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Transcribed by Chris Elsden, to whom many thanks

British Library Index to GB Patent Specifications 1617-1980

Between 1617 and 1852 only Frederick William Crickmer and his brother Richard Jex Crickmer (sons of John Dent Crickmer and engineers of Bermondsey) applied for a patent: no. 13682, 3rd July, 1851, for packing stuffing boxes and pistons.

Then things get going: 1852-53

Charles Crickmay applied on 20th June 1853 and was awarded patent no 1499 for "construction of firearms" (as we know, Charles was a gunmaker and had already been declared bankrupt in 1841)


Frederick and Richard Jex Crickmer were awarded patent no 917 on 21st April 1854 for "Canons and Field Pieces, while Charles Crickmay, on 23rd November, was awarded a patent for "single and repeating or revolving firearms; mode of attaching bayonets to breech-loading firearms"


The irrepressible Charles Crickmay was awarded patent no 2383 (I think - but it was smudged) on the 24th October for "Guns, pistols and gun stocks; cutting and carving wood, metals, minerals and other materials, by machining"

All was quiet in 1856.


Charles Crickmay was granted patent no 351 on 7th February for "Certain improvements in breech-loading guns or pistols for military and other purposes, and which said improvements are applicable and will admit to being applied to guns or pistols now in use"


Richard Jex Crickmer, going it alone this time, was awarded patent no 1540 on 8th July for "Treating the sewage of London and neighbourhood"

Nothing in 1859 and 1860

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