Note: Phillipp was the wife of Thomas MEWSE whom she married in 1583

Legatee John Mewse (son) 10, 1 bedspread, 1 feather bed, 1 bolster, 1 cover, 3 prs of sheets, 2 pillowcases, 1 tablecloth, 6 napkins, 1 copper kettle, 1 skillet, 1 chest of drawers.

"And all the rest of my goods, debts (?), credits (?), chattels where or whatever not in this my last Will and Testament given and bequeathed."

Will, son, 10 to be paid within 6 months of testator's decease, 3 prs of sheets, 2 pillowcases, and 6 napkins.

Ann Felton, William, Thomas, Mary Arnold, Philip, and Simon, six children of William, 40 shillings to each of these to be paid at age of 21.

John Thomas, Mary Phillip 'Weeds' (?) Alice, Francis, William, and Simon, children of John, 40 shillings to be paid at the age of 21.

Mary Mewse, wife of John, my best gown and petticoat.

Emme Mewse, wife of William, my best cloak.

Mary Mewse, daughter of John, my bible.

Transcribed by Julie Grove, and forwarded by Lisa Eade to both of whom many thanks

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