scalp wound and a deep flesh cut on the right hip, was found in the debris and taken to the infirmary on a stretcher. He suffered a severe shock, according to the Norfolk Chronicle of 5 Jan 1856.
328......George b 4th qr 1841 Lowestoft [Mutford 13 441] bap 1842 d 4 Apr 1921 bur Lowestoft cemetery plot 21 (fisherman of 4 Rant Score in 1869) m Martha Ann BARNABY (b 1848 at 12 Lighthouse Hill, d 17 Jul 1929) 4th qr 1869 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 1603]
Note: Martha was buried with George: father was Samuel BARNABY, fisherman) 29 Dec 1869 witnesses Edward STERRY and Ann HALL
[Mutford 4a 1603] In 1871 they lived at Lighthouse Hill, Lowestoft. George was a seaman on board the "Joseph and Sarah" in 1872 and in 1873 he was mate on the same vessel. George and Martha were at 6 Lighthouse Hill in 1881 when George was a fisherman. In 1901 George, a fisherman and Martha, shown as "keep shop", were living at 4 Whapload Road, Lowestoft and also there was Martha's cousin, Annie BARNABY, a net mender.
George was a shopkeeper at 4 Burton Place in 1902 [directory entry] The 1911 census shows them at 291 Whapload Road, Lowestoft

329......James Chambers b 4th qr 1844 Lowestoft [Mutford 13 447] bap 1845 d 1899 bur 17 Jul 1899 Lowestoft (plot L/14/267) aged 54 m (a) Maria REYNOLDS (b 1842 dau of William REYNOLDS, bricklayer d Mutford 2nd qr 1873.) 25 Dec 1867 [Mutford 4a 1652] Witnesses: Charles and Ann HARPER and (b) Eliza PALMER (widow b 1840 Wenhaston bur 12 Aug 1898 Lowestoft plot L/13/269) 25 Feb 1880 Lowestoft [Ipswich Journal]
Note: Eliza Palmer had 3 children when she married James Chambers: Eliza b 1866, William b 1868 and Sarah b 1872. James and Eliza lived at 35 Anguish St Beach in 1881 and at Palmer's Square, Beach in 1891 when 1year old grandson James PALMER was with them . Witnesses to the marriage with Eliza were P P C BARRETT and Emma Jane WRIGHT
James was a fisherman in 1861, 1881 and 1891, when he was Owner Master of the boat "Unity". He also served on the Lowestoft lifeboat and on 31 Aug 1858 the "Bury and Norwich Post" reported that James had been awarded 5s for his part in rescues by the Suffolk Humane Society and Lowestoft lifeboat association.
On 31Aug 1858 the Bury and Norwich Post recorded an award of 5/- to James Chambers Mewse for his part in rescuing people at sea. In 1862 the same society awarded him 10/- in respect of his boat which had sunk "off Kessingland" on 16 Apr 1862.
Fishing at that time had other risks than bad weather - read about his statements to Customs and Excise

Eliza was living at Palmer Square, East St, Beach when she died. When he died, James lived at Coleman's Square, Beach

285 John Barber MEWSE bap 1810 m Mary Ann CRISPE (bap 15 Jan 1814 Lowestoft d 1st qr 1900 [Mutford 4a 778] bur 15 Mar 1900 Lowestoft plot L/3/63 aged 86) 7 Sep 1832 Witnesses to the marriage were James MEWSE and Elizabeth CRISPE ( see Crispe and the Bunn branches )

Note: Mary Ann was recorded at home on the night of the 1841 census but John was not present. Mary Ann, John, Elizabeth and William were also present as was a Phebe HOLMES. In 1851 the family was at Barratt's Yard, High Street, Lowestoft.

John was a seaman and started by being a fisherman at the age of 14.. Ticket no 112046, 35 yrs old when ticketed, height 5’3”, fresh complexion, eyes grey hair brown, first went to sea as a mariner 1820, ticket issued at Gt Yarmouth 20 Mar 1845. He was recorded as a fisherman in 1841 and 1861 living at 119 Beach, next door to brother James Barber MEWSE.
Mary Ann was a beatster (a netmender) in 1861, living at Beach, and 1881. The 1871 census shows them at Whapload Road, Fishermans Shop and having Grandson Frank ADAMS staying with them and John is described as a beachman. In September 1866 he was fined 15 shillings for using obscene language in the High Street. In 1881, when John was described as a Fisherman (Late) they both lived at 4 Hospital House, Whapload Rd Lowestoft with their son William who was a fisherman. In 1891 Mary Ann is shown as a widow aged 79 living at Alms Houses, Thurston Rd Lowestoft. When she died, Mary Ann lived at 155 St Peter's St.
John Barber and Mary Ann were my great great grandparents.

Children of John Barber and Mary Ann
330......Mary Ann bap 14 Sep 1832 Lowestoft d 24 Sep 1832
331......John bap 1832 d 1832
332......John bap 7 Sep 1833 bur 10 Sep 1833
333......William bap 17 Sep 1834 d 6 Nov 1845
334......John ("Crawney") b 16 Nov 1836 bap 1 Mar 1837 d 27 Mar 1918 bur 3 Apr 1918 Lowestoft
Note: In 1841 John is recorded with his mother at Beach, Lowestoft. John died of senile decay and apoplexy (a stroke) at Fishermen's Hospital Cottages, Lowestoft. The informant was daughter Alice Catchpole of Loddon Rd Broome, near Bungay who was present at the death. You can see a picture of the Fishermen's Hospital entrance here
335.... James b 3rd qr 1838 [Mutford 13 404] d 14 Oct 1879 [ Ipswich Journal] m Elizabeth Ann MARJORAM 4th qr 1878 [Mutford 4a 1656]
In the 1861 census James was listed as a cripple. In the "Norfolk News" of 4 Apr 1864 an advertisement states "For sale by auction: A shoemakers shop in the occupation of James Mewse at £2.12s per year."
336......Mary Ann b 21 Mar 1839 Lowestoft bap 2 Jun 1839 Lowestoft m William PARR 1864 Newington, Surrey
Note: Mary Ann was a servant at 22 Nelson Street in 1861
337......Elizabeth b 26 Feb 1841 bap 24 Aug 1843 m Francis ADAMS (b 1835 seaman) 25 Nov 1861 Lowestoft (See Adams branch here) [Mutford 4a 1491]
Note: Francis' father was James ADAMS, baker. Witnesses to the marriage were Daniel NICHOLS, Hannah ADAMS and Mary Ann MEWSE: Elizabeth was recorded as a dressmaker in 1861 and was 2 weeks old at the 1841 census
338......Samuel ("Snotty Sam") b and bap 24 Aug 1843 Lowestoft bur 8 Aug 1936 Lowestoft plot L/B/307 aged 93
Note: Samuel was a mariner - he is recorded as a fisherman in 1861; as well as serving on the "Volante" with his brother 196 William, under the mastership of his older brother John in 1864 and 1865, he was also with John on the "Sophia" and served as seaman on the "Antelope" in 1866, "Morning Star in 1866 and 1867 first as seaman then as Mate. In 1880 and he was "Part Owner and Master" of the "Twilight" and in ,1885 and 1886 he seems to have been the sole owner of the "Twilight". Read his complaint to Customs and Excise here

The Ipswich Journal of 22 oct 1871 reported that Samuel was charged by Charles GOOCH "with threatening to knock out complainant's brains". Gooch had superceded Samuel as master of one of Mr R B Capp's luggers - hence the threat". Samuel was bound over to keep the peace and fined £10

His problem with staff is shown here.
339......William b 15 Apr 1846 Lowestoft bap 3 Jul 1847 Lowestoft
Note: William was a visitor on board the Volant with brother John as the master on 7 Apr 1861. The 1871 census shows him aboard the "Little Polly" William was single and a fisherman, living with parents in 1881
He was a seaman on the "Volante" with his brother Samuel in 1863 and 1864 with brother John as Master. In 1874 he was seaman on the "Morning Light".

340......Susannah b last qr 1848 bap 1848 d 1848
341......Alfred b 8 Apr 1850 Lowestoft d 1850
342......Alfred b 3rd qr 1852 Lowestoft bap 31 Jul 1852 Lowestoft d 16 Sep 1852

287 William (Barber) MEWSE, fisherman, bap 22 Apr 1816 Lowestoft bur 31 Dec 1892 Lowestoft aged 76 [Mutford 4a 528] m Charlotte PYE (b 16 Sep 1818 in Corton, bap 20 Sep 1818 bur 19 Jun 1889 Lowestoft plot L/5/96) 27 Feb 1838 at Lowestoft [Mutford 13 633]. Witnesses John CLARKE and Emma PYE [Charlotte was dau of Joseph PYE and Sarah RUTHAN.]
Note: They lived at six known addresses - Denny's Score in 1841, Herring Fishery Score in 1851, 38 Nelson Score in 1861, 80 Herring Fishery Score in 1871, in 1881 2 Nelson Score, and Christchurch Score in 1889, all in Lowestoft
William was mate on the "Happy Return" from Harling in 1863 and in 1891 was lodging with his daughter-in-law at Christchurch Square, Lowestoft as a widower

Children of William and Charlotte

343......Maria b 23 Jan 1841 bap 21 Feb 1841 Lowestoft Weslyan Church d May 1896 at Wollaston Road, Lowestoft.
344......Charlotte b 21 Dec 1849 bap 3 Mar 1850
Note: Charlotte was a domestic servant at Seacombe, Kings Road, Clapham in 1871
345......Emma b 14 May 1853 bap 7 Aug 1853 Lowestoft m William CLARKE, bricklayer 5 Aug 1876
Note: Witnesses to the marriage were John LOVEDAY and Caroline CLARKE. Emma was recorded as a domestic servant at 1 St Michaels Road, Lambeth in 1871
346...... Margaret b 22 Mar 1855 bap 6 May 1855 Lowestoft d 4th qr 1947 at 2 St Edmunds Road, Southwold [Lothingland 4b 802]
347......William Bartholomew b 28 Aug 1858 bap 3 Oct 1858 Lowestoft d Dec 1937 Lothingland House, Oulton bur 21 Dec 1937 Lowestoft plot L/19/516

See Eade branch here

Note: also in this generation was a Sophia MEWSE aged 21, a female servant, living in High Street at the 1841 census. THis is probably the Sophia MEWSE bap 10 Sep 1815 All Saints, Stamford [IGI]

The 1841 census also shows a Hannah MEWSE at South End, Lowestoft a servant to Sarah FARRER

There was also a Charlotte MEWSE aged 20 in 1841 who lived in Denney's Score with her illegitimate child Maria b Jan 1841

There was a Martha Ann MEWSE d 2nd qr 1846 [Mutford 13 336]

A George MEWSE aged 34, widower, stated to have been born in Lowestoft, was working as a "Clerk Kenny Fishers" and boarding at 94 St Georges Road, Yarmouth in the 1911 census

Samuel MEWSE, b 1847 Lowestoft was a retired boat owner and executor of his wife Martha Agnes' will (who died on 30 Feb 1921 and lived at 23 Beresford Road, Lowestoft) in which she left £275 in personal effects. He was a boat owner and in 1911 he was a net maker in the fishing business.

John MEWSE died 1st qr of 1838 [Mutford 13 337]


294 Henry MEWSE m Maria RUMSBY (b 1841 Somerleyton) 26 Oct 1863 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 1570]

Note: witnesses to the marriage were Daniel and Elizabeth MEWSE. Maria's parents were Benjamin RUMSBY, labourer and Amy STURGEON) In 1871 Henry and Maria lived at 4 Jacob Street, Lowestoft. In 1882 Henry was not present, but Maria was living with her mother,Amy RUMSBY and her grandmother Ann STURGEON as a boarder, with children Emma and Catherine. Also present in the 1881 census with Amy RUMSBY was Alice MEWSE b abt 1840 Lowestoft, a general domestic servant. In 1891 Henry was a general labourer and the family were at34 Arnold Street, Lowestoft. In 1902 the directory states that Henry was living at 73 Seago St. In 1911 they were living with son George still at 73 Seago Street and daughter Emma WOODS

Children of Henry and Maria
348......George Henry b 1st qr 1864 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 742] bap 7 Feb 1864 Lowestoft
Note: In 1891 George was a general labourer
349......Alice Elizabeth b 1866/7
350......Emma Jane Rumsby b 1868/9 Lowestoft
351......Catherine Eliza Rumsby bap 19 Sep 1871 Lowestoft
352......Emma Jane b 5 Jul 1874
353......Arthur Samuel Rumsby b Sep 1882 Lowestoft d 1962 London (buried Well Hall Rd Cemetery SE9.)
Note: Arthur was a labourer in oil mills in 1901 living at 121 Bridge Street, Greenwich

304 Charles MEWSE m (a) Alice WATSON b abt 1849 d 3rd qr 1900 [Newcastle on Tyne 10b 57]) 3rd qr 1889 [Gateshead 10a 1091] (b) Rachel SHIRRIS nee EWART (b 1860 Glasgow) last qr 1900 [Newcastle on Tyne 10b 222]

Note: in 1901 Charles was described as a "corporation labourer"

Child of Charles and Alice
354......George Clarence b 1st qr 1892 Newcastle on Tyne [S Shields 10a 766] m Lily HOPE 1st qr 1910 [Chesterfield 7b 1326]

Note:In 1911 George was a woodworking machinist living at 12 Brittania Buildings, Chesterfield

Child of Charles and Rachel

Charles b 14 Jun 1901 Newcastle on Tyne
356......Ewart b 10 Nov 1902 Newcastle on Tyne d Dec 1984 Newcastle on Tyne m Elsie CARR 3rd qr 1931 [Newcastle on Tyne 10b 252]

305b Charles BALLARD m Alice Elizabeth SHELTON (b 1854 Pottersbury, Northants [Pottersbury 3b 34] d 2nd qr 1904 [Islington 1b 205]) 4th qr 1872 [St Pancras 1b 74]

Note: In 1881 Charles was a carman and the family was at 14 Marsden Terrace, St Pancras. In 1891 they were living at 6 Woolsey Grove, Islington and Charles was a railway carman. Still a railway carman in 1901 the family were at 5 King Henry St, Islington. By 1911 Charles had retired and Alice had died: James was living at 1 Woodland Road Stoke Newington with Daniel and Ethel

Children of Charles and Alice
305d......Alice Elizabeth b 5 Apr 1873 Kentish Town [Pancras 1b 155] d 21 Nov 1933 Hackney
Note: In 1891 Alice was a wholesale Confectioner's Agent and in 1901 she was a packer of Mantles
305e......Edith b 1st qr 1877 Kentish Town [Pancras 1b 142]
305f......Charles John b 1879 Edmonton [Edmonton 3a 260] d 5 Apr 1932 [West Ham 4a 344]
Note: In 1901 Charles was a mantle trimmer
305g......Charlotte Susannah b 1881 Kentish Town [Pancras 1b 206] d 3rd qr 1961 Edmonton
Note: In 1901 Charlotte was a mantle packer
305h......Daniel Alfred b 1st qr 1884 Mildmay [Islington 1b 443]
Note: In 1901 Daniel was a mercantile clerk and in 1911 he was a traveller
305i......Ethel Mary b 1st qr 1889 Mildmay [Islington 1b 442]
Note: In 1911 Ethel was an embroidery machinist

306 Mary Ann BALLARD m George James SAWYER (b 1853 Bristol) 27 Nov 1871 St Matthews Church, Bethnal Green.

Note: In 1881 George was a sawyer (!) In 1891 the family was at 1 Royal Terrace, Newington and James was a steam wood sawyer

Children of James and Mary Ann
306b......James George b 4th qr 1876 Kensington [Lambeth 1d 438]
Note: In 1891 James was a Post Office boy
306c......Ada b 1879 Kensington
306d......Helen Elizabeth b 1880 Kensington
306e......Alice b 1882 Kensington
306f......William b 1884 Kensington
306g......Mary b 1886 Kensington
306h......Alfred b 1887 Kensington
306i......Albert b 1888 Kensington
306j......Henry b 1889 Kensington

307 Daniel William BALLARD m Sarah Ann GOUGH (b 1st qr 1856 [Hampstead 1a 479]) 28 Aug 1876 All Aints Church, Camden Town

Note: In 1871 Daniel was a railway book cleaner. In 1879 and 1881 the family was at 140 Bayham Street. Daniel was a Groom. In 1891 the family was at 35 Caroline Street, St Pancras and in 1901 they were at 21 Caroline Street, Pancras.

Children of Daniel and Sarah
307b......Louisa Jane b 3rd qr 1877 [St Pancras 1b 113]
307c......William Henry b 29 Sep 1879 140 Bayham St, Camden Town d 28 May 1973 Herne Bay
307d......Eleanor b 1883 St Pancras bap 1 Apr 1883 All Saints Church Camden Town
307e......Albert E b 1891 St Pancras

290 John Daniel MEWSE m (a) Maria URQUHART 9 Feb 1837 Gt Yarmouth St Nicholas (b) Elizabeth HAYLETT (b Sep 1842 Winterton, Norfolk, d 1st qr 1924 [Yarmouth 4b 17]) 24 Dec 1864 Gt Yarmouth St Nicholas

See the HAYLETT branch here
John was a tea dealer, Howard St Gt Yarmouth in 1841
Note: Elizabeth was the daughter of William HAYLETT, fisherman b 1808 and Mary STARKING (b 1803 d 3rd qr 1912 [Yarmouth 4b 9])
Both of them gave their address as Row 131 Gt Yarmouth at marriage. The witnesses were George and Elizabeth AMISS. John was listed as a fisherman on the vessel "Prince Albert" on 7 Apr 1861. He was listed as a mariner in North district , Gt Yarmouth in the 1871 census, living at 5 Blackfriars Road, Great Yarmouth and a trawler skipper and lived at 59 Blackfriars Road, Gt Yarmouth in 1881.
He was presented to Queen Victoria on her visit to Gt Yarmouth as a representative of Norfolk fishermen.
His portrait hangs in the National Gallery entitled "Fisherman of England".

A postcard showing the portrait

He was lost at sea in 1886 - the record shows:
29th March 1886
Voyage - Fishing & Return, Type of vessel - Sailing Cutter, (Smack) Construction - Wood,
Owner - J MEWSE, Crew - 2, Number Lost - 1, Skipper - J MEWSE.
Vessel foundered in wind S W Force 7, 52.35N 01.54E.

A report in "The Times" of 31st Mar 1886 states: "Yesterday intelligence was received at Great Yarmouth of the capsizing of a shrimp boat in the roads during a sudden squall. There were two men of the boat at the time, John Mewse the owner and William Joseph Read, a fisherman. They swam together for some little time, but after some minutes Mewse became exhausted and sank. Read was rescued by the crew os the schooner Ariel and was brought to the Sailors' Home, where he soon rallied. Mewse leaves a widow and six children" . He left a will with Elizabeth as executor and left personal estate of £79.19s.6d.

Elizabeth gave her birthplace as Misterton in 1891 census and was a charwoman widow. She clearly had a difficult life: at the age of 10 (1851) she was in Rollesby Workhouse with parents, William and Mary who had married in 1833 at Winterton. William died in 3rd qr 1853 at the workhouse. Elizabeth's siblings were at the workhouse in 1851 too: they were Sarah Ann, aged 16 Mary aged 14 Thomas aged 12, James aged 8 and Joseph aged 6.
This is the sign which stood above the door to the Workhouse

In 1861 Elizabeth was a servant with Thomas DODMAN at Rodney St, St Nicholas, Gt Yarmouth and also present were Sarah Ann working as a braider, Joseph aged 16 also a braider together with Elizabeth's mother, Mary, a widow aged 50. In 1901 Elizabeth was a charwoman living at 140 Beccles Road, Gorleston. In 1911 she was living at 21 Church Lane Gorleston

Children of John and Maria
357......William Warren b 1st qr 1838 Gt Yarmouth North District 07 [GY 13 323]
358......John b 1840 Gt Yarmouth North District 07 BR>
Children of John and Elizabeth
359......Ann Elizabeth dob unknown d 1869 Gt Yarmouth
360......Ann Elizabeth b 3rd qr 1869 Gt Yarmouth [G Yarmouth 4b 9] m Walter Lewis HAYLETT (b 1876 Winterton) 4th qr 1900 Gt Yarmouth
Note: Walter was a sea going fisherman in 1901 and 1911. They lived at the Loke, Winterton
361......Elizabeth b 1870 Gt Yarmouth m William READ
Note: In 1891 Elizabeth was a domestic servant at 67 Fellows Road Hampstead with a solicitor, Patrick SHAW and his family
William John b 18 Sep 1875 Gt Yarmouth d 13 Dec 1956 Middlesborough
Note: In 1891 William John was a rope maker living with his widowed mother who was working as a charwoman and was living at 14 Highfield Road Gorleston
363......Florence Kate b 1st qr 1876 Gt Yarmouth [GY 4b 5] d Gorleston 17 Jan 1955 bur Gorleston cemetery
Note: Florence was a general domestic servant in South Lynn with George W GOWEN in 1891 at 15 Whitefriars Terrace South Lynn, Kings Lynn.. Sheila Alderson sent me the following: "George Gowen is something of a colourful figure on my side of the family tree. Sometime after 1891 he moved to Cardiff with his family, where he was a journalist. Around 1909 he left his wife and family and moved to London with his mistress, who was only a few years older than my grandmother; ie his eldest daughter!". In 1911 she was a cook for H Wyllys, at 26 Southtown Rd, Gt Yarmouth She died on 17 Jan 1955 a spinster living at "Cosy Corner" 35 Roslyn Road Gorleston and left £1850. 19s.10p
364.......Minnie Edith b 3rd qr 1878 Gt Yarmouth [Yarmouth 4b 6] (see SLAPP branch here)
365.......James Arthur b 4th qr 1880 Gorleston [Yarmouth 4b 10] d 2 Sep 1953 Fleetwood
Note: James was living at Gorleston in 1891. The "London Gazette" of 24 Sep 1930 records: "Ch Skipper J A Mewse placed on retired list with rank of Skipper Lieut (September 22nd"

302 Frederick MEWSE b 1849 m Amelia TURNER (b 4th qr 1855 Lowestoft [Mutford 10b 191] d 4th qr 1930 [Newcatle upon Tyne 10b 147] ) 1st qr 1874 [Newcastle on Tyne 10b 191]

Note: In 1881 the family were living in 5 Raglan Terrace, Elswick, Northumberland and in 1891 at 20 Shumac Street, Newcastle where Frederick was a port night watchman . Also boarding with the family in 1891 was Frederick COLEMAN a 29 year old general labourer born Lowestoft. In 1901 and 1911 Frederick was a nightwatchman in a leather factory

Children of Frederick and Amelia
366......Florence Amelia T b 1873 Lowestoft
Note: In 1891 Florence was a general servant
367......Frederick William b 2nd qr 1875 Elswick [Newcastle on Tyne 10b 14] m Ada Elizabeth MILES 4th qr 1900 [Dartford 2a 987]
Note: in 1891 Frederick was an apprentice fitter, and in 1901 he was a Machine Maker Fitter living in Erith, Kent. During WW1 he was in the Durham Light Infantry and was awarded the Victory medal and the British medal. His army number was 219022
368......James b 2nd qr 1877 [Newcastle T 10b 33] d 3rd qr 1878 [Newcastle T 10b 3]
369......Ellen b 2nd qr 1879 Elswick [Newcastle on Tyne 10b 42] m William MONKS 4th qr 1906 [Newcastle T 10b 81]
Note: Ellen was a glue maker in 1901 living at Elswick
370......James b 3rd qr 1881 Newcastle [Newcastle 10b 57] d 14 Dec 1916 France in avtion m Jane A ROBSON 3rd qr 1915 Newcastle on Tyne
Note: In 1901 James was a general labourer living at Elswick and in 1911 he was still a labourer but living with his parents He was Private 5939 in 14th battalion Northumberland Fusiliers and was killed in action in France
371......Mary Ann b 1st qr 1884 Newcastle [Newcastle on Tyne 10b 39] m Edward Gray WILSON 4th qr 1902 [Newcastle on Tyne 10b 90]
372......Charles b 2nd qr 1886 [Newcastle T 10b 7] d 4th qr 1888 [Newcastle T 10b 30] aged 2
373......Alfred b 1st qr 1889 Newcastle [Newcastle on Tyne 10b 40] m Phyllis LAMB 2nd qr 1915 Newcastle
Note: Alfred was a plumber in 1911
374......Agnes b 3rd qr 1891 [Newcastle on Tyne 10b 1]
375......Ada b 1893 Newcastle on Tyne
376......Hannah Turner b 4th qr 1895 Newcastle [Newcastle on Tyne 10b 36] d 3rd qr 1896 [Newcastle on Tyne 10b 19]
377......Margaret b 3rd qr 1897 Newcastle
378......Laura b 1900 Newcastle

313 Naomi STERRY m James Theodore FRIEND (b 1838 Kent) 2 Nov 1858 Lowestoft

Note: In 1871 the family was at Bell and Anchor Street, West Ham and James was a labourer. In 1881 James, a widower was a Dock Messenger and was living at 66 Ettrick Street, Bromley

Children of James and Naomi
378......John G b 1861 Kent
379.......Arthur J b 1863 Canning Town
380......James Theodore b 1865 Canning Town d 2nd qr 1877 [West Ham 4a 37]
Note: In 1871 James was described as a cripple
381......Clara E b 1867
382......Alice E b 1871 Poplar, Mdx

317 Samuel Barber MEWSE b 1827 m Elizabeth TURRELL (b 1827 dau John TURRELL d 2nd qr 1898 Lowestoft aged 70 bur 2 Jun 1898 Lowestoft plot L/9/210) 27 Dec 1847

Note: Samuel and Elizabeth were living at Beach in 1851 census, at Beach in 1861 (when Elizabeth is recorded as a beetster (net mender).

From the Norfolk chronicle of 31st Aug 1867

They were in Anguish Street in 1871 and at "The Flowing Bowl" near Rant Score East, Beach in 1881: he was a fisherman/publican. In 1891 they were living at 4 Strand Cottages, Anguish Street Lowestoft and Elizabeth WAILTON their grand daughter was with them. When she died Elizabeth was still at 4 Strand Cottages. A maritime memorial record states: 'Samuel B. Mewse husband of Elizabeth Mewse who was unfortunately killed by lightning at sea on board the boat JENNY LIND July 7th 1894, aged 65'

Children of Samuel and Elizabeth.

383......Samuel John b 11 Apr 1849 (of 53 Whapload Road in 1881)
Note: Samuel was listed as a fisherman's boy on board the Volant on 7 Apr 1861 with 244 John Mewse as master
384......William James b 30 Nov 1850 [Mutford XII 481] bap 5 Jan 1851 Lowestoft
And this, from the Ipswich Journal of 6 Dec 1884 without comment!

385......John Henry b 30 Jun 1856 Lowestoft bap 8 Aug 1856 Lowestoft d 3 Mar 1896, drowned at sea.
386......Susan b Jun 1860 Lowestoft
387......Hannah Maria b 19 Dec 1860 Lowestoft bap 3 Feb 1861 Lowestoft
388......Charles Edward b 1865 bur 8 Aug 1865 an infant
389......Charles Edward b 4 Mar 1866 Lowestoft d 3rd qr 1891 Lowestoft
390......Benjamin Henry Joseph bap 7 Mar 1869 Lowestoft
Note: In 1882/3 Benjamin served as "boy" on "Traveller" and "Young Richard", then in 1885 0n "Sapphire" and in 1898 on "Energy".
391......George Sharman ("Sharmo") b 3rd qr 1863 [Mutford 4a 653] bap 3 Jan 1864 Lowestoft d 13 Feb 1944
Note: George Sharman, a fisherman, started his seagoing career as a "boy" aboard "Sophia" (920587) in 1877 and was deckboy of the "Bonnie Lass" in 1883, but by 1884 he was mate on the "Beeswing". In 1891 he was on the "Belle". He was mate on the "Violet" in 1893 and 4 and Master of the "Primrose" in 1897 and of the "Pansy" in 1898
392......George Robert b 21 Nov 1854 Lowestoft bap 7 Jan 1855 Lowestoft d 4th qr 1858 Lowestoft
393....Robert George b 2 Sep 1859 Lowestoft bap 2 Oct 1859 Lowestoft d 4th qr 1910 aged 52 Nottingham
394......Charles Alfred b 2 Jun 1867 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 725]
395......Benjamin b abt 1869 Lowestoft

318 Alfred "Sparky" MEWSE bap 1832 m Sarah Ann Catchpole AYERS (b 1831 Gt Yarmouth, d 1 Aug 1912) 12 Dec 1850 [Mutford 13 1192]

Note: Sarah was the dau of James and Hannah AYERS . See the Ayers tree here Witnesses William MEWSE and Penelope AYRES They lived with parents at Beach in 1851 and still at Beach Lowestoft in 1861. Alfred was a fisherman. In 1881 Sarah Ann was a beatster (net mender) living at 2 Whapload Road, Lowestoft - and she was still there as a net mender in 1901

Children of Alfred and Sarah Ann
396......George Alfred b 29 Dec 1850 bap 2 Feb 1851 Lowestoft d 22 Nov 1858 Lowestoft
396a....Eleanor b 29 Aug 1852 Lowestoft bap 6 Feb 1853 Lowestoft
397......William Frederick b 1855
398......Charles Henry James Ayers b 1856, fisherman (boarding with Samuel COSSEY in 1881)
Note: Charles was a seaman on "Star of the East" and "Sapphire" in 1878 and 1879. The 1900 Kelly's directory shows him as living at 71 Albert Street, Lowestoft, a boat owner.
399......Eleanor Isabella b 1857 Lowestoft
Note: Eleanor was a dressmaker in 1881 living with mother.
400......Henry James Ayers b 1856 bap 1856 Lowestoft Lowestoft, Mariner d 30 Apr 1934 at 22 Lyndhurst Rd Lowestoft
401......Margaret Alice b 4th qr 1863 Lowestoft (blind) [Mutford 4a 674] bap 18 Feb 1864 Lowestoft
Note: Margaret was staying with sister Georgiana in 1891 but in 1901 she was back with her mother at 2 Whapload Road.
402......Alonzo Shorten b 3rd qr 1870 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 696]
Note: In 1890 Alonzo was recorded as a crew member and seaman on the "Ben Bow" in 1890 and the "Vigilant" in 1891
403......Georgiana b abt 1862 Lowestoft
404......Alfred George b 3rd qr 1868 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 687] bap 5 Jul 1868 Lowestoft d 1st qr 1914 Gt Yarmouth m Ada CORNWALL (b 1874 Southwark d 31 Mar 1907 aged 32{Camberwell 1d 463]) 11 Apr 1900 St Mary Newington [St Saviour 1d 2]
In 1901 Alfred and Ada were living at 147 Albany Road, Camberwell (St George's) and Alfred was a commercial clerk. The family story is that Ada died giving birth to their only son - Thanks, Jean!

324 Benson MEWSE bap 1836 d 24 Apr 1918 bur 30 Apr 1918 Lowestoft plot L/18/95 m Mary Ann BARNABY (b 3rd qr 1839 [Mutford 13/421] d 1906 bur 8 Jan 1906 Lowestoft plot L/18/94) 2nd qr 1859 Ipswich [Ipswich 4a 431]

Note: Benson and Mary Ann were living at 11 Lighthouse Hill in 1861, 5 Lighthouse Score in 1898 : Benson was a boatbuilder/shipwright - confirmed by Cook's Directory of Lowestoft in 1883, stll living at Lighthouse Hill. Benson, Mary Ann and Florence were living at 5 Lighthouse Score in 1901. In 1911 Benson, shown as a "late shipwright" was living with daughter Florence HARRIS at 32 Stevens Street, Lowestoft. Mary Ann died at 5 Lighthouse Score and Benson died aged 66 at Beccles Road, Oulton Broad. You can see a photograph of cottages in Lighthouse Score here

Children of Benson and Mary Ann

405......Susan b 1860 Lowestoft
406......Mary Elizabeth b 4th qr 1862 [Mutford 4a 622] m William WRIGHT 1st qr 1882 [Mutford 4a 1013]
407......Benson Georgeb 1st qr 1866 [Mutford 4a 745] bap 6 Oct 1867 d Nov 1917 bur 23 Nov 1917 Lowestoft [L/J/125] aged 52
Note: Benson was a "boy" aboard the vessel "Champion" in 1881 but at death is shown as a Fish Merchant, having been living at 6 Wesley Street, Lowestoft. He left £288-1s-3d
408......William Samuel b 4th qr 1870 [Mutford 4a 696] d 9 Mar 1955 Fakenham bap 1871 hairdresser m Annie Elizabeth PAGE (dau James PAGE, fish hawker) 21 May 1893
409......Alice Maud b 2nd qr 1874 [Mutford 4a 789]
410......Florence Martha b 2nd qr 1878 [Mutford 4a 831]
Note: In 1891 Florence was living with her married sister Mary Elizabeth Wright at 66 West Bevan Street, Lowestoft.
411......Clara Gertrude b 2 Feb 1881 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 843] d 6 Dec 1954 Lowestoft

336 Mary Ann MEWSE m William PARR 4th qr 1864 [Newington 1D 274]

Note: William was the sixth son of James PARR and Maria CHAPMAN b 1841 Kirkley. In 1881 he was a machine hand living at 110 Wickham Street, Lambeth and in 1891 he was a carpenter/joiner living at 8 Ingoldthorpe Grove, Camberwell

Children of William and Mary Ann
412......Elizabeth b 2nd qr 1862 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 709]
Note: Elizabeth's birth was registered as Mewse but in the census she appears as Parr. In 1881 her occupation was "General Servant"
413......William b 2nd qr 1865 Lambeth Surrey [Lambeth 1d 344]
Note: In 1881 William was a potter's labourer. In 1891 still at home he was a labourer
414......Alfred b 4th qr 1867 Lambeth Surrey [Lambeth 1d 361]
415......Samuel Mewse b 1871Lambeth Surrey [Lambeth 1d 415]
In 1891 Samuel was a labourer
416......John Mewse b 3rd qr 1873 Lambeth Surrey [Lambeth 1d 395]
In 1891 John was a labourer
417......George b 1874 Lambeth Surrey
418......Maria Chapman b 4th 1879 Lambeth Surrey [Lambeth 1d 410]

334 John MEWSE b 1836 m [1] Frances GARNER (b 1833 d 4th qr 1864) last qr 1859 [Mutford 4a 1617]

Frances was the daughter of William James GARNER and Frances CHATTEN - see Chatten branch and was a braider in 1861

[2] Elizabeth CRICKMORE (b 1847 d 14 May 1919) 12 Oct 1867 St John's Church, Lowestoft [see Crickmore branch]

John and Elizabeth were my great grandparents

Note: Witnesses William MEWSE and Elizabeth ADAMS
The 1861 census shows John as master of the Volant, at sea.The 1871 census shows John and Elizabeth, my great grandparents, living "Next the Gas House": John is shown as a fisherman - he was Master of the "Volante" in 1863 and 4, with his brother Samuel as part of the crew, and of the "Sophia" in 1864 and 1865, and in both 1885 and 1888 he is recorded as Mate on the "Twilight", having previously served on the "John Smith KG". The London Gazette records proceedings for bankruptcy for John starting on 2nd Feb 1880 and describes John as a boat owner. A second hearing is recorded in August 1880, but the outcome is unclear.At the time his address is given as Pye's Buildings Rant Score.

The 1881 census shows John and Elizabeth living at 2 Rant Score (see a picture here), Lowestoft: John, fisherman aged 44, Elizabeth aged 33, Fanny 18, Eliza 7, John 3. In 1891 the family was in Anguish Street, Lowestoft In Kelly's of 1900 and 1902 directory John was shown at 2 Waveney Terrace, Whapload Road In the 1901 census John is described as a "Shrimper". The 1911 census shows John as a fisherman living at 12 Whapload Rd, Lowestoft.

John was a member of the "Old Company" - a group (there were three at Lowestoft) which had been formed to salvage wrecked vessels. There was plenty of opportunity involved - on one day in 1882 (28 Oct) no fewer than 13 ships were lost between Lowestoft and Covehithe, to three of which the two Lowestoft Lifeboats of the day went to the rescue, and there can be little doubt that John was amongst the crew.. Even in the mid 1800s when John was first a member, priority was given to saving lives over salvage, but when the alarm was raised there was a concerted rush by each company, since the first to get to the wreck got the salvage money. You can see some of the "Old Company" outside their "shod" here.and here is an account of one of the salvage exercises which was disputed and reported in the Ipswich Journal of 6 Dec 1884.

There appear to have been two vessels of which he was master - one, the Volant is recorded in 1861, and the other was the Volante reg LT14 which was built in 1880. [the Volante can be seen here with a list of the 1861 crew]. In 1883 there was a great storm in which the Volante lost her boat and sails - an account in verse may be seen here At this time the Volante was owned by W SLACK of Denmark Road, Lowestoft according to the 1883 Cook's Directory of Lowestoft. Kelly's directory of 1900 shows John as second coxswain of the lifeboat.

John, who had the nickname of "Crorney", inherited by his son John Samuel, was coxswain of the Lowestoft lifeboat from 1901 to 1911, but had been involved as a member of the lifeboat crew since the 1850's and had been second coxwain from 1896 to 1901. In 1905 he took the lifeboat "Samuel Plimsoll" to the Thames, where she was used for motor trials by the RNLI, and returned with the 46 foot "Kentwell" built at a cost of £2197 by Thames ironworks. See an account of all his launches here

In 1866 John helped in a courageous rescue of the crew of the Austrian ship "Osip" for which he was later awarded a medal, along with the rest of the crew. For a description of the event, click here.The medal shown below was issued to John, along with the others of the rescuers, and is now in the Maritime Museum, Lowestoft.

The 'Laetitia' was a 42'6" x 11'8" Norfolk and Suffolk class lifeboat built in Sparham's Yard which was on station from 1850 to 1876. In 47 launches her crew rescued 271 people. She was broken up in 1876.

This medal was presented to the museum by 421 Russell Mewse, great grandson of John after being found in the effects of his deceased brother 419 Ray Alan Mewse.

and here is a picture of the Lifeboat Kentwell in 1910 of which John was cox from 1901 to 1911(He would be the man with his hand on the tIller.)

And here is an account from the Ipswich Journal of 11 Aug 1866

He was also involved in the abortive rescue of the crew of the "Defender" in 1902 - for a description click here

Also in the 1881 census Elizabeth Mary Ann lived at 1 Rant Score with Susan Crickmore (nee Shorten - see CRICKMORE branch) her grandmother and Susan's grandsons, William aged 5 and James aged 4. Also living at no 1 was James Pye who is recorded as Susan’s grandson. Elizabeth nee CRICKMORE died while living at Fishermen’s Hospital Cottages (6 almshouses for retired fishermen) Whapload Rd (between Rant's Score East and Wildes' St) of Cardiac failure and Bronchitis. John had died the year before at the same address. he is buried in plot L/K/36 in Lowestoft Cemetery

Children of John and Francis
419......John Samuel bap 1860 d 22 Nov 1870
420......Frances (Fanny) bap 1863, a net repairer in 1881 m John James CRICKMORE 4th qr 1881 St John's Church, Lowestoft. [Mutford 4a 1760] Witnesses were William Almond CRICKMORE and James Robert CRICKMORE (see Crickmore branch)
Note: At the time of his marriage John James was living at 52 Toning Street, Lowestoft and Frances Mewse was at 7 St John's St Lowestoft

Children of John and Elizabeth
421......Samuel John bap 7 Jun 1868 d 22 Nov 1870
422......Elizabeth Mary Ann bap 7 Nov 1869 d 22 Nov 1869
423......Elizabeth Mary Ann b 4th qr 1870 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 692] bap 4 Dec 1870 d 27 Oct 1944 m Frank James GREEN to become my grandmother [see GREEN branch] 30 Nov 1899 - witnesses George TAYLOR and Alice Elizabeth GREEN
Note: In 1881 she was living next door at 1 Rants Score with her grandmother Susan Crickmore. Elizabeth Mary Ann was an assistant schoolteacher in 1891 at Hintlesham, Suffolk, boarding with Tom and Annette ATKIN at Hadleigh Road, Hintlesham. She was a teacher at Kirkley Infant School during its first year of operation in 1898, and was given a clock as a wedding present from staff and pupils, [still in my posession, 112 years on] when she left. See details here
424......Eliza Ann Alice b 4th qr 1873 [Mutford 4a 710] bap 5 Oct 1873 d Feb 1954 aged 79 bur 9 Feb 1954 plot L/R/376 m Walter William Harvey CATCHPOLE (b 3rd qr 1875 Alburgh, Norfolk d 4th qr 1957 [Lothingland 4b 972]) 2nd qr 1900. [Mutford 4a 1985]
Note: In 1891 she was a brass maker. She registered and was present at her mothers death in 1919, at which time she lived at Loddon Rd Broome Bungay. Walter made himself a car about 1900 which can be seen here and was a mechanical engineer,. In 1901 they were staying with John and Elizabeth, but in 1911 they were at 69 Lorne Park Road, Lowestoft. Walter was at that time a marine engineer making engines for drift net fishing vessels. When Eliza died as a 79 year old widow, she was living at 7 Reeve Street, Lowestoft.
425......Alice Maud Susan bap 6 Dec 1874 bur 3 Aug 1875
426......John Samuel b 6 Apr 1877 d 31 Mar 1931 Ilford, Essex
427......Samuel John b 3 Nov 1878 bap 1 Dec 1878 bur 28 Jul 1879
428......Samuel Ernest b 10 Aug 1880 bap 6 Sep 1880 d 30 Apr 1881
429......Alice Maud Daisy b 16 Oct 1882 bap 26 Nov 1882 All Saints Church, Lowestoft d 27 Aug 1883 bur 3 Sep 1883 St Margarets, Lowestoft
430......Alice May bap 1887 bur 22 Aug 1827 aged 2 months

335 James MEWSE m Elizabeth Ann MARJORAM (widow b 1845) 24 Dec 1878 Lowestoft

Note: Elizabeth was the daughter of James Garwood JONES, painter. Witnesses to the wedding were Edward COLEMAN and Eliza CLARKE.Also living with the family in 1891 were Mary A Marjoram, a 23 year old netmaker a daughter to Elizabeth and her daughter-in-law Matilda MARJORAM aged 20. At that time Elizabeth was a net maker. After James died Elizabeth Ann married again to William GREEN 1st qr 1884 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 1033]

Child of James and Elizabeth
431......Mildred Susannah b 2nd qr 1879 Lowestoft
Note: Mildred was described as lame in the 1891 census, and was living with her mother who was again a widow. Very sadly she was committed to an asylum and the Ipswich Journal of 6 May 1893 reported that at the 34th annual meeting of the Eastern Counties Asylum for idiots and imbeciles 14 year old Mildred was amongst those elected for five years as "inmates of the institution"

338 Samuel MEWSE bap 1843 bur 8 Aug 1936 Lowestoft plot L/8/307,fisherman m (a) Naomi Hunting FISHER (b 1843 Kirkley d 2nd qr 1909 Lowestoft aged 65 ) 22 Dec 1864 [ dau of John FISHER, fisherman] (b) Jane Eliza BEAVERS ( d 9 Jun 1934 bur 12 Jun 1934 Lowestoft plot L/8/307) 3rd qr 1922 [Mutford 4a 2839]

Note: witnesses to the marriage of Samuel and Naomi were John ASHER and Eleanor M BARBER They lived at 2 Burton Place New in 1881: In 1883 Cooks Directory of Lowestoft states that he kept a beer house at East Street, Lowestoft. Naomi was living at 2 Lakenham Cottages, Beach St Pakefield in 1891 with her brother Henry FISHER and his wife Sarah. In 1892 Samuel and Naomi were divorced: the co-respondent was William COOK. On 9 Dec 1905, when living at 23 Beresford Road, Lowestoft, Samuel who was a trader at Lowestoft Fish Market petitioned for bankruptcy, his creditors receiving 7s 31/2d in the pound. He was discharged 10 Jan 1910. His public hearing was at the Suffolk Hotel, Lowestoft at 2.45 on 10 January 1906.When Samuel and Jane died they were at Fishermen's Cottages, Whapload Road

Child of Samuel and Naomi
432....Beatrice b 1872 Lowestoft

343 Maria MEWSE b 23 Jan 1841 m William GOODWIN, bricklayer, (bap 18 Apr 1841 bur 24 Dec 1906 Lowestoft plot L/11/62) 1 Jan 1862 [Mutford 4a 903]

Note: William was the son of Ambrose GOODWIN (bricklayer). Witnesses to the wedding were Ambrose GOODWIN and Mary WHELER (sic). In 1901 the family was at 85 Wollaston Road, Lowestoft

Child of Maria

433......William, poss son of William GOODWIN b 3 Mar 1859, bap 3 Apr 1859 bur 23 Nov 1859 Lowestoft

Children of William GOODWIN and Maria
434......William b 1861 in Lowestoft
Note: William was staying with his grandparents, William and Charlotte in 1861. He was ordinary seaman on "James and Martha" in 1878 and mate on the "Boy Willie" in 1897. In 1901 he was a bricklayer ladging at The Alma, Military Rd, Colchester
435.....Alice Albina b 1st qr 1864 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 735]
Note: Alice was recorded in the 1901 census as an imbecile from childhood
436......Arthur b 2nd qr 1868 in Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 707] d Aug 1948 at 42 Seago Street, Lowestoft m Eliza SHARPE 4th qr 1887 [Mutford 4a 1785]
Note: In 1901 Arthur was a carpenter living at 42 Seago Street, Lowestoft
437......Eva b 2nd qr 1869 Lowestoft, [Mutford 4a 716] d 1870
438......Eva Emma b 1st qr 1871 bap 5 Apr 1871 in Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 764]
439......Margaret b 4th qr 1872 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 758] Bap 1 Dec 1872 Lowestoft
Note: Margaret was a dresmaker in 1901
440......Mary Ann b 1st qr 1875 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 766]
441......Bessie Jane b Oct 1876 bap 3 Dec 1876 Lowestoft
442......Catherine b 1st qr 1878 bap 5 May 1878 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 765]
443......Rosa May b 4 Jun 1882 bap 5 Nov 1882 Lowestoft

344 Charlotte MEWSE b 21 Dec 1849 m Arthur DUDMAN (b 1849 d bef 1891) 3rd qr 1872 [Epsom 2a 18].

Note: In 1891 Charlotte was a widow and a needlewoman

Child of Charlotte and unknown (Poss. Atkin)
444......Alice Atkin MEWSE bap 7 June 1867 Lowestoft d 1869 Lowestoft bur 2 Feb 1869
Note: Age in burial record 1 yr

Note in 1881 Arthur was a coachman, and the family were at Half Moon Stables, Half Moon Lane, Camberwell

Children of Arthur and Charlotte
445......Arthur E b 1874 Dulwich
446......Charles H b 1877 Dulwich
Note: In 1891 Charles was a florist's assistant
447......Frederick W b 1880 Dulwich
Note Frederick was a sawyer in wood in 1901 living at 25 Whittington Rd Camberwell with his wife
448......Kate b 1883 Dulwich

345 Emma MEWSE b 14 May 1853 m William CLARKE 5 August 1876 (son of William CLARKE [sen])

Note: William was a bricklayer

Children of William and Emma
449......Edith Margaret (Maggie) MEWSE b last qr 1872 Lowestoft - poss illeg dau of William CLARKE - shown in Census as daughter.
450....William Thomas b 3rd qr 1876 Lowestoft m Eliza (b 1875 Halesworth)
Note: William was seaman then mate on the "Daffodil" in 1902/3 having previously been on the "Sunshine". He was seaman on the "Peace" after serving on the "Boy Jack" in 1903 and became fisherman on the "General White" in 1904. In 1901 he and Eliza were living at 3 Barcham Square, Lowestoft
451......Charlotte b 1st qr 1877 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 837] m either Thomas Samuel VINE 3rd qr 1897 [Mutford 4a 1782]
Note: Charlotte was a "nurse girl" in the 1891 census. Thomas was a fisherman in 1901 and they lived at 2 Bath Cottages, Whapload Rd Lowestoft
452......Emma b 2nd qr 1881 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 835]
453......Sidney b 1885 Lowestoft
Florence b 2nd qr 1886 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 961] D 1966 Norfolk and Norwich Hospital
454......Elizabeth b 1888 Lowestoft
455......Charles b 1890 Lowestoft
456......Lilian b 2nd qr 1891 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 1047]

346 Margaret MEWSE m Charles Frederick PAYNE (b 2nd qr 1852 [Stepney 1c 493] d 1915) 3rd qr 1877 St Jude's Church, Bethnal Green [Bethnal Green 1c 547]

Note: Charles was the son of Edward PAYNE, and grandson of William PAYNE, both of whom were cordwainers and lived in Whitechapel and Gravesend respectively. The 1871 census shows Charles living in a stable in Highbury, Islington, but unmarried. The 1881 census shows Charles and Margaret living at 64 Albert St, Islington and Charles was a carman. In 1891 the family was at 85 Wyke Road, Bow and Charles was a drayman. In 1901 Charles was general labourer and the family were at 60 Hardwick St, Barking and in 1911 they lived at 85 Waveney Road, Ipswich and Charles was a boot repairer. Charles was also listed in Kelly's directory in 1915 as a bootmaker. From 1920 to 1939 Margaret lived with her son Ernest Albert , but moved by choice to lodgings at 2 St Edmunds Rd, Southwold

Children of Charles and Margaret
346b......Margaret Louisa b 4th qr 1878 Islington [Islington 1b 292]
346c......Charles Arthur b 1st qr 1881 Islington [Islington 1b 214] m Rose ELLIS 3rd qr 1903 [West Ham 4a 312}
346d......Charlotte Emma b 2nd qr 1883 Islington [Islington 1b 301]
William Edward b 4th qr 1885 Bermondsey [Bermondsey 1d 271]
346f......John (Jack) Henry S b 2nd qr 1888 Bermondsey [Bermondsey 1d 281]
346g......Florence Adelaide A b 1889 Old Ford, London [Poplar 1c 568]
Ernest Albert b 1st qr 1895 Old Ford [Poplar 1c 592]
Note: In 1911 Ernest was a baker's assistant
346i......Grace Violet b 1898 Barking {Romford 4a 479]

Lowestoft harbour in 1887

347 William Bartholomew MEWSE (fisherman) b 28 Aug 1858 b 28 Aug 1858 m (a) Jane BROWN (b 17 Sep 1859 Oulton, bap 23 Oct 1859, bur 26 Nov 1904 ) 15 May 1880 Lowestoft (b) Annie BRYANT (b 1865 Barnaby) 10 Feb 1908 Lowestoft (c) Annie CRICKMORE (widow) 11 Aug 1919 Lowestoft

Note: [1] witnesses to the marriage of William and Jane, the daughter of William BROWN and Mary Ann MANNING were Samuel BROWN and Emma CLARKE

[2] William was master of the vessel V-Boy Bob in 1881when they were living at 3 Nelson Score, Lowestoft. [ they lived at Christchurch Square, beach in 1891, but moved to Whapload Road by 1892 In 1901 and when Jane died they were living at 150 St Peter's Street, Lowestoft].

[3]At his marriage with Annie Crickmore in 1919 William Bartholomew (and she) both gave their address as 26 Union Rd, Lowestoft. Witnesses to their wedding were 464 Frederick Ernest MEWSE, William's son, and Edith CLARK

Annie Crickmore had been the wife of Henry, living in Hulver where the census called her "Ammy" in 1881 and Anna in 1891. She was born Anna MILLIGAN in 4th qr 1860 in Gislingham [Blything 4a 607] and married Henry 4th qr 1879 Blything [4a 1543].

[4]When William died he was at 79 Lothingland House, Oulton] [4] Lowestoft burial plot for Jane: L/18/17E

Children of William and Jane

457......Jane b 6 Aug 1880 Lowestoft
Note: Jane was a beatster in 1901, living with her parents
458......Alice Maud b 16 Sep 1882 Lowestoft d 21 Apr 1959 bur 27 Apr 1959 in Kirkley
Note: Alice was a beatster in 1901, living with her parents
459...... William Bartholomew b 17 Jun 1885 bap 29 Jul 1885 at Christ Church Lowestoft d 27 Jun 1963 Lowestoft [Lothingland 4b 981]
Note: William was seaman on the "Thrift" in 1903 and fisherman on the "Launch Out" in 1910 and 1911
460...... Charles Arthur b 28 Apr 1887 bap 18 May 1887 Christ Church Lowestoft,
Charles Arthur was a fisherman living at 12 Morton Rd Lowestoft d 1980 in Lowestoft bur 12 Aug 1980 Kirkley
461...... Annie Elizabeth b 14 Apr 1889 bap 8 May 1889 at Christ Church Lowestoft bur 29 Aug 1938 Kirkley
462......John Samuel b 1 Mar 1891 bap 25 Mar 1891 at Christ Church Lowestoft d after 1969 m Ethel M MOORE 4th qr 1913 Mutford [4a 257]
463...... Margaret Agnes b 7 Dec 1892 [or 1 Mar 1891] bap 4 Jan 1893 at Christ Church Lowestoft d in Barnsley
464...... Frederick Ernest (Freddie) b 28 Aug 1894 bap 7 Nov 1894 at Christ Church Lowestoft d 6 May 1975 Lowestoft bur 12 May 1975 aged 80
Note: Frederick was living at 2 Church Green, Lowestoft in 1975
465...... George Stanley b 28 Sep 1896 bap 2 Dec 1896 at Christ Church Lowestoft
Note: In 1911 George was a greengrocer's errand boy
466...... Valerie Gertrude b 14 Mar 1898 bap 8 Oct 1898 at St Margarets Church Lowestoft d 25 Oct 1989 d 25 Oct 1989 Pakefield
467...... Herbert Reginald b 21 Sep 1900 bap 8 Oct 1900 St Margarets Church Lowestoft d 12 Dec 1919 [Ipswich 4a 1049] Isolation Hospital, Ipswich
Note: Herbert left personal effects of £131.15s 5d and father William was the legatee
468...... Florence (Florrie) Grace b 8 Jan 1902 [Mutford 4a 1135] d Jun 1980

355 Charles MEWSE m Mary ASHBY 7 Jul 1934 Bedford

Child of Charles and Mary
469......Neville Ewart b 11 Jun 1935
Note: Neville is married with four children and ten grandchildren

307c William Henry BALLARD m Lilian Gertrude WARREN (b 16 Feb 1880 at 106 Cleveland St, St Pancras d 14 Aug 1963 London) 15 Sep 1902 St Michael's Church, St Pancras

Note: In 1911 the family was at 10 Cranbrook Park, Wood Green and William was a solicitor's managing clerk. In the middle part of their lives, William and Lilian lived at 38 Addington Drive Finchley. After Lilian died in 1963, William and his spinster daughter Gladys moved to an 'elderly peoples home' in Herne Bay, Kent, Uk where they shared 2 rooms. There were other public rooms availiable to them.

Children of William and Lilian
307f......William Albert b 13 Jul 1903 Hampstead [Pancras 1b 140] d 2nd qr 1980 Westminster
307g......Edith Lilian "Lilly" b 2nd qr 1905 St Pancras [Pancras 1b 72]
307h......Gladys Muriel b 3rd qr 1906 St Pancras [Pancras 1b 94] d 1972
307i......Elsie Gertrude b 1st qr 1909 Wood Green [Edmonton 3a 488] d 4 Feb 1944
Note: Cause of death for Elsie was a brain tumour

307d Eleanor BALLARD m John Walter ALSTON (b 1881 Sudbury, Suffolk) 3rd qr 1903 St Pancras

Note: In 1911 John was a coach painter and the family were at 102 Blackstock Rd, Finsbury Park.

Children of John and Eleanor
307j......Albert John b 2nd qr 1904 [Pancras 1b 73]
307k......Arthur William b 1906 [Pancras 1b 81]
307l......Kathleen Eleanor b 1908 [West Ham 4a 499]

Also in this generation were: In the 1891 census a Catherine MEWSE was recorded as a servant aged 19 living at Clapham Road, Lowestoft, the home of the Woodger family
In the 1911 Census is recorded a Hilda May MEWSE born 1895 who was a general servant with the TUTTLE family at 58 High Street, Lowestoft
The 1901 census shows an Anne MEWSE as a beatster living as a boarder at 13 Admiralty Road, Gt Yarmouth, b 1878 in Lowestoft


The fleet sets out in the morning about 1900

362 William John MEWSE m Florence Mary BROOKS (b 18 Sep 1876 Corton d 13 Nov 1960) 21 Dec 1896 Gorleston, Gt Yarmouth [Yarmouth 4b 8]

Note: William John was at first a fisherman in Lowestoft, and in 1881 he lived at 59 Blackfriars Rd, and his mother, widow Elizabeth was a charwoman, living at Gorleston in 1891 at 14 Highfield Rd, He walked to Middlesborough about 1898 to find work in the steel industry before 1901. In the census of that year he is shown as a shipyard labourer, living with his wife and son at 25 Dinade St, Middlesborough. He had a dance band, according to family

Children of William and Florence
470......Albert G b 1897 d 4th qr 1912 Gorleston aged 15
471......William Harold b 4th qr 1898 Gorleston d 19 May 1918 in France m unknown Gt Yarmouth.
Note: William was a private soldier 24015 in the Teeside Battery of the 9th Battalion of the Yorkshire Regiment. He enlisted in Middlesborough. He died of wounds received and is buried in Saint Sever cemetery extension (Haute-Normandie) France
472......Florence Elizabeth b 4th qr 1901 [Middlesborough 9d 570] m Charles PLATTS 1st qr 1922 [Middlesborough 9d 830]
473......Alfred John b 4th qr 1903 [Middlesborough 9d 540]
474......Ida Winifred b 3rd qr 1906 [Middlesborough 9d 574] d March 1993 Cleveland, Arkansas USA m William Kemp WILCOX (b 3 Sep 1903 d 1st qr 1980 [C Cleveland 3 2698]) 3rd qr 1924 [Middlesborough 9d 1338]

Letitia 2 - on which Ida emigrated

Note:William and Ida emigrated with the rest of the Wilcox family to Montreal from Liverpool on 7 Dec 1925 on board the "Letitia". William Kemp Wilcox, William's father is shown as living at 95 Croft Street, Middlesborough at the time of departure
475......Doris Emily b 1st qr 1909 [Middlesborough 9d 600] m Albert LEACH 4th qr 1932 [Middlesborough 9d 1232]
476......Hilda E b 1st qr 1914 [Middlesborough 9d 1099] m Stephen LOTT 3rd qr 1936 [Middlesborough 9d 1522]
477......Rena L b 1918 [Middlesborough 9d 905]

353 Arthur Samuel Rumsby MEWSE m Ellen HARWOOD (b 1871 Greenwich SE10 [ref 1d 768]) 2 Sep 1902 Greenwich SE10 [ref 1d 2038]

Note: Arthur and Ellen are said to have had 18/19 children. Those known are shown below, but there are others. In 1901 Arthur was a labourer in an "oil mill". In 1911 the family was at 3 Clive Place, Bell Street, Greenwich and Arthur was a general labourer In WW1 he served in a Kent regiment as a private no 213355 and was awarded the victory and British medals.

Children of Arthur and Ellen

478......Cyril Arthur Rumsby b 1st qr 1903 [Greenwich 1d 1130]
479......George Alfred b 3rd qr 1904 [Greenwich 1d 1091] m Grace E HASLER 1st qr 1940 [Edmonton 3a 2932]
480......Frederick b 1st qr 1906 [Greenwich 1d 1109]
481......Edward Alfred Rumsby b 24 Feb 1911 3, Clive Place Bell Street in Greenwich [Greenwich 1d 1008] d Dec 1986 Greenwich
482......Alice Hilda b 2nd qr 1908 [Greenwich 1d 1084] d bef 2003
483......Arthur H b 3rd qr 1913 [Greenwich 1d 1879] d 1st qr 1916 [Greenwich 1d 1134]
484......Ruby Irene b 1st qr 1917 [Greenwich 1d 1545] m George ALLEN (d bef 2003) abt 1939
485......unnamed male b 4th qr 1919 [Greenwich 1d 1961] d 4th qr 1919 [Greenwich 1d 1013]
486......Kathleen E b 1st qr 1929 [Greenwich 1d 1183]

365 James Arthur MEWSE m (a) Elspet Noble ALLAN (b 5 Dec 1881 Port Errol Cruden, Scotland d 28 Apr 1949 at 48 East North St, Aberdeen)) 4 Oct 1900 St Peter's Church, Tory, Nigg, Aberdeen (b) Lily SHARMAN (b abt 1890 d 1st qr 1961 aged 71 [Fylde 10c 374]) 18 May 1949 Blackpool Registry Office

See the Sharman branch here

Note: The birth certificate for William John shows that James was a trawlerman. On 22 May 1907 he obtained his Master's Certificate of Skipper for a trawler, and between 1907 and 1930 he served with the Royal Navy Reserve, retiring on 22 Sep 1930 as Skipper.

James Arthur Mewse was awarded a long service medal for his 23 years during which he made 130 mine sweeping forays during world war 1.

He moved to Fleetwood where he was a trawler skipper from 1927 to 1947, working for J Marr and Sons.
Elspet's parents were James ALLAN and Mary Ann NOBLE

Children of James and Elspet
487......James Arthur b 1901 Aberdeen
488......William John b 13 May 1903 18 Gt Western Rd, Aberdeen d 28 Mar 1976
489......Margaret Bowie Wilson b 1907 Aberdeen d 1991 Port Lincoln, South Australia
489a....Nancy b 1907 Aberdeenshire d 1991 Port Lincoln, South Australia
Note: Nancy was living in Lytham St Annes in 1936

Children of James and Lily
490......James Nelson b 1914 Aberdeen d 1914 Aberdeeen
491......Horatio William Nelson b 7 May 1915 Clyde Street, Invergordon, Ross and Cromarty d 29 Apr 1984 m Helen JOYCE (b 24 May 1911 Turlough, Rosmuck, Galway Ireland d Aug 1985 Blackpool) 4 Sep 1943 Blackpool register office
Note: Horatio joined the Merchant Navy as assistant engineer in 1921 after sailing with his father from the age of 12. He won 5 medals for war service in the Merchant Navy - his military service was from 1938 to 1945. His discharge no was R 177001. He was 5'9" tall and had brown eyes and a dark complexion.
Lily Maud b 10 Feb 1920 Aberdeen
493......Alexander Simpson b 1920 ? Aberdeen d 17 Jun 1941 m Margaret A KNOWLES in the 2nd qr of 1940 [Wandsworth 1d 1351]
Alexander was a gunner (No 918001) in the Roayal Artillery in the Middle East
494......Arthur b 14 Dec 1923 5 Skene Place Aberdeen d 20 Dec 2001 Blackpool m Maureen CLOHESY (b 22 Dec 1913 Newcastle on Tyne d Jan 1990 Newcastle on Tyne) 22 Dec 1955 St Anthony's Catholic Church, Walker, Newcastle on Tyne
Note: Witnesses to the marriage were Jennifer CLOHESY and A Laurence PULLEN. Arthur was an executive officer at Ministry of Pensions and National Insurance, Newcastle on Tyne and Maureen was an industrial nurse
495......Annie McLeod Duncan b 1921 Aberdeen m John Fiddes BROWN 1942 Aberdeen
496......Margaret b 1922 Aberdeen
Leonard b 1926 Aberdeen d 1975 Leeds
498......Angus b 4th qr 1932 [Fylde 8e 681]

366 Florence Amelia T MEWSE m Andrew RIDLEY (b 1869 Seaham, Durham) 4th qr 1891 [Newcastle on Tyne 10b 223]

Note: In 1911 Andrew was a coal miner and the family lived at 1 Laurel Walk, Gosforth

Children of Andrew and Florence
499......Andrew b 1899 Benwell, Newcastle on Tyne m Alice PATTINSON 2nd qr 1943 [Newcastle upon Tyne 10b 312]
500......Robert William b 3rd qr 1905 Wallsend [Newcastle on Tyne 10b 16] m Irene MASON 4th qr 1939 [Newcastle upon TYne 10b 296]
501......Florence A b 1910 Gosforth Newcastle on Tyne

274 William Frederick MEWSE m Laura EASTLAND 4th qr 1900 [Dartford 2a 977]

Note: William and family were at 10 Morse Terrace Erith in 1901 and a vistor was staying with them: Mary ROPER aged 14 b 1887 in Belvedere, Kent. In 1911 the family was back in Gateshead at 4 Watson Street, and William was a grocer

Child of William and Laura
502......Laura b 22nd March 1901 [Dartford 2a 534]
503......Edith Jane b 1903 Hammersmith [1911 census]
504......Frederick William b 1st qr 1911 [Gateshead 10a 978]
Note: Frederick became a musician at first, and travelled to New York on the "Queen Elizabeth" three times, on 2 Dec 1947, 1 Aug 1950 and 19 Mar 1951. Then on a 4th journey he gave his occupation as a single mechanical engineer emigrating to Canada. His address in the UK was 128 Hendon Way, London, NW2

370 James MEWSE m Jane A ROBSON 3rd qr 1915 e [Newcastle 10b 388]

Children of James and Jane

505......Joseph S b 2nd qr 1917 [Newcastle on Tyne 10b 84] m Mary REYNOLDS 1st qr 1948 [Newcastle upon Tyne 1b 328]
506......Robert b 2nd qr 1919 [Newcastle on Tyne 10b 55]
507......Jane b 1st qr 1921 [Newcastle on Tyne 10b 103]

RMS Atlantis

Note: Jane qualified as a nurse (SRN) and emigrated to Wellington, New Zealand in 1948 aboard the Atlantis above. At the time of her departure she gave her last address as Carshalton, Surrey
508......Emily b 2nd qr 1922 [Newcastle on Tyne 10b 45]

373 Alfred MEWSE m Phyllis LAMB 2nd qr 1915 [Newcastle on Tyne 10b 168]

Children of Afred and Phyllis
509......Doris b 4th qr 1915 [Newcastle on Tyne 10b 63]
510......Elsie b 3rd qr 1928 [Newcastle on Tyne 10b 303] m Leonard PEART 4th qr 1950 [Newcastle upon Tyne 1b 22]
510a....Alfred b 2nd qr 1932 [Newcastle upon Tyne 108 306] m Muriel DAVIS 2nd qr 1957 [Newcastle upon Tyne 1b 32]

375 Ada MEWSE m John W EVANS 1st qr 1914 Newcastle

Children of John and Ada
511......John b 11 Sep 1914 d 16 Sep 1999
511a....Frederick b 2nd qr 1918 [Newcastle on Tyne 10b 282]
512......Rose b 3rd qr 1922 [Newcastle on Tyne 10b 323]
513......Robert B b 1st qr 1925 [Newcastle on Tyne 10b 311]

378 Laura MEWSE m Joseph ROBSON 1st qr 1922 [Newcstle on Tyne 10b 145]

Child of Joseph and Laura
514......Laura b 1st qr 1922 [Newcstle on Tyne 10b 261]

383 Samuel John MEWSE b 1849 d before 1876 m Eliza Sarah COOK (b 1849 dau William COOK, fishermen) 22 Dec 1868 [Mutford 4a 1534]

Note: Witnesses to the marriage were Samuel MEWSE and Lois SAUNDERS. Eliza Sarah remarried as a widow John MANTRIPP, twinespinner 16 Dec 1876, witnesses William CRISP and Ellen COOK

386 Susan MEWSE m William Richard SHENFIELD 4th qr 1879 [Mutford 4a 1699]

Note: In 1881 the family was at 4 Raglan Cottages, Lowestoft and William was a steamboat fireman, but by 1891 the family had moved to 24 Blacks Road, Hammersmith and William had become a gas engine fitter.In 1901 William was still in the same occupation, and the family was at 80 Glenparke Road, West Ham and by 1911 William had become Foreman at a gas engine pipe fitters, still at 80 Glenparke Rd,

Children of William and Susan
515......Frederick W A b 1st qr 1880 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 843] d 2nd qr 1897 aged 17 [W Ham 4a 76]
516......Florence Anne b 2nd qr 1882 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 873]
Note: In 1901 Florence was a dressmaker, and in 1911 she was a robe machinist
517......Grace Lilian b 3rd qr 1888 Fulham [Fulham 1a 271]
518......William Richard b 2nd qr 1892 Hammersmith [Fulham 1a 207]
Note: In 1911 William was an engineer's apprentice
519......Alice May b 3rd qr 1894 Hammersmith [Fulham 1a 177]

389 Charles Edward MEWSE m (a) Alice RUTTER (b 1868 Coddenham) 2 Nov 1866 (b) Annie M BOARDLEY (b 1876 Lowestoft d 2nd qr 1961 [Lothingland 4b 837]) 15 Jul 1899 [G Yarm 4b 17]

Note: They lived at 3 Flowing Bowl Road, Lowestoft in 1890 and at 1 Alma Cottages Lowestoft in 1891 Alice was the daughter of Joseph RUTTER. Annie was the daughter of Robert BOARDLEY, Carter. Charles, a fisherman, and Annie were at 5 Strand Cottages, Beach in 1901, 1904 and 1907.
Charles was an able Seaman in the RNVR from 7 Jan 1899 to the end of 1903, and was paid quarterly at the rate of 16s 3d. The record shows that he was usually pai at Lowestoft, but once at Plymouth and for the first quarter of each year at Penzance. His business was shown as fisherman in the following registration boats: LT 490 in 1899, LT365 and LT377 in 1900, LT567 in 1901 LT541 in 1902 and LT541 and 710 in 1903. In 1902 he is also shown as being on "Concord 491 LT. His height is 5'7 1/4" with a 36" chest
and of fair complexion. Oddly the entry in the record shows his birth as 24 Feb 1865 - that of his dead brother

Children of Charles and Annie
520......John Henry b 4th qr 1899 Lowestoft bur Lowestoft cemetery 24 Apr 1964 (L/29/592) aged 64
Note: John was a fish worker
521.......Annie Pretoria b 1900 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 1092] d 1976 m Mason Thomas AYRES (b 1896) 1st qr 1924 [Mutford 4a 1498]
Note: Mason was the son of William Frederick Raven AYERS and Alice Mary SANDS
522......Edith Annie Maria b Sep 1901 [Mutford 4a 1122] bur 25 Feb 1902 Lowestoft plot L/16/87W
523......Robert Charles b 1903 Lowestoft
Note: the birth registration shows Robert as above, but the 1911 census identifies him as Charles Edward
524......Samuel Barber b 3rd qr 1905 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 1136]
525......Benjamin Henry Joseph b 3rd qr 1907 [Mutford 4a 1130] bur 28 Mar 1908 Lowestoft plot L/20/49W
526......Alonzo James b 13 Dec 1912 Lowestoft [Certif] d 4 Aug 1988 Hartlepool aged 75 of heart attack bur 10 Aug 1988 Hartlepool [NBI]
Note: Alonzo had blonde hair as a child
527......Dorothy May b 4th qr 1909 [Mutford 4a 1088]
527a....Albert William b 10 Feb 1912 9Mutford 4a 2205] d 3rd qr 1976 Gt Yarmouth [Gt Yarmouth 10 1047]
528......Violet I b 1st qr 1916 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 3022]

529 Frederick Bailey WALLER (b 1st qr 1883 [Hartlepool 10a 163]) m Elizabeth GRAY (b 1st qr 1877 [Hartlepool 10a 117] 4th qr 1907 Hartlepool

Note: Frederick was the son of John William WALLER and Bertha BAILEY (m 2nd qr 1882 [Hartlepool 10a 158])

Child of Frederick and Elizabeth
530......Elizabeth Gray 1st qr 1908 [Hartlepool 10a 156]
Bertha b 1st qr 1910 [Hartlepool 10a 151]
532......Frederick b 2nd qr 1911 [Hartlepool 10a 148]

385 John Henry MEWSE b 1857 Mutford m Mary Ann PAYNE ( b abt 1852 d 1905/6) 12 May 1877 St Peter's Church Newlyn, Cornwall [Penzance 5c 375]


Note: Mary Ann was the daughter of Sam Payne and Mary Ann Wills. (When Sam died, Mary Ann's mother married Thomas Ellis VINGOE). Witnesses at the wedding were Thomas Ellis VINGOE and William SIERS.John Henry's family were living at "near Rant Score East" in 1881, and in East Street in 1884 when John Henry was at sea. He was drowned off Plymouth when the vessel "Violet" of which he was Master sank with all hands on 3 March 1896 . In 1891 the family was at Eden Street, Lowestoft, and Mary was a dressmaker. (John Henry was not at home) . In the 1901 census, Mary Ann is shown back in Newlyn with her mother, together with with 349 Mary Ann Wills MEWSE and her step brother, Frank James VINGOE. In 1911 Mary was a draper living at Crowlas, Ludgvan, Penzance with daughter Mary Ann Wills MEWSE

There is a website about Thomas Ellis VINGOE here

Child of William and Mary
533......Hannah Maria b 15 Mar 1878 Newlyn d 29 Mar 1976 Gt Yarmouth
534......Samuel Barber b 18 Feb 1880 Lowestoft d 28 Oct 1895 (drowned) [Mutford 4a 588] bur 31 Oct 1895 Lowestoft plot L/10/236
Samuel was recorded as a shipwright, living at 33 Reeve St, Lowestoft when he died
535......John Henry b 1881 drowned 1899 aged 17 bur municipal cemetery, Paul, Cornwall 29 Jul 1899.
536......Mary Ann b11 Aug 1884 East St, Beach bap privately 3 Sep 1884 All Saints, Lowestoft d 28 May 1886
537......Mary Ann Wills b 4 Sep 1889 Lowestoft bap 2 Oct 1889 All Saints, Lowestoft d 1975 as spinster at Soberton, Hants

387 Hannah Maria MEWSE m Joshua George BRITTAIN (b 1855 Lowestoft) 1st qr 1882 Lowestoft

Note: In 1901 the family lived at 4 Strand Cottages, Lowestoft and in 1911 they were at 4 Anguish Street, Lowestoft

Children of Joshua and Hannah
538......Frederick Joshua b 1st qr 1885 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 957]
Note: Joshua F was a fisherman in 1901 and used his name in reverse at times
539......Edith Maria b 2nd qr 1886 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 946]
540......Charles Edwards b 3rd qr 1887 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 910]
541......Charles Edwards b 2nd qr 1889 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 961]
543......Samuel George b 3rd qr 1890 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 920]
544......Benjamin Henry b 4th qr 1895 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 965]
545......John Murray b 1899 Lowestoft

282 Benjamin Henry Joseph MEWSE m Alice LAWTON (b 1878 Liverpool) 1894

Note: in 1901 Benjamin was a dock labourer working in West Derby, Liverpool. In 1911 the family was at 4 Sutherland Street, Liverpool - Benjamin was still a dock labourer

Children of Benjamin and Alice
546......Edith Elizabeth b 1897 Liverpool m Albert TAYLOR [West Derby 8b 475]
547......Dorothy Hannah b 3 Nov 1898 Liverpool d 11 Jul 1964 m William S STEVENS 1st qr 1922 [West Derby 8b 323]
548......Alice Winifred b 26 Nov 1900 Liverpool d 22 Oct 1972 Southport
549......Florence b 1906
550......Benjamin Henry J died 1st qr 1908 Lowestoft aged 0
551.......Ethel D b 4th qr 1913 [West Derby 8b 1078]
552......Doris J b 4th qr 1918 [West Derby 8b 851]

391 George Sharman MEWSE fisherman m (a) Ellen LARK (b 1864 bur 10 Aug 1887 Lowestoft plot L/2/48) 27 Dec 1885 [Mutford 4a 1752](b)Susannah Marie BUTCHER ( b 1862 dau Philip and Mary BUTCHER of Norwich d 6 Aug 1944) 2nd qr 1888 St Pauls Church Norwich
Note: Ellen was the daughter of Frederick LARK, carpenter; witnesses at the wedding were H LARK and Mia BETTS. George and Ellen lived at 3 Gladstone Cottages, Tonning Street Lowestoft. George and Susannah Marie lived in Whapload Rd in 1890. In 1891 Susannah was with her parents at Lovedays Yard, Silver Road, Norwich with Lilly B and Philip. They were at Salter St in 1892 and back in Whapload Rd in 1893. When Susannah died she was at 9 Lothing Street, Lowestoft. In 1911 the family was at 144 St Peter's Street, Lowesoft, although George was not present.

Children of George Sharman and Susannah Marie

Lily B b 1889 Norwich
Note: In 1911 Lily was a fishing net mender
555......Philip George Samuel b 6 Sep 1890 bap 1 Oct 1890 All Saints, Lowestoft m Ellen K EASTER 1st qr 1914 Mutford [4a 1637]
Note: In 1911 Philip was a fisherman
555......Percival William b 25 Mar 1892 bap 13 Apr 1892 All Saints, Lowestoft
556......Alfred Benjamin Percival known as "Olly" b 8 Oct 1893, bap 1 Nov 1893 All Saints, Lowestoft
Note: Olly was cook on the vessel "Qui Sait" from 1912 - 1914; he is then recorded in 1914 as seaman.
557......Florence Ivy b 13 Sep 1895 bap 2 Oct 1895 All Saints, Lowestoft
Note: In 1911 Florence was a fishing net mender
558......John William B b 4th qr 1897 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 1017]
559......Samuel Barber b 16 Jan 1900 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 1124] d Jan 1985 Waveney m (a) Clara S WELHAM 2nd qr 1924 [Mutford 4a 2521] (b) Kathleen M KING 4th qr 1931 [Norwich 4b 278]
560......George Sharman b 6 Mar 1901 bur 29 May 1901 Lowestoft plot L/10/156E
Violet Gladys b 4th qr 1902 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 1128]
562......Hilda Ruby b 3rd qr 1904 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 1173]
563......Ruby Victoria A b 3rd qr 1906 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 1156]

402 Alonzo Shorten MEWSE m Emma Matilda HICKLETON 2nd qr 1893 [Mutford 4a 1738]

Note: Alonzo, a fish merchant, and Emma were living at 281 Raglan St Lowestoft in 1896 and 6 Wesley St in 1918 Alonzo was Master of the vessel "Boy Ben" in 1870 having previously been on the "Providence". From 1908 he was skipper (Cert no 1728A) of the "Brittania", then skipper of the "Good Hope" - 122751 steamship, then the "Alfred" and the last record we have is of his being skipper of the "Pleasance" in 1911 whwn he and Emma were living at 330 Raglan St, Lowestoft

Children of Alonzo and Emma
564......Gladys Maisie b 4 Feb 1896 bur 21 Feb 1896 Lowestoft plot L/12/67W
565......Alonzo James b abt 1895

Alonzo James appears in the London Gazette of 27 Dec 1914 as a seaman (RNPS LT JX 210621) being awarded the Distinguished Sevice Medal

403......Georgiana MEWSE b 1862 m Samuel LING (fisherman b 4th qr 1864 [Mutford 4a 670]son of Samuel LING, tailor [dec]) 1 Oct 1884 [Mutford 4a 1593] Note:Witnesses to the marriage were Charles Henry Ayers MEWSE and Emma Eunice STONE
Georgina, a net mender, was living with her grandmother (who was parish maintained) at 3 Alms Houses, Thurston Road, Lowestoft in 1881. In 1891 she was living at 233 Clapham Road Lowestoft. In 1901 Samuel is shown as a Master Fisherman on a trawlerGeorgiana's blind sister 289 Margaret Alice MEWSE, born 1864, was living with them in 1891 In 1911 Samuel was a smack owner.

Children of Samuel and Georgiana

566......Georgiana b abt 1886 Lowestoft
567......Alfred S b abt 1888 Lowestoft
568......Ernest Leonard b abt 1890 Lowestoft
Note: In 1911 Ernest was a shipwright
569......Samuel Arthur b1893 Lowestoft m Annie R SHAW 3rd qr 1926 [Mutford 4a 2904]
Note: In 1911 Samuel was a schoolteacher
570......Florence Beatrice b 1894 Lowestoft m Arthur T ROE 1st qr 1918 [Mutford 4a 2211]
Note: In 1911 Florence was a dressmaker

406 Mary Elizabeth MEWSE m William WRIGHT 1st qr 1882 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 1013]

Note: Florence MEWSE, Mary Elizabeths younger sister was staying with the family according to the census of 1891

Children of Mr Wright and Mary
571......Harrold G (fem) b 1883 Lowestoft
572......Bertie William b 2nd qr 1886 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 949]
573......Ethel Maud b 4th qr 1888 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 894]
574......Florence Ada b 1891 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 1030]

407 Benson George MEWSE bap 1865 d 19 Nov1917 m Kate COCK (widow, b 1856 Perranporth, Cornwall) 2nd qr 1899

Note: witnesses to the marriage were William and Alice MEWSE. Kate was daughter of James BISHOP. Benson was a fishmonger living at 2 Edinburgh Rd in 1891 and in 1901 and was living at 5 Lighthouse Score in 1902, but he also had a shop at 147a High Street where he was a fish merchant, and another one at 119 Bevan Street, Lowestoft. Kate brought her son, William C COCK (b 1887 Penryn) who was a fish cleaner in 1901 to the family. In the 1891 census there was a 2 year old nephew, Frederick WILLIAMS living with them. Benson and Kate were living iat 21 Chapel Street Lowestoft in 1911. His effects at death were valued at £288. 1s 3d. Probate was granted to widow Kate.

Child of Benson and Kate
575......Kate Winifred b 1899 Lowestoft

409 Alice Maud MEWSE m Daniel James HALL (b 1876, fisherman) 17 Apr 1898

Note: witnesses to the marriage were Osgood Robert TRUNDLE and Florence Martha MEWSE. Daniel was a fisherman and in 1901 they lived at 89 Stanley Street, Lowestoft. In 1911 Daniel was a labourer in a net store and the family lived at 7 Walton Rd, Lowestoft

Child of Daniel and Alice
576......Alice b 1899 Lowestoft
577......Frederick b 1903 Lowestoft
578......Doris b 1910 Lowestoft

411 Clara Gertrude MEWSE m Ernest Paul LOWE (b 1st qr 1881 [Mutford 4a 831] d 1918) 1st qr 1910 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 1723]

Note: Ernest was the son of Robert LOWE (b 3rd qr 1848 Horstead [St Faith 13 111]) and Agnes Elizabeth BUTCHER (b 11 May 1848 m 4th qr 1870 [Mutford 4a 1607] d 16 Jul 1939). In 1911 the family lived at 243 Raglan Street, Lowestoft and Ernest was a house painter.

Children of Ernest and Clara
579.....Phyllis Mary b 6 Dec 1910 Lowestoft d Mar 1984 m Frank Winston EDMONDS (b 3 Mar 1909 Lowestoft d 7 Dec 1995 Norwich)
580......Dorothy Clara b 8 Mar 1913 Lowestoft d 14 Feb 1996 Lowestoft m Josef HECHT

416 John Mewse PARR m Eliza BIRD 1896 Camberwell

Note: Eliza Bird was the daughter of Frederick BIRD from Beeston, Norfolk and Fanny MARTIN from Gillingham, Kent. John was a ship's fireman in 1911 and the family was at 23 Astley Street Camberwell

Children of John and Eliza
581......Florence Maud b 1898 Camberwell, Surrey
582......Mary Ann b 27 Sep 1903 Camberwell, Surrey d 1981 Byfleet, Surrey
Note: Terri Last writes - "Mary Ann Parr was a lovely lady - in her youth, she had jet black wavy hair and huge dark brown eyes. Despite being only four feet ten inches tall, she was the true family matriarch - tough and feisty, with an incredibly dry sense of humour and a life-long cockney accent.
583......Lily Violet b 1905 Camberwell, Surrey
584......Annie b 1910 Camberwell

426 John Samuel MEWSE b 6 Apr 1877 d 31 Mar 1931 Ilford, Essex m Louisa Emily WILKIN (b 14 Feb 1879 d June 1959) 23 Nov 1899
Witnesses were Walter William Harvey CATCHPOLE and Eliza Ann Alice MEWSE who subsequently married each other. In 1911 the family lived at 71 Maidstone Road, Lowestoft and John was a carpenter and joiner. He was also a footballer, and captained the Lowestoft team. The following report was in the Ipswich Journal of 17 Nov 1900:

[see Wilkins branch]

Children of John Samuel and Louisa Emily

Nellie Louisa A b 1st qr 1902 [Mutford 4a 1131] d 3rd qr 1963 [Romford 5a 304] aged 61
587......Gladys Maud b 26 Apr 1903 d 20 Mar 1988 Henley Beach, Adelaide
588......Jack Charles b 9 Aug 1908 Kessingland d 22 Mar 1972 Berkshire

Also shown here is the wedding of Louise Emily Wilkin's sister.

384...William James MEWSE m Mary Ann LIFFEN 10 Nov 1873 (See Liffen Branch here)

Note: The family was at 5 Christchurch Sq in in 1883 and 1889. Mary Ann m again John BARNARD 4th qr 1900 Lowestoft and in 1901 they were at 3 Christchurch Sq, Lowestoft

Children of William James and Mary Ann

589......William Samuel b 4th qr 1870 [Mutford 4a 696] bap 1 Aug 1875
590....John Henry b 1876
591....Elizabeth Mary Ann b abt 1879 Lowestoft
Note: Elizabeth was housekeeper to her aunt, Sarah LIFFEN in 1901 at 12 Anguish Street, Lowestoft
592......Henry Ernest b 26 Apr 1883 bap 9 Jan 1884 Christ Church killed in action 16 Sep 1916 France
Note: Henry was living with his mother and John BARNARD in 1901, when his occupation was given as a cooper. He was on board a fishing vessel off Penzance in 1911 census, with James PYE, his cousin and his brother 363 Edward. In 1916 he was a private, no 12634 in the 9th battalion, the Suffolk Regiment
Note: Henry was a private no 12694 in the 9th Suffolk Regiment. His record shows that he was awarded the Victory Medal, the British Medal and the 5 Star medal and that he went to France on 9 August 1915


Victory Medal .....................British Medal.... ............... 5 star medal

593......Charles Edward b 14 Apr 1882 bap 27 Jun 1882 Christchurch bur 18 May 1937 Lowestoft plot L22/509
Charles was a fisherman and lifeboatman. He was living at 55 Reeve St Lowestoft when he died


Charles was part of the crew of the Lowestoft lifeboat which went to the rescue of the SS Hopelyn which was en route, under the command of Captain R Gibson, from Newcastle-upon-Tyne (her home port) to London with a cargo of 3,400 tons of coal when her steering broke down on 18 October. The crew attempted temporary repairs in the hope that they would prove sufficient to make it into port, but they prove to be ineffective and as the weather deteriorated the order was given to let go both anchors. Neither held and the Hopelyn was lost on Scroby Sand, Great Yarmouth (52.3N 01.48E) on the 19 October 1922.

The loss of this ship on the North end of North Scroby Sand is seen as one of the most dramatic at this location and resulted in one of the most spectacular and outstanding rescues involving the combined forces of 2 lifeboat crews. She was wrecked as a result of the combined forces of a fierce North Easterly gale and a terrific running sea and the conditions did not abate throughout the rescue.

You can read about it here

594......Sarah Ann b 2 Nov 1887 bap 23 Nov 1887 bur 6 Dec 1889 Lowestoft plot L/5/176W
595......Edward Samuel b 8 Apr 1891
Note: Edward was at sea off Penzance in the 1911 census with brother Henry and cousin James PYE

397 William Frederick MEWSE (bur 3 Jul 1918 Lowestoft plot L/14/243) m Jessie Rachel EVES (b 1852 illeg dau Mary Ann EVES, bur 10 Jun 1914 Lowestoft plot L/14/243 aged 62) of Oulton 28 May 1877

Note: Witnesses to the marriage were John W SMITH and Caroline BREACH
William was Master of the vessel "Princeps" in 1855 and 1856 having previously served on the "Bonnie John". He died at the Hospital 98 Beresford Rd. Jessie was running apartments at 40 Denmark Rd in 1900 and 1902. 365 William below was living there when he died.
In 1888 he was living at 158 High Street, was a boat owner and petitioned for bankruptcy. The public hearing was at Great Yarmouth Town Hall at 11am on 19th December 1888 and the final hearing was on 3 Jan 1889 at the Suffolk Hotel Lowestoft. His bankruptcy release was on 29 Jun 1889
William and Jessie lived at 3 Marine Cottages by Anguish St, Beach in 1881 and in 1891 were lodging with Caroline BREACH (witness at marriage) at 38 Denmark Road, Lowestoft and were at 31 May Rd Lowestoft in 1914.
The 1901 census shows Jessie as a lodging house keeper at 40 Denmark Rd Lowestoft but William Frederick is not present - however, Caroline BREACH was visiting and she too was a lodging house keeper. Jessie had a servant, Alice TODD aged 23, a widow. born in Norwich.

Child of William and Jessie

596......William Frederick b abt 1878 Lowestoft d 4th qr 1900 [Mutford 4a 587] bur 8 Oct 1900 Lowestoft aged 22
William was a ship's steward, buried in plot L/14/243 at Lowestoft

399 Eleanor Isabella MEWSE m William Puncher POPE (b 1859), 24 Jan 1884

Note: Witnesses to the marriage were Henry James Ayers MEWSE and George and Hannah MEWSE William was a fisherman son of Henry POPE railway pilot

Children of William and Eleanor
597......Frederick William b 4th qr 1885 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 898]
598......Alonzo b 4th qr 1888 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 911]
599......Gladys Maud b 4th qr 1893 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 938]

400 Henry James Ayres MEWSE m Pleasance WOODS (b 1862 d 2 May 1950 bur 6 May 1950 Lowestoft cemetery L2/83,) 15 Oct 1884

Note: Pleasance was the daughter of Henry WOODS, labourer [dec] and had been an ag lab. At her death she was living at 49 Laurel Rd, Lowestoft
Witnesses to the marriage were William Frederick MEWSE and Louise Jane SADLER. Kelly's directory of 1900 shows Henry as a boat owner at 71 Albert Street, Lowestoft. In 1911 Henry was a boat owner living at 71 Park Road Lowestoft. Henry is the subject of a report in "The Times" of 3rd August 1934 as having been a retired boat owner, and leaving £11315. 5s 3d (net personalty £10236). Executors were Hilda Pleasance NEWSON, his daughter and William George CHAPMAN. At the time of his death he was living at 54 The Avenue South, Lowestoft. Pleasance who died in Hazeldene Nursing Home left £6477.14p

Children of Henry and Pleasance
600......Hilda Pleasance b abt 1886 Lowestoft
Note: Hilda was a draper's apprentice in 1901
601......Alfred Alonzo b 3rd qr 1887 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 192] bur 27 Jun 1946 Lowestoft cemetery l/14/79 leaving £4100. 2s. 7d. m Clarettina SPENDLER (d 16 Jan 1929 Lothingland House)1st qr 1913 [Mutford 4a 1885]
Note: Alfred was a superintendent of fishing boat engines in 1911, living with his parents. When he died he was living at 78 Sussex Rd Lowestoft and his occupation was given as motor mechanic. His wife Clarettina left £83.3s.6d with Alfred Alonzo, garage proprietor, as executor
602......Alfred A b abt 1898 Lowestoft

447 Frederick James DUDMAN m Agnes Mary HEAL (b 1878 Greys Inn Rd, London) 4th qr 1900 [Camberwell 1d 1631]

Note: At the 1911 census, Ellen HEAL , Agnes' mother and Charles HEAL, Agnes' brother was staying with the family at 7 Relf Road, Peckham

children of Frederick and Agnes
603......Clara Ellen b 1902 Camberwell
604......Agnes Florence b 1904 Camberwell
605......Frederick Charles b abt 1908 Camberwell
606......Herbert Thomas b abt 1910 Camberwell

449 Edith Margaret (Maggie) MEWSE m m Oliver Percy BAGSHAW 6 Dec 1896

Note: At marriage Percy as he was known lived at 19 Chapel St Lowestoft, and his father was Samuel BAGSHAW, Marine Store Dealer Witnesses to the marriage were Herbert Bagshaw and Emma Clark.
In 1901 the family was at 48 St Peters Street, Lowestoft and Percy was a coachman, and in 1911 the family was at 1 Eden Street, Lowesoft and Percy was a gas works labourer

Children of Percy and Maggie
607......Margaret Edith b 1897 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 1005]
Note: In 1911 Margaret is described as a "day girl domestic" - presumably a maid but still living at home
608......Florence Beatrice b 4th qr 1899 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 1050]
609.....Percy Oliver b 3rd qr 1901 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 1144]
610......Frederick William b 4th qr 1903 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 1147]
611......Ernest Leonard b 1st qr 1906 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 1176]
612.......Emma b 4th qr 1907 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 1104]
613.......Samuel George b 2nd qr 1910 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 1142]
614......Lilan H b 3rd qr 1916 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 2048]

453a Florence CLARKE m Samuel William FREEMAN (b 12 Jun 1877 bap 7 Aug 1877 Lowestoft d 1951) Apr 1912

Note: Witnesses to the marriage were William Bartholomew CLARKE and Gertrude MAY

Children of Samuel and Florence
615......John Henry b 1913 Lowestoft d 1929 aged 16
616......Leslie b 29 Jun 1915 Lowestoft d 2004 Beccles
617......Arthur b 13 Mar 1917 Lowestoft d 1919 aged 2 Lowestoft
618......Peter b 1923 Lowestoft d 1978

346f William Edward PAYNE m Susan TYLER (b 3rd qr 1886 Easton [Uxbridge 3a 36]) 2nd qr 1908 [Southwark 1d 77]

Note: the 1911 census shows William as a corporal in the Middlesex Regiment, and they were living at 13 Alexander Road, Aldershot

Children of William and Susan
346j......William Edward b 1909 Blackfriars
346k......Robert J b abt 1911
346l......Daisy E b 1912 Aldershot

346h Ernest Albert PAYNE m Muriel J RAYMER (b 26 Jun 1896 d Nov 1981) 3rd qr 1920 [Ipswich 4a 2786]

Note: Muriel was the daughter of Annie Louise RAYMER

Children of Ernest and Muriel
346ma....Anthony Ernest b 12 Jun 1921 [Ipswich 4a 1838] d 2 Nov 1996 [Deben 20c 283/1196]
346m......Pamela b 3rd qr 1925 [Ipswich 4a 1690] d 3rd qr 1925 [Ipswich 4a 822]
346n......Michael J R b 3rd qr 1926 [Ipswich 4a 1660]
346o......Cynthia Margaret b 29 Oct 1928 [Ipswich 4a 1514]
346p......Jennifer Mary b 26 Apr 1931 [Samford 4a 1591]
346q......Marion Jose b 8 Mar 1935 1935 [Samford 4a 1500]
346r......Richard John 11 Jun 1939 [Samford 4a 1873]

457 Jane MEWSE m William Herbert Reginald HULBERT (known as Herbert) (b abt 1880 bur Lowestoft 1955) 12 Jul 1906 London Rd Congregational Chapel, Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 2195]

Note: In 1911 the family was at 18 Norwich Rd Lowestoft and William was the son of the late Henry Alfred HULBERT and was a watch maker, repairer and working jeweller and was working from home. Witnesses to the marriage were Chas H Hulkbert, F C HULBERT and A E MEWSE

Children of William and Jane
619......Winnifred Grace (Winnie) b 4th qr 1907 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 1099]
620......Henry Alfred b 1st qr 1909 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 1112
621......Doreen F b 1st qr 1911 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 1111]
622......Barbara b 1st qr 1913 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 2138]
623......Paul b 3rd qr 1914 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 2195]
624......Peggy b 3rd qr 1914 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 2194]

458 Alice Maud MEWSE m Edgar Louis HOOK 1st qr 1905 [Mutford 4a 1346]

Children of Edgar and Alice
625......Samuel George W b 1st qr 1901 Lowestoft] [Mutford 4a 1137]
626......Charles Edward C b 3rd qr 1903 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 1202]
627.......Jessie Alice b 4th qr 1906 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 1127]
628......George Stephen b 1910 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 1128]

459 William Bartholomew MEWSE bap 29 Jul 1885 d 26 Apr 1963 Oulton Broad, bur Lowestoft m Edith Clara BRYANT (d 1969, Oulton Broad bur 18 Aug 1969 aged 81 Lowestoft cemetery L/9/306) 4th qr 1908 Lowestoft.[Mutford 4A 2286]

Note: William was a lodger in Lowestoft in 1891. William left £8854, 7s in 1963 At the time of her death Edith was living at "Blue Pines" 4 Grange Rd Oulton Lowestoft

Children of William Bartholomew and Edith

629......Donald William Robert b 26 Aug 1909 Lowestoft d May 1991 East Sussex
Note: Donald was a Merchant Navy Seaman from 1921 to 1941 - discharge no R 21926. His eyes were grey and he had brown hair, was 5'6" tall and had a scar on his left forearm. His first voyage was on the SS Almeda
630......Frederick S b 11 Aug 1910 Oulton Broad, twin of Bill
631......William Kenneth b 11 Aug 1910 Oulton Broad, twin of Fred
632......Herbert James b 3 Aug 1912 d 1st qr 1913
633......Clarence James b 4th qr 1913 Lowestoft
Note: Clarence was a merchant Navy seaman from 1921 to 1941 (Discharge No R 78068). He was 5'8" tall and had blue eyes and brown hair. His first foreign voyage was on the SS Dunloe on 13 Dec 1929
634......Herbert Jellicoe b 26 Aug 1914 Lowestoft d Feb 2001 Thanet with Dover
635......Edith S J b 12 Aug 1916 Lowestoft d 13 Feb 2004 Oulton Broad
636......Kenneth S b 1st qr 1921 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 2048] d 8 Dec 2003

460 Charles Arthur MEWSE b 28 Apr 1887 d Pakefield bur 12 Aug 1980 Kirkley trawler skipper in Fleetwood m Jessie Agnes BLOWERS (b 1st qr 1887 [Wangford 4a 889] d 9 Aug 1954 bur 12 Aug 1954 (both in Kirkley plot K/AVS/47)) 1st qr 1910 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 1708]
Note: Charles Arthur was a trawler skipper. The family lived at at Christchurch Square in 1887, and then at 12 Morton Rd Lowestoft. In 1911 they were at 136 Morton Rd.Nellie Louisa was the sister of Winifred Emma White who married Charles' son 372a Arthur William. Jessie was living at 19 Morton Rd, Lowestoft when she died leaving £3351.19s. 5d.

Child of Charles and Jessie

637......Arthur William b 15 Sep 1911 Lowestoft d 1st qr 2006 Bolton, Lancs

461 Annie Elizabeth MEWSE b 14 Apr 1889 bur 20 Aug 1938 Kirkley plot K/T/170 m Stephen Thomas THURLING [b 1886 d Pakefield bur 13 Aug 1947 Kirkley plot K/U/109] 2nd qr 1908 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 1962]

Note: Stephen was a labourer in 1911 and the family lived at Bloodmoor Lane Carlton Rd Pakefield

Children of Annie Elizabeth and Stephen Thomas
638.....Frederick George b 3rd qr 1898 Pakefield d 3rd qr 1899 aged 1 639......Laura Irene M b 2nd qr 1912 d Pakefield [Mutford 4a 2075] bur 16 May 1917 Kirkley plot K/C/98
640......Frederick George b 4th qr 1914 Pakefield [Mutford 4a 2029]
641......Rhoda Dorothy b Pakefield d 1980
642......Stephen Russell b 1st qr 1916 Pakefield [Mutford 4a 2978] d Pakefield bur 6 Oct 1926 Kirkley lived at 13 Coronation Terrace, Pakefield
643......Betty Maude b 2nd qr 1918 Pakefield [Mutford 4a 1643]
644......Annie Emily b Pakefield
645......John Hubert b 1st qr 1921 Pakefield [Mutford 4a 2086]
646......Ivy Edith b 4th qr 1919 Pakefield [Mutford 4a 2194]
647...... William Stephen Charles John b Pakefield d 1997
648......Thelma Doreen b 3rd qr 1922 Pakefield [Mutford 4a 1985]
649......Myrtle Thora b 4th qr 1923 Pakefield [Mutford 4a 1830]
650......Joan Nora b 2nd qr 1925 Pakefield [Mutford 4a 1857]
651......Beryl Meline b 3rd qr 1927 Pakefield [Mutford 4a 1753]

463 Margaret Agnes MEWSE b 7 Dec 1892 m Samuel MCDONALD 4th qr 1932 [Barnsley 5c 943]- no issue

464 Frederick Ernest MEWSE b 28 Aug 1894 d 6 May 1975 Lowestoft m Emily Mary COLEMAN ( b 19 Jul 1897 d 7 Mar 1953 Lowestoft) 31 Aug 1916. (Emily Mary was dau of Albert Harry COLEMAN and Mary Ann JULINGS.)

Children of Freddie and Emily
652......Emily Maggie b 3rd qr 1917 [Mutford 4a 1604] d 1918, bur 14 May 1918 aged 9 months (ref K/K/103)
653......Eileen M b 2 Oct 1919 d 1984
655......Doreen P b Jan 1920 [Mutford 4a 2714]
656......Ena Jane b 16 Nov 1922 [Mutford 4a 1792]
657......Brenda M b 7 May 1926
658......Dulcie b Jan 1930 [Mutford 4a 1758]
659......Frederick H b 3rd qr 1931 [Mutford 4a
660......Brian Edward b 11 Mar 1936 Carlton Colville bap 12 Apr 1936 Pakefield

465 George Stanley MEWSE b 28 Sep 1896 m Amy Mary LANGLEY (b 1897 in Kirkley) [Dau of John William LANGLEY and Margaret Jane THURSTON] 1916 in Oulton

Child of George Stanley and Amy Mary
661......George H W b 2nd qr 1920 [Mutford 4a 262]
662......Ivan Norman b 9 Feb 1922 [Mutford 4a 2055] d 1993 Grimsby m Edith May CUTHBERT (b 15 Apr 1919 Gt Yarmouth d 2006 Grimsby) 7 Mar 1953 Grimsby
Note: Edith was the daughter of Sidney Victor CUTHBERT and Edith Victoria BAXTER.Cause of Ivan's death was recorded as 1a Silent Myocardial Infarction, 1b Ischaemic Heart Disease with Congestive Heart Failure, 1c diabetes Mellitus with Retinopathy and Nephroparthy, 11 Hypothyroidism. He was cremated.

466 Valerie Gertrude MEWSE b 14 Mar 1898 d 25 Oct 1989 m Lewis EADE, fisherman (b abt 1897 d 1992 Pakefield) 2nd qr 1918 (son of Lewis EADE and Selina Elizabeth FISHER )

Children of Lewis and Valerie
663......Herbert L b 2nd qr 1920 Pakefield [Mutford 4a 2411] d 23 Dec 1940 Pakefield
664......Donald R (Donny) b 2nd qr 1921 [Mutford 4a 2150]
665......Edward Ray b 4th qr 1925 [Mutford 4a 1668]
666......Douglas Bruce b 15 Feb 1927 bap 17 Mar 1927 Kirkley
667......Brian V b 3rd qr 1929 [Mutford 4a 1800]
668......Joan M b 1st qr 1932 [Mutford 4a 1657]
669......Norma V b 2nd qr 1939 [Lothingland 4a 1830]

468 Florence MEWSE [Florrie] b 8 Jan 1902 m (a) John Francis (Jack) CHURCH (b 19 Mar 1901 Lowestoft d 18 May 1965 Blackpool) 29 Mar 1921 Lowestoft and (b) Bill MITCHELL

Note: Jack was the son of Alfred Charles CHURCH and Scyllia Hutchings PERRET (b 26 Oct 1874 Brixham)

Children of Jack and Florence
670......Peter (issue: two living children)
671......John Alfred b 18 Apr 1925 Lowestoft m Iris EAVES 8 Dec 1944 Fleetwood
Note: John and Iris had two living children.
672......Joan Grace b 19 Sep 1926 Lowestoft m Edwin LAMB 15 Jan 1945 Fleetwood [Fylde 8e 1243](issue: 5 living children)

555 Philip George Samuel MEWSE m Ellen K EASTER 1st qr 1914 Mutford [4a 1637]

Children of Philip and Ellen
673......Bessie S b 4th qr 1914 [Mutford 4a 2084]
674......Hilda I b 3rd qr 1916 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 2038] m Edward J MILSOM 2nd qr 1936 [Lothingland 4a 3565]
675......Gladys b 3rd qr 1926 [Mutford 4a 1812] m George M COLEMAN 2nd qr 1956 [Lothingland 4b 1771]

555 Percival William MEWSE m m Elsie M HODGETT 4th qr 1936 [Nottingham 7b 1054]

Children of Percival and Elsie
676......Peter W b 2nd qr 1937 [Nottingham 7b 343]
677......Patricia I b 4th qr 1941 [Nottingham 7b 414]
678......Cyril M b 1st qr 1945 [Nottingham 7b 469]

558 John William B MEWSE m Elsie M MARTIN 2nd qr 1927 [Mutford 4a 2681]

Children of William and Elsie
679......Gordon W J b 3rd qr 1928 [Mutford 4a 1742}
680......Betty G H b 3rd qr 1931 [Mutford 4a 1799]

561 Violet Gladys MEWSE m Ivan T INGLES 3rd qr 1927 [Mutford 4a 2956]

Children of Ivan and Violet
681......Derrick I b 2nd qr 1928 [Mutford 4a 1776]
682......Pamela R b 3rd qr 1931 [Mutford 4a 1810]

562 Hilda Ruby MEWSE m George C STOCK 4th qr 1928 [Mutford 4a 2836]

Children of George and Hilda
683......Hilda R b 4th qr 1931 [Mutford 4a 1637]
684......Brenda R b 1st qr 1939 [Blackpool 8e 661]
685......Alan G b 4th qr 1942 [Fylde 8e 833]

563 Ruby Victoria A MEWSE m Robert H BURGESS 3rd qr 1934 [Mutford 4a 3689]

Children of Robert and Ruby
686......Cynthia G b 3rd qr 1935 [Lothingland 4a 1723]
687......Yvonne I b 3rd qr 1939 [Lothingland 4a 2129]
688......Keith C b 3rd qr 1950 [Lothingland 4b 1106]

487 James Arthur MEWSE m Hannah McGregor DUNCAN (b 1898 d 21 DEc 1935 Woodend Hospital, Aberdeen) 16 Sep 1919 District of St Nicholas, Aberdeen

Note: In 1933 James was a fruit salesman living at 14 Jacks Brae, Aberdeen. Hannah was the daughter of Alexander (a cooper) and Maggie DUNCAN. In 1935 James was a general labourer living at 1 Seaton Gardens, Aberdeen. He appears in a 1937 telephone directory at 52 Sherbourne Road, Blackpool (Blackpool 2701)

Children of James and Hannah

Children of James and Hannah
689......Stanley b Nov 1931 Aberdeen d 1932 Aberdeen
690......Ronald Arthur b Apr 1935 Aberdeen d 22 Nov 1933 Sick Childrens Hospital, Aberdeen

488 William John MEWSE m Jemima Jamieson ROSS (b 25 Oct 1903 at 5 Shuttle Lane, Aberdeen d May 1999) 20 Apr 1928 652 King Street, Aberdeen

Note: Jemima has a sister still alive in 2005 aged 100 in October

Child of William and Jemima
691......Margaret Smith d 29 Nov 2002
692......William John b 5 Mar 1929 36 North Street Aberdeen

492 Lily Maud MEWSE m (a) Frederick William HOYLE (b 3 Jun 1906 at 30 Edlestone Street, Accrington d 23 May 1971 Ye Olde Hob Inn, Bamber Bridge) d 23 May 1971 ) 4 Sep 1943 Blackpool registry office (b) Thomas Ronald George UNSWORTH (b 5 May 1924 Preston) 10 Feb 1972 Preston registry office

Note: Frederick was the son of Frederick HOYLE and Mary HARTLEY and like his father was a butcher until 1960 when he became a licenced victualler. Thomas was the son of Thomas UNSWORTH and Elsie GIFFORD

Children of Frederick and Lily
492b......Dorothy Ann b 3 Feb 1944 [Blackpool 8E 733]
492c......Pauline J b 7 Apr 1945 [Blackpool 8E 715]

497 Leonard MEWSE m Kathleen Mary OGDEN (b 1 Jan 1930 Blackpool d July 1999 Analby, Hull) 1950 Blackpool

Children of Leonard and Kathleen
497b......Trevor L b 21 Dec 1951 [Hull 2a 366]
497c......Susan K b 3rd qr 1957 [Hull 2a 450] d 1st qr 1958 [Holderness 2a 113]
497d......Julie I b 2nd qr 1959 [Holderness 2a 81]

498 Angus MEWSE m Jean FOULDS 2nd qr 1953 [Aldershot 6b 24]

Children of Angus and Jean
498b......Carol b 4th qr 1953 [Alton 6b 89]
498c......Kay F b 3rd qr 1954 [Blackpool 10b 552]
498d......Christine b 3rd qr 1955 [Andover 6b 134]
498e......Jacqueline b 3rd qr 1956 [Fylde 10c 139]
498f......Mark A b 1st qr 1960 [Salisbury 7c 654]
498g......David S b 2nd qr 1963 [Salisbury 7c 702]

510 Elsie MEWSE m Leonard PEART 4th qr 1950 [Newcastle upon Tyne 1b 22]

Child of Leonard and Elsie
693......Doris b 4thqr 1952 [Newcastle upon Tyne 1b 282]

505 Joseph S MEWSE m Mary REYNOLDS 1st qr 1948 [Newcastle on Tyne 1b 328]

Children of Joseph and Mary
T15......Peter b 3rd qr 1948 [Durham NW 1a 741] m Eileen FRANCIS 4th qr 1965 {durham Western 1a 1753]
694......Joan b 4th qr 1951 [Durham NW 1a 641]

548 Alice Winifred MEWSE m Frederick BOWYER (b 24 Feb 1900 Liverpool) 5 Aug 1923 [West Derby 8b 475]

Child of Frederick and Alice
695......Frederick Geoffrey b 1940 Liverpool

551 Ethel D MEWSE m Herbert E L HINTON 3rd qr 1939 [Liverpool S 8b 67]

Children of Herbert and Ethel
696......Sylvia E b 3rd qr 1945 [Liverpool South 8b 132]
697......Brian b 2nd qr 1949 [Liverpool South 10d 742]

552 Doris J MEWSE m Donald BUSHELL 2nd qr 1939 [Liverpool South 8b 39]

Children of Donald and Doris
698......Maureen b 2nd qr 1940 [Liverpool South 8b 157]
699......Barbara b 3rd qr 1943 [Liverpool South 8b 364]

553 Lily B MEWSE m Herbert J BRYANT 1st qr 1912 [Mutford 4a 1417]

Children of Herbert and Lily
700......Lily M S b 2nd qr 1913 [Mutford 4a 2267]
701......Herbert G R b 3rd qr 1915 [St Olave, Southwark 1d 389]
702......John H b 1st qr 1918 [St Olave, Southwark 1d 283]
703......George S b 3rd qr 1920 [Mutford 4a 2282]
704......Doreen G b 2nd qr 1922 [Mutford 4a 1969]

557 Florence Ivy MEWSE m William Arthur BESSEY 1st qr 1919 Mutford [Mutford 4a 1963]

Note: William was the son of John Ernest BESSEY (b 1879)

Children of William and Florence
705......William George b 1 May 1920 d 1996
706......Samuel John b 18 May 1921m Ethel L PETTY 4th qr 1944 [Birmingham 6d 140]
707......Florence Ruby b 28 Nov 1922 m Herbert A BALLS 4th qr 1946 [Lothingland 4b 2202]
708......Harold Edward b 16 Aug 1925 m Luisa BRUGNOLI 2nd qr 1959 [Lothingland 4b 1668], issue: Patricia M b 3rd qr 1960 [Westminster 5c 413]
709......Eileen Ida b 7 Oct, year uncertain

593 Charles Edward MEWSE b 1st qr 1866 fisherman m Alice POPE of Beach 4th qr 1886 [Mutford 4a 1813]

Note: Charles was shown as being Mate on the "Jessamine" in 1879 and in 1898: in the 1881 census he was shown as a fisherman aboard the vessel "Tantiry". A picture of the model of Jessamine in the Lowestoft Maritime Museum is shown here. In 1890 they lived at 3 Flowing Bowl Yard and in 1891, Alice was boarding at 1 Alma Cottages, Lowestoft with William and Jane BECK. Charles Edward senior was not present

Children of Charles Edward and Alice

710......George Charles b 27 Jul 1889 bur 6 Feb 1890 aged 6 months Lowestoft [L/5/166E]
711......Charles Edward b 9 Aug 1890 bur 9 Jul 1891 aged 10 months Lowestoft [L/6/167E]

595 Edward Samuel MEWSE m Florence E MARR 2nd qr 1916 [Mutford 4a 2279]

Children of Edward and Florence
712......Dorothy V b 3rd qr 1917 [Mutford 4a 1609]
713......Hazel F b 1st qr 1922 [Mutford 4a 2071]

600 Hilda Pleasance MEWSE m Francis Charles NEWSON 4th qr 1908 [Mutford 4a 2284]

Note: Francis was a general warehouseman in 1911 and the family was living at 36 Milton Rd, Lowestoft

Children of Francis and Hilda
714......Jack Frank Mewse b 3rd qr 1910 Lowestoft
715.....James C Mewse b 1st qr 1912 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 271]
716......Hilda Mewse b 2nd qr 1915 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 2092]

616 Leslie Arthur FREEMAN m Grace Mary (b 16 Apr 1916 Lowestoft d 1999 Ditchingham) 1 Sep 1945 Gt Blakenham

Note: Leslie was a printer and was Mayor of Beccles 3 times

Children of Leslie and Grace
717.....Mary Susan b 31 Mar 1949 Fakenham bap Lowestoft
718......Jane Anne b 1 Jun 1952

618 Peter FREEMAN m Elizabeth (Betty) SOAMES

Children of Peter and Elizabeth
719......Brian b 1953 Lowestoft
720......David b 1957 Lowestoft

348 George Henry MEWSE b 1st qr 1864 m (a) Mary (poss WELLS?) 4th qr 1884 and (b) Sarah (widow)

Note: George was a fisherman and in 1911 he was a labourer

Children of George Henry and Mary
721......Mary Ann b 11 Aug 1884
722......Mary Ann Wells b 4 Sep 1889 bap 2 Oct 1889 Christ Church
723......Margaret A b aft 1866 "blind from birth"
349 Alice Elizabeth MEWSE m Edward William HARVEY 4th qr 1884 [Mutford 4a 1715]

Children of Edward and Alice
724......Maud b 1885 Lowestoft
725......William b 1885 Lowestoft
726......Grace b 1889 Lowestoft

352 Emma Jane MEWSE m Alfred Christopher WOODS 4th qr 1889 [Mutford 4a 1852]

Note: Alfred was a Packing Case Maker in 1891 and was living with Emma's parents at 34 Arnold Street, Lowestoft. Emma was not present in 1891. In 1901 Alfred was a lamplighter employed by the Gas Co and the family was living with Emma's parents at 73 Seago Street, Lowestoft. In 1911, still at the same address and in the same employment, and 264 George was staying there

Children of Alfred and Emma
727......Alfred T b 4th qr 1889 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 927]
Note: In 1911 George was a striker blacksmith
728......Mabel Louisa b 1st qr 1891 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 973]
Note: In 1911 Mabel was a general servant
729......Hilda Lily M b 2nd qr 1897 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 1005]
Note: In 1911 Hilda was a general servant
730......William James b 2nd qr 1899 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 1085] m Agnes E LEE 1st qr 1937 [Lothingland 4a 2422]
731......Ruby Irene b 4th qr 1901 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 1142]
732......Kathleen Clara M b 4th qr 1904 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 1139]
733......Edna Eliza J b 4th qr 1908 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 1086]
734......Clifford A C b 1st qr 1911 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 1119<

351 Catherine Eliza Rumsby MEWSE m Albert Arthur SOLOMON (b 1872 Burgh St Peter d Jun 1939 Blything) 1st qr 1894 [Mutford 4a 1235]

Note: Alfred was a packing case maker in 1891 In 1901 Albert was a cabinet maker and the family was at 6 Milton Rd Leiston Terrace, Lowestoft

Children of Albert and Catherine
735......Albert Victor b 2nd qr 1897 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 1009]
736......Catherine Dora b 3rd qr 1898 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 1049]
737......Harold Edward b 2nd qr 1910 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 1139]

408 William MEWSE m Mary Ann PAGE (b abt 1870 Field Dalling) 21 May 1893 Lowestoft

Note: Mary Ann was the daughter of James PAGE, a fish hawker.William and Mary Ann lived at 4 Whapload Rd in 1881. Kelly's directory of 1900 shows William as a hairdresser living at 56 Crown Street. In 1901 they were living at 42 High Street, Lowestoft and Annie's sister Sarah PAGE aged 15 was present and gave her occupation as tobacconist's assistant. William was a mariner at marriage, but was a hairdresser and tobacconist at this time. They were at 3 Barcham St in 1902

Children of William and Mary Ann

738......William Samuel b 1875 Lowestoft
Note: William Samuel was a tobacconist at 42 High St in 1902 (directory entry)
739......John Henry b 1877 Lowestoft bur 28 Feb 1941 Lowestoft cemetery L/16/498
Note: In 1911 John was a fisherman and was living at 43 Dukes Head St, Lowestoft. At the time of his death John Henry was living at 8 Old Market Plain, Lowestoft. He married either Clara Alice BARNARD or Alice Elizabeth MANTRIPP 4th qr 1896 [Mutford 4a 1968]

410 Florence Martha MEWSE m Herbert HARRIS (b 1879 Trowse, Norfolk) 1st qr 1907 [Mutford 4a 1634]

Note: Herbert was a fishmonger, and in 1911 Florence was helping in the shop. Florence's father, Benson was staying with them at 32 Stevens Street, Lowestoft.

Children of Herbert and Florence
740......Herbert Richard b 3rd qr 1908 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 1155]
741......Edith M b 4th qr 1911 [Mutford 4a2059]

307g Edith Lilian "Lilly" BALLARD m Albert RICKETS 2nd qr 1928 [Edmonton 3a 1589]

Children of Albert and Lilly
s1......Beryl dob unknown
s2......Judy dob unknown

307i Elsie Gertrude BALLARD m Kenneth Herbert FISHER (b 1906 d 1966) 30 Jun 1934 St Anne's Church Highgate

Note: Witnesses to the marriage were TB PERRIT (Best Man) Herbert and Helena FISHER and Lilian G BALLARD. In 1944 the family was at "Glenwood", Courthouse Rd North. Maidenhead.

Children of Kenneth and Elsie
307m.....Valerie M b 3rd qr 1936 [Hampstead 1a 782] d 2007
307n......Wendy H b 4th qr 1939 [Chichester 2b 1271]
307p......Derek dob unknown


473 Alfred John MEWSE m Edna STARLING 2nd qr 1925 [Middlesborough 9d 1212]

Children of Alfred and Edna
742......Edna J b 2nd qr 1926 [Middlesborough 9d 1002]
743......John A b 3rd qr 1933 [Middlesborough 9d 865]
744......Ronald b 1st qr 1935 [Middlesborough 9d 770]

475 Doris Emily MEWSE m m Albert LEACH (b 24 Jan 1909 d 16 Jn 1982) 1st Oct 1932 [Middlesborough 9d 1232]

Note: Albert was a rigger

Children of Albert and Doris
745......Peter William b 8 May 1934 Middlesborough
746......Mary b 4 Jun 1937 Middlesborough
747......Alan b 9 Nov 1938 Middlesborough
748......David b 25 Mar 1940 Middlesborough

478 Cyril Arthur Rumsby MEWSE m Charlotte M THOMPSON 3rd qr 1926 [Greenwich 1d 2277]

Child of Cyril and Charlotte
749......Arthur Edward Maurice b 30 Jan 1928 m Hazel Olive (b 5 May 1932)

480 Frederick MEWSE m Charlotte Elizabeth HURLEY 4th qr 1925 [Greenwich 1d 1800]

Child of Frederick and Charlotte
480b......Alma b 16 Nov 1926 32 Dorking Rd, Deptford N, Greenwich d Dec 2002 Chelmsford m Frank BULL (b 1926 Lewisham d 1986 Bromley) 1946 Lewisham

481 Edward Alfred Rumsby MEWSE m Emily Elizabeth WICKENDEN (b 24 Feb 1913, Deptford d Nov 1986 Greenwich) 23 May 1936 at St Nicholas Church Deptford SE8.

Note: He lived at 11, Crossfield Street, Deptford (with parents?)

Children of Edward and Emily
750......Edward (aka Brian) b 21 Apr 1937 St Olave's Hospital
751....Vivienne b 1940 Deptford issue: 1 son 1 daughter
752....Ellen Elizabeth b 1947 Deptford issue: 2 sons 1 daughter

482 Alice Hilda MEWSE m James P CONNOR 1st qr 1931 [Deptford 1d 1075]

Children of James and Alice
753......Cecelia E b 3rdqr 1931 [Deptford 1d 1082]
754......James A b 2nd qr 1933 [Deptford 1d 1002]
755......Shirley b 1st qr 1935 [Deptford 1d 921]
756......Helen b 2nd qr 1936 [Deptford 1d 949]
757......John D b 3rd qr 1940 [Deptford 1d 1112]
758......Jean I b 2nd qr 1944 [Deptford 1d 677]
759......Diane C b 1st qr 1947 [Deptford 5c 783]
760......Dierdre b 2nd qr 1950[Greenwich 5c 620]

484 Ruby Irene MEWSE m George ALLEN 2nd qr 1939 [Deptford 1d 2023]

Note: Ruby's daughter Connie wrote to me in August 2008 to say that "My mum is now living in a nursing home, but is bright as a button and is heading towards her 92nd birthday this December." She lives at Bexleyheath.
Children of George and Ruby
761......Maureen b 1st qr 1940 [Deptford 1d 1093]
762......Brenda R b 4th qr 1943 [Deptford 1d 570]
763......George D b 2nd qr 1945 [Deptford 1d 483]
764......Constance K b 1st qr 1948 [Deptford 5c 620]
765......Leslie J b 1st qr 1955 [Deptford 5c 412]

486 Kathleen Edna (Cathy) MEWSE m Leonard George REYNOLDS (b 1924) 4th qr 1951 [Deptford 5c 875]

Note: Cathy and Leonard live at Chipping Norton. Cathy was in a Medical Journal for surviving a certain cancer a few decades ago.

Children of Leonard and Cathy

766......Barry J b 2nd qr 1953 [Camberwell 5C 194]
767......Terry L b 3rd qr 1954 [Greenwich 5C 523]
768......Kay B J b 1st qr 1959 [Eton 6a 660]

520 John Henry MEWSE m Ellen HASTIE 4th qr 1919 [Mutford 4a 3196]

Note: At the time of his death John was living at 37 Love Rd Lowestoft and had been a fish worker

Children of John and Ellen
769......Ellen B b 4th qr 1920 [Mutford 4a 2040]
770......Violet b 1st qr 1923 [Mutford 4a 1953]
771......Jean E b 4th qr 1925 [Mutford 4a 1689]
772......John C b 1st qr 1927 [Mutford 4a 1726]

526 Alonzo James MEWSE m W3 Bertha WALLER (b 1910 d 24 Nov 1983) 4th qr 1937 [Lothingland 4a 3087]

Note: Alonzo and Bertha had a grandchild, Karen WOOD. Bertha died of Cancer. Alonzo died of a heart attack; he was Royal Naval Reserve AX20722

Child of Alonzo and Bertha
773......Patricia E 1st qr 1939 [Lothingland 4a 1678]
Note: Patricia had blonde hair

387 Hannah Maria MEWSE m Charles TAYLOR (b 1878 Great Yarmouth) 31 Dec 1902 Newlyn, Cornwall
Note: Charles and Hannah lived in Harwich and Gt Yarmouth where he was a Trinity House seaman.

Children of Charles and Hannah
774......Charles John b 27 Feb 1904 Harwich d 1935 at sea
Note: Charles John, who never married, received a posthumous citation for bravery from Marconi for staying at his post when his ship sank; he drowned in 1935
775......Jack b 8 Nov 1909 Harwich

Jack was awarded the DSO in World War II by King George VI "For gallantry, skill and leadership in HMS Legion in a brilliant action against strong enemy forces, which were driven off and severely damaged. This action resulted in the safe passage to Malta of an important convoy. During this time he rescued 17 men from a sinking ship.

The roll of honour in the museum in Malta mentions Petty Officer Jack Taylor

Family report says that he was also on a vessel which sank in Scapa Flow; his daughter reports him as having said that it was in November, and it was warmer in the water than when he was pulled out!

Thanks to Val Taylor for this information.

Note: HMS Legion was built in 1940. In September 1941 she helped to sink the Italian submarine "Adua" whilst returning to Gibralta from Malta. On 13 Dec 1941 she was one of a group of four destroyers which sank the Italian cruisers "Di Guissano" and "Da Barbiano" off Cape Bon. She was irreparably damaged by German aircraft whilst at Grand Harbour, Valetta, Malta on 26 March 1942.

777......Raymond b 23 Jan 1912 Gt Yarmouth d May 1986 (single)

547 Dorothy MEWSE m William Samuel STEPHENS (b 10 Mar 1898 Isle of Man d 4 Jan 1972) abt 1925

Child of William and Alice
778......Joan b 12 Sep 1926 Isle of Man m John Kenneth PICKAVANCE (issue: two living children)

582 Mary Ann PARR m Thomas Edward NUNN

Note: Thomas was the son of William Charles NUNN of Drinkstone and Ethel SARGENT Children of Thomas and Mary Ann
779......Irene (living)
780......Lilian (living)

585 Nellie Louisa A MEWSE m Leslie C FRENCH 2nd qr 1926 [Mutford 4a 2527]

Child of Leslie and Nellie
586......Donald Michael b 3rd qr 1928 [Romford 4a 833]d 1st qr 1934 [Romford 4a 684]

587 Gladys Maud MEWSE b 26 Apr 1903 d 20 Mar 1988 S Australia m (1) Robert William BUTCHER 18 Apr 1927 d 25 Mar 1972 (2) Harold NEUDAGG (b 1906 Hackney) 8 Oct 1975

Children of Gladys Maude and Robert BUTCHER
781......Barbara b 6 Apr 1930
782......Derek Robert Mewse b 4 Oct 1934 m Margaret Rose MILLER 1957 issue: 417...... Jane Alison b 1959 783......Michael Peter b 1960 418a......Robert John b 1962

588 Jack Charles MEWSE b 1908 d 22 Mar 1972 m Gladys Susan MONK 29 Aug 1931 (She remarried William BOLTON in 1977 and d 24 Mar 2003 Wittering aged 93)

Children of Jack Charles and Gladys
784......Roy Alan b 1 Feb 1933 d 3rd qr 2005 Lincolnshire
785......Janet Eileen b 1935
786......Russell John b 9 Dec 1941

590 John Henry MEWSE m Alice Elizabeth MANTRIPP (b 1875 Lowestoft) 4th qr 1896 Mutford d 4 Dec 1929 at 25 Cathcart St, Lowestoft

Note: Alice was the daughter of Edmund (a plumber) and Elizabeth Mantripp. In 1911 John Henry and John William were boarding with Amelia DAY at 43 Duke's Head Street, Lowestoft. Alice Elizabeth was not present. Alice Elizabeth d at 25 Cathcart Street, Lowestoft and left £30, probate granted to son John William Charles, then a labourer

Child of John and Alice
787......John William Charles b 2nd qr 1901 d 30 Sep 1940 in ship off Falmouth
Note: John was a Sea Steward aboard HMS Comet. His name is recorded on the Lowestoft Naval memorial

HMS Comet

788 Arthur Jacob MEWSE is recorded as a loss at sea in May 1907 on the Fishermen's Memorial in St Margarets Church.(parents not known)

346q Marion Jose PAYNE m Euan Nicholas ALLEN (b 27 Jun 1933 [Samford 4a 1465]) 3rd qr 1957 [Samford 4b 2502]

Children of Evan and Marion
P1......Catherine Jane b 20 Jul 1959 [Sutton Coldfield 9c 1766]
P2......Jeremy Patrick b 1 Feb 1962 [Chatham 5b 621]
P3......Rosalind Stretton b 13 May 1970 [Bury St Eds 4b 4409]

629 Donald William MEWSE [Don] b 26 Aug 1909 Lowestoft d 29 May 1991 Newhaven m Grace BRADLE [b 16 Jan 1916 d 16 Sep 1991]
Note: Don and Grace lived in Brixton before retirement. Originally in the Merchant Navy, he became a driver for the MOD

Children of Donald William and Grace

789......John Robert b 24 Oct 1939
790......Terry Richard b 7 Jan 1942
791......Paul Reginald b 22 Apr 1952

630 Frederick S MEWSE [twin of Bill] b Lowestoft m Jean A HARDING 4th qr 1950 [Surrey NE 5G 756]

Note: On leaving school, Fred became a fisherman, then worked in the Pascall sweet factory. He lived in the same street in Tooting as Bill - in the house his parents moved to in the 1920's

Children of Fred and Jean

792......Geoffrey J b 1st qr 1955 [Surrey NE 5G 647] m Diane DEACONS 4th qr 1986 [Merton 14 610]
793......Deborah b 3rd qr 1957 [Surrey NE 5G 692]
794......Stephen F b 4th qr 1958 [Surrey NE 5G 633]

631 William Kenneth MEWSE (twin of Frederick S) b Lowestoft m Irene E TUCKER 2nd qr 1941 [Wandsworth 1d 1030]

Note: Bill was in the merchant Navy from 1921 to 1941, and his home was in the same street as Fred. His seaman's record shows he was of dark complexion and had brown hair and blue eyes. His first voyage was on the SS Almeda

The SS Almeda

Children of Bill and Renee
795......Peter K 2nd qr 1944 [Trowbridge 5a 262] m Elaine J PHILLIPS 3rd qr 1981 [Havering 13 0386]
796......Philip G b 2nd qr 1950 [Wandsworth 5D 1105]

633 Clarence James MEWSE [Jim] b Lowestoft m Pamela M LAKE 3rd qr 1946 [Wandsworth 5D 1898]

Note: Jim lived in 1 Brixton and 2 Newhaven. On leaving school he was a fisherman, but became salesman for a water heating company.

Child of Jim and Pam

797......Vanessa J b 2nd qr 1950 [Sutton Coldfield 9C 618] [lives Gorleston near Gt Yarmouth] m Michael WALL

634 Herbert Jellicoe MEWSE [ Jerry] b Lowestoft d Feb 2001 m (a) May BRADSHAW 2nd qr 1940 [Haslingden 8E 232] (b) Joyce M EXTON 4th qr 1954 [Willesden 5F 489]

Note: Jerry lived upstairs from in-laws until 1960's, then Lowestoft until 1970's then Hythe, Kent. He worked for the Electricity Board in Lowestoft and London. Their daughter in law, Dierdre writes to me in January 2009: "Joyce is still doing well in a care home. She has alzheimers but loves the company of others all day and is really happy."

Child of Jerry and Joyce

798......Bryan F b 3rd qr 1959 [Willesden 5F 341] m Deirdre SMITH nee WILLS 24 May 2008
Note: Deidre brought two children to the marriage: Benjamin SMITH and Eleanor SMITH

635 Edith Susannah J MEWSE b 12 Aug 1916 m James R BELL (Jim) 2nd qr 1940 [Lothingland 4a 4692].

Note: They lived in Oulton Broad for 50+yrs and Jim was an assistant Housing Manager.

Child of Jim and Edith
799......Richard F b 1st qr 1947 [Lothingland 4b 1709]

636 Kenneth MEWSE b 4 Feb 1921 Lowestoft ret 1986 d 8 Dec 2003 lived Keynsham, Bristol m 1 Margaret HEALEY Jan 1944 and 2 Joan NEWTON in 1971

Children of Kenneth and Margaret
800......Robert [Bob] b 13 Feb 1952 Wimbledon
Note: Bob has lived in Wimbledon , Mitcham, Watford , Saltford, and Longwell Green near Bristol.
801......Clifford b 24 Feb 1954 Mitcham [lives Shepton Mallett]

637 Arthur William MEWSE m Winifred Emma WHITE (b 1906) 22 Sep 1934 [Mutford 4a 3673]

Note: Winifred was a nursery nurse of 5 Rochester Rd, Lowestoft (d 27 Jul 1988 Lowestoft.)


Nellie Louisa, Winifred's sister was a nurse during WW2 and was awarded a defence medal.

Child of Arthur and Winifred
802......Patricia Ann 28 Feb 1937 m Derek HASLAM
803......Christine b 15 May 1944

653 Eileen M Mewse m Richard SHONAKAN 2nd qr 1940 Lothingland 4a 4722]

Note this family went to Australia, but I can find no emigration record. Certainly Pauline and Eileen were having children in Lancashire in the 1970s.

Children of Richard and Eileen
h25......Marie b 3rd qr 1941 [Bolton 8c 583]
804......Pauline b 3rd qr 1942 [Bolton 8c 421] m Stanley VEEVERS 3rd qr 1961 [Darwen 10c 343]
805......Eileen b 1st qr 1945 [Bolton 8c 390] m Brian H CONNELL 1st qr 1968 [Heywood, Lancs 10c 1017]
806......Richard b 1st qr 1951 [Bolton 10b 667] m Lorraine T HURST 3rd qr 1970 [Bolton 10b 1667]

654 Doreen P Mewse m Ronald CARTER 2nd qr 1940 [Lothingland 4a 4717]

Children of Ronald and Doreen
807......Maureen A b 3rd qr 1940 [Bolton 8c 546]
808......David B b 3rd qr 1941 [Lothingland 4a 2321]
809......Margaret E b 1st qr 1943 [Lothingland 4a 1798]
810......John E b 2nd qr 1944 [Bury St Edmunds 4a 1750]

656 Ena Jane MEWSE m Frank Arthur CROSS (d Feb 2009)Note: This CROSS is a London family, not our Norfolk one

Children of Frank Arthur and Ena Jane
811......Hazel J b 2nd qr 1942 [Lothingland 4a 2224]
812......Janet M b 1948 London St Pancras
813......Carol E b 3rd qr 1944 [Ely 3b 1084] m Brian HEAD (d May 2007)
815......Mervyn Frank b 1st qr 1948 [Lothingland 4b 1421]

657 Brenda M MEWSE b 7 May 1926 m Douglas F JARVIS 4th qr 1951 [Lothingland 4b 1783]

Children of Mr Jarvis and Brenda
816......Linda Y b 3rd qr 1953 [Norwich 4b 854]
817......Peter M b 1st qr 1958 [Lothingland 4b 1396]

659 Frederick H MEWSE m Emily M P PALMER 4th qr 1952 [Lothingland 4B 1743]

818......Paul F b 4th qr 1954 [Norwich 4b 827]

658 Dulcie MEWSE b Jan 1930 m Donald ALDRED (d 2000)

Children of Dulcie and Donald
819......Jean F b 1st qr 1949 [Lothingland 4b 1263]
820......John N b 1st qr 1950 [Lothingland 4b 1210]

821......Doreen A b 3rd qr 1951 [Lothingland 4b 1136]
822......John T b 3rd qr 1958 [Wayland 4b 1091]

660 Brian Edward MEWSE b 11 Mar 1936 m Diane LINGWOOD [living in Cambridge]

Children of Brian Edward and Diane
824......Stephen Reginald b 1954
825......Deborah Jane b 1959 m Simon MORGAN Issue 826......Etta b 1983
827......Stewart Brian b 1956
828......Joanne b 1967 m Andrew CAVE issue 829......Samantha, 452a......Samuel, 453......Suzanah
830......Christopher b 1964

661 George MEWSE m Jessie BELLAMY 1st qr 1948 [Grimsby 3b 549]

Children of George and Jessie
831......Norman Ivan b 2nd qr 1948 [Louth 3b 528]
832......Olive 833......Stephen b 4th qr 1959 [Grimsby 3b 310]

676 Peter W MEWSE m Margaret WILLIAMSON 3rd qr 1960 [Basford 3c 180]

Children of Peter and Margaret
834......Kim J b 2nd qr 1961 [Nottingham 3c 680]
835......Phillip b 1st qr 1967 [Mansfield 3c 227]

677 Patricia I MEWSE m Ian MARTIN 1st qr 1965 [Basford 3c 86]

Children of Ian and Patricia
836......Andrew b 1st qr 1966 [Basford 3c 37]
837......Melanie b 1st qr 1971 [Basford 3c 106]
838......Donna b 3rd qr 1981 [Nottingham 8 914]

678 Cyril M MEWSE m Joan M BINGLEY 4th qr 1980 [Nottingham 8 0842]

Child of Cyril and Joan
839......Amanda Jane b 1st qr 1982 [Nottingham 8 1139]

679 Gordon W J MEWSE m Jean M BLOWERS 1st qr 1958 [Lothingland 4b 2319]

Child of Gordon and Jean
840......Helen J b 2nd qr 1965 [Lothingland 4b 1735]

680 Betty G H MEWSE m Kenneth P W WATSON 3rd qr 1955 [Lothingland 4b 2369]

Child of Kenneth and Betty
841......Ian P b 3rd qr 1957 [Lothingland 4b 1280]

691 Margaret Smith MEWSE m Robert Duff BOTHWELL (b 21 Jan 1929)

Child of Robert and Margaret
842......Aileen b 4 Nov 1956

492b Dorothy Ann HOYLE m Thomas Roderick BALLANTYNE (b 27 Mar 1942 Holmforth, Yorks) 18 Aug 1965 St Annes on Sea

Note: Thomas was the son of Thomas BALLANTYNE and Katherine BAILEY, and was manager in the heavy clay industry making pipes and bricks

Children of Thomas and Dorothy
492e......Thomas Paul b 19 Sep 1967 Burnley m Jane Maria WELDRAKE (b 20 Sep 1968 Huddersfield)20 Sep 1991Elland div 1993
Note: Thomas was a data analyst .
Victoria Helen b 11 Jun 1969 Burnley

497b Trevor L MEWSE m (a) Katherine SUSMAN 4th qr 1976 [Beverley 7 0073] (b) Jane A OWEN 3 Dec 2004 Wraysbury, Berks [Windsor & Maidenhead 322 0262 110] Dec 2004

Children of Trevor and Katherine
497e......Emma Jane b 1st qr 1976 [Wandsworth 15 160S]
497f......Lucy Ann b 2nd qr 1978 [Wandsworth 15 1329]

497d Julie I MEWSE m (a) Andrew P A CHAPPLE 2nd qr 1981 [Beverley 7 0006] (b) Christopher ATKINS May 2003 Hull [Hull 550 0843 047]

Children of Andrew and Julie
497g......Samantha b 1982 Hull
497h......Simon Andrew b May 1984 [Hull 7 897 584]
497i......Michael Thomas b Jan 1987 [Beverly 7 29 187]

498b Carol MEWSE m (a) Lawrence SALKELD 3rd qr 1971 [Salisbury 7c 2283] (b) Christopher Robert PIKE May 1989 [Barnstaple 21/868/589]

Children of Lawrence and Carol
498h......Adrian John b 25 Aug 1972 Germany [GRO births abroad 1503]
498i......Damien Angus b 22 Jul 1974 Hanover [GRO births abroad C 1945]
Note: Carol lives in Southwest France and has a gite which you can see here

Child of Christopher and Carol
498j......Andrew Ben b Nov 1989 [Barnstaple 21/609/1189]

498c Kay F MEWSE m Kelvin ADAMS abt 1988

Children of Kelvin and Kay
498k......Kathryn Elizabeth b Aug 1989 [Salisbury 23 1909 889]
498l......Henry John b Jul 1991 [Warrington 35 1544 791]

498d Christine MEWSE m Clive Graham MANN (b 27 Nov 1954 d May 1996) 2nd qr 1976 [Salisbury 23 1554]

498m......Chantelle Gemma b 4th qr 1977 [Salisbury 23 1293]
498n......Tabitha Annabel b 4th qr 1979 [Salisbury 23 1383]

498e Jacqueline MEWSE m Stephen W WRIGHT June 1984 [Salisbury 23 1948 684]

Child of Stephen and Jacqueline
498o......James Marcus b Dec 1985 [Salisbury 23 1584 1285]

498f Mark A MEWSE m Karen M C BRIGHTON 3rd qr 1981 [North Walsham 10 2058]

Children of Mark and Karen
498p......Christian Michael H b 3rd qr 1983 [Norwich 10 2276]
498q......Alexandra Kate b Feb 1985 [Bradford 4 702 285]

498g David S MEWSE m Louise C DUTSON Sep 1990 [Newport, Monmouthshire 28 265 990]

Children of David and Louise
498r......Elliot David b Dec 1993 [Grantham 6161 64 182 1293]
498s......Abigail Anna b Aug 1995 [Grantham 6161 72 186 895]
498t......Thomas Elliot b Oct 2002 [Leicester 6001H H23D 228 1002]
498u......Samantha Abigail L b Oct 2005 [Leocester 6001G G33D 087 1005]

695 Frederick Geoffrey BOWYER m Lynda WRIGHT (b 1942 Southport)

Child of Frederick and Lynda
843......Alison b 10 Feb 1972 Billinge m Neil WILSON (b 1971 Middlesborough)

712 Dorothy V MEWSE m Stanley A OVERALL 1st qr 1943 [Mutford 4a 2295]

Child of Stanley and Dorothy
844......Angela E b 4th qr 1946 [Lothingland 4b 1549] m Peter H TURNER 3rd qr 1972 [Hatfield 4b 352]

713 Hazel F MEWSE m James W CADY 4th qr 1946 [Lothingland 4b 2059]

Children of James and Hazel
845......David R b 2nd qr 1949 [Lothingland 4b 1328] m Jennifer FRISTON 2nd qr 1976 [Waveney 10 2717]
846......Janice H b 2nd qr 1954 [Lothingland 4b 1272] m Richard MARJORAM 2nd qr 1977 [Waveney 10 2892]

717 Mary Susan (Sue) FREEMAN m Dennis PEARSON 1 Apr 1972 (now div)

Children of Dennis and Sue
847......Catherine b 19 Jan 1975 Frimley, Surrey bap Farnborough
Note: Catherine is a project manager
848......Elizabeth b 2 Jan 1977 Frimley, Surrey bap Farnborough

718 Jane Anne FREEMAN m Nigel Ray MARSHALL-NICHOLLS (b 1948 Sleaford) 1974 Beccles

Note: Jane was a management consultant

Children of Nigel and Jane
849......Matthew b 1978 Norwich
850......Paul b 1980 Norwich

719 Brian FREEMAN m Jane BETTS (b 1955 Lowestoft

Children of Brian and Jane
851......Stephen b 1975 Lowestoft
852......Clare b 1979 Lowestoft
853......Mark b 1982 Lowestoft

720 David FREEMAN m (a) Rose MOWER (b) Sue WILSON

Children of Peter and Sue
854......Victoria b 1987
855......Cheryl b 1989

738 William Samuel MEWSE d 9 Mar 1955 m Anna Elizabeth PAGE abt 1894

Note: In 1911 the family were at 52 High Street, Lowestoft. William

Children of William and Anna
738b...... William James b 1895 Lowestoft
Note: In 1911 William was a hairdressers assistant
738c......Reginald b 1903 Lowestoft
738d......James Benson b 1905 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 1171] d 19 Aug 1954 Fakenham
Note: James who was a hairdresser in Fakenham was living at 31 Norwich Rd, Fakenham when he died and left £6087..0s..4d

307m Valerie M FISHER m Raymond M BOBRIGE 1st qr 1956 [Surrey Mid Eastern 5G 363]

Note: Raymond and Valerie went to Australia

Child of John and Valerie
307q......John dob unknown m Yuliani TANTO 2010 Indonesia

307p Derek FISHER m (a) Anne SAUNDERS (b) Wendy SPENCER (nee VAUGHAN)

Children of Derek and Anne
307r......Maria dob unknown
307s......David dob unknown
307t......James William Templeman dob unknown
307u......Henry Derek William dob unknown


745 Peter William LEACH m Mary STURE (b 1930 Middlesborough) 3rd qr 1959 [Bradford 2b 401]

745b......Judith F b 1st qr 1961 [Middlesborough 1b 1215]
745c......Hilary J b 2nd qr 1962 [Durham 1a 1005]

746 Mary LEACH m Barry McDERMONT (b 1934) 2nd qr 1959 [Middlesborough 1b 1267]

Children of Barry and Mary
746b......Nicholas S b 1st qr 1960 [Middlesborough 1b 1105]
746c......Wendy b 1st qr 1963 [Middlesborough 1b 1257] d 1st qr 1963 [Middlesborough 1b 1001]
746d......Robin G b 1st qr 1965 [Middlesborough 1b 1275]
746e......Daniel Paul b 2nd qr 1967 [Middlesborough 1b 1182]
746f......Jacqueline Frances b 2nd qr 1976 [Cleveland 3 2076]

747 Alan LEACH m Clare M TOOMEY (b 1938) 1st qr 1963 [Cleveland 1b 945]

Children of Alan and Clare
747b......Imelda b 4th qr 1964 [Middlesborough 1b 1143]
747c......Sarah Helen b 1966 [Middlesborough 1b 1053]
Note: Sarah's birth was registered with mother's surname as TOONEY

748 David LEACH m Maureen BARRON (b 28 Sep 1942 Spennymoor) 2 Mar 1963

Note: David was a lecturer and Maureen was a secretary

Child of David and Maureen
856......Alison Nghaire b 8 Nov 1966 Middlesborough
Note: Alison is a nursing sister

750 Edward (aka Brian) MEWSE m Grace Brenda DOWNS 21 Apr 1956 St James, Kidbrooke, SE3

Note: Grace was the daughter of John Goldsmith DOWNS and Grace DARLING The name DOWNS seems to have been taken on for some reason, since John's birth certificate gives his name as John GOLDSMITH, son of John Philip GOLDSMITH and Florence SHERLOCK

Children of Brian Edward and Grace

857......Teresa Ann
858......Dale Lee
859......Gary Edward b 19 Jun 1962
860......Paula Elaine b 31 Mar 1966

861 David Albert MEWSE m Barbara Anne CRESWELL 2nd qr 1956 [Nottingham 3c 574]

Note: the family emigrated to Canberra, Australia on assisted passage migration scheme on 8 Jun 1970 by aeroplane

Children of David and Barbara
861......Susan Alexandra b 20 Sep 1961 [Australian Immigration record]
862......Caroline Anne b 23 May 1965 [Australian Immigration record]

770 Violet MEWSE m Herbert H BURGESS 2nd qr 1914 [Lothingland 4a 4668]

Children of Herbert and Ellen
863......Cynthia G b 3rd qr 1935 [Lothingland 4a 1723]
864......Yvonne I b 3rd qr 1939 [Lothingland 4a 2129]
865......Keith C b 3rd qr 1950 [Lothingland 4a 1106]

771 Jean E MEWSE m Peter R MOODY 3rd qr 1948 [Lothingland 4b 2478]

Children of Peter and Jean
866......Michael b 1st qr 1953 [Norwich 4b 865]
867......John C b 2nd qr 1963 [Oxford 6b 1750]

775 Jack TAYLOR m Beatrice Violet WATSON 6 Jun 1936 Gt Yarmouth St Nicholas

Children of Jack and Beatrice
868......boy, born 1937 Chatham (still living)
869......Janice A , born 1944 Ely (still living)

780 Lilian NUNN m Ivan LAST 1st qr 1950 [Bromley 5b 131]

Note: Ivan was the son of Samuel LAST and Eliza DUTTON The Lasts were from Alderton and Butley, Suffolk, whilst the Duttons came from Lincolnshire where they were sea-faring people

There is living issue of this marriage

781 Barbara BUTCHER m Robin Edward ALBROW (b 5 Feb 1931 d 15 Mar 2007) 20 Sep 1952
Note: Robin Edward ALBROW was son of Ronald Ernest (b 1906 d 1940 on submarine Grampus) and Violet ALBROW (b 1907 d 1958)

HMS Grampus, a minelaying submarine

Children of Robin and Barbara

870......Andrew Robert b 8 Oct 1953
871......Martin Edward b 6 May 1955 (worked in bank; now sales manager for plastics firm) m Susan Capuyan GALO (b 1959) 7 Jan 2000 in Quezon City, Phillipines

784 Roy Alan MEWSE b 1933 m Loretta FAULKENER 3rd qr 1952 [Ilford 5a 878]

Children of Roy Alan and Loretta
872......Christina b 3rd qr 1953 [Ilford 5a 299]
873......Matthew b 3rd qr 1958 [Rochford 4a 1027]

786 Russell John MEWSE b 1941 m Patricia Lyn McGREGOR 14 Apr 1973

Child of Russell John and Patricia Lyn
874......Lesley Dale b 1975

P1 Catherine Jane ALLEN m Christopher PULLIN (b 2nd qr 1956 [Westminster 5c 355] 17 Sep 1983 [Wandsworth 15 0728]

Children of Christopher and Catherine
P4......Elizabeth Florence b 9 Dec 1985 [Bexley 11 1066 1285]
P5......Lawrence Gregory b 15 Jul 1988 [Bexley 11 977 788]
P6......Edward Christopher b 7 Aug 1990 [Bexley 11 1308 990]
P7......Richard Benedict b 25 Mar 1994 [Worcester A81E 219 494]
P8......Thomas Isaac b 23 Oct 1996 [Worcester B109E 165 1196]

P2 Jeremy Patrick ALLEN m Lorna Janet Thomson (b 1 Sep 1961) 6 Aug 1988 [Haringey 12 1875 888]

Children of Jeremy and Lorna
P9......James Alexander b 9 Aug 1992 [Waltham Forest 15 958 992]
P10....Patrick Gregory b 24 Apr 1995 [Waltham Forest D70 067 595]
P11....Hannah Isobel b 1 Apr 2001 Havering HB63 273 501]

P3 Rosalind Stretton ALLEN m John Martin PARKER (b 19 Jul 1968) 10 Jun 1995 (Marriage dissolved 2007)

Children of John and Rosalind
P12......Emma Grace b 22 Dec 1997 [Mid Surrey MSB3 283 198]
P13......Daniel Albert b 18 Mar 2000 [Mid Surey MSB8 299 300]
P14......Rebecca Elizabeth b 26 Feb 2003 [East Surrey ESA7 100 303]

787 John William Charles MEWSE m Florence May EDMONDS 4th qr 1924 [Mutford 4a 2682]

Note When John was killed on the "Comet" Florence was living in Harleston

Children of John and Florence
875......John Henry b 1 Aug 1927 [Mutford 4a 1747]
876......Doris V b 1 4th qr 1935 [Lothingland 4a 1543]

799 Richard F BELL m Lynn GROVES 2nd qr 1973 [Lothingland 4b 2956]

Note: the family live in Gorleston

Child of Richard and Lynn
877......Matthew James b 4th qr 1979 [Gt Yarmouth 10 1440]

824 Stephen Reginald MEWSE m Mary L PINSENT 2nd qr 1975 [Waveney 10 2857]

Child of Stephen and Mary
878......Hayley b 3rd qr 1980 [Gt Yarmouth 10 1543] (Issue with partner: 879......1 boy and 880......1 girl)

827 Stewart Brian MEWSE with partner Elizabeth

Children of Stewart Brian and Elizabeth
881......Lisa Jane b 1980
882......Gemma Louise b 1981
883......Claire Marie b 1983
884......Stewart James b 1985
885......Amy Elizabeth b 1986

830 Christopher MEWSE m Sharon

Children of Christopher and Sharon
886......Stacey (twin)
887......Naomi (twin)

848 Elizabeth PEARSON m Michael RICHARDSON (b 11 Oct 1986 Waterloo, Ontario Canada) 5 Nov 2005 Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

Child of Elizabeth and unknown
889......Anthony (Tony) b 17 Feb 2002
Note: Tony is now adopted by Michael and is called Richardson

Child of Michael and Elizabeth
890......Chloe b 12 Sep 2007

850 Paul MARSHALL-NICHOLLS m Sarah Elizabeth BALES 1978 Norwich

Child of Paul and Sarah
891......Madison Rose b 18 Aug 2007 Norwich

307r Maria FISHER m Steve ODY 6 Sep 1997

Children of Steve and Maria
307v......Sophia dob unknown
307w......Olivia dob unknown


857 Teresa Ann MEWSE (a) with partner Stuart RAY and (b) m John KERSEY 1986 (div bef 2003)

Child of Teresa and Stuart
892......Darryl (MEWSE)

Children of Teresa and John
893......Natalie b 26 Aug 1987
894......Jonathan b 16 Jul 1989
895......Matthew b 24 Mar 1991
896......Lauren b 6 Nov 1992

858 Dale Lee MEWSE with partner Ann BROOK

Child of Ann, now adopted by Dale
897......Nicholas (MEWSE)
Children of Dale and Ann

859 Gary Edward MEWSE m Wendy FOWLE Sep 1987 St Andrews Court Rd SE9

Children of Gary and Wendy
900......Scott Edward b 9 Dec 1989
901......Gemma Carol b 8 Apr 1992
Note: Gemma has appeard on TV several times, including the Royal Variety Show, meeting Prince Charles
902......Shannon Alicia b 4 March 1995
903......Aaron Gary b 28 Jul 1996

860 Paula Elaine MEWSE m Frank CHAPMAN 1988 St Andrews Court Rd SE9

Children of Paula and Frank
904......Rachel Kirsty b 25 Jul 1989
905......Joe Louis b 4 Oct 1991
906......Liberty (Libbie) Francesca b 11 Jul 1998

868 Male m Female

Child of Male and Female

462 Janice A TAYLOR m Male

Child of Female and Male

875 John Henry MEWSE m Barbara Peace EDWARDS

Child of John and Barbara
912......William Robert b 16 Oct 1967 m Jane LEEDER Sep 1989 [Depwade 10/1741/989]

870 Andrew Robert ALBROW b 8 Oct 1953 m Lynne HOLLAMBY b 7 Oct 1959 in Adelaide, Aus. on 18 Apr 1981
Note: Andrew and Lynn run a glass and gift import business. Andrew has also worked in a bank and as project manager for management consultants.

Children of Andrew and Lynne

913......Kate Anika b 3 Jul 1986
914......Thomas Edward b 28 May 1988

872 Christina MEWSE m Steven Arthur Edward MIZEN 3rd qr 1972 [Redbridge 5d 1840]

Child of Steven and Christina
915......Sarah Louise b 4th qr 1979 [Barking 11 0354]
916......Debbie Marie b 26 Apr 1983 Romford

873 Matthew MEWSE m Clare

Child of Matthew and Clare
917......Shay Alfred b 1983

874 Lesley Dale MEWSE m Jean Charles GODIN (b 30 Nov 1974 Montreal, Canada) 4 May 2002

Note: Jean Charles' parents are Andre GODIN and Denise nee LAPERRIER
Child of Charles and Dale
918......Nicolas Reed b 11 Mar 2004 Oakville Ontario
919......Kyra Jeannine b 10 May 2006 Oakville Hospital, Ontario bap 8 Oct 2006
920......Robert Cole b 23 Sep 2008


900 Scott Edward MEWSE with partner Amy Schofield

Child of Scott and Amy
921......Alfie Jack b 7 Nov 2006

907 Male m Female

Children of Male and Female

908 Male m Female

Children of Male and Female

909 Female m Male

Child of Female and Male

911 Female m (a) Male 1 (b) Male 2

Child of Female and Male 1
Child of Female and Male 2

842 Aileen BOTHWELL m Robert Walker WOOD 1 Jul 1976

Children of Robert and Aileen
930......Robert b 31 Aug 1977
Note: Robert is a fireman
931......Martin b 20 Aug 1982
Note: Martin is an electrician

492f Victoria Helen BALLANTYNE m Michael John HELLAWELL (b 20 Sep 1969) 5 May 2000 Bagden Hall, Scissett, Huddersfield

Note: Michael is the san of Brian HELLAWELL and Dorothy CLAYTON

Children of Michael and Victoria
932......Chloe Ann b 11 Oct 1998 Huddersfield
933......Samuel Jack b 4 Sep 2004 Huddersfield

498h Adrian John SALKELD with Miss TAYLOR

Children of Adrian and Miss Taylor
934......Jake b July 1996 [Barnstaple 4041A A30C 118 796]
935......Sarah b Feb 2001 [Hounslow 2371A 51A 234 201]

With many thanks to Russell and Pat Mewse, Barbara Albrow, Lisa Eade, Julie Grove, Carol Head, Jane Taylor, Sheila Alderson, Claire Wiltshire, Terri Last, Jane Mewse, Bob Mewse, Grace Downs (Mewse), Neville Mewse, 760 Deirdre Mewse, Valerie Nelson, Ivan Bunn,.Terry Reynolds, Patricia Bessey, Alison Wilson, Aileen Wood,, 717 Mary Susan Freeman, 748 David Leach, 497bTrevor Mewse, 307p Derek Fisher, 346q Marion Allen, Jack Evans, my late grandmother, Elizabeth Mary Ann Green nee Mewse my cousin Roland Green and my sister Jennifer Ball for their help in compiling the record of this branch of the family. Some living people have opted not to show their names. If you wish to access them, please e-mail me at the bottom of this page and I will pass on the request.

Special thanks go to local historian David Butcher (who has provided a great deal of information about the earlier individuals on this page and been able to correct some of my errors)

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