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Last update 4 Mar 2013

People in red are my direct ancestors

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Bates ...Bell...Benson...Birchall...Bishop...Blackerby...Bowen...Brown...Bulfrey
Chapman...Chell 1876...Chell 1905...Chew...Chilton...Clarke...Coburn abt 1800...Coburn 1823...Coburn 1841
Dixon...Dobson...Dunn...Dunstan...Dye...Edwards ...Egget
Eickhoff...Elvins...Esling...Farrant...Firth...Foulger...Fowell 1869...Fowell 1891
Frost...Gadsden...Garner...Gathercole...Gill...Goddard...Gooch 1841
Gooch 2001...Gouldthorpe...Green 1813...Green 1881...Green 1927...Gunston...Hailstone 1874
Hailstone 1896...Handscombe...Harmon...Harrison...Harvey...Headon...Hearn...Heigham...Hesse...Hinson 1792...Hinson 1861
Hollingsworth...Hopkins...House...Hudd...Hudson...Huggins abt 1810...Huggins 1841...Hull
King...Lambert...Langley...Le Grice...Lee...Legg...Leigh...Littleproud
Lofts...Lovely...Manning...Markall...Marshall 1794...Marshall 1813...Martin...Matthews 1903...Matthews 1908
Portey...Pryke...Ratcliffe...Reeve... Rice...Ridpath...Rimmins...Roberts...Rolfe
Scholefield...Scott 1791...Scott 1876...Shepherd...Sibley...Simmons...Simper...Sired...Smith 1739
Smith abt 1810...Smith 1825...Smith 1838...Smith 1872...Smith 1932...Snelling...Soames
Spalding 1891...Spalding 1892...Spearman...Spink...Spratley...Starne...Sterne...Stinton
Traxton...Tudenham...Turner...Ward...West...Wheatley 1877...Wheatley 1892...Whistler...White

This family tree is in three sections. The first section, starting with A1 is the highly probable origin of the Oldmans of Norfolk and Suffolk. Whilst there are few records of the family all that are available seem to indicate North West Norfolk as the origin of the family.

The second section (B numbers) the most likely line to have been my forebears: that in Great Yarmouth in the middle of the seventeenth century, and this has been used as if it were correct. However there is a section of the tree yet to find and what I have here is only 85% certain in my view. It is open to alteration in the light of further research.

The third section deals with those forebears who can be proved to be part of my family tree without doubt.


A1 John OLDMAYNE (d 1177 by hanging) m unknown


Translated from the Latin

The words in italics are taken from the register. Words in ordinary type are those of Roger de Hoveden who was living at the time. [original in Bohn's Antiquarian library]

At a Council held in London in the days of Henry II the brother of the Count de Ferrers was killed and thrown out of his house in the mud of the streets. For which deed the King seized many of the citizens. Amongst whom a certain noble and rich man was taken by name John OLDMAYNE who the he could not clear himself by the ordeal of water offered and paid to the King fifty pounds of silver so that he might have his life.

In AD 1177 the Kings of Castile and Navarre sent representatives to England in order that their quarrels might be settled by Henry II. During the council the brother of the Earl of Ferrers was slain by night in London ...among those arrested was a certain aged man of high rank and great wealth whose name was John; he being unable to prove his innocence by means of the judgement by water, offered our lord the King fifty pounds of silver for the preservation of his life. But inasmuch as he had been cast in the Judgement by water, the King refused to receive the money and ordered him to be hanged on a gibbet

But in the meantime, Germanus, the eldest son of this John leaving the city, betook himself to Norfolk and settled at Walsingham where after telling many years he died in the whiteness of age, having enjoyed a good reputation and worship.

Thanks to Richard Brown for this information

Child of John and unknown
A2......Germanus b abt 1150 London d Walsingham, Nfk


B1 Thomas OLDMAYNE "settled in Suffolk 1490" [Denham register]

Child of Thomas
Thomas b abt 1522
Note: Thomas the elder died soon after the birth of his son who was placed in the care of Richard PRYKE for some time descendants carried the name OLDMAN or PRYKE

B2 Thomas OLDMAN or PRYKE m unknown

Child of Thomas and unknown
B3......Robert b abt 1545 bur 1607 Denham
Note: Robert was curate of Denham from between 1569 and 1577 until his death in 1607

B3 Robert OLDMAN or PRYKE m unknown

Note: Robert was curate of Denham. Martha HEIGHAM paid him an annuity of 40 shillings for the duration of his life, but in the codicil to her will dated 1593 she altered it so that a Thomas PLEASANCE who owed her £40 should pass the money to Robert so that "It may be laide oute for the purchase of some house and ground for him" The house which he bought may be seen here and see his will here

Children of Robert and unknown
B4......Timothie bap Aug 1577 Denham bur 6 Aug 1637 Denham
B5......Sarah d o b unknown m Richard BLACKERBY
Note: Richard was the son of Thomas BLACKERBY of Worlington
B6......Susan d o b unknown m Robert WICKES (b 1574 Worlington)

B4 Timothie OLDMAN or PRYKE m Mary HULL May 1603 Denham bur 1 Apr 1639 Denham

Note: Timothie almost certainly attended the puritan Emannuel College at Cambridge in his late teens - Martha HEIGHAM (daughter of Sir Thomas Jermyn) left £100 to the college on the condition that the college bestowed a scholarship upon him. He also received twenty shillings a year from 1593 under the terms of her will until he went to Emannuel College. He succeeded his father as curate of Denham in 1607 although not yet in priest's orders - he was ordained on 21 Feb 1607/8 by the Bishop of Norwich.
Mary was the daughter of Thomas HULL and his wife, nee WINCOLL of Denham. The Wincoll family were wealthy clothiers of Little Waldringfield near Sudbury

Children of Timothie and Mary
B7......Susan bap 24 Mar 1604/5 Denham
B8......Margaret bap 6 Jun 1606 Denham bur 13 Sep 1606 Denham
B9......Elizabeth bap 20 Nov 1608 Denham
B10....Mary bap 19 Jan 1611/12 Denham
B11....Ann bap 4 Feb 1612/13 Denham
B12....Edward bap 1 May 1615 Denham
B13....Timothy bap 24 Jul 1617 Denham
B14....Robert bap 20 Dec 1619 Denham

B13 Timothy OLDMAN or PRYKE m unknown

Note: Timothy, the son of Timothy OULDMAN of Denham in Suffolk, was apprenticed to Edmund HUNTON a grocer of Great Yarmouth 14 Apr 1640 aged 22. [NRO apprentice record 405]. Later he became a grocer in Great Yarmouth and a Francis LAMBERT was apprenticed to him aged 12 on 29 Jul 1662 [NRO]

Child of Timothy and unknown
B15......Thomas dob unknown
Note: Thomas was made a freeman of Great Yarmouth in 1679 [NRO record]
B16......William dob unknown

B16 William OLDMAN m Roberta abt 1666 Great Yarmouth

Child of William and Roberta
B17......William bap 16 Feb 1668 Great Yarmouth m Mary MAYHEW



1 Peter STERNE m Mary abt 1692

Note: see Stearne branch here

These were my 7 x great grandparents

Children of George and Mary
2......Henry bap 23 Jul 1693 Thetford St Peter's
3......Robert bap 9 Apr 1696 Thetford St Peter's
4......John b abt 1698
5......William b abt 1699


6 Tho SAMMON m (a) Elizabetha HARVEY 1708 (b) Anna

Children of Tho and Anna
7......Martha bap 1721
8......Elizabetha bap 1721
9......Johannis bap 1721
10....Anna bap 1721
Eliz bap 11 Dec 1724 Thetford

4 John STERNE m Ann

Children of John and Ann
12......John bap 18 Mar 1720 Thetford St Peters
13......Richard bap 18 Nov 1721 Thetford St Peters
14......John dob unknown Thetford St Peters
15......Susan bap Aug 1726 Thetford St Peters

X1 Samuel OLDMAN m Mrs Oldman d 5 Feb 1833 [Bury and Norwich Post]

Child of Samuel and unknown
Thomas bur 29 Nov 1767 Bury St Edmunds


11 Elizabeth SALMON m 14 John STERNE 18 May 1749 Thetford

Children of John and Elizabeth
16......Mary bap 7 Sep 1750 Thetford
17......Thomas bap 22 Oct 1752 Thetford
18......Susan bap 20 May 1754 Thetford
19......John George bap 2 Dec 1759 Thetford
20......Sarah bap 7 Apr 1762 Thetford

21 Thomas OLDMAN (bur 29 Nov 1767 Bury St Edmunds) m Elizabeth "Betty" SMITH ( b abt 1723 bur 1786 Bury St Edmunds aged 63) 1 Jan 1739 Wilton

Note: Betty was the widow of Joseph JARREY. Thomas is described in his will as a Yeoman,
See the will here.

These were my 5 x great grandparents

Child of Thomas and Elizabeth
22......Susan bap 25 Nov 1740 Wilton bur 29 Jul 1762 St Edmundsbury Abbey
23......Thomas b abt 1744 d 1788 aged 44 Bury St Edmunds [NBI]
24......William b 10 Sep 1741 Hockwold bap 4 Mar 1743 Wilton d 23 Oct 1801 bur in Thetford St Peter's [of this parish] 25 Oct 1801 [grave]

Note: The National Burial Index gives another Thomas Oldman, aged 51, being buried in Bury St Edmunds in 1806. He would be of this generation, and may be the Thomas 23 above. If so we have an extra Thomas being buried in 1744! Further research is needed

P1 Thomas PERIMONT (b approx 1722 d 1774 Thetford) m Mary (bur 11 Jul 1787)

Children of Thomas and Mary
P2......Thomas b 30 Apr 1743 Thetford bap 21 May 1843 Thetford St Cuthbert bur 27 May 1743 Thetford St Mary
P3......Mary Magdelan b 23 Nov 1744 Thetford bap 20 Jan 1744 Thetford St Cuthbert
P4......Ann b 1747 Thetford m John TUDENHAM 1767 Thetford
P5......Elizabeth b 21 Mar 1749 Thetford bap 13 May 1750 Thetford St Cuthberts
P6......Susan bap 28 Jan 1752 Thetford
Susannah bap 23 Jan 1753 Thetford d 16 Nov 1826


28 John STINTON m Elizabeth (at Croxton?)
Children of John and Elizabeth
29......Sarah bap 29 Aug 1777 m Jonathan DEKS
Note: Jonathan was an innkeeper of Bourne Bridge, Cambs
Mary Susannah bap 21 Nov 1779 d 22 Jun 1859 bur 26 Jun 1859 Northwold

24 William OLDMAN, yeoman, b 10 Sep 1741 [Family bible] m 16 Mary STERNE ( b 1750 d 1820, bur in Thetford St Peter's [of this parish] ) 15 Sep 1769 .

Note: see Stearne branch here

Note: A settlement order of 1773 made in Thetford which places him in Hilborough (6 miles south of Swaffham) from 1757 for his apprenticeship as a miller with Francis CHANDLER from the age of 8, may be seen here. It also shows him living in Bury St Edmunds with a Mr BULFREY for about three years and in Thetford for about 6 years prior to the order, with Joseph GILL.
Witnesses to the marriage were John ROLFE and Stephen STERNE
He and Mary were among those who founded the first Methodist Church in Thetford in 1791. You can see an account here, and there is a copy of a letter he wrote here.

There is some doubt as to whether this Mary Sterne was in fact the daughter of John and Elizabeth as shown. John and Elizabeth were married in 1749 and Mary was baptised in 1750. The Family Bible gives Mary's birth as 4 Feb 1745 and this agrees with her gravestone (next to William's in St Peter's Churchyard, Thetford). On the other hand Peter Sterne (will 1814-8) bequeathed £500 to his "cousin" Mary, widow of William Oldman. . It is probable that Mary was born out of wedlock during the traditional East Anglian "Bundling" process in 1745 when Elizabeth was 21, and baptised after marriage - not too uncommon in that period. The records show no other Sterne families in Thetford at the time

You can see William's will here

You can see Mary Oldman's will here.

These were my great great great great grandparents

Children of William and Mary
35......Sarah b 16 Jul 1770 Thetford [family bible] m John HINSON 25 Oct 1792 [Freereg]
Note: Sarah clearly went to live in Kings Lynn where she became impoverished and was the subject of a removal order to Thetford on 5 Feb 1808 [NRO PD169/95]
William b 13 Jan 1772 [family bible] bap 19 Feb 1772 Thetford St Mary's d 3rd qr 1846 [Thetford 13 241]
37......Elizabeth b 18 Apr 1774 Thetford [family bible] bur 28 Feb 1798 Thetford St Cuthberts
39......Mary b 1 Nov 1775 Thetford [family bible]
40......Jane b 4 Feb 1778 [family bible]
Note: Jane had an illegitimate son, 41......John Spooner OLDMAN bap 25 Oct 1789 in Brandon. John was a stonemason and they were living at Gt Magdelan Street, St Cuthbert, Thetford on 1841

23 Thomas OLDMAN m Elizabeth MARKALL

Note: Thomas was Innkeeper at the "Kings Head" in Bury St Edmunds at his death about November 1788. See the inventory of his Inn here. After Thomas\ death, Betty was landlady to the Kings Head which was on the corner of St Johns Street and Brentgovel street where Mothercare now is.(Thank you Anna Kettle!) She was living in a house at St Andrews Street, Bury St Eds in 1798 which was owned by John le GRICE

Children of Thomas and Elizabeth

32......Thomas b 16 Sep 1773 Bury St Edmunds bap 25 Dec 1773 St James, Bury St Edmunds
32a....Susan b 1775 bur 11 Jul 1820 aged 45 [NBI]
33......Samuel b 22 Jun 1779 Bury St Edmunds bap 25 Dec 1787 St James, Bury St Edmunds
Note: Samuel was apprenticed to Saml SCOTT in Bury St Edmunds on 3 Nov 1788 and was still there in 1791
33a....Thomas bap 14 Jul 1780 Thetford St Cuthbert d 3rd qr 1853 aged 80 Bury St Edmunds [BSE 4a 259]
34......Robert b 25 May 1782 Bury St Edmunds bap 25 Dec 1787 St James, Bury St Edmunds
34a....Susan b 1783 bur 11 Feb 1856 Bury St Edmunds aged 73 [NBI]

42 Isaac STOKES m P6 Susannah PERRYMAN 28 Nov 1775 Thetford St Cuthberts

Note: Isaac was a publican in St Cuthberts parish, Thetford. See Susanna's will here

Child of Isaac and Susannah
43......Elizabeth b 4 Sep 1776 d 21 Jan 1861 [Thetford 4b 302]
43a....Eleanor bap 6 Jan 1779 Thetford m John COBURN
43b....Harriet bap 18 Mar 1781 Thetford m Mr NEWBERRY
Magdelan b 4 Nov 1783 d 11 Dec 1864 [Thetford 4b 299]
43d....Jeremiah bap 16 Apr 1786 Thetford
43e....Grace bap 30 Aug 1788 Thetford m Mr SMITH
43f....Rachel b abt 1790 m Mr HUGGINS
43g....Ruth bap 12 May 1793 Thetford m Mr BOWEN
43h....Joseph bap 19 May 1795 Thetford d 3rd qr 1861 [Thetford 4b 295]

33a Thomas OLDMAN m (a) Susan ANDREW (b) Sarah OFFORD (b abt 1784 Bury St Edmunds) 19 Apr 1827 St James Bury St Edmunds

Note: Thomas was an innkeeper in Bury St Edmunds in 1841 living in Churchgate Street, St Mary's

Children of Thomas and Susan
50......Mary b 1790 bur 18 Aug 1790 (infant) Bury St Edmunds [NBI]
50a....Mary b 1792 bur 9 Feb 1792 (infant) Bury St Edmunds [NBI]
50b....Robert b 1794 bur 9 Jul 1794 (infant) Bury St Edmunds [NBI]
50c....Mary b 1795 bur 6 May 1795 (infant) Bury St Edmunds [NBI]
50d....Samuel b 1805 bur 14 Dec 1805 Bury St Edmunds (infant) [NBI]
50e....Susan b 22 Jun 1806 bap 25 Dec 1813 St James, Bury St Edmunds d 3rd qr 1837 [BSE 13 252]
50f....Emily b 1807 bur 17 May 1809 aged 2 Bury St Edmunds [NBI]
50g....Samuel b 1809 bur 25 Sep 1836 Bury St Edmunds aged 27 [NBI]

Child of Thomas and Sarah
51......Emma b 1830 Bury St Edmunds

30 Mary Susannah STINTON m James KETTLE (alt: Kittle, Kiddle) b 1768 d 21 Jan 1840 in Northwold.

Note: A Henry Kettle was churchwarden of St Mary's Church, Thetford in 1733. Could this be James' father or grandfather? In 1804 James paid poor rate in Thetford - 3 shillings and 5 farthings. James inherited land in Croxton from John STINTON. He was innkeeper of the Crown in Northwold, and in 1814 he gave 10 shillings for the village celebration of peace between England and France.(for details, see here.) James died of epilepsy and was still an Inn Keeper
Mary Susannah was living at Croxton on 29 Mar 1804, at Ousden, Suffolk on 31 Mar 1805 and in 1841 at East End, Northwold. She was with her daughter Susannah at 150 Northwold in 1851 when she was recorded as being a Land and House proprietor.
See extracts from James' will here

Click on the kettle to see the Kettle website and especially about James

Children of James and Mary
44......John Palmer bap 1805 m Charlotte JEARY
Note: John Palmer is buried at Castle Acre and his burial plot is adjacent to that of John Oldman (son of Stephen and Ann Kettle)
45......Mary Susannah b 29 Mar 1808 Ousden, Suffolk; bap 10 Apr 1808, Ousden.
Note: She did not marry. She was a witness to the marriage of Stephen OLDMAN and Ann KETTLE below. In 1837 she is recorded as being at "Enclosure of Collage Fen", and on 6th Jun 1841 she was at East End, Northwold. On 31 Mar 1851 she is at 150 Northwold, and in 1861 at 71 Crown Street, Northwold. See her will
46......Sarah bap 1811/12 m 35 Robert DYE
Note: Robert was a witness to the marriage of Stephen OLDMAN and Ann KETTLE and was a farmer in Northwold
47......Elizabeth bap 1822 d 2nd qr 1875 [Thetford 4b 289]
48......Ann bap 5 Feb 1815 Northwold
Note: born Northwold - 1851 census and Thetford in 1861 census 49......Martha dob unknown
Note: Martha was a member of the Methodist Church 1814 - 1824

33 Samuel OLDMAN m Henrietta SPINK (d 4th qr 1838 Ipswich [Ipswich 12 637]) 11 Feb 1816 Bury St Edmunds

from the Ipswich Journal of 17 Nov 1778

Note: Henrietta appears in the IGI as both SPINK and MANNING The Bury and Norwich Post reports that Samuel OLDMAN of the Fox Inn married Mrs MANNING late of the Tollgate Inn Bury St Edmunds on 11 Feb 1816. In 1817 Samuel was bankrupt. In 1833 he was landlord of the Griffin Inn

Children of Samuel and Henrietta
52......Charlotte b 11 Jul 1811 bap 25 Dec 1813 St James Bury St Edmunds
53......Emily Judith b 16 Sep 1813 bap 24 Sep 1813 St James Bury St Edmunds
54......Thomas bap 11 Feb 1816 St James, Bury St Edmunds m Sarah (b abt 1783)
Note: Thomas was "Tapkeeper" of the Griffin Inn, Churchyard St, Bury St Edmunds in 1841

from the Bury and Norwich Post 20 Jan 1830

55......Henrietta bap 31 Aug 1818 St James Bury St Edmunds

56 John OLDMAN b abt 1795 m Dorothy (b abt 1795)

Note: This John, whose parentage is not known, lived at the Mill, extra-parochial to Hockwold cum Wilton to the north of the village [1841 census]

Children of John and Dorothy
57......John b abt 1821
58......May b abt 1826
59......Ann b abt 1827
60......Sarah dob unknown
61......Elizabeth b abt 1834

M1 James SMITH (b 1778) m Susan (b 1781) Thetford abt 1825

Note: James was a carpenter.He had a great respect for an Indian gentleman named Ancterbury who came to Thetford from Madras about 1800, and included Ancterbury in John's name.

Children of James and Susan
M2......Caroline b 12 Jan 1807 Thetford d 1826 Thetford
M3......Mary b 24 Sep 1808 Thetford d 1831 Thetford
M4......James b 17 Apr 1811 Thetford d 1867 Thetford
Sarah b 12 May 1813 Thetford d June 1840
M4b....Susannah b 17 Jan 1816 Thetford d Aug 1827.
M5......John Ancterbury b 1819 Thetford d 1897 Thetford

Neewspaper announcement if John's death

M6......Robert Malthorpe b 4 Feb 1821 Thetford d 4th qr 1842 Thetford [Thetford 13 227]

36 William OLDMAN m 43a Elizabeth STOKES, (b 4 Sep 1776 bap 19 Sep 1776 St Cuthbert's Thetford [family bible] d 1st qr 1861 [Thetford 4b 302]) 19 Nov 1800

Note: Elizabeth was the daughter of Isaac and Susannah STOKES - see her photo as an old lady here

There is a record in Thetford of William Oldman paying a poor rate of £1 2s 9d in 1804. See his will here and a letter he wrote here
William was executor of will of John Stinton above and was in the 1830 Pigot’s Directory of Norfolk as Miller, Baker & Flour dealer, Back Street. Thetford. In 1798 he paid 16 shillings as land tax redemption for "Burrells" land and in 1800 he paid 12 shillings for land tax redemption for a mill and land as well as 8 shillings for his house and yard. In 1804 he was trustee of the estate of his brother in law, John WINTERBORNE. In 1806 he had an apprentice miller called Francis BAKER.
In 1839 he is recorded as a baker and flour dealer/miller at Mundford Rd (off which runs Oldman's Lane) [Tradesmens Index, Thetford Museum]
In 1841, William and Elizabeth were living at Oldman's Lane, Thetford; William was a miller and they had an apprentice living there called Robert DERISLEY aged 20 and a manservant David FARRANT aged 18. In 1845 William was shown as a baker, confectioner and corn miller, He was recorded as being a miller at Croxton Road, Thetford in 1847. He also officiated at a burial at the Wesleyan Chapel in place of a minister on 29 Feb 1832, and was a lay reader. Elizabeth was recorded in the 1851 census as living in Mundford Road, Thetford (next to Oldmans Lane) as a retired miller's widow.

These were my great great great grandparents

Children of William and Elizabeth
62......Mary b 16 Mar 1802 Thetford, bap 20 Mar 1802 Thetford St Pete
63......William James b 16 Nov 1803 Thetford bap 24 Dec 1803 St Peter's Thetford d 1850 London (registered in 1st qr 1851 [Bethnal Green ii 2])
64......Elizabeth b 12 Sep 1805 [family bible]
65......John b 10 Aug 1807 Thetford bap 29 Oct 1807 Thetford d 2nd qr 1885 [Thetford 4b 256]
66......Anna b 17 Apr 1810 bap 27 May 1810 d 26 Apr 1843
67......Martha b 21 Jan 1813 bap 1 Feb 1813 d 26 Jan 1837 "in 25th year of her life" bur Thetford St Peter's
68......Stephen b 10 Dec 1814 d 13 Dec 1814 [Family bible]
69......Stephen b 4 Dec 1815 bap 14 Jan 1816,d 5 Jan 1901 45 Earles Street Thetford aged 85
Note: Stephen is shown as a retired auctioneer on his death certificate. The cause of death was given as Influenza and Pneumonia. His son Stephen was present at his death
70......Susanna b 10 Apr 1820 [family bible] bap 1820 by Thos NEWTON, Methodist Church, Thetford
71...... Sarah b 18 Sep 1822 bap 29 Dec 1822 Thetford Methodist Church d Jan 1870 [Thetford 4b 314] m William PENNACK (b 3 Dec 1806 Gt Baddow, Essex d 9 May 1878 Barningham) 2nd qr 1844 [St James, Westminster 1 135]
Note: this is the William PENNACK who married Sarah's sister, 66 Anna. Sarah's gravestone reads "Sarah, wife of Mr Pennack of Barningham (Suffolk) and dau of William Oldman ... (died) 23 Jan 1870 aged 77"

37 Elizabeth OLDMAN m Joseph GARNER (d 22 Mar 1857 Thetford) 3 Nov 1794 Thetford St Cuthbert

A marriage bond was given to the court by the intended groom prior to his marriage. It affirmed that there was no moral or legal reason why the couple could not be married and it also affirmed that the groom would not change his mind. If he did, and did not marry the intended bride, he would forfeit the bond. The bondsman, or surety, was often a brother or uncle to the bride, not necessarily a parent. The bondsman could also be related to the groom, or even be a neighbor or friend, but those situations occurred less often.

Because Elizabeth was less than 21, a marriage bond was necessary, binding Joseph and William Oldman in the sum of £200. This was issued on 3 Nov 1794 and William gave his formal consent. Witnesses to the marriage were William OLDMAN and Griffin W MARSHALL. Joseph was a master shoemaker. After Elizabeth died he remarried to 43c Magdelan STOKES (who was also a minor) Joseph had to have a marriage bond for £200 with Isaac STOKES, Magdelan's father, as well as with William Oldman. Witnesses to this wedding were Thomas Starne and G W Marshall . You can see the Garner family here

Children of Joseph and Elizabeth
37a......Joseph bap 16 Nov 1796 d 16 May 1871 St Mary's Perth Co, Ontario, Canada aged 74 years
37b......Elizabeth bap 24 Feb 1798

Children of Joseph and Magdelan
37d......Hannah b 24 Aug 1803 Thetford d 13 Jul 1891 Thetford m Richard STUBBENS 14 Jul 1825 Thetford
37e...... Elizabeth b 20 Nov 1806 Thetford d 4 Aug 1861 Southwark
37f......Harriet b: 31 Oct 1809 Thetford bur 29 Feb 1812 St Cuthbert Thetford
37g......Susanna Stokes b: 19 Aug 1812 Thetford bap 13 Jan 1814 Thetford St Peter d 29 Jun 1883 Cambridge m Henry CHAPMAN (b 18 Aug 1816 Kettering) 9 Feb 1836
37h......William Tyrrell b 21 Jul 1816 Thetford m (a) Mary Ann HARMON between 1820 and 1821 (b) Mary Ann HOPKINS (b 23 Mar 1835 Ireland) 29 Apr 1880 St Mary's Perth County, Ontario
Note: William Tyrell emigrated to Canada, travelling on the ship "Wisconsin" 16 Sep 1851 and was a cooper.
37i......Anna b 7 Aug 1818 Thetford bap 6 May 1820 St Mary's Thetford
37j......James b 10 Jun 1825 Thetford bap 25 Jun 1826 Thetford St Cuthbert
37k......Sarah Ann b 23 Apr 1827 Thetford bap 27 Jun 1830 d 29 Jun 1911 Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada m George PARR (b 1 Jul 1832 Exning) 29 Jul 1851 Thetford
Note: George and Sarah emigrated with Sarah's brother William Tyrell on the ship Wisconsin 16 Sep 1851

39 Mary OLDMAN m John WINTERBOURNE (b 1777 Thetford) of Thetford 19 Jul 1799 Thetford

Note: Witnesses to the marriage were Joseph GARNER and G W Marshall. In 1841 they were living in Well Street, St Cuthbert, Thetford and John was a carpenter. Also living with the family were Henry JACKSON aged 15 and Charles JACKSON aged 10 both servants.

In 1804 two messuages in Thetford were leased by William Stearne (see the Stearne tree here. ) to John Winterbourne carpenter as tenant. An 1804 indenture states that John was the lessee of two messuages and afurther deed shows that at the cessation of the lease he bought the freehold a day after the lease expired, and was required (if asked) by the owners to pay "one peppercorn" for his occupance between the lease and the transfer of land. - the property was two freehold messuages in Well Street, Thetford. , and the messuages which could not be used as dower for John's wife Mary. 36a William OLDMAN, his brother in law was a guarantor.

In 1818 John (described as a schoolmaster) borrowed £100 against his two messuages from John WEST which required a payment of £5 a year, but in 1845 John West died and the executors of his widow Elizabeth West sold the mortgage bond to Alexander RIDPATH, with John still paying £5 a year. At this time John had reverted to being a carpenter

Child of John and Mary
39a......William bap 1802 Thetford St Mary
39b......Sally b 23 Oct 1810 Thetford bap 5 Mar 1811 privately
Note in 1841 Sally was recorded as a female servant
39c......William b 14 Apr 1815 bap 6 Aug 1815 Thetford St Cuthbert

40 Jane OLDMAN m John KING (widower) 17 Jun 1813 Thetford St Peter.

Note: Witnesses to the marriage were Robert PORTEY, Margaret SPEARMAN and Robert Sagrott MARSHALL

Children of John and Jane
40b......Ruth bap 5 Nov 1815 Thetford
40c......George bap 17 Mar 1820 Thetford
40d......Martha bap 8 May 1822 Thetford

72 George GREEN m Rebecca b 1784 of Wilton

Note: the family were shown as living in Methwold Hythe in 1841, although George was not present. In 1851 Rebecca was living at the Bell Inn, Methwold, with Daniel.Pesumably she died before the 1861 census from which she is absent.

Children of George and Rebecca

73......Daniel bap 16 Jan 1814
74......John bap 1826
75......Ann bap 1826
76......Martha bap 1831

Note: In this generation a Robert OLDMAN died in Thetford 3rd qr 1850 [Thetford 251]


47 Elizabeth KETTLE b 1822 m 73 Daniel GREEN (b 16 Jan 1814 d 1904 Yarmouth) 11 May 1847

Note: Witness was Stephen OLDMAN, who subsequently had a milling business at Stow Bedon. Daniel was described as a corn miller in 1846 at Stow Bedon. He was in Methwold and in 1851 living at the Bell Inn, Methwold, and White's directory of 1854 says tha he was resident in Stow Bedon as a miller, but he was in Methwold in 1861, apparently as landlord of the Bell Inn. In the 1881 census he is living at High Street with Sally ADCOCK, his wife whom he married in 1st qr 1876 [Norwich 4b 167]. The 1891 census shows him as a lodger at 12 St Georges Road, Yarmouth.

Children of Daniel and Elizabeth
77......William b 1848 Methwold died young
78......Elizabeth Kettle b 1849 Methwold m John Jarred CRISP, carrier in Northwold
79......Mary Ann b 1850 Methwold d 1933, Auckland, NZ m William Collinson BUNKALL, a butcher in Northwold
80......William George b 1sr qr 1852 [Thetford 4b 427]
81......Arthur Lambert b 1st qr 1853 [Thetford 4b 413]
82......Walter Daniel b 1854 Methwold d in USA
Note: Walter married and he and his family emigrated on RMS Campania (Cunard Line) to the USA. You can see a picture and description of the vessel
here. There is a record in a 1910 census of the Green brothers (William George and Walter Daniel) having a "Men's furnishing" shop at 214 Smithfield Street, Pittsburgh

Note: In 1836 a John OLDMAN of Thetford was in a debtor's prison and was listed to appear at the Court for the relief of insolvent debtors on 3 Nov 1836 at 10 am.

62 Mary OLDMAN m Isaac Frederick COBURN (d 3rd qr 1848 [Mitford 13 123]) 1823 Thetford

Note: In 1841 the family was living at Street, Taverham and Isaac was a paper maker

Children of Isaac and Mary
62b......Elizabeth b 1826 Taverham
62c......Margaret b 1836 Taverham
62d......William b 1841 Taverham

63 William James OLDMAN b 16 Nov 1803 Thetford bap 24 Dec 1803 St Peter's Thetford d 1850 London (registered in 1st qr 1851 [Bethnal Green ii 2]) m Hannah HOLLINGSWORTH (b 1816) 10th Feb 1840 Thetford St Peter's [Thetford 13 513]

Note: William was a miller in 1841 living with his wife at Croxton Road - living at the same address were William JACKSON, a 97 year old shepherd, Sarah CAPON a 56 year old servant, Henry HUGGINS aged 14 and Maria ARBON aged 6.
Hannah was the daughter of William HOLLINGSWORTH, miller of St Peters, Thetford. Witnesses to the marriage were Sarah OLDMAN, Branch TOMPSON and Richard HOLLINGSWORTH

And with thanks to Richard Brown, the following extract from the Norfolk Chronicle of 25 July 1846: 'On Saturday afternoon an accident occurred at the mill of Mr. William Oldman junior of this place (Thetford) situate very near a deep cutting in the Norfolk line of railway by which all the sails were broken off. There is no doubt but that it was occasioned by the operation of the bridge across the line very near being so much elevated, together with the cutting producing an effect upon the current of wind which was at that time boisterous. The proprietor had made application some months since to the Company for compensation on account of making the cutting so near which very materially injures his mill.'

Child of William and Hannah
83......Mary Elizabeth b 8 Dec 1841 Thetford St Peters
83a....Martha b 4 Mar 1843 Thetford St Peters.
83b....William Jackson b 1st qr 1845 [Thetford 13 325]

64 Elizabeth OLDMAN m m James PALMER (b 1806) 1827 Thetford St Mary

Note: James was a bricklayer in 1841and the family was at Bury Rd, Papermakers' Arms Inn, St Mary Thetford. In 1851 James was a builder, living at Bury Rd, Thetford

Children of James and Elizabeth
64b......Elizabeth bap 10 Jul 1831 Thetford St Mary
64c......James bap 16 Sep 1832 Thetford St Mary
Note: James was a bricklayer in 1851
64d......Mary Ann bap 21 Dec 1837 Thetford St Mary
64e......Susannah b 3 Oct 1840 Thetfordbap 19 Sep 1841 Thetford St Mary

65 John OLDMAN m (a) Elizabeth ESLING (b 1805 d 13 Mar 1869 aged 64) (b) Elizabeth Mary COLE (b 1817 d 2nd qr 1892 Thetford [Thetford 4b 240]) Mar 24th 1874 Thetford St Mary [Thetford 4b 645]

Note: Elizabeth was a member of the Methodist church and a sunday school teacher in 1824. John had been an apprentice baker as a boy, in 1829 he was a cabinet maker - still a cabinet maker in 1841, the family had two servants: Ann FROST aged 60 and Mary GOOCH aged 15. There was also an apprentice living in - William STONE aged 15. In 1861 John is shown as a cabinet maker and upholsterer living in King Street, Thetford, when they had an apprentice, Ezekiel REEVE (b 1843 Bridgham) and a house servant, Susan DIXON. Elizabeth died at King Street, Thetford of "Malignant disease of the liver" from which she had suffered some six months. Her daughter Sarah (87) registered the death. In 1871 John was still an upholsterer employing one man and one boy, living at Grotto Place, Thetford. In 1881 census he was living with his wife Elizabeth nee Cole aged 67 at 7 Thetford St Peter

Children of John and Elizabeth
84......Mary Elizabeth b 11 Jul 1829 Thetford bap 11 Oct 1829 Thetford St Cuthbert
85......Ann b 11 Jan 1831 bap 22 Apr 1831 Thetford Wesleyan
86......Harriet b 6 Dec 1833 bap 5 Jan 1834 Thetford Wesleyan d 1st qr 1843 Thetford [Thetford 13 223]
87......Jane dob unknown
88......Sarah b 4th qr 1840 [Thetford 13 283]
88a....Harriet Ann bap 5 Aug 1843 Thetford St Cuthbert

66 Anna OLDMAN m William PENNACK of Chelsea who married 71 Sarah OLDMAN, her sister after Anna's death 2nd qr 1844 [St James, Westminster 1 135]

Note: see memorial transcription In 1861 William and Sarah were living at 34 Kings Road, Chelsea where William was a fruiterer. Mary C DUNN, a servant aged 15, born in Chelsea also lived with the family

Child of William and Sarah
89......William b 1st qr 1845 [Chelsea 3 35]

71 Mary Ann Susannah OLDMAN m William PENNACK 23 Mar 1872 Register Office, Chelsea. [Chelsea 1a 373]

Note: Witnesses to the wedding were 72 William James OLDMAN and James SMITH. This William Pennack was the same man who married 66 Anna Oldman above. In 1881 they were living at 35 Gunter Grove, Chelsea.

Children of William and Mary Ann
90......Edith Sarah b 3rd qr 1873 [Chelsea 1a 263]
91......Annie Caroline b 10 Mar 1875 [Chelsea 1a 270]
92......Ethel b 20 Jan 1879 [Chelmsford 4a 417]

69 Stephen OLDMAN m (a) M4a Sarah SMITH (d 22 Jun 1840 Thetford) 10 Mar 1838 Thetford St Peters (b) 48 Ann KETTLE (born abt 1816 d 1st qr 1869 aged 54 [Thetford 4b 285]) 2 Feb 1841 in Northwold [witnesses 35 Robert DYE and 33 Mary Susannah KETTLE] (c) Mary PARROTT (b 1825/6 Bollington, Cheshire d 4th qr 1904 aged 79 [Thetford 4b 220]) 14 Jun 1870 Congregational Church, Southend 1870 (see Whitta branch here)

Note: See his obituary in the local press here and an account of his funeral here

The 1839 trade index [Thetford Museum] gave his occupation as baker/flour dealer in White Hart Street. When he married on the first two occasions he gave his occupation as baker, although in the 1871 census he is shown as a merchant and auctioneer. Sarah SMITH, his first wife was the daughter of James SMITH, a carpenter of Thetford. Witnesses to the wedding were James SMITH and William WHISTLER, parish clerk. Sarah died of "Consumption" (TB).

He remarried as a widower to Ann KETTLE whose deceased father was an innkeeper at Northwold. Witnesses to the wedding were Robert DYE and Mary Susannah KETTLE, Ann's sister and brother in law.

on 23 May 1838 the Bury and Norwich Post showed that Stephen was living at White Hart Street, Thetford
The 1839 Tradesmens Indices show Stephen as trading in White Hart Street as a baker/flour dealer. [Thetford Museum]
In 1841 he lived with Ann at White Hart Street, St Cuthbert parish, Thetford. They had a servant, Ann COBURN aged 18 and Stephen was a baker.
On 23 Dec 1848 the Norfolk News reported:

On 19 Dec 1849 the Bury and Norwich Post recorded "On Wednesday evening last an interesting lecture on Mesmerism was delivered at the Town Hall, Thetford by Mr Stephen Oldman to a very crowded audience"
Stephen was a miller, baker , confectioner & farmer of 24 acres in 1851 living in Oldman's Lane; also present at the census was William EGGETT [born Clenchwarton] aged 19 and two servants, Jane GATHERCOLE [born West Harling] aged 16 and Ann SAYER [born Croxton] aged 15 living in as house servants).
the Bury and Norwich Post of 18 July 1855 recorded that a fire had broken out at Stephen's bakery and two fire engines had attended with a number of assistants, "but the flames could not be arrested till the wash house and adjoining cart sheds were completely destroyed." Stephen was not insured
In 1861 the family was in Painters Lane Thetford and Stephen employed 3 men; he had a servant, Sophia LANGLEY (b 1846 Hockwold) and was an enumerator for part of St Peter's Parish for this census
In 1868 the Poll Book shows him as having land in Thetford and a house rated at £12
In 1869 the Tradesmens indices show him trading as Stephen Oldman and sons, auctioneers, appraisers, and corn and seed merchants at Steam Mills, Earles Street Thetford [Thetford Museum]
In 1871 he was living at Earles Lane and had a servant Harriet CARTER living in. She was aged 19 and was born in Brandon.
The 1875 directory shows him as a councillor
In 1880 he is recorded as having been a member of Thetford Fire Brigade committee as a councillor. By 1881 he had moved to Earl's Street, Thetford St Peter where he had a maid Elizabeth LITTLEPROUD, aged 25 and born in Attleborough.
In 1883 he was listed in a directory as being "Merchant (& Sons), auctioneer & Valuer, sec. to Building Society, Governor of Thetford School and Hospital Foundation, Chairman to Board of Guardians, agent to the County Fire and Provident Life & Norwich and London Accidental Insurance." He and his son Stephen were both Town Councillors together in 1883. He was then living at 45 Earles Street, Thetford, which was also the address of Stephen Oldman & Sons, which firm included two steam mills, one in Earles Lane Thetford and the other at Stow Bedon.

The 1868 poll book shows Stephen as living in a house rated at £12
In 1891 he was living at 5 Earles Street, Thetford, was listed as an auctioneer, and had a maid named Agnes CHAMBERLAIN (b 1866 Barnham). Next door at 7 Earles St was registered the firm of William James OLDMAN and sons. (William was Stephen's half brother) And next door on the other side was a shopkeeper, Henry FOWELL, who was also described as a "Travelling Draper"

Mary Parrott was the daughter of Thomas PARROTT ( b 1806 Pot Shrigley, Cheshire d 1861), farmer at High Lodge Farm, Santon Downham, and Jane HARRISON (b 1803 Tytherington, Cheshire d 1870) and at the time of their marriage was living at 9 Grosvenor Square, Southend. Witnesses to the wedding were John CASK and Pheobe AYLETT. Stephen gave his occupation at this time as a merchant.

Child of Stephen and Sarah
93......William James b 5th May 1839 [family bible] Thetford d 29 Dec 1921[family bible] [Christchurch 2b 877]
94......Sarah Caroline b 2nd qr 1840 [Thetford 13 301]

Children of Stephen and Ann
95......Harriet dob unknown, died Mar 1842
96......James Kettle b 1st qr 1842, died 23 Mar 1843
97......Harriet Anna dob not known, died 3rd qr 1843 [Thetford 13 284]
98......James Kettle b 2nd qr 1843, died 4th qr 1844 [Thetford 13 236]
99......John b 14 Jan 1845 [Cert] was an apprentice miller in 1861 d 9 Nov 1908 [Freebridge Lynn 4b 173]
100....Stephen b 28 May 1846 [Thetford 13 330] bap 1847 d 29 March 1932 at home at Grey Gables, Thetford
Note: Cause of death was given as arteriosclerosis and cerebral softening
101....Mary Ann Susannah b 13 Sep 1847 [Thetford 13 273] d 23 Nov 1923 [Macclesfield 8a 134]
102....Robert b 4th qr 1848 [Thetford 13 292] d 3rd qr 1850 [Thetford 13 251]
103....Arthur b 7 Nov 1849 [Thetford 13 298] bap 1850 d Nov 1877 [Chesterton 3b 283]
104....Edward, b 3rd qr 1859 [Thetford 4b 403] m Hannah MATTHEWS 2nd qr 1903 [Oldham 8d 1079]
Note: Edward became a clerk by the 1881 census. In 1901 he was a railway goods porter living as a boarder at 37 Russell St, South Manchester. By 1911 he was still a railway goods porter living at 4 Port Soderick St, Salford
105....Frederick b 2 Jun 1861 Thetford [Thetford 4b 355] d 28 Nov 1908
Note: In 1881 Frederick was a clerk in a corn merchants office, living with 71 William and Mary Ann Susannah Pennack at 35 Gunter Grove, Chelsea. In 1891 he was a secretary boarding at 17 Deerbrook Road, Lambeth. He married either Mary Ann EICKHOFF or Susan Caroline TURNER 3rd qr 1898 [Bethnal Green 1c 373] and had a child, Ann OLDMAN

37a Joseph GARNER m Elizabeth EVERARD (b 1798/9 Barton Mills d 15 July 1881 Thetford) 31 Dec 1821 Mildenhall

Note: Joseph was a miller at Tuddenham in 1841)

Children of Joseph and Elizabeth
G2......Eleanor b 20 Mar 1822 Brandon bap 14 Apr 1822 Brandon m Thomas RICE (b 1817/1818 Tuddenham) 27 May 1844 Tuddenham
Clarissa b 25 Mar 1824 bap 11 Apr 1824 Tuddenham
G4......Sarah Ann b 13 Aug 1825 Tuddenham bap 11 Sep 1825 Tuddenham d between 1855 and 1860
G5......Louisa b 30 Jun 1827 Tuddenham bap 29 Jul 1827 Tuddenham d 4 Sep 1846 Thetford
G6......Joseph b 27 Sep 1828 Tuddenham bap 26 Oct 1828 Tuddenham d 8 Oct 1911 Beachville, Oxford Co, Ontario, Canada

G7......George b 28 Jun 1830 Tuddenham bap 18 Jul 1830 Tuddenham
G8......Emily b 21 Mar 1832 Tuddenham bap 15 Apr 1832 Tuddenham d 27 Feb 1912 Bradford, Yorks
G9......Thomas Charles b 12 Dec 1833 Tuddenham bap 16 Feb 1834 Tuddenham d 4th qr 1916 [Goole 9c 1054]
G10....Hannah b 28 Oct 1835 Tuddenham bap 24 Jan 1836 Tuddenham
G11....Elizabeth b 18 Nov 1838 Tuddenham bap 25 Dec 1838 Tuddenham
G12....Susannah b 15 Jan 1840 Tuddenham bap 31 May 1840 Tuddenham d 7 Sep 1841 Tuddenham
G13....Augusta b 19 Jul 1841 Tuddenham bap 22 Aug 1841 d 4 Sep 1846 Thetford
Note: Augusta died of Typhoid fever

H1 Elizabeth GARNER m Robert Richard HUDD (b 11 Sep 1806 Bermondsey d 5 Dec 1849 Bethnal Green) 8 Aug 1829 Hackney

Note: In 1841 the family was at 13 Belle Vue Place, Tower Hamlets. Robert died of phthisis (TB) at 34 Morpeth Street Bthnal Green

Children of Robert and Elizabeth
H2......Rosetta Sarah bap 4 Jan 1832 St Dunstan's Stepney m Charles HOUSE
H3......George b between 1833 and 1834 Stepney bap 25 Jan 1835 St Dunstans, Stepney
Note: George emigrated to Melbourne, Australia as a boy
Robert b between 1835 and 1836 Stepney d 18 Apr 1883 Lambing Creek, NSW, Australia
H5......Maria b 13 Aug 1837 Stepney d 16 Apr 1838 Stepney
Note Maria died of whooping cough
H6......Martha Elizabeth b 24 Feb 1839 Stepney
H7......Henry James b 28 Jan 1841 Stepney d 3 Mar 1900 Islington
Note: Henry died of carcinoma of the rectum: he was a canvasser
H8......James b 15 Feb 1843 Bethnal Green bur 14 Feb 1920 Greymouth, South Island, New Zealand H9......Maria b 18 Feb 1845 Bethnal Green d 30 Dec 1898 Blackpool m William Ricardus CHEW 3rd qr 1875 [Kensington 1a 5]
H10....Ann b 9 Feb 1847 Bethnal Green d 1 Dec 1915 Cheshunt m William SIRED 2nd qr 1871 [Pancras 1b 80]
Note: In a letter from Annie (Sired) Robson, written in 1923: "We have been in New Zealand 18 years & until last year didn't know of any relative here. Then I saw Mr. [Denton's ?] death in a paper & sent the notice to Aunt Pattie & she was very anxious to know if Aunt Lizzie's boy had lived so I looked them up. I found Uncle Jim's family at Greymouth."
H11....Elizabeth Jane b 20 Apr 1849 Bethnal Green

70 Susanna OLDMAN m M5 John Ancterbury SMITH (b 25 Sep 1818 Thetford d 22 Mar 1897 Thetford) 4th qr 1845 [Thetford 13 783]

Note: John was a carpenter In 1861 the family was at Back St, Thetford and they employed a live in maid, Sarah LOVELY (b 1846 Thetford.) and 4 men and one apprentice. In 1871 he was a builder who employed 4 men, two apprentices and one boy. By 1881 they were living in Earles Street and John had retired as a builder, where they had a servant living in Mary Ann GREEN aged 13 b Thetford. In 1891 John was a widower still at Earles Street and lived on his own with a housekeeper, Rebackah CADDY. John was a town councillor for Thetford in 1883.

Children of John and Susanna
M7......James b 8 Nov 1847 Thetford [Thetford 13 252]
M8......Mary b 26 Nov 1848 Thetford [Thetford 13 294] d May 1831
M9......Sarah b 18 Apr 1850 Thetford m Thomas CHELL (b 1851 Staveley) 2nd qr 1876 [Thetford 4b 675]
M10....Susan b 9 Nov 1851 Thetford [Thetford 13 317] d 1854 Thetford
M11....Anna b 1 Sep 1853 Thetford d 2nd qr 1840
M12....Susan b 29 Oct 1854 Thetford [Thetford 4b 380] d 1856 Thetford
M13....Robert b 31 Jan 1856 Thetford d 1902
M15....Susannah b 29 Jul 1857 Thetford [Thetford 4b 384] d 1858
M16....John Ancterbury b 1857 Thetford [Thetford 4b 384] bur 16 Nov 1905 Thetford Cemetery
M17....Elizabeth b 15 Dec 1859 Thetford [Thetford 4b 434] d 1860

107 George JESSUP b abt 1806 d 2nd qr 1877 [Wayland 4b 169] m Rebecca (b abt 1814 d 3rd qr 1882 aged 69 [Wayland 4b 149]) bef 1841

Note: in 1841 George and Rebecca were farmers at North Lopham Green: by 1861 they were farmers in Attleborough with 146 acres at Burgh Common, Attleborough employing 5 men, as well as two live-in servants; Hannah JACKSON aged 15, dairymaid born in Kenninghall and Heziah WARNES aged 39 washerwoman born in Old Buckenham. By 1881 Rebecca was running the farm on her own with four men and one boy, and Rosetta BAKER an 18 year old servant, born in Old Buckenham

Children of George and Rebecca
108......Betsy b abt 1837 North Lopham
109......Maria b 2nd qr 1840 North Lopham [Guiltcross 13 158]
110......Mary b 2nd qr 1844 North Lopham [Guiltcross 13 158]
111......Robert b 3rd qr 1846 North Lopham [Guiltcross 13 166]
Note: Robert was a land steward in 1881
112......George b 3rd qr 1848 Attleborough [Wayland 13 355]
113......Joseph John b2nd qr 1851 Attleborough [Wayland 13 410]
Note: Joseph was a railway clerk, living at the farm in 1881
114......Alice Rebecca b 3rd qr 1853 Attleborough [Wayland 13 223]
Note: Alice was staying with Charlotta LEGGE (born in Besthorpe) and her family at 14 Lansdowne Rd, Lambeth in 1881
115......Elizabeth b 3rd qr 1857 Attleborough [Wayland 13 231]


A photograph of many of the people in this and the previous generation taken about 1874 may be seen here

88 William PENNACK m 101 Mary Ann Susannah OLDMAN 23 Mar 1872 Register Office, Chelsea. [Chelsea 1a 373]

Note: Witnesses to the wedding were 72 William James OLDMAN and James SMITH

Children of William and Mary Ann
116......Edith Sarah b 3rd qr 1873 [Chelsea 1a 263]
117......Annie Caroline b 10 Mar 1875 [Chelsea 1a 270]
118......Ethel b 20 Jan 1879 [Chelmsford 4a 417]

93 William James OLDMAN m Elizabeth RUSHBROOK (b 3rd qr 1838 Thetford [Thetford 13 269] d 16 Feb 1907 aged 68 [family bible] [Thetford 4b 967]) 2nd qr 1861 [Marylebone 1a 915]

Note: William James was a corn miller in 1845, and he was a head baker living at 71 Guildhall St in 1861, employing one boy and living in Guildhall St, Thetford with a housekeeper, Pheobe HINSON (b Soham abt 1834). He had another servant, Pheobe HUDSON (b Soham 1825). The family had a servant living in: Sarah Ann PEARMAIN aged 17 b Thetford

On 18 Aug 1879 the Bury and Norwich Post recorded him as being a town councillor in Thetford, and on 26 Oct 1880 he was nominated for re-election. At one stage he lived at what is now 47 Earle Street, Thetford -see the photo below
He was also in partnership with his half bother Stephen Oldman jnr, (which was dissolved 31st Dec 1907) working as "Corn and seed merchants and auctioneers" at Thetford and Stow Bedon

Children of William and Elizabeth
119......William Guiseppe b 2nd qr 1862 [Thetford 4b 405] d 2nd qr 1862 [Thetford 4b 265]
120......William John b 1 Aug 1863 [Thetford 4b 379] d 4 Mar 1864 [Thetford 4b 311]
121......Sarah Elizabeth b 11 Feb 1865 Thetford [Thetford 4b 421] d 9 Sep 1944 Bournemouth aged 79 [Bournemouth 2b 777] m Joseph WHITE (b 1858 Maidenhead) 3rd qr 1888 [Chelsea 1a 642]
Note: In 1881 Sarah was a dressmaker, living with parents. Joseph was a builder. In 1891 they were living at 303 Holdenford Road, Christchurch, Bournemouth, and staying with them was 126 Ada and Ernest John WHITE, aged 18, a draughtsman.
Anna Susan b 3rd qr 1866 [Thetford 4b 374]
Note: In 1881 Anna was a School teacher (aged 13!) living with her parents.
123......Gertrude Mary b 4th qr 1867 [Thetford 4b 377]
Note: In 1891 Gertrude was a draper's assistant living in at 142 Christchurch Road, Christchurch
124......Kate Louisa b 14 Jan 1869 [family bible] [Thetford 4b 417] m Eugenius EDWARDS 2nd qr 1922 [Christchurch 2b 1680]
Note: my sister remembers "Cousin Kate" visiting our grandmother , Marion OLDMAN when she was a very old lady about 1950 - sister Jenny abt 7 years old was frightened of her because she said her face looked like a skull to Jenny's 7 year old eyes!
Alice Maud b 23 July 1871[family bible] [Thetford 4b 377]
Note:Alice had conveyed to her in 1900 no 20 Bury Road Thetford
126......Ada Blanche b 7 Nov 1873 [family bible] [Thetford 4b 363]
Note Ada was living with her sister Sarah Elizabeth and husband Joseph White in 1891 as a 17 year old scholar
127......Florence Ethel b 3rd qr 1876 [Thetford 4b 377]

121 Sally 2nd from left top row, 123 Gertrude Mary 5th from right, middle row and 122 Anna 4th from right middle row

Miss Youngs School Thetford about 1872

99 John OLDMAN m (a) Elizabeth ARMES 4th qr 1866 [Docking 4b 913] (b) Mary Ann CLARKE ( b 2nd qr 1841 [Thetford 13 301] d 31 Mar 1868) 1st qr 1868 [Thetford 4b 645] (c) Louisa ROBERTS (born 21 Sep 1848 Witcham, Isle of Ely d 19 Dec 1927 Gayton) 23 Feb 1869 [family bible] Ely [Ely 3b 765] by licence

Note: In 1861 Mary Ann was a house maid at 4 Cecil Street, St Martin in the Fields, London. John was a baker. The 1868 poll book shows them living in St Cuthbert's parish in a house rated at £12. John and Louisa were living at Guildhall St, Thetford in 1869 [Tradesmen's index, Thetford Museum], 1871 and 1881. The 1875 directory shows John as a baker at Guildhall Street and at 72 St Nicholas Street, Thetford. In 1891 they were at Post Office Street, Castle Acre. John is buried at Castle Acre adjacent to 32 John Palmer Kettle above. Louisa was the daughter of Cole ROBERTS (a carpenter) and Rebecca SIMMONS and the family of seven children lived in High Street, Witcham

Child of John and Elizabeth
128......Anna S b 3rd qr 1866 Thetford [Thetford 4b 374]
Note: In 1891 Anna (Annie) was a schoolteacher visitor to Robert SPALDING at 83 Whiting Street, Bury St Edmunds aged 24

Children of John and Louisa
129......Albert John b 3 Jan 1870 [family bible] Thetford d 22 Oct 1911 [family bible][Conway 11b 578]
Note: Albert was an assistant teacher at B School in 1891 and was a lodger with Mary Ann GODDARD (b 1829) greengrocer at Magdelan Street, Thetford
130......Walter James b 18 Jan 1872 Guildhall Street, Thetford [Thetford 4b 390]
Note: In 1891 Walter James was a printer's apprentice
131......Ada Blanche b Sep 1873 Thetford [Thetford 4b 363]
Note: Ada was bookkeeper for the Mont Dore Hotel, Bournemouth in 1901
132......Florence Ethel b Sep 1876 Thetford [Thetford 4b 377]
133......Ernest William b 1st qr 1875 Thetford [Thetford 4b 379]d 2nd qr 1942 [Kings Lynn 4b 491]
134......Harriet dob unknown
135......Agnes Laura b 18 Feb 1882 Thetford [family bible]
136......Stephen Benjamin b abt 1886 Ashill Norfolk

G3 Clarissa GARNER and unknown

Children of Clarissa and unknown
G14......Edward or Edmund b 14 Mar 1845 Thetford d 2nd qr 1912 Freebridge Lynn [Freebridge Lynn 4b 344]
G15......Augusta b 9 Oct 1847 d 2 Jul 1934 Leytonstone

G4 Sarah Ann GARNER m Thomas ABREY (b abt 1825 Mildenhall d 22 Feb 1897 Meldreth, Cambs) 8 Nov 1846 Mildenhall

Note+ Thomas was a railway porter

Children of Thomas and Sarah
G16......Alfred b 16 Jan 1847 Mildenhall d 13 Feb 1860 Mildenhall
G17......Louisa b 19 Dec 1849 Mildenhall d 1st qr 1915 [Royston 3a 1095]
G18......Joseph William b 10 Aug 1855 Mildenhall d after 1901

G6 Joseph GARNER m (a) Martha Elizabeth SAUNDERS (b abt 1828 d 20 Dec 1891 Woodstock, Oxford Co, Ontario, Canada) 3rd Mar 1850 Thetford (b) Florence McCOMBS 14 Sep 1892 Hamilton Ontario

Note: Witnesses to the wedding of Joseph and Martha were William SHAW and Harriet SAUNDERS. Witnesses to the wedding of Joseph and Florence were Clara SUTHERLAND and Hattie E WOODSWORTH.Note: In 1881 living at Oxford West, Oxford South Co, Ontario, with Theodore and Emma

Children of Joseph and Martha
G19......Theodore b 1853 [Mildenhall 4a 394] d abt 1857 Ware RD
G20......Harriet Elizabeth bap 11 Mar 1857 Hoddesdon d 1857 Ware RD
G21......Angelo "Joseph" b 2 Dec 1860 Hoddesdon d 9 Oct 1888 Petrolia, Lambton Co, Ontario, Canada
G22......Theodore b 4th qr 1862 Ware RD d 2 Mar 1885 West Oxford, Oxford Co, Ontario, Canada
G23......Emma b abt 1867 Ontario Canada d 24 Jan 1892 Woodstock Oxford Co, Ontario
Note: Emma was a Baptist

G8 Emily GARNER with unknown m (a)George WRIGHT (b abt 1825 Est Wretham d 13 Aug 1878 Cullingworth, Binglet, Yorks) 26 Dec 1857 East Wretham (b) Abraham FIRTH (b abt 1835 d 4th qr 1890 Bradford RD Yorkshire) 29 May 1884 Bradford Yorks

Child of Emily and unknown
G24......Sarah Ann Laura b 10 Nov 1859 East Wretham m Henry ATKINSON (b abt 1857) 2 Mar 1884 Bradford Yorks
G25......Ellen b Mar 1861 East Wretham
G26......Julia Elizabeth b 10 Oct 1862 Thetford
G27......Harriet b 3rd qr 1864 [Thetford 4b 417]
G28......Emily b 1st qr 1868 [Thetford 4b 391]
G29......George b 1st qr 1871 [Thetford 4b 424]
G30......Charles b 3rd qr 1875 [Keighley 9a 171]

G9 Thomas Charles GARNER m Alice CHILTON 1st Jul 1860 Hoddesdon, Hertford

Children of Thomas and Alice
G31......Joseph b 1861 Wellingore, Lincs
G32......Elizabeth b 1863 Louth, Lincs
G33......George b abt 1865 Lincs
G34......Mary Ann b 1867 Croft Lincs
G35......Alice b 1869 Croft Lincs
G36......Kate b 1871 Garthorpe Lincs
G37......Honerina b 1876 Garthorpe, Lincs

H4 Robert HUDD m Caroline TALBOT (b 4 Oct 1840 Richlands near Taralga, NSW d 23 Jan 1904 Crookwell, NSW) 30 Oct 1864 Bolong, NSW

Note: Robert was in Australia for about 30 years. He was living on marriage at Red Ground, near Laggan, NSW. His death certificate states that he had suffered paralysis for about 4 months

Children of Robert and Caroline
H12......George b 1865 Goulburn, NSW d 1933 Trunkey, NSW m Sarah Ann ELVINS 1898 Tuena RD, NSW
H13......Robert b 1867 Goulburn, NSW d 1939 Liverpool RD, NSW
H14......John b 1868 Goulburn, NSW d 1932 Crookwell NSW m Amelia Maria BATES 1900 Crookwell, NSW
H15......William b 1869 Goulburn, NSW d 1870 Goulburn, NSW
H16......Elizabeth Mary b 1871 Goulburn, NSW d 11 Feb 1944 Trunkey RD NSW m Reuben PICKER 1900 Tuena RD, NSW
H17......Sophia b 1873 Goulburn, NSW d 1941 Crookwell RD, NSW m John William HAILSTONE 1896 Tuena RD, NSW
H18......Henry b 1875 Goulburn, NSW d 24 May 1951 Crookwell RD, NSW m Annie May HEARN 1907 Crookwell RD, NSW
H19......James b 1977 Carcoar, NSW d 1944 Crookwell RD, NSW
H20......Charles b 1879 Carcoar, NSW d 1926 Goulburn NSW m Matilda Caroline MOORE 1905 Goulburn, NSW

M7 James O SMITH m Sarah Dawson OSBORNE (b 3rd qr 1851 [Newmarket 14 110] bap 24 Oct 1852 Exning) 2nd qr 1874 [Newmarket 3b 925] Exning

Note: Sarah was the daughter of John and Hannah OSBORNE. In 1881 and 1891 the family was at 65 Frithville Gardens and James was an "Architect. Associate of the Royal Institute of British Architects and Fellow of Sanitary Institution". Also living in during the census of 1891 were Edith A TIBBATTS a 23 year old governess and Mary POMEROY a general domestic servant aged 25

Children of James and Sarah
m1......Frederick John O b 1875 [Gloucester 6a 329]
m2......Rosa A b 2nd qr 1876 [Gloucester 6a 330]
m3......Agnes b 1883 Hammersmith
m4......Elizabeth (Bessie) b 1883 Hammersmith
m5......Winifred b 1886 Hammersmith

M8 Mary SMITH m William Thomas THRUSSELL 3rd qr 1874 Thetford [Thetford 4b 664]

Children of William and Mary
m6......Harry Wallace b 3rd qr 1875 [Cambridge 3b 513]
m7......Albert Ancterbury b 1st qr 1877 [Cambridge 3b 537]
m8......Florence Mary b 3rd qr 1880 [Cambridge 3b 512] d 1st qr 1881 [Cambridge 3b 333]

M11 Anna SMITH m George FOULGER 3rd qr 1877 [Thetford 4b 591]

Children of George and Anna
m9......Edith b 3rd qr 1878 [Thetford 4b 381]
m10....George John b 4th qr 1879 [Thetford 4b 391]

M16 John Ancterbury SMITH m Elizabeth BANE (b 27 Dec 1859 Thetford d 1926) 19 Sep 1893 Ingham, Nfk

Note John had a shop in the village of Banham. In 1871 he had been a boarder at Bury St Edmunds Grammar School and in 1881 he was a "Grocer's Shopman in Cavendish, Suffolk. Elizabeth was the daughter of John Peddar BANE (b 8 Mar 1819 Aylesham Nfk) and Mary SNELLING (b 5 Apr 1829 Downham Market) who were married in Malton, Yorks June 1855

Children of John and Elizabeth
M18......Alice Ancterbury b 9 Oct 1884 Banham [Guiltcross 4b 256] d 1971 Felixstowe
M19......Sidney Ancterbury b 6 Aug 1887 Banham [Guiltcross 4b 239]
M20......Mabel Kate b 28 Apr 1889 Banham [Guiltcross 4b 260] d 1976 Felixstowe
M21......Winifred b 27 Apr 1891 Banham [Guiltcross 4b 261] d 1968 Felixstowe
M22......Ruby b 15 Jun 1893 Banham [Guiltcross 4b 252] d 1935 Peddar House, Beach Road East, Felixstowe
Note: Ruby was an accomplished golfer: winner of Stowmarket "Ladies Challenge Cup" 1921/22, 1923/24, 1925/26. Cup then retained by her, and at 'The Porch' thereafter. Card from M19 Sidney addressed to Hilda House, Finbow Road, Stowmarket, 1914-16 Ruby is believed (as told by M20 'Auntie Mabel'), to have made the clothes for the beautiful doll kept at the Porch. 'For Wendy' - said Auntie Mabel.
M23......an infant, dob unknown
M24......Alan Ancterbury b 30 Dec 1900 Banham [registered birth 2nd qr 1901 Guiltcross 4b 243] d 1972 Marylebone, London

100 Stephen OLDMAN b 1847 m (a) 89 Jane FOWELL (d 1st qr 1903 Thetford aged 55) (see Fowell branch) 10 Dec 1869 Thetford Wesleyan Methodist Church and (b) 113 Alice Rebecca JESSUP 1st qr 1906 .

Note: Witnesses to the marriage of Stephen and Jane were Joseph Fowell, senr, and Ellen Fowell.
A Wesleyan, 7 times Mayor of Thetford Stephen started out as a miller and corn merchant, but became a valuer, estate agent and auctioneer. A Liberal, he was governor for the Grammar School and a manager for the council schools. In 1874 he was living with Jane at Earles Lane, Thetford and was a Merchants Clerk when 75. Mary Ann OLDMAN his sister was living with Stephen, and the family had a maid, Mary Ann HAILSTONE aged 23 b Barningham Sfk living in. In 1881 he lived in Back Street, Thetford St Peter, where two other people lived: Betsy SHEPHERD, a boarder and Teacher from Grimsby aged 30, and Moni SIMPER servant, aged 15 from Troston, Suffolk. In 1883 he lived at at Shrublands House, 60 St Nicholas St. He was appointed a JP before 1907 and in 1916 was living in Fern House, Earles St, Thetford and became a land tax commissioner.. The London Times reports his election as Mayor on 10 November 1898 and again on 10 Nov 1899. He gave evidence to the Royal Commission on the Poor Law etc which you can see here. For an obituary, click here For an account of his funeral in 1932, click here - his death certificate records that he was a retired merchant and magistrate

In 1898 the White Lion and two adjoining cottages, copyhold of the Manor of Sibton in Croxton, were surrendered by Jane Peak WARD to Stephen, to whom copyhold was conveyed in 1900
He was also in partnership with 72 William James Oldman jnr, his half brother (which was dissolved 31st Dec 1907) working as "Corn and seed merchants and auctioneers" in Thetford and Stow Bedon. There is a photograph taken of a civic celebration for the coronation of King George V in 1910 at which Stephen was present here

The Bury and Norwich Post of 13 Mar 1883 printed the following letter from Stephen

and on 29 Nov 1898 pinted the following:

Children of Stephen and Jane

137......Alfred born 21 Oct 1870 Earles Lane, Thetford [Certif] d 4 July 1919 Horsford, Norfolk aged 48
138......Herbert William b 20 Feb 1872 [family bible] [Thetford 4b 393] m 94 Lillie Leigh MATTHEWS (b 1874 d 1939) 1 Oct 1908 St Ives Methodist Chapel & Schools
Note: In 1891 he was an engineering apprentice aged 18 boarding at Olwen Street, St Ives, Hunts. At the time of the marriage, Herbert was living at 6 Cromwell Place, St Ives and Lillie was at The Quadrant, St Ives. Witnesses to the wedding were S OLDMAN, Mary LEIGH, E Leigh, Sam LEIGH. Herbert was an an engineer who worked at Fowell and Sons, Agricultural Engineers, and bought the firm out early in the 20th century. It became H W Oldman, Ltd., until he died, when it was taken over and run by a Mr Rouse until it finally sold up in the 1980s. You can see the story of the firm here
139......Edith Sarah born 27 Oct 1873 [family bible] [Thetford 4b 363] m Arthur John CHELL ( b 7 Mar 1879 [family bible] Little Bolton, Lancs) 10 Jun 1905 [family bible][Thetford 4b 765]
Note: Arthur was a Builders' Foreman from Alexander Villa, Kings Road, Kingston upon Thames and was the son of Thomas CHELL, Engineer (b 1st qr 1851 [Chesterfield 19 567] and Sarah SMITH
There is a website for the Chell family
140......Henry [Harry] Fowell born 10 Mar 1877 [family bible] [Thetford 4b 390] d 9 Mar 1935 Thetford [Thetford 4b 408]
141......Arthur Charles b 8 Oct 1878 [family bible] [Thetford 4b 381] d 27 Dec 1905 [family bible] [Thetford 4b 216]

103 Arthur OLDMAN m Emma Jane WILLIAMS (b 1st qr 1853 Chesterton [Chesterton 3b 141] 13 Jul 1873 Cottenham[Chesterton 3b 805]

Note: Emma was the eldest daughter of Edward Williams, a farmer of Willingham

Children of Arthur and Emma
142......Florence b 7 Oct 1874 m Frederick DUNSTAN
143......Grace Arthurine 20 Oct 1875 m Henry GADSDEN 2nd qr 1914 [Kettering 3b 478]
Note: At some time Grace (unmarried) lived at 38 Monis Road, Lewes and later at 15 Toronto Terrace, Lewes [Marion Oldman's address book]

91 Annie Caroline PENNACK m George William IRONS 3rd qr 1900 [Chorlton 8c 1224

Children of William and Annie
144......Nancy Ethel P b 4th qr 1902 [Fulham 1a 354]
145......Dennis dob unknown


A photograph of some of the people in this generation taken 3rd July 1936 may be seen here

122 Anna Susan OLDMAN m Walter SPALDING 2nd qr 1892 [Christchurch 2b 1214]

Children of Walter and Anna
146......Laurence William b 1st qr 1893 [Christchurch 2b 297]
147......Elsie Mabel b 3rd qr 1894 [Christchurch 2b 658]
148......Kathleen Marie b 4th qr 1895 [Christchurch 2b 649]

123 Gertrude Mary OLDMAN m David LOFTS (b 3 May 1868 [Maldon 4a 219] 11 Apr 1893

Child of David and Gertrude
149......Olive b 10 Jul 1894 d 25 Oct 1976 m Charles E DIMMITT

129 Albert John OLDMAN m Emily Kate DAVIS (b 24 Jul 1863 Coleford) 3rd Jan 1896 Thetford Congregational Church

Children of Albert and Kate
150......Albert John b 10 Dec 1900 [Conway 11b 450] m Milbrow GREEN 10 Sep 1927 Kings Swinford, Stourbridge
151......Philip Arthur b 23 Jan 1903 [family bible] [Conway 11b 458] m Dorothy Aiken SMITH (b 22 Aug 1905 Macduff, Bannfshire) 29 Aug 1932 English Methodist Church Conway

130 Walter James OLDMAN m 125 Alice Maud OLDMAN 9 Aug 1902 [family bible] [Holborn 1b 1558]

Children of Walter and Alice
152....Phyllis Ethel Mary b 29 Jul 1904 [Kettering 3b 163]
153....William John Noel b 25 Dec 1906 Kettering 3b 145] d 4th qr 1877 [Enfield 12 311] m Blanche Iris TRAXTON
154....Alice Elizabeth Louise ("Betty") b 8 Nov 1909 [Kettering 3b 151]
155.....Eric Rushbrook b 1st qr 1911 [Gt Yarmouth 4b 22]

133 Ernest William OLDMAN m (a) Esther Jane SCHOLEFIELD (b 29 Feb 1876 d 30 Jul 1926 [Nottingham 7b 262]) 4th qr 1903 [Eccleshall B 9c 555] (b) Kate Elizabeth LEE

Note: At some time Ernest was living at 1 Redding Terrace, Wallington Street, Nottingham [Marion Oldman's address book]

Children of Ernest and Esther
156......Ernest Stephen Argyll b 16 Jan 1905 Yorkshire [Wortley 9c 364] m Hilda WHITFIELD Colne, Lancs
157......Esther Clarice Kate b 27 Jan 1907 Yorkshire [Wortley 9c 347] m William Harold MILLER of Nottingham 1928
158......Living female b 20 Nov 1921 [Nottingham 7b 675] m Mr GUNSTON

135 Agnes Laura OLDMAN m Henry MARTIN (b 1 Aug 1877 d 8 Sep 1942 bur Needham Market) 21 Mar 1907 United Methodist Free Church, East Dereham

Note: Henry was the son of Henry MARTIN, bookbinder, Agnes was assistant matron at the workhouse, Castle Acre, where Henry (Harry) was a porter. Witnesses to the marriage were John OLDMAN, Alfred OLDMAN, Marriane OLDMAN and Jessie KETTLE and Mary Ann BENSON

Children of Henry and Agnes
159......Edith Louisa b 23 Sep 1908 [Freebridge 4b 275] d 4 Aug 1975 London m Thomas Redvers BROWN (b 17 Jun 1900 Walthamstow)
160......Maisie dob unknown

136 Stephen Benjamin OLDMAN m Gertude PARSLEY

Children of Stephen and Gertrude
161......Sidney dob unknown
162......Edna b 3rd qr 1922 [Samford 4a 1757] m John PERROTT

G14 Edward GARNER m Mary Ann SPRATLEY (b abt 1855 Camberwell d after 31 Mar 1901) 15 Aug 1871 Bradford, Yorks

Note: In 1881 the family was at 9 Ellen's View, Hook and Edward was an iron planer. In 1891 he was a dock labourer living at 49 Mason Terrace, Hook, Goole. In 1901 the family was at 11 Campbell Street, Abercrombie Terrace, Holy Trinity and St Mary, Kingston upon Hull. Edward was a corporation labourer

Children of Edward and Mary Ann
G38......Joseph b 1872 Stanningley, Yorks m Betsy DOBSON (b Goole 1874) 4th qr 1908 [Glossop 7b 1826]
Note: In 1891 Joseph was a brick layer, living with his parents. In 1911 he and Mary were 42 Palmer Road, Sheffield
G39......Eliza Ellen b 1875 Stanningley, Yorks
G40......George Edward b 1877 Stanningley, Yorks
Note: In 1891 George was an errand boy, living with his parents
G41......Augusta b 1879 Stanningley Yorks
G42......Robert William b 1882 Goole Yorks
Note: Robert was a brick layer in 1891, living with his parents
G43......Thomas B b abt 1885 Goole Yorks
Note: Thomas was a brick layer apprentice in 1891, living with his parents
G44......Charles b 1893 Goole Yorks
G45......Clarissa b 1896 Goole Yorks

G15 Augusta GARNER and unknown, then m Levi WHEATLEY 16 Dec 1877 Newington, Surrey

Child of Augusta and unknown
G46......Amy Elizabeth GARNER b 21 Jan 1868 Marylebone

G17 Louisa ABREY m James Stanford HANDSCOMBE (b 1843 Melbourn Cambs d between 1911 and 1912 Chesterton Rd, Cambs) 1868 Royston RD

Note: James was a farm labourer in 1881 living at Backway, Melbourn, Cambs

Children of James and Louisa
G47......James Stanford b 1869 Melbourn m Rosina GOULDTHORPE 1902 Royston
Note: James was a farm labourer in 1881
G48......Ada Ann b 1874 Melbourn
Rose Ellen b 1876 Melbourn
G50......Ethel Maud b 1880/1 Melbourne
G51......Wilfred Oliver b 1884 Melbourne
G52......Frederick Theodore b 1888 Melbourne
G53......Florence Emily b 1890/1 Melbourne

G18 Joseph William ABREY m Eliza SCOTT (b 1859 Garthorpe, Lincs) 25 Dec 1876 Luddington, Lincs

Note: In 1891 the family was at 9 Victoria Place, Dalton, Mold Green, Huddersfield and Joseph was an engine driver whilst Eliza was a dressmaker. In 1901 the family was at 38 Pasture Road, Goole and Joseph was a hydraulic crane driver at the docks. Eliza is shown as a dressmaker and draper. There was a visitor, Arabella ODDY aged 34, an upholstress from Huddersfield. In 1911 they were at the same address

Children of Joseph and Eliza
G54......Bertha b 1877 Garthorpe, Lincs d 1884 Goole RD
G55......Alfred b 1883 Goole
Note: Alfred was a butcher's assistant in 1901
G56......Eliza b 1885 Goole d 1st qr 1910 Goole
Note: Eliza was a music teacher in 1901
G57......Beatrice Annie b 1887 Goole m Robert COLLIER 3rd qr 1913 [Goole 9c 1830]
Note: Beatrice was a school teacher in 1911

G21 Angelo "Joseph" GARNER m Annie Bell MURRAY (b 6 Jan 1862 Niagara Falls, Ontario) 10 Jan 1883 Ingersoll, Oxford Co, Ontario, Canada

Note: In 1861 Angelo was at Lord Street, Hoddesdon

Children of Joseph and Annie
G58......Bertie Saunders (fem) b 16 Nov 1883 Ingersoll, Ontario
G59......Gordon James b 24 Dec 1884 Dereham, Oxford Co, Ontario
G60......Joseph Angelo b 27 Apr 1886 Ontario
G61......Katie b 4 Jan 1888 St Thomas, Elgin Co, Ontario m Arthur Valentine MEEK 3 Mar 1922 Woodstock, Ozford Co, Ontario
Note: Witnesses to the marriage were Barbara Christie & Margaret Bell, both of Woodstock

137 Alfred OLDMAN b 1869 m Marianne MORLEY (b 23 Nov 1873 [family bible] [Thetford 4b 383 registered 1st qr 1874] d 4 Jan 1956 Ipswich hospital) 29 Sep 1896 Hockwold.

from the Ipswich Journal of 3 Oct 1896

See Morley branch here

Witnesses were 114 Herbert William OLDMAN and 115 Edith Sarah OLDMAN
Alfredd was recorded in the Bury and Norwich Post of 24 Dec 1878 as a boy winning the Mayor's prize whilst in the fourth class at the Boys' Board School in Thetford and on 25 Dec 1883 it recorded his winning a box of drawing instruments at the same school. on £ April he had a stall in a bazaar at Thetford for the Wesleyan Church.
Alfred started his working life as a reporter at the Swindon Gazette, then moving to the Bury Free Press where is 1891 he was lodging at 18 Guildhall Street, Bury St Edmunds. At about the time of his marriage he was reporter and football editor for the East Anglian Daily Times in Ipswich and they lived at first at 106 Spring Road Ipswich, and were there in 1898 when Harold was christened. He left to become Election Agent for William SOAMES, Liberal MP, and in spite of his politics, his acknowledged integrity allowed him to become the deputy Registration Officer for Norfolk. Contrary to a family story, he was not an MP himself! In the 1901 census he was recorded as living at Hockwold with Marrianne's parents as a Liberal Political Agent.

They lived at Albion House, Harleston, Norfolk for about 20 years during which time he became a district and a parish councillor. He had an Alldays and Onions car which carried his initials on the radiator - have a look at the car here. On leaving for Horsford the year before his death, they were given an award by the people of Harleston, subscribers completing a book with their names which is still in the family. [E-mail us by clicking at the bottom of the page if you wish to enquire about Harleston names in the book]

Whilst in Harleston he was secretary of the Bowls club attached to the Magpie Inn (still there) and in 1906 won the bowls tournement - his house backed onto the bowling green (now a car park) and Marianne would come to the fence to call him in for lunch!

)n 14 Sep 1912 he won 2nd prize in the Epping Cup, 1st in the Walton Abbey Cup and came first in the unlimited competition for shooting as reprted in the Essez Newsman and on 16 May 1913 the Cambridge Independant Press reported that Alfred was the Liberal agent for Soham and Wilbraham
He was Captain and Secretary of the Harleston Rifle Club, Secretary of the Norfolk Rifle Club and a member of the National Rifle Association, as well as being in the 220 Club, and had many trophies and medals, some of which are still in our posession. He had joined a cycling club in Swindon, and was awarded a medal for cycling 108 miles in 12 hours in 1892 - on a Penny Farthing, more properly known as an "Ordinary" which had been made specially for his measurements.

[See pages for Morley and Green]

Children of Alfred and Marriane
163......Harold Morley b 19 Dec 1897 [family bible] bap 21 Apr 1898 Hockwold d 1st qr 1964 [Ashton 10b 85]
Note: Harold worked in a bank most of his life, but was a driver in the Royal Flying Corps in WW1
164......Evelyn Beryl (Mollie) b 26 Jul 1909 Albion House, Harleston d 11 Oct 1986 Ipswich Hospital
Note Mollie was taught to play the piano by Lizzie Wain (Johnson branch)

M24 Alan Ancterbury SMITH m Doris CORDLE 16 Feb 1944 Felixstowe

Child of Alan and Doris
M25......Living male b 19 Aug 1945 London

140 Henry (Harry) Fowell OLDMAN m Kate RUSSELL (b 1874 Llandaff, Glamorganshire) 3rd qr 1901 [Thetford 4b 755]

Note: In 1909 Harry is reported as a councillor being elected as a governor of the Grammar School in Thetford, thus making three generations involved in local government; in 1911 the census has them at Princess Gardens, Peterborough. Also present were Harriet PAWSEY a 57 year old Housekeeper from Bradfield St Clare and Alice Maud OLDFIELD a 22 year old general servant from Thetford, At some time Harry was living at 2 Waverley Grove, Church End, Finchley [Marion Oldman's address book] Harry left GP3418.13s.3d to his wife Kate (worth GP796,000 in 2012 using per capita GDP)

Children of Harry and Kate
165......Harry b1902 d 1902 [Thetford 4b 227]
166......Hugh Russell b 11 Mar 1908 bap 2 Jun 1908 Thetford
Note: Hugh lived at some time at 77 St Philips Avenue, Perm Fields, Wolverhampton. He married and was a solicitor

142 Florence OLDMAN m Frederick DUNSTAN 2nd qr 1914 [Kettering 3b 468]

Children of Frederick and Florence
167......Winifred dob unknown
168......Freda dob unknown
169......Rhoda dob unknown
170......Vivian dob unknown


G46 Amy Elizabeth GARNER m Herbert PHELPS (b abt 1866 Amroth Pembrokeshire) 20 Jun 1892 Islington

Note: Witnesses to the marriage were Levi Wheatley & Maggie Phelps. The 1911 cencus shows the family at 96 Chrisp Street, Poplar and Herbert was a grocer

Children of Herbert and Amy
G62......Edgar b abt 1894 Bermondsey
Note: In 1911 Edgar was assisting in his father's grocer's shop
G63......Hugh b abt 1898 Holloway

G55 Alfred ABREY m Sarah Elizabeth HEADON (b 1886 Goole) 4th qr 1907 [Goole 9c 1638]

Child of Alfred and Sarah
G55a....Joseph William b 1910 Goole

G49 Rose Ellen HANDSCOMBE m Walter BISHOP (b 1876 Clewer, Berkshire) 1898 Paddington

Note In 1891 Walter was a builder's clerk and the family lived at 87 Grove Road, New Windsor. In 1911 they were at 80 Napier Road, Tottenham and Walter was an insurance agent

Child of Walter and Rose
G64......Robert b Dec 1900 Melbourne, Cambsr
G64a....Elsie b 1905 Mortlake, Surrey

G59 Gordon James GARNER m Agnes Eliza McFEE abt 1908/9

Child of Gordon and Agnes
G65......Frank A b 24 May 1910 Michigan USA d 20 Jun 1971 Milford, Oakland Co, Michigan USA
Note: In 1920 Frank lived at 564 Michigan Avenue, Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan, USA; age 9; in 1930 he was at 9055 Tainer [?] Street, Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan, USA; age 20; single; electrician,

G60 Joseph Angelo GARNER m Margaret Rose SIBLEY 28 Oct 1911 Woodstock, Ontario

Child of Joseph and Margaret
G66......Ernest Angelo b 12 Mar 1912 d 10 Oct 1912

163 Harold Morley OLDMAN m (a) Irene SAINT 6 Dec 1920, St Matthews Church Croydon

and (b) Winifred BIRCHALL 2nd qr 1959 [Southend 4a 1344]

Note: witnesses to the first wedding were Marianne Oldman , Blanche HESSE and Thomas W HESSE

Children of Harold and Irene
172......Diana Mary b 1st qr 1922 [Thetford 4b 579] m Desmond Manrill RUMMINS 12 Oct 1959 St Mary's Church, Hampton Park, Eastbourne
Note: Diana had been a secretary living at 289 Kings Drive, Eastbourne, and Desmond was a baker's roundsman living at 46 Pakefield Ave, Eastbourne when they married. Witnesses were G RUMMINS and A M SAINT.

164 Evelyn Beryl (Mollie) OLDMAN m Edward Charles GREEN 28 Mar 1932 Hockwold cum Wilton

Note: See the Green branch here

Children of Edward and Mollie

173......Richard b 25 Sep 1932 Hillmorton, Rugby (Me)
174......James Robert b 5 Apr 1937 84 Westbury Rd Ipswich
175......Jennifer Mary b 27 Dec 1943 Queenscliffe Cottage, Kesteven Rd Ipswich

166 Hugh Russell OLDMAN m Norah E RATCLIFFE 3rd qr 1938 [Crewe 8a 1174]

Note: In WW2, Hugh was an officer (no 162346) in the Royal Norfolk Regiment. By 1970 he was a solicitor working in the practice of H Bevir and Son, Wooton Basset, Wilts

Children of Hugh and Norah
176......John b 1st qr 1941 [Crewe 8a 844]
177......Mary R b 4th qr 1947 [Maidenhead 6a 45]
178......Elizabeth dob unknown

M25 Living male SMITH m living female TAYLOR (b 17 July 1945) 4 Oct 1969 London

M26......Living female b 14 Sep 1970 Northampton
M27......Living male b 4 Mar 1973


M26 Living female SMITH m Living male McNALLY (b 31 Jan 1966) 27 Mar 1999 Tynemouth

M28......Living male b 16 Jun 2002
M29......Living male b 8 Jul 2004

M27 Living male SMITH m Living female GOOCH 17 Jun 2001 Melton

M30......Living female b 31 Oct 2006
M31......Living male b 26 Oct 2008

Special thanks to Richard Brown, grandchild of 135 Agnes Laura OLDMAN, Anna Kettle, Wendy Inskeep, Joyce Lehmann and Andy Smith for their help with this branch.

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