Samuel and Eunice Francis Neslen

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Provided by John and Deborah AuWerter

Samuel Neslen was born at Mutford Bridge in the village of Oulton, Suffolk, England, to Richard Neslen and Margaret Liffen Neslen on December 3, 1807, the seventh of eight children. Thomas Jefferson was President of the United States and Napoleon was at the height of his glory.

Eunice Francis was born at Lowestoft, Suffolk, England, to Robert Francis and Rachael Burgess Francis on June 8, 1808, the seventh of nine children.

Samuel was 22 and Eunice was 21 when they were married on the 13th of July 1829 at Lowestoft. Susannah Francis Neslen (our great-great-grandmother) was the first child of this marriage.

Samuel Neslen was a prominent carpenter, contractor, and a Methodist minister. He built and gave the church - in which he had previously preached - to the Lowestoft branch of the Church of Jesus Christ-of-Latter-day Saints. Samuel was 42 years of age when he was baptized into the LDS Church on July 7, 1849. Eunice was not baptized until May 22, 1852, almost three years later, in Norwich, Norfolk, England.

The family emigrated to Utah January 17, 1853. They left England on a sailing vessel (the Golconda - photo below) and after bad weather and heavy seas, during which they drifted for several days, they arrived at New Orleans in April of 1853. They traveled up the Mississippi and Missouri Rivers by steamboat, and then overland by ox team to Salt Lake City, arriving in September of 1853. Samuel Neslen paid the way of 43 other persons in addition to his own family.

Samuel Neslen owned the south half of the block on South Temple between A & B Streets; he built his first home at the corner of A Street and South Temple. He built a later home at 117 C Street (photo below) where he lived through his remaining years. The home had a floor length upstairs window before which Samuel would stand in the morning, looking eastward, contemplating the coming of the Savior.

Samuel Neslen died in Salt Lake City August 29, 1887. The day of the funeral the whole family marched from the home at 117 C Street, behind the hearse, to the church. The little grandsons wore dark pants with white shirts and black ties, and the grand-daughters wore white dresses with black ribbon sashes, black hair ribbons and black shoes.

Eunice Francis Neslen died in Salt Lake City February 22, 1891. Both are buried in the Salt Lake City Cemetery.


The Golconda

Their house at 117 C Street, Salt Lake City