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1150Germanus OLDMAYNE b abt 1150 London son of John OLDMAYNE. After his father was hanged went to live in Walsingham
This is the earliest record of an Oldman in Norfolk

"At a Council held in London in the days of Henry II the brother of the Count de Ferrers was killed and thrown out of his house in the mud of the streets. For which deed the King seized many of the citizens. Amongst whom a certain noble and rich man was taken by name John OLDMAYNE who could not clear himself by the ordeal of water offered and paid to the King fifty pounds of silver so that he might have his life. [Denham parish register]
In AD 1177 the Kings of Castile and Navarre sent representatives to England in order that their quarrels might be settled by Henry II. During the council the brother of the Earl of Ferrers was slain by night in London ...among those arrested was a certain aged man of high rank and great wealth whose name was John; he being unable to prove his innocence by means of the judgement by water, offered our lord the King fifty pounds of silver for the preservation of his life. But inasmuch as he had been cast in the Judgement by water, the King refused to receive the money and ordered him to be hanged on a gibbet. [Bohn's antiquarian library]
But in the meantime, Germanus, the eldest son of this John leaving the city, betook himself to Norfolk and settled at Walsingham where after telling many years he died in the whiteness of age, having enjoyed a good reputation and worship." [Denham parish register]

1288Walter OLDMAN was excused "the day's work in barley-seed time, nor the day's in harvest, because their tenants work for them" in Grimston [BritHist]
1309For 8 marks of silver, William Fraunceys to John Tully, messuage with close (3a.) and 8d. worth of rent in Wilingham [Willingham]; said messuage and close lying between Tully's tenement and highway, 1 head abutting on Tully's wood, other head on land of Warun hunteman; said rent to be taken, viz. 2d. from Warin OLDMAN 3d. from Warin Hunteman, 2d. from Christiana daughter of W.H., ... Given at Wilingham, Eve of All Saints, 3 Edw.II. (Phillipps MS No. 36041) [Arch]
1310Debtor: Alexander OLDMAN, of Bassingham Augustus {Augues}, the son of Hubert Hakun , Rannulph de Crows, and Thomas de Easton Creditor: John de Hockham, and Rannulph, his brother. Amount: £70. [BritHist]
1312 Debtor: Hubert Hakun, of Great Melton, Norfolk: Creditor: Walter le King, of Wymondham , and Alexander OLDMAN, of Bassingham. Amount: £10. [Arch]
1323John OLDMAN had the manor of Crowhall, Baconthorpe (Copsy Manor) settled on him for life [Brit Hist]
1336Debtor: Thomas de la Rokele, of Wymondham and Alexander OLDMAN, of Wymondham.
Creditor: Adam de Grimsby, and Richard Storm, of Snitterley Amount: 20m. 25 Apr 1336 [Arch]
Debtor: Alexander OLDMAN, of Wymondham Creditor: Adam de Grimsby, and Richard Storm, of Snitterley Amount: £26 13s. 4d.3 Jun 1336 - [Arch]
1344William OLDMAN was a witness at Willingham
1348 Indenture, being a feoffment by Robert Tebaud of Schippeden to Robert OLDMAN of Thurton of a place of land in Schippeden lying at Crowemere between a path on the east and land of the said Robert, which he assigned to his tenants for free ingress and egress, on the west; rendering 3s. 6d. yearly to him and his heirs. Wednesday after the Purification, 23 Edward III. Endorsed: Modo Jacobus Candelman. [Brithist]
1379Adam OLDMAN and his wife Margareta each paid 6d poll tax in Ovington
Adam OLDMAN paid 6d poll tax in Saham Toney
Edmundus OLDMAN paid 12d in Swaffham
Thomas OLDMAN paid 4d in Hilborough
Johannes OLDMAN paid 4d in Gooderstone
1381Thomas OLDMAN paid 12d in Hilborough
Ricardus OLDMAN paid 12d in Hilborough
Nicholas OLDMAN was vicar of Goodeston in 1379 [Brithist]
1400To Thomas OLDMAN, perpetual chaplain of the chantry of St. John Baptist situate in the west part of the parish church of Quappelade, in the diocese of Lincoln. Dispensation to hold [for life] with the said chaplaincy, value not exceeding 3 marks, one other compatible benefice, with or without cure, even if an elective dignity, major or principal respectively, personatus or office in a metropolitan, cathedral or collegiate church, and to resign both for exchange or otherwise as often as he pleases and hold instead similar or dissimilar benefices. Vite ac morum. (De mandato). 3rd Nov 1400 [Brit Hist]
1410John Rokel, John OLDMAN, and Walter Rollecros to Ralph Esthweyt: Grant, indented, of land in Ashill: [Arch]
1414Grant by Richard Marcaunt of Saham, to Henry Bryce of Wygenhale, chaplain, Thomas Warde of Great Pagrave, and John OLDMAN of Saham, of the moiety of a messuage with a croft and land in Saham and Asshele, part lying in 'le Wroo', part at Grongeberd adjoining land of the manor of Uphalle and abutting on land of the manor of Panneworth, and part abutting on Wylwemere. Thursday after the Epiphany, 3 Henry V. Seal. [Arch]
1415John Ravene of Saham [ Toney ] to John OLDMAN of Saham [ Toney ] : Grant of land in Ashill field : ( Norf. ) From records of the Exchequer, and its related bodies, with those of the Office of First Fruits and Tenths, and the Court of Augmentations [Arch]
1418Robert OLDMAN was priest of Rockland St Andrews parish
1473Feoffment by Robert OLDMAN sen. to Richard Frekenham and Alice his wife, Giles Well' and John Deye of all his lands etc. and liberty of one fold in the vill and fields of Hilborough, had from John Bete, John Stede and others. HIL/1/59,870X1 4 December 1473 [Arch]
1475Peter Oldman, D.D. Prior of the convent of the friars preachers at Thetford, admitted Thomas Hurton and Margery his wife, to be secular brethren of the convent, and to partake of their prayers and devotions while alive, and of their masses when dead, in as ample a manner as the rest of the friars of the house, and that they might, by the grant of Pope Innocent VIII. granted to this order, choose their own confessor when and where they pleased; and it is plain that they had chosen him by the absolution indorsed on the instrument, which is dated at Thetford, 1st. Jun. 1475. [Arch]
1475Peter OLDMAN was Prior of the Dominican Friars of Thetford [Arch]
Thomas OLDMAN was rector of Westwick [An Essay towards a Topographical History of the County of Norfolk: volume 11]
1477Elizabeth OLDEMAN, wife of Roger OLDMAN mother of Peter OLDMAN, Prior of the Cluniac priory of Thetford in 1475 was buried in 1477 in the church, and gave a legacy to the light of the Virgin Mary, which burned before her image in it.[Martin's History of Thetford and Arch]
1504John OLDMAN involved in a case (Oldman v Thomas COLLARD) concerning the detention of deeds relating to a messuage and land in Little Walsingham [Arch]
1532Orate p. a'i'a. Eliz. Oldman nup. ux'is Henrici Oldman, q'i. obijt, iii die Febr. Ao. Dni. m. v. xxxii. et p. quib; tenetr. From An Essay towards a Topographical History of the County of Norfolk: volume 9
1539Johan OLDMAN m Christiana MARCALL 20 Oct 1539 Horningtoft
Thomas OLDMAN m Rose MALET 12 Oct 1539 Stanfield
1540Joan OLDMAN recorded as a nun at Infurthe, Lincs on 1st Dec 1540 {Brit Hist]
Johannes OLDMAN m Christiana MARRALL 20 Jun 1540 Horningtoft [Freereg]
1541Isabella OLDMAN bur 14 Oct 1541 Horningtoft [Freereg]
1542Anna OLDMAN m Francis GLOVER of Tittleshall 5 Jan 1542 Horningtoft [Freereg]
1546Thomas OLDMAN married Margaret (surname unknown) Woodbridge 9 Jun 1546
1548Robert OULDMAN m Rose HARPER of Brisley 10 Aug 1548 Horningtoft [Par Reg]
Henricus OLDMAN m Cicelia MADDYE 10 Aug 1548 Horningtoft [Freereg]
1550Katerina OLDMAN bur 18 Jun 1550 dau Thome [Freereg]
1551Margaretta bap 1 Jan 1551 Horningtoft dau Thomas [Freereg]
1552Margareta bap 7 Jul 1552 Horningtoft, dau Johannis [Freereg]
1553Rosa OLDMAN bap 5 Oct 1553 Horningtoft dau Thome [Freereg]
Willelmus OLDMAN bap 18 Mar 1553 s o Roberti [Freereg]
Sylvester OLDMAN bap 18 Mar 1553 s o Henrici [Freereg]
1554Emma OLDMAN m Edmund Francklin of Tittleshall 10 Sep 1554 Horningtoft [Freereg]
1555Margaret OLDMAN m George HARPER 1 Jul 1555 Brisley [Freereg]
Thomas OLDMAN bap 22 Jan 1555 Horningtoft s o Johannis [Freereg]
1556Thomas bap 22 Jul 1556 son of John OLDMAN Gressenhall St Mary the Virgin [Freereg]
Margaret OLDMAN m George HARPER of Brisley 1 Jul 1556 Horningtoft [Par Reg]
1558Twenty-four acres of land pasture or bruary called Our Lady's Heath, parcel of the manor of Byrston, in Byrston, Norfolk. Oldfield alias OLDMAN being lord of the said manor. [Arch]
1561Richard OLDMAN m Edith BALDINGE 5 Oct 1561 Heacham [Par Reg]
Rosa OLDMAN bap Horningtoft dau Roberti [Freereg]
1562Thomas OLDMAN m Rose MALET 12 Oct 1652 Horningtoft [IGI]
Lease in Whissonsett for 500 years of 1562 from John Bozom esq. to Thomas Oldman of 8 acres [Arch]Thomas OLDMAN bap 12 Feb 1562 Horningtoft s o Robert [Freereg]
1563Cicely OLDMAN m John FAKONER 18 Jan 1563 Horningtoft [IGI]
Christiana OLDMAN m Andrew WALDEN of Bitrin Street 23 Jul 1563 Horningtoft [IGI]
John OLDMAN and unknown had issue:

Henrie bap 17 Jan 1563 St Peter Southgate, Norwich

1565Katherine OLDMAN m Richard HAYE 15 Dec 1565 Kings Lynn [Freereg]
1566Elen OLDMAN bap 11 Nov 1566 Horningtoft, dau of Robert [Freereg]
1567Robert OLDMAN m Ciceley CURSON (widow) 15 Dec 1567 Horningtoft (but may be 1576) [IGI]

Child of Robert and Ciceley:
Robert bap 27 Oct 1577 [Freereg]
Thomas OLDMAN of Booton m Rosa BOYTON 13 Oct 1567 Booton [IGI]

1569Robert OLDMAN bap 13 Dec 1569 Horningtoft s o Robert [Freereg]
1573Robert OLDMAN m Mary SKINNER 1573 Beeston-next-Mileham [Freereg] and had issue

Robert bap 25 May 1577 Whissonsett
Richard bap 11 May 1578 Whissonsett
Susan bap 7 Oct 1583 Whissonsett
John bap 14 Nov 1585 Whissonsett
Richarde bap 6 Apr 1588 Whissonsett bur 27 Jan 1603 Whisonsett

Robert OLDMAN m Alice "his wiffe" 18 May 1573 West Rudham [Par reg]
1575Messuage and 4a. Whissonsett land and meadow including at Wolves Crosse, purchased by Thomas Barsham gent. from Margaret and Thomas Oldman 1575 and in 1576 sold to Geoffrey Wyllys. [Arch]

Henry OLDMAN m Alice BANYARD 20 Jun 1755 Heacham [Par Reg]

1577Mary OLDMAN m John INGLEBY 1 Dec 1577 Clee Old, Lincoln [IGI]
1578Silvester OLDMAN m Elizabeth BOZOWN 1 May 1578 Whissonsett [Freereg] and had issue:

Nicholas bap 31 Mar 1577 Foulsham

Rose OLDMAN m Thomas RUDD 6 Jul 1578 Whissonsett [Freereg]
Johes OLDMAN m Alicia KNIGHT 8 Feb 1578 Mileham [Freereg]
1581Thomas OLDMAN m Clement GEILEN (?) 2 Dec 1581 Bagthorpe St Mary [Freereg]
George OLDMAN m Hellen LAVEROCK 10 Nov 1581 Clee Old, Lincoln [IGI]
1583Ellen OLDMAN m John CULLEN 26 May 1583 Whissonsett [Freereg]
Richarde OLDMAN (widower) m Ciceley DUNHAM (widow) Whissonsett [Freereg]
1584William OLDMAN m Agnes WHYTTON 12 Jul 1584 Kings Lynn [Freereg]
Elizabeth OLDMAN m Robert HENDRY 21 Jun 1584 Heacham
1585Dorothee OLDMAN m Thomas DIXON 30 Oct 1585 Whissonsett[Freereg]
Richarde OLDMAN m Katherine SPALDING 14 Feb 1585 Whissonsett [Freereg]
1586John OLDMAN m Margarett PARKER 3 Jul 1586 Whissonsett [Freereg]
Messuage and 3 acres arable and pasture in Whissonsett conveyed by Final Concord by Thomas and Jane Oldman to John Monyment 1586 [Nat Archives]
Catherine OLDMAN m Robert SUNKEN 1 Aug 1686 Heacham [Par Reg]
1587Thomas OLDMAN m Clemence ROOSE (Widow) 29 Oct 1587 Whissonsett [Freereg]
Margaret OLDMAN m William HAINES 1 Dec 1587 Heacham [Par Reg]
1588Rose OLDMAN m Richard FOX 1 Feb 1588 Horningtoft [Par Reg]
1590Ellen OLDMAN m William DURRANT 20 Sep 1590 [IGI]
Rose OLDMAN m Richarde SPOONER 13 Sep 1590 Whissonsett [Freereg]
1591One and a half Acres at Fulkespyt (Whissonsett) and 4 acres at Morgategrene sold by Robert Oldman and Richard Pytcher to Thomas and Elizabeth Hypgam 1591[Arch]
John OULDMAN and unknown had issue

John bap 28 Feb 1591 St John Timberhill, Norwich

1592William OLDMAN m Cicely HOLLAND 5 Jun 1592 Horningtoft [IGI]
1593Water OLDMAN m Margarett LAMBERDE 18 Nov 1593 Whissonsett [Freereg]
1596Agnes OLDMAN m Patricke BROONE 18 Aug 1596 Heacham
1597Margaret OLDMAN m William HAINES 1 Dec 1597 Heacham [Par Reg]
Alice OLDMAN m Gregory CASTLE 21 Jan 1597 Horningtoft [IGI]
Robert OLDMAN m Rebecca TILNEY 21 Jan 1597 Horningtoft [IGI]
Rose OLDMAN m John BONNETT 25 Sep 1597 Whissonsett [Freereg]
Elizabeth OLDMAN m Crispine BALLS 10 Jul 1597 Swannington [Freereg]
1598John Clement OLDMAN bap Jan 1598 Whitwell son of Clement [Freereg]
1601Margaret OLDMAN m Nicholas MASON 1 Nov 1601 Heacham [Par Reg]
William OULDMAN m Cecily BARRET 1601Horningtoft [IGI]
George OLDMAN (gent) m Catherine SMITH 31 Mar 1601 Foulsham and had issue:

Thomas bap 2 Nov 1604 Foulsham

Elsabeth OLDMAN m Peter CAUTON 30 Nov 1601 St Martin, Lincoln [IGI]
1603Margaret OLDMAN wife of Water bur 15 Apr 1603 Whissonsett [Freereg]
Margaret OLDMAN m Nicholas MASON 1 Nov 1601 Heacham [Par Reg]
John OULDMAN bap 7 Mar 1603 Swannington s o John OULDMAN [IGI]
Agnes OLDMAN bap 12 Nov 1603 Whissonsett d o Ellen OLDMAN [IGI]
1604Thomas OLDMAN m Marye CURSON 22 Apr 1604 and had issue:

Thomas bap 24 Nov 1604 Swannington
Richard bap 21 Dec 1606 Swannington
Thomas bap 27 Feb 1611 Swannington [Freereg]

John OLDMAN m Tomazin BRADSHAW 16 Apr 1604 Nth Elmham and had issue:

Mary OLDMAN bap 11 Aug 1605 North Elmham

John OLDMAN m Joan DEARLOVE 8 Jul 1604 Lincoln [IGI]
1606Water OLDMAN m Ellen LAMSON 13 Jul 1606 Whissonsett [Freereg]
1607John OLDMAN bap 31 Aug 1607 Swannington s o Agnes OLDMAN [IGI]
1608Thomas OLDMAN m Alice BECK 23 Oct 1608 Whissonsett [Freereg]
Cisley OLDMAN d o Robert bap 10 Apr 1608 Melton Constable
Elizabeth OLDEMAN m Anthonie BEALES 10 Jan 1608 Swannington [IGI]
1609Thomas OLDMAN m Margery WAUMSLEY Nov 1609 Kyme [IGI]
1611Robart OLDMAN bap 22 Feb 1611 Swannington s o Thomas [IGI]
George OLDMAN m Elizabeth TASKER 20 Jan 1611 Waddingham, Lincs [IGI]
1612Godfrie OLDMAN (b 1587 Swineshead) m Roose SMITH 19 Jul 1612 Swineshead, Lincs [IGI] and had issue:

Ane bap 18 Apr 1613 Swineshead
Ellyzabethe bap 10 Dec 1615 Swineshead
Godfrey bap 29 Nov 1617 Swineshead
a child bap Feb 1618 Swineshead

George OLDMAN m Elizabeth TAYLOR 20 Jan 1612 Waddingham Lincs [IGI] and had issue:

Christopherus bap 24 Dec 1612 Waddingham
Thomas bap 25 Aug Waddingham bur 24 Mar 1616 Waddingham

1613Ellen OLDMAN m William CRANE 17 Oct 1613 Whissonsett [Freereg]
1614Michill OLDMAN m Margarett SKARFE 11 May 1614 Whissonset [Freereg] and had issue:

Tymothie bap 2 Apr 1615 Weasenham
Margaret bap 10 Feb 1618 Weasenham

Marie OLDMAN m John CUTLER 16 Oct 1614 South Wooton [Freereg]
1615Susan OLDMAN m Thomas WRIGHTE 5 Jun 1615 Whissonsett [Freereg]
Ann OULDMAN m Thomas GAULT 15 Oct 1615 Surlingham [IGI]
1617Mary OLDMAN (wid) m Anthony NOBS 22 Oct 1617 Horningtoft [Par Reg]
1618Elizabetha OLDMAN , dau of Edmundi OLDMAN bap 10 Jul 1618 North Walsham [Freereg]
1619Anne OLDMAN m Thomas MASE 8 Nov 1619 Swannington [Freereg]
Ann OLDMAN m Robert SKINNER 1619 Beeston-next-Mileham [Freereg]
Margery OLDMAN m William WILSON 26 Oct 1619 Kyme, Lincs [IGI]
1625Anne OLDMAN m Richard FRANKLIN 1 May 1625 Tittleshall [IGI]
1626Mathia OLDMAN m William SMITH 19 Oct 1626 Horningtoft [Par reg]
John OLDMAN bap 9 Apr 1627 Springthorpe, Lincoln s o Wm [IGI]
1628Thomas OLDMAN and unknown had issue:

Grace bap 25 May 1628 St Mary Coslany, Norwich

John OLDMAN bap 27 Feb 1628 Kirton in Lindsey, Lincs son of Jeremy [IGI]
1629Rose OLDMAN m William PEARCE 27 Apr 1629 Horningtoft [IGI]
Joh OLDMAN and unknown had issue:

Henrie bap 29 Jun 1629 Wiveton

1631Richard and Ellen OLDMAN had issue

Amie bap 12 Mar 1631 Swannington
William bap 7 Dec 1634 Swannington
Elizabeth bap 1 Oct 1637 Swannington
Mary bap 25 Oct 1640 Swannington
Mary bap 5 Apr 1641 Swannington
Anne bap 20 Dec 1643 Swannington
Thomas bap 15 Apr 1646 Swannington
Richard bap 1 Jan 1649 Swannington

1632Katherine OLDMAN m Morgan KENNY 8 Jul 1632 Swanton Morley [IGI]
1633Jeremiah OLDMAN had issue:

Nicholas bap 8 Sep 1633 Willoughton, Lincs

1634Robert OLDMAN of Bawsey m Elizabeth PURDY of Whissonsett 5 Feb 1634 at Little Massingham
James OLDMAN m Amy HERRING 15 Jun 1634 South Creake [IGI]
1635Marye OLDMAN m Edmond ELGAR 31 May 1635 Whissonsett [Freereg]
1636Robertus OLDMAN m Judith BASHAM 19 Jul 1636 Holkham and had issue:

Willielmus bap 23 Apr 1637 Holkham
Robertus bap 10 Sep 1638 Holkham
Jacobus bap 13 Oct 1639 Holkham

Wyllia and Anne OLDMAN had issue:

Marie bap 24 Jul 1636 Wells next the Sea
Roberta (fem) bap 8 Sep 1639 Wells next the Sea

1638Thos OLDMAN lived in St Andrew, London and paid £10 rent [Brit Hist]
Hester OLDMAN m Clement HUBBART 2 Dec 1638 South Wooton [Freereg]
Robert and Ann OLDMAN had issue:

Edwarde bap 22 Apr 1638 Whissonsett

1640William OLDMAN m Susan REEVE 6 Aug 1640 Horningtoft [IGI]
John and Ann OLDMAN had issue

Johannis bap 23 Aug 1640 Shipdham

John OLDMAN bap 19 Apr 1640 Swannington s o John [Freereg]
1642Robertus and Agnetis OLDMAN had issue

Robertus bap 5 Mar 1642 Shipdham
Katherina bap 21 NOv 1644 Shipdham
Maria b 16 Jan 1652 bap 23 Jan 1652 Shipdham

Johannie and Margeria OLDMAN had issue

Eve bap 30 May 1642 Gt Snoring

1644Jane OLDMAN bap 30 May 1644 KIngs Lyn dau of Thomas [Freereg]
1647John OLDMAN m Mary JARVIS 22 Oct 1647 Colkirk [Freereg] and had issue:

Ann bap 14 Nov 1658 Bawsey
Rose bap 20 Feb 1663 Colkirk
John bap 10 Jan 1669 Colkirk
William bap 9 Sep 1677 Colkirk

1648Ann OLDMAN m William WAKEFIELD 23 Jan 1648 North Elmham [IGI]
1650Rose OLDMAN of Hillington m Richard COCBON also of Hillington 29 Oct 1650 South Wooton [Freereg]
1654William and Jane OLDMAN had issue

Mary b 3 Aug 1654 bap 9 Aug 1654 Wells next the Sea

Henry and Mary OULDMAN had issue:

Elizabeth b 27 Nov 1654 bap 4 Dec 1654 Bawsey

Will OLDMAN and Jone BEEDEN had issue

Mary bap 3 Aug 1654 Wells next the Sea

1655Ralph OLDMAN son of Ralph bap Nov 1655 Upwell bur 19 Dec 1657[IGI]
Mary OLDMAN m William COCKSON 1 Jan 1655 Wells next the Sea [Freereg]
Robert OLDMAN m Mary Meagor 14 Feb 1655 Wells next the Sea [Freereg] and had issue:

John b 22 Jul 1657 bap 25 Jul 1657 Wells next the Sea
Ann b 19 Jun 1659 bap 27 Jun 1659 Wells next the Sea
Mary OULDMAN m John 1655 St Peter Parmentergate Norwich [IGI]

1656Margrett OLDMAN b 11 Jan 1656 bap 20 Jan 1656 Wells next the Sea illeg dau of Jane. [Freereg]
John OLDMAN (labourer) of Cubbit Lincs m Ellin ANDREW 17 May 1656 Spalding [Freereg]
1658Richard OLDMAN of Lynn m Emma SLY 3 Oct 1658 Wisbech St Peter

Richard bap 7 Apr 1661 Wisbech St Peter
Emma bap 3 Jan 1663 Wisbech St Peter
Elizabeth bap 17 Sep 1667 Wisbech St Peter
Thomas bap 2 Apr 1671 Wisbech St Peter

Robert OLDMAN b 1 Jul 1658 bap 2 Jul 1658 Wells next the Sea illeg s o Jane[Freereg]
William OLDMAN m Elizabeth 1658 Swannington and had issue:

An bap 5 Jun 1658 Swannington
Richard bap 16 Jun 1661 Swannington
Mary bap 3 Nov 1662 Swannington
Elizabeth bap 23 Apr 1664 Swannington
William bap 8 May 1670 Swannington

1659John OLDMAN of Peakhill, Lincs widower m Mary BURNLEA 30 Jun 1659 Spalding [Freereg] (Mary BURNHAM in IGI)
1662Mary OLDMAN m Thomas REEVE 2 Oct 1662 Horningtoft [IGI]
1663Thomas OLDMAN (widower) m Jane SHEPHEARD (widow) 3 Sep 1663 Kings Lynn [Freereg]
Robert OLDMAN m Ann TAYLER 3 Nov 1663 Scarning [Freereg]
Nicholis OLDMAN m Elizabeth FRANCIS 29 Nov 1663 Kirton in Lindsey [IGI] issue:

James bap 19 Mar 1664 Kirton in Lindsey
John bap 17 May 1666 Kirton in Lindsey
George bap 23 Mar 1672 Kirton in Lindsey
George bap 29 Sep 1678 Kirton in Lindsey

1664James and Martha OLDMAN had issue:

Marie bap 9 Oct 1664 Kirton in LIndsey
William bap 3 Jun 1672 Kirton in Lindsey

1665Robert OLDMAN m Anne COLEMAN 14 Nov 1665 Hunstanton [Freereg]
1666Susan OLDMAN m William ORVIS 16 Jul 1666 Scarning [Freereg]
1667John OLDMAN bap 28 Apr 1667 Scarning s o John [Freereg]
1669Robert OULDMAN m Susan TOMPSON 8 Nov 1669 West Rudham [IGI]
1670Thomas OLDMAN m Ann THURSTON 9 Feb 1670 Swannington and had issue:

Susanna bap 28 Jul 1672 Swannington
Amie bap 27 Sep 1680 Swannington

1672John OLDMAN m Ann EMMOTSON 10 Dec 1672 Wisbech St Peter

Anne bap 7 Jan 1673 Wisbech St Pater
John bap 7 Apr 1676 Wisbech St Pater
Margaret bap 11 Nov 1682 Wisbech St Pater
William bap 1 Feb 1686 Wisbech St Peter

Emma OLDMAN (widow) m Roger BROWN 23 Jul 1672 Wisbech St Pater [Freereg]

1675Yarmouth land : Conveyed in 1674 by Susan Hunton widow to herself for life then to Thomas OLDMAYN It then passed Oldman-Pue and in 1748 was purchased by Thomas Turner and Deborah his wife from the trustees for sale of Jonathan Pue and Mary his wife, a moiety of a capital messuage and malthouse formerly an office of fish-houses W of the Tolhouse and near Tolhouse Row now Goal Row being conveyed with it. [Arch]

Richard OLDMAN m Hanah BARNES 1674 Burston [IGI]
Thomas OLDMAN m Luca TURNER 3 Nov 1674 Swanton Morley [IGI] and had issue:

Willyam bap 5 Dec 1675 Scarning
Thomas bap 29 Dec 1682 Scarning

Richard OULDMAN m Margarett MONIMENT 17 Nov 1674 Nth Elmham [IGI]
1675John OLDMAN m Helen GOLL 11 Aug 1675 Nth Elmham [IGI]
1676Robert OLDMAN m Sarah TUFTS 24 Oct 1676 Scarning and had issue

Mary bap 24 Sep 1677 Scarning
Susann bap 15 May 1687 Scarning

John OLDMAN inherited a messuage and one and a half acres 1 rood in Scarning from Robert Stimson
This is probably the John OLDMAN who had issue(mothers name not recorded);

Susan bap 1 May 1665 Scarning
Thomas bap 12 Mar 1671 Scarning
Mary bap 18 Sep 1680 Scarning
Willyam bap 27 Jan 1683
Susan bap 29 May 1685 Scarning
Robert bap 14 Mar 1686 Scarning
Sarah bap 16 Sep 1688

1677Katherine OLDMAN m Robert RUSSELL 24 Oct 1677 Horningtoft [IGI]
1680John OLDMAN obtained part of a messuage and one and a half rood from Thomas JUDE
John and Mary OLDMAN had issue:

Mary bap 29 Oct 1680 Wells next the Sea
Will bap 29 Oct 1682 Wells next the Sea
Margreat bap 1 Jan 1686 Wells next the Sea
Mary bap Nov 1696 Houghton

1682John OLDMAN m Katherine SMYTH (widow) Wisbech St Pater

John bap 7 Jan 1683 Wisbech St Peter
Anne bap 11 Mar 1686 Wisbech St Peter
Katherine bap 27 Dec 1688 Wisbech St Peter

1684William Oldman m Rebecca WIGG 17 Aug 1684 Horningtoft [IGI]
Faith OLDMAN m Samuel WILSON 4 Nov 1684 Wisbech St Pater [Freereg]
Judith OLDMAN bap 15 Dec 1684 dau of Johannis and Annae Hunstanton [Freereg]
1686Robti and Mary OLDMAN had issue

Robertus bap 31 Oct 1686 Hunstanton
John bap 11 Jun 1699 Shouldham

1687Margaretta OLDMAN m Tho TROLLUPP 28 Mar 1687 Terrington
1688M OLDMAN bap 11 Nov 1688 dau of Robti and A Hunstanton [Freereg]
1689Elysabeth OLDMAN m Will KURBY 19 Apr 1689 St John de Sepulchre, Norwich [IGI]
1690John OLDMAN and Amia had issue

Amia bap 27 Jul 1690 Warham

1691Emm OLDMAN m Edward SKERY 17 Aug 1691 Kings Lynn [Freereg]
Jane OLDMAN bap 7 Feb 1691 Twyford d o John OLDMAN and Ann WALKER [Freereg]
1693James OLDMAN m Mary MILLIN (bur 27 Dec 1695 Kings Lynn) 17 Feb 1693 Kings Lynn [Freereg] and had issue:

Mary bap 27 Jan 1694 KIngs Lynn bur 10 Mar 1694 Kings Lynn

John OLDMAN of Wapping Stepney, Old Gravel Lane had 2 houses and was assesed on his property at £3.20d with a rental value of £16 in the 4/- in the pound aid in 1693 [Arch]
Robert and Susan OLDMAN had issue:

James bap 28 Feb 1696 Shouldham

Francis OLDMAN m Ann WILLIMOT 19 Jun 1693 East Winch [ParREg]
1695James OLDMAN (widower) m Mary HEPWORTH (bur 2 Feb 1707) 16 Feb 1695 Kings Lynn [Freereg] and had issue

Mary bap 2 May 1697 KIngs Lynn
George dob unknown bur 16 Oct 1698 KIngs Lynn
Hepper dob unknown bur 14 Dec 1698 Kings Lynn
Sarah bap 15 Oct 1699 Kings Lynn
Grace bap 29 Sep 1701 KIngs Lynn
Alice bap 2 Mar 1704 bur 20 Mar 1706 KIngs Lynn
Hipper dob unknown bur 20 Mar 1706 Kings Lynn
James dob unknown bur 14 Aug 1709 Kings Lynn
Susan dob unknown bur 1 Oct 1710 Kings Lynn
Ellen dob unknown bur 15 Jun 1713 KIngs Lynn
Alice dob unknown bur 1 Apr 1718 KIngs Lynn

1696John OLDMAN m Amy HOWARD 13 Apr 1696 Houghton in the Hole [IGI]
John and Abigail OLDMAN had issue

Richard bap 14 Aug 1696 Ringland
John b 1698 Ringland
William b 1701 Ringland
Francis b 1703 Ringland
William b 1704 Ringland
Ann b 1707 Ringland
Elizabeth bap 5 Feb 1709 Ringland
Francis bap 20 Dec 1713 Ringland
Mary bap 15 Jan 1715 Ringland
Lucy b 1719 Ringland

William and Alice OLDMAN had issue:

Rebeckah bap 25 Oct 1696 Gt Yarmouth
Rachel bap 12 Nov 1699 Gt Yarmouth

1697John OLDMAN m Jane DURANT 24 Jan 1697 Houghton in the Hole had issue:

Edward bap 1701 Houghton
Edward bap 1703 HoughtonMary bap Nov 1696 Houghton
[Freereg] Mary bap 18 Jan 1699 Swannington
William bap 24 Sep 1701 Swannington
Elizabeth bap 26 Jan 1702 Swannington bur 31 Mar 1703 Swannington
William bap 26 Jan 1702 Swannington bur 2 Aug 1706
Martha bap 11 Dec 1707 Elsing
William bap 26 Mar 1710 Lyng
Sarah Anne bap 17 Jun 1711 Lyng

Thomas OLDMAN bap 8 Nov 1697 St Peter Parmentergate, Norwich s o Mary [IGI]
Robert and Mary OLDMAN had issue:

Sarah bap 6 Apr 1697 East Bradenham
Margaret bap 13 Jul 1698 East Bradenham

1699Marie OULDMAN m Abraham DONDRDALE 17 Apr 1699 Kirton in Lindsey [IGI]
1701The land obtained by John OLDMAN in 1680 above passed to Stephen FORD
Robert OLDMAN b 1701 West Dereham [Arch]
Johannis and Janae OLDMAN had issue:

Edwardus bap 1701 Houghton in the hole
Thomas bap May 1703 Houghton in the Hole

1702James OULDMAN m Mary GREEN 10 May 1702 Kirton in Lindsey [IGI]
1703John OLDMAN m Grace DARKER 2 Nov 1703 Wisbech St Pater

Anne bap 30 Aug 1705 Wisbech St Pater
John bap 6 Jul 1718 Wisbech St Pater
Elizabeth bap 20 Jul 1721 Wisbech St Pater
Thomas bap 19 Oct 1723 Wisbech St Peter
Francis bap Aug 1727 Wisbech St Pater
Mary OLDMAN m William WOODS 6 Jan 1703 Scarning [Freereg]

1704Mary OLDMAN m Christopher BACON 1704 Foulden [Nfktrans]
John OLDMAN bap 1704 Field Dalling s o Thos OLDMAN [IGI]
1705Ann OULDMAN m Humphrey NETTLE apr 1705 East Winch [Par Reg]
Robert OLDMAN of Shipdham m Elizabeth SING** 27 Nov 1705 Whinburgh [Freereg]
William and Elizabeth OLDMAN had issue:

Mary bap 18 Nov 1705 Wells next the Sea

1708Susan OLDMAN (of Scarning) m Thomas RUDD 31 Mar 1708 Mattishall Burgh [Freereg]
James OLDMAN (Widower) m Mary DENISON 4 Jul 1708 Kings Lynn [Freereg]
Robert OLDMAN m Frances LILLY of Sedgeford 30 Nov 1708 Sandringham [Par Reg]
1709Robt OLDMAN m Alice TALLOWIN 12 JUl 1709 Reymerston and had issue

Richard bap 23 Apr 1710 Reymerston
Robt bap 23 Oct 1715 Reymerston

Indentures of Lease and Release of Estate in Heacham by Robert OLDMAN [Arch]
Wm OLDMAN m Lucy LAKE 14 Dec 1709 St Michael at Plea, Norwich [IGI]
1710Catherine OLDMAN dau of Matthew and Elizabeth bap 9 Jul 1710 Necton - a brother, Thomas was bap 27 Dec 1720 Necton [Freereg]
William OLDMAN (gentleman) and Lucy had issue

Susan bap 19 Dec 1710 Hackford cum Whitwell
William bap 28 Jun 1712 Hackford cum Whitwell
Framinggum bap 18 Feb 1715 Hackford cum Whitwell
Robert bap 18 Aug 1716 Hackford by Reepham
Martin bap 11 Dec 1718 Hackford cum Whitwell
Jane bap 3 Jan 1723 Salle

1711Elizabeth OLDMAN (widow) m Samuel FORTH widower 1711 Hingham [Freereg]
Edmund OLDMAN of St Peter Hungate, Norwich m Hester UTTING of St Peter Hungate 24 Jan 1711 Norwich Cathedral [Freereg]
1712Lucy OLDMAN bap 22 Jun 1712 Bagthorpe do Tho and Mary [Freereg]
1713Anna OLDMAN of Thornham m John PITCHER 29 Nov 1713 Docking [Par Reg]
Ann OLDMAN b abt 1713 Scarning m John DYE 25 Sep 1734 [IGI]
William OLDMAN and Easter had issue:

Thomas bap 31 Dec 1713 Reymerston
Sarah bap 20 Jan 1715 Reymerston

Mary OULDMAN m Nathaniel WATSON 2 Sep 1713 Lincoln [IGI]
1714Mary OLDMAN of Rudham m Robt Wells of Wotton 13 May 1714 Kings Lynn [Freereg]
Robert OLDMAN of Baconsthorpe released his lease of land in SEdgeford [Arch] (This is probably the Robert who married Frances and had a son William OLDMAN bap 26 Oct 1710 Sedgeford)
1715Feoffment of land in Sedgeford - Robert Oldman to Gregory Frost. 25 Oct 1715 [Arch]
William OLDMAN m Susan GAY 9 Oct 1715 Warham [Freereg] and had issue

Anna bap 12 Aug 1716 Warham
Susanna bap 17 Jan 1719 Warham
Amicia bap 14 Feb 1724 Warham

1716John OLDMAN m Rachael KENT Wisbech St Peter

Joseph bap 25 Apr 1717 Wisbech St Peter
John bap 1 Jul 1719 Wisbech St Peter
Mary bap May 1726 Wisbech St Peter
John bap 6 Jul 1718 Wisbech St Peter
Elizabeth bap 20 Jul 1721 Wisbech St Peter
Thomas bap 19 Oct 1723 Wisbech St Peter bur 24 Nov 1723 Wisbech St Peter
Sarah bap 26 Jan Wisbech St Peter
Thomas bap 9 Aug 1727 Wisbech St Peter

1717William OLDMAN m Elizabeth RAVEN 26 Sep 1717 Horningtoft [IGI] and had issue

Mary bap May 1718 Horningtoft
William bap 21 Jan 1719 Horningtoft
Elizabeth bap Dec 1721 Horningtoft
John bap 20 Mar 1723 Horningtoft
Rebeckey bap 7 May 1726 Horningtoft
Susan bap 22 Jun 1729 Horningtoft
Edmund bap 26 Jun 1737 Horningtoft

Ann OLDMAN m Mr BROWN this year.[Freereg]
Robert OLDMAN and Ann FOSTER had issue:

Marg. bap 22 Sep 1717 Hackford by Reepham

1719Thomas and Elizabeth OLDMAN had issue

Elisabeth bap 1719 Heigham

1720William OLDMAN bap 14 Jan 1720 Shipdham s o William and Hester [Freereg]
William and Elizabeth OLDMAN (bur 10 Aug 1759 Shipdham) had issue

Susanna bap 28 Aug 1720 Shipdham
Benjamin bap 18 Sep 1725 Shipdham bur 19 Apr 1750 Shipdham

1721Elizabeth OLDMAN m Henry GRAINGER 19 Sep 1721 Wisbech St Peter
John and Susanna OLDMAN had issue

James bap 21 3 1721 Irby upon Humber
Edward bap 11 Mar 1722 Irby upon Humber
John bap 10 Jul 1726 Irby upon Humber
Susanna bap 22 Aug 1731 Irby upon Humber

1722House of Lords Journal Volume 21: December 1721 records: The House being moved, "That Patrick OLDMAN Gentleman may be permitted to enter into a Recognizance for Walter Byrne Esquire and John Byrne Gentleman, on account of their Appeal depending in this House, to which Thomas Acton Esquire is Respondent; the Appellants residing in Ireland:It is Ordered, That the said Patrick OLDMAN may enter into a Recognizance for the said Appellants, as desired. [Brit Hist]
1724William and Elizabeth OLDMAN had issue:

Elizabeth bap 15 Nov 1724 Wells next the Sea St Nicholas
Elizabeth bap 7 Sep 1729 Wells next the Sea St Nicholas

1725John OLDMAN m Elizabeth Williamson 26 Dec 1725 North Barsham [Par Reg]
Anne OLDMAN m Edward WIGNALL 19 Oct 1725 Wisbech St Peter [Freereg]
John OLDMAN m Mary BACKHOUSE 18 Apr 1725 Norwich St James with Pockthorpe [Freereg] and had issue:

Thomas bap 16 May 1725 St George Colegate Norwich
Anne bap 12 Feb 1726 St George Colegate, Norwich
[IGI and Freereg]

James (bur 30 Nov 1770 West Dereham and Frances OLDMAN (bur 20 Nov 1727 West Dereham) had issue

Elizabeth bap 18 Jul 1725 West Dereham

Thomas and Elizabeth OLDMAN had issue:

Benjamin bap 1725 Shipdham

Robt OLDMAN m Anne HOLMAN 16 May 1725 Fincham [IGI]
1726William OLDMAN and Lucy had issue

Lucy b 27 Mar 1726 bap 13 Apr 1726 Fakenham
Mary b 30 Sep 1727 bap 30 Sep 1727 Fakenham

Richard OLDMAN and Susan had issue:

Edmond bap 18 Oct 1724 Lyng
Sarah bap 19 Jun 1726 Lyng

Robert OLDMAN and Alice had issue:

Margaret bap 2 Jan 1726 Wymondham

Johannis and Elizabethae OLDMAN had issue:

Johannes bap 29 Jan 1726 Houghton in the Hole
John bap 30 May 1731 Houghton in the Hole
Robert bap Mar 1731 Houghton in the Hole
Isaac bap 9 Aug 1737 Houghton in the Hole
Jacob bap 9 Aug 1737 Houghton in the Hole
Williamson bap Mar 1734 Houghton in the Hole

1727James OLDMAN m Eliz KIDDELL 14 Feb 1727 West Dereham [Freereg] and had issue

Eliz bap 31 Aug 1749
Robert bap 30 May 1751 West Dereham[Freereg]

Susanna OLDMAN of Great Bircham m John BUCKLY of Tittleshall 14 May 1727 Castle Rising [Freereg]
1728Mary OLDMAN m William WILSON 13 Nov 1728 Wells next the Sea [Freereg]
John OLDMAN (widower m Susan TAYLOR widow 9 Feb 1728 South Lynn [Freereg]
From the London Gazette 2 Jul 1728:
" Whereas a Commission of Bankrupt is awarded againft William Oldman, late of Althorpe, in the County of Norfolk, Beer Brewer, and he being declared a Bankrupt is hereby required to surrender himself to the Commissioners on the said Inftant, and on the 5th of Auguft next, at Two in the Afternoon, at the House of William Applegate, being the Sign of the King's Head in Walsingham Parva, in the said County of Norfolk at the firft of which Sittings the Creditors are to come prepared to prove their Debts, pay Contribution-Money, and chuse assignees"
1729Rachel OLDMAN m Jno SMITH 26 Jun 1729 Gt Yarmouth [Freereg]
1730William OLDMAN m Alice DUNN 14 Mar 1730 Wells next the Sea [Freereg] and had issue

William bap 23 Nov 1731 Wells nex the Sea
George bap 19 Nov 1732 Wells next the Sea St Nicholas

John OLDMAN m Jane DANIEL of St Germans 8 Oct 1730 Wiggenhall and had issue:

Mary bap 21 Sep 1731 Wiggenhall

1731John OLDMAN m Rose TAYLOR 4 Jan 1731 North Barsham and had issue:

Thomas bap Dec 1732 Houghton
William bap Jun 1735 Houghton

Elizabeth OLDMAN m Willm ALDRIDGE 31 Mar 1731 Gt Yarmouth [Freereg]
Richard OLDMAN bap 4 Jul 1731 St Stephens Norwich s o John and Hannah [Freereg]
John OLDMAN and Elizabeth had issue:

John bap 7 Mar 1731 Houghton
Robert bap 1731 Houghton
Martha bap Feb 1732 Houghton
Williamson bap Mar 1733 Houghton
Jane bap Oct 1735 Houghton
Isaac bap 1737 Houghton
Jacob bap 1737 Houghton

1732Burroughs OLDMAN m Margaret BURCHAM 22 Oct 1732 Wells next the Sea St Nicholas

Boroughs bap 26 Jul 1733 Wells next the Sea St Nicholas
Burrows bap 29 Apr 1736 Wells next the Sea St Nicholas
John bap 12 Jan 1738 Wells next the Sea St Nicholas

1733Inventories and Associated Documents relating to Oldman, John, Walsoken, co. Norf., gent. [Arch]
William OLDMAN m Sarah DOBSON 12 Aug 1733 Swannington [Freereg]
At the east end of the south isle of Walsoken is an altar monument covered with a marble stoneinscribed: H. S. corpora Joh. Oldman, Generosi, et Gratí, priḿ uxoris ejus; ille obt. 27, Martij anno salut. 1733, ́t. 57, illa 15 Jan. 1727, ́t. 50, juxta etiam Anna, eor. filia, uxor Edw. Wignal, de Wisbeach in Eliensi insula, pharmacopoĺ. [Brit Hist]

Lucy OLDMAN m John Thompson 20 May 1733 Heacham [Par Reg]

1734 Catharine OLDMAN m James CULLUM 23 Sep 1734 Fring, Nfk [Freereg]
Ann OLDMAN m John DYE 25 Sep 1734 Scarning [Freereg]
Charles OLDMAN m Elizabeth TA_LEN 24 Dec 1734 Kings Lynn and had issue:

Margaret bap 14 Mar 1735 KIngs Lynn
James bap 17 Oct 1739 Kings Lynn
William bap 24 feb 1739 Kings Lynn
Elizabeth bap 27 Dec 1741 Kings Lynn
Mary bap 30 Aug 1744 KIngs Lynn

William and Mary OLDMAN had issue:

William bap 10 Jan 1734 Reepham
Mary bap 11 Aug 1735 Lyng
Edmund bap 23 Apr 1738 Lyng
Edmund bap 23 Apr 1739 Lyng
Isac bap 4 Jan 1740 Lyng

Richardus OLDMAN m Maria JOHNSON 5 Oct 1734 Attleborough and had issue:

Robert bap 1736 Wicklewood
Richard bap 17 May 1747 Wicklewood
Mary bap 1747 Wicklewood
Samuel b 23 Jun 1749 bap 28 Aug 1749 Wicklewood

1735Thomas OLDMAN m Dorcas CROSSE 1 Dec 1735 Dersingham [Freereg]
William OLDMAN m Margaret SPRAGG of Riden 29 Oct 1735 KIngs Lynn [Freereg]
John and Hannah OLDMAN had issue

John bap 16 Jul 1735 Kirby Bedon
Mary bap 11 Apr 1742 Kirby Bedon
William bap 11 Apr 1742 Kirby Bedon
Elizabeth bap 11 Apr 1842 Kirby Bedon

William and Sarah OLDMAN had issue

Dorcas bap 20 Oct 1735 Weston Longville
Martha bap 6 Feb 1736 Weston Longville

Charles OLDMAN and Isabel had issue

Margt bap 14 Mar 1735 Kings Lynn
William bap 23 Nov 1740 Kings Lynn
Mary bap 30 Aug 1744 Kings Lynn
James bap 9 Jan 1745 Kings Lynn
Charles bap 8 Jun 1747 KIngs Lynn
Isabel bap 23 Jul 1749 Kings Lynn
Grace bap 12 May 1751 Kings Lynn
Susanna bap 5 Dec 1753 Kings Lynn
Dorothy bap 29 Dec 1754 Kings Lynn
Christian bap 26 Jun 1758 Kings Lynn

1736Wm and Margaret OLDMAN had issue:

Tho bap 29 Aug 1736 Roydon
Jn bap 27 Jan 1744 Roydon near Lynn
Mgt bap 19 Dec 1756 Roydon

1737Ann OLDMAN m Thomas BOND 6 Oct 1737 Gt Ringstead [Freereg]
Francis OLDMAN m Martha SAVAGE 13 Jun 1737 Morton on the Hill [Freereg] and had issue

Elizabeth bap 1 Jul1739 Morton on the Hill
Mary bap 20 Jan 1740 Morton on the Hill
Ann bap 4 Apr 1742 Morton on the Hill

1739Eliz OLDMAN of Leziate m John NARBOROW 14 Oct 1739 Ashwicken [Par Reg]
1740Martha OLDMAN m Thomas RIX (a Tanner) Both of Castle Acre by lic 17 Dec 1740 Dunham Magna [Par Reg]
Thomas OLDMAN of Burnham Southtown m Ann OLDMAN 1740 Heacham and had issue:

Thomas b 3 Jul 1754 Burnham Sutton
Pheobe bap 21 Feb 1757 Burnham Sutton

John OLDMAN m Alice MAKIRS 26 Jan 1740 Gt Ringstead [Freereg]
Edward and Mary OLDMAN had issue:

John bap 23 Nov 1740 St Michael at Thorne, Norwich

1741Probate for OLDMAN, Susannah, Wisbech St. Peter, Isle of Ely, co. Camb., widow. Edward Wignall, exor. dated 27 JUn 1741 [Arch]
1742Robert OLDMAN m Elizabeth JAREY 2 Dec 1742 Wells next the Sea St Nicholas and had issue:

Elizabeth bap 9 Oct 1743 Wells next the Sea St Nicholas
Rose bap 30 Oct 1745 Wells next the Sea St Nicholas
Mary bap 19 Aug 1747 Wells next the Sea St Nicholas
William bap 30 Oct 1754 Wells next the Sea St Nicholas
John bap 6 Mar 1756 Wells next the Sea St Nicholas
Robert bap 20 Jun 1758 Wells next the Sea St Nicholas

Mary OLDMAN m John FIRTH 2 Feb 1742 Colkirk [Freereg]
Timothy and Mary OLDMAN had issue:

Elizabeth b 1742 West Rudham

Elizabeth OLDMAN bap 20 Aug 1742 dau of William and Jane OLDMAN Wells next the Sea [Freereg]

1743Robert OLDMAN m Ann FURNIS 2 Dec 1743 Wells next the Sea [Freereg]
William OLDMAN of Holme m Mary OLDMAN 21 Sep 1743 Warham All Saints [Freereg] and had issue

William bap 5 Jun 1746 Holme next the Sea

William OLDMAN and Elizabeth HEY had issue:

Elizabeth OLDMAN bap 4 Mar 1743 Frettenham (illeg)
Will OLDMAN bap 4 Mar 1743 Frettenham (illeg)

1744William and Elizabeth OLDMAN had issue

Thomas bap 30 Jul 1744 Holme next the Sea.

William and Mary OLDMAN had issue

Thomas bap 30 Jul 1744 Holme next the Sea
William bap 5 Jun 1746 Holme next the sea

1745Robert OLDMAN m Jane Martin 19 Jun 1745 Gt Dunham [IGI]
Timothy and Elizabeth OLDMAN had issue:

Timothy bap 1 Dec 1745 South Creake
John bap 27 Dec 1746 South Creake
Hannah bap 28 Jan 1749 South Creake
Sus bap 8 Oct 1752 South Creake
William bap 7 May 1755 South Creake

Thomas OLDMAN m Faith England 11 Nov 1745 St Andrew, Norwich [IGI] and had issue

Mary bap 23 Feb 1745 St Michael at Thorne, Norwich

1746John OLDMAN administrator of Alice his wife who was residuary legatee of John Makins her father, deed of release to Francis Thorn exor. of said John Makins.
Sarah OLDMAN bap 14 Jul 1746 dau of William and Jane OLDMAN Wellsnext the Sea [Freereg]
1747Alice OLDMAN bap 17 Feb 1747 dau of William and Jane OLDMAN Wells next the Sea - (Alice had an illegitimate daughter, Alice, bap 23 Jun 1776 Wells next the Sea [Freereg]
John OLDMAN m unknown 19 Jun 1747 Ringsted [IGI]
1748Mary OLDMAN m Lemon RIVETT 1768 Shipdham [Freereg]
Robert and Mary OLDMAN had issue:

Robert bap 17 Jul 1748 St Peter Mancroft, Norwich
John bap 21 Feb 1750 St Giles, Norwich
Augustus b and bap 21 Feb 1750 St Giles, Norwich
John b 12 Oct 1753 bap 15 Oct 1753 St Giles, Norwich
[Freereg and IGI]

1749Mary OLDMAN of Islington m Barber NORTH of Tilney 9 Jan 1749 South Lynn [Freereg]
John OLDMAN of Islington widower m Margaret NORTH 5 Apr 1749 Tilney [Freereg]
Margaret OLDMAN m Anthony NEWTON 29 Aug 1749 Wicklewood [Freereg]
1750Susanna OLDMAN m William BUCK 8 Oct 1750 South Rainham [Par Reg]
1752John OLDMAN m Susanna LLOYD 26 Oct 1752 Kings Lynn and had issue:

Mary bap 21 Sep 1755 Kings Lynn
Susanna bap 27 Feb 1757 KIngs Lynn

Faith OLDMAN m John RIGS 12 Nov 1752 St Mary in the Marsh, Norwich [IGI]
1753John OLDMAN (widower) m Elizabeth PAIN 19 Aug 1753 Kirby Bedon [Freereg]
James and Mary OLDMAN had issue:

Mary bap 17 Jun 1753 West Dereham
Sarah bap 5 Oct 1755 West Dereham
Sophia bap 15 Jan 1758 West Dereham
John bap 29 Jan 1764 West Dereham

John OLDMAN m Sarah DALTON 18 Oct 1753 Laceby Lincs and had issue:

John bap 21 Aug1759 Laceby
Thomas bap 22 Dec 1761 Laceby
Mary bap 5 Mar 1864 Laceby
Sarah bap 7 Oct 1766 Laceby

1754Barbara OLDMAN of Heacham m Francis YOUNG 6 Jun 1754 Heacham [IGI]
1755George OLDMAN m Jane WALKER 1755 Warham All Saints [Nfktrans] and had issue

Alice bap 27 Nov 1755 Wells next the Sea St Nicholas
William bap 16 Aug 1758 Wells next the Sea St Nicholas
Anne bap 24 Apr 1760 Wells next the Sea St Nicholas
Elizabeth bap 4 Sep 1762 Wells next the Sea St Nicholas

Francis OLDMAN (widower) m Mary FROST (widow) 25 Dec 1755 Morton on the hill (Witneses Thomas LEGRYS and Thomas PAYNE) [Freereg
1756Robert OLDMAN (widower) m Mary Andrews of Barton Bendish (widow) 11 Aug 1756 Fincham (Witnesses Elliot FISHPOOL and Richard TIFFON) [Freereg] and had issue:

Elizabeth bap Feb 1765 Horningtoft
Mary bap 1766 Horningtoft

William and Jane OLDMAN had issue

Jane bap 5 Mar 1748 Horningtoft
Robert bap 3 Feb 1750 Horningtoft
Mary bap 14 Oct 1753 Horningtoft
John bap 15 Feb 1756 East Raynham
Richard bap 5 May 1758 East Raynham
Charles bap 7 Sep 1760 East Raynham
Elizabeth bap 22 Aug 1761 East Raynham
Elizabeth bap 5 Apr 1763 East Raynham
Rbt bap 23 Apr 1769 Horningtoft

1759Dorcas OLDMAN (of West Lexham) m Roger TOWNSEND 14 Feb 1759 Castle Acre (Witnesses Hains POWLEY and John YOUNG) [Freereg]
1760Margaret OLDMAN m Walter SCOTT 4 Jan 1760 Kings Lynn (Witnesses Charles OLDMAN and Thos HARTUP) [Freereg]
Ann OLDMAN m Edmund TRUNDLE widower of Grimston 30 Oct 1760 Roydon [Freereg]
John Diston OLDMAN and Rachel had issue:

John bap 1760 Gt Yarmouth

1761Richard OLDMAN of Heckingham (Labourer) m Mary THACKER 5 Jan 1761 Gillingham (Witnesses Jacob SMITH and John HEWITT) and had issue:

Mary Ann bap 12 Apr 1761 Gillingham

Mary OLDMAN m Bream SHOTTEN 1 Mar 1761 Burnham Sutton [Par Reg]

1762John OLDMAN m Mary Hunt 9 Feb 1762 Horningtoft [IGI] and had issue

John bap 24 Oct 1762 Horningtoft
Wm bap Feb 1765 Horningtoft
Robt bap 5 Mar 1769 Horningtoft

William OLDMAN bap 21 Feb 1762 Morton on the Hill s o Francis and Mary [Freereg]
1763Alexander OLDMAN m Mary OLSEN (widow) 14 Apr 1763 Kings Lynn (Witnesses John TODD and Thos HARTUP) and had issue

Hannah bap 21 Mar 1765 KIngs Lynn bur 27 Mar 1765 Kings Lynn
Alexander bap 30 Mar 1776 bur 12 Sep 1766 Kings Lynn
Alexander bap 11 Aug 1768 KIngs Lynn

1764Robert OLDMAN m Mary GIBSON 4 Dec 1764 Horningtoft [IGI] and had issue:

Tabitha bap Mar 1771 Horningtoft
Jane bap 17 May 1773 Horningtoft
Susanna bap 23 Jun 1775 Horningtoft
Ann bap 19 Jan 1778 Horningtoft
Rebekah bap 30 Apr 1782 Horningtoft
Mary bap 20 Jan 1786 Horningtoft
Wm bap 20 Feb 1785 Horningtoft
Sarah bap 3 Feb 1788 Horningtoft

Elisabeth OLDMAN m Thomas O'Bryan 1 Mar 1764 Kings Lynn (Witnesses James CASEBY and Joseph REED) [Freereg]
Mary OLDMAN m John FOOTER 26 Mar 1764 Catton (Witnesses John COOPER and Daniel MANN) [Freereg]
Alice OLDMAN m Francis BURLEIGH of Marlingford 22 Jul 1764 Easton (Witnesses Sarah TUCK and Edmond BLYTH) [Freereg]
Robert OLDMAN m Mary BETTS widow May 1764 Wicklewood (Witnesses: John PIGGETT and John NAVE) had issue:

Robert bap 9 Mar 1766 Wicklewood
Alice bap 29 Nov 1767 Wicklewood
Elizabeth bap 29 Oct 1769 Wicklewood
Mary bap 8 Sep 1771 Wicklewood

Susanna OLDMAN (Widow of John OLDMAN (see 1752) ) m John SMITH 9 Dec 1764 Kings Lynn [Freereg]
1765Mary OLDMAN (widow) m John BRIGHTMAN (widower) 28 Apr 1765 Moreton on the Hill (Witnesses James SPRINGALL and Sarah CUTTING) [Freereg]
1766Thomas OLDMAN m Mary WHITTREAD 14 Apr 1766 Roydon KL [Par Reg] and had issue

Wm bap 1 Apr 1767 bur 5 Apr 1767 Roydon
Robert bap 5 Jul 1768 Grimston
Ann bap 12 Oct 1770 Grimston
Tho bap 3 Sep 1775 Roydon bur 26 Dec 1775
Jos bap 29 Mar 1778 Roydon
My bap 24 Oct 1779 Roydon

1767Tabitha OLDMAN m Isaac CRASKE 7 Nov 1767 Horningtoft [IGI]
Mary OLDMAN m James POWDITCH 15 Nov 1767 WElls next the Sea
1768Edmund OLDMAN m Mary GODFREY 11 Jul 1768 [IGI] and had issue

Frances bap 30 Apr 1769 Horningtoft
Edmund bap 1770 Horningtoft
Wm bap 29 Mar 1772 Horningtoft
Godfrey bap 9 Jul 1774 Horningtoft
James bap 27 Oct 1776 Horningtoft
Isaac bap 12 May 1782 Horningtoft

Mary OLDMAN m Simon RIVET 30 May 1768 Shipdham(Witnesses Augustin BULLARD and Zachariah INGLETON) [Freereg]
Elizabeth OLDMAN m William BOARDMAN 31 Oct 1768 Syderstone [Par Reg]
Mary OLDMAN m Robert COPEMAN 24 Jan 1768 Wymondham [Freereg]
Susannah OLDMAN bap 4 Dec 1768 Twyford d o William and Ann [Freereg]
1769Elizabeth OLDMAN bap 29 Oct 1769 Wicklewood dau of Robert OLDMAN and Mary BETTS [IGI]
Samuel OLDMAN m Susanna KNIGHTS 25 Apr 1769 Wymondham (Witnesses P HIGH and Edward AMOND) [Freereg]
William OLDMAN m Mary STERNE 1769 Thetford [Nfktrans]
1770Ann OLDMAN m Joseph CAPPS 1 JUn 1770 Burnham Sutton [Par Reg]
Robert OLDMAN m Sarah CATLIN 2 Aug 1770 Kings Lynn (witnesses John and Eliza KIRK) and had issue:

Maria bap 30 Aug 1779 Kings Lynn

Elizabeth OLDMAN m John NICKLES 15 Jul 1770 Wells next the Sea [Freereg]
James OLDMAN jnr m Mary WOOD 3 Aug 1770 West Dereham [Freereg] and had issue:

Jemima bap 13 Aug 1775 West Dereham
Mary bap 8 Oct 1782 West Dereham

Mary OLDMAN m John WYARD 1 Jan 1770 Norwich St Peter Mancroft (Witnesses John WOOD and M SHORT) [Freereg]
Richard OLDMAN m Elizabeth WEBB 6 Apr 1770 Wymondham (Witnesses Edward AMOND and Jeremiah FORSTER) and had issue:

Martha bap 25 Nov 1770 Wymondham
Samuel bap 1 Mar 1772 Wymondham

1771Elizabeth OLDMAN m Robert HANSLIP 3 Oct 1771 Hilgay [Freereg]
Elizabeth OLDMAN m Thomas LACK 9 Dec 1771 Burnham Sutton [IGI]
1773Thomas OLDMAN, son of Elizabeth MARKALL b 16 Sep 1773 bap 25 Dec 1787 Saint James, Bury Saint Edmunds [IGI]
William OLDMAN m Jane BLUNT 17 Aug 1773 Wisbech St Peter (Witnesses: Saml GRIMADELL and Anthony FIELD) and had issue:

Jane b 28 Apr 1870 bap 1 May 1870 East Dereham
Jane b 13 Jan 1787 bap 17 Jan 1787 East Dereham[Freereg]

Robert OLDMAN of St Peter Mancroft m Jane ARAM 22 Sep 1773 Norwich St Benedict by licence (Witnesses John JEFFRIES and Susan CLAUDU) and had issue

Mary bap 3 Jul 1774 Norwich St Benedict
Jane b 2 Jul 1775 bap 17 Jul 1775 Norwich St Benedict
Sarah b 21 Oct 1776 bap 28 Dec 1777 All Saints, Norwich
Lucy b 4 Dec 1777 bap 26 Apr 1781 All Saints
Robert b 15 Jul 1781 bap 30 Sep 1783 All Saints, Norwich
William Anne bap 31 Jan 1779 All Saints, Norwich
Mary bap 30 Dec 1782 All Saints, Norwich d 16 Oct 1783
John bap 21 Jun 1784 All Saints, Norwich
John b 31 May 1786 bap 6 Jun 1786 St Stephens, Norwich
Frances b 18 Jun 1787 bap 24 Jun 1787 St Stephens Norwich
Robert Aram b 9 May 1794 bap 25 May 1794 St Peter Mancroft Norwich

Mary OLDMAN m William TOWNLEY 24 Mar 1773 West Dereham [Freereg]
Indenture of Bargain and Sale of estate in Heacham. Hea 77, 249 x 2 1773 Commissioners and assignees of Augustine Oldman, a bankrupt to William Lake. 5 April [Arch]
William OLDMAN (b 1736 Newton Flotman bur 31 Jan 1826) m Susanna VIPOND 5 Jan 1773 Newton Flotman [Freereg] and had issue:

Mary bap 23 May 1773 Saxlingham Nethergate
William b 9 Mar 1775 bap 12 Mar 1775 Newton Flotman
James b 27 Oct 1776 Newton Flotman d 6 Nov 1828
Susannah bap 25 Apr 1779 Newton Flotman
Edward bap 3 Sep 1780 Newton Flotman bur 20 Jan 1801
Ann bap 28 Sep 1783 Newton Flotman
Elizabeth b 15 Sep 1785 bap 18 Sep 1785 Newton Flotman
Amy b 15 Jan 1787 bap 21 Jan 1787 Newton Flotman
Sarah b 8 Feb 1789 bap 8 Feb 1789 Newton Flotman
John bap 23 Feb 1792 Newton Flotman

Robert OLDMAN m Jane BAXTER 8 Nov 1773 (Witnesses Frances GRIMMER and John HALL) and had issue

Eliz bap 25 Feb 1776 Guist

1775John OLDMAN (a seaman) m Elizabeth JOHNSON 22 Oct 1775 Wells next the sea (Witnesses John NICKLES and James CLARK) [Freereg] and had issue:

Elizabeth bap 24 Apr 1776 Wells next the Sea St Nicholas
Mary bap 4 Jan 1779 Wells next the Sea St Nicholas
James bap 19 Apr 1781 Wells next the Sea, St Nicholas.
Robert Johnson bap on day of birth 22 Dec 1787 Wells next the Sea St Nicholas and recd into church 20 Jan 1788
Ann OLDMAN m William BOND 10 Nov 1775 Gt Ringstead (by licence) [Freereg]
Grace OLDMAN m Thomas HOLBORN 12 Mar 1775 Kings Lynn (Witnesses Charles OLDMAN and Sam. HARTUP) [Freereg]
Timothy OLDMAN m Constant LAWSON (both of West Rainham) 20 Nov 1775 East Rainham (Witnesses Susan OLDMAN and Gabriel MORGAN) and had issue:

Elizabeth bap 24 Jan 1779 East Rudham
Mary bap 7 Apr 1781 East Rudham
Frances bap 23 Oct 1785 East Rudham
Lawson bap 31 Dec 1787 East Rudham
Elizabeth bap 3 Jun 1791 East Rudham

1776Mary OLDMAN m Edward RICE 8 Jul 1776 Twyford (Witnesses Will OLDMAN and Charles SEAMANS) [Freereg]
Susanna OLDMAN m William CLARK 31 Jan 1776 Kings Lynn [Freereg]
Susanna OLDMAN m William METCALF 17 Oct 1776 St Michael Coslany, Norwich [Freereg]
Alice OLDMAN bap 23 Jun 1776, dau of Alice OLDMAN (Illeg) Wells next the Sea[Freereg]

from >

1777Thomas OLDMAN m Ann LEWS 13 Oct 1777 Gt Ringstead and had issue:

Mary b 31 Oct 1775 bap 3 Nov 1775 Gt Ringstead
Pheobe b 27 Jul 1779 bap 1 Aug 1779 Gt Ringstead

Assignment of six acres of land In Heigham next Norwich. William Pue of Norwich, gent. (by direction of William Aram of Norwich, nurseryman) to Robert OLDMAN of Norwich, son-in-law and trustee of William Aram.
Susan OLDMAN m John GAY, widower 1 Oct 1777 Wymondham [Freereg]
Robert and Elizabeth OLDMAN had issue

James bap 20 Oct 1777 Wereham

1779Elixth OLDMAN m Jno DIFFIELD 13 Jul 1779 West Dereham [Freereg]
Susanna OLDMAN m William COLLETT 19 Oct 1779 Snettisham (Witnesses Ralph FRANKLIN and Robt CRISP) [Freereg]
1780Mary OLDMAN m Francis Lloyd of Castle Acre 17 May 1780 Anmer (Witnesses Francis YOUNG and H DYE) [Freereg]
Jane OLDMAN b 28 Apr 1780 bap 1 May 1780 East Dereham d o William and Jane [Freereg]
1781Elizabeth OLDMAN m John CAPES of East Dereham 5 Jul 1781 Twyford by licence (Witnesses Thos HARRIS and Charles SEAMANS) [Freereg]
John OLDMAN m Sarah RAM 30 Apr 1781 East Dereham and had issue:

William bap 20 Jan 1782 Twyford
John bap 12 Sep 1784 Stibbard
Mary bap 11 Mar 1787 Stibbard
Robert bap 6 Dec 1789 Stibbard

Jane OLDMAN m Thomas FARROW (Widower) 6 Feb 1781 Guist[Freereg]
Edward OLDMAN m Lucy PARR 27 Feb 1781 Northorpe Lincs [Par Reg]
1782Robert OLDMAN m Anne FRANKLING 5 Jun 1782 Wells next the Sea had issue:

Ann b 29 Mar 1784 bap 4 Jun 1784 (privately) (recd into church 20th Jun 1784)
Bett b 22 Nov 1786 bap 26 Nov 1786 Wells next the sea St Nicholas
Elizabeth b 12 Dec 1787 bap 21 Dec 1787 Wells next the sea St Nicholas (recd into church 11 Jan 1788
Amelia b 4 Aug 1790 bap 11 Aug 1790 (privately) Wells next the Sea St Nicholas (recd into church 29th Aug 1790)
Polly b 26 Feb 1793 bap 1 Mar 1793 (privately) Wells next the Sea St Nicholas (recd into church 19 Apr 1793

William and Jane OLDMAN had issue:

Jane bap 13 Aug 1782 Norwich

1783Mary OLDMAN m Charles MOTT 25 Nov 1783 Brisley (Witnesses J LEE and Wm FRANCIS) [Freereg]
1784 Richard OLDMAN m Mary REYNOLDS 7 May 1784 Twyford (Witnesses Sarah COLLINS and Elizabeth CAPES) and had issue:

Mary bap 23 Mar 1783 Twyford
Robert bap 24 Sep 1785 Guist
Ann bap 17 Apr 1788 Bintree
William bap 5 Dec 1790 Bintree

Pheobe OLDMAN m Pitt COLNETT 29 Aug 1784 by licence Burnham Thorpe (Witnesses Sarah WOODBINE and Hannah HUMPHREY [Freereg]
1785Elizabeth OLDMAN b 15 Sep 1785 bap 18 Sep 1785 Newton Flotman dau of William OLDMAN and Susannah VIPOND [IGI]
Robert and Mary OLDMAN had issue

Robert bap 24 Sep 1785 Guist

1787Sophia OLDMAN m Thomas ARMSTRONG (Widower} 3 Sep 1787 West Dereham (Witnesses Edward SWAN and Thomas ARMSTRONG [Freereg] John OLDMAN of Haddiscoe m Martha LINDER (or LINDON) 14 Sep 1787 Loddon (Witnesses Marg ELVEN and Robt WARD) [Freereg]
Susanna OLDMAN m Peter RIDER 18 Mar 1787 Kings Lynn [Freereg]
Ann OLDMAN m George GILLINGHAM widower 5 Apr 1787 Downham Market [Freereg]
1788Sarah OLDMAN m Thomas TENANT 24 Sep 1788 Kings Lynn (Witnesses Samuel NEALE and Mary BIRD) [Freereg]
Alice OLDMAN (of Kirkby Bidon) m John BROUGHTON (widower) 31 Jul 1788 Barton Bendish (by licence) (Witnesses Thomas WRIGHT and Willm BUTTER) [Freereg]
John OLDMAN m Elizabeth WEBB 29 Jan 1788 WEst Dereham (Witnesses Robert SKELTON and Sarah OLDMAN) and had issue

Robert bap 18 Jan 1789 West Dereham

1789Robert and Rose OLDMAN were witnesses to the wedding of Thomas POWDITCH and Sarah THOMPSON on 24 May 1789 Wells next the Sea [Freereg]
Rose OLDMAN m John ELGAR 20 Dec 1789 Wells next the Sea [IGI]
1790Robert OLDMAN m Elizabeth COOK 2 Nov 1790 Hillington [Freereg] and had issue:

My An bap 8 Aug 1791 Roydon

Jane OLDMAN m John SPOONER 1 Aug 1790 Brandon (groom a minor) [Freereg]
Susan OLDMAN m Edward GOSTLING 21 Dec 1790 St John Maddermarket, Norwich [Freereg]
1791John OLDMAN m Hannah Maria THING 26 Sep 1791 Oxwick (Witnesses Thomas BAKER and William BURTON) -John was a pauper in 1793 and 1796

Elizabeth b 2 Mar 1793 bap 9 Mar 1793Oxwick
Henry b 5 Sep 1796 bap 11 Sep 1796 Oxwick
Robert b 5 Sep 1796 bap 11 Sep 1796 Oxwick
Frederic b 15 Aug 1800 bap 17 Aug 1800 Oxwick
John bap 31 Mar 1810 Oxwick

1792Sarah OLDMAN m John HINSON 25 Oct 1792 Thetford St Peter (Witnesses John HICKLING and Elizabeth OLDMAN [Freereg]
1793Ann OLDMAN m Edward PRESTON widower, 30 Jun 1793 Roydon nr Lynn [IGI]
Alice OLDMAN m Michael CARR of Hackford 28 Feb 1793 Attleborough (witnesses Mary OLDMAN and Henry JOHNSON) [Freereg]
Mary OLDMAN m John WEETON 31 DEc 1793 Wicklewood [Freereg]
Elizabeth OLDMAN m Jacob BARTRAM 3 Nov 1793 Kings Lynn [Freereg]
1794Mary OLDMAN m Samuel CARR 7 Jul 1794 Kings Lynn [IGI]
Susanna OLDMAN m Robert WESTON 10 Feb 1794 Holt (Witnesses Robert MITCHELL and Elizabeth OLDMAN) [Freereg]
Elizabeth OLDMAN m Francis JEWSON (from Terrington St Clements) 13 Nov 1794 by licence West Dereham (Witnesses Robert JOHNSON and James OLDMAN) [Freereg]
John OLDMAN m Elizabeth SAUNDERS 27 Oct 1794 Eaton (Witnesses John PYLE and Sarah SAUNDERS) [Freereg]
Constance OLDMAN (widow) m Joseph CALEY 15 Dec 1794 East Rudham [Freereg]
Martha OLDMAN m John WALTON 24 Mar 1794 St Peter Parmountergate, Norwich (Witnesses William POLSON and John CAMM) [Freereg]
1796George OLDMAN b 19 Mar 1796 Heigham bap 8 May 1796 Heigham son of Goerge OLDMAN and Elizabeth ARRON
Elizabeth OLDMAN m George CHADD (widower) 2 Feb 1796 Wells next the Sea St Nicholas (witnesses Ann WOODS and Mary NICHOLAS)

Elizabeth b 29 Oct 1796 bap 1 Nov 1796 (privately) Wells next the Sea St Nicholas (recd into church 4 Dec 1796)
George b 12 Apr 1798 bap 16 Apr 1798 (privately) Wells next the Sea St Nicholas (recd into church 23 Sep 1798
James Oldman b 16 Dec 1799 bap 19 Dec 1799 Wells next the Sea (privately) Recd into church 16 Jun 1800
Mary Ann b 3 Nov 1801 bap 5 Nov 1801 (privately) Wells next the Sea (Recd into church 18 Jan 1803)

1798Jacob BARTRAM and Elizabeth OLDMAN had issue

Mary Ann b 27 Oct 1798 bap 5 Nov 1798 9 (privately) Wells next the Sea St Nicholas Recd into church 18 Nov 1798
Richard b 22 Jan 1796 Wells next the Sea (recd into church 9 Aug 1796)
Mary Ann b 3 Nov 1801 bap 5 Nov 1801 Wells next the Sea (Recd into church 18 Jan 1803)

Sarah OLDMAN m John SAYE of Wiggenhall St Peters 29 Mar 1798 by licence West Dereham (Witnesses James and Jemima OLDMAN) [Freereg]
Mary OLDMAN bap 22 Jul 1798 Norwich d o Mary OLDMAN [IGI]
1799Mary OLDMAN m John WINTERBARD 19 Jul 1799 Thetford (Witnesses Joseph GARNER and G W Marshall [Freereg]
Susanna OLDMAN m William COLLETT 19 Oct 1799 Snettisham [Par Reg]
1800Elizabeth OLDMAN m Edmund DAWSON 14 Oct 1800 Holt (Witnesses Robert Mitchell and Susanna DAWSON) [Freereg]
John OLDMAN and Martha LENDAL had issue:

Phillis b 21 Jan 1800 bap 30 Jan 1800 Wheatacre

Jane OLDMAN m John MONEY 31 Jul 1800 Kings Lynn [IGI]

1801James OLDMAN of Wisbech m Harriet BARTIS 8 Dec 1801 by licence West Dereham (Witnesses Mrs TENANT and Frances FEARING [Freereg]
1802Jeremiah OLDMAN m Ann OVERTON 12 Oct 1802 West Rudham [Freereg] and had issue:

John bap 1805 West Rudham
Charles bap 1807 West Rudham
John b 1809 West Rudham [1841 census]
Charles bap 1809 West Rudham

Susanna OLDMAN m James SMITH 12 Oct 1802 Norwich St John the Baptist Timberhill (Witnesses Benjamin SEXTON and David BUTTIFANT) [Freereg]William OLDMAN m Mary ARCHER 8 Nov 1802 Grimston (Witnesses John WAKEFIELD and Thomas RAVEN) [Freereg]
1803Jane OLDMAN m Robert SMITH 14 Jun 1803 St Michael Coslany Norwich [Freereg]
1804Edmund OLDMAN and Judith PRIOR had issue

Judith b 27 Apr 1804 bap 29 Apr 1804 Horningtoft

1805James OLDMAN (Mariner) m Mary WINN 16 Jun 1805 Wells next the Sea (Witnesses Ann OLDMAN and Sarah WAKEFIELD) and had issue

Robert bap 18 Nov 1818 Wells next the Sea
Jane bap 7 Oct 1822 Wells next the Sea
John bap 10 Jul 1826 Wells next the Sea

Ann OLDMAN m James Race HALL 11 Dec 1805 Wells next the Sea (Witnesses Susanna BLOOM and Susanna HALL) [Freereg]
James OLDMAN (Labourer) m Hannah CUTTING (b 1781 Newton Flotman d 6 Jun 1830 Newton Flotman) 19 Aug 1805 and had issue:

George b 13 Oct 1805 bap 20 Oct 1805 Newton Flotman recd into church 24 Apr 1814 Newton Flotman d 6 Mar 1881
William b 12 May 1807 bap 21 May 1807 Newton Flotman recd into church 17 Apr 1814 Newton Flotman
Hannah b 24 Apr 1811 bap 28 Apr 1811 Newton Flotman recd into church 17 Apr 1814 Newton Flotman
Mary b 24 Sep 1812 bap 27 Sep 1812 Newton Flotman recd into church 24 Apr 1814 Newton Flotman
Eunice bap 22 Apr 1814 Newton Flotman
Eliza bap 8 Oct 1815 Newton Flotman
Charlotte b 6 Nov 1817 bap 27 May 1832 Newton Flotman d 11 Dec 1871
Elizabeth b 20 Sep 1820 bap 27 May 1832 Newton Flotman
Sarah b 29 May 1823 bap 27 May 1832 Newton Flotman

1806Frances OLDMAN m James DURRANT 20 Oct 1812 Salthorpe [Par Reg]Frances OLDMAN m Thomas WANT 3 Jun 1906 Norwich St Stephens (Witnesses Wm WELLS and Jane OLDMAN)[Freereg]
John OLDMAN and Hannah LASTER had issue:

Rebecka bap 29 Nov 1806 Horningtoft
John bap 27 Nov 1808 Welney

1807Pheobe OLDMAN m Copeman REEDER 26 May 1807 Wells next the Sea (witnesses Robert and Margaret REEDER [Freereg]
James OLDMAN (a labourer) m Ann DUFFIELD 15 Sep 1807 Horningtoft (Witnesses John and Jane CALLABY) [Freereg] and had issue:

Mary Ann bap 20 Jul 1817 Whissonsett

Susanna OLDMAN bap 31 Mar 1807 [IGI] recd into church 2 Mar 1807 Kings Lynn Illeg dau Ann OLDMAN [Freereg]
1808 Rebecca OLDMAN m Matthew UPTHON of North Elmham 27 Dec 1808 Horningtoft (WitnessesWilliam DOY and Esther MELTON) [Freereg]
John and Hannah OLDMAN had issue

John bap 27 Nov 1808 Welney St Mary
Edmund bap 27 Jan 1811 Welney St Mary

Robert OLDMAN and Ann HAGON had issue

Mary Ann b 10 Apr 1808 bap 11 Apr 1808 Wood Norton

Robert OLDMAN (reputed father) and Mary PRIOR (spinster) had issue

William b 24 Nov 1808 bap 29 Nov 1808 Guist

1809Ann OLDMAN m William ELMER 16 Feb 1809 Castle Rising (Witnesses Susan OLDMAN and John BROWN) [Freereg]
William and Susan OLDMAN had issue:

William b 6 Sep 1809 bap 15 Sep 1811 North Creake
Robert b 18 Aug 1811 bap 15 Sep 1811 North Creake

John and Mary OLDMAN had issue:

Edward b 1 Oct 1809 bap 5 Nov 1809 Runhall

Hew OLDMAN and Mary PLUMSTEAD had issue:

Robert b 29 Sep 1809 bap 1 Oct 1809 Norwich St Paul

1810John OLDMAN m Jemima NEVE 24 Dec 1810 Wheatacre and had issue;

William b 15 Dec 1812 bap 17 Dec 1812 Wheatacre

1811 Edmund, son of John and Hannah OLDMAN bap 27 Jan 1811 Welney St Mary [Freereg]
Anne OLDMAN m John HAYHOW (widower) 25 Nov 1811 Wells next the Sea (witnesses Gardner and Mary ELVIN) [Freereg]
Anne OLDMAN m James PARKER 15 Oct 1811 Billingford (Witness: William OLDMAN) [Freereg]
1812 John OLDMAN (of St Margaret Lynn) m Eleanor HAYLETT 20 Oct 1812 Fakenham by licence (Witnesses Ann WIGG and Lucy COLLETT) [Freereg]
Eliza OLDMAN b 16 May 1812 bap 24 May 1812 St Mary at Coslany, Norwich dau of Mary OLDMAN [IGI]
Edward OLDMAN b 29 Sep 1812 bap 4 Oct 1812 Newton Flotman s o Elizabeth OLDMAN m Charlotte 1841 Roston, Lincs [IGI]
1813William OLDMAN of Twyford m Lydia WRIGHT 2 Aug 1813 Bintree (Witnesses William HOOK and Mary ALLEN) and had issue

Robert Thomas bap 16 Jun 1814 Bintree
Richard bap 29 Mar 1816 Bintree
James bap 28 Jul 1822 Twyford
William bap 2 Jun 1829 Twyford

Mary OLDMAN m Thomas ALLEN of Lyderstone (Witnesses Ann BARNES and William DUNHAM) [Freereg] - Mary had a child before she married : Mary OLDMAN bap 11 Jul 1813 Newton Flotman [IGI]
Jane OLDMAN m John KING (widower) 17 Jun 1813 Thetford (Witnesses Robert PORTEY and Margaret SPEARMAN) [Freereg]
1814Amelia OLDMAN m Joseph WILLIAMSON (of Wisbech St Peter) 9 Feb 1814 Wells next the Sea (witnesses John OLDMAN and Elizabeth OLDMAN) (by licence) [Freereg]
Mary OLDMAN m Robert HARRISON 4 Mar 1814 Norwich St Stephens Witnesses Robt and Eleanor REYNOLDS) [Freereg]
Richard OLDMAN (labourer) m Caroline BRIDGES 5 Sep 1814 Guist (Witnesses Thomas BRIDGES and Maria TWITE) [Freereg] Children:

Thomas bap 18 Dec 1814 Guist
William bap 11 Sep 1816 Guist
James bap 2 Mar 1817 Guist
William bap 16 Oct 1817 Guist
Ann bap 22 Aug 1819 Guist
Robert 22 Jul 1821 Guist
Maria b 1821 Bintree
Robert b 1822 Bintree
Caroline bap 18 May 1823 Bintree
Mary bap 4 Oct 1825 Bintree
Mary bap 13 Nov 1827 Bintree
Elizabeth b 1831 Bintree
Frances Jane b 1834 Bintree
Richard bap 3 May 1835 Bintree
Thomas bap 1 Jun 1838
[1841 census and Freereg]

1815John (cordwainer) and Hannah OLDMAN had issue

William bap 25 Jan 1815 Skirbeck Lincs
Richard bap 15 Apr 1821 Skirbeck Lincs
Mary bap 30 Mar 1823 Skirbeck Lincs

1816Elizabeth OLDMAN m Bryant HOWLETT 29 Aug 1816 Oxwick (Witnesses Robt and Ann FAIRCLOTH) [Freereg]
Elizabeth OLDMAN m William FIDDAMEN (a chimney sweeper) 16 Sep 1816 West Rudham [Freereg]
Mary Ann OLDMAN m John COLLINS of Heacham 26 Apr 1816 Roydon [Freereg]
Elizabeth OLDMAN bap 15 Dec 1816 Guestwick d o Elizabeth OLDMAN[IGI]
1817John and Sarah OLDMAN had issue:

John b 1817 Swainsthorpe

John OLDMAN m Rachel WRIGHT 17 Nov 1817 Aldeby [IGI] had issue:

Mary Ann bap 4 Apr Aldeby

1818John (a labourer) of Haddiscough and Jemima OLDMAN of Burgh had issue:

John bap 8 Aug 1818 Blundeston St Mary
George bap 23 Dec 1821 Blundeston St Mary
James bap 10 Oct 1824 Blundeston St Mary
Charles bap 5 Oct 1828 Blundeston St Mary

James OLDMAN m Ann KNIGHTS Nov 1818 Guist (Witnesses Francis DEWING and Edward KNIGHTS) and had issue:

Mary Anne bap 20 Jul 1817 Whissonsett

James OLDMAN and Elizabeth SMITH had issue:

Anne bap 7 Feb 1818 Westwick

1820Sarah OLDMAN m Robert BARNES 12 Jun 1820 Newton Flotman (Witnesses Benjamin WELTON and Mary WELTON) [Freereg]
1821Jane Oldman (widow) m William WELLS (widower) 5 Jun 1821 Lakenham (Witnesses Jane Smith and George CREASY) [Freereg]>
1823John OLDMAN m Elizabeth NEWSON 23 Jan 1823 Aldeby
Mary OLDMAN m Isaac COBURN 1823 Thetford [Nfktrans]
William OLDMAN (labourer) and Susanna had issue

Susanna bap 2 Mar 1823 Guist
George bap 10 Apr 1825 Guist

1824James OLDMAN b 11 Oct 1824 Blundeston d 12 Mar 1901 Blundeston m Elizabeth BROOKS [b 22 May 1825 Lound d 16 Jan 1907 Blundeston) 9 Feb 1846 Blundeston [IGI]
1825Sarah OLDMAN m Robert BARE 15 Dec 1825 Wheatacre [IGI]Frederick OLDMAN (a gardener) m Elizabeth MALLETT 4 Nov 1825 Whissonsett (Witnesses Frances STAPLETON, John THING and Henry GOGGS) and had issue

Frances bap 7 May 1826 Whissonsett
Frances bap 7 Dec 1828 Whissonsett
Sophia bap 25 DEc 1830 Whissonsett

1826Robert OLDMAN (labourer) m Patience WOODS 7 Mar 1826 Tittleshall (Witnesses Henry GOGGS and John RICHARDS) [Freereg] Children:

William b 1826 bap 8 Apr 1827 Tittleshall cum Godwick
Robert bap 5 Jul 1829 Tittleshall cum Godwick also bap 24 Oct 1831 Walsingham methodist
Robert bap 2 Mar 1834 m Mary
Ann b 1836 bap 2 Mar 1834 Tittleshall cum Godwick
Sarah b 1838 Tittleshall cum Godwick
Elizabeth bap 4 Apr 1841 Tittleshall cum Godwick
Mary bap 7 Apr 1847 Tittleshall
[1841 census and Freereg]

George OLDMAN (Bricklayer, later a drover) m Mary Ann FELTON 11 Apr 1826 Newton Flotman (Witnesses Robert FELTON and Jer LAWS) had issue:

Susanna bap 28 Oct 1827 Newton Flotman
James bap 13 Dec 1829 Newton Flotman d 13 Nov 1853
Charles b 1832 Newton Flotman bap 27 May 1832 Newton Flotman
George b 6 Jul 1834 bap 31 Aug 1834 Newton Flotman d 2 Sep 1918
Henry b 9 Jul 1836 bap 3 Jul 1836 Newton Flotman
Robert b 1839 bap 7 Apr 1839 Newton Flotman
John b 12 Oct 1847 Newton Flotman d 19 Jun 1892
[1841 census]

1827Elizabeth OLDMAN m James PALMER 1827 Thetford [Nfktrans]
Hannah OLDMAN m James GARRARD 12 Oct 1827 Newton Flotman (Witnesses Frances GARRARD and Jer LAWS) [Freereg]
1830Maria OLDMAN m William CROW 1830 West Rudham [Freereg]
Mary Ann OLDMAN m William ANDREWS 11 Feb 1830 Kings Lynn [Freereg]

from the Bury and Norwich Post of 20 Jan 1830

1831William OLDMAN (Butcher) m Mary POTTER 12 May 1831 Lakenham (Witnesses Jeremiah HOLMES and Mary OLDMAN) [Freereg] Children:

John b 1831 Tasburgh bap 22 Dec 1831 Newton Flotman
Eliza b 2 Apr 1835 Tasburgh bap 25 Jun 1837 Newton Flotman
[1841 census]
Mary OLDMAN m Henry GOODBODY 1831 West Rudham [Freereg]
John OLDMAN (labourer) m Charlotte CORKE 26 Sep 1831 Harpley (Witnesses Sarah and William CORKE and William TOLL) [Freereg] Children:

Jeremiah bap 22 Apr 1832 West Rudham
William bap 30 Jan 1834 West Rudham
Charles bap 18 JUn 1836 West Rudham
Mary bap 24 Feb 1839 West Rudham
Jeremiah bap 20 Mar 1846 West Rudham
John bap 27 May 1848 West Rudham
John bap 4 Nov 1849 West Rudham
[1841 census and Freereg]

1832Mary Ann OLDMAN m Henry GOODBODY 24 Jan 1831 West Rudham [Par Reg]
1833Robert OLDMAN m Mary FUNNELL 23 Mar 1833 Twford (Witnesses William and Charlotte NEVIL) [Freereg] Children:

William b 1834 Twyford
John b 1836 Twyford
Francis b 1838 Twyford
Eliz b 1840 Twyford
[1841 census]
Eliza OLDMAN or KING m John LEECH of Holt 5 Dec 1833 Baconsthorpe (Witnesses JW and Sarah KING) [Freereg]

1834Elizabeth dau Thomas (a porter living at Old Market) and Mary OLDMAN bap 26 Dec 1834 Wisbech St Peter [Freereg]
Mary Ann OLDMAN m Robert GOODMAN 18 Apr 1834 East Rudham [Par Reg]
1836William son Thomas (a porter living at Old Market) and Mary OLDMAN bap 12 Jul 1836 Wisbech St Peter [Freereg]
Mary Ann OLDMAN m Robert GOODMAN 18 Apr 1834 East Rudham (Witnesses Robert and Elizabeth CHESNET) [Freereg]
1836Robert OLDMAN m Charlotte Pennington NEWDICK 12 Dec 1836 Kings Lynn (Witnesses James DIGGINS and Hannah PENNINGTON) [Freereg]