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Aiga...Alsace...Cambrai...d'Albini...d'Aubigny abt 1186...D'Aubigny 1230...de Auranges...de Beauchamp...de Beaumont...de Bretagne
de Brittany...de Clare 1155...de Clare abt 175...de Corbic...d'Eu...de Ferrette...de Flandres...de Gand
de Gaunt...de Gleiburg...de Gournay......de Grentesmil abt 1064...de Grentemismil 1094...de Gressenhall...de Hamage...de Laval...de Longwy...de Louvain
de Luxembourg...de Mohaut...de Mohun...de Montford...de Morley...de Mowbay abt 1140...de Mowbray1261...de Neustrie
de Orleans...de Orreby...de Pastor...de Percy...de Reims...de Vermandois...de Vernon
de Welle...de Widness...Ferreolus...Fitzneel...Fitznorman...Gaul...Gerulfing
Luneville...Moselle...Nordgau...Nibelung...Saxony...van Mayinhard...von Braunschweig
von Franconia...von Hohenburg...von Schelde...

The Mohaut coat of arms


1 Pretextat de REIMS b 475 m unknown

Child of Pretextat and unknown
Parovius b 500

3 Ragnomer CAMBRAI b 465 d 508 m unknown

Child of Ragnomer and unknown
Ragnora b 505

5 Tonantius II FERREOLUS m Outeria

See the Bigod branch here
Child of Tonantius II and Outeria
6......Ansbertus b 500 Moselle d 570


2 Perovius de REIMS m unknown

Child of Perovius and unknown
7......Betton b 525

4 Ragnora CAMBRAI m Mr de PASTOR

Child of Mr Pastor and Ragnora
8......Austragilde b 530

6 Ansbertus MOSELLE m Blithilde GAUL

Children of Ansbertus and Blithilde
9......Arnoldus b 540 d 601
10....Erchenaude b abt 545


7 Betton de ORLEONS m 8 Austragilde AIGA

Child of Betton and Austragilde
11......Richemeres b 538 d 605

10 Erchenaud de MOSELLE m unknown

Child of Erchenaud and unknown
Leutherius b 560


11 Richemeres von FRANCONIA m Garritrude de HAMAGE

Children of Richemeres and Garritrude
13......Gerbega b 564
14......Haldetrude b 585 Bourgogne d 618 Metz

12 Leutherius von SCHELDE m 13 Gerbega FRANCONIA

Child of Leutherius and Gerbega
15......Erchembaldus b 590 d 658


15 Erchembaldus ALSACE m (a) Leudelfindis (b) unknown

Child of Erchembaldus and Leudelfindis
16......Lendisius b 620 d 680

Child of Erchembaldus and unknown
17......Sigrada b 615


16 Lendisius ALSACE m unknown

Child of Lendisius and unknown
18......Adalric b 645 d 20 Feb 689

19 Aldegisel I duke of Friesland (d 680) m unknown

Child of Aldegisel and unknown
Radbod b 680 Denmark d 719 Belgium


18 Adalric ALSACE m Berswinde

Children of Adalric and Berswinde
21......Adalbert b abt 670 Strasbourg d 5 Dec 741 France
Note: Aldalbert became Duke of Alsace
22......Eticho b 673

20 Radbod "The Pagan" (King of Friesland) m unknown

Radbod is often considered the last independent ruler of Frisia (or Friesland) before Frankish domination.

While his father, Duke Aldegisel (or Eadgils, Aldgisl which can be translated as 'Old Whip'), had welcomed Christianity into his realm, Radbod attempted to extirpate the religion and free the Frisians from subjugation to the Merovingian kingdom of the Franks. In 689, Radbod was, however, defeated by Pippin of Herstal in the battle of Dorestad and compelled to cede West Frisia (Frisia Citerior, meaning Nearer Frisia, from the Scheldt to the Vlie) to the Franks.

Between 690 and 692, Utrecht fell into the hands of Pippin of Herstal. This gave the Franks control of important trade routes on the Rhine to the North Sea. Following this defeat, Radbod retreated, in 697, either to the island of Heligoland, or to the part of Holland that is still known as Friesland.

On Pippin's death in 714, Radbod took the initiative again. He forced Saint Willibrord and his monks to flee and advanced as far as Cologne, where he defeated Charles Martel, Pippin's natural son, in 716. Eventually, however, Charles prevailed and compelled the Frisians to submit.

During the second journey of Saint Boniface to Rome, Willibrord tried to convert Radbod, but not succeeding he returned to Fontenelle. It is said that Radbod was nearly baptised, but refused when he was told that he would not be able to find any of his ancestors in Heaven after his death, since he preferred spending eternity in Hell with his pagan ancestors than in Heaven with strangers.

Children of Radbod and unknown
23......Aldegisel II ("Poppon") b abt 700 Belgium d after 734
24......Theodelinda m Grimoald "the Younger" DE NEUSTRIE (Mayor of the Palace of Neustria (695-714))


22 Eticho II ALSACE m unknown

Child of Eticho and unknown
25......Alberic b 698 Lower Alsace d 735

23 Aldegisel II "Poppon" m unknown

Child of Aldegisel II and unknown
26......Alfbard b abt 735 Belgium d 786


25 Count Alberic ALSACE of Lower Alsace m unknown

Child of Alberic and unknown
27......Eberhard b 730 d after 777

26 Alfbard (Ruler of Middle Friesland) m Chiltrude NIBELUNG (b abt 735)
Child of Alfbard and Chiltrude
28......Nordalah b abt 765 Belgium d 810


27 Count Eberhard NORDGAU m Elizabeth LUNEVILLE b 730 Lundeville Lorraine d 777

Children of Eberhard and Elizabeth
29......Meginhard b 772 d 844 Hamalant, Nordgau region
30......Alberich dob unknown

28 Nordalah (Ruler of Middle Friesland) m unknown

Child of Nordalah and unknown
31......Gerulf b abt 790 Belgium d after 834


29 Count Meginhard NORDGAU of Hamalant m unknown

Child of Meginhard and unknown
32......Eberhard b 802 Hamalant d 881

31 Gerulf ((Ruler of Middle Friesland) m unknown

Child of Gerulf and unknown
33......Gerulf b abt 810 Belgium d after 839


32 Count Eberhard NORDGAU m Evesna SAXONY abt 831

Children of Eberhard and Evesna
34......Eberhard b 832 Hamalant d 910
35......Meginhard b 840 Hamalant d aft 898
36......Deitrich b 850 Hamalant

33 Gerulf I GERULFING (Count of Middle Friesland and Ruler of Middle Friesland) m Miss de CORBIC

Note: Miss de Corbic was the daughter of Waldager de CORBIC and unknown.

Child of Gerulf and Miss de Corbic
37......Gerulf II b bef 839 d after 885


34 Count Eberhard III NORDGAU m Adelaide de VERMANDOIS (b 840) abt 869

Child of Eberhard and Adelaide
38......Hugo b 870 d 940

37 Gerulf II GERULFING (Count of West Freisland) m unknown

Note: Gerulf II was among those counts who assassinated their Viking overlord Godfrith the Sea King at a place named Herespich (modern Spijk) in 885.

Child of Gerulf II and unknown
39......Dietrich (Dirk) b bef 885 Noordwijk-Binnen, Zuid, Holland


38 Hugo III von HOHENBURG m Hildegarde de FERRETTE 899 in Christian ceremony

Children of Hugo and Hildegarde
40......Eberhard b 900 Hohenburg d 18 Dec 972
41......Guntram b 904

39 Dietrich (Dirk) GERULFING (Count in Friesland) m Gerbege Van MAYINHARD (b 903 Egmond-Binnen, Noord Holland, Netherlands d 11 Jan 928 Egmond-Binnen, Noord Holland, Netherlands)

Note: Geberge was the daughter of Meginhard II Von NORDGAU

Children of Dietrich and Gerbege
42......Wickmann b abt 920 Gand, East Vlaanderen, Belgium d aft 14 Dec 973 m Ledgarde de FLANDRES 955 Gand
Dietrich (Dirk) II b 938 Egmond-Binnen, Noord Holland, Netherlands d 6 May 988, Abdijkerk, Egmond Aan Den Hoef, Noord Holland


40 Count Eberhard IV von HOHENBURG m (a) Luitgarde de TREVES abt 925 (b) Berta de METZ

Children of Eberhard and Luitgarde
44......Hugo b 928
45......Edith Hedwig b 934 Longwy d 13 Dec 992
46......Gerhard b 946

Child of Eberhard and Berte
47......Adalbert b 962 d 1033

43 Dietrich (Dirk) II GERUFLING (Count of West Friesland) m Hildegarde de FLANDRES (Countess of Flanders b Abt 934, Gand, Flandre Oriental, Belgium, d 10 Apr 990

Note: Dietrich married Hildegard when she was a widow. She had prviously beeen married to Raoul II de CAMBRAI

Child of Dietrich and Hildegard
48......Arnulf b 961 Gand d 18 Sep 993 Slain At Egmond-Binnen, Netherlands


45 Edith Hedwig de LONGWY m Seigfried de LUXEMBOURG (b 922 Luxembourg d 15 Aug 998)

Children of Siegfried and Edith
49......Eva b 954 d 19 Apr 1020
50......Luitgarde b 963 d 995
51......Frederic b 965 d 6 Oct 1009
52......Judith b 970

53 Neigel III (Vicomte de Sauveur) (b 985 St Sauveur d after 1066) m Adela D'EU (b 985 Eu, Dieppe)

Children of Nigel and Adela
54......Nigel IV b 1018 St. Martin d'Aubigny, Manche, Normandy
55......William b 1010 St. Martin d'Aubigny, Manche, Normandy
Note: William became the seigneur d'AUBIGNY
56......Billeheude b 1012 St. Martin d'Aubigny, Manche, Normandy

48 Arnulf GERULFING (Count of West Friesland) m Lietgarde VON LUXEMBURG May - Aug 980 Gand

Note: Lietgarde was the daughter of Siegfried VON LUXEMBURG Count of Luxemburg and Hedwig VON NORDGAU Countess in Nordgau

Children of Arnulf and Lietgarde
57......Adelaide b 986 Ghent m (a) Count Baudouin de BOULOGNE (b) Count Enguerrand de PONTHIEU
Adalbert b 994 Ghent d abt 1032
59......Dietrich (Dirk III) b 993 d 1038 m Othelindis Von NORDMARK

Dirk III was a member of the Gerulfingian dynasty (house of Holland), an important family within Germany at that time. His mother was regent in West Friesland from 993-1005 and was the sister in law of Henry II, Holy Roman Emperor.
Prior to 1018, Count Dirk III was a powerless vasal of Henry II but his fiefdom was in a strategically important location. Utrecht, situated in the Rhine delta, was the largest trading town of the German kings and traders had to sail through the territories of Dirk III, via the Rhine and Vecht rivers, in order to reach the North Sea.
Dirk III built his stronghold in Vlaardingen. He was not permitted to hinder trade in any way but eventually he defied imperial rule by levying toll. Merchants from the town of Tiel sent alarmed messages to the kings about acts of violence against them by Dirk III's men. The German emperor decided to end Dirk III's reign and awarded his lands to the bishop of Utrecht. A large imperial army then headed for Vlaardingen. The imperial army failed and the Battle of Vlaardingen was a tremendous victory for Dirk III.
Following his victory, Dirk III was permitted to keep his realm and he continued to levy toll.
After Dirk III's death in 1039, the imperial army returned on a few occasions seeking to reclaim the lands held by the Frisian counts. The powerful Robert I, Count of Flanders helped Dirk V, great-grandson of Dirk III and his own stepson, to restore Frisia to the counts.It is thought that Dirk III went on pilgrimage to the Holy Land.

60......Gertrude b bef 1005 m Ludwig von BRAUNSCHWEIG


51 Count Frederic de LUXEBOURGE m Ermentrude de GLEIBURG abt 989

Children of Frederic and Ermentrude
61......Giselbert b 975 Ardennes
62......Irmtrud b 990 d 1055
63......Frederic b 995 Lorraine
64......Ogive b 996 Flanders d 21 Feb 1029
65......Gisele b 1018 Chateau de Salm, Luxembourge d 1058 Ghent

54 Nigel IV (Niel) (Vicomte de Sauveur) m (a) unknown (b) Adela de VERNON ( b abt 1044 Vernon, Eure) bef 1059

Children of Nigel and unknown
66......Ivo b abt 1023 Cotentin
67......Niel V (Eudes) b abt 1035 St Sauveur

Child of Nigel and Adela
68......Billihilde b 1060 St Sauveur

58 Adalbert de GAND m (a) Ermengarde de FLANDRES (b 1005 Flanders) 1021 Gand (b) unknown

Children of Adalbert and Ermengarde
69......Folkard dob unknown m Landrade de LOUVAIN
Note: Landrade was the daughter of Cte Lambert II "Baudry" DE LOUVAIN and Princess Oda DE LORRAINE.
Ranaulf (Raoul) b 1022 Gand d aft 1058

Child of Adalbert and unknown
71......Reingot dob unknown

G1 Thurstan de BASTENBOURG b abt 928 m Juliana MURDAC

Child of Thurstan and Juliana
Hugh b abt 980 Montford sur Risle, Eure, Normandy
G2a....Adeline b abt 953 Montford sur Risle, Eure, Normandy


66 Ivo (Vicomte de Sauveur) m Emma de BRITTANY b abt 1025 Bretagne

Children of Ivo and Emma
72......Nigel (Neel) b abt 1043 Bretagne
73......Odard b 1046 Dutton
74......Wolfaith b 1054 Hatton

70 Ranaulf (Raoul) de GAND (Seigneur d'Alost) m 65 Gisele de LUXEMBOURG (b 1018 d 1ft 1056 abt 1047 Alost

Note: Gisele married as a widow. She had previously been married to Rodolphe de BOULOGNE

Children of Ranaulf and Gisele
75......Gilbert b abt 1048 Alost d 1094 Bardney, Lincolnshire
76......Badouin b 1042 Ghent m Ada
77......Isabel dob unknown

G2 Hugh de MONTFORD m unknown

Child of Hugh and unknown
G3......Hugh b abt 1018 Montford sur Risle, Eure, Normandy


M1 Roger d'AUBIGNY m Amice de GRENTISMIL or de MOWBRAY (b 1044 Montbrai, Normandy d 11 St Saveur)

Children of Roger and Amice
M2......William Pincerna b 1064 St Sauveur d 1139 Buckenham bur Wymondham Priory
M3......Nigel Scutifer b 1082 Montbrai d Nov 26 1129 bur Abbey of Bec, Normandy
M4......Neil dob unknown

72 Nigel (Neel) de AURENGES (Vicomte de Sauveur) m unknown

Child of Nigel and unknown
78......William I b 1058 Cotentin d bef 1130

G3 Hugh de MONTFORD m Alice de BEAUFOU abt 1036

Child of Hugh and Alice
G4......Hugh III b abt 1043
G5......Robert b abt 1045
G6......Alice b abt 1050 Montford sur Risle, Eure, Normandy d 1033


M3 Nigel Scutifer de MONTBRAI m Gundred de GOURNAY (b 1095 in Aubigny, Calvados)

Gundred was the daughter of Gerard de GOURNAY and Edith de WARENNE and granddaughter of Gundred de NORMANDIE and great granddaughter of William (The Conqueror) de NORMANDIE

Children of Nigel and Gundred
M5......Roger b 1119 Axholm, Lincs d 1188 Yorkshire
M6......Hamon b 1120 Melton Mobray Leics

78 William I FITZNEEL (Constable of Chester) m Adeliz de WIDNESS (b 1062 Halton, Runcorn)

Children of William and Adeliz
79......Albreda b 1080 Halton Castle, Runcorn
80......William II b abt 1085 Halton Castle, Runcorn
81......Matilda b abt 1088 Halton Castle, Runcorn
82......Agnes b abt 1094 Halton Castle, Runcorn

75 Gilbert de GAND (Baron of Folkingham) m G6 Alice de MONTFORD 1071 Folkingham

Note: Several of these children were recorded as Gaunt rather than Gand

Children of Gilbert and Alice
83......Felia b 1070 Folkingham m Ivo de GRENTEMISNIL abt 1094
84......Emma b abt 1071 Folkingham m Alan de PERCY
84a....Henry b 1072 Folkingham
84b....Ralph b 1078 Folkingham
85......Hugues b abt 1078 Folkingham m Adeline de BEAUMONT
85a....Geoffrey b 1080 Folkingham
85b....Matilda b 1082 Folkingham
85c....Robert b 1084 Folkingham
85d....Gilbert b 1086 Folkingham
85e....Alice b 1088 Folkingham
86......Walter b 1091 Folkingham d 1139
87......Agnes b abt 1092 Folkingham


M5 Roger de MOWBRAY m Alice de GAUNT (b 1120 Axholm d in Banstead, Surrey)

Child of Roger and Alice
M7......Nigel b 1146 Axholm d 1190 Axholm aged 44

88 Robert (aka Ralph) FITZNORMAN (b 1087 Northwich d bef 1141 Chester) m Emma de DE LAVAL (b 1096)

Note: Variations of the name include Maude/Monhault itself referring to the hill of Mold, Flintshire, from which the family took on of its titles in the form of Montalt when ennobled.
Ralph was steward or Dapifer of Chester: his father was Norman of Lostock and Lawton, and Emma's father was Robert de De LAVAL

Children of Ralph and Emma
89......Emma b abt 1096
Robert b abt 1125 Mold, Holywell, Flintshire d abt 1162 Castle Montalt, Hawarden [Complete Peerage]

80 William II FITZNEEL (Lord of Halton and Widnor) m 87 Agnes de GAND (b abt 1092 Folkingham, Lincolnshire)

Child of William and Agnes
91......Robert b abt 1129 Halton Castle d 1183
92......Leucha b 1130 Halton, Cheshire m Aliva de GRESSENHALL (b abt 1130 Gressenhall

86 Walter de GAND m Maud de BRETAGNE or PENTHIEVRE (b 1094 d 1132) 1111 Folkingham

Children of Walter and Maud
93......Agnes b 1112 m William de MOHUN
94...... Matilda b abt 1114 m William de WELLE
95......Gilbert b 1120 Bridlington d 1156 Folkingham m Rohese de CLARE
(b 1123 Tinbridge d aft 1175) aft 1155

Gilbert became Sir Gilbert, Earl of Lincoln. He fought on the side of Stephen at the battle of Lincoln in February 1140/1, and was there taken prisoner by Ranulph II, Earl of Chester, who compelled him to marry his niece. In 1147 he claimed the honour of Pontefract against Henry de Lacy, and in the fighting which ensued the priory of Pontefract was burnt down, and Gilbert was excommunicated. Although William de ROUMARE had been created Earl of Lincoln circa 1141, and presumably was still in enjoyment of that earldom, Gilbert was created by Stephen EARL OF LINCOLN circa 1147-48, and in about 1148, as Earl of Lincoln, founded Rufford Abbey, Notts.

95a....Baldwin b 1124 Folkingham
96......Robert b 1130 Folkingham d 1191 Bourne m Gunnor(a) d' AUBIGNY
97......Alice b 1127 m (a) B>Ilbert de LACY (b) Roger d'AUBIGNY


M7 Nigel MOWBRAY m Mabel de CLARE (b 1162 Tonbridge Castle d 1203 Mitford Castle, Morpeth, Northumberland aged 41) 1175

Children of Nigel and Mabel
M8......Robert b 1168 Masham, Yorks
M9......Philip b 1170 Masham, Yorks
M10....William b 1175 Epworth, Axholm d 1223 Axholme
M11....Roger b 1175 Masham, Yorks

Seal of Roger Mowbray

M12....Alice b 1180 Masham, Yorks

90 Robert (aka Roger) de MOHAUT m 92 Leucha FITZNEEL (b abt 1130 Halton, Cheshire) abt 1130 Halton

Robert was Constable of Chester and hereditary senschal of the County of Chester. He built Mold Castle about 1140. Leucha was the daughter of William FITZNEEL of Halton. Neston and other FitzNeel manors are found to have passed to the Mohaut family. Robert 'dapifer' was first witness for a charter by William II FitzNeel, Constable of Chester.
Robert was known as "le Blakestiward," or Sir Robert de Mohaut the Black Steward. He defeated the Welsh, who were overunning Cheshire, 3 Sep 1146, at Nantwich, and received various grants from the Earls of Chester, including Hawarden, which became the caput of the barony. In 1160, he was one of the farmers of the Earl of Chester's land and accounted as such until 1162.

Children of Robert and Leucha
98......Eustace aka Ralph b abt 1155 Castle Montalt, Hawarden d abt 1200
99......Robert b abt 1161 Castle Montalt, Hawarden
100....Roger b abt 1163 Castle Montalt, Hawarden d 1231 Elford
101....William dob unknown
102....Ranulph dob unknown


M10 William de MOWBRAY m Agnes d'ALBINI or d'AUBIGNY (b 1176 Isle of Axholme)

William, fourth Baron Mowbray was one of the executors of Magna Charta.. He had livery of his lands in 1194 on payment of a relief of one hundred pounds, and was immediately called upon to pay a similar sum as his share of the scutage levied towards King Richard's ransom, for the payment of which he was one of the pledges. He was a witness to the treaty with Flanders in 1197

When Richard I died, and John delayed to claim his crown, Mowbray was one of the Barons who seized the opportunity to fortify their Castles; but, like the rest, was induced to swear fealty to John by the promises which Archbishop Hubert Walter, the justiciar Geoffrey FitzPeter, and William Marshall made in his name. Apparently it was thought prudent to exempt him from the scutage which was raised early in 1200 . When William de Stuteville renewed the old claim of his house to the Frontebeuf lands in the possession of the Mowbrays, thus ignoring the compromise made by his father with Roger de Mowbray, and Mowbray supported his suit by a present of three thousand marks to the king, John and his great council dictated a new compromise. Stuteville had to accept nine knights' fees and a rent of 12l. in full satisfaction of his claims, and the adversaries were reconciled at a country house of the Bishop of Lincoln at Louth on 21 Jan. 1201

In 1215 Mowbray was prominent among the opponents of John. With other north-country Barons, he appeared in arms at Stamford in the last days of April. When the Great Charter had been wrung from the king, he was appointed one of the twenty-five executors, and as such was specially named among those excommunicated by Pope Innocent. The Castle of York was entrusted to his care . . Roger Mowbray died without heirs about 1218, and Mowbray received his lands. Mowbray was taken prisoner in the battle of Lincoln in 1217, and his estates bestowed upon William Marshal the younger; but he redeemed them by the surrender of the lordship of Bensted in Surrey to Hubert de Burgh, before the general restoration in September of that year . Three years later, in January 1221, Mowbray assisted Hubert in driving his former colleague as one of the twenty-five executors, William of Auma?le, from his last stronghold at Biham (Bytham) in Lincolnshire

He founded the chapel of St. Nicholas, with a chantry, at Thirsk, and was a benefactor of his grandfather's foundation at Newburgh, where, on his death in Axholme about 1222, he was buried. .

Child of William and Agnes
M13......Roger b 1210 d Nov 1266 Pontefract

98 Eustace aka Ralph de MOHAUT m Maud (b abt 1170)

Between 1177 and 1182 Eustace (aka Ralph) gave to the abbey of St. Werburgh, Chester, the church of Neston for the souls of Robert his father and Leucha (living) his mother. It was part of her dower, and she consented, as did also Ralph's brother William. Their names appear on the Pipe Rolls of 1179, 1180, and 1189. Ralph attested a charter of Earl Randulph III between 1190 and 1207, perhaps as late as 1200.

Child of Ralph and Maud
103......Roger b abt 1195 Castle Montalt, Hawarden d 28 Jun 1260 Castle Rising, Norfolk
104......Beatrix b 1195 Chester

100 Roger de MOHAUT m Nichole (b 1181 Arden) 1199 Elford

Child of Roger and Nichole
105......Leuca b 1190 d bef 1227 m Sir Philip de ORREBY
Note: Leuca was heiress of Elford


M13 Roger de MOWBRAY m Maud de BEAUCHAMP (b 12225 Bedford d 12 Apr 1273 Lincoln aged 48

Children of Roger and Maud
M14......Joan b 1248 Axholme d bef 1315 Castle Rising
M15......Roger b 1257 Yorks d 1297 Ghent, Flanders

103 Roger de MOHAUT m Cicely d'AUBIGNY (b abt 1210 Arundel d after 1260)

Roger was Lord of Hawarden and Cicely was heiress of Castle Rising
He made a grant to Basingwerk Abbey. By his marriage he and his descendants became tenants in chief and barons of the kingdom as well as of Chester. Twice in his time the castle of Mold was in the hands of the Welsh.
In August 1241, at Shrewsbury, he became surety for an agreement entered into by Senena, wife of Griffith son of Llewelyn, detained in prison by his brother David. He obtained a charter of free warren in Coventry in 1246.
He took the Cross in 1250, and sold timber and mortgaged lands to the monks of Coventry to provide funds for the expedition.
In 1253 he was summoned to attend the King in his expedition to Gascony, and he was there from December of that year till September 1254, when he became one of the sureties for the King's debts at Bordeaux. He was with the King in Paris in December, and returned to England by January 1254/5, being still in constant attendance in the Court. He accompanied Henry to Carlisle, and was one of his council upon the drastic change of ministers in Scotland, September 1255. In August 1257 he was commissioned to admit David son of Griffith to the King's peace.
He was justice of Chester, 1257-59, and at about this time was appointed one of the four councillors of Prince Edward, and then one of the 18 councillors of the King, and one of the 24 commissioners to reform the State. In 1259 he was one of the commissioners to arrange peace with Llewelyn of Wales

Children of Roger and Cicely
106......Robert b abt 1235 Castle Rising d bef 16 Sep 1275
107......John b abt 1236 Castle Rising


106 Robert de MOHAUT m M14 Joan de MOWBRAY 1261

The castle of Hawarden was delivered to him as heir thereof in June 1265, but in 1267 he was a prisoner in the hands of Llewelyn, who released him on making peace with Henry III, but made it a condition that Robert should build no castle at Hawarden for thirty years. Joan was the daughter of Roger DE MOWBRAY by Maud and [eventually] coheir of Simon de Beauchamp, 1st daughter of William de Beauchamp, Baron of Bedford.

Children of Robert and Joan
108......Hugh b abt 1260 Harwardeen
108a....Roger b 25 Mar 1262 Mold Castle d bef 2 Dec 1296 Castle Montalt m Juliane de CLIFFORD

In August 1282 the King gave Roger, while still under age, possession of Mold and Hawarden on condition that he should answer for the issues to Roger de Clifford the elder. By September 1284, then being of full age, he had possession of his share of the Arundel inheritance coming to him on the death of Isabel, widow of Earl Hugh.
Edward I was at Mold on 5 October, that year. In 1285, in the January of which year he was not yet a knight, he had acquittance of the common summons of the eyre, and in 1287 protection while on the King's service in Wales. He made a grant to the Franciscan friars of Coventry in 1289, and in the same year confirmed his ancestors' grants to Basingwerk. In 1290 he joined in the Barons' letter to the Pope protesting against the appointment of foreigners to English benefices. In the same year, "in full Parliament," he consented to the "aid" on the marriage of the King's daughter.
In 1291 he was in joint charge of the arrangement of watches on the coast of Norfolk. He was summoned for service in Gascony in the summer of 1294, and again in 1295, but appears to have been serving in Wales in January 1294/5. He was summoned to Parliament on 24 June 1295, by writs directed Rogero de Monte Alto, whereby he is held to have become Lord MOHAUT.
He married Juliane, daughter of Roger DE CLIFFORD. She probably predeceased him, as there is no record of her dower. He died before 2 December 1296, when any hereditary Barony which may be held to have been created by his writ of summons became extinct.

108b......Cecily b 1268 Castle Rising d bef Oct 1295
109......Isabel b 1288 Castle Rising d bef Oct 1295 m Sir Robert, Baron Morley of Roydon
110......Robert b 25 Mar 1274 d 26 Dec 1329 bur at Shouldham Priory, Norfolk

Robert held the Barony of Mohaut from 1299 to 1309
he was brother and heir of Roger, Lord Mohaut, After having done homage. he was ordered livery 7 February 1296/7. He was summoned (as from Norfolk) 30 March 1298, and (among the Barons) in the following September, for service in Scotland, with successive summonses for the like to the end of his life.
He was summoned to Parliament from 6 February 1298/9 to 13 June 1329, by writ directed Roberto de Monte Alto, or de Mohaut, whereby he is held to have become Lord Mohaut. He was present at the siege of Carlaveroc in July 1300, and was much engaged in the wars in Scotland and in Gascony. He served in Scotland in 1300, 1303, and 1310-11, but in 1305 falsely essoined himself in a plea on the ground that he was engaged in the King's service.
In 1298 he was ordered to raise 300 foot. soldiers from his demesnes, and similar orders were given in later years. As Robertus de Montealto dominus de Hawardyn, he joined in the Barons' letter to the Pope on 12 February 1300.
In January 1307/8 he was summoned to attend the King's Coronation, with a second summons in February to him and his consort; and was one of the three gentlemen appointed to meet the King and Queen Isabel at Dover, and to attend her and her sister to London. In 1309 he was going on a pilgrimage to Santiago.
He was a plaintiff at Chester in 1312, claiming as heir of his ancestor Roger I. In 1318 he was one of the guarantors of the treaty of Leek, between the King and Thomas, Earl of Lancaster. Though said to have been aggrieved by the Despensers, he appears to have joined the King's party, being requested in 1321 to abstain from the meeting at Doncaster of the "Good Peers" called together by the Earl of Lancaster, and in February 1321/2 was summoned to the muster at Coventry prepared to march against the rebels, who were defeated at Boroughbridge in the following month.
In 1324 he was one of the joint keepers of the ports and coasts of Norfolk and Suffolk. He was summoned to the great Council of Magnates at Winchester in March 1324/5, but discharged from attendance, as he was about to set out for Gascony. In September he was again about to set out with Prince Edward. In January 1325/6 he was one of the supervisors of array in Norfolk. In this year, as son of Robert de Mohaut and brother and heir of Roger, he confirmed his predecessors' gifts to Basingwerk. After the return of the Queen in September 1326 and the flight of Edward II, he attended the council at Bristol 26 October, and joined in the election of Prince Edward (styled Duke of Aquitaine) as Regent and Custos of the Realm.
At the Coronation of Edward III he put forward his claim to do service as butler. In May 1327 he settled all his estates, Mold, Hawarden, Castle Rising, &c., on himself and his wife for life, and his own issue male, with remainder in default to Queen Isabel, her son John of Elthara and his heirs, and the King successively. The King paid him 10,000 marks. The custody of the lands of John de St. John, deceased, was granted to him in August 1329, during the minority of the heir.
He married (royal license 25 January 1300/1) Emma, widow of Sir Richard FITZJOHN [LORD FITZJOHN], who died s.p., shortly before 5 August 1297. See FITZJOHN. He died s.p., 26 December 1329, and was buried in Shouldham Priory, Norfolk, when any hereditary Barony which may be supposed to have been created by his writs of summons became extinct. On 3 December 1331 his widow surrendered to Queen Isabel her life interest in the lordships of Mold, Hawarden, &c., for an annuity of £400. She died 26 January 1331/2, and was buried in Stradsett church, Norfolk.

M15 Roger de MOWBRAY m Rose de CLARE 1270

Coat of arms of Roger, 1st Baron Mowbray

In 1282 and 1283 Roger was summoned for military service against the Welsh. They had revolted against the Marcher Lords, who killed their leader, Llewellyn, at Ironbridge, Shropshire. In June 1283 Roger was at the Parliament at Shrewsbury and again in 1287 the King required his presence at a military council at Gloucester.

In 1291 he was called into military service against the Scots, and again in 1296. There had been a Parliament with the Scots at Norham in the former year, and in the latter there was a savage sacking of Berwick with Earl Warrenne being made ruler of Scotland and the Stone of Scone removed to London.

In 1295 Roger was created Lord Mowbray, Baron by Writ. As no previous barony had been created by writ, he became premier baron of England.

In 1294 there was an outbreak of war with France when Philip IV confiscated Gascony. In September 1294 Roger was going there on the King's services. In 1297 Roger again attended Parliament, this time at Salisbury. A record from 1295 shows 53 magnates summoned to Parliament.

When Roger died at Ghent in 1297 and his body was brought back to be re-interred in Fountains Abbey where there is effigy in stone. His marriage to Rose de Clare, daughter of Richard de CLARE, 2nd Duke of Gloucester, had been arranged as early as his 13th birthday by his and Rose's mothers. It took place in 1270 Inquisition Post Mortem This lists Roger's land in the following counties: Essex: at Doddinghurst and Easthorpe. Leicestershire: at Melton Mowbray, Kirkby on the Wreak, Frithby, Welby, Kettleby, Stathern, Eastwell, Goadby, Burton Lazars, Wyfordby, Little Dalby, Sysonby, Queeniborough, Cold Newton, Hoby, Pickwell, Leesthorpe, Bitteswell, Ullesthorpe, Ashton Flamville, Thrussington, Radcliffe. Lincolnshire: at Gainsborough, Scawby, Garthorpe, Blyborough, Burton by Lincoln, and the whole of the Isle of Axholme (including Haxey, Butterwick, Ouston, Beltoft and Belton). Northamptonshire: at Crich and Welford. Nottinghamshire: at Egmanton, Averham, Serlby in Harworth, Auckley (partially in Yorkshire), and Finningley. Rutland: at Empingham. Warwickshire: at Monks Kirkby, Little Harborough, Wappenbury, Brinklow, Hampton in Arden, Nuthurst, Over, Chadwick, Newham, Baddesley Clinton, Shustoke, Bentley, Hesilholt and Smyte. Yorkshire: too many places to list!

Child of Roger and Rose
M16......John b 4 Sep 1286 d 23 Mar 1922 York m Aline de BRAOSE 1298 Swansea

Note Aline was the daughter of Baron William de BRAOSE and Aline de MULTON

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