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Sizer...Smith 1826...Smith 1854...Smith 1897...Smith 1907...Spencer...Steed...Steel abt 1793...Stroud 1873...Tilney 1847
Tokelove 1837...Todd 1872...Tooley...Tregoyne...Turner...Twite abt 1895...Walden...Walker...Webb...Webster 1838
Whistler...White...Williams...Willingham...Wing...Woolsey 1825


1 Philip GAVERICK (b 1712 Feltwell d 4 Oct 1781 Feltwell) m Mary NEWELL (bap 25 Jun 1709 Methwold) 30 Jul 1732 Feltwell

Note: Philip and Mary were my 5 x great grandparents. Mary was the illegitimate daughter of Mary NEWIL (ba 25 April 1686 Feltwell, and she was the daughter of William and Alice NEWELL who married in Feltwell on 5 August 1684.

Children of Philip and Mary
2......Mary Gaverick bap 8 Oct 1732 St Nicholas Feltwell
3......Elizabeth Gaverick bap 9 May 1936 St Nicholas Feltwell
4......Phyllis Gaverick bap 21 March 1738/9 St Nicholas Feltwell
Sarah Gaverick bap 3 Sep 1742 St Nicholas Feltwell bur 1800 Feltwell
6......Jenny Gaverick bap 12 Aug 1744 St Nicholas Feltwell
7......Philip Gaverick bap 7 Aug 1746 St Nicholas Feltwell d 1828 Feltwell

A1 John ANDREWS m Anne

Children of John and Anne
William Andrews bap 22 Nov 1740 South Lopham d 1804 Feltwell
9......Thomas Andrews bap 22 Nov 1740 South Lopham
10....Sarah Andrews bap 28 Feb 1741 South Lopham


9 William ANDREWS b abt 1740 bur 25 Oct 1804 St Nicholas Feltwell m 5 Sarah GAVERICK (bap 3 Sep 1742 Feltwell St Nicholas bur 1800 St Mary Feltwell) 24 Jan 1763 Feltwell

Children of William and Sarah
11......Mary Andrews bap 5 Jun 1763 St Nicholas Feltwell bur 26 Jun 1763
12......Sarah Andrews bap 18 Nov 1764 St Nicholas Feltwell
13......Mary Andrews bap 30 Aug 1767 St Nicholas Feltwell bur 7 Sep 1770 St Mary Feltwell
14......William Andrewsbap 10 Sep 1769 St Nicholas Feltwell bur 29 Jan 1834 St Mary Feltwell m Sarah
15......Elizabeth Andrews bap 29 Sep 1770 St Mary Feltwell
16......Elizabeth Andrews bap 29 Sep 1771 St Mary Feltwell
17......Jane Andrews bap 3 Apr 1774 St Mary Feltwell bur 25 Sep 1775 St Mary Feltwell
Phyllis Andrews bap 22 May 1779 St Mary Feltwell bur 3 May 1871 St Mary Feltwell
19......Thomas Andrews b 1805 d 1878


12 Sarah ANDREWS (a) with unknown partner and (b) m Joseph STEEL

Note: In 1841 1nd 1851 Sarah then a widow was living with her widowed sister Phyllis

Child of Sarah and ?
20......Jacob Andrews bap 23 Jul 1787 St Nicholas Feltwell

Children of Sarah and Joseph
21......Hicks Steel bap 15 Dec 1794 Feltwell
22......Thomas Steel bap 6 Mar 1796/7 Felwell
23......Mary Steel bap 24 Jan 1800 Feltwell
24......William Steel bap 3 Sep 1802 Feltwell

15 Elizabeth ANDREWS m James JOHNSON (of Wilton b 1763 d 30 Dec 1825 ) 25 Sep 1791 Feltwell [see Johnson branch]

Children of James and Elizabeth Johnson
25....John Johnson bap 6 Nov 1791 at Hockwold d 15 May 1811
26....James Johnson bap 29 Aug 1793 m Mary TILNEY 6 Mar 1827, Wilton
27....Sarah Johnson bap Bap 19 May 1795 at Hockwold d 23 May 1795 at Hockwold
28....Sarah Johnson bap 23 May 1796 at Hockwold
29....William Johnson bap 15 May 1797 at Hockwold
Note: William lived in a Feltwell House owned by Dr CHAFY in 1837, and owned an allottment which he let to Thomas ANDREWS.
[Tithe Map record]

30.....Philip Johnson bap 23 Mar 1799 at Hockwold d 21 Apr 1799 at Hockwold
31.....Mary Johnson bap 4 Mar 1800 at Hockwold
32.....Thomas Johnson bap 29 Mar 1802 at Hockwold
33.....Elizabeth Johnson b 1803 d 7 Mar 1803 Hockwold
34.....Matthias Johnson bap 13 May 1804 at Hockwold [wheelwright in 1845]
35.....Elizabeth Johnson d 7 Mar 1885 [Shopkeeper in Hockwold 1845]
Robert Johnsonbap 28 Apr 1806 at Hockwold
Edward Johnson b 28 Sep 1808 bap privately at Hockwold on 4 Oct 1808 d 15 Mar 1899
38.....Susan Johnson b 9 Apr 1811 at Hockwold m James WOOLSEY [see Chilvers Branch]

18 Phyllis ANDREWS m Robert PALMER (b abt 1773 d 20 Apr 1841 Hockwold bur 24 Apr 1841 Feltwell) 30 Jan 1799 St Marys Feltwell

Note: in 1837 Robert owned thirteen cottages in Feltwell. A list of his tenants (two of whom were his own sons) may be seen here. He also owned a Pightle in Feltwell. In 1871 Phyllis, aged 91, was living with her daughter Mary JACOB at Main Street, Hockwold cum Wilton

Children of Robert and Phyllis

39......Mark Palmer bap 26 Jul 1799 St Mary Feltwell
40......Jane Palmer bap 27 Dec 1800 Feltwell bur 4 Sep 1838 Feltwell
41......William Palmer bap 6 Jan 1803 Feltwell d 5 Nov 1867 bur 9 Nov 1867 Feltwell
Note: William lived in a cottage and had a blacksmith's shop, all rented from his father, in 1837. [Tithe record]
42......Sarah Palmer bap 17 Feb 1805 Feltwell d 23 Jun 1813 Feltwell
43......Robert Palmer bap 12 Jun 1807 Feltwell bur 8 Jul 1849 Hockwold St Peters
44......Thomas Palmer bap 24 Sep 1808 Feltwell
45......Mary Palmer b 10 Oct 1810 Feltwell
46......Andrew Palmer bap 26 Dec 1812 Feltwell
Note: Andrew lived in a Feltwell cottage rented from his father in 1837 [Tithe record]
47......James Palmer bap 26 Apr 1816 bur 7 Apr 1818 Feltwell

19 Thomas ANDREWS m Mary GRIMMER (b abt 1810 Feltwell d 28 Apr 1871 Feltwell) abt 1831

Note: Thomas was a farmer in 1851 in Feltwell.

Childen of Thomas and Mary
48......Sarah Andrews b 13 Apr 1832 Feltwell d 16 Nov 1911 Feltwell
49......William Andrews b 1834 Feltwell d 1855 Crimea, Ukraine
Note: William was a wheelwright's apprentice in 1851
50......Elizabeth Andrews b 30 Sep 1837 Feltwell d 26 Nov 1910
51......Philip Andrews b 1837 Feltwell
52......Robert Andrews b 1839 Feltwell d 1920
53......Thomas Andrews b 4 Sep 1841 Feltwell d 19 Jun 1924 Feltwell
54......Mary Ann Andrews b 19 Aug 1844 Feltwell d 6 Jul 1932
55......Augusta Andrews b 1849 Feltwell


21 Hicks STEEL m Elizabeth DRAKE 27 Nov 1817 Feltwell

Children of Hicks and Elizabeth
56......Frederick Steel b 1824 Weeting
57......George Steel b 1827 Weeting

39 Mark PALMER m Jane RICHARDSON 25 Sept 1820

NOTE: Mark was a smith. In 1841 he had as an apprentice Saml. ENEFER b 1826 [ See Enefer branch here] In 1851 he was recorded as a farmer of 630 acres employing 14 labourers and was living in East Fen Lane, Hockwold. In 1861 the family is shown as living at Red Lion Inn, Hockwold, but Mark is farming 600 acres and employing 10 men and three boys. A dairy maid, Susan JACKaged 17 (born Feltwell) is living in

See the branch for Jane Richardson here

Children of Mark and Jane
58......Sarah Ann Palmer bap 3 Dec 1820 Feltwell bur 21 Feb 1851 Wilton m George HARROD 12 Jun 1845 Wilton
59......Harriet Palmer b 1825 Wilton
60......Jane Palmer b 1827 Wilton bur 25 May 1852 Wilton
61......Mary Palmer b 1823 Wilton
Mary, aged 9 made a sampler which you can see here
62......Robert James Palmer b abt 1829 bur 28 Oct 1833 Wilton
63......Mark Palmer b abt 1833 bur 31 Oct 1835 Wilton
64......Maria Palmer b 1834 Wilton

65......Martha Palmer b 1836/6
66......George Robert Palmer b 1838 Wilton d 2nd qr 1904 [Swaffham 4b 211]
67......Emma Palmer b 1840/41 Wilton

40 Jane PALMER m John PEARSON 26 Sep 1820 Feltwell

In 1861 John, then a Brazier, and Jane were living at St Augustines, Norwich

Children of John and Jane
68......Harriet Pearson b 1822 Feltwell
69......Emily Pearson b 1824 Feltwell d 29 Sep 1840 Feltwell
70......Caroline Pearson b 1824 Felwell
72......Robert Pearson b 1825 Feltwell
73......Andrew Pearson b 1830 Feltwell
74......Pooley Pearson (male) b 1834 Feltwell
75......Thursey Pearson (female) b 1835 Feltwell
76......Joseph Pearson b 1837 Feltwell

41 William PALMER m (a) Rebecca SMITH 15 May 1826 (b) Elizabeth after 1851 but before 1861

In 1851 the family was at Beck Street, Feltwell and William was a general smith. In 1861 William was shown as married to Elizabeth, but I can find no death of Rebecca or marriage to Elizabeth. They were living at "Side of Beck" Feltwell.. In 1871 he and Elizabeth were living at London Rd Brandon

Children of William and Rebecca
77......Smith Palmer (male) bap 1826
78......James Palmer bap 18 Dec 1828 Feltwell bur 16 Jun 1885 Feltwell
Note: James was a smith in 1851
79......William Palmer bap 15 Aug 1830 Feltwell bur 24 Feb 1840 Feltwell
80......Sarah Palmer b 1831 m Charles BARBER 1 Sep 1863
81......Eliza Palmer b 1837 d 1901 Auckland NZ m Henry Forster WALDEN 21 Jan 1871 Baptist Chapel, Cambridge
Note: See Walden branch
82......Ann Palmer b 1837
83......Robert Palmer bap b 1839 d 9 Nov 1862 bur 15 Nov 1862 Feltwell
Note: In 1861 Robert was a draper
84......Rebecca Palmer b 1841 m John Overland GEORGE Jan 1861 Feltwell
85......William Palmer b 1843/4

43 Robert PALMER m Mary Ann GARNER 13 Oct 1828

Note: Robert was a farmer in 1841 in Hockwold. Living with the family was Ann WALKER, aged 14, a farm servant. See a list of his tenants here. In 1851 Mary Ann was a widow and pauper

Children of Robert and Mary Ann
86......William G Palmer b 29 Aug 1827 Brandon bap 28 Aug 1828 d 30 Nov 1901 Washington, DC bur 3 Dec 1901 Glenwood Cemetary, Washington
87......Edward Palmer b 12 Jan 1829 Wilton bap 22 Feb 1829 Wilton d 10 Apr 1911 Washington, DC bur Rock Creek Cemetary, Washington
88......Elizabeth Palmer bap 22 Jul 1822 Brandon
89......Emily Palmer b 1832
90......Frederick Palmer b 1833 Hockwold d after 1851
Note: In 1851 Frederick was an apprentice
91......Caroline Palmer b 1835
92......Andrew Palmer b 1837
93......Mark Palmer b 4th qr 1839 [Thetford 13 273]
94......Robert Palmerb 4th qr 1844 [Thetford 13 287]
95......Thirza Palmer b after 1845

44 Thomas PALMER m Ann

Children of Thomas and Ann
96......Levinah Palmer b 1837
97......Anna Palmer b 1838
98......Edmund Palmer b 1839

99 Philip NEWDICK (b 1780 Worlington d 19 Oct 1862 Mildenhall) m Elizabeth HENSBY (b 8 Jun 1786 Lakenheath d 3rd qr 1865 Mildenhall) 6 Dec 1804 by licence

Note: Philip was a farmer

Children of Philip and Elizabeth
100......William Newdick b 16 Jun 1805 Lakenheath bap 28 Jun 1805 Lakenheath m Eliza BRIGGS 16 Jan 1835 Lakenheath
Note: In 1841 William was a bootmaker living at St Leonard Shoreditch
101......Thomas Newdick b 22 Oct 1806 Lakenheath bap 14 Nov 1806 Lakenheath d 2nd qr 1888 Mildenhall m Jane Isabella DURRANT 20 Oct 1833 Icklingham
102......Eliza Newdick b 23 Feb 1809 Lakenheath bap 1 Jul 1809 Lakenheath d 1st qr 1894 Littleport m William FLANDERS (b 1811 Mildenhall d 1 Mar 1895 Littleport) 28 Mar 1833 Eriswell
103......Charles Newdick b 29 Jan 1811 Lakenheath bap 30 Jan 1811 Lakenheath m Mary Ann WING(b 1818 Mildenhall d 31 May 1881 Cook County, Illinois USA) 4th qr 1838 Mildenhall
Note: Edward and Mary Ann emigrated to Illinois, uSA , arriving New York on 21 Jun 1852
Edward Newdick bap 1 Jul 1813 Lakenheath
105......Shadrack Newdick bap 3 Feb 1816 Lakenheath m Susannah LAND 1842
106......Frederick Newdick bap 4 Sep 1818 Eriswell m Mary Ann WILLIAMS New York.

Frederick emigrated to the USA aboard the ship "Wellington" shewn here in 1849

107......Mary Hensby Newdick b 1818 bap 19 Jul 1820 Eriswell
108......Philip Newdick b 20 Jan 1822 bap 1 Sep 1826 Eriswell m (a) Amy WEBB (b 1835 d 1st qr1858 Thetford) 15 May 1854 Eriswell (b) Frances Bangs NEWDICK 1st qr 1860 Thingoe
109......Emma Newdick b 24 Sep 1824 bap 1 Sep 1826 Eriswell m Alfred FENTON 1854
110......Elizabeth Newdick bap 1 Sep 1826 Eriswell d 16 Jan 1902 Ely m Henry GREEN 4th qr 1873 Ely
111....Alfred Newdick bap 13 Jan 1834 Eriswell d 1879 Peterborough (bur at Lakenheath) m Susan COLE 3rd qr 1864 [Bath 5c 1047]

45 Mary PALMER m George JACOB (b 1809 Wilton d 3rd qr 1864 [Thetford 4b 259])

Note: In 1841 George was a farmer at Hockwold cum Wilton and a servant, Mary NEWDICK was living in. In 1851 their address was Wilton Street, and a servant, Rebecca WILLINGHAM, aged 16 from Methwold was living in. 1861 saw the family at Anchor Inn, Hockwold, and George was a farmer of 435 acres employing 3 men and 4 boys. Their live in servant had changed to Emma GREEN, a 15 year old from Wilton. George died in 1864 and the farm was managed by 89 William. A 6 year old child, George W was living with them and a servant, Harriet CHAPMAN from Brandon was living in.

Children of George and Mary
112......William Palmer Jacob b 1833 Wilton
113......Thomas Jacob b 1834 Wilton d 4th qr 1875 [Thetford 4b 262]
114......Henry Jacob b 1838 Wilton d 1916 m Martha Ann DEAN
115......George R Jacob b 1840 Wilton
116......John Jacob b 1842 Wilton m Elizabeth FEETHAM

117Andrew PALMER m Mary Ann TOKELOVE (b 1818 Feltwell) 27 Dec 1837 Feltwell

Note: In 1841 the family was at St Nicholas, Feltwell. In 1851 Andrew and Mary Ann were schoolmaster and schoolmistress, living at Cottage, Oxborough.

.Child of Andrew and Mary Ann
118......Mary Ann b 1839 Feltwell

53 Thomas ANDREWS m Mary Ann SPENCER (b 1853 Sheerness) 3rd qr 1880 [Thetford 4b 635]

Note: In 1881 Thomas was living with Mary Ann at Cock Street, Hensbys Yard, Feltwell. 1891 had him married to Marian and living at Cock Street, Feltwell as a farmer, and was still there in 1911

Children of Thomas and Martha
119......Florence Marian b 1881 Feltwell d 22 Dec 1957 Feltwell m William James WHITE 1st qr 1909 Feltwell
120......Isabella Cecilia Andrews b 1883 Feltwell d 25 Jan 1961 Feltwell
121......Herbert Edward Andrews b 1886 Feltwell d 1887 Feltwell


58 Sarah Ann PALMER m George HARROD (b 1823 Oxborough) 12 Jun 1845 Wilton

Note: In 1851 George was a miller and baker and a widower. A 14 year old servant was present, Sarah A WHISTLER from Wilton

Children of George and Sarah Ann
122......Amelia Jane Harrod b 1847 Wilton
123......George William Harrod b 1850 Wilton

59 Harriet PALMER m George Thornton PEARSON (b 1822 Wilton d 1st qr 1906 [Thetford 4b 235] ) 7 Jan 1847 Wilton

Note in 1851 George kept a shop in Wilton Street. 1871 descibes his address as Main St, Hockwold cum Wilton and he is a Grocer, Draper and Landowner and hannah, Edwin and Emma are shown as assisting in the shop.

Children of George and Harriet
124......William H Pearson b 1848 Wilton
Note: In 1871 William was a draper.
125......Hannah M Pearson b 1849 Wilton
126......Edwin J Pearson b 1852 Wilton
127......Emma J Pearson b 1854 Wilton
128......Melinda A Pearson b 1857 Wilton

61 Mary PALMER m 104 Edward NEWDICK (bap 1 Jul 1813 Lakenheath d 1st qr 1893 [Swaffham 4b 260]) 10 Oct 1843 Wilton

Eriswell Hall Farm

Note: Edward was the son of Philip NEWDICK of Worlington, Lakenheath and finally Eriswell Hall Farm. In 1851 the family was at Stanton Wrens Hall, Stanton All Saints. Edward was a farmer of 114 acres employing 4 labourers. In 1861 they were at Thetford Road, Brandon and Edward was an engineer, steam threshing machine. In 1871 Edward was a machinist living at Feltwell

See the Newdick branch of the family here

Children of Edward and Mary
129......Julia Selina Newdick b 1843 Wilton bap 1 Jan 1844 Wilton
130......Jane Elizabeth Newdick b 1st qr 1845 Wilton [Thetford 13 320]
131......Edward Palmer Newdick b 2nd qr 1847 Brandon [Thetford 13 287] d 1914 aged 67 [Faringdon 2c 385]
132......Sarah Ann Newdick b 4th qr 1848 Brandon [Thetford 13 284]
133......Mark Philip Newdick b 4th qr 1850 Brandon [Thetford 13 207] d 1924 Guildford aged 73 [Guildford 2a 136]
Note: In 1871 Mark was a blacksmith
134......William Frank Newdick b 2nd qr 1852 Stanton Sfk [Thingoe 4a 362]
Note: In 1871 William was a butcher
135......George Robert Newdick b 3 Oct 1853 Halesworth [Thingoe 4a 362] bap 19 Oct 1853 Stanton d 24 Apr 1913 Toronto
George died of Hypostatic pneumonia associated with Bright's disease from which he had been suffering for about a year
136......Frederick Charles Newdick b 3rd qr 1856 Hepworth Sfk [Thetford 4b 355] d 3rd qr 1907 [Norwich 4b 78] m Sarah RUTTERFORD (b 1856 Lakenheath) 4th qr 1882 [Mildenhall 4a 1141]
Note: In 1871 Fred was an apprentice wheelwright living with a wheelwright named Robert K FULLER at High St, Lakenheath The 1891 census shows Fred and Sarah at Chalk Hall, Old Elden, Elveden and Fred was a wheelwright. at Cross Roads, Elveden in 1901
137......Margaret Florence Newdick b 1st qr 1857 Stanton Sfk [Thingoe 4a 458] m Henry Reed TREGOYNE (b 1844 Polperro) 4th qr 1877 [Bradford 9b 163]
Note: Henry was a carver and gilder and in 1891 they were living at 47 Hardman St, Liverpool.
Henry Newdick b 3rd qr 1858 Stanton Sfk [Thingoe 4a 401] d 1st qr 1939 aged 79 [Wayland 4b 302]
Note: In 1881 Henry was a plumber and painter living with his parents
139......Mary Jane (Polly) Newdick b 3rd qr 1860 Brandon [Thetford 4b 362] d 1912 Hanwell [Brentford 3a 186]
Note: Mary Jane was a governess, and in 1912 she was at Hanwell
140......Andrew Palmer Newdick b 3rd qr 1864 Feltwell [Thetford 4b 382]
141......Benjamin Newdick b 4th qr 1866 Feltwell [Thetford 4b 373

66 George Robert PALMER m Sarah Ann GREEN (b 1850 Wilton) Jun 1873 North Witchford Cambs

Note: In 1881 George was a blacksmith at Hockwold cum Wilton and there was a live in servant named Susan MALT aged 14 from Wilton. In 1891 George was a Farm Manager at Crow Farm, Gooderstone, Nfk. 1901 showed George Robert as an invalid living at the Street, Gooderstone. In 1911 Sarah Ann was a widow living at Gooderstone

Children of George Robert and Sarah Ann
142......Mark Robert Palmer b 1873/4 Wilton
143......William George Palmer b 1874/5 Wilton
Note: William was an ag lab in 1891 and 1901. In 1911 he was a horseman on farm
144......Edward Andrew Palmer b 1875/6 Wilton m Julia TWITE 4th qr 1907 Gooderstone Nfk [Swaffham 4b 1011]
Note: In 1901 Edward was an ag lab
145......Charles Arthur Palmer b 1876/7 Wilton
146......Herbert Palmer b 1877/8
Note: Herbert was an ag lab in 1891
147......Mary Jane Palmer b 12 Jun 1879 bap 19 Dec 1880 Wilton
148......Frederick Henry Palmer b 19 Nov 1880 bap 19 Dec 1880 Wilton
149......Walter James Palmer b 7 May 1882 bap 29 Sep 1889 Wilton
Note: in 1901 Walter was a groom and yardman and in 1911 he was a farmer
150......Gabriella Palmer b 5 Jun 1883 bap 29 Sep 1889 Wilton
151......Annie Maria Palmer b 3 Nov 1885 bap 29 Sep 1889 Wilton
152......Alfred Ernest Palmer b 16 Aug 1887 bap 29 Sep 1889 Wilton
Note: Alfred Ernest was a farm labourer in 1911
153......Percy Jubilee Palmer b 6 Feb 1889 bap 29 Sep 1889 Wilton
Note: In 1901 Percy was a Farm Lad and in 1911 he was a farm labourer
154......Alfred E Palmer b 1890 Wilton

67 Emma PALMER m George T PEARSON (b 1822 Wilton) 1st qr 1847 [Thetford 13 505]

Note: George was a grocer and draper in Main Street Hockwold cum Wilton in 1861, 1871, 1881.

Children of George and Harriet
155......William Henry Pearson b 4th qr 1847 Wilton [Thetford 13 267] d 1st qr 1892 [Thetford 4b 365] m Eliza LAWSON (b 1860 Lincolnshire) 2nd qr 1890 [Thetford 4b 637]
Note: In 1871 William was a draper, but in 1881 he was a seed merchant
156......Hannah Maria Pearson b 1st qr 1850 Wilton [Thetford 13 324] d 1st qr 1886 aged 37 [Thetford 4b 293] m Alfred HARDY 4th qr 1878 [Thetford 4b 1070]
In 1871 Hannah was an assistant in her father's shop
157......Edwin Thornton Pearson b 3rd qr 1851Wilton [Thetford 13 322]
In 1871 Edwin was an assistant in his father's shop
158......Emma Jane Pearson b 3rd qr 1854 Wilton [Thetford 13 372]
In 1871 Emma was an assistant in her father's shop
159......Melinda Ann Pearson b 2nd qr 1857 Wilton [Thetford 13 391]
Note: In 1911 Melinda was housekeeper to 114 Henry Jacob

64 Maria PALMER m Ambrose Henry PEARSON (b 1824 )19 Apr 1864 Wilton

Note In 1871 Ambrose was a farmer of 630 acres employing 9 men and three boys at Main Street, Hockwold cum Wilton

Children of Ambrose and Maria
160......Minnie Maria b 1st qr 1865 Hockwold [Thetford 4b 409]
161......Frederick C b 4th qr 1866 Hockwold [Thetford 4b 369]

162 Emma PALMER m Edwin TODD (b 1832 Wilton) 31 Oct 1872 Wilton

Note: In 1881 Edwin was a sewing machine factor living at 8 Rose St, Christchurch Newgate Street, London City. Also living with the family was a 19 year old servant, Emma MATTHAM from Brandon. In 1891 Edwin was a sewing machine dealer and there was a live in servant, Louisa COSYNS In 1901 Emma was a widow, carrying on the business of selling sewing machines. In 1901 and 1911 they were at 238 Ivydale, Nunhead, SE

Children of Edwin and Emma
163......Ida M b 1875 Wilton
Note: In 1901 Ida was secretary of the sewing machine company
164......Edwin Percy A b 1876 City of London
Note: In 1891 Percy was a drapers apprentice, but in 1901 he was manager of the sewing machine compaNY
165......Dorothy b 1882 West Ham
Note: In 1901 Dorothy was a shorthand typist and in 1911 she was a supervisor of Shorthand Typists
166......Pheobe C b 1884 West Ham
Note: In 1901 Pheobe was a shorthand typist
167......Bessie E J b 1885 Forest Gate
Note: In 1901 and 1911Bessie was a shorthand typist
168......Janet b 1886 West Ham

81......Eliza PALMER m (a) Samuel SMITH 15 Jun 1854 Feltwell (b) W5 Henry Forster WALDEN 21 Nov 1871 Baptist Chapel Cambridge
Note:Henry and Eliza emigrated to New Zealand - a history of the Walden family may be seen
here and see the Walden connection here
Child of Samuel and Eliza

169......Elizabeth b 1855

86 William G PALMER m Mary Virginia (Jenny) WEBSTER (b 1 Sep 1838 VA d Jul 1922 bur 15 Jul 1922 Glenwood Cemetary Washington) 7 Dec 1864 Washington DC

Children of William and Jenny
170......Edward Ernest b 3 Nov 1868 Washington DC d 18 Jun 1950 Prescott, Arizona bur Forest Lawn, Glendale California
171......William Herbert b 1870 Washington
172......Myrtle Hortense b 12 Apr 1872 Washington DC d 9 Sep 1964 Bethesda MD bur 12 sep 1964 Glenwood cemetery Washington DC
173......Jesamine (Jessie) Lulu b Aug 1875 Washington DC d 31 Oct 1945 Los Angeles bur 3 Nov 1945 Valhalla Burbank CA
174......Herbert A b 1 Sep 1881 Washington d 28 Apr 1887 Washington bur 14 May 1887 Washington

89 William Palmer JACOB m Mary STEED 2nd qr 1871 [Thetford 4b 637]

In 1881 William was a farmer at Mill Farm, Weeting All Saints of 198 acres employing 2 men and 2 boys. There was a neice, Kate Amelia STEED aged 7 from Brandon living with the family and a servant, Kate TURNER aged 19 from Wangford Sfk lived in.

Child of William and Mary
175......Frederick George b 2nd qr 1872 Feltwell [Thetford 4b 394]

113 Thomas JACOB m Hephzibah FEETHAM (b 2nd qr 1839 Feltwell d 4th qr 1879 [Thetford 4b 226) 4th qr 1863 [Thetford 4b 1062]

In 1871 the family was at Fishing Cottage, Hockwold cum Wilton where Thomas was a farmer: living in was a lodger, James GALLEY a 55 year old ag lab born in Hockwold

See Feetham tree here.

Children of Thomas and Hephzibah
176......Mary Jane b 4th qr 1865 Hockwold cum Wilton [Thetford 4b 364]
177......Emily Elizabeth b 1st qr 1867 Hockwold cum Wilton [Thetford 4b 387]
178......Frederick b 1868 Hockwold cum Wilton
179......Louisa b 1871 Hockwold cum Wilton


129 Julia Selina NEWDICK m John PARROTT (b 1840 Lakenheath) 2nd qr 1864 [Thetford 4b 655]

Children of John and Julia
180......George William Parrott b 2nd qr 1864 Brandon [Thetford 4b 402]
Note: In 1911 George William was working on his father's farm
181......Frederick Thomas Parrott b 1st qr 1866 Brandon [Thetford 4b 399]
182......Edward John Parrott b 2nd qr 1867 Brandon [Thetford 4b 403]
Note: In 1911 Edward was working on his father's farm
183......Francis Robert Parrott b 2nd qr 1869 Brandon [Thetford 4b 505]
184......Eva Selina Parrott b 2nd qr 1870 Brandon [Thetford 4b 296]
185......Alice Mary Parrott b 4th qr 1871 [Thetford 4b 377]
186......Laura Louise Parrott b 4th qr 1872 Brandon [Thetford 4b 3_2]
Note: In 1911 Laura was housekeeper for her father
187......Anne Amelia Parrott b 1st qr 1874 Brandon [Thetford 4b 387]
188......Peter A Parrott b 1889 Brandon

130Jane Elizabeth NEWDICK with unknown Partner and Thomas OLDHAM as a partner

Child of Jane and unknown
189......Horace NEWDICK b 1 Mar 1869 Lakenham [Certificate] . d 1st qr 1946 Wayland
Note: Horace was deaf and dumb and at his birth Jane was living at 20 Chapel Street, Crooks Place, Norwich

Child of Thomas and Jane
190......Emma Oldham or Newdick b 15 Nov 1878 Swaffham [Certificate]

131 Edward Palmer NEWDICK m Elizabeth (Bessie) GAY (b 1851 Temple Combe, Somerset) about 1879

Note: From 1881 to 1911 Edward was a draper's assistant living at Westfield Villas, Coxwell Street, Gt Faringdon. In 1891 Mary GAY, Bessie's mother, was staying with the family

Children of Edward and Bessie
191......Edward Gay Newdick b 1st qr 1881 Faringdon, Berks [Faringdon 2c 289]
192......John Frederick Newdick b 4th qr 1882 Faringdon, Berks [Faringdon 2c 282] m Florence L CUTHBERT 2nd qr 1923 [Headington 3a 2259]
Note In 1901 and 1911John was a grocer's assistant
193......Winifred Mary Newdick b 1886 Faringdon, Berks [Faringdon 2c 273]

132 Sarah Ann (Sally) NEWDICK m Charles CRESSWELL (b 1854 Hemingstone, Sfk) 27 Mar 1875 Bradford, Yorkshire [Bradford 9b 185]

Note: In 1881 Sarah is described as a dressmaker and Charles as an upholsterer. The family was at 196 Lower Salt Street, Bradford Yorks. In 1891 and 1901 Charles was an employed carpet planner, and the family was at 1 Bold St, Manningham, Bradford. In 1911 and Charles was working "on his own account">

Charles and Sally Cresswell and their 7 children in 1894
Sally made all the dresses and suits. - Emily is third from left, back row

Children of Charles and Sarah
194......Florence Henrietta (Hettie) Creswell b 2nd qr 1875 [Bradford Y 9b 159]
Note: In 1891 Hettie was a worsted spinner
195......Ellen (Nellie) Creswell b 1st qr 1878 [Bradford 9b 180]
Note: In 1891 Nellie was a worsted spinner and in 1901 she was a worsted burler (inspector)
196......Emily Creswell b 1st qr 1880 [Bradford 9b 142]
197......Charles Edward Creswell b 2nd qr 1882 [Bradford 9b 147]
Note: In 1901 Charles was a butcher's apprentice
198......Emma (Emm) Creswell b 2nd qr 1884 [Bradford 9b 118]
In 1901 Emma was a worsted winder and in 1911 she was a worsted burler and mender, but later became a governess in Bruxelles.
199......William (Willie) Creswell b 1st qr 1887 [Bradford 9b 134] d 1st qr 1901 aged 14 [Bradford Y 9b 27]
200......Mary Creswell b 2nd qr 1889 [Bradford 9b 146]
Note: In 1911 Mary was a worsted burler and mender

133 Mark Philip NEWDICK m (a) Agnes Maria SIZER (b 1850 Barrington, Cambs) 1st qr 1874 [Royston 3a 293] (b) Mary Ann BROWN (b 1859 Marylebone) 2nd qr 1903 [Guildford 2a 223]

Note: Mark remained a blacksmith all his life. In 1881 the family was at Orchard Rd Baldock and in 1891 they were at North Road, Baldock. In 1901 Mark was a widower living at 28 Queen's Road, Stoke Within, Guildford. In 1911 he was at the same address.

Children of Mark and Agnes
201......Edward George P Newdick b 1876 Baldock Herts [Hitchin 3a 366]
202......Florence Mary Newdick b 2nd qr 1878 Baldock Herts [Hitchin 3a 358]
203......Mark William Newdick b 2nd qr 1880 Baldock Herts [Hitchin 3a 899]
204......Frederick Charles Newdick b 4th qr 1882 Baldock Herts [Hitchin 3a 429]
Note: In 1901 Frederick was an engineers fitter
205......Kate Emily Newdick b 4th qr 1884 Baldock Herts [Hitchin 3a 460]
Note: In 1901 Kate was a shop assistant draper
206......Henry John Newdick b 4th qr 1889 Baldock Herts [Hitchin 3a 496]

134 William Frank NEWDICK m Annie Worker KEMP (b 1855 Dunstable) 1st qr 1881 [Hitchin 3a 335]

Note: In 1881 and 1891 William was a blacksmith, living in High Street Baldock in 1891. In 1901 William was a brewery engine driver still at the same address and in 1911 he was a labourer, still at the same address.

Children of William and Annie
207......William Frank Newdick b 1st qr 1882 Baldock [Hitchin 3a 424]
208......Margaret Mary F Newdick b 1st qr 1885 Baldock [Hitchin 3a 464]
209......Edward John Newdick b 2nd qr 1890 Baldock [Hitchin 3a 505]
Note: Edward John was an able seaman aboard HMS Triumph on 29 May 1915 when she was torpedoed by U-21, and Edward was amongst those lost. His memorial at the Hertfordshire war memorial reads
Able Seaman 233545, H.M.S. Triumph, Royal Navy. Died 29 May 1915. Age 26. Son of William Frank and Annie Worker Newdick, of Baldock, Herts; husband of Jane Ann Duffield (formerly Newdick), of 8, Lily Place, Aberdour, Fifeshire.

HMS Triumph

210......Clarence Henry Newdick b 2nd qr 1896 Baldock [Hitchin 3a 560] d 16 Jan 1935 York, Ontario, Canada
Note:In 1911 Clarence was a garden hand, domestic. He emigrated to America on the ship "Oceanic" bound for New York, and left Southampton on 27 August 1913. The passenger manifest described him as a gardener. he married in Canada to Harriet Ann Maria FINLAYSON (b abt 1898) 20 Mar 1918

RMS Oceanic, the ship on which Clarence emigrated

135 George Robert (Bob) NEWDICK m (a) Jane TOOLEY (b 1854 Swaffham d 24 Feb 1898 Toronto) 2nd qr 1879 [Swaffham 4b 657] (b) Minnie RICHARDSON

Note: Jane, who died of pulmonary TB was the daughter of James TOOLEY and Ann ATKINS. In 1881 the family was at 110 London St, Swaffham and George was a clothier and Outfitter (Tailor).In 1887 they were at Market Place, Swaffham. In 1890 the whole family emigrated to Canada on the ship Parisian leaving Liverpool bound for Montreal on 23 Oct 1890.

The Parisian, on which the family emigrated

Children of George and Jane
211......Robert George Newdick b 4th qr 1879 d as infant [Swaffham 4b 370]
212......Sydney George Newdick b 4th qr 1880 Swaffham [Swaffham 4b 375]
213......Percy William Newdick b 1st qr 1882 Swaffham {Swaffham 4b 389] d 4th qr 1882 [Swaffham 4b 246]
214......Mabel Agnes Newdick b 25 Apr 1883 Swaffham [Swaffham 4b 399]
215......Tooley William Newdick b 18 Sep 1884 Swaffham [Swaffham 4b 385] d 24 Jan 1972 Toronto
216.....Muriel Newdick b 21 Jun 1886 Swaffham [Swaffham 4b 377]
217......Ida Mary Newdick b 10 Oct 1887 Swaffham [Swaffham 4b 372]
218......Edward John Newdick b 15 Dec 1888 Swaffham [Swaffham 4b 364]

138 Henry (Harry) NEWDICK m Emma L PAYNE (b 1857 Necton, Norfolk d 1st qr 1934 [Swaffham 4b 412]) date unknown

Note: Emma was the daughter of William PAYNE a blacksmith living in 1891 at Albert Terrace, Camping Land, Swaffham with whom Hanry and Emma were staying. In 1901 and 1911 the family was at London Street Swaffham and Emma's father was living with them

Children of Henry and Emma
219......Florence Ada Newdick b 3rd qr 1889 Swaffham [Swaffham 4b 360] m George E RICHER 3rd qr 1913 [Swaffham 4b 731]
220......Nellie Lavinia Newdick b 3rd qr1892 Swaffham [Swaffham 4b 371]
221......Elsie May Mary Newdick b 4th qr 1895 Swaffham [Swaffham 4b 345]
222......Kathleen May Newdick b 3rd qr 1897 Swaffham [Swaffham 4b 373]
223......Frederick William Newdick b 4th qr 1899 Swaffham [Swaffham 4b 337]

140 Andrew NEWDICK m Eva HOWARD 9b 1865 Swaffham) 4th qr 1888 [Swaffham 4b 1009]

Note In 1891 Andrew was a grocer and draper and lived at Street, Sporle with Palgrave.In 1901 he was an insurance agent living at Shambles, Market Place, Swaffham

Children of Andrew and Eva
224......Daisy Annie Mary Newdick b 1st qr 1891 Sporle with Palgrave [Swaffham 4b 370]
225......Gladys Selina Newdick b 3rd qr 1899 Swaffham [Swaffham 4b 353]
Note: there may have been 2 other children

141 Benjamin NEWDICK m Edith Rebecca RAYNER 1st qr 1911 [Swaffham 4b 559]

Note: In 1911 Benjamin was a gunsmith living at Laken's Yard, Swaffham

Child of Benjamin and Edith
226......Agnes Emma Newdick b 1911 Swaffham

170 Edward Ernest PALMER m Ida Lena STROUD (b 25 Mar 1873 Briensburg Marshall Co KY d 24 Apr 1936 bur Forest Lawn, Glendale CA) 16 Apr 1898

Children of Edward and Ida
227......Gladys Mona Palmer b 26 Mar 1899 Banning CA, d 8 Oct 1899 Colony OK, bur 21 Nov 1990 Grand View Memorial Los Angeles m Monte Monteray Millburn HAMMER (b 30 Oct 1897 Yoakum, De Witt County Texas bap 10 Aug 1913 Evan. Luth. Ch, Yoakum d 18 Mar 1988 Los Angeles bur Grandview Mem.,Glendale,L A) 7 Jun 1921 (no issue)
228......Theron Ernest Palmer b 11 Nov 1902 Colony OK d 13 Sep 1974 Glendale bur at sea
229......Lawrence Palmer b 1903 Colony OK d 1904 Colony OK
230......Myrtle Elizabeth Palmer b 7 Sep 1905 Banning Ca Sacaton reservation d 9 Sep 1982 West Covina Los Angeles CA
231......Edward Y Palmer b 28 Feb 1908 Casa Blanca Arizona Terr. d 16 Jun 1994 Laguna Niguel, Orange Co, CA


181 Frederick Thomas PARROTT m Mary RUTHERFORD 1st qr 1890 [Mildenhall 4a 781]

Children of Frederick and Mary
232......Gladys Emma Parrott b 3rd qr 1891 [Thetford 4b 377] bap 6 Sep 1891 Brandon
233......Stanley Edward J Parrott b 1st qr 1893 Brandon [Thetford 4b 379]
234......Doris Ida Parrott b 3rd qr 1897 Brandon[Thetford 4b 369]
235......Olive Miriam Parrott b 3rd qr 1900 Brandon [Thetford 4b 362]
236......Florence Selina Parrott b 1st qr 1901 Brandon [Thetford 4b 353]
237......Laura Kathleen Parrott b 4th qr 1904 [Thetford 4b 339]
238......Alec Frederick Parrott b 1st qr 1907 [Thetford 4b 323]
239......Frank William Parrott b 1st qr 1909 [Thetford 4b 316] d 4th qr 1919 aged 10 [Thetford 4b 364]

183 Francis Robert PARROTT m Frances Esther SMITH (b 1862 Middlesex Mkt) 4th qr 1897 [Edmonton 3a 557]

Note: Francis was a plumber living at the Street, Banham in 1911

Children of Francis and Frances
240......Charles John Frank Parrott b 1903 Downham Market [Downham 4b 332]
241......Frances Dorothy Mary Parrott b 1906 Banham [Wayland 4b 221]

184 Eva Selina PARROTT m Charles Frederick EASTAUGH (b 1879 Swaffham) 1906

Note: Charles was a railway clerk in 1911 living at 15 Essex Rd Lowestoft

Children of Charles and Eva
242......Cyril Harry Eastaugh b 1908 Lowestoft
243......Evelyn Eileen Eastaugh b 1910 Lowestoft

194 Florence Henrietta (Hettie) CRESSWELL m Bernard BROOKE (b 1876 Bradford) 1900

Note: Bernard was an insurance agent in 1911 living at 22 Beaumont Rd, Bradford

Child of Bernard and Hettie
244.....Florence Winifred Brooke b 4th qr 1901 [Bradford Y 9b 84]

195 Ellen (Nellie) CRESSWELL m Sam ILLINGWORTH (b 1879 Bradford) 1903 [1911 census]

Note: Sam was a worsted spinning and manufacturers clerk in 1911 living at 94 Westfield Rd, Bradford

Children of Sam and Nellie
245......Mary Illingworth b 3rd qr 1904 [Bradford 9b 75]
246......Betty C Illingworth b 4th qr 1914 [Bradford 9b 284]

196 Emily CRESSWELL m Walter Ernest GREENWOOD 4th qr 1907 [York 9d 17]

Note: In the 1911 census Emily was living at the Army Barracks in York, already married

Children of Walter and Emily
247......Muriel Greenwood b 3rd qr 1912 [York 9d 53]
248......Marjorie Greenwood b 4th qr 1913 [York 9d 57]
249......Reginald A Greenwood b 3rd qr 1921 Yorkshire [Bramley 9b 480]
Note: Reginald had two children, Martin Greenwood and Adrian Greenwood

197 Charles Edward (Charlie) CRESSWELL m Edith BERRY (b1885 Manningham) 1st qr 1903 [Bradford 9b 65]

Note: In 1911 Charles was a carter, Edith was a charwoman and they lived at 196 Picton Street, Bradford

Children of Charles and Edith
250......Elsie Creswell b 1st qr 1903 Manningham [Bradford 9b 98]
251......Willie Creswell b 3rd qr 1905 Manningham [Bradford 9b 76]

200 Mary CRESSWELL m William Henry F ORRY (b 4th qr 1993 Ashton under Lyme [Chorlton 8c 739])1st qr 1919 [Bradford 9b 297]

William Henry and Mary OLLY and in 1911 he was a cashier.

Children of William and Mary
252......Eugene F Orry b 2nd qr 1920 [Fylde 8e 1236]
253......Gerald F Orry b 2nd qr 1921 [Fylde 8e 1216] d 1945
Note: Flight Officer G F Orry, No 163497 was shot down and killed when flying abomber of 227 Squadron over Germany in 1945.

228 Theron Ernest PALMER m Romayne LATTA (b 22 Oct 1897 Olean NY bap 12 Jun 1904 d 29 Jun 1978 bur at sea from San Jose CA) 19 Mar 1931 Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara Co CA

Children of Theron and Romayne
254......Theron Lee Palmer b 13 May 1933 Glendale CA
255......Sharon Palmer b 5 Nov 1936 Glendale CA bap Jun 1954 Glendale CA

132 Myrtle Elizabeth PALMER m (a) Lyle BAILEY (b) Davis HALE

Child of Lyle and Elizabeth
256......Lynette Belva Hale b 15 Jul 1932 Glendale Los Angeles

Child of Davis and Elizabeth
257......Douglas Hale b 26 Jun 1945 d abt 1991

133 Edward Y PALMER m Agnes Mae SMITH (b 26 Jan 1907 Enfield White Co Ill d 1 Dec 1996 Corona del Mar Orange Co CA) 18 May 1832 Phoenix, AZ

Children of Edward and Agnes
258......Richard Palmer b 6 Nov 1933
259......Betty Romayne Palmer 31 Dec 1934 d 21 Apr 2001 Encinitas, San Diego
260......Doris Kay Palmer b 14 Apr 1941 d 30 Jun 1958

Much of the information for this page was supplied by Sharon Palmer Mountford (135 above) Helen Schmidt and Adrian Greenwood (who has provided most of the photographs) to whom many thanks. You can contact Sharon

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