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Note: this will is written in Secretary script and I have not been able to decipher all of it. A dotted line indicates that I could not understand that word or words, particularly toward the end where the writing becomes more of a scrawl

In the name of God Amen. The last daye of August in the eleventh yeare of the reigne of our sovereigne Lord James by the Grace of God of England Ffrance and Ireland King and defender of ye faythe ...... and of Scotland ye ffortye and thirde[?], [1610/11]

I, Robert Aldred of Brampton in the Countye of Suff and in ye diocese of Norwich though not altogether well in body yet of perfectt rememberance, thanks be to almightie God, knowinge ye state of all men to be transient amid the ......... manner........ in tyme to abide for ye quiet orderinge and disposinge of my landes and tenements, goods and chattels it hath pleased God to bless me withall in this life

I do ordain and make this my last will and testament in manner and forme following (that is to say)

First I humbly commend and bequeath my sole to almightie God my executor and to Jesus Christe my only saviour and redeemer, and my body to the earth. And when it shall please God to call me to his faythe and hope of resurrection and life everlasting by Jesus Christe then as foregoing ye disposition of my worldly goods I give and bequeath unto Thomas Aldred my eldest sonne, all that my messuage and tenement with the appurtenances called Eagdarot Hall and ye lande there but now belonging to me, I purchased of Michaell Kingston ........ lyeing and being in Brampton in ye Shire Countye of Suff

And I give and bequeath unto Arthur my sonne all that my pts of my tenement or messuage with all ye lande, meadows and of farmes and feedinge, but ye same I purchased of Thomas Aldredd ..... being in Denyngton in ye said county of Suff.

I give and bequeath to my second sonne Arthur all that my tenement or messuage called or known by the name of Waynflett with all ye lande, pastures, meadows and feeding and farms belonging or lyinge........ and my wish estimation of twelve acres now in the occupation of one Gilham to my third sonne, Robert Aldred likewise situate and beinge in Brampton in the shire countye of Suff

Item: also I give and bequeathe unto my said sonne Arthur my ...... or ....... called by the name of Exaw of noowe .... premises Mr John Jepson contayninge by estamacion fower and twenty acres also by my ..... being in Brampton aforesaid to have and to hold all ye farms tenements and messuages....... landes meadows pastures and feeding beforesaid and bequeathed to my said sonne Arthur his heirs and assigns

And I give my second sonne Arthur all my moveable goodes and chattels as well... shall pay ye buriall debte and body money what debtors ..... ye payinge of my debte and burynge me in ye grounde. And I doe ..... ordaine and make my second sonne Arthur my sole executor of this my last will and testament ... so I .... in God's name to so give my will.

But my intent and meanynge to so be my witnesses: Thomas Kempe Thomas Midleton ye younger and Robert Burrell ye writter .....

Signed with a letter "A"

Witness signatures:
Thomas Kempe, ["X"]
Tho Midelton ye younger ["T"]

Robert Burrell's name does not appear as a witness.

Will proved Nov 1611

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