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Osborn Coat of Arms

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My direct ancestors are in red

Last revision 15 Dec 2010

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Carr...Claydon...Cockran...Cooper...Corbishley...Corney 1883...Corney 1886...Cotton...Cross...Davies...Deane
Donald ...Etherington...Fitzgerald...Fitzgerald-Baker...Fowell 1840...Fowell 1909...Grant...Gutteridge...Hale...Hall...Hare...Himson
Hodges...Holder...Hollands...Howells...Jones 1891...Jones abt 1990...Kemp 1796...Kinsella...Lane...Lathe

Note: A Henry Osborne was baptised at Sudbury on 25 Feb 1715, but there appears to be no link to 1 Henry below. Henry of Sudbury (the son of Robert and Sarah Osborne) would have been only 17 when he married, but of course it could be that he was several years old when baptised. Sudbury is however a long way from Norton. This is the only Henry I can find in Suffolk at the right time.

The 1673 hearth tax return for Norton shows a John Osborne with 2 hearths, a Thomas Osborne sharing 2 hearths with John Linge and a widow Osborne both certified as being too poor to pay tax but having 2 hearths, shared with Widow Taylor.

Going further back, the 1381 tax returns show the following: Galfredus Osbern, labourer at Wordwell, Sfk, Galfredus Osbern junior, farmer at Wordwell, Sfk, Robertus Ossebern farmer at Finborough, Sfk (taxed 2/6d) Johanna Osbern taxed 12d at Old Newton, Sfk Johannes Osbern taxed 2/0d at Saxham, Sfk, Johannes Osbern, labourer at Chevington Sfk and Margaret his wife, and Agnes Osbern taxed 12d at Chevington. One of these may be an ancestor but many rolls are missing from the Suffolk tax returns for 1381.


1 Henry OSBORN m Elizabeth CROSS 24 Oct 1732 Norton Suffolk

Children of Henry and Elizabeth
Henry bap 13 May 1733 Norton
3......Edward bap 19 Dec 1736 Norton
4......Elizabethbap 15 Aug 1742 Norton
5......Ann bap 20 Jul 1746 Norton m Simon KEMP 17 May 1796 Norton
6......John bap 1734 Norton
7......Thomas bap 11 Nov 1739 m Rhoda BORLEY 18 Oct 1799


2 Henry OSBORN m Elizabeth

Children of Henry and Elizabeth
8......Robert bap 19 Aug 1750 Norton
9......William bap 8 Dec 1752 Norton


9 William OSBORN m (a) Mary (b) Sarah BLOOMFIELD 27 Jul 1794 Norton

Children of William and Mary
10......William b in Norton
11......William b in Norton
12......Henry b 1789 in Norton d 1 Oct 1861 Shipdham

From the Norfolk Chronicle of 23 Nov 1861

13......William b in Norton
14......George b 1785 Norton d 28 Jun 1867 [cert]
Note: George died of heart disease aged "approx 84"

Children of William and Sarah
15......Judith b in Norton
Note: Judith may have had an illegitimate son, 15a......James b abt 1820
16......John b in Norton


12 Henry OSBORN m Elizabeth

Note: Henry was an ag lab in 1841

Children of Henry and Elizabeth
12a......Robert b 1821 Drinkstone
12b......John b 1823 Drinkstone
12c......William b 1827 Drinkstone
12d......Daniel b 1829 Drinkstone
12e......Eliza b 1831 Drinkstone

14 George OSBORN m Sarah WESTHORPE (b 1786 Rougham d 9 Aug 1862 [cert])

Note: George was gardener at Cavenham Hall for 50 years, owned by H S Waddington . Sarah was the daughter of John Westrup and Mary. George and Sarah, my 4 x great grandparents were living in "Street" Cavenham in 1841 with Henry, Samuel and Mary Ann and in 1861 with their widowed son 20 George and his two children, next door to 23 Samuel and Susan. The Bury and Norwich Post of 9 Nov 1880 reported under the Petty Sessions that Mr Osborne of Cavenham applied for a warrant of ejectment against George Rands, labourer of Cavenham - the Bench granted the application .
Sarah died of a strangulated hernia

Children of George and Sarah
17......Sarah [Sally] bap 18 Jun 1815 Cavenham Suffolk d 8 Feb 1873 m Joseph FOWELL 24 Dec 1840, Cavenham [Witnesses H T COOPER and 21 Ellanor OSBORN.]
(See Fowell branch
18......Elizabeth bap 19 Jan 1817 Cavenham
19......Henry bap 15 Mar 1818 Cavenham
20......George bap 18 Jul 1819 Cavenham living with parents in 1851 and was a groom
21......Eleanor bap 29 Apr 1821 Cavenham
Note: Eleanor was living in at Cavenham Hall in 1841 [probably as a servant] with her 15 year old brother James.
22......Mary Ann bap 30 Mar 1823 Cavenham
Note: Mary Ann was dressmaker in 1851
23......Samuel (twin) bap 11 Jun 1826 d 4 Jul 1905 124 Villiers Rd, Willesden, Mdx aged 80 of senile decay [cert]
24......James (twin) bap 11 Jun 1826

S1 Robert SNELLING m Elizabeth PETTIT (bap 30 May 1773 Felsham, Sfk) 28 Dec 1824 Felsham, Sfk

Note: Robert was a shoe maker in 1841 living at Guildhall Street, St Mary, Bury St Edmunds.

Children of Robert and Elizabeth
Elizabeth bap 14 Sep 1825 Bury St Edmunds
S3......Robert bap 15 Sep 1834 Bury St Edmunds
S4......Raymond b abt 1835 Bury St Edmunds


12c William OSBORN m Susannah abt 1850

Note: William was an ag lab

Children of William and Susannah
12c-1......Eliza b 1851 Drinkstone
12c-2......Mary b 1856 Drinkstone

19 Henry OSBORN m Charlotte PHILLIPS (b 1826/7 Sheerness Kent) 4th qr 1864 Wandsworth

Note: In 1871 Henry was a labourer living at Hardway, Alverstoke. In 1881 Henry was a 1st class labourer Ordnance Store Depot, living with the family at 19 Chapel Street, Alverstoke. In 1891 he was Foreman labourer at Priddy's Yard and the family lived at Vine Cottages, Alverstoke, Hardway.

Child of Henry and Charlotte
a1......Henry b 1853 Devonport [1871 census]
Note: In 1871 Henry was in the navy
a2......George b 3rd qr 1854 Devonport [Stoke Damerel 5b 277]
In 1871 George was a "sailor boy"
a3......William b 1856 Ipswich [1871 census]
a4......James b 1st qr 1858 Kent [Greenwich 1d 655]
a5......Walter b 4th qr 1859 Kent [Medway 2a 526]
a6......Alfred Harry b 2nd qr 1864 Kent [Greenwich 1d 695]
25......Ellen b 3rd qr 1866 Alverstoke, Hampshire [Alverstoke 2b 454]
25a....Kate b 2nd qr 1868 Alverstoke, Hampshire [Alverstoke 2b 494] d aged 68 2nd qr 1937 [Dartford 2a 842] m Arthur Henry TUPPEN (b 1867 Southsea d aged 64 3rd qr 1931 Sussex [E Preston 2b 403]) 2nd qr 1890 [Christchurch 2b 1177]
Note: In 1891 Arthur was a gardener and the couple were at Lillian House, Winstanley Rd, Portsea
Victor Emmanuel b 3rd qr 1870 Gosport Hampshire [Alverstoke 2b 476]
25c....Charles John b 3rd qr 1873 Alverstoke, Hampshire [Alverstoke 2b 500]
Note: Charles was a labourer at Priddy's Yard in 1891
25d....Rose b 4th qr 1874 Alverstoke, Hampshire [Alverstoke 2b 502]
Note: Rose was a dressmaker in 1891

20 George OSBORN m Elizabeth WARD 7 May 1858 West Stow

Note: Elizabeth was the daughter of Dixon WARD, a carpenter and witnesses to the marriage were William BARBROOKE and Mary Ann HUNT

Children of George and Elizabeth
26......Sarah b abt 1848
27......William b 2nd qr 1850 Barton Mills [Mildenhall 13 512] m Sarah Ann CORNEY 15 Jun 1886 Alverstoke [cert]
Note: Witnesses to the wedding were Charles CORNEY and Florence L E J GUTTERIDGE. Sarah's father was Charles CORNEY, a foreman of joiners. William and his sister Sarah (26 below) married siblings from the same family.

21 Eleanor OSBORN m Henry James COOPER abt 1844

Note: Henry was a builder. Eleanor appears in the parish register as "Ellen" In the 1861 census the family was at St Andrews Street Mildenhall, and Henry was a lime burner employing 1 man and one boy. In 1871 he was a joiner and the family had moved to Clemence Street, Lowestoft.In 1881 Eleanor was a widow living at 2 St John's Road, Lowestoft, a drerssmaker. A grand daughter, Annie was staying in 1881 with Eleanor. In 1891 Eleanor then a dressmaker was living at 2 St John's Road Lowestoft

Children of Henry and Eleanor
28......Henry bap 23 Nov 1845 Cavenham
29......Jane bap 12 Sep 1848 Cavenham m John BIRD b abt 1841 Fakenham Nfk
Note: John was a provisions merchant. He and Jane had two children: Ernest H b 1879 and Arthur E b 1880 Newcastle on Tyne. They were visiting Eleanor in 1881
30......Helen bap 25 Mar 1849 Cavenham
31......Elizabeth bap 20 Mar 1851 Cavenham
32......George Jacques bap 21 Nov 1852 Cavenham
Note: In 1871 and in 1881 George was a joiner, living with parents. In 1891 he was living with his widowed mother and was described as a carpenter.
33......Mary bap 6 Nov 1853 Cavenham
Note: In 1871 and 1881 Mary was a dressmaker, living with parents
34......Edward James bap 14 Oct 1855 Cavenham
Note: In 1871Edward was a hotel waiter, living with parents
35......Sarah Caroline bap 21 Jun 1857 Cavenham
36......Clara Sophia b 3rd qr 1860 Mildenhall [Newmarket 3b 405]
Note: In 1881 Clara was a dressmaker, living with mother

22 Mary Anne OSBORNE m William Edward COOMBES (b 1805 Gosport d 1st qr 1871 [Alverstoke 2b 349]) 1st qr 1871 [Alverstoke 2b 784]

Child of Sarah and unknown
22a......Sarah b 5 Sep 1847 [cert]

Note: The couple lived at South Cross Street, Alverstoke in 1861 and by 1871 Mary Anne was living as an annuitant at 24 South Cross Street, Alverstoke with 26 Sarah Osborne, her neice as a companion. There was no issue of the marriage.

23 Samuel OSBORN bap 11 Jun 1826 m Susan Elizabeth CLAYDON (b 1825 Bow London d 4th qr 1893 [Mildenhall 4a 477]) 1st qr 1846 [Mildenhall 13 769]

Note: Susan was the daughter of Samuel Clayden or Claydon. The family was living at 40 Cavenham St, Cavenham in 1881 and Samuel Osborn is recorded as "Head Gardener" at Cavenham Hall and in 1861 Susan was a shopkeeper. The 1891 census records Samuel and Susan at "The Street" Cavenham with Caroline, Sarah and Edith still living at home. Susan died of a cerebral haemorrhage.

From the Bury and Norwich Post of 23 Sep 1890

Children of Samuel and Susan Elizabeth
37......Sarah b 10 May 1846 [cert] bap 24 May 1846 Cavenham d bef 1851
38......James b 21 Sep 1848 [cert] bap 29 Oct 1848 Cavenham
39......John bap 30 Jun 1850 Cavenham d 2nd qr 1851 [Mildenhall 13 379]
40......Samuel bap 23 Oct 1851 Cavenham [cert] d 4th qr 1851 [Mildenhall 13 470]
41......John b 1st qr 1853 [Mildenhall 4a 1350] bap 17 Apr 1853 Cavenham
42......Sarah bap 31 May 1854 Cavenham
Note: In 1891 Sarah was living with her parents, but "living on her own means". The Bury and Norwich Post of 2 Aug 1887 records her wedding gift of a pincushion to a Major Owen who married Eva Waddington who lived at Cacenham Hall
43......Elizabeth bap 6 Oct 1855 Cavenham d 3rd qr 1855 [Mildenhall 4a 415]
44......Caroline bap 15 Mar 1857 Cavenham
Note: Caroline was a laundress in 1881 and 1891, living with her parents.The Bury and Norwich Post of 25 Sep 1894 reported her inquest which said that she had "committed suicide during tempoarary insanity" by jumping down a 20 foot deep well. She had been "delivered of a child about three months earlier.
45......George bap 12 Jun 1859 Cavenham
46......Samuel Claydon b 28 Apr 1858 Cavenham [cert] d 1st qr 1909 [St Georges Hanover Square 1a 372]
Note: In 1871 Samuel was an errand boy. Samuel was butler to Col. Charles COCKRAN ret'd at Congham Hall, Norfolk in 1891 [near Kings Lynn]. His death was the result of suicide by cutting his own throat with a razor [cert]
47......Harry bap 19 May 1860 Cavenham
48......Ellen bap 10 Mar 1862 Cavenham
49......Elizabeth bap 9 May 1864 Cavenham
50......George bap 6 Oct 1866 Cavenham [Mildenhall 4a 453]
Julia Mary bap 20 Jun 1869 Cavenham [Mildenhall 4a 484] d 3rd qr 1936 aged 67 [Willesden 3a 264]
Note: In 1891 Julia was a cook in service with Herman and Gertrude Myer at 24 Pembridge Villas, Pembridge Crescent, Kensington, London

52 Thomas OSBORNE m Henrietta EUSTON (b 1852) 1871

Note: Henrietta was the illegitimate daughter of Henrietta Euston who later married a Charles POWELL and had eight further children. Thomas, a butler at the time of daughter Flora Edith's death, and Henrietta jnr lived in Barton Mills

Child of Thomas and Henrietta
52a......Flora Edith b 25 Nov 1875 Cavenham d 24 Jul 1916 Ixworth [Cert]
Note: Flora died of carcinoma of the stomach

24 James OSBORN m S2 Elizabeth SNELLING (bap 14 Sep 1825 Bury St Edmunds) 15 Oct 1849 St Peter's Church, Thetford

Note: Witnesses at the marriage were Susan SNELLING and Joseph FOWELL. Joe FOWELL, grandson of this Joseph, married Mabel Osborne BROAD, James' granddaughter in Dunedin in 1909. The family was living at St Nicholas Lane in 1852 and 23 White Hart Street in 1861: James was a machine maker in 1852 and was a model maker (for Burrells?) in 1861. Ellen (as Elizabeth Ellen was known) and Martha emigrated to New Zealand on the barque "Coromandel" in 1880, and Ellen met Moses whilst on the "Coromandel" whom she subsequently married. They had six children and there is a book about the family called "The Browns of Kyeburn Peninsula" which is worth reading. Moses was a successful gold miner on or near the Kyeburn River

The Coromandel left England Dec.19,1879 and arrived in Dunedin on April 2, 1880. It was carrying 1400 tons of cargo, 25 tons gunpowder, and 32 passengers all in steerage class (31 originally plus 1 born on the way) A press cutting from the day of arrival may be seen here

. A total of 13 different surnames, are all documented. Miss Osborne being listed as "with the Broads" in their cabin or possibly just a screened off area.

Children of James and Elizabeth
53......Elizabeth Ellen b 10 Aug 1852 St Nicholas Lane, Thetford m Moses BROWN
Note: Ellen was a servant with the FISON family in King Street, Thetford in 1871
See the Brown branch here
54......Martha b 24 Aug 1854 Thetford d 17 Apr 1901 Dunedin
Note: Martha was a servant with the HOOPER family in Eastgate Street, Bury St Edmunds in 1871
See the Broad branch here
55......George Henry b 1857 [Thetford 4b 402] d 4 May 1880 Dunedin m Emma BROAD in Bury St Edmunds 3rd qr 1878 [BSE 4A 740]
Note: George Henry and Emma emigrated to New Zealand on the ship Coromandel at the same time as Martha and Elizabeth, but died within 4 weeks of arriving in Dunedin
See the Broad branch here


25b Victor Emmanuel OSBORNE m Harriet Jane RETALLICK(b 1870/1 Hardway, Gosport) 1st qr 1891 Gosport [Portsea 2b 754]

Note: Jane was the daughter of Arthur (a Sail Maker's labourer)and Mary RETALLICK In 1901 and 1911 the family was at 13 Burnhams Alley, Alverstoke, Gosport and Victor is shown as a skilled labourer

Child of Victor and Jane
56......Victor George b 1st qr 1892 Gosport [Alverstoke 2b 523]
57......Sydney Clifford b 1896 Gosport d 1966
Note: In 1911 Sydney was a storehouse boy

26 Sarah OSBORNE m Charles John CORNEY (b 4th qr 1847 [Alverstoke 7 74]) 2nd qr 1883 [Portsea 2b 739] [cert]

Note: Sarah lived with 22 Mary Anne Coombes in 1861, 1871 and 1881. Charles was a joiner in HM Shipyard, Portsmouth Charles was the son of Charles CORNEY, Foreman of joiners.Witnesses to the marriage were Frederick George CORNEY and Sarah Ann CORNEY. Sarah and her brother William (27 above) married siblings from the same family. In 1911 the family was at 34 Hercules Street, Portsmouth and Charles was a retired joiner

Children of Charles and Sarah
C1......Frederick William b 2nd qr 1884 [Portsea 2b 487]
Note: Frederick was a shipwright's apprentice in 1901
C2...... Arthur Charles b 3rd qr 1885 [Portsea 2b 419]
Note: Arthur was a shipwright's apprentice in 1901
C3......Harry John b 3rd qr 1888 [Portsea 2b 438]
Note: In 1911 Harry was a shipwright living with his parents

28 Henry COOPER m (a) Ann Maria KIRBY (b 3rd qr 1849 d 1st qr 1873 [Sudbury 4a 333]) 3rd qr 1867 [Sudbury 4a 675] (b) Sarah Ann LOWE 1st qr 1880 [Boston 7a 514]

Children of Henry and Ann
28a......Kate b abt 1869 Gt Cornard
28b......Henry b abt 1871 Gt Cornard

Note: Henry was a grocer in 1881 living at 1 King Street, Sutton St Mary, Lincs

Child of Henry and Sarah
28c......Kate L b 1881 Sutton St Mary, Lincs

33 Mary COOPER with unknown partner

Note: In 1901 Mary, a widow, was living with her daughter Annie, then Annie HIMSON together with her daughter Mary

Child of Mary and unknown
58......Annie Elizabeth COOPER b 1874 Lowestoft d aged 49 4th qr 1922 Bury St Edmunds [Bury St Eds 4a
58k....Mary b 1856 Cavenham

38 James OSBORN m Annie WILLIAMS nee DAVIES (b Aberystwyth abt 1844 d 23 Jun 1912 at 21a Albert Hall Mansions, Knightsbridge aged 68 [cert]) 1 Aug 1874 Kensington [cert]

Note: In 1881 James was a butler, living in at 2 Prince of Wales Terrace, Kensington and the family was at 25 St Alban's Road Kensington. Living there as lodgers were 27 year old Mary A BOSWELL a butler's wife and her son Frederick, a few months old, and there was a visitor, Catherine ALLPORT aged 29, a needlewoman born in Stafford. In 1891 and 1901 the family was at 19c Albert Hall Mansions Lodge, Princes Gardens, Westminster. James was a hall porter, and a 15 year old Margaret E JONES was living with the family as a dressmakers apprentice aged 15. In 1901 James was still a hall porter. Annie died of bronchitis in 1912.

Children of James and Annie
H1......Ebenezer James Claydon b 16 May 1876 at 2 Horsleydown Place, Southwark [cert] d 10 Jul 1932 Brentford [cert]
Note In 1891 Ebenezer was a pupil teacher. he died of lung cancer.
H2......Samuel George b 13 Jan 1878 at 3 Norfolk Place, Kensington [cert] d 2 feb 1954 4 Village Way, Ashford, Staines
Note: Samuel died of heart disease

41 John OSBORN m Elizabeth Margaret NEWELL (b 3rd qr 1853 Whaddon Cambs [Royston 3a 147]) 3rd qr 1877 [Newmarket 3b 545]

Note: In 1881 the family was at 6 Turf terrace, Newmarket

Child of John and Elizabeth
41a......Frank Newell b 3rd qr 1878 [Newmarket 3b 545] d 2nd qr 1906 (?) [Islington 1b 27]

51 Julia Marie OSBORNE m George Henry ETHERINGTON (b 2nd qr 1868 [Lewisham 1d 899] d 1st qr 1943 aged 75 [Brentford 3a 381]) 2nd qr 1893 [Paddington 1a 3]

Note: In 1901 the family lived at 124 Villiers Road, Willesden and George was a poulterer. 23 Samuel shown as a retired gardener and father in law was living with them. In 1911 the family was at 7 Strode Rd, Willesden Green. and George was a commercial motor driver

.Children of George and Julia
51a......Alfred George C b 3rd qr 1894 [Paddington 1a 69] m Celia HARE 4th qr 1925 [Willesden 3a 684]
Note: In 1911 Alfred was a warehouse porter
51b......Albert James O b 4th qr 1895 [Paddington 1a 65] d 28 May 1916
Note:: In 1911 Albert was a warehouse porter. He was a rifleman (no R 9114) with the Kings Royal Rifle Corps and is buried at Berles-au-Bois churchyard extension
51c......Cecil Victor b 1st qr 1898 [Marylebone 1a 612] m Alice M PROUD 2nd qr 1921 [Willesden 3a 637]
51d......Sidney William b 1st qr 1899 [Marylebone 1a 620]
51e......GladysViolet M b 1st qr 1902 Willesden Green [Hendon 3a 263]
51f......Frederick Arthur b 2nd qr 1903 Willesden Green [Hendon 3a 338]
51g......Dorothy Edith E b 3rd qr 1905 Willesden Green [Hendon 3a 283]
51h......Stanley b 1st qr 1907 Willesden Green [Hendon 3a 339] m Edith TURNER 1st qr 1932 [Willesden 3a 631]
51i......Violet b 1st qr 1911 Willesden Green [Wandsworth 1d 622]

53 Elizabeth Ellen OSBORNE m Moses BROWN (b 2 Sep 1855 Sawdon, Yorks d 27 Aug 1940 )

Note: Moses, who was a successful gold miner, was the son of William BROWN, farmer, and Elizabeth GREEN of Sawdon, Yorkshire. He had a sister Ann, (bap 1 Sep 1850) and a brother John. John emigrated with Moses.. You can see Moses and Elizabeth's gravestone here

Children of Moses and Ellen

59......George Osborne b 5 Dec 1883 Kyeburn Diggings, Otago, New Zealand d 2 Jan 1955 Naseby, NZ
60......Percy b 28 Nov 1844 Kyeburn Diggings, Otago, New Zealand d 14 Nov 1939 Kyeburn Diggings
61......Arthur Ernest b 22 Jan 1886 Kyeburn Diggings, Otago, New Zealand d 24 Jun 1971 Stratford, Taranaki
62......Frances Leonard b 7 Nov 1888 Kyeburn Diggings, Otago, New Zealand d 1 May 1931 Kaponga, Taranaki
63......Wilfred Bertie b 18 Feb 1892 Kyeburn Diggings, Otago, New Zealand d 24 Apr 1929 Opunake, Taranaki
64......Florence Ethel (Flo) b 6 Oct 1895 Kyeburn Diggings, Otago, New Zealand d 16 Nov 1938 Naseby, NZ m Mr ELETT

54 Martha OSBORN(E) m Alfred Carter BROAD (b 28 Jun 1851 Diss) 12 Dec 1876

Note: Alfred emigrated to New Zealand where he established the Broad's Brush Factory (later the Otago Brush Co) at 127-141 Great King Street, Dunedin. The story of brushmaking in Dunedin may be seen here. He was a kingpin of the temperance movement and kept up a regular correspondence on the subject with the local newspaper - an example of one of his letters may be seen here - and he was vice president of the New Zealand Alliance for the abolition of the liquor traffic in 1889. Within the family he was known as "AC". You can see their gravestone here , an account of a memorial service to Martha here, a report of AC's death here and their house, "Willard" here. See also the local paper's account of the arrival of the Coromandel here

Children of Alfred and Martha
65......Elizabeth Emma b 6 Oct 1877 m Logan Smith DONALD (b 1877 Port Chalmers, NZ) 25 Apr 1905
66......Florence b 12 Sep 1879 m Walter John OXBROW (b abt 1877 Otago) 7 Apr 1908
67......Ethel Sarah b 24 Jun 1881 m Alex MEIKLEJOHN
Note: Ethel had substantial artistic ability - see one of her pictures
68......Eva Alice b 28 Jan 1884 m John Lindsey (Lin) WEIR 19 Dec 1912
69......Mabel Osborne b 3 Jun 1886 m Joe FOWELL 1909 Dunedin, New Zealand (See Fowell branch here)
70......Winifred Birch b 1 Jun 1888
71......Wilfred Lawson (known as Lawson) b 15 Apr 1890 m (a) Daisy HALL (b) Dorothy Alice LIGHTFOOT
Note: Lawson became a talented design engineer, and later emigrated from New Zealand to the UK where he gave his Chesham house the Maori name of "Te Kaianga" There are a number of his descendants in the UK.
72......Olive Gertrude b 22 Jun 1892
73......Leonard Frank b 28 Dec 1894


C3 Harry John CORNEY m Jessie E STEVENS 2nd qr 1913 [Portsmouth 2b 988]

Children of Harry and Jessie
C4......Lawrence A b 4th qr 1912 [Portsmouth 2b 712] m Dorothy M BODY 3rd qr 1943 [Stourbridge 6c 115]
C5......Bertram G b 2nd qr 1914 [Portsmouth 2b 791]
C6......Leonard A b 2nd qr 1916 [Portsmouth 2b 691]

58 Annie Elizabeth COOPER m Herbert HIMSON (b 1867 d 1st qr 1941 Bury St Edmunds [Bury st Eds 4a 2375]) 12 Feb 1899 Lowestoft St Margaret

Note: Herbert was a butcher. In 1891 Annie was a dressmaker.In 1901 the family was at 73 Lorne Park, Kirkley but in 1911 they were at 12 Alexandra Cottages, Bury St Edmunds

Children of Herbert and Annie
74......Mabel Evelyn C b 3rd qr 1899 [Mutford 4a 1036] m Ernest F SAUNDERS 4th qr 1930 Bury St Edmunds [Bury St Eds 4a 2223]
75......Clara Carstens b 4th qr 1900 [Mutford 4a 1045] d 3rd qr 1926 aged 25 [Bury St Eds 4a 758]
76......Winifred Miriam Osborne b 1st qr 1902 [Mutford 4a 1123]
77......Leopold William H b 4th qr 1903 [Mutford 4a 1123] d 2nd qr 1915 Bury St Eds [Bury St Eds 4a 1021]
78......Chelah Rix b 4th qr 1904 [Mutford 4a 1126]
79......Wallace Reginald H. b 4th qr 1906 [Mutford 4a 2993]
80......Queenie Muriel b 1st qr 1911 Bury St Edmunds {Bury St Edmunds 4a 930]

55 George Edward OSBORNE m Margaret PARK (b 1865 Newbottle, Co Durham d 1st qr 1906 [Newcastle on Tyne 10b 113] 4th qr 1881 [South Shields 10 1099]

Note: In 1891 George was a miner and the family was at 31 South Street, Newbottle. In 1911 they were at 30 Sunniside, Newbottle and George was a Banksman in a colliery. In 1911 he was a miner (stoneman) and lodged with a Mr Bragg at 6 Beacon Lough Sherriff Hill together with his son Thomas

Children of George and Margaret
55a......Thomas b 1883 Jarrow
Note: In 1911 Thomas was a miner (stoneman) and lodged with a Mr Bragg at 6 Beacon Lough Sherriff Hill.
55b......George b 1st qr 1884 Houghton-le-Spring [Houghton 10a 450] m Margaret A WILSON 1st qr 1912 [S Shields 10a 1039]
55c......Ellen b 1st qr 1886 Newbottle [Houghton 10a 449] m Albert E McCAIN 1st qr 1917 [S Shields 10a 972]
55d......John b 4th qr 1889 Newbottle [Houghton 10a 433] m Charlotte CARR 2nd qr 1915 [S Shields 10a 778]
55e......Edward b 2nd qr 1894 Durham [Houghton 10a 483] m Mary E ASH 3rd qr 1914 [S Shields 10a 1473]
55f......Robert b 3rd qr 1897 Durham [Houghton 10a 499]
55g......Harriet b 2nd qr 1901 Durham [Houghton 10a 537]

56 Sydney Clifford OSBORNE m unknown

Child of Sydney and unknown
81......Mary b 14 May 1938 Gosport

57 Victor OSBORNE m Rosina M NICHOLSON 3rd qr 1921 [Alverstoke 2b 1509]

Children of Victor and Rosina
82......Victor George b 1st qr 1922 [Southampton 2c 38] m Gladys V REDFORD 2nd qr 1944 [Gosport 2b 1303]
83......Rosalie S b 2nd qr 1938 [Gosport 2b 876]

H1 Ebenezer James Claydon OSBORNE m Mabel Alice LEACH ( b 2 Corban Place, Bath Rd Heston Mdx 2nd qr 1883 [cert] d 3 Feb 1938 13 Wellington Crescent, Ramsgate [cert] of asthma) 3rd qr 1909 [Brentford 3a 318]

Note: In 1901 Ebenezer was a clerk at an ironmongersMabel was the daughter of John George LEACH (b 3rd qr 1839 [cert] d 2nd qr 1916 [Brentford 3a 316] ) and Isabel Alice MARTIN (b 4th qr 1843 [cert] d 4th qr 1923 [Brentford 3a 129]) After Ebenezer's death she remarried George Richard TANDY (d 6 Oct 1949 [Thanet 5b 773] 27 May 1933 Croydon [cert]

Children of Ebenezer and Mabel
H3......John Claydon b 1910 Brentfordd 1912 Brentford
H4......Roma Isabel Claydon b 1913 Hounslow d 1995 Brighton
H5......Eileen Joan Claydon b 1920 Brentford d 1971 Thanet

H2 Samuel George OSBORNE m Catherine Annie DEANE (b 16 Aug 1869) of Egham 29 Aug 1898 [Windsor 2c 403]

Note: Catherine was the daughter of William DEANE and Martha LATHE [cert]

Children of Samuel and Catherine
H6......George Deane b 23 Jun 1899 [Windsor 2c 403]
H7......Laslie Claydon b 3 Oct 1903 [Windsor 2c 415]
H8......Leonora K b 3rd qr 1911 [Staines 3a 13]
H9......Brenda L b 4th qr 1913 [Staines 3a 10]

Also in this generation is the following, but Ernest Claydon Osborne, almost certainly of this family

X1 Ernest Claydon OSBORNE m Ethel Fanny TOMKINS 1st qr 1906 [West Ham 4a 321]

Child of Ernest and Ethel
X2......Ernest Claydon b 4th qr 4th qr 1878 [West Ham 4a 128]


76 Winifred Miriam Osborne HIMSON m Albert D MILTON 4th qr 1922 Bury St Edmunds [Bury St Eds 4a 2115]

Children of Albert and Winifred
76b......Gwendoline M b 1st qr 1923 Bury St Edmunds [Bury St Eds 4a 1626]
76c......Douglas J b 3rd qr 1924 Bury St Edmunds [Bury St Eds 4a 1540]

78 Chela Rix HIMSON m John COTTON 1st qr 1932 Bury St Edmunds [Bury St Eds 4a 1597]

Child of John and Chela
78b......Joan F b 4th qr 1932 Bury St Edmunds [Bury St Eds 4a 1356]

79 Wallace Reginals H HIMSON m Hilda M BRIDGES 1st qr 1932 Bury St Edmunds [Bury St Eds 4a 1617]

Child of Wallace and Hilda 79b......Pauline M b 3rd qr 1933 Bury St Edmunds [Bury St Eds 4a 1391]

80 Queenie Muriel HIMSON partnered with unknown

Child of Queenie Muriel
84......Wendy Ann HIMSON b 1943

81 Mary OSBORNE m (a) unknown (b) Mr MACKINLAY

Children of Mary and unknown - all known as Mackinlay
85......Stephen John b 1956 Hampshire
86......Sharon Patricia b 1958 Hampshire
87......Stuart b 1963 Hampshire
88......Alison Jane b 1965 Hampshire
89......James William b 1971 Ipswich

H4 Roma Isabel Claydon OSBORNE
(a) m George Ernest LANE (b 1908 d 3 Feb 2000 Mansfield Notts) 1932 Brentford
(b) m Augustus John David HOWELLS (b 1914 Newport, Mon d 1981 Hammersmith) 30 Jul 1937 Westminster
(c) partnered with Alexander Philip Foulerton HOLLAND or GRANT (b 29 May 1889 South Brent d 22 Feb 1961 Pentlow)
(d) m Dr Daniel KINSELLA (d King Edward VII hospital, Midhurst of heart failure aged 73 ) 5 Aug 1968 6 Jan 1944 Westminster [cert]

Child of Augusta and Roma
H10......Michael John Augustus HOWELLS b 1938 Ruislip

Children of Alexander and Roma
H11......Robert F GRANT b 1940
H12......Ian F HOWELLS or GRANT b 1941

Child of Daniel and Roma
H13......Margaret R KINSELLA b 4th qr 1945


84 Wendy Ann HIMSON m (a) Michael John FITZGERALD (b 1937) 7 Aug 1965 Bury St Edmunds (b) Christopher Martin MITCHELL (b 1932) 1 Apr 1980 (c) Norman Harold KEMP (b 1942) 3 Dec 1988

Children of Michael and Wendy
90......Justin Edward b 1966
91......John Michael b 1967
92......living person b 1969
Note: This person has opted to have his family removed from the list
93......Lucy Alexandra b 1970


90 Justin Edward FITZGERALD m (a) Claire Elaine BIELBY partnered with Marnie NIXON m (b) Samantha HOLDER

Child of Justin and Clair
94......Aran J Hayler b 1990

Child of Justin and Marnie
95......Gemma Rose b 1990

91 John Michael FITZGERALD m Caron Lynn JONES

Note: The family now lives in Canada

Children of John and Carol
96......Aimee Megan b 1993
97......Joshua Caelhan b 1997

93 Lucy Alexandra FITZGERALD m Paul Joseph STANTON and partnered with Darryl Lee BAKER

Children of Lucy and Paul
101......Thomas Joseph Ross b 1991
102......George William Paul b 1993

Children of Daryll and Lucy
103......Brook Olivia Rose FITZGERALD-BAKER b 1999
104......Finn Benjamin Albert FITZGERALD-BAKER b 2003

Many thanks to 81 Mary Mackinlay and to 84 Wendy Kemp, to Michael Broad, to Joanne Porter, (nee Osborne) granddaughter of 82 Victor George, Felicity Pawsey, Stephen Broad, John Broad and H10 Mike Howells for the information on their ancestors.

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