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Report of the Funeral of the late Mr S Oldman: 7th January 1901

from the Eastern Daily Press, Jan 8th 1901

The remains of the late Mr S Oldman were interred yesterday afternoon in the family burying place in Thetford Cemetery in the presence of a large number of mourners and spectators. The day was bitterly cold, snow having fallen early in the morning and this to some extent increased the list of those who were unavoidably absent.

The funeral was the most representative one which has been seen in Thetford for a generation, members of all the public and religious bodies being present. Signs of mourning were general along all the route to the cemetery, the majority of the houses of business being closed. The cortege, which was headed by five members of the Norfolk County Constabulary under the charge of Inspector Simpson left the house at 2.30 and proceeded to the cemetery by way of White Lion Street and London Road.

Among those present were:
Messrs W H Jillings, F H Millington, Mr R C Burrell and Mr G O Read (Clerk) and Mr F V Houchen (clerk of the Peace) representing the magistrates;
Messrs H Guest, W J Woods, W C Wilson, and G E Bond, Mr John Houchen (Town Clerk), Mr G Gathercole (Elective Auditor) Mr C Baker (Surveyor), Mr C Farrow (Sanitary Inspector) Mr E S Greenwood (Superintendent of Water Works) Mr P P Wilson (Mayor's Officer) and Miss Wilson (Town Hall Keeper) representing the Corporation;
Mr E Doran representing the School Board,
Mr S A Scarlett (District Secretary) and Mr A R Smith, (secretary) "Castle Hill" Tent, I.O.R.;
Mr C J Jackson and Mr J Whistler, Thetford Liberal Association;
Mr A R Duce, J E Meek, and T R Doran, Thetford Mechanics' Institute;
Mr W E Sowter and Mr F H Millington, the School and Hospital Foundation;
Mr Reid, the Wellingham Building Society of which Mr Oldman was the inaugurator;
Messrs O A Catchpole, Rev E W Hardy, W H Leggat Rev W Fitch, F Hubbard, R Palmer and J L Land, representing the Burial Board;
Messrs F Stokes (Chairman) H E King, P Lingwood, H Lingley, Rev M A Gathercole, Rev J P Watts (Chaplain) Mr R Howard (sanitary inspector) Mr G Leaton (Master of the Workhouse) Mr J S Watson (Relieving Officer) Mr J G Brown (assistant relieving Officer) and Mr J C Turner, representing the Guardians;
Messrs W Palmer (Haughley), W Hildyard, P Chell, F Carr, W Fowell, E Haylock, E H Burton (Brandon) W Preston (Swaffham) H Goddard, J Johnson, H Fowle, T Lillingstone, H Spencer, J Turner, H E Gooch, W Lambert, F Johnson, R Goddard, J Paul, J E Alexander, J.P. (Watton), A Edlington, Rev B Reed, T R Pett, J Calthrop, J C Bunn, T Bradshaw, W Culley, W West, C Catchpole, G Clements, H Howard, R Randall, W R Allison, H Palmer, J W Clarke, J N Palmer, J C B Winder, A Pechey, G Gill, H Gill, W Boughton, H W Boughton, C Kimm, W Wagg, A Farrow, Mr Crocker (Brandon) Rev G Brennan, Rev F R Brunskill, Rev S Parlow, and Miss Groom, Mr and Mrs A Pollard (Bury St Edmunds) &c.

The chief mourners were:
Mr W J Oldman (son), Mrs M A Pennack (daughter), Mr John Oldman (son), and Mrs John Oldman, Mr S Oldman jun (son) and Mrs S Oldman jun, Mr E Oldman, son and Mr William Pennack (son in law);
Mr Alfred Oldman, Miss A M Oldman, Mr H W Oldman, Miss Ethel Oldman, Miss Grace Oldman (all grandchildren)
Mr J Osborne Smith, Mrs T Chell, Mr and Mrs Thrussell, Mr and Mrs George Foulger, Mr J A Smith (all nephews and neices)
Mr and Mrs R H Parrot and Mr and Mrs Risbrook (Brandon, Mr George Tricker, Miss Tricker (Caston) Mr R G Morley (Hockwold) Mr H W Few (Cambridge) Mr R Winfrey, the Rev P H Davies, Mr G W Hunniball (manager for Messrs Oldman and Sons at Thetford) Mr W Roofe (manager at Stow Bedon) Dr P R B Minns, Nurse Savage &c

Among those who were prevented from attending, mainly on account if indisposition or of the extreme coldness of the day, were Mr Fred Oldman (London, a son) Mr W J Oldman (Ilford, a grandson) Mrs Burgess and Mrs Bowden (Bury St Edmunds) the Mayor (Mr W C Fison) the Rev the Lord Charles Fitzroy, the Rev E T Daubeney (Market Weston) Messrs A G Cronshey, E Few (Willingham) R Jessup (Attleborough) George Palmer (London) A Webb (Northwold) Mrs C Smith (Wymondham) Mr F Russel (Thetford) Superintendent Charle Wright ( East Harling) Mr H F Killick, Mr R Tilley &c
Mr Charles Burrell was also unable to attend but sent his carriage as did Mr W D Mackenzie

The funeral service was conducted by the Rev P H Davies. In accordance with the wishes of the deceased there were no flowers and everything was conducted in the simplest possible manner. The coffin was of plain oak, without handles or ornaments, with a plain brass shield on which was inscribed : "Stephen Oldman died January 3rd 1901 in his 86th year" The bearers were four of the workmen employed by Messrs Oldman and Sons. The Rev P H Davies as he walked through the lines of mourners stated that he had been requested by the family in view of the bitter weather, to request those present not to uncover. Mr S Holden and Mr A J Scott were the undertakers.

Thanks to Richard Brown for this press cutting

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