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1139 Mary SAYER was my aunt, wife of Owen GREEN

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Abrey...Adams...Agate...Ainsworth...Aldridge...Allen 1772...Allen 1876...Allum
Andrews...Anthony...Arbuckle...Armener...Arnold 1712...Arnold 1883...Ash...Atkin
Atkins ...Ashley

Backhouse...Bacon 1893...Bacon 1943...Bailey...Baker 1846...Baker 1923...Baker 1938...Banks
Banyard...Barham...Barnard 1881...Barnard 1885...Barnes...Barrel...Bartholomew...Bass
Batchelor 1793...Batchelor 1871...Battle...Bawtree...Beart...Bedford...Beeton 1925...Beeton 1926
Belcher...Bennett...Blackbourne...Betchley 1794...Betchley 1837...Betchley 1840...Betts...Birt...Blewett
Bowerer...Bonnyck...Brace...Brace-Little...Brackpool 1777...Brackpool 1801...Bradley...Bradshaw
Bray...Brighten...Brightwell...Broad...Broome...Brown 1810...Brown 1903...Browne...Browning
Brunning...Buckland...Budgen 1793...Budgen 1797...Bullen...Burch...Burchell...Burgat

Cadman...Carter 1718...Carter 1804...Carter 1914...Carthy...Carver...Chandler...Chaplin
Chapman 1872...Chapman 1910...Chapman 1954...Charles...Christmas...Clark 1814...Clark 1868...Clark 1911
Collins 1607...Collins 1858...Collins 1902...Coates 1813...Coates 1910...Coates 1932...Cole...Coleman
Collett...Collins...Colyer...Comber 1772...Comber 1873...Constable...Cook 1869...Cook 1932
Cooke...Coombe...Coomber...Cooper 1629...Cooper 1840...Cooper 1848...Cornforth...Cornish
Cox 1784...Cox 1787...Cox 1793...Cox abt 1813...Crane 1796...Crane 1814...Creed...Crouch
Cucksey...Culpeck...Curtis...Cuthbert abt 1712...Cuthbert 1808

Day...Dennington 1872...Dennington 1903...Denny...Dettmer 1910...Dettmer...Dewdney...DeWolfe

Eade...Edwards...Ellis 1577...Ellis 1780...Ellis 1917...Else...Elsick...Emmerson...Erlebach...

Fairweather...Faulkner...Fenner...Fido...Finch 1705...Finch 1793...Fishlock...Fleming...Forbes...Ford 1877...Ford 1932...Fosdike...Fowler 1584...Fowler 1919...Fowler 1947...Francis 1831
Francis 1899...Frankland...French 1896...French 1919...French 1936...Frost 1875...Frost 1877...Frost 1899...Frost 1919...Fuller

Gadd...Gardiner 1735...Gardiner 1769...Gardner...Garston...Garwood...Gates 1843...Gates 1933...Gilbert...Gilchrist...Goldsmith...Goodwin 1819
Goodwin 1915...Goram 1821...Goram 1842...Gordon...Gorham...Grantham...Gray...Green 1747...Green 1843...Green 1935

Hawkins 1854...Hawkins 1893...Hawkins 1898...Hawkins 1908...Haylock...Head...Hearn...Hemingway...Heryet
Hewerd...Hidson...Hilder...Hill...Hillier...Hinds 1817...Hinds 1845...Hinkley...Hoath...Hobbs...Hoggette...Holden...Holford...Holland...Hollier...Holman
Hoppe...Horne...Hornsey...Horwood...Hounsom 1743...Hounsom 1845...Howard...Hubbard 1865...Hubbard 1896...Hudson...Huggett abt 1590...Huggett 1760
Huggett 1771...Humfree...Humphrey... C Humphries... H Humphries...Hyde


Jackson...Jeffery 1911...Jeffery 1922...Jenner... Jeremy...Jessup...Johnson...Jones...Jupp 1720...Jupp 1840...

Keeble 1795...Keeble 1796...Keeble 1913...Keeling...Kell...Kenner...Kerridge...Kett
Killby...Killick 1632...Killick 1654...King...Kirk...Kirkman...Kirtland...Knight 1611...Knight 1936

Langridge 1655...Langridge 1794...Langridge 1810...Lauriston...Leachford...Leatherdale...Lechford

MacIlwain 1858...MacIlwain 1879...Maddison...Mainey...Mann 1901...Mann 1953...Mansfield ...Marchant...Marden...Marshall...Marston...Marten...Martin 1743
Martin 1751...Martin 1884...Martin 1949...Matthews...May ...Meacock...Meads...Merter...Miles ...Mills 1611...Mitchell...Moore 1779
Moore 1849...Morley...Morling...Morris...Mosdall...Mudd...Murphy

Nokes 1908...Nokes 1924...Normansell...Norton


Packham...Page...Palmer 1842...Palmer abt 1904...Palmer 1994...Pamphilon...Parkhouse...Parson...Patching...Paternoster...Payne...Pearson...Penfold
Peniale...Perry...Peters...Philpot 1834...Philpott 1859...Pilgrim...Pine

Ralph...Ramsey...Ransby...Rason...Read 1814...Read 1841...Read 1870...Record...Reding
Redsull...Redwood...Reed...Reigate...Reiss...Rendell...Reynolds 1768...Reynolds 1900...Rice 1861...Rice 1865
Riches...Ridley...Rigby...Roberson...Roberts 1844...Roberts 1885...Robinson 1763...Robinson 1901...Rodwell...Roffe...Rogers
Rondel...Room...Root...Rose...Round...Rouse...Russell 1655...Russell 1688...Russell 1940

Sadler...Saich...Sare...Sayers...Scarlett...Scott...Selmes...Sharp 1894...Sharp 1931...Sharpe ...Shelcott...Sheming
Shemming...Sheppard 1935...Sheppard 1977...Shipcott...Shrimpton...Simons...SimmonsSimpson...Sitton...Skinner...Smale...Smith 1837
Smith 1843...Smith 1865...Smith 1883...Smith 1884...Smith 1903...Smith 1908...Smith 1911...Smith 1928...Smith 1932...Snape...Snelling...Soden...Soloman
South...Sparkes...Spaul...Stainrod...Staines...Stanbridge...Stanbury...Stanley...Stedman...Steer 1762...Steer 1886...Stepney
Stevenson...St George...Stobart...Stockton...Stopher...Stott...Stoughton...Styles...Swinburne...Symons

Talbot...Tamplin...Taplin...Tavare...Taylor 1723...Taylor 1779...Taylor 1786...Taylor
Taylor 1881...Taylor 1938...Tester...Thomas...Thurgood...Thurston...Tillinghast...Tims...Tippell 1887...Tippell 1898
Titmus...Toshach...Toyer...Truman...Tubbs...Tully...Turner 1622...Turner 1705...Turner 1883...Turrell

Upston...Underhill 1607...Underhill 1633


Waldron...Waite...Waller...Ward...Watts...Walder...Walford...Walker... Wallace...Wallis...Wallis...Walter...Walters...Watts
Whitepaine...Whitlock...Whymark...Wicking 1740...Wicking 1790...Wicks...Wigg 1887...Wigg 1939...Wilding
Willett...Williams 1823...Williams 1831...Williamson...Wing...Womack...Wood 1765...Wood 1850...Wood 1909...Woods 1745...Woods 1836
Woodman...Woolmer...Worsfold...Wren...Wright 1590...Wright 1888...Wust

Yeats...Young 1844...Young 1912...Young 1940


1 Thomas PATCHING b 1502 Horsham d 23 Sep 1557 Horsham m Margaret

Child of Thomas and Margaret
Emma Patching b abt 1530 Horsham bur 18 Sep 1598
1b....Margery Patching b abt 1522 Horsham
1c....Alice Patching b abt 1530 Horsham
2......Richard Patching b 25 Mar 1532 Horsham
2a....Henry Patching b abt 1534 Horsham
2b....Margery Patching b abt 1536 Horsham
2c....John Patching b abt 1540 Horsham
2d....William Patching b abt 1544 Horsham
2e....Thomas Patching b abt 1551 Horsham
2f....Elizabeth Patching b abt 1553 Horsham

3 John BROWNE m Jane

Child of John and Jane
William Browne (reverend) bap 1 Feb 1534 Horley Surrey d 14 Nov 1613 Horley
5......Thomas Browne dob unknown d 1681
6......Nicholas Browne dob unknown
7......Richard Browne dob unknown
8......Henry Browne dob unknown
9......Katheryn Browne dob unknown
10....Margaret Browne dob unknown
11....Jone Browne dob unknown


12 Thomas ISTED m Agnes

Note: See Thomas' will here

Children of Thomas and Agnes
13......Margaret Isted b 1550 Lingfield (probable) [will of Thomas]
14......Mercy Isted b 1552 Lingfield (probable) [will of Thomas] m John ELLIS 21 May 1577 Lingfield
15......Joan Isted b 1554 Lingfield (probable) [will of Thomas] m William BURGAT 2 Nov 1578 Lingfield
16......Agnes Isted b 1556 Lingfield (probable) [will of Thomas]
17......Edward Isted b 1558 Lingfield (probable) [will of Thomas]

1a Emma PATCHING m Thomas WALDER 30 Jun 1549 Horsham

Children of Thomas and Emma
A1......Richard Walder bap 3 Aug 1550 Horsham
A2......John Walder bap 1 Jan 1552 Horsham
A3......William Walder bap 3 Oct 1555 Horsham
A4......Thomas Walder bap 5 Nov 1558 Horsham bur 10 May 1561Horsham
A5......Margaret Walder bap 21 Oct 1560 Horsham
A6......Margery Walder bap 22 Aug 1563 Horsham
A7......Thomas Walder bap 31 Jan 1567 Horsham bur 19 Jun 1598 Horsham

2 Richard PATCHING m Margery date and place unknown

Child of Richard and Margery
18......Emma Patching bap 21 Feb 1562 Horsham
19......Margery Patching bap 17 Feb 1565 Horsham
20......Margaret Patching bap 13 Aug 1569 Horsham

4 William BROWNE m (a) Magdalene ELSICK (b abt 1538 bur 7 Sep 1604 Horley) 14 Nov 1558 Horley (b)Margaret BONNYCKE (d 17 Feb 1611Horley)16 Oct 1604 Horley

Note:William Browne was presented to the Vicarage of Horley, Surrey by Queen Elizabeth I in 1561 and held it for over 50 years.
On a stone of the north wall of the chancel inside Horley church is the curious inscription on a sunken panel with a moulded border to William Browne, 1613, 'pastor' of Horley 50 years, and his two wives, Magdalene, died 1604, and Margaret, died 1611 as follows


Golielh' Brown pastor1 hu's ecl'e p' spacium quinquagint' annorum obiit 140

Novembris, 1615; Magdalene uxor ejus prima expiravit septimo Septemb' 1604,

et Margareta sponsa ultima cecidit 170 Febr. 1611.

Standing in the beautiful surroundings of a traditional cottage garden on the edge of Ashdown Forest,
the Priest House is an early 15th century timber-framed hall-house built as an estate office for the
Priory of St. Pancras in Lewes to improve the administration of the Manor of the Rectory of West Hoathly.

In 1524 the Priory leased the Rectory Manor to John Browne, a "husbandman" of the parish & The Priest House became a family home.

When Henry VIII seized Lewes Priory's property the Browne's Manor was given to Thomas Cromwell. After his disgrace & execution the Manor formed part of the settlement of Anne of Cleves. Following her death, the Brownes paid rent to Queen Mary & then to Elizabeth I. In 1560 the Queen sold the property that had once belonged to Lewes Priory. The Brownes bought the Manor lands & The Priest House & set about modernising the building.

The house was originally an open hall, with a living room & upper chamber on the north end & a service end, with a buttery, pantry & solar, to the south. Large stone chimneys were built to replace the medieval open hearth, which enabled two new rooms to be created upstairs, each with their own fireplace. The original thatched roof was also replaced with Horsham stone.

The house remained in the hands of the Browne family for another hundred years but their fortunes were in decline & in 1695 the house & Manor had to be sold to pay off their debts.

Child of William and Margaret
21.....Pheobe Browne b 1560 Horley d 1 Oct 1620
22......Joseph Browne b 19 Apr 1561 Horley, Surrey d 15 Oct 1633
Note: Joseph received a B A degree from Queens in 1582 - 3.
23....Benjamin Browne b 12 Oct 1571 Horley, Surrey bur 28 Aug 1638 Ifield
24....Sarah Browne b 1569 m John BURSTOWE 10 Oct 1593 Horley

25 Richard LECHFORD m Ann LUSHER b abt 1547

Note: Anne was the daughter of George Lusher and Alice

Children of Richard and Ann
26......Henry Lechford b abt 1562
27......John Lechford b abt 1567
Thomas Lechford b abt 1570

29 Nicholas WRIGHT m Unknown

Children of Nicholas and unknown
30......John Wrightbap 6 Jul 1561 Rusper
31......Joane Wright bap 27 Jan 1562
Angell Wright bap 28 Oct 1565 Rusper


13 Margaret ISTED m (a) George HOGGETTE 7 Jun 1577 Lingfield, Surrey (b) Thomas BENETT 10 Jan 1585 Lingfield

Children of George and Margaret
33......George Hoggette b abt 1578 d abt 1643
34......Thomas Hoggette bap 9 Apr 1581 Lingfield bur 7 Aug 1640 Oxted
35......William Hoggette bap 10 Feb 1582 LIngfield

A6 Margery PATCHING m James BOTTING (bap 20 Dec 1565 Nuthurst) 6 Dec 1596 Nuthurst

Children of James and Margery
A6b......James Botting bap 20 Aug 1598 Nuthurst
A6c......Richard Botting bap Aug 1599 Nuthurst
A6d......John Botting bap 18 Jan 1601 Nuthurst
A6e......William Botting bap 4 Apr 1604 Nuthurst
A6f......Thomas Botting bap 16 Dec 1604 Nuthurst

22 Joseph BROWNE m 19 Margery PATCHING (d 15 Nov 1605 Rusper) 14 Feb 1584 Horley, Surrey

Note: Joseph was curate at Rusper. In his will of 16 Jun 1633 he bequeathed his house and lands in Rusper to his son William; to his maid Mary FOWLER a legacy, To William and John BROWNE itms of furniture, to daughters Sarah, Susan and Pheobe ten pounds each and to his grandchildren ten shillings each

Children of Joseph and Margery
36......William Browne b 29 Nov 1586 Rusper bap 5 Dec 1586 Horley d 1650 Long Island USA m Jane BURGES, a widow 20 Jun 1611 Rusper
Note Jane was previously married to John BURGES 25 May 1609 Twineham - her maiden name was MILLS
37....Stephen Browne bap 15 May 1588 Horley
38....Joseph Browne b abt 1590 Horley d Mar 1623 Christ College, Cambridge
39....Sarah Browne b 22 Oct 1592 Horley
40....Susan Browne bap 11 Jan 1595 Horley
41....Pheobe Browne bap 12 Jul 1601Horley
42....John Browne bap 12 Aug 1604 Horley

23 Benjamin BROWNE m Sarah LEACHFORD 8 Oct 1596 Horley

Note: Benjamin was vicar of Ifield from 1596 until his death

Children of Benjamin and Sarah
43......Joseph Browne bap 8 Oct 1597 Ifield d 8 Jul 1627
Note: Joseph is mentioned in the Will of Rafe Willard while a student at Sydney College, Cambridge in 1617
44......Thomas Browne bap 15 Jul 1599 Ifield bur 29 Jul 1599 Ifield
45......Sarah Browne bap 24 Aug 1600
46......Benjamin Browne bap 27Jun 1602 Ifield m Phoebe CARVER 13 Apr 1624 Ifield
47......William Browne bap 30 Nov 1604 Ifield
48......John Browne bap 10 Aug 1606 Ifield
49......Barnabus Browne bap 27 May 1610 Ifield d 27 Sep 1655
50......Mary Browne bap 7 Jan 1612 Ifield
51......Elizabeth Browne bap 23 Jul 1615 Ifield
52......Thomas Browne bap 22 May 1618 Ifield

21 Pheobe BROWNE m Anthony HUGGETT 20 May 1580 Horley

53......Donumdei Huggett b abt 1581 Horley
54......Anthony Huggett b abt 1582 Horley
55......Mary Huggett b abt 1584 Horley
56......Hellen Huggett b abt 1587 Horley
57......John Huggett b abt 1589 Horley

28 Thomas LECHFORD m 32 Angell WRIGHT 11 Oct 1590 Horley, Surrey

Note: Angell was the daughter of Nicholas WRIGHT

Children of Thomas and Angell
58......Henry Lechford bap 22 Aug 1591 Horley d 8 Nov 1613 Horley
59......Thomas Lechford bap 28 Jan 1593 Horley bur 23 Feb 1658 Horley
60......John Lechford bap 24 Aug 1595 Horley d 3 Feb 1597Horley
61......Peter Lechford bap 2 Apr 1598 Horley bur 7 Feb 1684 Horley
62......John Lechford bap 12 Sep 1600 Horley bur 16 Mar 1635 Horley
63....Henry Lechford bap 14 Feb 1602 Horley d 22 Apr 1623 Horley

64 John WOODMAN m Elyzabeth PETER 16 Jul 1592 Reigate, Surrey

Child of John and Elyzabeth
Elizabeth Woodman bap 12 Mar 1592 Nutfield
65a....Ann Woodman bap 21 Apr 1595 Nutfield
65b....Jone Woodman bap 15 Mar 1598 Nutfield
65c....John Woodman bap 19 Apr 1601 Nutfield
65d....Robert Woodman bap 7 Aug 1603 Nutfield

66 Thomas ISTED m Cicely

Children of Thomas and Cicely
Thomas Isted bap 22 Nov 1558 Nutfield
68......Mary Isted bap 4 Mar 1565 Nutfield
69......Katherine Isted bap 8 Aug 1566 Nutfield bur 24 Nov 1567 Nutfield
70......Robert Isted bap 11 Aug 1568 Nutfield
71......John Isted bap 30 Nov 1569 Nutfield bur 23 Dec 1569 Nutfield


33 George HOGGETTE m Joane COLLINS 30 Aug 1607 Lingfield

Children of George and Joane
72......Margaret Hoggette bap 18 Sep 1608 Burstow
72a....George Hoggette bap 6 May 1610 Burstow
72b....Anne Hoggette bap 16 Mar 1616 Horne, Surrey
73......Abraham Hoggette bap 15 Aug 1619 Horne, Surrey
74......Thomas Hoggette bap 30 Jun 1622 Horne d 8 Jul 1622 Horne, Surrey
75......Thomas Hoggette bap 10 Aug 1623 Horne, Surrey
76....William Hoggette bap 13 Jul 1628 Horne, Surrey d 15 Jul 1628 Horne
77....Anne Hoggette bap 13 Jun 1630 Horne, Surrey

34 Thomas HOGGETTE (Huggett) m (a) Katherine KNIGHT (bur 16 Apr 1612 Lingfield) 28 May 1611 Lingfield (b) Elizabeth PENIALE 26 Oct 1612 Lingfield

Child of Thomas and Katherine
78......Katherine Hoggette bap 16 Apr 1612 Lingfield

Children of Thomas and Elizabeth
79......Joane Hoggette bap 7 May 1615 Lingfield m Nicholas UNDERHILL 2 May 1633 Lingfield
80......George Hoggette dob unknown
81......Elizabeth Hoggette bap 1617 died in infancy
82......Elizabeth Hoggette bap 2 Sep 1621 Lingfield
83......Mary Hoggette bap 2 Feb 1623 Lingfield
84......Margaret Hoggette bap 20 Nov 1625 Lingfield bur 15 Apr 1644 Oxted
85......Thomas Hoggette bap 10 Sep 1628 Oxted
Richard Hoggette bap 14 Oct 1632 Oxted bur 21 Feb 1681 Horne
87......Ann Hoggette bap 8 Mar 1634 Oxted

35 William HOGGETTE m Joan UNDERHILL (bap 17 Mar 1583 Lingfield) 31 May 1607 Lingfield

Children of William and Joan
35b......Margaret Hoggette bap 31 May 1608 Lingfield
35c......Anna Hoggette bap 2 Feb 1610 Lingfield

36 William BROWNE m Jane BURGIS nee MILLS (bap 29 Jun 1589 Horley 20 Jun 1611 Rusper

Note: Jane was the widow of John BURGIS whom she married on 25 May 1609 Twineham

Children of William and Jane
88......Joseph Browne bap 8 Aug 1613 Rusper, Sussex d mar 1632/3 Christ College, Cambridge
89......John Browne bap 15 Oct 1615 Rusper, Sussex d (of smallpox) 1646 on voyage to USA
90......Jane Browne bap 13 Sep 1618 Rusper, Sussex bur 21 Aug 1620 Rusper
91......Phebe Browne bap 1st Oct 1620 Rusper, Sussex
92......Mary Browne bap 6 Oct 1622 Rusper, Sussex
93......Thomas Browne bap 9 Jan 1624 Rusper, Sussex
94......Henry Browne bap 28 Dec 1626 Rusper, Sussex

39 Sarah BROWNE m Arthur FENNER 9 Jan 1614 Rusper

Children of Arthur and Sarah
95......Sarah Fenner bap 26 Nov 1615 Rusper, Sussex
96......Thomas Fenner bap 20 Jul 1617 Rusper, Sussex
97......Arthur Fenner bap 17 Oct 1619 Rusper, Sussex
98......William Fenner bap 11 sep 1625 Rusper, Sussex
99......Joseph Fenner bap 22 Jun 1628 Rusper, Sussex
100....John Fenner bap 16 Feb 1630 Rusper, Sussex
101....Pheobe Fenner bap 6 Jan 1633 Rusper, Sussex

60 Thomas LECHFORD m 40 Susan BROWNE16 Sep 1619 Horley

Children of Thomas and Susan
102......Susanna Lechford bap 25 Jun 1620 Rusper, Sussex
103......Phoebe Lechford bap 3 Mar 1621 Rusper, Sussex
104......Thomas Lechford bap 6 Jul 1623 Rusper, Sussex
105......Sarah Lechford bap 24 Jun 1625 Rusper, Sussex
106......Margaret Lechford bap 13 Jun 1627 Rusper, Sussex
107......Mary Lechford bap 7 Mar 1630 Rusper, Sussex
108......Angell Lechford bap 26 Feb 1634 Rusper, Sussex
109......Anne Lechford bap 29 Sep 1637 Rusper, Sussex

41 Pheobe BROWNE m William SIMONS 3 Sep 1624 Horley

Children of William and Pheobe
110......Pheobe Simons bap 20 Jan 1625 Rusper
111......Katherine Simons bap 18 Nov 1627 Rusper
112......Elizabeth Simons bap 14 Feb 1629 Rusper

45 Sarah BROWNE m Pardon John TILLINGHAST (bap 29 Jan 1600 Streat, Sussex) 26 Nov 1622 Streat

Children of Pardon and Sarah
113......John Tillinghast bap 15 Oct 1623 Streat, Sussex
114......Pardon Elisha Tillinghast b 2 Jan 1625 bap 3 Jan 1625 Streat d 29 Jan 1717 Providence, Rhode Island m Lydia TABOR (b abt 1640 Barnstable Mass d 27 Jan 1718 Providence, Rhode Island) 16 Feb 1665 Providence Rhode Island
115......Sarah Tillinghast bap 15 Nov 1627 Cowfold
116......Benjamin Tillinghast bap 10 Jan 1630 Ifield
117......Anne Tillinghast bap 10 Jan 1630 Ifield bur 12 Sep 1630 Ifield
118......Alice Tillinghast bap 22 Nov 1631 Ifield
119......Charles Tillinghast bap 4 Jan 1636 Ifield

47 William BROWNE m Susannah COOPER 3 Jun 1629 Ifield

Children of William and Susannah
47a......Sarah Browne bap 27 Feb 1631 Ifield bur 15 Feb 1634 Ifield
47b......William Browne bap 10 Feb 1633 Ifield bur 17 Mar 1634 Ifield
47c......Susannah Browne b 7 Jun 1635 Ifield m Benedict THORPE (bap 16 Nov 1634 bur 8 Jun 1697 Buxted) 14 Jul 1666 Buxted
47d......Benjamin Browne bap 2 Jul 1637 Ifield
47e......Thomas Browne bap 21 Mar 1641 Ifield
47f......William Browne bap 21 Mar 1641 Ifield
47g......Sarah Browne bap 31 Mar 1644 Ifield

49 Barnabus BROWNE m (a) Frances WEBB 30 Sep 1634 Ifield (b) Ann MARDEN 10 Aug 1636 Horley

Children of Barnabus and Anne
49a......Anne Browne bap 26 Oct 1644 Ifield
49b......Mary Browne bap 1 Oct 1648 Ifield

53 Donumdei BROWNE m Mary WOODNUT 28 Jun 1607 Kingston upon Thames

Children of Donumdei and Mary
53b......Anthony Browne bap 18 Jan 1618 Horne
53c......Anne Browne bap 10 Mar 1622 Horne
53d......Mary Browne bap 14 Mar 1634 Horne

54 Anthony BROWNE m Anne DUFFIELD 28 Sep 1610 East Grinstead

Children of Anthony and Anne
54b......Anna Browne bap 14 May 1611 East Grinstead
54c......Anthony Browne bap 16 Jul 1612 Lewes
54d......Richard Browne bap 13 Nov 1614 Lewes

56 Hellen HUGGETT m John WILMER 20 Aug 1612 Northill

Children of Hohn and Hellen
56b......John Wilmer bap 20 Mar 1614 Northill
56c......Andrew Wilmer bap 15 Dec 1616 Northill
56d......Mary Wilmer bap 24 Jan 1619 Northill
56e......Pheobe Wilmer bap 7 Dec 1620 Northill bur 1 Feb 1621 Northill
56f......Nathaniel Wilmer bap 23 Dec 1621 Northill
56g......Samuel Wilmer bap 16 Oct 1623 Northill
56h......George Wilmer bap 10 Mar 1625 Northill bur 17 Apr 1628 Northill
56i......Thomas Wilmer bap 16 Nov 1628 Northill
56j......Elisha Wilmer bap 2 Apr 1630 Northill
56k......Isaac Wilmer bap 8 Apr 1635 Northill

61 Peter LECHFORD m Katherine STANBRIDGE 17 Jul 1623 Horley

Children of Peter and Katherine
120......Katherine Lechford bap 2 Apr 1624 Horley
121......Henry Lechford bap 23 Oct 1625 Horley bur 7 Nov 1663 Horley
122......Robert Lechford bap Nov 1627 Horley bur 12 Dec 1627 Horley
123......Anthony Lechford bap 8 Feb 1628 Horley
124......John Lechford bap 10 Apr 1631 Horley
125......Thomas Lechford bap 26 May 1633 Horley d 19 Jun 1640 Horley
126......Peter Lechford bap 10 May 1635 Horley
127......Frances Lechford bap 16 Nov 1637 Horley d 18 Jun 1641 Horley
128......Hanna Lechford bap 16 Nov 1637 Horley
129......Margaret Lechford bap 2 Jun 1639 Horley d 28 Dec 1640 Horley

62 John LECHFORD m Sarah MANSFIELD 15 Jun 1626 Horley

Children of John and Sarah
130......John Lechford bap 20 Jan 1629 Horley
131......Katherine Lechford bap 27 Dec 1629 Horley
132......Joane Lechford bap 3 Oct 1630 Horley
133......Priscilla Lechford bap 6 Oct 1631 Horley bur 3 Aug 1638 Horley
134......Mary Lechford bap 31 Jul 1634 Horley

135 Thomas PINION m Elizabeth SYMONS 18 Jun 1598 Worth Sussex

Note: The names Pinion and Pray are used interchangeably in the records since at least 1569.

.Child of Thomas and Elizabeth
Thomas Pinion bap 29 Nov 1601 Worth, Sussex
136a....Ann Pinion bap 30 Sep 1604 (as Ann Pray) Worth
136b....Henry Pinion bap 6 Apr 1606 (as Hery Praye) Worth
136c....John Pinion bap 31 Jul 1608 (as John Pray) Worth

136d William TILT m Elinor

Children of William and Elinor
136e......Johan Tilt (fem) bap 2 May 1596 Worth
136f......Ellyoner Tilt bap 1 May 1600 Worth
Angell Tilt bap 28 Oct 1604 Worth
136h......William Tilt bap 1 Feb 1606 Worth
136i......John Tilt bap 3 Apr 1610 Worth
136j......Peter Tilt bap 27 Aug 1615 Worth

137 Richard LEDGER dob unknown m W2 Elizabeth WOODMAN

Children of Richard and Elizabeth
138......Richard Ledger bap 7 May 1620 Horne, Surrey d between 6 Mar 1670 and 22 Mar 1670
139......Elizabeth Ledger bap 24 Mar 1621 Horne, Surrey m Richard HARLING 18 Jun 1644 Horne (issue: 140...... Elizabeth Harling bap 11 Apr 1645 and 141...... Jane bap 22 Nov 1646 Horne)
142......William Ledger bap 1624 Horne, Surrey bur 7 Jun 1625 Horne, Surrey
143......William Ledger bap 1626 Horne, Surrey
144......John Ledger bap 15 Mar 1628 Horne, Surrey m Jane KILLICK 16 May 1654 Horne Surrey
145......Andrew Ledger bap 8 Jan 1631 Horne, Surrey bur 17 Jul 1633 Horne, Surrey
146......Ann Ledger bap 14 Jun 1635 Horne, Surrey

67 Thomas ISTED m Alice MERTER 10 Nov 1589 Nutfield

Children of Thomas and Alice
147......Thomas Isted bap 9 Apr 1586 Nutfield bur 24 Jun 1601 Nutfield
148......Ann Isted bap 28 Mar 1591 m Nicholas BOWERER 5 Feb 1615 Nutfield
149......Jane Isted bap 27 Feb 1593 Nutfield
John Isted bap 22 Feb 1596 Nutfield
151......Katherine Isted bap 24 Mar 1599 Nutfield
152......Thomas Isted bap 15 Aug 1602 Nutfield
153......Susan Isted bap 22 Sep 1605 Nutfield
154......Jane Isted bap 9 Jul 1609 Nutfield

Y1 Ellis JENNER m Margaret abt 1595

Note: A John Jenner was recorded as holding Le Ley or Delye in Cuckfield in 1506, This property later became Upper Pilsty and Johns descendant Ellis Jenner held it c.1580 to 1610. [Source W.I.R.G. website].

Children of Ellis and Margaret
Katherine Jenner b abt 1597 prob Cuckfield [Source; Father's will]
Y3......Timothiee Jenner (fem) bap 25 Nov 1599 Balcomb
Y4......Francise Jenner (fem) bap 12 Oct 1601 Cuckfield
Y5......Margarete Jenner bap 18 Dec 1603 Cuckfield
Y6......Edwarde Jenner bap 22 Dec 1605 Cuckfield
Y7......Thomase Jenner bap 10 Sep 1607 Cuckfield
Y8......Susane Jenner bap 21 May 1609 Cuckfield
Y9......Johne Jenner bap 28 Nov 1612 Cuckfield


155 Thomas PENFOLD m Mary BARTHOLOMEW 28 Jun 1632 Nuthurst

Note: Thomas was a hammerman - presumably in the then thriving iron industry. Thomas' will you can see here .

Child of Thomas and Mary
156......Henry Penfold dob unknown
157......Mary Penfold bap 19 May 1633 Worth, Sussex m John GADD 31 Jul 1655 Abinger, Surrey
158......Thomas Penfold bap 8 Jan 1636 Worth Sussex
159......Dorothy Penfold bap 24 Mar 1638 Worth Sussex
160......John Penfold bap 15 Aug 1641 Worth Sussex
161......Steven Penfold bap 23 Jun 1644 Worth Sussex
162......Elizabeth Penfold bap 5 Dec 1647 Worth Sussex
163......Sarah Penfold bap 4 May 1651 Abinger, Surrey m Richard WHITE 26 Sep 1676 Worth
164......Stephen Penfold bap 23 Jul 1654 Abinger, Surrey

136 Thomas PINION m 136g Angell TILT 7 Apr 1637 Worth

Children of Thomas and Angell
165......William Pinion bap 20 Jan 1638 Worth
166......Joane Pinion bap 28 Dec 1645 Worth

86 Richard HUGGETT m Jane HOGET (nee PUPLETT) 4 May 1653 Horne, Surrey

Note: Jane had been married previously to Thomas HOGET 7 Jan 1640 Banstead, Surrey

Children of Jane and Thomas
167......William Huggett bap 19 Dec 1641 Horne d as infant?
168......William Huggett b 16 Dec 1642 bap 18 Dec 1642 bur 23 Sep 1667 Horne, Surrey
Note: An extract from William's nuncupative (spoken) will of 29 Sep 1667 reads:
"My money to my four younger brothers Richard Huggett, George Huggett, John Huggett and Abraham Huggett at age twenty one and my father in law Richard Huggett, Executor to invest it."
From this it is thought that William was stepson to Richard

Children of Richard and Jane
169......Richard Huggett bap 19 Feb 1653 Horne
170......Thomas Huggett b 1654/5 Horne bur 11 Oct 1712 Horne
171......George Huggett bap 6 Jul 1656 Horne d 19 Mar 1704 Horne
172......John Huggett dob unknown
173......Abraham Huggett bap 27 Jan 1661 Horne

91 Phebe BROWNE m Thomas LEE (b 1614 Rusper d 1646 of smallpox, on voyage to USA)

Children of Thomas and Phebe
91b......Jane Lee bap 13 Sep 1640 Rusper d 21 Jan 1721 Lebanon, Conn m Samuel HYDE (bap 25 Aug 1621 Manchester d 12 Sep 1689 Franklin, Connecticut) 4 Jun 1659 Saybrook, Conn

91c......Thomas Lee bap 29 Sep 1644 Rusper d 30 May 1704 Lyme, Connecticut m (a) Sarah KIRTLAND (b 27 Sep 1646 Lynn, Essex Massachusetts d 21 May 1676 Lyme, Conn) abt 1669 Lyme, Conn. (b) Mary DEWOLFE (b abt 1656 Wethersfield Conn d 24 Oct 1724 Lyme, Conn) 13 Jul 1676 Lyme, Conn
91d......Pheobe Lee bap 20 May 1642 Rusper

56f Nathaniel BROWNEm Constance SHERWOOD (bap 20 Oct 1622 East Hendred) 7 Nov 1646 East Hendred

Children of Nathaniel and Constance
56g......Samuel Browne bap 16 Oct 1623 Northill
56h......George Browne bap 10 Mar 1625 Northill bur 16 Apr 1628 Northill
56i......Thomas Browne bap 16 Nov 1628 Northill
56j......Elisha Browne bap 2 Apr 1630 Northill
56k......Isaac Browne bap 8 Apr 1635 Northill

174 William BYSH m (a) Agnes KILLICK (bur 12 Aug 1639 Horne) (b) Anne WOODMAN (bur 3 Dec 1644 Horne) (c) P20 Sarah LECHFORD 16 Oct 1645 Horley, Surrey

Children of William and Agnes
175......William Bysh b 16 Dec 1633 Horne bur 11 Apr 1644 Horne
176......Elizabeth Bysh b 31 Dec 1637 Horne bur 1 May 1638 Horne

Child of William and Anne
177......Anne Bysh bap 3 Dec 1644 Horne

Children of William and Sarah
178......Henry Bysh dob unknown [source: Will of 174 William]
179......William Bysh dob unknown [source: Will of 174 William]
180......Ann Bysh dob unknown [source: Will of 174 William] m John WHEELER 9 Jul 1667 Horstead Keynes
Note: John and Ann had issue: 181......John Wheeler bap 28 Sep 1683 West Hoathly
182......Sarah Bysh dob unknown [source: Will of 174 William]
183......Angell Bysh dob unknown [source: Will of 174 William]
184......Elizabeth Bysh dob unknown [source: Will of 174 William]
185......Mary Bysh dob unknown [source: Will of 174 William]

138 Richard LEDGER m Sarah HOLMAN 7 Feb 1660 Burstow, Surrey

Children of Richard and Sarah
186......Richard Ledger b 2 Dec 1661 Horne bur 29 Mar 1713 Horne
187......Sarah Ledger b 16 May 1664 bap 8 Jun 1664 Horne m William RAMSAY 16 Jan 1684 Horne
188......William Ledger bap 12 May 1667 Horne

150 John ISTED m Denice TURNER 17 Jun 1622 Dorking

Children of John and Denice
188a....John Isted bap 25 Mar 1623 Dorking bur 31 Mar 1623 Dorking
189......John Isted bap 11 Jul 1624 Nutfield bur 31 Aug 1678 Nutfield
Note: John was described as a Yeoman of Henhaw
190......Jane Isted bap 17 Sep 1626 Nutfield m William BARNES 29 Jun 1648 St Olave, Hart Street, London
191......Anne Isted bap 1 Feb 1630 Nutfield
192......Elizabeth Isted bap 1 Feb 1630 Nutfield bur 2 Feb 1630 Nutfield
193......Thomas Isted bap 14 Apr 1633 Nutfield
194......Mary Isted bap 14 Apr 1633 Nutfield m Richard STOUGHTON 21 May 1663 Leatherhead
195......Bridget Isted bap 6 May 1639 Nutfield

151 Katherine ISTED m Martin BRAY abt 1624

Children of Martin and Katherine
151b......Alice Bray bap 22 May 1625 Horley
151c......Rebecca Bray bap 4 Jan 1626 Horley
151d......Jane Bray bap Jan 1628 Horley

196 Michael MARTEN m Y2 Katherine JENNER 5 May 1622 Cuckfield

Children of Michael and Katherine
197......Elizabeth Marten bap 26 Jun 1625 Cuckfield
198......George Marten bap 18 Feb 1627 Ardingly d 20 Jan 1628 Ardingly
199......Anne Marten bap 4 Oct 1629 Ardingly m John DEWDNEY bap 30 Jan 1624/5 Horley d 6 May 1692 Charlewood)
200......Philipp Marten (fem) bap 31 Jul 1631 Ardingley m Thomas WHITEPAINE 5 Jun 1660 Ardingly
201......Susanna Marten bap 3 Aug 1634 Ardingly
202......Michael Marten bap 9 May 1637 Ardingly m Elizabeth MARCHANT 18 Nov 1664 Lewes


156 Henry PENFOLD m unknown

Child of Henry and unknown
202......Mary Penfold dob unknown

157 Mary PENFOLD m John GADD 31 Jul 1655 Abinger, Surrey

Child of John and Mary
203......Mary Gadd bap 15 May 1659 Abinger
204......John Gadd bap 24 Mar 1661 Abinger

158 Thomas PENFOLD m H 166 Joane PINION 8 Nov 1664 Worth

Children of Thomas and Joane
205......Mary Penfold bap 2 Jun 1667 Worth Sussex d 2 Jun 1667 Worth Sussex
206......Angell Penfold bap 9 Jan 1669 Worth Sussex
207......Joane Penfold bap 13 Aug 1672 St Nicolas, Worth

208 Richard HUMFREE m Ann LANGRIDGE Nov 1655 Horsted Keynes

Children of Richard AND ANN
Elizabeth Humfree bap 6 Sep 1657 Horsted Keynes
210......John Humfree bap 23 Apr 1660 Horsted Keynes

211 John RUSSELL m Mary

Children of John and Mary
Mary Russell b 26 Aug 1655 Bletchingly, Surrey
213......Elizabeth Russell bap 5 Dec 1658 Bletchingly, Surrey
214......Elizabeth Russell bap 17 Dec 1660 Bletchingly, Surrey
215......Jane Russell bap 28 Dec 1663 Bletchingly, Surrey
216......Edmund Russell bap 18 Dec 1663 Bletchingly, Surrey
217......Joane Russell bap 4 Oct 1668 Bletchingly, Surrey

159 Dorothy PENFOLD m Mr WALLIS

Child of Mr Wallis and Dorothy
218......Thomas Wallis dob unknown

169 Richard HUGGETT m Mary ROGERS (bur 21 Feb 1704 Horne) 19 Jun 1678 st George the Martyr Southwark

Children of Richard and Mary
219......Richard Huggett bap 8 Mar 1678 Horne
220......John Huggett b 20 Mar 1680 Horne
221......Jane Huggett bap 26 Aug 1683 Horne
222......Matthew Huggett bap 4 Oct 1685 d 17 Mar 1708
223......Abraham Huggett bap 19 Feb 1687 Horne
224......Benjamin Huggett bap 19 Jul 1691 Horne d 21 Mar 1708

172 John HUGGETT m Elizabeth STAINROD 5 Jul 1682 St George's Southwark

Children of John and Elizabeth
225......Elizabeth Huggett bap 16 Mar 1682 Godstone
226......Jane Huggett bap 22 Jul 1684 Godstone
227......John Huggett bap 30 Mar 1686 Godstone
228......Anne Huggett bap 7 Mar 1687 Godstone
229......George Huggett bap 7 Nov 1689 Godstone
230......Abraham Huggett bap 10 Nov 1691 Godstone
231......Richard Huggett bap 29 Jan 1693 Godstone
232......Mary Huggett bap 7 Mar 1696 Godstone
233......Joane Huggett bap 22 Jun 1701 Godstone

173 Abraham HUGGETT m (a) Anne BLUNDELL (bur 31 Jan 1690 East Grinstead) 6 Nov 1683 St George the Martyr, Southwark (b) Elizabeth PINE 1 Oct 1691 St George the Martyr, Southwark

Children of Abraham and Anne
234......Abraham Huggett bap 6 Jan 1684 East Grinstead
235......Benjamin Huggett dob unknown d 26 Sep 1741 East Grinstead
236......Jane Huggett bap 19 Jun 1687 East Grinstead
237......John Huggett bap 15 Aug 1689 East Grinstead m Mary HOLFORD 11 Sep 1716 Worth

Children of Abraham and Elizabeth
238......Elizabeth Huggett bap 1692 d 1710
239......Anne Huggett bap 1693 d 1694
240......Emanuel Huggett bap 12 Apr 1695 East Grinstead bur 8 Dec 1754 Horsted Keynes
241......Hester Huggett bap 4 Nov 1696 East Grinstead
242......William Huggett bap 4 Jun 1699 East Grinstead
243......Alexander Huggett bap 10 Aug 1701 bur 13 Mar 1703 East Grinstead
244......Barbara Huggett bap 8 Nov 1706 East Grinstead

245 John SNELLING m Joane

Children of John and Joane
Richard Snelling bap 15 Jul 1684 Godstone
251......John Snelling bap 15 Dec 1685 Godstone
252......Thomas Snelling bap 8 Mar 1687 Godstone
253......Susannah bap 16 Jan 1689 Godstone
254......Thomas Snelling bap 7 Mar 1693 Godstone
255......William Snelling bap 6 Oct 1697 Godstone

179William BYSH m Joan HEAD 26 Nov 1674 East Grinstead

Note: William was the son of William Bysh who bought Snout's Farm in 1651. You can see the account of Snout's farm here and a photo of it today as the Red Barn Restaurant here

Children of William and Joane
256......Henry Bysh bap 1 Nov 1675 East Grinstead
257......William Bysh bap 1 Apr 1677 East Grinstead
258......Joanna Bysh bap 4 Jul 1679 East Grinstead

186 Richard LEDGER m (a) 217Joan RUSSELL (d 20 June 1690 Horne) 17 April 1688 Chaldon, Surrey (by licence) (b) Ann KNIGHT 30 Jun 1695 Tonbridge

Children of Richard and Joan
259......Mary Ledger bap 6 Feb 1688 Horne, Surrey
260......Richard Ledger bap 11 Mar 1689 Horne, Surrey

Children of Richard and Ann

Note: All of these children plus Richard are mentioned in their father's will, Mary is not but her husband Henry Bysh is. The children after Elizabeth were probably born between 1694 and 1711 - a period for which baptisms for Horne are missing.
261......Elizabeth Ledger dob unknown
262......John Ledger dob unknown
Note: On 4 Jan 1724, John complained to High Chancellor that his sister Mary and husband Henry BYSH had defrauded him of his grandmother Sarah Ledger's Legacy via Richard of Rosses Farm, worth 60.
263......Joseph Ledger dob unknown
264......Anne Ledger dob unknown
265......Sarah Ledger dob unknown
266......Susan Ledger dob unknown

267 Edward LINFIELD m Elizabeth GILBERT 24 Feb 1673 Lingfield

Children of Edward and Elizabeth
268......Elizabeth Linfield bap 6 Jan 1676 Lingfield
269......Edward Linfield bap 1 Nov 1678 Lingfield
270......Mary Linfield bap 16 Apr 1682 Lingfield
James Linfield bap 3 Jun 1683 Lingfield

272 Thomas WELFARE (or WELFORD) m Elizabeth HUMFREE 19 Jun 1683 Horsted Keynes

Children of Thomas and Elizabeth
273......William Welfare bap Mar 1683 Horsted Keynes
274......Thomas Welfare bap 28 May 1685 Horsted Keynes
275......Walter Welfare bap 17 Jun 1686 Horsted Keynes m Mary NEWPORT 14 Jul 1722 Horsted Keynes
276......John Welfare bap 18 Dec 1687 Horsted Keynes
277......Elizabeth Welfare bap 1st Aug 1689 Horsted Keynes d 1699 Horsted Keynes
278......James Welfare bap 2 Jun 1690 Horsted Keynes
279......Richard Welfare bap 13 May 1693 Horsted Keynes
280......Edward Welfare b 29 Mar 1696 bap 6 Jun 1696 Horsted Keynes
281......Samuel Welfare bap 1 Mar 1698 Horsted Keynes m Sarah FUNNELL 29 May 1726 Horsted Keynes
Ann Welfare bap 7 May 1699 Horsted Keynes

189 John ISTED m 197 Elizabeth MARTEN 17 Aug 1648 Burstow

Children of John and Elizabeth
283......Elizabeth Isted bap 20 Jan 1649 Nutfield
284......Mary Isted bap 26 Feb 1652 Nutfield died 27 Mar 1652 Nutfield
285......Thomas Isted bap 5 May 1653 Nutfield
286......John Isted bap 21 May 1655 Nutfield bur 1 Jun 1655 Nutfield
287......John Isted bap 10 Jul 1656 Nutfield
288......William Isted bap 16 Jan 1664 Nutfield
289......Henry Isted bap 27 Aug 1666 Nutfield


206 Angell (Angela) PENFOLD (see her will here) m 289 Henry ISTED 19 May 1687 St Nicholas Church, Worth by licence

The Isted coat of arms

Note: See Henry's will here and a copy of a mortgage deed here. Witnesses to the will were William LEIGH, Thomas ISTED and John DAVIES

See The ISTED Family History Website (for more data on Origins, spelling, meaning, early references, etc). here

Children of Henry and Angela
290......Mary Isted bap 9 Mar 1687/8 Balcombe bur 15 Sep 1732 Slaugham m Arthur CARTER (bap 31 Dec 1681 Slaugham d bef 1732 Slaugham) 19 Sep 1718 St Michael Chrch, Lewes.
Note: There was 1 child 291......John Carter born of this union bap 22 Jan 1719
John Isted bap 26 Feb 1689/90 Balcombe bur 30 Mar 1746 Horsted Keynes
293......Elizabeth Isted bap 29 Dec 1691 Balcombe
294......Angel Isted bap 30 Apr 1694 Balcombe
295......Ann Isted bap 29 Oct 1696 Balcomb
296......Thomas Isted b abt 1697 bap 23 Apr 1699 Balcombe d 15 Feb 1777 Slaugham
Note: Thomas, a yeoman, and Elizabeth had 1 boy and 3 girls
297......Henry Isted bap 3 Mar 1701/2 Slaugham d 17 Jan 1779 Horsham
Note: Henry was a husbandman and a yeoman
298......Jane Isted bap 9 Sep 1705 Cuckfield
299......William Isted bap 16 Aug 1709 Slaugham bur 4 Oct 1757 Horsted Keynes

212 Mary RUSSELL m Will LIFE 20 Feb 1676 Chaldon, Surrey

Children of Will and Mary
300......William Life bap 10 Feb 1678 Bletchingly, Surrey
301......Mary Life bap 8 Jan 1679 Bletchingly, Surrey
302......John Life bap 19 Aug 1683 Bletchingly, Surrey
303......James Life bap 18 Aug 1683 Bletchingly, Surrey

215 Jane RUSSELL m John CUCKSEY 24 May 1692 Chaldon, Surrey

Children of John and Jane
304......Jane Cucksey bap 16 Sep 1693 Bletchingly, Surrey
305......Elizabeth Cucksey bap 6 Jun 1694 Bletchingly, Surrey
306......Jane Cucksey bap 18 Sep 1695 Bletchingly, Surrey
307......John Cucksey bap 17 May 1697 Bletchingly, Surrey
308......Joseph Cucksey bap 16 May 1699 Bletchingly, Surrey

271 James LINFIELD m Elizabeth TURNER 5 Jun 1705 Lingfield

Children of James and Elizabeth
309......James Linfield bap 24 May 1706 Lingfield
310......Edward Linfield bap 14 Oct 1707 Lingfield
311......Mary Linfield bap 6 Jan 1708 Lingfield d 31 Jul 1779 East Grinstead
312......Elizabeth Linfield bap 25 Aug 1710 Lingfield
313......William Linfield bap 9 Oct 1712 Lingfield
314......Robert Linfield bap 22 May 1713 Lingfield

256 Henry BYSH m 259 Mary LEDGER 4 Sep 1709 Horne, Surrey

Children of Henry and Mary
315......Mary Bysh bap 31 Oct 1711 St Mary the Virgin, Horne m John WICKING10 Feb 1740 Horne
316......Johanna Bysh bap 16 Nov 1713 St Mary the Virgin, Horne
Henry Bysh bap 10 Nov 1714 St Mary the Virgin, Horne
318......Thomas Bysh bap 4 Feb 1716 St Mary the Virgin, Horne

234 Abraham HUGGETT m Ann GUMMINS (bap 23 Feb 1698 Bletchingley) 8 Dec 1719 Worth

Children of Abraham and Ann
319......Elizabeth Huggett bap 30 Oct 1720 East Grinstead
320......Abraham Huggett bap 24 Jul 1722 East Grinstead
321......Anne Huggett bap 10 Apr 1724 East Grinstead
323......Benjamin Huggett bap 4 Feb 1725 East Grinstead
324......Sarah Huggett bap 22 Dec 1727 East Grinstead
324a....Mary Huggett bap 29 Apr 1730 East Grinstead
325......John Huggett bap 17 May 1732 East Grinstead

236 Jane HUGGETT m Thomas WALLIS 18 Sep 1719

Children of Thomas and Jane
326......MaryWallis bap 26 Aug 1720 East Grinstead
327......Thomas Wallis bap Oct 1722 East Grinstead

237 John HUGGETT m Mary HOLFORD (bap 27 May 1694) 11 Sep 1716 Worth

Children of John and Mary
328......Katherine Huggett bap 12 Feb 1719 Cuckfield
329......Ann Huggett bap 11 Sep 1729 Cuckfield
330......Jane Huggett bap 28 Apr 1732 Cuckfield

240 Emanuel HUGGETT m 282 Anne WELFARE 17 May 1723 Horsted Keynes

Children of Emanuel and Anne
331......John bap 16 Mar 1724 Horsted Keynes bur 12 Jul 1796 East Grinstead
332......Anne Huggett bap 30 Dec 1726 Horsted Keynes bur 9 Jul 1739 Horsted Keynes
333......Hannah Huggett bap 10 Nov 1728 Horsted Keynes
334......Elizabeth Huggett bap 16 Nov 1732 Horsted Keynes
335......Mary Huggett bap 28 Mar 1735 Horsted Keynes
336......Lucy Huggett bap 24 Jun 1739 Horsted Keynes
337......Philly Huggett bap 28 Sep 1743 Horsted Keynes bur 30 Apr 1744 Horsted Keynes

250 Richard SNELLING m Mary CUCKSEY 8 Apr 1714 Horne

Children of Richard and Mary
250b......Richard Snelling b 7 Feb 1715 Bletchingly
250c......Jane Snelling b 9 Oct 1720 Bletchingly
250d......John Snelling b 7 Feb 1724 Bletchingly

251 John SNELLING m Frances GOAL 22 Sep 1713 Horne

Children of John and Frances
338......Jane Snelling bap 11 Nov 1715 Worth
339......John Snelling bap 22 Apr 1722 Worth
340......William Snelling bap 14 Jul 1724 Worth

253 Susannah SNELLING m John ARNOLD 19 Jan 1712 Godstone, Surrey

Children of John and Susannah
341......John Arnold bap 29 May 1713 Godstone, Surrey
342......Mary Arnold b 14 Dec 1715 bap 26 Dec 1715 Godstone, Surrey
343......Susannah Arnold bap 10 Apr 1717 Godstone, Surrey
344......Elizabeth Arnold bap 24 Aug 1719 Godstone, Surrey
345......George Arnold bap 7 Dec 1720 Godstone, Surrey
346......Mary b 8 Jun 1723 bap 26 Jun 1723 Godstone, Surrey
347......Elizabeth Arnold bap 23 Mar 1725 Godstone, Surrey
348......Ann Arnold bap 9 May 1729 Godstone, Surrey bur 20 May 1729 Godstone
349......Sarah Arnold bap 9 May 1729 Godstone, Surrey
350......Johanna Arnold bap 28 Jan 1732 Godstone, Surrey m John STEER 10 Nov 1762 Godstone

260 Richard LEDGER m Mary HUGGETT (bap 2 Apr 1690) 24 Apr 1716 Horne, Surrey

Children of Richard and Mary
351......Mary Ledger bap 12 Mar 1716 Horne, Surrey
352......Richard Ledger bap 2 Sep 1719 Horne
353......Sarah Ledger bap 20 May 1721 Horne, Surrey
354......Elizabeth Ledger bap 6 Feb 1722 Horne
355......William Ledger bap 11 Apr 1725 Horne, Surrey

S1 James SCARLETT m Ann GARWOOD 28 Jun 1715 Leiston.

Children of James and Anne
S2......Benjamin Scarlett b 23 Apr 1716 Leiston, Suffolk
S3......Anne Scarlett b 20 Apr 1718 Leiston, Suffolk
S4......Elizabeth Scarlett b 9 Feb 1720 Leiston, Suffolk
S5......Hannah Scarlett b 8 Jan 1722 Leiston, Suffolk
S6......William Scarlett b 11 Oct 1723 Leiston, Suffolk bur 21 Feb 1724 Leiston
James Scarlett b 1 Jan 1725 Leiston, Suffolk d 8 Mar 1805 Saxmundham
S8......William Scarlett b 19 Jan 1727 Leiston, Suffolk
S9......Robert Scarlett b 18 May 1729 Leiston, Suffolk
S10....Jane Scarlett b 29 Jan 1731 Leiston, Suffolk bur 1 Jul 1731 Leiston, Suffolk


295 Ann ISTED m William RIDLEY (bap 23 Jul 1693 Worth) abt 1720

Children of William and Ann
356......Ann Ridley bap 15 Apr 1720 Worth
357......William Ridley bap 24 Jul 1722 Worth
358......Mary Ridley bap 18 Dec 1724 Worth
359......John Ridley bap 22 Feb 1726 Worth
360......Elizabeth Ridley bap 22 Aug 1729 Worth
361......Angel Ridley b 12 Jan 1732 Worth

362 James CUTHBERT m Mary

Note: James was a carpenter

Children of James and Mary
363......James Cuthbert bap 20 Dec 1713 Hasketon
364......Robert Cuthbert bap 29 Apr 1716 Hasketon
365......Mary Cuthbert bap 31 May 1719 Hasketon
Sarah Cuthbert bap 2 Dec 1720 Hasketon bur 2 Oct 1785 All Saints, Wickham Market

367 Richard BURROWS bur 21 Feb 1720 Wickham Market m Elizabeth OSBORN 16 Nov 1708 Easton by Framlingham, Sfk After Richard's death, Elizabeth married James SARE 22 Oct 1724

Note: in the interval between Richard's death and marrying James, Elizabeth gave birth to an illegitimate child and called it James. In 1729 (whilst presumably still married to Elizabeth), James had a bastardy order made against him whereby he had to pay Rachel JESSUP 6d a week of "good and lawful money"

Children of Richard and Elizabeth
368......Richard Burrows bap 12 Sep 1709 Wickham Market
369......Samuel Burrows bap 17 Feb 1712 Wickham Market
370......Elizabeth Burrows bap 5 Jan 1715 Wickham Market
371......Susan Burrows bap 29 Mar 1716 Wickham Market
372......Thomas Burrows bap 12 Oct 1718 Wickham Market

Illegitimate Child of Elizabeth Burrows (and possibly James Sare)
James Sare bap 25 Aug 1723 bur 25 Oct 1781Wickham Market

Child of James and Elizabeth
374......John Sare bap 10 Oct 1725 Wickham Market bur 6 Apr 1730 Wickham Market

375 Richard RANSBY (bur 5 May 1758 Bramfield) m Hannah WILLETT (bur 10 Sep 1749 Bramfield) 11 Apr 1726 Heveningham Sfk

Children of Richard and Hannah
376......William Ransbybap 2nd October 1726 Bramfield bur 11 Nov 1726 Bramfield
377......Mary Ransby bap 11 Feb 1728 Bramfield
378......Samuel Ransby bap 10 May 1730 Bramfield
379......William Ransby bap 12 Nov 1732 Bramfield
380......Hannah Ransby bap 14 Sep 1735 Bramfield
381......Richard Ransby bap 13 May 1737 Bramfield bur 19 Feb 1741 Bramfield
382......Hannah Ransby bap 3 Dec 1738 Bramfield
Daniel Ransby bap 28 Sep 1740 Bramfield bur 7 Dec 1788 Bawdsey
384......Richard Ransby bap 16 Feb 1742

292 John ISTED m Ann TAYLOR (bap 17 Dec 1689) 29 Sep 1723 Horsham (by licence)

Note: the name Isted was variously spelt Histed and Eisted as well as Isted. Ann was the daughter of John and Ann TAYLOR

Children of John and Ann
385......John Isted bap 8 Jul 1724 Horsted Keynes bur 19 Oct 1798 East Grinstead
386......Elizabeth Isted bap 11 Nov 1725 Horsted Keynes bur 9 Jan 1726 Horsted Keynes
387......Ann Isted bap 18 Nov 1726 Horsted Keynes
388......Thomas Isted bap 10 Aug 1728 Horsted Keynes bur Mar 1812 Keymer, Sussex m Mary WILDING (bap 1734 Lt Horsted bur 2 Feb 1821 Keymer) 4 Jan 1756 Little Horsted
Note: Thomas is described as a yeoman, and lived for a time in Cuckfield. See a deed of his
389......Elizabeth Isted bap 28 Jul 1730 Horsted Keynes bur 8 May 1772

294 Angel ISTED m Edward JUPP (bap 6 Jan 1694 Horsham) 11 Oct 1720 Horne, Surrey

Child of Edward and Angel
390......Mary Jupp bap 8 Sep 1721 Worth

296 Thomas ISTED m Elizabeth GARDINER 17 Apr 1735 Godstone by licence

Children of Thomas and Elizabeth
391......Thomas Isted bap 7 Mar 1735 Worth
392......Ann Isted bap 28 Oct 1737 Worth
393......Mary Isted bap 27 Sep 1745 Worth
394......Sarah Isted bap 26 Jul 1749 Worth

297 Henry ISTED (see his will here) m H63 Mary LINFIELD 24 Nov 1726 Horsham

Note: The above couple, via their son and daughter in law Edward and Sarah Isted nee Wood and their grand daughter Sarah who married David Langridge, are ancestors of James Langridge who represented England and Sussex at cricket and his brother John. John played for Sussex and was later an umpire in first-class cricket, standing in seven test matches.

Children of Henry and Mary
395......James Isted bap 21 Jan 1727 Horne, Surrey d 21 May 1779 Beckenham, Kent
396......Henry Isted bap 9 Jul 1729 Horne d bef 1733 Horne
397......Elizabeth Isted bap 1 Aug 1731 d 29 Oct 1806 East Grinstead
398......Henry Isted bap 5 Nov 1733 East Grinstead d 10 Feb 1789 Cuckfield bur 18 Feb 1789 Cuckfield
399......Mary Isted bap 1 Aug 1736 East Grinstead d 2 May 1812 Ardingly
400......Ann (e) Isted bap 28 Apr 1738 East Grinstead
401......Sarah Isted bap 19 Jul 1741
402......Sarah or Susannah Isted bap 24 Apr 1743 East Grinstead
403......Edward Isted bap 25 Jan 1745 East Grinstead d 7 Aug 1801 West Hoathly
Note: Edward was a yeoman
404......William Isted bap 21 Nov 1746 East Grinstead d 24 Jun 1791 East Grinstead
405......Hannah Isted bap 17 Nov 1748 East Grinstead d 18 Jun 1800 Ardingly

406 Robert FINCH m Jane ROUND 5 Feb 1705 West Hoathly

Children of Robert and Jane
407......Robert Finch bap 21 Feb 1706 West Hoathly, Sussex.
408......James Finch bap 4 Jan 1717 West Hoathley.
Hannah Finch bap 8 Jan 1722 West Hoathly.

250c Jane SNELLING m Cole PAMPHILON 21 Apr 1742 Godstone

Children of Cole and Jane
Y11......Richard Pamphilon bap 6 Feb 1742 Croydon
Y12......Richard Pamphilon bap 27 Dec 1744 Croydon

317 Henry BYSH m 343 Susannah ARNOLD 19 Nov 1740 East Grinstead

Children of Henry and Susannah
410......Henry Bysh b 20 Oct 1741 Tandridge, Surrey
411......William Bysh b 17 Apr 1744 Tandridge, Surrey
412......Thomas Bysh b 27 Aug 1746 Tandridge, Surrey
413......Elizabeth Bysh b 16 Jan 1748 Tandridge, Surrey
414......George Bysh b 29 Jan 1749 Tandridge, Surrey
415......Ann Bysh d o b unknown bur 15 Jan 1764 Tanridge

319 Elizabeth HUGGETT m John HOUNSOM 3 Apr 1743 East Grinstead

Children of John and Elizabeth
319b......Anne Hounsom bap 9 Nov 1743 East Grinstead
319c......Richard Hounsom bap 15 Mar 1746 East Grinstead
319d......Abraham Hounsom bap 3 Oct 1748 East Grinstead
319e......Elizabeth Hounsom bap 19 Aug 1750 East Grinstead
319f......Benjamin Hounsom bap 27 Dec 1751 East Grinstead
319g......Mary Hounsom bap 2 May 1753 East Grinstead
319h......William Hounsom bap 8 Apr 1755 East Grinstead
319i......Sarah Hounsom bap 22 Feb 1758 East Grinstead

346 Mary ARNOLD m William GREEN 18 Jul 1747 Godstone

Children of William and Mary
416......William Green bap 19 Sep 1749, Godstone
417......James Green bap 11 Aug 1750 Godstone.
418......Edward Green bap 28 Dec 1751 Godstone.
419......Mary Green bap 12 Feb 1753 Godstone.
420......Ann Green bap 21 Feb 1754 Godstone.
421......Elizabeth Green bap 6 Aug 1755 Godstone.
422......Hannah Green bap 15 Jul 1757 Godstone.
423......Henry Green bap 7 June 1760 Godstone.

331 John HUGGETT m Elizabeth MARTIN 20 Apr 1743 East Grinstead

Children of John and Elizabeth
424......Elizabeth Huggett bap 26 Jun 1743 East Grinstead
425......John Huggett bap 2 Aug 1745 East Grinstead
426......Frances Huggett bap 18 Dec 1747 East Grinstead bur 29 Sep 1819 East Grinstead
427......Hannah Huggett bap 26 Dec 1749 East Grinstead
428......Mary Huggett bap 3 Dec 1752 East Grinstead
429......Ann Huggett bap 5 Nov 1757 East Grinstead
430......William Huggett bap 29 Feb 1760 East Grinstead
431....George Huggett bap 18 Feb 1763 East Grinstead
432....Sarah Huggett bap 21 Jan 1766 East Grinstead

433 Thomas BURLEY m Jane ROSE 18 Oct 1770 Lingfield

Children of Thomas and Jane
434......Thomas Burley bap 27 Jan 1771 Lingfield
Anne Burley bap 9 Feb 1773 Lingfield
436......Richard Burley bap 15 Dec 1777 Lingfield m Elizabeth BRACKPOOL (bap 7 Sep 1777 Godstone) 15 Feb 1798 Lingfield
Note: Richard was involved in a legal case which you can see details of
437......Sarah Burley dob unknown
438......Elizabeth Burley bap 16 Jul 1780 Lingfield
439......Elizabeth Burley bap 27 Jul 1783 Lingfield


Marriages in the Fleet Prison Chapel

An irregular or clandestine marriage was a marriage conducted by an ordained clergyman, but without banns or license. Although they breached canon law, these marriages might still be valid, and could be recognized as such in English Common Law. The marriages were normally performed outside the home parishes of the bride and groom, and often took place in prison chapels. The most notorious of them all was the chapel at the Fleet Prison in London. However a marriage conducted in the Fleet or one of the other popular clandestine marriage venues was not necessarily disreputable in any way. It was a cheap and convenient alternative to marriage in the local parish church and afforded some degree of privacy to the couple, without the trouble and expense of an ecclesiastical license. It has been estimated that in the 1740's nearly 15% of all marriages in England were celebrated in the Fleet

385 John ISTED m 409 Ann (Hannah) FINCH 8 Nov 1726 Fleet Prison, London.

Note: Married 8 Nov 1736 Fleet Prison, London Details Groom : Marriage recorded in the name Isten, Butcher, Of the Parish of East Grinstead.
Bride : Married as Ann Finch, Spinster of the same Parish (His age was approximately 13 and her age was approximately 15 at time of marriage)

Children of John and Ann
440......John Isted bap 16 Mar 1736 East Grinstead
441......Richard Isted bap 19 Jan 1739 East Grinstead
442......Thomas Isted bap 3 Aug 1741 East Grinstead
443......Elizabeth Isted bap 7 Apr 1743 East Grinstead
444......William Isted bap 20 Mar 1745 East Grinstead
445......Anne Isted bap 28 Nov 1746 East Grinstead
446......Mary Isted bap 23 Aug 1748 East Grinstead
447......Sarah Isted bap 13 Mar 1749 East Grinstead d 3 Sep 1794 East Grinstead
448......Joseph Isted bap 11 Feb 1750 East Grinstead d 12 Mar 1838 East Grinstead bur 16 Mar 1838 Horsted Keynes
449......James Isted bap 19 Nov 1754 East Grinstead d 4 Feb 1844 East Grinstead m Elizabeth COX ( b abt 1768 East Grinstead d 23 Nov 1849 East Grinstead) 22 May 1793
450......Daniel Isted bap 17 Mar 1757 East Grinstead
451......Daniel Isted bap 20 Jul 1759 East Grinstead
Philadelphia Isted bap 20 Jul 1759 East Grinstead
453......Henry Isted bap 18 Feb 1761 East Grinstead bur 29 Apr 1831 East Grinstead
454......Benjamin Isted bap 13 Jan 1763 East Grinstead bur 12 Oct 1831 East Grinstead m Judith (Jude) COX (b abt 1766 bur 18 Oct 1836 East Grinstead) 25 Feb 1787 East Grinstead

391 Thomas ISTED m Mary LINDFIELD 29 Nov 1761 Cuckfield

Children of Thomas and Mary
455......Mary Isted bap 23 Feb 1762 Slaugham m James JOHNSON 14 Nov 1782 Slaugham
456......Thomas Isted bap 7 May 1764 Slaugham m Lydia STEDMAN 4 Apr 1788 Slaugham
457......Elizabeth Isted bap 20 Jul 1766 Slaugham m John IZARD 9 Nov 1786 Bolney
458......Henry Isted b 30 May 1771 Horsted Keynes d 31 May 1841 West Hoathly m Sophia WHEELER (b 9 Jun 1774 West Hoathly d 11 Sep 1845 West Hoathly) 12 Apr 1790 West Hoathly
459......William Isted bap 24 May 1774 Horsted Keynes m Charlotte PETERS 29 Mar 1807 Cuckfield

395 James ISTED m Mary MARTIN (b abt 1725 Southwark[?] d 1 Oct 1784 Beckenham, Kent) 23 Sep 1751 Southwark

Child of James and Mary
460......Mary Isted bap 23 Jun 1754 East Grinstead

397 Elizabeth ISTED m Michael BURGESS 20 Apr 1756 East Grinstead

Child of Michael and Elizabeth
461......Elizabeth Burgess bap 19 Jan 1759 East Grinstead

350 Johanna ARNOLD m John STEER 10 Nov 1762 Godstone

Children of John and Johanna
462......William Steer bap 1 Nov 1763 Tandridge
463......George Steer bap 30 Jan 1765 Crowhurst bur 6 Apr 1831 Godstone
464......Thomas Steer bap 13 Jul 1767 Godstone
465......Mary Steer bap 27 Nov 1768 Godstone
466......Ann Steer bap 30 Sep 1771 Godstone
467......Sarah Steer bap 19 Aug 1772 Godstone

424 Elizabeth HUGGETT m Christopher MIDDLETON 1 Jul 1770 East Grinstead

Children of Christopher and Elizabeth
468......Sarah Middleton bap 31 Mar 1771 East Grinstead
469......Christopher Middleton bap 27 Feb 1773 East Grinstead
470......William Middleton bap 2 Oct 1774 East Grinstead
471......Elizabeth Middleton bap 29 Mar 1777 East Grinstead
472......Samuel Middleton bap 3 Jan 1779 East Grinstead
473......Thomas Middleton bap 28 May 1780 East Grinstead
474......Mary Middleton bap 14 Feb 1782 East Grinstead
475......George Middleton bap 14 Feb 1782 East Grinstead

425 John HUGGETT m Sarah GARDINER 18 Jun 1769 Tunbridge Wells

Children of John and Sarah
476......George Huggett bap 28 Feb 1769 East Grinstead
477......Sarah Huggett bap 11 Nov 1770 East Grinstead
478......William Huggett bap 19 Jul 1771 East Grinstead
479......John Huggett bap 18 Apr 1773 East Grinstead
480......Thomas Huggett bap 12 Sep 1773 East Grinstead
481......James Huggett bap 11 May 1775 East Grinstead
482......William Gardiner Huggett bap 13 Oct 1775 East Grinstead
483......Mary Huggett bap 1 Feb 1778 East Grinstead
484......Thomas Huggett bap 26 Mar 1780 East Grinstead
485......James Huggett bap 15 Aug 1782 East Grinstead
486......Benjamin Huggett bap 14 Mar 1784 East Grinstead
487......Charles Huggett bap 16 Feb 1787 East Grinstead d 14 Mar 1790

398 Henry ISTED m Hannah HASSELDEN (bap 21 Aug 1737 East Grinstead) 10 Feb 1760 East Grinstead

Note: Henry is recorded as a yeoman

Children of Henry and Hannah
488......Hannah Isted bap 25 May 1760 East Grinstead
489......Henry Isted bap 19 Sep 1762 East Grinstead
490......Mary Isted bap 26 May 1765 East Grinstead
491......Ann Isted bap 6 Mar 1768 East Grinstead
492......Sarah Isted bap 14 Oct 1770 East Grinstead
493......James Isted bap 19 Mar 1773 East Grinstead
494......Elizabeth Isted bap 3 Sep 1775 East Grinstead

430 William HUGGETT m Mary HUMPHREY 30 Apr 1781 East Grinstead

Children of William and Mary
430b.....Mary Huggett bap 24 Jan 1782 East Grinstead
430c.....Elizabeth Huggett bap 9 Nov 1783 East Grinstead
430d.....William Huggett bap 19 Feb 1786 East Grinstead
430e.....John Huggett bap 30 Apr 1790 East Grinstead

431 George HUGGETT m Mary COX 10 Oct 1784 East Grinstead

Children of George and Mary
431b......George Huggett bap 21 May 1786 East Grinstead
431c......Mary Huggett bap 8 Oct 1788 East Grinstead

427 Hannah HUGGETT m William GUNNER (bap 21 Mar 1749 East Grinstead) 29 Nov 1771 East Grinstead

Children of William and Hannah
495......William Gunner bap 2 May 1772 East Grinstead
496......Jenny Gunner bap 12 Sep 1773 East Grinstead
497......Sarah Gunner bap 12 Sep 1775 East Grinstead
498......William Gunner bap 2 Oct 1776 East Grinstead
499......Carolina Gunner bap 25 Nov 1781 East Grinstead
500......Jemima Gunner bap 5 Dec 1784 East Grinstead
501......George Gunner bap 10 Jul 1791 East Grinstead d 8 Oct 1843 East Grinstead m Lydia GLAZEBROOK (bap 14 Sep 1792 d 10 Mar 1855 Ardingly) 27 Feb 1815 Godstone

399 Mary ISTED m Walter STANBRIDGE (bap 24 Jun 1733 Cuckfield d 17 Mar 1782 Ardingly, Sussex) 21 Dec 1756 (by licence) Ardingly

Children of Walter and Mary
502......Mary Stanbridge b 4 Feb 1759 West Hoathly
503......Janey Stanbridge b 28 Dec 1760 West Hoathly
504......Waltery Stanbridge b 14 Jul 1762 Ardingley
505......Henryy Stanbridge b 8 Jul 1764 West Hoathly d 30 Dec 1836 West Hoathly
506......Susannahy Stanbridge b 24 Jul 1766 West Hoathly
507......Elizabethy Stanbridge b 24 Apr 1768 West Hoathly
508......Johny Stanbridge b 26 Jan 1772 Ardingly
509......Sarahy Stanbridge b 15 May 1774 Ardingly
510......Catheriney Stanbridge b 20 May 1776 Ardingly
510c....Hannahy Stanbridge bap 20 Apr 1779 Ardingley d 3rd qr 1866 East Grinstead

401 Sarah ISTED m John TULLY 31 Mar 1761 Ardingly by licence

Children of John and Sarah
511......Mary Tully b 23 Dec 1761 bap 17 Jan 1762 Ardingly, Sussex
512......Sarah Tully b 5 Feb 1764 bap 26 Feb 1764 Ardingly, Sussex
513......John Tully b 20 Oct 1765 bap 10 Nov 1765 Ardingly, Sussex
514......Elizabeth Tully b 18 Oct 1768 bap 13 Nov 1768 Ardingly, Sussex

403 Edward ISTED m Sarah WOOD (b 16 Sep 1739? d 22 Oct 1824 Maresfield, Sussex) 3 Oct 1765 Lindfield Sussex

Note: Edward was a yeoman

Children of Edward and Sarah
515......Henry Isted bap 2 Aug 1767 East Grinstead
516......Sarah Isted bap 9 Oct 1768 East Grinstead d 28 Sep 1855 Horsted Keynes
517......Elizabeth Isted bap 14 Oct 1770 East Grinstead
518......Edward Isted bap 19 Mar 1773 East Grinstead bur 27 Apr 1773 East Grinstead
519......Edward Isted bap 20 Mar 1774 East Grinstead
520......James Isted bap 10 Dec 1775 East Grinstead
521......William Isted bap 24 Aug 1777 East Grinstead m Elizabeth CARTER 16 Sep 1804 Cuckfield Surrey

435 Anne BURLEY m James BATCHELOR 13 Jan 1793 London

Children of James and Anne
522......George Batchelor bap 26 May 1793 Lingfield
523......James Batchelor bap 14 Jun 1795 Lingfield
524......Thomas Batchelor bap 24 Sep 1797 Lingfield
525......John Batchelor bap 30 Mar 1800 Lingfield
526......Ann Batchelor bap 9 Jan 1803 Lingfield
527......Mary Batchelor bap 17 Mar 1805 Lingfield
528......Jane Batchelor bap 23 Aug 1807 Lingfield
529......William Batchelor bap 31 Dec 1809 Lingfield
530......Henry Batchelor bap 19 Aug 1812 Lingfield

439 Elizabeth BURLEY m William WREN (bap 3 Aug 1783 Lingfield) 22 Oct 1805 Lingfield

Children of William and Elizabeth
531......William Henry Wren bap 17 Jan 1805 Lingfield d 1st qr 1875 Bletchingly
532......Susannah Wren 28 Dec 1806 Lingfield
532a....Charles Wren b 1811 Lingfield d 28 Dec 1867 Bletchingly


373 James SARE m 366 Sarah CUTHBERT 5 Oct 1746 Hasketon

James was a cordwainer

See their marriage licence here

Children of James and Sarah
533......Sarah Sare bap 16 Dec 1750 Wickham Market m Edmund ELLIS 13 Aug 1780
Note: Witnesses were James PATERNOSTER and Robert TYLER
534......Elizabeth Sare bap 29 Oct 1752 Wickham Market bur Mar 1754 Wickham Mkt
James Sare bap 20 Mar 1757 Wickham Market bur 11 Nov 1813 All Saints, Wickham Market.
536......Samuel Sare bap 16 Apr 1759 Wickham Market m Martha BRIGHTWELL (bur 18 Oct 1826 Wickham Market) 31 Oct 1786 Wickham Market
Note: Witnesses were Edmund CADMAN, Jane BRIGHTWELL and Thomas TAYLOR
537......William Sare bap Jun 1764 Wickham Market bur 21 Apr 1803 - "a married man"
Mary Sare bap 16 Nov 1766 Wickham Market

446 Mary ISTED m Richard HASELGROVE (bap 28 Nov 1737 West Hoathly bur 15 Nov 1796 East Grinstead) 17 Jun 1776 East Grinstead

Children of Richard and Mary
539......Hannah Haselgrove bap 15 Dec 1776 East Grinstead
540......Richard Haselgrove bap 5 Dec 1779 East Grinstead
541......Henry Haselgrove bap 23 Feb 1783 East Grinstead
542......Mary Haselgrove bap 28 May 1786 East Grinstead

448 Joseph ISTED m (a) Hester ALLEN (b 1751 Haversham d 1809 Caterham 7 Jan 1772 Caterham (b) Elizabeth ROFFE 21 Nov 1809 St Lawrence, Caterham, Surrey

Note: Joseph was a Journeyman Butcher

Children of Joseph and Hester
543......Joseph Isted bap 23 Jun 1772 Caterham
544......Ann Isted bap 30 Jun 1775 Caterham
545......Esther Isted bap 22 Nov 1777 Caterham
545v....Mary Isted bap 15 Aug 1773 Caterham
546.....Sarah Isted bap 14 Nov 1779 Caterham
547......Richard Isted bap 31 Mar 1782 Caterham
548......Judith Isted bap 4 Apr 1784 Caterham
549......John Isted bap 28 May 1786 Caterham m Elizabeth GARSTON b abt 1791 Brasted, Kent d 1st qr 1873 Godstone in or before 1808

Children of Joseph and Elizabeth
549a......Henry Isted or Histed b 12 Apr 1810 Caterham m Mary Ann BARFOOT
(b 1811 Carshalton d 4th qr 1877 Kent
549b......James Isted or Histed bap 9 Apr 1812 Caterham d 1st qr 1872 Southwell m Mary Ann STAPLES (b 1818 Thorpe Andling d 2nd qr 1879 Doncaster) 17 Sep 1840 Southwark
549c......Eliza Isted or Histed bap 6 Sep 1814 Caterham
549d......Mary Ann Isted or Histed bap 11 Jun 1813 Caterham d 1st qr 1903 Wandsworth m Charles BROOK (babt 1812 Newington d 1st qr 1891 London) 17 Feb 1834 Lambeth
549e......Anthony Isted or Histed bap 2 May 1819 Caterham d 27 Feb 1847 Transport ship "Mariner"

Prison Hulk "York"

Note: Anthony Isted was listed in 1841 as being on a prison hulk "York"
549f......Amy Isted or Histed bap 2 Sep 1821 Caterham m John SAUNDERS 7 Sep 1846 Bermondsey
549g......Daniel Isted or Histed bap 14 Aug 1823 Caterham d 10 Oct 1824 Caterham

452 Philadelphia ISTED m Nicholas TAMPLIN 15 Dec 1785 East Grinstead

Child of Nicholas and Philadelphia
550......Thomas Roff Tamplin b 20 Sep 1788bap 26 Dec 1788 East Grinstead d Nov 1827 Lewes m Eliza BROWN (b 1801 St Marylebone 28 Aug 1810 Brighton

453 Henry ISTED m Mary GOLDSMITH (bap c 1754 East Grinstead bur 29 Nov 1829 East Grinstead) 22 Dec 1784 East Grinstead

Note: Henry was a butcher
Children of Henry and Mary

551......Sarah Isted bap 8 May 1785 East Grinstead
552......Henry Isted bap 27 Apr 1788 East Grinstead d 4th Qr 1865 Cuckfield m Ann ORAM 11 Apr 1813 Cuckfield
553......Ann Isted bap 18 Apr 1790 East Grinstead
554......Philadelphia Isted bap 22 Jul 1792 East Grinstead
555......Hannah Isted bap 21 Sep 1794 East Grnstead
556......John Isted bap 20 Nov 1796 East Grinstead m Lucy HINDS 7 May 1817 St Mary Le Strand, Westminster
557......Lucy Isted bap 4 Apr 1801 East Grinstead
558......Fanny Isted bap 26 Oct 1803 East Grinstead

463 George STEER m Maria SELMES (bur 6 Apr 1831 Godstone) 18 Apr 1804 Godstone

Children of George and Maria
559......George Steer bap 17 Jun 1807 Godstone d 27 Sep 1875 Godstone m Harriet PALMER 22 Feb 1842 Godstone
560......Maria Steer b 1st Jun 1809 Godstone
561......William Steer b 23 Jun 1811 Godstone
562......Henry Steer bap 1 Jul 1814 Godstone
563......Robert Steer bap 30 Jun 1817 Godstone m Mary COOPER 6th October 1840 All Saints Wandsworth
564......Richard Steer bap 22 Oct 1822 Godstone

465 Mary STEER m Thomas HOATH (bap 4 Apr 1764 Crowhurst) 21 Jul 1786 Croydon

Children of Thomas and Mary
465b......Mary Ann Hoath bap 9 Nov 1786 Crowhurst
465c......Elizabeth Hoath bap 31 Dec 1789 Crowhurst d 21 Nov 1790 Crowhurst
465d......Jane Hoath bap 7 Jan 1791 Crowhurst
465e......Nancy Hoath bap 13 Jan 1793 Crowhurst
465f......Hannah Hoath bap 7 Mar 1794 Crowhurst
465g......James Hoath bap 6 Apr 1796 Crowhurst
465h......Thomas Hoath bap 31 Oct 1798 Crowhurst
465i......Martin Hoath bap 10 Nov 1799 Crowhurst
465j......Sarah Hoath bap15 Oct 1800 Crowhurst
465k......Robert Hoath bap 10 May 1803 Crowhurst

467 Sarah STEER m James WICKING (bap 3 Oct 1770 Godstone) 23 Nov 1790 Godstone

Children of James and Sarah
565......Sarah Wicking bap 24 Jul 1791 Crowhurst
566......James Wicking bap 5 Oct 1794 Crowhurst
567......Anna Maria Wicking bap 8 Apr 1798 Crowhurst
568......Martha Wicking bap 27 Apr 1800 Crowhurst
569......Hannah Wicking bap 22 Nov 1801 Crowhurst
570......William Wicking bap 19 Dec 1802 Crowhurst d 1 Sep 1879 Garvoc, Victoria m Maria RASON 17 Oct 1824 St Magnus the Martyr London
571.....Sophia Wicking bap 1 Jul 1804 Crowhurst
572......Ethelbert Wicking bap 10 Aug 1806 Crowhurst m Mary Ann COOMBER 15 Feb 1831 London
573......Charlotte Wicking bap 26 Mar 1815 Crowhurst
573a....Thomas Wicking bap 22 Feb 1818 Crowhurst m Jane JUPP (bap 22 mar 1818 Bletchingly) 29 Sep 1840 St Pancras

490 Mary ISTED m Levi MILES 17 Aug 1783 Cuckfield

Children of Levi and Mary
574......James Miles bap 11 Feb 1787 Cuckfield bur 1 Apr 1840 Ardingly m Mildred Amelia EADE 20 Dec 1812 Itchingfield
575......Mary Miles bap 8 Nov 1789 Cuckfield
576......John Miles bap 11 Dec 1791 Cuckfield
577......Sarah Miles bap 14 Jul 1793 Cuckfield
578......Elizabeth Miles bap 27 Dec 1795 Cuckfield
579......Ann Miles bap 2 Jun 1799 Cuckfield
580......Michael Miles bap 11 Oct 1801 Cuckfield m Esther GATES (b abt 1807 Brighton) 13 May 1843 St Nicholas, Brightom
581......Mildred Miles bap 3 Mar 1805 Cuckfield

582John REYNOLDS (bur 9 Jul 1765 Bawdsey) m Elizabeth

Note: After John's death, Elizabeth married 383 Daniel RANSBY (below)

Children of John and Elizabeth
583......James Reynolds bap 22 Aug 1760 Bawdsey
584......Sarah Reynolds bap 13 Nov 1763 Bawdsey

383 Daniel RANSBY m (a) Elizabeth KELL 18 Feb 1766 Bawdsey (b) 84 Elizabeth REYNOLDS (wid) 24 Oct 1768 Bawdsey

Note: The Ipswich Journal of 6 Jul 1811 reported: "On the 27th ult, James DORR and Daniel RANSBY were committed to the county goal....being charged with feloniously stealing a large quantity of fleeces of wool, the property of Mr Samuel BAWTREE of Southminster" - it is unclear whether this Daniel was father or son

Child of Daniel and Elizabeth Kell
585......Daniel Ransby bap 29 Apr 1766 Bawdsey d 30 Sep 1851 Cripplegate, Southminster

Child of Daniel and Elizabeth Reynolds
586......Hannah Ransby bap 2 Aug 1768 Bawdsey bur 19 Sep 1841 Bawdsey
587......Samuel Ransby bap 15 Dec 1771 d 8 JUn bur 11 Jun 1848
588......Richard Ransby b abt 1772 bur 22 Dec 1847 Bawdsey
589......James Ransby b 28 Jul 1776 bur 3 Feb 1779 Bawdsey

404 William ISTED m 447 Sarah (H)ISTED 9 Mar 1773 by licence East Grinstead

Note: Sarah had two illegitimate children before her marriage:
590......Sarah Isted b abt 1770
591......Richard Isted bap 9 Jan 1772 East Grinstead

Children of William and Sarah

592......Mary Isted bap 19 Sep 1773 East Grinstead
593......Henry Isted bap 9 Feb 1776 East Grinstead
Note: Henry became a blacksmith/Farrier
594......William Isted bap 6 Jan 1778 East Grinstead m Elizabeth
595......James Isted bap 25 May 1780 East Grinstead d 2nd qr 1870 East Grinstead
Note: James was the "Farmer of Butlers".The "Brighton Patriot reported on 12 Dec an account of poaching where the proncipal witness was James, then gamekeeper to one S Wright
596......Edward Isted bap 5 Jan 1783 d 2nd qr 1844 Croydon
Note: John became a blacksmith
597......John Isted bap 15 Apr 1785 East Grinstead bur 10 Jun 1870 Beddington, Surrey
Note: John became a blacksmith

405 Hannah ISTED m John COMBER (bap 3 Jul 1737 Ardingley d 15 Jan 1814 Ardingly) 30 Jul 1772 Bancombe

Children of John and Hannah
598......John Comber bap 11 Jun 1773 Balcombe
599......Sarah Comber bap 13 Oct 1774 Balcombe
600......Thomas Comber bap 12 Apr 1776 Balcombe
601......Ann Comber bap 19 Jul 1779 Balcombe
602......Mary Comber bap 19 Jul 1779 Balcombe

603 William WOODS m Mary THURSTON 21 Nov 1731 Wickham Market

Children of William and Mary
604......Mary Woods bap 20 Aug 1732 Campsea Ashe
605......William Woods bap 11 Nov 1733 Campsea Ashe
606......John Woods bap 11 Apr 1736 Campsea Ashe
607......Elizabeth Woods bap 25 Feb 1738 Campsea Ashe
608......Hannah Woods bap 11 Oct 1741 Campsea Ashe
609......Sarah Woods bap 30 Oct 1743 Campsea Ashe
610......James Woods bap 16 May 1746 Campsea Ashe, Sfk bur 10 Jan 1748 Campsea Ashe
Kezia Woods bap 17 Apr 1748 Campsea Ashe bur 29 Sep 1835 All Saints, Hacheston

612 Francis ROBINSON or ROBERSON m Catherine TALBOT 20 May 1763 Hacheston

Children of Francis and Catherine
Francis Robinson bap 5 Jun 1769 Marlesford
614......William Robinson bap 21 Aug 1771 Marlesford m Mary ROOT 17 Dec 1797 Marlesford

615 William BRACKPOOL m 437 Sarah BURLEY (b 1775 Lingfield) 16 Apr 1801 Lingfield

Child of William and Sarah
616......Thomas Brackpool bap 16 Aug 1801 Lingfield, Surrey d 2nd 1875 East Grinstead

412 Thomas BYSH m 426 Frances HUGGETT 17 Apr 1771 Godstone, Surrey

Note: After Thomas died, Frances married William LYNN 17 Jun 1796 St Mary Magdelene Bermondsey

Children of Thomas and Frances
617......Henry Bysh bap 6 Mar 1772 East Grinstead
618......Frances Bysh bap 8 Mar 1778 East Grinstead
619......Thomas Bysh bap 7 May 1780 East Grinstead d 16 May 1859 Lingfield m Mary PREVETT (bap 13 Jan 1782 Horne d 26 Dec 1859 Worth) 24 Oct 1802 Godstone
Mary Bysh bap 11 Jul 1784 East Grinstead bur 15 Jul 1866 East Grinstead
621......William Bysh bap 5 Jun 1786 East Grinstead d 20 Jan 1840 East Grinstead m
622......Hannah Bysh bap 29 Aug 1790 East Grinstead

623 James SCARLETT b abt 1724 d 8 Mar 1805 Saxmundham m Elizabeth TURRELL (b abt 1725/6 Badingham Sfk bur 1 Feb 1793 Saxmundham) 19 Nov 1754 St John the Baptist, Saxmundham, Sfk

Children of James and Elizabeth
624......James Scarlett bap 14 Sep 1755 Saxmundham d bef Apr 1757
625......James Scarlett bap 20 Apr 1757 Saxmundham d 10 Mar 1781 Saxmundham
Robert Snr Scarlett b abt 1757 Saxmundham d 25 Apr 1844 Saxmundham
627......John Scarlett bap 23 Jan 1759 Saxmundham bur 30 Jan 1760 Saxmundham
628......John Scarlett bap 28 Jan 1761 Saxmundham
629......Elizabeth Scarlett bap 3 May 1762 Saxmundham
630......Mary Scarlett bap 19 Oct 1764 Saxmundham d 2 Mar 1781 Saxmundham
631......John Scarlett bap 2 Feb 1769 Saxmundham bur 4 Nov 1769 Saxmundham
632......William Scarlett bap 27 Feb 1769 d 17 Apr 1860 Friston
633......Ann Scarlett bap 12 Aug 1771 Saxmundham d 13 Jan 1786 Saxmundham

634 John ASHLEY bap 1764 bur 1835 m Elizabeth REVENS (bap 1762 bur 1794) 13 Feb 1787 Friston

Note: Witnesses to the marriage were James REVENS and William GILDERSLEEVES

Child of John and Elizabeth
Mary Ashley bap 9 Aug 1787 Friston d 9 Aug 1862 Saxmundham
Note: Mary died of Chronic Gastritis

636 Francis STYLES m Mary LEWIS 24 Sep 1768 St Paul, Covent Garden

Children of Francis and Mary
637......Mary Styles bap 5 Dec 1773 St Mary Whitechapel, Stepney
638......Francis Styles bap 18 Jun 1775 St Mary Whitechapel, Stepney
Thomas Lewis Styles bap Apr 1777 St Mary Whitechapel, Stepney d 26 Nov 1853Aske Terrace, Shoreditch


535 James SARE m 611 Kezia WOODS 18 Oct 1779 Wickham Market

Note: witnesses to the marriage were Thomas MOORE, Sarah SARE and Thomas TAYLOR

Children of James and Kezia
640......Kezia Sare bap 10 Apr 1780 Hacheston
641......Sarah Sare bap 8 Jun 1783 Hacheston
Jemima Sare bap 10 Apr 1785 Hacheston d 5 Oct 1855 Marlesford bur 10 Oct 1855 Marlesford
643......James Sare bap 21 Feb 1790 Hacheston
644......William Sare b Hasketon bap 29 Jul 1793 Campsea Ashe bur 20 Aug 1880 Bawdsey

538 Mary SARE m John BURRELL or BARRELL 1 Nov 1789 Wickham Market

Child of John and Mary
645......Mary Burrell bap 16 Sep 1793 Wickham Market

543 Joseph ISTED m Sarah FINCH 24 Nov 1793 Croydon

Children of Joseph and Sarah
543b......Sarah Isted b 1 Sep 1794 Croydon
543c......Joseph Isted b 14 Feb 1804 Croydon
543d......Richard Isted b 12 Oct 1806 Croydon
543e......Mary Isted b 15 Jun 1809 Croydon
543f......John Isted b 27 Dec 1811 Croydon

545 Esther ISTED m John CRANE 24 Oct 1796 Caterham

Children of John and Esther
545b......Robert Crane b 5 Dec 1796 Caterham d 11 Dec 1796 Caterham
545c......Robert Crane b 14 Jan 1799 Caterham
545d......Lucy Crane b25 Jul 1800 Croydon
545e......Richard Crane b 14 Mar 1802 Caterham
545f......Mary Crane b 1 May 1803 Caterham d 15 Nov 1805 Caterham
545g......Joseph Crane b 20 Jan 1805 Caterham d 27 Mar 1805 Caterham
545h......Martha Crane b 27 Dec 1806 Croydon
545i......William Crane b 30 DEc 1808 Croydon
545j......Henry Crane b 11 Mar 1810 Warlingham
545k....Sarah Crane b 23 May 1813 Warlingham

585 Daniel RANSBY m Ann ROBERTS 25 Dec 1789 Southminster, Essex

Note: From the Ipswich Journal of Sat 6 Jul 1811. "On the 27th ult. James Dorr and Daniel Ransby were committed to the county gaol, by Charles Robert Fanshawe, Clerk; being charged with feloniously stealing a large quantity of fleeces of wool, the property of Mr. Samuel Bawtree of Southminster." Not sure if this was father or son.

Children of Daniel and Ann
646......Daniel Ransby b 2 Aug 1791, Southminster. m Rachel CLARKE 7 Feb 1815 Southminster
647......George Ransby b 28 Apr 1793, Southminster d 4th qr 1861 Rochford
648......Richard Ransby b 25 Sep 1795, Southminster bur 19 May 1796 Southminster
649......Susannah Ransby b 9 May 1797, Southminster, d 10 Jan 1884 Union Workhouse Maldon
650......John Ransby b 3 Feb 1800 Southminster bur 19 Jan 1869 Southminster
651......James Ransby b 12 Feb 1803 Southminster bur 4 Jul 1845 Southminster
652......Benjamin Ransby b 4 Feb 1808 Southminster.

The Charles Kerr, a convict ship

Benjamin was convicted of stealing two pieces of cloth at Southminster and was sentenced to 7 years transportation at Essex County Sessions. He departed on the "Charles Kerr" 6 Jun 1837 with 245 other convicts arriving in New South Wales 9 Oct 1837
653......Isaac Ransby b 2 Oct 1810 Southminster.

587 Samuel RANSBY m Mary KEEBLE (bap 2 Aug 1772 Pulham St Mary Magdelan bur 29 May 1859 Bawdsey) 6 Apr 1795

Note: The "History of Methodism in the Ipswich Circuit" states:
When Napoleon first engaged in war with England, it was thought wise to guard our shores. Martello Towers were built along the coast, and a large number of men were engaged in the work. Among them at Bawdsey were a few Methodists who began to hold services in a cottage. Samuel Ransby, a shoemaker, and his wife were among the first converts, and Ransby afterwards became an earnest local preacher and class leader.Mainly through the efforts of Ransby, a small chapel was built in 1813, and in the face of great and bitter opposition, a good work has been done.

Children of Samuel and Mary
654......James Ransby bap 20 Sep 1795 Bawdsey
655......Mary Ransby bap 20 Aug 1797 Bawdsey m (a) Robert WALKER 4 Apr 1822 Bawdsey (b) James WOODS Oct 1836 Alderton (c) Charles BASS (b 17 Jul 1808 East Harling) 28 May 1844 bur 19 May 1878 Bawdsey
656......Daniel Ransby b 7 Apr 1799 Bawdsey bur 12 Dec 1830 Bawdsey
657......Sarah Ransby bap 18 Jan 1801 Bawdsey
658......Charles Ransby bap 5 Feb 1803 Bawdsey
659......Sarah Ransby bap 7 Apr 1804 Bawdsey bur 23 Sep 1877 Bawdsey
660......Leah Ransby b 24 Mar 1808 Bawdsey d 10 Jul 1858 Bawdsey
661......Ann Ransby bap 2 Jul 1814 Bawdsey bur 7 Dec 1821 Bawdsey

588 Richard RANSBY m Sarah KEEBLE (bap 6 Nov 1774 Pulham St Mary Magdelan, bur 11 May 1844 Bawdsey) 19 Jul 1796 Bawdsey

Chidren of Richard and Sarah
662......Samuel Ransby bap 1 Jul 1798 Bawdsey bur 8 Sep 1876 Alderton
663......Daniel Ransby bap 10 May 1800 Bawdsey
664......Robert Ransby bap 28 Nov 1802 Bawdsey bur 2 May 1868 Bawdsey
665......Charles Ransby bap 3 Nov 1805 Bawdsey
666......Isaac Ransby bap 4 May 1808 Bawdsey bur 14 Feb 1858 Bawdsey
667......James Ransby b abt 1813- 16 Bawdsey d 2nd qr 1886 Poplar
667a....David Ransby b abt 1811 Suffolk bur 26 Nov 1834 Bawdsey

592 Mary ISTED m James BETCHLEY (bap 19 Apr 1767 Balcombe) 3 Mar 1794 East Grinstead

Children of James and Mary
668......Mary Betchley bap 9 Nov 1794 East Grinstead
669......James Betchley bap 30 Sep 1796 East Grinstead
670......William Betchley bap 8 Dec 1799 East Grinstead
671......John Betchley bap 8 Dec 1799 East Grinstead
672......Edward Betchley bap 18 Apr 1802 East Grinstead
673......Elizabeth Betchley bap 25 Sep 1803 East Grinstead
674......Harriet Betchley bap 11 Oct 1807 East Grinstead
675......Louisa Betchley bap 9 Aug 1809 East Grinstead
676......George Betchley bap 25 Aug 1811 East Grinstead
677....Charlotte Betchley bap 5 Feb 1815 East Grinstead
678....Eleanor Betchley bap 28 Dec 1817 East Grinstead
Note: This may be the Ellen BETCHLEY who married 684 John ISTED

595 James ISTED m 620 Mary BYSH 29 May 1803 East Grinstead

Children of James and Mary
679......Hannah Isted bap 4 Sep 1803 East Grinstead bur 25 Feb 1832 East Grinstead
680......James Isted bap 6 Oct 1805 East Grinstead m Elizabeth LANGRIDGE (b abt 1797 East Grinstead d 4th qr 1882 Dorking) 6 Aug 1837 St James, Clerkenwell
Note: James was a labourer, Gardener and Bailiff
William Isted bap 24 Apr 1808 East Grinstead bur 2 Jan 1884 East Grinstead
682......Sarah Isted bap 26 Aug 1810 East Grinstead d 1st qr 1888 London City
683......Mary Isted bap 11 Apr 1813 East Grinstead
684......John Isted bap 25 Oct 1818 East Grinstead d 10 Apr 1900 Braintree, Essex
Note: the cause of John's death was cerebral haemorrahage
685......Frances Isted b abt 1830 bap 14 Feb 1830 East Grinstead
Note: Frances became a servant


596 Edward ISTED m Ann KITE (bap 26 Feb 1786 Mitcham bur 31 Mar 1822 Beddington) 19 May 1804 Mitcham, Surrey

Children of Edward and Ann
686......John Isted bap 2 Feb 1806 Mitcham
687......James Isted bap 10 Apr 1808 Mitcham
688......Henry Isted bap 25 Feb 1810 Mitcham
689......Eliza Isted bap 2 Feb 1812 Beddington with Wallington
690......Mary Ann Isted bap 8 May 1814 Beddington with Wallington d 1st qr 1845 Croydon
691......Caroline Isted bap 11 Aug 1816 Beddington with Wallington
692......William Isted bap 25 Oct 1818 Beddington with Wallington d 21 May 1876 Beddington
693......Ann Isted bap 3 Dec 1820 Beddington with Wallington

597 John ISTED m Mary LANGRIDGE 16 Jun 1810

Note: John ws a blacksmith

Children of John and Mary
597b......Jane Isted bap 15 Dec 1811 Beddington with Wallington d 2nd qr 1887 Bromley
597c......John Isted bap 3 Apr 1814 Beddington with Wallington d 3rd qr 1891 Lambeth
597d......James Isted bap 19 May 1816 Beddington with Wallington
597e......Mary Isted bap 13 Sep 1818 Beddington with Wallington
597g......Charles Isted bap 23 Feb 1823 Beddington with Wallington
597h......Sarah Isted bap 10 Apr 1825 Beddington with Wallington d 4th qr 1914 Croydon
597i......Robert Isted bap 13 Feb 1831 Beddington with Wallington

616 Thomas BRACKPOOL m Mary WILLIAMS (b abt 1800 Blackfriars Rd, Southwark bur 15 Jan 1870 Lingfield) 23 Feb 1823 Seal, Kent

Note: Thomas and Mary ran the Plough Inn at Dormansland in Surrey during the 1840s

Children of Thomas and Mary
694......William Brackpool bap 1 Jan 1824 Seal, Kent bur 11 Mar 1824 Seal, Kent
695......Sarah Brackpool b 1826/7 Seal, Kent d 5 May 1867 Terling bur 9 May 1867 Terling All Saints
Note: cause of death given as "Tuberculosis in the lungs and Mesentery
696......Mary Ann Brackpool bap 6 Jun 1832 St John the Baptist, Croydon
697......Thomas Brackpool bap 11 Sep 1836 St John the Baptist, Croydon

600 Thomas COMBER m Elizabeth TESTER (bap 18 Feb 1781 Balcombe) 23 Nov 1799 Balcombe

Children of Thomas and Elizabeth
698......John Comber bap 11 Jul 1802 Balcombe
699......Thomas Comber bap 22 Jul 1804 Balcombe
700......Elizabeth Ann Comber bap 8 Aug 1806 Balcombe
701......Mary Comber bap 19 Mar 1809 Balcombe
702......William Comber bap 9 Jan 1812 Balcombe
703......Sarah Comber bap 13 May 1814 Balcombe
704......Harriet Comber bap 17 Mar 1816 Balcombe

613 Francis ROBINSON (ROBERSON) m 586 Hannah RANSBY 3 Jan 1791 Bawdsey

Note: Francis was a thatcher

Children of Francis and Hannah
705......Francis Robinson bap 11 Mar 1792 Bawdsey, bur 28 Oct 1861 Bawdsey m Mary RANSBY (nee GOREHAM wid of Daniel RANSBY b 1799 Felixstowe d 14 Mar 1863 Bawdsey) 3 Nov 1831 Bawdsey
Note: Witnesses to the marriage were Sarah ROBINSON and John WARD. Mary had 3 boys and one girl from her previous marriage (see v1,v2,v3 and v4 above)

Francis was a publican and had the "Star" Inn at Bawdsey. The manor record for 17 Mar 1842 records the surrender for 575 by James GORAM of Felixstowe and his wife Betsy to Frances Robinson of "Star Inn" 1 acre 0 reeds 21 poles/perches.

Daniel RANSBY achieved some notoriety according to a report in the Times:
Edward RANSBY and Owen SPARKES [
what an apt name!] a bricklayer from Woodbridge were employed repairing Bawdsey Church steeple, and the nave had a thatched roof. at 9.00 in the evening of 5th November 1841/2 [again, an apt date!] Edward and Owen , (probably after a few beers?) climbed the ladders carrying a turpentine ball at the end of a ten foot long pole.
When they were some way up the steeple, they lit the ball and waved it about until a bit fell off onto the church, Despite the presence of many people, the fire could not be extinguished, and about half an hour the whole roof fell in - only the walls of the nave were left. The church was out of action for about 2 years. Edward and Owen appeared before the magistrates in Woodbridge but are believed to have got off with a warning!

Hannah Robinson bap 27 Jan 1797 Bawdsey bur 30 Jul 1868 St Mary the Virgin, Bawdsey
707......Lucy Robinson dob unknown bur 28 Apr 1799 Bawdsey
708......Robert Robinson bap 24 Mar 1799 Bawdsey bur 28 Apr 1799 Bawdsey
709......Robert Robinson bap 31 Oct 1802 Bawdsey
709a....Mary Robinson bap 9 Mar 1800 Bawdsey
710......Joshua Robinson 13 Mar 1804 Bawdsey
711......Henry Robinson 28 May 1809 Bawdsey
712......Sarah Robinson 21 Jul 1811 Bawdsey

621 William BYSH m Elizabeth LUCAS 18 Apr 1813 East Grinstead

Children of William and Elizabeth
713......Hannah Bysh bap 16 Jan 1814 East Grinstead
714......Sarah Bysh bap 10 Dec 1815 East Grinstead m Richard BLEWETT (bap 1 Nov 1812 Ambrosden, Oxon) 25 Oct 1846 St Pancras
Elizabeth Bysh bap 24 Aug 1817 East Grinstead d 4th qr 1897 East Grinstead
716......Eliza Bysh bap 28 Nov 1819 East Grinstead
717......Caroline Bysh bap 2 Dec 1821 East Grinstead
718......William Bysh bap 17 Oct 1824 East Grinstead d 20 Nov 1905 East Grinstead
719......James Bysh bap 15 Oct 1826 East Grinstead
720......Mary Bysh bap 15 Feb 1829 East Grinstead
721......John Bysh bap 13 Feb 1831 East Grinstead d 28 Dec 1902 Hackney

626 Robert SCARLETT m Elizabeth STOPHER (bap 13 Sep 1761 Saxmundham d 31 Oct 1849 Saxmundham) 10 Oct 1785 Saxmundham
Note: Robert was a butcher. The report on Elizabeth's death in the Ipswich Journal of 10 Nov 1849, reads,"At all times assiduous in the discharge of her religious and moral duties, she was a kind neighbour and friend, and after passing a long and useful life in her native town she leaves this world much respected and lamented".

Children of Robert and Elizabeth
722......Mary Scarlett bap 7 Jan 1786 Saxmundham d 14 Nov 1838 Saxmundham
723......Elizabeth Scarlett bap 10 Mar 1788 Saxmundham bur 1 Jul 1845 Saxmundham
724......James Scarlett bap 9 May 1790 Saxmundham bur 23 Jun 1823 Saxmundham
725......Sarah Scarlett bap 4 Feb 1792 Saxmundham d 18 Feb 1860 Saxmundham m John COX [from will]
726......Ann Scarlett bap 27 Feb 1794 Saxmundham d 29 May1871 Saxmundham
Robert Scarlett bap 15 Jun 1800 Saxmundham bur 23 Jan 1832 Saxmundham

632 William SCARLETT m a Elizabeth KERRIDGE (bur 20 Jan 1807 Saxmundham) 2 Feb 1793 Saxmundham b 123 Mary ASHLEY 12 May 1807 Friston

Note: William was an innkeeper, butcher and grocer at various times

Children of William and Elizabeth
728......Jonathan Scarlett b bef 1792 d bef 1851
729......William Scarlett bap 26 Oct 1794 Saxmundham bur 20 Jan 1798 Saxmundham
730......Elizabeth Scarlett bap 9 Nov 1796 Saxmundham d 8 Apr 1839 Saxmundham m John LEATHERDALE 4 Apr 1821 Isleworth London
Note: Elizabeth's memorial reads as follows:

O may this grave become to you
the bed of peaceful rest
whence I shall gladly rise at length
and mingle with the blest

Note: From the Ipswich Journal of 8 Feb 1862. (The 5 Scarlett brothers referred to are William John Ashley, John, James, Robert and George, all of whom did leave Suffolk for London.

One of the north windows is the gift of 5 brothers named Scarlett, who left the parish some years ago, seeking their fortune, and who have since become prosperous tradesmen in London by dint of their own industry and honourable exertions.

Children of William and Mary

731......William John Ashley Scarlett b 17 Apr 1808 Friston d 2 Nov 1863 Friston m Mary Jane RIGBY(b 1809/10 St Luke's Mdx) 6 Oct 1828 St Giles Cripplegate, London
Note: William was a butcher at 20 Kingsgate Street, Holborn in 1856 [PO directory], and died of Chronic Bronchitis
732......John Scarlett b 24 Jan 1810 Friston d 12 May 1888 at 33 Birchington Rd Kilburn
733......Mary Scarlett born 17 Apr 1811 d 17 Jul 1842 Knodishall, Sfk
734......James Scarlett bap 22 Jan 1813 Friston d 14 Oct 1877 Guildford, Surrey m (a) Martha Hannah TIMS 1833/5 London (b) Ann WILLIAMSON (b 1830/1 Morpeth, Northumberland) 14 Sep 1859 Willesden
735......Anne Scarlett bap 27 Nov 1814 Friston d 27 Dec 1834 Knodishall
736......Sarah Scarlett bap 2 Mar 1817 Friston d 15 Jun 1834 Knodishall
737......Eliza Scarlett bap 8 Nov 1818 Friston d 6 Jun 1870 Knodishall
Note: cause of death given as Phthisis - probably TB
738......Robert Scarlett bap 7 Sep 1820 Friston d 4th qr 1909 St George Hanover Sq m (a) Elizabeth YOUNG 5 Feb 1844 St George, Bloomsbury (b) Mary Ann HUBBARD 21 Mar 1865 St George, Hanover Sq, London
Note: Robert was a butcher at 17 Goswell Street, London in 1856 [PO Directory]
739......Jane Scarlett bap 13 Mar 1823 d 14 Apr 1843 Knodishall
Note: Jane died of Consumption - TB
Jane's vicar wrote "The most useful, most devoted and truly consistent young woman I have ever known - beloved by all - also to the parish and particularly to our Sunday School in which she laboured, a most indefatigable teacher for six years. She lived and died in the Lord"

740......George Scarlett bap 13 Mar 1823 d 4th qr 1900 Pancras m (a) Ann HAYLOCK 15 Oct 1845 Knodishall (b) Mary REDING 28 Jan 1878 St Marylebone, London

639 Thomas Lewis STYLES m Ann COLLETT 29 Sep 1805 Hammersmith Church

Old Bailey Proceedings, 15th January 1823.
Reference Number: t18230115-57

228. THOMAS NEWMAN was indicted for stealing, on the 20th of December , two seals. value 2 l., and a necklace, value 5 s., the goods of Thomas Lewis Styles .

THOMAS LEWIS STYLES . I am a jeweller , and live in King's-road, Chelsea . On Saturday morning, the 21st of December, about eight o'clock, I left my shop with the glass case about six inches outside the window; the glass was perfect. I returned about half-past three, and found it broken, and missed two seals and a necklace, worth 50 shillings. (Property produced and sworn to.)
JAMES WISE . I live opposite to Mr. Styles. On Saturday morning, about ten o'clock I saw the prisoner pass the door - he went up to the glass case, I saw him break the the glass, and then with a wire take out this property. I crossed over, and seized him in the act of taking the last seal, and saw them drop from him into the area.

Prisoner's Defence. I was passing, and stopped to look at the window, two men stood there. I saw the glass was broken, looked at the one who stood by me, and he went away; this gentleman came and took me.

GUILTY . Aged 16.
Transported for Seven Years .
from the Old Bailey online website

Note: Thomas was a jeweller

Children of Thomas and Ann
741......Thomas Lewis Styles b 2 Jun 1807 bap 7 Mar 1808 Providence Chapel Titchfield Street, London d 4th qr 1890 Chelsea m Mary MITCHELL (bap 19 Feb 1809 d 3rd qr 1891 Chelsea) 17 Feb 1828 St Martin in the Field, Westminster
Note: Thomas was a carver and gilder
742......William Styles b 11 Dec 1809 St Clements London
743......Mary Ann Styles b 14 Feb 1811 d 2 Nov 1811 Marylebone
744......Mary Ann Styles b 26 Apr 1812 bap 12 Aug 1812 Providence Chapel Titchfield Street, London
745......Jemima Styles b 5 Jul 1813 London d 23 Aug 1813 London
746......Dinah Styles b 20 Jul 1814 Marylebone bap 9 Apr 1815 Providence Chapel Titchfield Street, London bur 13 Oct 1880 Hampstead Cemetery
747......Joseph Daniel Styles b 3 Feb 1816 Cripplegate, Barbican d 2nd qr 1893 Hackney
748......Hephzibah Styles b 27 Jun 1817 bap 17 Aug 1817 Providence Chapel Titchfield Street, London d 1st qr 1900 Hackney
749......Jemima Styles b 1 Aug 1819 bap 14 Oct Providence Chapel Titchfield Street, London
750......James Styles b 21 Aug 1821 bap 14 Oct 1821 Providence Chapel Titchfield Street, London
751......Keziah Elizabeth Styles b b 12 Dec 1822 Marylebone bap 27 Apr 1823 Providence Chapel Titchfield Street, London
752......Sarah Karen-hapuck Styles b 23 May 1826 bap 26 Jul 1826 Providence Chapel Titchfield Street, London


642 Jemima SARE m John BEART 26 May 1808 Hacheston

Note: Witnesses were Eleanor CUTHBERT and Daniel WEBBER

Children of John and Jemima
753......Elizabeth Beart b 26 Nov 1809 bap 18 Feb 1810 Campsea Ashe d 2 May 1874 m George MOORE 4th qr 1859 Bosmere RD
754......Mary Anne Beart b 16 Jul 1811 bap 27 Oct 1811 Campsey Ashe d 2 Nov 1875 Gt Glemham bur Marlesford m John BAILEY (b abt 1809 Tunstall) 3 Apr 1836 Marlesford
755......James Beart bap 8 Aug 1813 Campsea Ashe
756......William Beart bap 29 Jan 1815 Campsea Ashe d 19 May 1894 Saxmundham bur Marlesford
757......Henry Beart bap 18 Aug 1816 Campsea Ashe
758......Robert Beart bap 20 Mar 1818 Marlesford bur 16 Feb 1858 Marlesford
759......Francis Beart bap 30 Sep 1821 Marlesford
Lucy Beart bap 19 Jul 1825 Marlesford d 6 May 1874 Marlesford

643 James SARE m Mary CLARK ( b 21 Aug 1789 Marlesford) d 10 Nov 1816 Hacheston) 11 Oct 1814 Hollesley

Note: Witnesses were James CRANE and George READ - on the same day Mary's sister Sarah CLARK m James CRANE and James SARE was a witness

Children of James and Mary
761......Sarah Sair bap 4 Jun 1815 Hacheston d 3 Aug 1885 Hacheston
762......James Sair bap 10 Nov 1816 Hacheston bur 28 Dec 1817

644 William SARE m 706 Hannah ROBINSON 19 Aug 1817 Bawdsey

Note: William was an ag lab

763......James Sare b abt 1818, d 9 Sep 1899 Ufford, Sfk
764......William Sare b 25 Oct 1819 Bawdsey bap 9 Jan 1820 Ebenezer Wesleyan, Ipswich bur 23 Sep 1847 Bawdsey
Note: William was buried as William SAIR: cause of death was smallpox
765......Alfred Sare b 30 Nov 1821 bap (as "Alford") 6 Jan 1822 Ebenezer Wesleyan Ipswich d 6 May 1910 Clacton, Essex
766......Gardner Sare b 28 Sep 1825 Bawdsey bap 20 Nov 1825 Ebenezer Wesleyan Ipswich d 29 Apr 1894 at The Thorofare, Woodbridge Sfk
767......Norris Sare b 5 Apr 1828 Bawdsey bap 11 Jan 1829 Ebenezer Wesleyan Ipswich d 27 Feb 1905 Ipswich m Mary Ann GROUNDWELL (b 1831/2 Paddington d 6 May 1913 Ipswich) 15 Dec 1857 Lowestoft
768......Laura Sare b 12 Dec 1830 Bawdsey bap (as Laura SAIRS) 12 Jun 1831 Ebenezer Wesleyan, Ipswich d 28 Sep 1851
Note: Laura died of Typhus Fever
769......Walter Woods Sare b 1831/2 Bawdsey bur 18 Jun 1915 Bawdsey m Charlotte FORD (b 1837/8 Ipswich bur 10 Jan 1912 Bawdsey) 13 Feb 1877 Bawdsey
Henry Sare bap 1835 Ebenezer Wesleyan Ipswich d 13 May 1919 The Goat Inn, Codicote Herts
771......Rose Ann Sare b 1836/7 Bawdsey d 19 Nov 1846 Bawdsey
Note: there is a description of the accident which killed Rose Ann here

87d Susannah RANSBY m Samuel GOODWIN (b 1794 Bocking d 21 Feb 1855 Southminster) 19 Jul 1819, Burnham

CHildren of Samuel and Susannah
772......Eliza Goodwin b 25 Feb 1820 Southminster
773......Susannah Goodwin b 7 Oct 1821 Southminster
774......Ann Goodwin b 3 Dec 1823 Southminster
775......Samuel Goodwin bap 3 Dec 1823 Southminster
776......John Goodwin bap 22 Jul 1827 Southminster
777......Edward Goodwin bap 18 Mar 1828 Southminster m Lucy COLE 4th qr 1848 Southminster
779......Mary Goodwin b 16 Jan 1830 Southminster m (a) James COLE (b abt 1826 Burnham bur 3 Aug 1869 Burnham) 4th qr 1848 Maldon (b) Jeffery TAYLOR (b abt 1815 Paglesham d 4th qr 1892 Rochford) 1st qr 1881 Maldon
780......Isaac Goodwin bap 4 May 1832 Southminster

656 Daniel RANSBY m Mary GORAM 18 Aug 1821 Felixstowe

Children of Daniel and Mary
781......Daniel Edward Ransby bap 7 May 1824 Bawdsey bur 8 Aug 1866 Bawdsey m Ellen COOPER 17 Oct 1848 Bawdsey
782......Walter Ransby bap 30 Apr 1826 Bawdsey m Harriet COOPER 15 Nov 1849 Bawdsey
783......Arthur Ransby bap 26 Oct 1828 Bawdsey d 4th qr 1886 Holborn m Alice Gooch GOWING (bap 14 Feb 1820 Lowestoft d 4th qr 1902 Lambeth) 29 Sep 1852 Melton Mowbray
784......Amelia Ransby bap 7 Jun 1830 Bawdsey bur 22 Nov 1890 Bawdsey m Benjamin BROOME (b 1826 Alderton Sfk) 6 Mar 1851 Bawdsey

659 Sarah RANSBY m Samuel BEETON (b abt 1801 Bawdsey d 3rd qr 1872 Woodbridge) 26 Dec 1825 Bawdsey

Children of Samuel and Sarah
785......Laura Beeton bap 14 May 1826 Bawdsey d 3rd qr 1899 Woodbridge m Edward NORTON (b abt 1811 Aldeburgh d 2nd qr 1905 Ipswich) 3rd qr 1872 Woodbridge
786......Amelia Caroline Beeton bap 9 Aug 1829 Bawdsey d 4 May 1903 Ipswich R D m Edward LENNARD (bap 16 Aug 1829 Bawdsey d 2 Jan 1897 Hollesley) 13 Nov 1851 Bawdsey
786a....William Beeton b abt 1830 Alderton m Elizabeth WALTER (b abt 1831 Greenwich) 30 Jun 1857 St George the Martyr, Southwark
787......Matilda Beeton bap 7 Aug 1831 Bawdsey
There is an interesting story concerning Matilda
788......Walter Beeton bap 24 Jan 1837 Bawdsey m Annie Bella HUDSON (b 3rd qr 1841 Shottisham d 4th qr 1918 Woodbridge) 4th qr 1860 Woodbridge
789......Mary Walker Beeton bap 24 Jan 1837 Bawdsey bur 27 May 1849 Bawdsey
790....Robert Beeton b 1st qr 1838 Bawdsey
791....Albert Beeden b 4th qr 1839 Bawdsey m Ellen CLARK b 1st qr 1848 Harwich d 3rd qr 1926 Cosford) 3 May 1868 Haggerston St Mary

660 Leah RANSBY m William WATTS 27 Oct 1829 Bawdsey

Children of William and Leah
792......Alfred William Watts bap 29 May 1831 Ebenezer Wesleyan Ipswich bur11 Jul 1835 Bawdsey
793......Ellen Augusta Watts b 24 Jun 1835 Felixstowe
794......Ann Elizabeth Watts b 3rd qr 1839 Woodbridge R D
795......Samuel Gardner Watts b 28 Jan 1842 Felixstowe d 2nd qr 1914 Strood m Sarah SHELCOTT (b 2nd qr 1852 Woodbridge d 3rd qr 1912 Strood) 4th qr 1872 Woodbridge
796......John Wesley Watts b 30 Aug 1847 Felixstowe
797......Charles Wesley Watts bap 13 Feb 1850 Bawdsey bur 19 Sep 1850 Bawdsey

662 Samuel RANSBY m Deborah BROWNING (bap 20 Nov 1791 Great Bealings bur 4 Mar 1873 Bawdsey) 14 Oct 1823 Bawdsey

Children of Samuel and Deborah
798......Emma Ransby bap 2 Jan 1825 Bawdsey bur 27 Sep 1854 Bawdsey m Samuel RICHES (b abt 1823 Bawdsey d 4th qr 1853 Woodbridge) 11 Jul 1849 Bawdsey
Note: Emma had an illegitimate child,799......William RANSBY b 28 Jun 1846 Bawdsey
800......Ann Ransby bap 20 Feb 1831 Bawdsey
801......Philip Ransby bap 31 Mar 1833 Bawdsey bur 3 Oct 1854 Bawdsy

664 Robert RANSBY m Charlotte FRANCIS (b 4 Aug 1805 Hollesley bur 22 Aug 1884 Bawdsey 10 Oct 1831 Bawdsey

Child of Robert and Charlotte
802......Daniel Ransby bap 20 Jan 1833 Bawdsey d 1st qr 1906 Woodbridge m Eliza SPAUL (b abt 1834 Boyton bur 18 Mar 1893 Bawdsey) 19 Oct 1855 Bawdsey

665 Charles RANSBY m Eleanor CLOW ( b 1800/1 Bromeswell d 8 Nov 1879 Bawdsey bur 14 Feb 1879 Bawdsey) 11 Sep 1828 Bawdsey

Children of Charles and Eleanor
803......William Clow Ransby bap 15 Mar 1829 Bawdsey bur 24 Jul 1836 Bawdsey
804......Alfred Ransby bap 29 Aug 1830 Bawdsey bur 4 Jul 1847 Bawdsey
805......Ellen Ann Ransby bap 14 Apr 1833 Bawdsey
806......Hannah Ransby bap 12 Apr 1835 Bawdsey
807......Harriet Ransby bap 22 May 1836 Bawdsey m William CHAPLIN (b 4th qr 1840 Falkenham) 9 Sep 1873 Bawdsey
808......Mary Anne Ransby bap 9 Sep 1838 Bawdsey

666 Isaac RANSBY m (a) Mary ATKINS 3 Nov 1830 Bawdsey (b) Mary Ann SKINNER 14 Apr 1848 Bawdsey

Child of Isaac and Mary
666b......Hannah Ransby b 21 Jul 1834 Bawdsey

Children of Isaac and Mary Ann
666c......Anna Maria Ransby b 1st qr 1849 Bawdsey bap 18 Feb 1849 d 1st qr 1939 Deben RD m William MORLING (b 1st qr 1845 Chediston d 3rd qr 1937 Deben RD) 18 Jan 1872 Bawdsey

667 James RANSBY m (a) Ann SMITH 10 Jul 1837 Bawdsey (b) Hannah SOLOMON 27 Oct 1842 (c) Sarah Clarissa SOLOMON (b abt 1828 Sutton d 2nd qr 1872 Poplar) 13 Jul 1857 Woodbridge Registrar's office (d) Eliza WARREN (nee KING b abt 1815 Bridgewater d 2nd qr 1899 Poplar) 2 Jun 1877 St James the Great, Bethnal Green

Note: The Ipswich Journal of 10 Aug 1833 reports: "James RANSBY servant in husbandry to Mr Fenn Samuel SHEMING in the mitigated penalty of five shillings for riding upon his master's wagon in the parish of Bawdsey without having reins or any person to direct and govern the horses drawing the same" Sleeping it off after a liquid lunch maybe?

Child of James and Ann
667b......Esther Ransby b 31 Mar 1840 Bawdsey

Children of James and Sarah
667c......Oriziba Harriet Ransby b 3 May 1863 Sutton d 3rd qr 1928 Romford m Joseph WALLACE (b 2nd qr 1862 East Hanningfield d 2nd qr 1941 Ilford) 4th qr 1895 Romford
667d......Robert Solomon J Ransby b 3rd qr 1868 Bethnal Green d 1st qr 1884 Poplar

667a David RANSBY m Letitia BURCH (b abt 1808 Hollesley) 15 Jun 1831 Bawdsey

Child of David and Letitia
Y13......Caroline Ransby b 1831 bap 24 Jul 1836 (aged 5) Bawdsey d 3rd qr 1874 Woodbridge m George SHEMMING (b abt 1832 Bromeswell d 3rd qr 1892 Woodbridge) 31 Mar 1853 Melton
Y14......David Ransby b abt 1833 bap 24 Jul 1836 aged 3 Bawdsey m Sarah FLEMING (b abt 1835 Bawdsey) 26 Dec 1855 Bawdsey

712 Sarah ROBERSON (or ROBINSON) m (a) John WARD 15 May 1837 Bawdsey (b) William THURSTON (b 1807/8 Stradbroke) 16 Mar 1843 Bawdsey

Children of John and Sarah
809......Ruth Ward b 1st qr 1838 Bawdsey d 1st qr 1887 West Ham
810......Francis Ward b 2nd qr 1839 Bawdsey bur 10 Jun 1841 Bawdsey

Children of William and Sarah
811......Francis Thurston b 4th qr 1843 Alderton [Woodbridge XII 481] d 4th qr 1914 Poplar
812......Harriet Thurston b 2nd qr 1846 Grays, Essex
813......Alfred William Thurston b 3rd qr 1859 Northfleet, Kent m Mary Ann HARBON (b abt 1856 Biggleswade) 2nd qr 1879 West Ham
814......Amelia Thurston b 4th qr 1850 Northfleet, Kent
815......Frederick Charles Thurston b 3rd qr 1853 Northfleet
William Henry Thurston b 4th qr 1855 Northfleet

669 James BETCHLEY m Elizabeth Esther HATCH (b 18 Feb 1809 Chelsham d 1st qr 1897 Croyden) 1836 St George in the East

Children of James and Elizabeth
817......James Albert Betchley bap 29 Oct 1837 Croydon d 4th qr 1880 Croydon
818......Elizabeth Betchley bap 2 Mar 1839 Croydon
819......Emma Jane Betchley bap 11 Aug 1840 Croydon
820......Emma Jane Betchley bap 11 Apr 1841 Croydon d 3rd qr 1929 Croydon
821......Ellen Betchley b 1842/3 East Grinstead
822......Annie Betchley b 2nd qr 1845 East Grinstead
823......Henrietta Betchley b 1846/7 East Grinstead d 3rd qr 1923 Croydon m John COLYER (b abt 1836 Sittingbourne d 3rd qr 1909 Croydon) 3rd qr 1899 Croydon
824......Alice Betchley b 1851/2 East Grinstead

681 William ISTED m Sarah MARDEN (b abt 1808 Worth Sussex d 1st qr 1869 East Grinstead) 2 Mar 1833 Burstow, Surrey

Note: William was an ag lab

Children of William and Sarah
825......Henry Isted bap 12 May 1833 Ardingly d 2nd qr 1841 Cuckfield
826......George Isted bap 26 Jul 1835 East Grinstead bur 13 Oct 1896 East Grinstead
Note: George was both an ag lab and a carter
827......Frances Isted bap 17 Sep 1837 East Grinstead d 19 Sep 1904 Highgate Infirmary, St Pancras
828......Charles Isted bap 8 Jan 1843 East Grinstead d 9 Jan 1917
Note: Charles was a bootmaker
829......Harriet Ann Isted bap 27 Dec 1846 East Grinstead
830......Sarah Elizabeth Isted bap 31 Dec 1848 East Grinstead
831......Eliza Isted b 1st qr 1851 East Grinstead

683 Mary ISTED m George BETCHLEY 27 Apr 1837 Balcombe, Sussex

Children of George and Mary
832......Mary Betchley bap 13 Aug 1837 East Grinstead
833......Emily Betchley bap 29 Sep 1839 East Grinstead d 2nd qr 1907 Croydon
834......Agnes Betchley bap 3 Apr 1842 East Grinstead m William WHITLOCK 9b 3rd qr 1846 Mile End Old Town) 2nd qr 1870 St Marylebone Holy Trinity
Jane Betchley bap 28 Jul 1844 East Grinstead
836......James Betchley bap 9 May 1847 All Saints, Crawley Down, Sussex d 3rd qr 1880 Reigate
837......George Betchley bap 19 May 1850 All Saints, Crawley Down, Sussex d 2nd qr 1873 Croydon
838......Sarah Ann Betchley bap 3 Oct 1852 All Saints, Crawley Down, Sussex

684 John ISTED m (a) Ellen BETCHLEY (b bef 1820 d 4th qr 1840 East Grinstead bur 7 Jan 1841 East Grinstead) 19 Jan 1840 East Grinstead (b) 103 Sarah BRACKPOOL 31 Mar 1846 (poss in St Matthew's Church, Holborn) (c) Jemima Elizabeth Jane MITCHELL (bap 13 Dec 1829 Tarrant Rushton Dorset d 4th qr 1904 Braintree) 7 Oct 1869 All Souls Hampstead

Note: Jemima died as Elizabeth Jane J ISTED

Child of John and Ellen
839......James Isted bap 19 Jul 1840 East Grinstead bur 24 Mar 1841 East Grinstead

Children of John and Sarah
840......Alfred Isted bap 13 Dec 1846 Lingfield d 1st qr 1877 Witham
Note: Alfred was a farm worker
841......Thomas Isted b 18 Aug 1848 Faulkbourne bap 29 Aug 1848 Faulkbourne, Essex d 19 Feb 1898 Terling, Essex bur 24 Feb 1898 Terling
842......James Isted b 1st qr 1851 Witham bur 1st qr 1851 Witham
843......William Isted bap 6 Jul 1856 Great Braxted, Essex d 1st qr 1918 Croydon
844......Mary Ann Isted b 6 Sep 1858 Terling bap 8 Sep 1858 Terling, Essex d 5 Feb 1943 at 152 Kirkdale, Sydenham
Note: Mary Ann died at the home of James and Constance GILCHRIST (son in law and daughter). The cause of death was Acute bronchitis and Influenza

845......Walter Isted bap 20 Nov 1860 Terling, Essex 2 May 1919 Hatfield Peverell d 2 May 1919 at the Yews, Station Rd Hatfiled Peveril
846......Alice Isted bap 3 May 1863 Terling, Essex d 3 Sep 1941 Hatfield Peverel
Note: In 1881 Alice was working as a barmaid at the Beehive Tavern, Leadenhall Leather Market and the manager at the time was William CHAPMAN. His son James William Chapman married Ellen Maud OSMOND, Alice's neice who later married George Augustus SAYER
847......Agnes Isted bap 27 Apr 1865 Terling, Essex bur 7 Jun 1865 Terling
848......Emily Isted bap 27 Apr 1865 Terling bur 29 Jun 1865 Terling

685 Frances ISTED m George Edward REEVES (b abt 1830 St Clement Dane, London) 21 Mar 1855 St Dunstan in the West

Child of George and Frances
685b......Emma Catherine Reeves b 9 Nov 1858 London City d 2nd qr 1880 London City

686 John ISTED m Sarah WILLIAMS (bap 24 May 1807 Middle, Shropshire) 13 Oct 1831 Sutton by Croydon

Children of John and Sarah
686b......Clara Isted bap 3 Mar 1839 Beddington with Wallington m Benjamin SMITH (b 1bt 1834 Tottenham) 1st qr 1864 Edmonton
686c......David Isted bap 29 Nov 1840 Beddington with Wallingtond 4th qr 1910 Camberwell m Martha EDWARDS (b 4th qr 1846 Newington) 15 Apr 1866 St Marys Whitechapel>
686d......Emma Isted bap 16 Oct 1842 Beddington with Wallington
686e......William Isted bap 23 Mar 1845 Beddington with Wallington
686f......Harriot Isted bap 10 May 1846 Stockwell
686g......Martha Isted bap 11 Mar 1849 Beddington with Wallington

688 Henry ISTED m Mary DAWSON (b 16 Jan 1809 Carshalton) abt 1831

Note: In 1841 Henry was a farrier and the family lived at Cork Street, St Giles, Camberwell. In 1851 Henry was a blacksmith and they lived at 50 St James Street, St Giles, Camberwell. Henry was still a blacksmith in 1861 but the family was at 12 Bath Street, Camberwell

Children of Henry and Mary
688b......Edward Isted bap 31 Aug 1833 Beddington with Wallington m Hannah (b 1833)
Note: In 1851 Edward was a Blacksmith , but in 1871 he was a hawker living at 2 Smith Street, Camberwell and Hannah was a charlady
688c......Mary Ann Isted bap 3 May 1835 Carshalton
688d......Charles Isted bap 14 Aug 1836 Beddington with Wallington d 3rd qr 1841 [Camberwell 4 29] bur 22 Aug 1841 St Giles, Camberwell
688e......Henry Isted b 1st qr 1838 Beddington with Wallington bap 18 Feb 1838 Beddington with Wallington d 1st qr 1906 Camberwell m Jane BATCHELOR (b abt 1846 Lambeth d 4th qr 1902 Camberwell) 30 Oct 1871 Camberwell
Note: In 1851 and in 1861 Henry was a wood chopper
688f......William Isted b 1st qr 1840 Stockwell
688g......Robert Isted bap 1st qr 1843 Camberwell m Jane SIMMONS (b 4th qr 1844 Camberwell d 4th qr 1876 Camberwell) 10 Aug 1863 Camberwell
Note: In 1861 Robert was a woodchopper
688h......Thomas Isted bap 1st qr 1848 Camberwell m Mary MAINEY (b 4th qr 1847 Lambeth) 17 Mar 1868 Camberwell
Note: In 1861 Thomas was a woodchopper
688i......Emma Jane Isted b 3rd qr 1851 Chelsea d 1st qr 1915 Chelsea m Noah PULLMAN 8 Apr 1872 St Johns Drury Lane, London Camberwell
688j......George James Isted b 1st qr 1855 [Camberwell 1d 447]

690 Mary Ann ISTED m James HINCKLEY (b abt 1817 Mitcham d 2nd qr 1947 Croydon) 6 Jan 1841 St James, Westminster

Note: Although William was born before his parents married, he was given his father's surname

Child of James and Mary Ann
690b......William Hinkley b 22 Aug 1840 Mitcham d 1st qr 1911 Epsom m Lucy CHARLES (b 4th qr 1839 Wakefield d 4th qr 1927 Epsom) 4th qr 1866 Croydon

692 William ISTED m Emily PUSEY (b 9 Sep 1821 Addington d 18 Feb 1902 Beddington) 1st qr 1846 Croydon

692b......Walter William bap 30 May 1847 Beddington with Wallington d 1st qr 1926 Brighton m Florence Louisa STEER (b 3rd qr 1858 Croydon d 3rd qr 1935 Brighton) 3rd qr 1886 Brighton
692c......Emily Ann Isted bap 2 May 1852 Beddington with Wallington m George Henry CHAPMAN2nd qr 1872 Croydon
692d......Margaret Lucy Isted bap 4 Feb 1855 Beddington with Wallington m William John PEARSON (b 3rd qr 1846 Tillingham Essex) 4th qr 1879 Croydon
692e......Catherine Alice Isted bap 7 Jun 1857 Beddington with Wallington
692f......Rosa Mary Isted bap 6 Feb 1859 Beddington with Wallington

693 Ann ISTED m James BAKER (bap 17 Jul 1814 Beddington with Wallington) 2nd qr 1846 Croydon

Children of James and Ann
693b......Edward Baker b 3rd qr 1847 Beddington d 27 Mar 1924 Beddington
693c......Mary Ann Baker b 4th qr 1849 Bedington m Isaiah ROBERTS (b abt 1832 Knockin d 4th qr 1923 Croydon) 1st qr 1844 Croydon
693d......James Baker b 3rd qr 1854 Beddington

597b Jane ISTED m John BORSBERRY (b abt 1810 Wallington d 4th qr 1871 Bromley) 28 Oct 1839 St Marys Newington

Children of John and Jane
587j......John William Borsberry bap 24 Oct 1841 Mitcham d 1st qr 1926 Bromley
587k......James Borsberry bap 21 Apr 1844 Beddington with Wallington d 1st qr 1878 Bromley
587k-1..Jane Borsberry b 4th qr 1846 Bromley d 4th qr 1923 Bromley

597c John ISTED m Ann HILL (b abt 1820 Harrow d 1st qr 1872 Lambeth ) 17 Dec 1844 St Mary's Lambeth

Note: John was a farrier and lived at 3 Warner Rd, Lambeth in 1861. In 1871 he was a master farrier employing 6 men and a boy and lived at Warner Rd, Camberwell New Road, Lambeth. In 1881 he was a widower at the same address

Children of John and Ann
587l......John Isted b 4th qr 1845 Lambeth bap 9 Nov 1845 Lambeth St Mary d 4th qr 1904 Camberwell m Susan BEARD (b abt 1851 Paddington d 4th qr 1911 Lambeth) 16 Apr 1871 Lambeth
Note: John became a Farrier living with his parents
587m.....James Isted bap 3 Nov 1850 Lambeth

597g Charles ISTED m Ann GRANTHAM (bap 14 Jan 1816 North Waltham Hampshire) 20 Sep 1846 St Martin in the Fields

Children of Charles and Ann
587n......Ann Eliza Isted b 27 Jul 1847 St Martin in the Fields d 3rd qr 1849 St Martin in the Fields
587o......Louisa Fanny Isted b 1st qr 1851 bap 2 Mar 1851 Beddington with Wallington
587p......Emily Sarah Isted b 3rd qr 1852 bap 1 Aug 1852 Beddington with Wallington m Daniel COCKLIN 1st qr 1876 Westminster
587q......Elizabeth Ann Isted b 3rd qr 1854 Strand bap 8 Oct 1854 St Anne Soho
587r......Harriet Hannah Istedb 2 Jul 1858 Strand bap bap 22 Aug 1858 St Anne, Soho

597i Robert ISTED m Ann WORSFOLD 18 Apr 1864 Reigate

Children of Robert and Ann
587s......Mary Ann Isted b 4th qr 1864 Croydon bap 4 Dec 1864 Beddington with Wallington
587t......Frederick John Isted b 4th qr 1866 bap 3 Feb 1867 Beddington with Wallington

696 Mary Ann BRACKPOOL m William WOOD (b abt 1822 East Grinstead) 2nd qr 1850 W London

Children of Thomas and Mary
849......Sarah Ann Wood b 3rd qr 1851 East Grinstead
850......William Henry Wood b 3rd qr 1853 East Grinstead d 28 Apr 1910 East Grinstead
Note: William was a relieving officer
851......Alfred Wood b 3rd qr 1860 East Grinstead d 24 Apr 1925 Bruges, Belgium
852......Walter Wood b 1st qr 1864 East Grinstead

697 Thomas BRACKPOOL m Susannah AGATE (b 1826/7 Cuckfield d 2nd qr 1868 East Grinstead R D) 28 Oct 1857 St James Clerkenwell

Note: Just before their wedding, Thomas and Susannah had an adventure. You can read about it here

Children of Thomas and Susannah
853......William Thomas Brackpool bap 27 Feb 1859 Lingfield d 4th qr 1865 East Grinstead
854......Stephen John< Brackpool b 4th qr 1860 Lingfield [East Grinstead 2b 102] d 4th qr 1913 East Grinstead

713 Hannah BYSH m William HEWARD (bap 22 Dec 1822 Hartfield d 2nd qr 1871 Hartfield) 2nd qr 1850 East Grinstead

Child of William and Hannah
855......William Heward b abt 1845 bap 27 Apr 1851(

715 Elizabeth BYSH m John READ (bap 9 May 1813 Hartfield d 3rd qr 1895 East Grinstead) 4th qr 1841 East Grinstead

Children of John and Elizabeth
856......William Read b 3rd qr 1842 Hartfield d 3rd qr 1906 East Grinstead m Mary Ann PAYNE nee PORTWOOD (b 4th qr 1839 Berwick, Cambs) 4th qr 1862 East Grinstead
(Note: Mary Ann Portwood m William PAYNE 3rd qr 1861 North Witchford)
857......Isaac Read b 2nd qr 1847 Hartfield m Wilhelmina TITMUS (b 2nd qr 1851 Hatfield Herts) 3rd qr 1869 East Grinstead
858......Hannah Read b 4th qr 1849 Hatfield
859......Mary Ann Read b 4th qr 1851 Hartfield
860....Harriet Read b 4th qr 1851 Hartfield
861....Elizabeth Read bap 4 Jun 1854 Hartfield
862....John Read b 2nd qr 1857 Hartfield m Mary Ann CHANDLER (b 3rd qr 1852 Pewsey) 2nd qr 1878 East Grinstead

716 Eliza BYSH m William BRACE b abt 1800 Redmarley, Worcs) 27 Jul 1845 Weybridge

Children of William and Eliza
863......William Brace b 3rd qr 1847 Chertsey bap 22 Aug 1847 Chertsey
864......Susannah Brace b1st qr 1850 bap 24 Feb 1850 Chertsey bap 24 Aug 1850 Chertsey
865......Sarah Brace b 2nd qr 1854 Chertsey
866......Mary Brace b abt 1860 East Grinstead

717 Caroline BYSH m David SAICH (b abt 1824 d 3rd qr 1881 Hackney) 6 Jul 1847 Hackney

Children of David and Caroline
867......Thomas Saich b 1st qr 1848 Hackney bap 14 May 1848 Hackney St John d 2nd qr 1893 Hackney m Matilda SITTON (b 17 Mar 1844 Shoreditch bap 15 Mar 1846 Hackney St John d 4th qr 1925 Hackney) 29 Nov 1868 St Marys Haggerston
868......Mary Ann Saich bap 27 Feb 1850 Lambeth
869......George Saich b 22 Jul 1853 Hackney bap 11 Jun 1854 Hackney St John

718 William BYSH m Susannah STEPNEY (bap 16 Feb 1823 East Grinstead d 10 Sep 1896 East Grinstead) 19 Oct 1845 East Grinstead

Note: The Sussex Advertiser of 9 Aug 1864 reported that William Bysh had won a prize of 5/- for the best tray of vegetables and was placed for his cherries, scarlet beans and pot plant in the East Grinstead and Lingfield Cottage Garden Society show

Children of William and Susannah
870......Mary Ann Bysh bap 11 Jan 1846 East Grinstead
871......Sarah Ann Bysh bap 29 Aug 1847 East Grinstead d 25 Jan 1924 Tonbridge
872......Eliza Bysh bap 29 Apr 1849 East Grinstead
873......Lucy Bysh bap 30 Mar 1851 Forest Row, Sussex d 1st qr 1914 East Grinstead m Alfred POST (b 3rd qr 1857 East Grinstead d 2nd Dec 1923 East Grinstead) 4th qr 1878 East Grinstead

721 John BYSH m Mary Ann HAWKINS (bap 10 Mar 1830 Lambeth d 1st qr 1916 Hackney) 19 Feb 1854 St Mary's Newington

Children of John and Mary Ann
874......John Bysh b 18 Jun 1855 Lambeth m Emma ROUSE (b 3rd qr 1857 Holloway) 3rd qr 1880 Hackney
875......Mary Ann Bysh b 14 Dec 1857 Vauxhall d 4th qr 1913 Hackney m William ARNOLD (b 3rd qr 1850 Betchworth d 4th qr 1912 Hackney) 21 Oct 1883 Hackney
876......James Bysh b 18 May 1862 Hackney d 3rd qr 1933 Godstone m Amelia HORNSEY (b 1st qr 1863 Islington) 11 Sep 1882 Hackney
877......William Henry Bysh b 18 Nov 1864 Hackney m Emily Grace KIRK (b 1st qr 1868 Spitalfields) 6 Aug 1888 Clapton
878......Thomas Bysh b 25 Jul 1867 Hackney d 1st qr 1940 Hendon m Mary Ann Rosemary ALLUM (b 3rd qr 1863 Hackney d 1st qr 1924 Paddington) 25 Dec 1887 Old Ford London
879......Alfred Walter Bysh b 18 Feb 1871 Hackney m (a) Frances Adelaide HUBBARD (b 4th qr 1874 Hackney d 2nd qr 1900 Hackney) 22 Nov 1896 St Marks Dalston (b) Ada Annie SMITH (b 3rd qr 1882 Hackney) 21 May 1903 Hackney

727 Robert SCARLETT m Elizabeth MULLEY (b 31 May 1795 Saxmundham bap 3 Jun 1795 Saxmundham bur 2 Jan 1834 Saxmundham) 1 Sep 1820 Knodishall cum Buxlow

880...... James Scarlett bap 15 Feb 1821 Saxmundham m Maria BACKHOUSE (bap 4 May 1817 Saxmundham) 23 Oct 1842 St Martins in the Field, Westminster
881...... William Scarlett bap 14 Jul 1822 Saxmundham m Sarah Maria HOPPE (bap 26 Dec 1824 St Botolph without Aldgate d 7 Nov 1886 Islington) 10 Aug 1854 St Pancras church
882...... Elizabeth Scarlett bap 7 Apr 1824 Saxmundham m Robert WHINCOP (bap 23 Sep 1826 Lowestoft bur 22 Jul 1880 Lowestoft)8 Jun 1853 Lowestoft
883...... Robert Scarlett bap 10 Mar 1826 Saxmundham

From Bury and Norwich Post of 8 Jul 1862

884...... Sarah Scarlett bap 27 Jan 1828 Saxmundham
885...... Henry Scarlett bap 10 Sep 1829 Saxmundham
886...... John Scarlett bap 17 Jul 1831 Saxmundham bur 6 Apr 1832 Saxmundham

728 Jonathan SCARLETT m Elizabeth COATES 18 Mar 1813 St Mary's Friston

Child of Jonathan and Elizabeth
728b......Mary Scarlett b 8 May 1814 Friston

731 William John Ashley SCARLETT m Mary Jane RIGBY 6 Oct 1828 St Giles Cripplegate, London

Children of William and Mary
887......Jane Scarlett b 31 Aug 1830 bap 21 Nov 1830 St Luke Old Street Finsbury, London m Alfred PHILPOTT 9 Mar 1863 St George's Bloomsbury
888......William James Scarlett b 1833/4 Clerkenwell Mdx d 19 Oct 1902 Prahan, Victoria, Australia
889......John Scarlett bap 1 May 1836 St Botolph without Aldgate 2nd qr 1882 Fulham
890......Sarah Scarlett b 28 Mar 1840 1 Sperrows Corner, Aldgate d 4th qr 1925 Docking
891......Mary Scarlett b 22 Jun 1842 The Minories, Aldgate d 21 Apr 18777 Long Gully, Bendigo, Victoria
892.....Eliza bap 11 May 1845 Weld Chapel Southgate Mdx
893......Emma Scarlett bap 2 Jan 1848 Weld Chapel Southgate Mdx d 1st qr 1924 Camberwell

732 John SCARLETT m 746 Dinah STYLES (b 1814/5 d 4th qr 1880 [Hampstead 1a 416]) 3 Oct 1831 St Giles Cripplegate

Note: John was a butcher at 2 New Quebec Street, Portland Sq in 1856 [PO Directory] In 1881 a widower he was described as a gentleman living at 33 Birchington Rd, London with his daughter Isabella.

Children of John and Dinah
894......Mary Ann Scarlett b 16 Apr 1833 Yark St, Clerkenwell bap 5 May 1833 St Marys Islington Clerkenwell Mdx d 29 Oct 1905 Boxted
Note: Mary Ann died of Cerebral Thrombosis Asthenia
895......John Robert Scarlett b 9 Jun 1835 bap 23 Aug 1835 St Luke, Old Street, Finsbury, London d 8 Aug 1912 at 18 Pembridge Villas, Bayswater
896......James Scarlett b 9 May 1837 Clerkenwell bap 25 Jun 1837 St James Clerkenwell d 9 Jul 1913 Hanworth Park, Mdx
897......Frederick Scarlett b 26 Nov 1843 Clerkenwell d 21 Oct 1922 Kensington m Martha COOK 28 Jan 1869 St Georges Hanover Square
Note: Frederick was a master butcher
898......Henry Scarlett b 1 Jul 1839 [Clerkenwell 3 43] bap 8 Oxct 1839 St James Clerkenwell d 1st qr 1842 Clerkenwell
899......George Scarlett b 1 Jul 1841 Clerkenwell bap 19 Sep 1841 Clerkenwell St James bur 2 Dec 1841 St James Clerkenwell
900......Diana Scarlett b 4th qr 1842 [Clerkenwell 3 82] bur 15 Dec 1842 St James Clerkenwell
901......Walter Scarlett b 29 Aug 1847 [St Pancras 1 342] bap 24 Oct 1847 St Pauls Church Camden bur 23 May 1869 Friston
902....Jane Scarlett b 3 Nov 1849 Marylebone bap 13 Jan 1850 St Marys Marylebone bur 6 Feb 1851 St Marys Marylebone
903......Isabella Scarlett b 11 Nov 1851 [Marylebone 1 241] bap 8 Feb 1852 St Marys Marylebone d 3rd qr 1932 Battersea
Note: In 1861 Isabella and her brother Henry Edward were living with Alfred SAYER and his wife Mary Ann (193 above) at Saxmundham.
904......Henry Edward Scarlett b 5 May 1854 Marylebone bap 2 Jul 1854 St Marys Marylebone d 20 Jul 1934 Hampstead m Annie Maria SMITH 3rd qr 1884 St George Hanover Square
William Scarlett b 26 Feb 1857 Marylebone bap 17 May 1857 St Marys Marylebone London

747 Joseph Daniel STYLES m Jane Hamp HOUNSOM (b 30 Jan 1815 Clerkenwell bap 22 Mar 1815 Spa Fields Lady Huntingdons Clerkenwell) 4th qr 1845 St Mary Haggerston

Children if Joseph and Jane
906......Joseph Frank Styles b 1st qr 1847 Shoreditch d 1st qr 1828 Hackney
907......Edward Lewis Styles b 2nd qr 1850 Clerkenwell

734 James SCARLETT m (a) Martha Hannah TIMS (b 1815/16 St George East, London) 9 Dec 1833 Clerkenwell (b) Ann WILLIAMSON (b 1830/31 Morpeth, Northumberland) 3rd qr 1859 Hendon [Hendon 3a 133]

Note: In 1841 James was a butcher living in Warren Street, St Pancras.James was in partnership from date unknown until 22 Mar 1846 when the partnership was dissolved with an Osbert MAY.In 1856 still a butcher he was at 48 South Audley Street. [PO directory] In 1861 he was a butcher at 48 South Audley Street, St George, Hanover Square, but in 1871 he was a pawnbroker living at Euston Square, St Pancras. In 1881 Ann as a widow was living at 66 King Edward Rd, Hackney with daughter Kate and son Herbert, then a clerk in Metropolitan Meat Market. By 1891 she had moved to 34 Kyverdale Road, Hackney - Kate was still with her, and she had a neice, 903 Isabella SCARLETT staying with her

Children of James and Martha
908......Martha Hannah Scarlett b 10 Nov 1834 Clerkenwell bap 12 Apr 1835 St James Clerkenwell. d 13 Dec 1885 Hendon 3 Mowbray Rd Brondesbury, Mdx
909......Ann Scarlett b 5 Sep 1838 Clerkenwell bap 8 Sep 1839 St James Clerkenwell d 2 Jan 1929 Sydenham
910......Emma Scarlett b 17 Jan 1841 St Pancras
911......James Scarlett b 3rd qr 1843 St Pancras bur 27 Nov 1843 St James, Clerkenwell
912......Jane Scarlett b 25 Feb 1845 bap 7 Sep 1845 St James Clekenwell [St Pancras 1 *]
913......James Scarlett b 6 Oct 1847 [St George Hanover Square 1 28] bap 5 Dec 1847 St James, Clerkenwell d 12 )ct 1917 East Finchleym Elizabeth Sarah FROST (b 2 Sep 1845 Islington d 1st qr 1933 Epping) 11 Apr 1877 St Augustines Highbury, Islington
Helen Scarlett b 28 Aug1849 [St George Hanover Square 1 36] bap 18 Nov 1849 St James Clerkenwell
915......Louisa Scarlett b 9 Jul1852 [St George Hanover Square 1a 16(35)] bap 17 Oct 1852 St James Clerkenwell

Children of James and Ann
916......Kate Scarlett b 28 Mar 1861 [St George Hanover Square 1a 223] d 6 Apr 1961 Lancing
917......Herbert Scarlett b 31 May 1864 [St Pancras 1b 108] bap 8 Jul 1864 All Souls St Pancras d 1st qr 1933 Hastings m Fanny Selina Rebecca BANKS (b 1st qr 1859 Hastings d 8 Dec 1949 Hastings) 4th qr 1890 Hastings

738 Robert SCARLETT m (a) Elizabeth YOUNG (b 1820/1 Clerkenwell d 4th qr 1864 [St George Hanover Square 1a 912]) 5 Feb 1844 St George, Bloomsbury (b) Mary Ann HUBBARD (b 1st qr 1845 [Lambeth IV 231]) 21 Mar 1865 St George, Hanover Sq, London

Robert was a butcher. In 1861 they were living at 17 Goswell Road, St James, Clerkenwell. In 1871 and 1881 the family was at 51 Abermarle Street, Hanover Square and mother in law Mary Ann HUBBARD (b 1819 Middlesex) an annuitant was staying with them in 1871 but not 1881

. Child of Robert and Elizabeth
918......Robert Scarlett b 24 Nov 1844 bap 27 Dec 1844 Old Church St Pancras d 2nd qr 1881 Kensington
Note:Robert became a butcher

Children of Robert and Mary Ann
919......Mary Ann Scarlett b 2nd qr 1865 [Camberwell 1d 546] d 1 Apre 1935 Tunbridge Wells
Note: Mary Ann became a bookkeeper
920......George Scarlett b 4th qr 1867 [St George Hanover Square 1a 278] m Matilda Harriet MADDISON (b 2nd qr 1879 West Ham) 3rd qr 1898 St Georges Hanover Square
Note: George became a butcher
921......William Ashley Scarlett b 3rd qr 1869 [St George Hanover Square 1a 286] m Annie Ada Margaret BACON (b 3rd qr 1869 Kearsley d 1st qr 1958 Ealing) 26 Apr1893 St George Hanover Sq
Note: William was a butcher's Manager
922......Alice Scarlett b 29 Jun 1871 St George Hanover Square bap 3 Aug 1873 St James, Westminster d 12 Mar 1963 Tunbridge Wells
923......Jessie Scarlett b 29 Apr 1873 St George Hanover Square bap 3 Aug 1873 St James Westminster d 1 Aug 1898 Mayfair
Note: Jessie became a bookkeeper
Ernest S Scarlett b 18 Apr 1875 [St George Hanover Square 1a 357] d 10 Sep 1947 Lambeth
925......Florence Scarlett b 2nd qr 1877 [St George Hanover Square 1a 361]
926......Harry Stanley Scarlett b 27 Apr 1879 [St George Hanover Square 1a 378] d 14 Dec 1972 Wimbledon
927......Frederick John Scarlett b 16 May 1883 [St George Hanover Square 1a 412] d 28 May 1961 Surbiton
928......Harold Robert Scarlett b 1st qr 1885 [St George Hanover Square 1a 439] d 20 Sep 1924 Handsworth
929......Bertram Charles Scarlett b 4th qr 1887 [St George Hanover Square 1a 406]

740 George SCARLETT m (a) Ann HAYLOCK (b 1814/15 Brettenham) 15 Oct 1845 Knodishall (b) Mary REDING (b 4th qr 1856 Oxford [Oxford 3a 50-3] Oxford)28 Jan 1878 St Marylebone, London

Note: George was a draper until 23 May 1851 when he conveyed and assigned all his real and personal estates and effects in order to pay his debts. In 1861 he lived at 1 St Mary, Paddington, Kensington and in 1871 at Castle Terrace, Kensington

Children of George and Ann
930......Ann Scarlett b 31 May 1846 Knodishall [Blything 13 408] d 2nd qr 1921 Camberwell mRichard Henry ABREY (b 2nd qr 1849 Billericay d 3rd qr 1891 Camberwell) 29 Nov 1874 St John the Evangelist, Kensal Green
George Herbert Scarlett b 20th Jan 1848 Knodishall [Blything 13 414 ] d 4th qr 1913 Willesden
932......Jane Scarlett bap 14 Apr 1850 2nd qr 1850 Knodishall [Blything 13 444] d 1st qr 1909 Epping m William SYMES (b abt 1834 Yeovil d 1 Jan 1916 Epping] 1st qr 1883 St George Hannover Square
933......Mary Scarlett b 9th Nov 1851 Knodishall [Blything 13 410 ]
934......Eliza Scarlett b 10 feb 1854 [Islington 1b 265] bap 2 Apr 1854 St Stephens, Islington

Children of George and Mary
935......Arthur Scarlett b 4th qr 1878 [St Pancras 1b 23] m Rose Ann WOOD (b abt 1889 Rye) 3rd qr 1909 West Ham
936......Ismay Scarlett b 14 Jul 1880 St Pancras d 1st qr 1977 Wandsworth m Ella Caroline FRENCH nee FROST (b 4th qr 1896 Brentford d 1st qr 1980 Surrey SE) 3rd qr 1919 Brentford
Note: Ella was a widow, previously married to Alfred FRENCH 4th qr 1914
937......Maud Scarlett b 11 Mar 1887 St Pancras bap 7 Apr 1898 St Pancras Church d 2nd qr 1960 Lambeth

938 John OSMOND m Ellen HOLLAND (b 1823/4 St Olaves d 2nd qr 1895 St Saviour 3 Jul 1843 St John's Waterloo Lambeth

Note: John was a porter at the time of his marriage. In 1846 and 1848 he was a fruit salesman. Witnesses to the marriage were William BURCHELL and James GREEN. Ellen remarried to Aaron ATKIN (b 1832 bap 18 Nov 1832 St Saviours Southwark d 18 Feb 1874 13 Red Cross St, Borough) 3rd qr 1860 Kennington St Mark. Ellen was the daughter of John HOLLAND

Child of John and Ellen
Ellen Osmond b 23 Dec 1845 Southwark bap 26 Jul 1846 St Saviour Southwark
940......Elizabeth Ann Osmond b 6 Jul 1848 Southwark d 4th qr 1887 Southwark
941......John Osmond b 17 Aug 1850 bap 8 Sep 1850 Southwark d 15 Feb 1931 New Malden
942......James Osmond b 11 Oct 1852 Alfred Place, bap 7 Nov 1852 St Pauls BermondseyBermondsey d 12 Dec 1897 Renfrew, Hatherly Rd, Sidcup, Kent
Note: James died of Pulmonary Phthisis (probably TB).
943......Joseph Osmond b 4th qr 1854 Bermondsey, Surrey [Bermondsey 1d 95] d 3 Aug 1895 at 2 Denman St, London Bridge
Note: In Josephs will, he bequeathed to his half brother Alfred Atkin, the fruit salesman business carried on under the name of Osmond and Atkin plus all the stock, vans, carts, traps, horses, ponies, harness and all plant and utensils used in the same business. Joseph also gave Alfred half of the money he had deposited in the London and Joint Stock Bank (Southwark Branch) with the rest and the remainder of his estate going to his sister Ellen Smith. Probate was granted to his eldest sister, Ellen SMITH and to Frank Clark, licensed victualler.

Children of Aaron and Ellen
943a......William Aaron Atkin b 15 May 1861 bap 9 Jun 1861 St Saviour, Southwark d 2nd qr 1863 Greenwich
943b......Edwin Thomas Atkin b 15 May 1861 bap 9 Jun 1861 St Saviour, Southwark d 3rd qr 1885 St Saviour
943c......Alfred Atkin b 1 Dec 1862 Southwark d 6 May 1952 South Norwood
Note: Alfred was a fruit salesman
943d......Rosina Atkin b 4th qr 1864 Southwark d 3rd qr 1885 St Saviour

510 Catherine STANBRIDGE m Thomas BUDGEN (b 13 Oct 1768 West Hoathley d 1 Aug 1834 West Hoathly) 18 Sep 1793 West Hoathly

Child of Thomas and Catherine
510b......John Budgen bap 19 Jan 1794 West Hoathly d 26 Apr 1795 West Hoathly

510c Hannah STANBRIDGE m Thomas BUDGEN (b 13 Oct 1768 West Hoathley d 1 Aug 1834 West Hoathly) 15 Jun 1797 Newington St Mary

Children of Thomas and Hannah
510d......Walter Stanbridge Budgen bap 29 Oct 1797 West Hoathly
510e......Thomas Budgen bap 18 Feb 1800 West Hoathly
510f......Isaac Budgen bap Mar 1803 West Hoathly
510g......Mary Budgen b 11 May 1806 West Hoathly
510h......Obadiah Budgen bap 7 May 1809 West Hoathly

516 Sarah ISTED m David LANGRIDGE (bap 23 Sep 1772 Horsted Keynes bur 209 Nov 1842 Horsted Keynes) 24 Sep 1794 Horsted Keynes

944......Lucy Langridge b 1794 bap 9 Nov 1817 aged 23
945......David Langridge bap 30 Oct 1796 Horsted Keynes m Ann LUXFORD 25 Dec 1820 Fletching
946......Lydia Langridge bap 15 Jul 1798 Horsted Keynes
947......William Langridge bap 15 Feb 1801 Horsted Keynes
948......Thomas Langridge bap 18 Mar 1804 Horsted Keynes
949......John Langridge bap 6 Jul 1806 Horsted Keynes
950......Joseph Langridge bap 4 Aug 1811 Horsted Keynes
951......George Langridge bap 5 Jun 1814 Horsted Keynes


760 Lucy SARE m Robert SIMPSON 15 Oct 1853 Marlesford

Children of Robert and Lucy
760b......William Simpson bap 29 Oct 1854 Marlesford
760c......Mary Ann Simpson bap 16 Dec 1855 Marlesford bur 5 Apr 1856 Marlesford
760d......Elizabeth Simpson bap 24 May 1857 Marlesford
760e......Mary Ann Simpson bap 3 May 1859 Marlesford

761 Sarah SAIR m Edmund CULPECK (b 1818 Wickham Market d 24 Aug 1884 Hacheston) 3 Nov 1841 Hacheston

Children of Edmund and Sarah
952......Charles Albert Culpeck b 3rd qr 1841 Hacheston d 1st qr 1896 Shoreditch m Emma BRADLEY (b abt 1844 Broomfield d 3rd qr 1881 Chelmsford) 23 Aug 1868 Hoxton St John
953......William Culpeck b 4th qr 1845 Hacheston d 1st qr 1940 Debenham Mary BATTLE (b 3rd qr 1848 Campsea Ashe d 3rd qr 1916 Plomesgate) 13 Nov 1867 Campsea Ash
954......John Culpeck b 4th qr 1848 Hacheston d 1st Dec1936 Wickham Market m Sarah Ann LEEK (b 4th qr 1840 Wickham Market d 4th qr 1931 Plomesgate) 2nd qr 1876 Ipswich RD
955......Arthur Edmund Culpeck b 2nd qr 1851 Hacheston d 1st qr 1925 Plomesgate m Ann MEADOWS
(b 1st qr 1859 Marlsford bap 15 Jun 1859 Marlesford d 1st qr 1937 Blyth) 11 Oct 1882 Marlesford
956......Alfred Henry Culpeck b 1st qr 1854 Hacheston d 28 Aug 1936 Hacheston m Jane HERN or HEARN (b 3rd qr 1859 Framlingham d 3rd qr 1933 Blything) 3rd qr 1879 Plomesgate
956a....Susannah Elizabeth Culpeck b 2nd qr 1857 Wickham Market bap 6 Aug 1857 Wickham Market bur 7 Oct 1857 Wickham Market
957......George Jeffer Culpeck b 3rd qr 1858 Wickham Market d 16 Feb 1942 Wood Green Mdx m Elizabeth Mary Ann KEELING (b 2nd qr 1861 Kennington d 30 Dec 1948 Wood Green) 28 Mar 1880 Islington
958...... Edwin Culpeck b 4th qr 1862 Hacheston d 16 Mar 1937 Lowestoft.

763 James SARE m Lucy SMITH (b 1816/17 Marlesford) 28 Dec 1843 Alderton

Note: In 1841 James is shown as a thatcher, but James was a licensed victualler and farmer of 60 acres employing 3 men and a boy at Alderton in 1881 living at Crown Inn, Upper Street Ufford. James was landlord of the Ufford Crown from 1869 to 1891

Witnesses to the marriage were Alfred SAIR and Amelia RANSBY Lucy was a dressmaker at the time of her marriage. Details of the disposal of his property at various times may be seen here

Child of James and Lucy
959......Esther Sare bap 9 Aug 1845 Aldereton bur 13 Aug 1845 Alderton
960......Augusta Sare bap 23 Jul 1846 Alderton bur 26 Jul 1846 Alderton
961......Rosanna Sare bap 12 Nov 1850 Alderton bur 28 Nov 1850
962......Rosanna Sare bap 29 Nov 1851 Alderton d 3rd qr 1915 Tendring
963......Esther Sare bap 29 Nov 1851 Alderton d 2nd qr 1898 Chelmsford m William DENNINGTON (bap 17 Dec 1848 Kelsale) 20 Aug 1872 Ufford
James Alfred Sare b 1855/6 Alderton bap 12 Dec 1869 Ufford d 2nd qr 1903 Woodbridge
Note: James was landlord of the Ufford Crown from 1892 to 1900
965......Gardiner Sare bap 4 Nov 1857 Alderton d 3rd qr 1934 Woodbridge m Esther Rebecca NOKES (wid, b 2nd qr 1859 Holton as Rebecca SCRUTTON) 11 Jan 1924 Woodbridge Register Office
Note: Gardener was a horseman (ag) in 1881
966......Henry Sare bap 4 Nov 1857 Alderton d 1st qr 1858 Woodbridge

765 Alfred SAYER m 894 Mary Ann SCARLETT 24 Feb 1859 St Mary's Church, Marylebone

Note: In 1851 Alfred was gardener at Burnhopeside Hall.

Burnhopeside Hall

Note: An article in the Newcastle Courant of 16 Sep 1853 regarding the Lanchester Floral and Horticultural Fete says that one of the judges was Mr. Alfred Sayer, gardener to the Hon. George Liddell, Burnhopeside. I investigated the Liddell name further and the Hon. George Augustus Liddell appears to be a son of Thomas Henry Liddell, 1st Baron Ravensworth of Ravensworth Castle, Co. Durham and his wife Maria Susannah Simpson. Their tenth child was the Hon. George Augustus Frederick Liddell born 28 Jul 1812 died 1888. Alfred Sayer named his second son (our grandfather) George Augustus Sayer and I wondered if he took the Christian names from his one time employer. Cannot prove anything but it's a coincidence if nothing else.
In 1861 Alfred was a farmer of 191 acres employing 6 men and 5 boys. In 1901 the family was at Priory Farm, Boxted

Children of Alfred and Mary
967......Alfred John Sayer bap 20 May 1860 Saxmundham bur 27 Dec 1870 St John the Baptist, Saxmundham
968......Louisa Elizabeth Sayer bap 24 Nov 1861 Saxmundham d 23 Feb 1936 Hendon Cottage Hospital
969......Agnes Laura Sayer b 7 Jun 1863 bap 5 Jul 1863 Saxmundham d 17 Nov 1940 Croydon General hospital
970......George Augustus Sayer b 12 Dec 1864 Saxmundham d 16 Jun 1955 at 10 Cowley Rd Felixstowe
Note: George died of Myocardial degeneration and arteriosclerosis
971......Arthur Walter Sayer b 18 Jun 1866 Saxmundham bap 22 Jul 1866 Saxmundham d 3rd qr 1962 Colchester R D m Lucy Ellen VINCENT (widow, b 4 Dec 1884 Belstead Suffolk d 4th qr 1949 Colchester R D) 1 Feb 1907
Note: Arthur Walter joined the 9th Lancers on 13 may 1891. He was 5' 9" tall and had brown eyes and brown hair. He started as aprivate and became a lance-corporal in 1894. He was discharged 8 May 1903. Lucy was the widow of Joseph Hendrick VINCENT by whom she had a child, Josephine Phillis Lucy Norfolk VINCENT b 4 Nov 1902 at 34 Ash Street, New Kent Rd, St Mary Newington d Nov 2001 Colchester m George GRIMSEY (b 3rd qr 1902 d 4th qr 1969 Colchester) 3rd qr 1928 Tendring.
972......Frederick Charles Sayer bap 2 Feb 1868 Saxmundham bur 23 May 1938 St James, Lt Clacton, Essex d 18 May 1938 at Heath House Tendring
973......Augusta Agneta Sayer bap 28 Nov 1869 Saxmundham d 12 Oct 1952 at 4 Magdelan Rd Clacton on Sea
974......Barrington Cumming Sayer b 19 Mar 1871 Saxmundham bap 16 Jul 1871 Saxmundham d 15 Apr 1957 Colchester bur 18 Apr 1957 St James Little Clacton, Essex
975......Adelaide Hilda Adieu Sayer b 25 May 1873 bap 13 Jul 1873 Saxmundham bur 6 Mar 1950 Little Clacton
976......Arabella Miriam Mabel Sayer b 26 Jun 1876 Saxmundham d 6 Dec 1955 Clacton on Sea

766 Gardener SAYER m 667b Esther RANSBY (b 31 Mar 1840 d 12 Mar 1931 Woodbridge) 29 Oct 1858 Woodbridge Register Office

Note: Gardiner was at various times a Blacksmith, Greengrocer and Market Gardener. Witnesses to the wedding were Charles and Henry William COLLINS

Children of Gardener and Esther
977......Laura Sayer b 31 Jul 1859 Alderton d 4th qr 1923 Barnet R D
978......Alice Catherine Sayer b 19 Feb 1861 Alderton d 1st qr 1923 Woodbridgem James Alfred SAYER (cousin) 8 Jan 1833 Wesleyan Chapel, New Barnet
979......Norris Gardner Sayer b 21 Jan 1863 Alderton d 1st Jun 1942 Cardiff
980......Amelia Hannah Sayer b 21 Oct 1869 South Mimms, Herts d 30 Apr 1938 Woodbridge
981......Frank Ernest Sayer b 3 Aug 1863 Kit's End, South Mimms
Note: Frank was a pork butcher.

770 Henry SARE m Sarah A. BRIGHTEN (bap 7 Mar 1831 Woodbridge) 3 Jun 1860 Bawdsey

Note: Henry was a builder and undertaker

Children of Henry and Sarah

982......Catherine Ann Sare b 1st qr 1861 Enfield
983......Alfred Thomas Sare b 24 Aug 1862 Enfield Mdx d 27 Dec 1946 County Hospital, Hillingdon
Note: Alfred became a joiner
984......Jane Emma Sare b 21 Mar 1864 Enfield d 3rd qr 1912 Edmonton R D
985......Sarah Anne Sare b 1866/7 Enfield
986......Henry William Sare b 1867/8 Enfield d 4th qr 1942 Chelmsford d 15 Dec 1942 at Wickhams, Great Baddow, (the residence of his daughter Mrs. F. Collins)
987......Elizabeth Sare b 1 Mar 1870 Enfield bap 8 May 1870 St Barnabus, Islington d 2nd qr 1949 Edmonton m Harry John Gower SADLER (b 12 Feb 1866 Cheshunt d 21 Jul 1946 Woodlands Castle, Carlton, Lincs) 4th qr 1895 Edmonton
Note: Elizabeth was a dressmaker
988......Ada Isabella Sare b 24 Sep1872 Enfield d 1st qr 1920 Hitchen m John Thomas COMBER (b 3rd qr 1873 Enfield d 2nd qr 1902 Edmonton R D) 3rd qr 1897 Edmonton R D
Note: In 1901 Harry was a cycle maker and the couple were `at 110 Turners Hill, Cheshunt
989......Louisa Alice Sare b 8 Apr 1876 Enfield bap 8 Oct 1890 St Andrews Enfieldd 3rd qr 1950 Edmonton

809 Ruth THURSTON m Alfred MacILWAIN (b 11 Apr 1831 Walworth bap 30 Jun 1837 Walworth St Peters) 2nd qr 1858 West Ham R D

Children of Alfred and Ruth
990......Amelia Harriet MacIlwain b 4th qr 1861 Poplar d 3rd qr 1941 Essex SW m Joseph BARNARD (b 3rd qr 1860 Bromley) 7 Jun 1885 Old Ford, Mdx
991......Harriet Sarah MacIlwain b 2nd qr 1864 Bromley by Bow, London d 4th qr 1906 Romfordm James MURPHY 1st qr 1887 West Ham

811 Francis THURSTON m Annie Cordelia MacILWAIN (b 4th qr 1849 bap 29 Sep 1850 St George, Gravesend d 2nd qr 1921 West Ham) 4th qr 1879 West Ham

Children of Francis and Annie
811b......Sarah Eleanor Thurston b 4th qr 1880 Northfleet
811c......Rosanna Thurston b 1st qr 1882 Northfleet
811d......Francis Robert Thurston b 1st qr 1883 Northfleet d 4 Jan 1964 Westcliffe on Sea m Edith Mary FRANKLAND (b 4th qr 1883 Stepney d 25 May 1946 Hornchurch) 3 Sep 1908 All Hallows, East India Docks, Bromley
811e......William Robert Thurston b 4th qr 1884 Northfleet d 3rd qr 1905 Poplar

816 William Henry THURSTON m Martha Emma PROSSER (b 1st qr 1854 Abergavenny) 2nd qr 1874 West Ham

Children of William and Martha
816b......Sarah Jane Thurston b 2nd qr 1877 Woolwich
816c......Watkin Thurston b 3rd qr 1878 Swansea m Margaret VICK (b 1st qr 1886 Tidenham) 2nd qr 1909 Chepstow

820a Emma Jane BETCHLEY and unknown

Child of Emma and unknown
820b......Frances Elizabeth Betchley bap 27 May 1860 Croydon d 4th qr 1944 Paddington m John MUDD (b 4th qr 1874 Bramford) 3rd qr 1886 Croydon

826 George ISTED m Harriet RICE (bap 29 Nov 1835Worth d 4th qr 1912 East Grinstead) 25 May 1861 East Grinstead

Note: In 1871 George and Harriet with their three children were living with his father at West St East Grinstead, and in 1881 William, his father was living with George at West St, East Grinstead and George was a general labourer

From the Surrey Mirror of 12 May 1888

Children of George and Harriet
992......Sarah Isted bap 27 Jul 1862 Forest Row
993......Harriet Isted bap 26 Mar 1865 Forest Row d 3rd qr 1916 Croydon m Bartholomew DAVIES (b 3rd qr 1862 Hereford) 3rd qr 1892 East Grinstead
994......Georgiana Isted bap 26 Apr 1868 East Grinstead d 3rd qr 1941 Lewes
995......Eliza Isted bap 22 Jan 1871 East Grinstead d 26 Jan 1871 East Grinstead
996......Jane Isted bap 22 Jan 1871 East Grinstead bur 26 Jan 1871 East Grinstead
997......Lily Isted bap 31 Mar 1872 East Grinstead d 4th qr 1944 Uckfield
998......Fanny Isted bap 31 Jan 1875 East Grinstead d 16 Apr 1892 East Grinstead

827 Frances ISTED m Francis WING 31 May 1859 East Grinstead

Children of Francis and Frances
172b......Frank Isted b 2nd qr 1860 West Hoathly m Fanny SMITH (b abt 1857 Bayswater 1st qr 1883 Westminster
999......Frances Annie Isted bap 28 Sep 1862 East Grinstead
1000....Arthur Isted bap 30 Jan 1870 East Grinstead d 6 Mar 1870 East Grinstead

828 Charles ISTED m Mildred RICE (b 22 Feb 1844 Three Bridges, Sussex) 24 Dec 1865 Kingston upon Thames

Note: Charles was a boot maker living at 181 Bynes Road, Croydon in 1891, 19 Albert St Northampton in 1901 and at 53 Tamworth Rd Croydon in 1911. In 1892 he was a witness in a murder prosecution and the Lloyd's Weekly newspaper of 17 January reported his evidence as below:

Children of Charles and Mildred
1001......Charles Isted b 1866/7 Croydon d 4th qr 1947 Croydon
Note: In 1891, 1901 and in 1911 Charles was a bootmaker
1002......Emily Isted b 1868/9 Croydon
1003......Horace George Isted b 1st qr 1873 Croydon
Note: In 1891 George was a bootmaker
1004......William Bruce Isted b 4th qr 1875 Croydon m Matilda Harriet SHARP 4th qr 1894 Croydon
Note: In 1891 William Bruce was a bootmaker
1005......Ellen Isted b 1877/8 Croydon
1006......Alfred Isted b 4th qr 1879 Croydon
Note: In 1901 Alfred was a boot laster. In 1911 Alfred was a railway carriage cleaner
1007......Daisy Jane Isted b 4 Sep 1884 Croydon d 2nd qr 1961 Croydon m Henry MARSHALL b 2nd qr 1862 Hawkley, Hants) 4th qr 1908 Croydon
1008......John Isted b 1885/6 Croydon
Note: In 1901 John was a heel maker in the shoe trade
1009......Florence Isted b 4th qr 1897 Northampton d 4th qr 1898 Northampton
1010......Walter Isted b 1st qr 1890 Croydon

833 Emily ISTED m Henry WHEAL (b abt 1835 Alfold, Surrey d 1st qr 1905 Croydon) 2nd qr 1869 Horsham

Children of Henry and Emily
833b......Alice Emily Wheal b 3rd qr 1871 Croydon m Albert Edgar GARDNER (b 1st qr 1872 Croydon d 1st qr 1908 Croydon) 3rd qr 1903 Croydon
833c......Henry Herbert Wheal b 2nd qr 1874 Croydon d 2nd qr 1929 Croydon m Ellen Margaret WHYMARK (b 1st qr 1876 Hadleigh d 4th wr 1962 Croydon) 3rd qr 1902 Cosford
833d......Agnes Mary Wheal b 4th qr 1876 Croydon d 2nd qr 1931 Croydon
833e......Gertrude Wheal b 2nd qr 1879 Croydon d 1st qr 1941 Croydon

835 Jane ISTED m William ROOM 2nd qr 1871 Croydon

Child of Jane and unknown
835b-1....John Henry Isted bap 6 Jan 1862 Worth d 1st qr 1862 East Grinstead

Child of William and Jane
835b......Ellen Room b 4th qr 1877 Sanderstead

836 James BETCHLEY m Mary Jane PUDDEY (b 1st qr 1852 Redhill, Surrey) 2nd qr 1869 Reigate

Children of James and Mary
836b......George William Betchley b 4th qr 1870 Battersea d 1st qr 1887 Reigate
836c......Alfred Lionel D Betchley b 3rd qr 1875 East Grinstead d 3rd qr 1903 Croydon m Mary Ann COLLINS (b 1st qr 1876 Reigate) 16 Mar 1902 Croydon
836d......Mary Isted Betchley b 3rd qr 1878 Redhill d 20 Feb 1965 Kenley, Surrey m Herbert Alfred Edwin REIGATE (b 1st qr 1878 Brighton d 24 Apr 1958 Purley, Surrey) 2nd qr 1902 Croydon
836e......Albert Betchley b 4th qr 1879 Redhill m Minnie Ada HORWOOD (b 1st qr 1876 Aston Clinton, Bucks) 4th qr 1902 Aylesbury

840 Alfred ISTED m Martha HARRIS (b abt 1846 Terling d 1sr qr 1915 Braitree) 2nd qr 1866 Witham

Note: Alfred was a farm worker. Martha remarried to Nathan THURGOOD 4th qr 1887

Children of Alfred and Martha

1011......Agnes Isted b 2nd qr 1870 Bradwell
1012.......George John Isted b 24 Dec 1872 Bradwell d 10 Feb 1963 Rosemead, Terling
Note: George was a police constable
1013......Walter Isted b 3rd qr 1875 East Tytherley. Hampshire d 4th qr 1937 Essex SW
Note: Walter was a Navvy

841 Thomas ISTED m (a) Emily Ann WALFORD (b 2nd qr 1852 Terling, Essex d 11 Jun 1883 Terling bur 16 Jun 1883 Terling) 27 Dec 1870 Terling (b) Helen LAURISTON (b 4 Sep 1850, Nairn, Scotland d 12 Jul 1919 Braintree Infirmary) 21 Jul 1884 St Saviour, London

Note: Thomas was a secretary, later a private secretary to Lord Rayleigh. An account of the funeral in the Chelmsford Chronicle of 4 Mar 1898 said that Thomas was greatly respected and esteemed and, consequently, there was a large attendance to pay a last tribute. It was also said that he was the pivot around which most of the affairs of the village turned, He was clerk to the Parish Council, secretary to the United Patriots Benefit Society, took a prominent part in the management of the Terling Provident Society and held the office of sub-captain to the Cricket Club for many years having been a member of the club since its commencement some years ago

Children of Thomas and Emily
1014......Agnes Emily Isted b 1st qr 1872 Terling d 1st qr 1941 Alton m Charles FRANCIS (b 3rd qr 1872 Alton Hampshire d 4th qr 1938 Winchester) 4th qr 1899 Braintree
Note: In 1911 Charles was a assistant farm bailiff
Henry Thomas Isted b 2nd qr 1875 Terling d 5 Jan 1933 Rose Cottage, Terling
Note: Henry became a Manager: estate clerk
1016......Percy Charles Isted b 27 Oct 1876 Terling d 26 Apr 1946 Chelmsford
Note: Percy became a Printers' compositor
1017......Frank Isted b 18 Jan 1878 bap 3 Mar 1878 Terling d 16 Oct 1970 Brentwood
Note: Frank became a gardener domestic
1018......Kate Winifred Isted bap 5 Oct 1807 Terling bur 5 Jan 1881 Terling

Children of Thomas and Helen
1019......Alice Helen Isted bap 7 Feb 1886 Terling d 1st qr 1911 Braintree
Note: Alice became a schoolteacher
1020......Arthur Isted bap 3rd qr 1889 Terling d 2nd qr 1898 Braintree R D
1021......Ethel Isted b 2nd qr 1891 bap 1892 Terling d 22 Apr 1933 Colchester
1021a....John Isted b 3rd qr 1892 Braintree d 4th qr 1892 Braintree

843 William ISTED m (a) Annie Leslie LILLISTON (b abt 1862 Nacton d 3rd qr 1907 Hailsham) 30 Apr 1887 Newington [St Saviour 1d 135] (b) Florence Emma GREENAWAY (b 18 Jun 1878 East Tilbury d 18 Nov 1969 Wallington) 4th qr 1908 Orsett

Note: William was a coachman. In 1901 the family was living at Geustling, Sussex

Children of William and Annie
1022......Maude Leslie Isted b 1st qr 1888 Lingfield d 2nd qr 1969 Eastbourne
1023......Lilian Bertha Isted b 13 Jul 1889 Lingfield d 4th qr 1973 Watford
1024......Alfred William Isted b 1st qr 1891 Lingfield d 23 Feb 1939 Hastings

Child of William and Florence
1024e......Doris Eileen Isted b 2nd qr 1913 Hailsham d 28 Apr 2003 Woodmansterne m Gerald Snow KIRKHAM (b 4th qr 1903 Wimbledon d 11 Oct 1978 Woodmansterne) 2nd qr 1941 Surrey Mid Eastern

845 Walter ISTED m Emma KETT (bap 3 Dec 1854 Heveningham, d 28 Mar 1938 Peverell, Essex) 10 Feb 1885 St Margaret Ipswich

Note: Walter was an assistant underkeeper and later a farm bailiff. Emma was a descendant of a brother of Robert and William KETT of the Kett Rebellion. In 1911 the family were living at the Temperance Hotel, Hatfield Peveril

The Essex Standard of 14 Oct 1899 reported that Walter Isted had lost 3 valuable dogs through strychnine poisoning at Termitt's Farm, Terling

Children of Walter and Emma
1025......Annie Isted b 1st qr 1886 Lingfield, Surrey d 22 Dec 1968 Hatfield Peverel
Note: Annie was a Schoolteacher and ran the school in Hatfield Peverel, leaving in 1910 to become a Nurse (domestic)
1026.... Albert Isted b 4th qr 1887 Tandridge Surrey d 2nd qr 1893 East Grinstead
1027....William John Isted 2nd qr 1890 Tandridge, Surrey d 17 Mar 1949 Chelmsford m Ethel MATTHEWS 4th qr 1917 West Ham

846 Alice ISTED m Richard Henry WICKS (b 2nd qr 1863 Chelsea, d 3rd qr 1901 Lambeth) 5 Sep 1891 Newington

Richard was a printing machine manager. Alice was proprietress of the Temperance Hotel, Hatfield Peverel for nearly 30 years. It also says that her sister Miss Annie Isted ran the school but that appears to be wrong, the Annie Isted at the school was Alice's niece, the daughter of her brother Walter.

Child of Richard and Alice
1028......Nora Annie Wicks b 13 Feb 1896 Clapham [Lambeth 1d 453] bap 24 May 1896 St John the evangelist Clapham d 10 Jul 1973 Hatfield Peverilm James W SMITH 25 Sep 1926 Hatfield Peverel
Note: The Essex Newsman report of the wedding says that Miss Wicks is the daughter of the Proprietress of the Temperance Hotel
Nora was living with her aunt, 844 Mary Ann OSMOND and her cousin 1083 Alice Isabella OSMOND at Station Rd Hatfield Peveril in 1911

On 28 Dec 1935, The Essex Newsman reported that at the Divorce Court on Dec 20 Mr. Justice Langton granted a decree nisi with costs to Mrs Norah Annie Smith of the Temperance Hotel, Hatfield Peverel, because of the adultery of her husband James William who did not defend the suit

850 William Henry WOOD m Elizabeth Sarah ANDREWS (b 2nd qr 1854 Witley, Surrey) 1st qr 1875 Hambledon

Note: William was a releiving officer

Children of William and Elizabeth
1029......Alice Wood b 1877 East Grinstead
1030......Frederick Wood b 1st qr 1879 East Grinstead
1031......Edith Wood b 1st qr 1884 East Grinstead
1032......Jessie Wood b 1st qr 1887 East Grinstead

851 Alfred WOOD m Sarah Clara TURNER (b 2nd qr 1860 Ardingley d 5 Feb 1928 Crawley) 1st qr 1883 East Grinstead

Children of Alfred and Sarah
1033......Arthur William Wood b 1st qr 1884 Ifield
1034......Agnes Helen Wood b 2nd qr 1885 Crawley
1035......Doris Margaret Wood b 1st qr 1891 Ifield
1036......Winifred Eva Wood b 1st qr 1898 Crawley d 9 Oct 1978 Chichester m George Albert JEFFERY (b 1st qr 1898 Itchingfield d 4 Mar 1951 Chichester) 3rd qr 1922 Westhampnett

852 Walter WOOD m Elizabeth Annie SMITH (b 4th qr 1860 Kensington) 22 Jun 1889 St Stephens Church Hammersmith

Note: Walter was a schoolmaster and in 1901 he was at 45 Beulah Road, Croydon

Child of Walter and Elizabeth
852b......Katherine A Wood b 1891 Shepherds Bush, London [1901 census]
852c......Mabel Gertrude Wood b 2nd qr 1891 Thornton Heath, Surrey
Note: In 1911 Mabel was an assistant teacher

854 Stephen John BRACKPOOL m Emma MARTIN (b 4th qr 1860 East Grinstead d 4th qr 1945 Uckfield) 3rd qr 1884 East Grinstead

Note: Stephen was a plumber living at 97 Queen's Road East Grinstead in 1891 and 2 Judges Terrace in 1901 and 1911

Children of Stephen and Emma
1037......Stephen Thomas Brackpool b 4th qr 1885 East Grinstead m Mary FORBES 3rd qr 1913 East Grinstead
Note: Stephen was a plumber in 1911
1038....Kate Brackpool b 4th qr 1887 East Grinstead m Frederick CARTER 2nd qr 1914 East Grinstead
Note: Kate was a domestic servant in 1911

888 William James SCARLETT m Elizabeth Alice PHILPOTT (b 1st qr 1840 Orsett bur 8 Apr 1894 St Kilda, Victoria, Australia) 6 Feb 1859 Holy Trinity, Hoxton

Note: William James Scarlett was made insolvent in 1870. In 1894, William, his son Walter and one other person were tried and acquitted of conspiracy to defraud.

Child of William and Elizabeth
1039......Walter Scarlett b 19 Jun 1859 Shoreditch d 1918 Brighton Victoria Australia m Margaret Johanna SMITH b 1862 Australia d 1908 Melbourne E) 1892 Victoria
1039b....Emma Alice Mary Scarlett b 1862 Nerring Victoria d 25 Sep 1906 St Kilda, Victoria
1039c....Ada Harriet Scarlett b 1864 Sandhurst, Victoria. d 8 May 1923 Hampstead, London m George Mitchell HALL (b abt 1858 d 16 Jul 1924 Hampstead, UK) 1904 Bendigo, Victoria.
Note: George and Ada (probably this couple) left Buenos Aires aboard the "Darro" arriving Liverpool 8 Apr 1919 with their children, Annie Elizabeth aged 13 yrs and Ada Jean aged 11 years
1039d....William Rigby Scarlett b 8 Nov 1866 Bendigo Australia d 20 Jan 1925 Melbourne Harriet Jane KENNER (b abt 1869 Brighton, Victoria d abt 1909 Bendigo Victoria1891 Bendigo Victoria
1039e....Eliza Jane Scarlett b 1868 Long Gully Victoria d 12 Feb 1946 Malvern, Victoria
1039f....Minnie Clara Scarlett b 1870 Sandhurst, Victoria bur 26 Jan 1871 Bendigo, Victoria
1039g....Albert Arthur Scarlett b 1873 Sandhurst, Victoria bur 15 Dec 1873 Bendigo, Victoria
1039h....Edwin John Ratcliff Scarlett b 1874 Sandhurst, Victoria bur 1960 Belgrave, Victoria m Alice Mary UPSTON 1897 Victoria
1039i....Agnes b 1876 Sandhurst, Victoria bur 24 Jul 1876 Bendigo Victoria
1039j....Ernest Edgar b 1877 Sandhurst, Victoria bur 4 Mar 1878 Bendigo, Victoria
1039k....Arthur Robert Scarlett b 1879 Sandhurst, Victoria d 17 Jul 1944 Prahran, Victoria m Florence Evelyn SAYERS (bur 16 Mar 1951 St Kilda, Victoria) 1901 Victoria
1039l....Herbert Croxton Scarlett b 1880 Sandhurst, Victoria bur 4 Jan 1946 Springvale, Victoria m Mary Ellen ROBINSON (b abt 1876 Melbourne bur 10 Sep 1957 Springvale) 1907 Victoria
1039m....Edgar Gerald Scarlett b 1882 Sandhurst, Victoria bur 19 Mar 1882 Bendigo
1039n....Gerald Norman Scarlett b 1883 Sandhurst, Victoria bur 6 May 1883 Bendigo
1039p....Elsie May Evelyn Scarlett b 1887 Sandhurst, Victoria bur 4 Apr 1887 Bendigo

889 John SCARLETT m Caroline Rebecca ALLEN (b 24 Apr 1851 Holborn bap 19 Jul 1851 St Lukes Sydney St Chelsea) 24 Dec 1876 St Pancras parish Church

Note: Caroline remarried to John Morgan 20 Jul 1884 St Pancras died Mar Qr 1904 Chelsea RD)

Children of John and Caroline
1040......John William A Scarlett b 18 Oct 1877 St Pancras d 2nd qr 1882 Holborn
1042......Frederick Charles Scarlett b 30 Oct 1880 Islington bap 28 Nov 1880 St Mary's Islington d 1st qr 1886 Holborn

890 Sarah SCARLETT m Frederick RALPH (b 1835/6 Friston d 23 Feb 1919 Dersingham) 26 May 1863 St Georges Church, Bloomsbury

Note: Frederick was the Royal Photographer and taught Princess Alexandra to use a camera.

One of Frederick's photos of the Royal family. - the following is taken from Queen Victoria A Biographical Companion by Helen Rappaport: "Alix (Princess Alexandra later Queen Empress Consort of King Edward VII) was no intellectual and took no interest in politics; her consuming passion was her children and her family in Denmark, as well as her horses and the many dogs she kept at Sandringham. In the 1870s she became greatly absorbed in a new interest - photography - receiving instruction from a Norfolk photographer, Frederick Ralph. She became one of the most accomplished photographers in the royal family and by the end of the 1880s was taking her Kodak camera everywhere."

A royal family group by Frederick Ralph in 1901.The sitters are King Edward VII and Queen Alexandra with the children of their son King George V. The boys at the front are from left Prince Albert later King George VI, Prince Henry (on his grandmother's lap later Duke of Gloucester) and Prince Edward, Duke of Windsor later King Edward VIII with his grandfather.

Children of Frederick and Sarah
1043......Louisa Matilda Ralph bap 4th qr 1864 St George Hanover Sq m Edward BUCKLAND (b 1st qr 1872 Heston) 2nd qr 1893 Brentford
1044......Alice Rhoda Ralph bap 11 Nov 1866 St George Hanover Sq d 4th qr 1919 Billericay
1045......Edith Sarah Ralph b 2nd qr 1868 Mayfair d 3rd qr 1871 St George Hanover Sq
1046......Amelia Ellen Ralph bap 2nd qr 1870 St George Hanover Sq d 3rd qr 1871 St Georges Hanover Square
1047......Frederick William Ralph b 3rd qr 1872 Dersingham m Rachel Annie MANN (b 1st qr 1881 Dersingham) 12 Oct 1901 St Luke's, West HoolowayIslington
1048......Walter Edwin Ralph b 3rd qr 1874 Mayfair m Lilian Eliza EMMERSON (b 1st qr 1886 Docking) 1st qr 1909 Docking
1049......Mabel Victoria Ralph b 2nd qr 1877 Dersingham
1050......Honoria Beatrice May Ralph bap 3rd qr 1879 St George Hanover Sq d 4th qr 1944 Kings Lynn

891 Mary SCARLETT m Walter PHILPOT (bap 13 Jul 1834 Orsett, Essex d 1898 Long Gully, Bendigo, Victoria) 18 Dec 1862 Sandhurst (now Bendigo) Victoria, Australia

Children of Walter and Mary
891b......Edgar Edward Philpot b 20 Aug 1867 Sandhurst (now Bendigo) Victoria d 1876 Sandhurst Victoria
891c......Arthur Stanley Philpot b 16 Sep 1873 Sandhurst Victoria d 1932 Sandhurst Victoria m Emma DAVEY (b 10 May 1876 Sandhurst Victoria d 11 Jun 1919 Australia) 27 Feb 1900 Ironbark, Victoria
891d......Thomas Ashley Philpot b 16 Apr 1877 Sandhurst Victoria d 30 Dec 1877 Long Gully Victoria

893 Emma SCARLETT with unknown partner

Note: Emma gave birth to a son William John. The identity of the father is not known for certain though William John's marriage does have his father as John Ebenezer SCARLETT. However, I have been unable to find John Ebenezer Scarlett anywhere and the 1881 census has Emma as a boarder with a John B. DARVILLE; William John is with them and listed as boarder's son. In the 1891 census, William John is shown as the 10 yr old son of John B. DARVILLE who has a wife Charlotte. Emma is not with them but is a Domestic Servant in Hammersmith. John B. DARVILLE is 73 yrs in that census which is not too old to be the father of a ten year old son. Charlotte, at 71, is too old to be the mother but is with John B. in the 51 and 61 censuses so it's not a case of them marrying in later life. Also possible that a son or nephew of John B. DARVILLE was the father.

Child of Emma and Unknown 1051......William John Scarlett b1880 Kensington m Mary Elizabeth Alice HAWKINS (b 2nd qr 1887 Lambeth) 22 Jul 1908 St Pancras

895 John Robert SCARLETT m Mary Ann JACKSON (b 1840/1 Islington d 18 Jan 1906 at 18 Pembridge Villas, Bayswater) 25 Dec 1862 St Georges Hanover Square

Note: John was a butcher

Children of John and Mary Ann
1052......Herbert Scarlett b 1st qr 1865 [Marylebone 1a 490] d 3 Apr 1900 Piccadilly
1053......Sidney Walter Scarlett b 3rd qr 1867 [Marylebone 1a 503] d 3rd qr 1877 Westminster
1054......Wilfred William Scarlett b 19 Apr 1869 [Marylebone 1a 488] d 15 Mar 1963 at 7 Strathway Gardens, Hampstead
Note: Wilfred was a purveyor of meat and a company director at the death of his wife
1055......Adeline Maud Scarlett b 4th qr 1870 Marylebone d 27 Nov 1936 SuttonSurrey
1056......Mabel Grace Scarlett b 7 Dec 1873 [Marylebone 1a 568] d 9 Feb 1952 East Sheen

896 James SCARLETT m Louisa RENDELL (b 2nd qr 1839 d 2nd qr 1903 St George Hanover Square) 25 Dec 1862 St Georges Hanover Square

Note: James was a butcher. The following article appeared in the Birmingham Journal of 28 Dec 1867:

Children of James and Louisa

1057......Louisa Scarlett b 5 Nov 1863 Marylebone d 5 Dec 1946 New Malden
1058......James Scarlett b 20 May 1865 Marylebone d 1st qr 1941 Medway
1059......Charles Scarlett b 4th qr 1866 Marylebone
1060......Rosa Scarlett b 11 May 1868 Westminster d 15 Jan 1943 Ealing m William James SALE (b 18 Apr 1872 London d 13 May 1959 Ealing) 9 Sep 1896 St George's Hanworth
Percy Scarlett b 19 Apr 1872 St Georges Hanover Square d 18 Feb 1950 Hampstead
1062......Ada Scarlett b 2 Apr 1876 Westminster d 2nd qr 1952 Surrey North
1063......Madeline Scarlett b 19 Oct 1877 Westminster d 12 Sep 1950 Richmond
1064......Florence Scarlett b 13 Nov 1879 Westminster d 9 Mar 1959 Lowestoft

897 Frederick SCARLETT m Martha COOK (b 16 Jan 1847 Clerkenwell bap 5 Dec 1847 d 1sr qr 1890 Fulham R D) 28 Jan 1869 St Georges Hanover Square

Note Frederick was a master butcher. In 1881 the family was at 47 Duke Street, St George Hanover Square and in 1891 they were at 59 Greenside Rd Hammersmith and Frederick was a widower and butcher.

Children of Frederick and Martha
1065......Amy Martha Scarlett b 10 Jul 1870 Brompton Mdx d 1st qr 1959 Ealing
1066......Frederick John Scarlett b 15 Oct 1871 Brompton Mdx bap 29 Apr 1872 Holy Trinity, Brompton d 1st qr 1920 Romford
1067......Harry Scarlett b 18 May 1873 Brompton Mdx
Note: In 1891 Henry was a porter
1068......Ernest Scarlett b 1st qr 1875 Brompton
Note: In 1891 Ernest was a porter
1069......Joseph Scarlett b 2nd qr 1877 [St George Hanover Sq 1a 139]
Note: In 1891 Joseph was an errand boy
1070......Walter Scarlett b 28 Sep 1880 [St George Hanover Square 1a 373] d 29 Jan 1945 Shepherd's Bush
1071......Arthur Scarlett b 2nd qr 1883 Shepherds Bush d 2nd qr 1917 Hammersmith
1072......Edwin Scarlett b 29 Aug 1884 Hammersmith [Fulham 1a 198]Shepherds Bush Hammersmith d 1st qr 1975 Hounslow

905 William SCARLETT m Emily DAY (b 3rd qr 1859 St James d 3rd qr 1901 Pancras) 5 Jul 1894 St Pancras

Note: William and Emily were living at 5 Princess Road, St Pancras in 1901

907 Edward Lewis STYLES m (a) Esther HINDS ( b 1st qr 1845 Cranbrook Kent d 1st qr 1900 Edmonton) 3rd qr 1875 Islington (b) Emma Miriam BARHAM(b 1858 Hoxton, London) 18 Sep 1902 St Peters, Hornsey [Edmonton 3a 794]

Note: In 1901 and 1911 Edward was a bank clerk and the family was at 22 Digby Rd Stoke Newington

Children of Edward and Esther
1074......Ernest Edward Styles b 4th qr 1876 Islington
1075......Herbert Montague Styles b 3rd qr 1878 Islington
Note: In 1901 Herbert was a bank clerk
1076......Sidney Hinds Styles b 1st qr 1880 Islington
Note: In 1901 Sidney was a bank clerk
1077......Edgar Lewis Styles b 2nd qr 1882 South Hornsey
Note: In 1911 Edgar was a banking clerk
1078......Wallace Cranbrook Styles b 2nd qr1884 South Hornsey
Note: In 1911 Wallace was an insurance clerk
1079......Ellen M J Styles b 4th qr1886 South Hornsey

942 James OSMOND m 844 Mary Ann ISTED 13 Mar 1878 Terling Essex

Hatherley Road, Sidcup c 1900 where James Osmond and his son Alfred died within a month

Note: James was cashier to fruit salesman, and later Trader, Borough Market, Southwark. The evidence he gave to a Royal Commission may be seen here and his will may be seen here.. Points to emerge from his evidence included the area of the space the family's stall in Southwark Borough Market occupied - 1070 square feet which works out at just less than 33' x 33' if it was square, the fact that he sometimes left home for work at 3 o'clock in the morning and a suggestion that the family had a fruit farm. However, the Will of William Hathrill, Fruit Farmer of Well Hill, Chelsfield, Kent says that he was in partnership with James Osmond of the Borough Market, supplying fruit and vegetables for James Osmond to sell on commission so the farm referred to was probably his.

Children of James and Mary Ann
1080......Ellen Maud Osmond b 29 Dec 1878 at 69 Dover St Newington, London bap 9 Feb 1879 St Saviours, Southwark d 4th qr 1913 Samford
1081......William James Osmond b 1st qr 1880 (registered at St Saviour, London) bap 26 May 1880 Terling d 1st qr 1924 Fulham
Note: William was a fruit salesman at 1901 census
1082......Alfred John Osmond b 16 Feb 1881 St Saviour bap 31 Jul 1892 St Stephens, South Lambeth d 19 Sep 1897 Sidcup buried. 23 Sep 1897 Sidcup, Kent in family grave.
1083......Alice Isabella Osmond b 16 Jan 1883 St Saviour bap 31 Jul 1892 St Stephens, South Lambeth d 21 Mar 1918 Ongar buried in family grave
1084......Constance Lillian Osmond b 27th Oct 1884 St Saviour bap 31 Jul 1892 St Stephens South Lambeth d 24 Dec 1973 Shawbury

943c Alfred ATKIN m Alice Clara ELSE (b 23 Feb 1862 southwark d 15 Aug 1948 South Norwood) 9 Dec 1883 Clapham St Paul

Children of Alfred and Alice
943g......Lilian Emmeline Atkin b 5 Sep 1886 Newington bap 24 Oct 1886 St Saviour, Southwark
943h......Mabel Annie Atkin b 9 Dec 1890 Newington bap 25 Jan 1891 Holy Trinity, Southwark m George HANCOCK (b 29 Oct 1887 Forest Hill, Kent) 1 Dec 1915 Herne Hill

908 Martha Hannah SCARLETT m Walter CHRISTMAS ( bap 7 Oct 1831 St Georges Hanover Sq d 28 Nov 1893 Barrow Rd Streatham) 9 Mar 1858 St Georges, Hanover Sq.

Child of Walter and Martha
908b......Ada Christmas b 1st qr 1859 St George, Hanover Sq. d 9 Oct 1952 1 Durrington Ave, Wimbledon m Frederick WOMACK (b 2nd qr 1857 St James, Westminster d 11 Mar 1924 The Croft, Finchamstead Berks) 18 Dec 1884 St Marys Kilburn

909 Ann SCARLETT m James KILBY (b abt 1834 Aldgate d 11 Jun 1921 Sydenham) 28 May St Georges Hanover Square

Note: James' obituary in the Kent and Sussex Couriersays he was president of the Butchers' Charitable Institution and past Master and late deputy Master of the Butchers' Company

Children of James and Ann
909b......Edwin Thomas Kilby b 2nd qr 1864 Stepney d 4th qr 1940 Surrey North Western m Eda Alice Amelia WRIGHT (bap 8 Apr 1866 Stepney d 2nd qr 1952 Surrey North Western) 19 Jul 1888 St Andrews Stoke Newington
909c......Stanley James Kilby b 2nd qr 1869 Pancras d 3rd qr 1949 Surrey South Eastern m Johanna HALLER (b abt 1879 place unknown but could be India) 31 Aug 1919 St Lukes Chelsea
Note: Stanley was an actor
909d......Frank William Kilby b 3rd qr 1870 Pancras
909e......Percy Winterbon Kilby b 1st qr 1875 Pancras d 8 Jan 1963 Sydenham m Dorothy Fanny WEBSTER (B 1st qr 1886 Highbury d 6 Nov 1979 Shortlands Kent 3 Jul 1906 Christchurch, Highbury (b 1st qr 1886 Highbury d 4th qr 1979 Bromley) 3 Jul 1906 Christ Church, Highbury
909f......Ashley Scarlett Kilby b 24 Aug 1878 St Pancras d 19 Aug 1971 Steeple Aston
909g......Leonard Gibbs Kilby b 1st qr 1883 Stamford HIll d 9 Aug 1975 Charlebury m Marjorie Mayson BEETON (b 2nd qr 1889 Hampstead d 23 NOv 1981 Charlbury) 2nd qr 1926 Chertsey

910 Emma SCARLETT m Charles Osborne MAY (b abt 1833 Clapham d 3 Nov 1913 Hornchurch) 20 Mar 1860 St George Hanover Sq

Children of Charles and Emma
910b......Arthur Charles May b 1st qr 1861 St Georges Hanover Square
910c......Constance May b 3rd qr 1863 St George Hanover Sq d 4 Aug 1948 South Croydon m Walter HEMINGWAY (b 2nd qr 1848 Marylebone d 4th qr 1932 Willesden) 4th qr 1894 Romford
910d......Edith May b 3rd qr 1866 St George Hanover Sq
910e......Ada Maud May b 3rd qr 1869 St George Hanover Sq
910f......Osbourne May b 3rd qr 1872 St George Hanover Sq d 3rd qr 1953 Cuckfield m Ethel KILLBY (b 3rd qr 1872 Stepney) 3rd qr 1902 Edmonton
910g......Loftus May b 1st qr 1876 St George Hanover Sq d 3rd qr 1891 Romford

912 Jane SCARLETT m John Wood Perks HATTON (b 1843 Ombersley Worcs d 14 Oct 1881 Brixton) 7 Jul 1869 St Pancras Church

Children of John and Jane
1085......John Wood Perks Hatton b 3rd qr 1870 London City bap 7 Sep 1870 St Botolph, Aldgate d 2nd qr 1876 London City
1086......Walter Scarlett Hatton b 6 Apr 1873 London City bap 11 Jun 1873 St Botolph Aldgate m Bertha SWINBURNE (b 3rd qr 1879 Rochdale) 2nd qr 1897 Kingston
Note: Walter was recorded as William at his marriage, but later census show him as Walter - a registrar's error?
1087......Florence Elizabeth Hatton b 6 Oct 1878 Lambeth bap 19 Mar 1879 St James, Lambeth

914 Helen SCARLETT m Charles HOLDEN (b 1st qr 1854 Abingdon) 7 Jul 1880 South Hackney Church

Children of Charles and Helen
1088......Dorothy Helen Holdenb 1st qr 1881 Guildford bap 2 May 1881 Guildford d 24 Feb 1945 Ferndown m William Lee MARSTON (b 1st qr 1879 Market Deeping d 25 Feb 1948 Mudeford Christchurch) 2nd qr 1908 Guildford
1089......Edward Charles Holden b 3rd qr 1882 Guildford

915 Louisa SCARLETT m Benjamin Ward FROST (b 4th qr 1843 Islington d 29 Apr 1924 Oakdene East Finchley ) 13 Apr 1875 St Pancras

Children of Benjamin and Louisa
1090......Cecil Scarlett Frost b 15 Apr 1876 Islington bap 10 Oct 1877 St John the Evangelist Hornsey d 3rd qr 1908 Barnet
1091......Mabel Louisa Frost b 4 Sep 1877 Holloway bap 10 Oct 1877 St John the Evangelist Hornsey d 7 Jun 1948 Highgate Hill, London m Sydney Walter TUBBS (b 3 Aug 1876 Islington d 5 Sep 1940 St Albans) 4 Jun 1902 St Michael, Highgate
1092......Kathleen Maud Frost b 1st qr 1879 Islington bap 9 Mar 1879 St Augustines Highbury d 1st qr 1909 Barnet
1093......Benjamin Wilfred Frost b 19 Aug 1880 Highgate bap 16 Sep 1880 St Augustines Highbury d 13 Oct 1919 Kelowna, British Columbia
Note: Benjamins Wilfred (Regimental Number 17089) was a Staff Sergeant in the 7th Battalion, Canadian Infantry;
1094......Harry Ward Frost b 3rd qr 1882 Islington bap 13 Jul 1882 St Augustines Highbury d 10 Sep 1975 Chesham m Constance Annie ERLEBACH (b 28 Mar 1886 Islington d 4th qr 1955 Amersham) 2nd qr 1911 Edmonton
1095......John Leslie Frost b 3rd qr 1886 Islington bap 30 Sep 1886 St Augustines Highbury d 4 Feb 1920 Finchley
1096......Eric George Frost b 1st qr 1888 Islington bap 8 Apr 1888 St Augustines Highbury d 26 Jan 1916 France
Note: Eric George was a Major in 1st/7th Bn the Middlesex Regiment and is buried at Estaires Communal Cemetery and Extension, Estaires, France

918 Robert SCARLETT m Caroline MORRIS (b 3rd qr 1845 Reigate d 1st qr 1920 Holborn)4th qr 1866 Islington

Note: Robert was a butcher

Children of Robert and Caroline
Q1......Annie b 1st qr 1868 Clerkenwell m George WAITE (b 1st qr 1869 Paddington) 3rd qr 1890 Paddington
Q2......Elizabeth Caroline b 3rd qr 1874 Piccadilly d 8 May 1909 Brixton

924 Ernest SCARLETT m Ethel Marion PRATT (b 5 Nov 1883 Marylebone bap 27 Apr 1884 St Mary's Marylebone d 1st qr 1938 Southwark) 3rd qr 1905 St George Hanover Sq

Note: In 1911 Ernest and family were living at 5 Kenwyn Rd, Clapham and Ernest was a "meat purveyor"

Child of Ernest and Ethel
1097......Dorothy Scarlett b 20 May 1906 bap 15 Jul 1906 St John the Evangelist, Brixton d 15 Feb 1960 Kennington
1097a....Eric Scarlett b 27 Jul 1922 Lambeth

926 Henry Stanley SCARLETT m Florence Margaretta DETTMER (b 12 Aug 1883 Kensington d 22 NOv 1975 Wimbledon) 27 Jul 1911 Surbiton

Child of Henry and Florence
926b......Graham Stuart Scarlett b 18 Dec 1912 Kingston d 1st qr 1999 Lewes m Esme Winifred BIRT (b 3rd qr 1917 Fulham d 3 Mar 2004 Brighton) 17 Dec 1948 Dusseldorf Germany

927 Frederick John SCARLETT m Gertrude Louisa DETTMER (b 31 Aug 1884 Kilburn d 1st qr 1973 Battle) 11 Aug 1910 Surbiton

Note: Frederick was a company director

Child of Frederick and Gertrude
927b...... Ina Margaret SCARLETT b 110 Sep 1913 Kingston d 29 Nov 2000 Hastings and Rother m Stanley Harry BANYARD (b 23 Mar 1905 Ipswich d 3rd qr 1976 Hastings) 26 Mar 1959 Register Office, Surrey Northern
Note: Ina was an actress and dancer, and later a garage clerk

In 1933 Ina was a Lady of the Chorus in the 1933 production of "Gay Divorce" which starred Fred Astaire in the role of Guy Holden.

The Dundee Courier of 17 Dec 1935 recorded:

and on 17 Jun 1936

During the court case, Ina's likeness to Jessie Matthews the musical film star of the day had been remarked upon and she subsequently became Miss Matthew's stand-in. You can see the likeness here if you look at the bottom left corner of the page.

In 1935 Ina had been crowned Carnival Queen of Surbiton.

928 Harold Robert SCARLETT m Gladys May Clifton NORMANSELL (b 8 Nov 1889 Oldbury d 9 Sep 1958 West Bromwich) 17 Jul 1915 St John's Putney

Children of Harold and Gladys
1098......Beryl Gladys Scarlett b 1 Jul 1917 West Bromwich d 31 Aug 1998 Kidderminster m Leslie Charles DANIEL (b 18 Jul 1911 West Bromwich d 25 Feb 1970 HandsworthBirmingham) 2nd qr 1949 Birmingham
Note: Beryl was a hospital nurse
1099......Leslie H Scarlett b 1st qr 1919 West Bromwich m Ida STOTT (b 1st qr 1927 Conway) 3rd qr 1957 Birmingham

929 Bertram Charles SCARLETT m Victoria GOODWIN (b 24 Apr 1887 Worcester St Witley d 3rd qr 1972 Surrey) 31 Aug 1912 St John's Putney

Note: Bertram died 21 May 1919 at sea. Hee was a Sergeant in the Bedfordshire Regiment and is commemorated at Hollybrook Memorial, Southampton. Victoria married again to Henry BRACE-LITTLE 1931

Child of Bertram and Victoria
1100......Bertram R Scarlett b 3rd qr 1913 Richmond, Surrey

931 George Herbert SCARLETT m Emily Maria READ 9b 2nd qr 1849 Reading d 1st qr 1940 Brentford) 1st qr 1870 Kensington

Note: George was a journeyman butcher in 1881and the family was at 23 Westbourne Terrace Nth, Paddington/In 1891 he was a butcher and was living at 36 Villiers Road, Willesden

Children of George and Emily
1101......Herbert George Scarlett b 4th qr 1870 Kensington d 1st qr 1961 Lewisham m Mary WATTS (b 3rd qr 1869 Tysoe, Warks) 14 Oct 1896 Willesden
1102......James Read Scarlett b 1st qr 1872 Kensington d 2nd qr 1952 Willesdenm Lilian Brown CROUCH (b 1875 Battersea) 22 Nov 1896 Brondesbury
Note: In 1891 James was a greengrocer and in 1911 he was a labourer
1103......Mary Scarlett b 1st qr 1876 Paddington d 2nd qr 1884 Hendon
1104......Frank Scarlett b 1st qr 1878 Willesden d 3rd qr 1915 Brentford m Sarah Elizabeth REYNOLDS (b 1st qr 1879 Willesden) 2 Sep 1900 Finchley
1105......Walter Edward Scarlett b 1st qr 1880 Hampstead 1st qr 1963 Willesden m Annie Sophia WEBB (b 4th qr 1881 Woolhampton, Berks) 3 Mar 1902 St Marylebone
1106......Ernest Bruce Scarlett b 1st qr 1882 Paddington
1107......Edith Nora Scarlett b 1st qr 1884 Willesden d 1st qr 1937 Poole m Samuel J YOUNG 15 Dec 1912 Wembley
1108......Harry Rupert Scarlett b 1st qr 1887 Willesden d 4th qr 1894 Hendon
1109......Lilian May Scarlett b 1st qr 1889 Willesden m (a) John George SODEN (b abt 1879 Ireland d 3rd qr 1919 Brentford) 23 Mar 1919 Hanwell (b) Charles William WALTERS (b 2nd qr 1882 Brentford d 3rd qr 1966 Hounslow) 2 Jan 1921 Ealing
1109a....Henrietta Louise Scarlett b 1st qr 1893 Willesden Green d 2nd qr 1915 Lewisham m Reginald John H BELCHER (b 3rd qr 1891 Torquay) 3rd qr 1914 Hendon

934 Eliza SCARLETT m Richard Heacock SMALE (b 1st qr 1850 Exeter) 1st qr 1878 St Georges Hanover Sq

Note: In 1881 the family was at 114 Mayall Rd Lambeth and Richard was a butcher. In 1891 they were at 2 Talma Rd East Brixton and Richard was a butcher's foreman

Children of Richard and Eliza
1110......Bertram Haylock Smale b 2nd qr 1879 Marylebone d 1st qr 1963 Wandsworth
Note: In 1901 Bertram was a publisher's designer lodging at 23 Cookham Rd, Fulham and the London Gazette of 7 Jun 1918 shows him as Deputy assistant Inspector of Aeroplanes, Aeronautical Inspection, Ministry of Munitions
1111......Daisy Smale b 3rd qr 1880 Lambeth bap 12 Sep 1880 St Jude, East Brixton
1112......Mary A Smale b 1st qr 1883 Lambeth bap 25 Feb 1883 St Jude East Brixton
1113......Hilda Eliza Smale b 1st qr 1884 Lambeth bap 30 Mar 1884 St Jude, East Brixton d 2nd qr 1884 Lambeth
1114......Richard Philip Smale b 3rd qr 1885 Lambeth bap 30 Aug 1885 St Jude, East Brixton
1115......David Smale b 19 Dec 1886 Lambeth bap 30 Jan 1887 St Matthew Brixton m Maud E TAVARE 4th qr 1913 Marylebone
Note: In 1911 David was an insurance clerk, living with Bertram and his new wife.
1116......Margaret Faith Smale b 4 Nov 1888 Brixton bap 30 Dec 1888 St Matthews Brixton m Leslie JONES 12 Apr 1915 Winnipeg
1117......Jessie Smale b 26 Oct 1891 Brixton bap 29 Nov 1891 St Matthew Brixton d 20 Mar 1982 Dover
1118......,B>Jeannie Smale b 21 Mar 1893 Brixton bap 30 Apr 1893 St Matthew Brixton d 4 Mar 1972 Folkestone

1119 Maud SCARLETT m Arthur Horace CARTHY (b 4th qr 1886 Lambeth d 4th qr 1932 Lambeth) 14 May 1910 Streatham

Children of Arthur and Maud
1119b......Sidney John Carthy b 3rd qr 1915 Lambeth d 3 Oct 2000 Lewes
1119c......Joan Winifred L Carthy b 3rd qr 1917 Lambeth d 4th qr 2003 Ludlow m Trevor Hilvin CREED (b 4th qr 1915 York d 3rd qr 1988 Worthing) 4th qr 1940 Marlborough

939 Ellen OSMOND m Henry James SMITH (b 1836/7 Southwark) 3rd qr 1865 Holborn

Henry was a fruit salesman

Children of Henry and Ellen
1120......John Henry Smith b 30 May 1866 Southwark m Mary Louisa L FISHLOCK (b 25 Jun 1870 St George East) 1st qr 1891 London City
1121......George James Smith b 27 Jul 1874 Southwark

940 Elizabeth Ann OSMOND m Thomas Daniel NIVEN 14 Jun 1875 Christchurch Southwark

Note: In 1881 Thomas was an engineer and the family was at 86 Dennetts Road, Deptford.

Children of Thomas and Elizabeth
1122......Joseph Niven b 2nd qr 1876
1123......Ellen Rose Niven b 2 Apr 1879 Plumstead, Woolwich d 3 Sep 1969 Brighton
1124......Elizabeth Annie Niven b 3rd qr 1880 Plumstead, Woolwich

941 John OSMOND m (a) Elizabeth ARMENER (b 27 Oct 1856 Walworth bap 16 Nov 1856 St Mary, Bermondsey d 10 Jul 1904 74 Trafalgar Road Camberwell) 15 Dec 1876 Trinity Church, St Mary, Newington (b) Ada Jane BOCKING widow nee HAMMOND (b 18 Jun 1872 Bethnal Green d 26 Oct 1958 West Bromwich) 11 Mar 1915 St Saviours with St Thomas, Southwark

Note: In 1881 John was a fruit salesman and was a Member of the Board of Works for St Saviour District in 1891 whilst living at 5 Borough Market. Ada Jane had previously been married to Leonard Stanley M BOCKING - in 1911 she was a widow and John was boarding at her house at 76 Trafalgar Road, Camberwell

John Osmond - it may have been 941 John or his son 1125 - exhibited at Crufts with an irish terrier named "Poet", which was born 10 May 1903.

Children of John and Elizabeth
1125......John Osmond b 18 Oct 1877 Borough Southwark [St Saviour 1d 18] bap 6 Jan 1878 St Saviours d 1st qr 1951 Surrey NE
1126......Albert Edward Osmond b 21 Apr 1879 Borough, Southwark [St Saviour 1d 20] bap 11 May 1879 St Saviours
1127......Ellen Florence Osmond b 28 Apr 1881 Borough, Southwark [St Saviour 1d 23] d 3rd qr 1956 Sidcup
1128......Elizabeth Maud Osmond b 9 Apr 1884 Borough bap 15 Jun 1884 St Saviours
1129......Florence Osmond b 12 Jul 1886 Borough bap 26 Sep 1886 St Saviours m Herbert Morris CLARK (b 25 Jul 1886 Southwark) 8 Apr 1911 St Caratherines Hatcham
1130....William Innes Osmond b 22 May 1888 Borough bap 29 Jul 1888 St Saviours d 4th qr 1888 St Saviours


962 Rosanna SARE m Benjamin Moulton DALLENGER (b 3rd qr 1844 Wickham Market d 2nd qr 1915 Tendring) 11 Apr 1874 Ufford

Children of Benjamin and Rosanna
962b......Frederick James Dallenger b 4th qr 1875 Woodbridge d 2nd qr 1893 Tendring
962c......William Elmer Dallenger b 2nd qr 1877 Woodbridge d 12 Aug 1953 Poole m Maud Mary FROST (b 4th qr 1881 Prittlewell, Essex d 3rd qr 1965 Weymouth) 4th qr 1899 Rochford
962d......Benjamin Moulton Dallenger b 29 Jul 1880 Woodbridge d 26 Jan 1949 Dulwich Hospital m (a) Ellen Sarah DENNINGTON (born Ellen Sarah Martin m William Dennington (b 2nd Qr 1898 Lambeth d as Sarah Ellen 1st Qr 1926 Wandsworth RD) 2nd qr 1903 Islington (b) Edith CORNISH Mar Qr 1940 Camberwell RD;
962e......Esther Maud Dallenger b 3rd qr 1882 Woodbridge
962f......Harriet Rose Dallenger b 4th qr 1883 Battersea m (a) Wilson HORNE (b 9 May 1864 Leeds d 2nd qr 1941 Willesden ) 3rd qr 1904 Camberwell (b) Charles Milton SMITH (b abt 1870 Shottisham) 1st qr 1907 Tendring
Note: the following is from the Old Bailey online website and is dated 7 Feb 1905: "WILSON HORNE (40), to feloniously marrying Harriet Rose Dallinger, his wife being alive. [Pleaded guilty.] Twelve months, hard labour."
962g......Ethel Dallenger b 1st qr 1885 Battersea

964 James Alfred SAYER m Alice Catherine SAIR (his cousin) 8 Jan 1883 Wesleyan Chapel, New Barnet

Note: James was landlord of the Ufford Crown from 1892 to 1900. After the death of James Alfred, Alice remarried to Charles Henry PALMER (b abt 1853 d 29 Jan 1935 Woodbridge) 2nd qr 1915 Woodbrodge

Children of James and Alice
1131......Victoria Alice M Sayer b 2nd qr 1887 Ufford
1131a....Norris James Sayer b 3rd qr 1889 Ufford d 20 Nov 1957 Woodbridge m Edith M DANIELS (b 21 Nov 1882 Woodbridge d 5 Dec 1961 Woodbridge) 25 Jan 1914 Woodbridge R D
Violet May Sayer b 17 Feb 1893 Ufford d 4th qr 1960 Rushmere St Andrews (bur Rushmere St Andrews)
1133......Esther Lily Sayer b 24 Sep 1897 Ufford d 1st qr 1917 Woodbridge
1134......Lucy Rose Sayer b 24 Sep 1897 Ufford d 3rd qr 1916 Bosmere

968 Louisa Elizabeth SAYER m Thomas Pountain TIPPELL (b 5 Feb 1858 Halesworth, Sfk d 24 Sep 1932 Edgeware Mdx) 29 Jul 1898 Boxted, Essex

Note: In 1881 Louisa was a governess for George and Maria WRIGHT at The Hall, Rushmere, Sfk. Thomas was the son of James TIPPELL and Harriet POUNTAIN. Witnesses to the marriage were Alfred and George Augustus SAYER. The family were at 48 Sheatley Road Willesden in 1901 where Thomas was a warehouseman and Traveller Clock importer and George's mother Harriet aged 77 was staying with them. and Louisa. Thomas Pountain Tippell who married Louisa Elizabeth Sayer was a son of James Tippell and grandson of Thomas Tippell.
1135......Thomas Lewis Tippell b 21 Aug 1899 Brondesbury, Mdx d 16 Nov 1954 Barnet General Hospital

969 Agnes Laura SAYER m Lewis Neriah WIGG (b 6 Oct 1862 Halesworth) 1 Dec 1887 Sternfield Sfk

Note: In 1881 Lewis was an apprentice Chemist working for William COOKE Pharmacuetical Chemist of St Giles St, Norwich. By the time he married he was a Pharmacuetical Chemist in Ipswich, and in 1901 they were living in Charlton, London. Lewis was the son of Lewis Neriah WIGG and Caroline Eliza TIPPELL (d 11 Jan 1851 Croydon) and the witnesses to the marriage were John Robert SCARLETT and Louisa E SAYER.

Children of Lewis and Agnes
1136......Thomas Tippel Wigg b 23 Aug 1888 Ipswich d 2nd qr 1968 Brighton
1137......Lewis Alfred Barrington Wigg b 3 Apr 1896 Charlton d 2 Aug 1960 Brighton
Note: Lewis became a bank clerk

970 George Augustus SAYER m (a) Emily BLACKBOURNE (b 21 Sep 1864 East Kirby bap 23 Oct 1864 Miningsby, Lincolnshire d 3rd qr 1909 Samford) 4 Jan 1899 Horncastle, Lincs (b) 1080 Ellen Maude CHAPMAN, nee OSMOND (wid ) 5 Oct 1910 Hatfield Peverel Essex (c) Maud Emily SOUTH (b 2nd qr 1880 Edmonton R D d 23rd Aug 1964 Felixstowe ) 12 Feb 1927 Tendring

Note: Ellen Maude OSMOND married James William CHAPMAN (b 3rd qr 1880 bap 17 Oct 1880 St Mary Lambeth d 6 DEc 1906 at 32 Pennington Rd, Southborough, Kent [of acute pulmonary Phthisis - TB] 24 Jun 1905 St Pauls Church Herne Hill when witnesses were Adolf REISS and James CHAPMAN - James was an accountant. Maud Emily SOUTH was registered at birth as Emily Maud

Between 1908 and 1916 George Augustus was listed as a farmer at Oil Mill Farm, Higham in Suffolk: he is missing in 1922.

Witnesses to his third marriage were John J and Maud M SOUTH; at the time George was living at Ash Farm, Weeley Essex and Maud at Brickhouse Farm Weeley. Maud was born about 1881, the fourth child of Samuel and Alice SOUTH nee BARNARD. Samuel was a maker of flower pots. There is a website for the South family which you can see here

Sayer (George Augustus) of Mill Farm, Higham advertised in the Essex Newsman for a young person in January 1917. He mentions 2 children so may have needed help with looking after them being a widower by then.

Child of George Augustus and Emily
1138......Alfred Sayer b 27 Sep 1900 Cockfield Sfk bap 26 Dec 1900 Boxted d 2nd qr 1914 Samford

Children of George and Ellen Maud
1139......Mary Sayer b 15 Sep 1911 Mill Farm Higham, Suffolk d 7 Jan 1999 Norwich
1140......Alec Sayer b 12 Dec 1912 Higham d 2 May 1997 Colchester R D

976 Arabella Miriam Mabel SAYER m John Frederick PARSON (bap 11 Jan 1877 Boxford d 17 Sep 1931 Clacton on Sea) 4 Nov 1902 St Marylebone.

Note: In 1911 the family was at Prior Lodge Rd, Prior, Clacton. John was a wholesale corn merchant and was connected with the Unionist and Comrades Clubs and the Sea Angling Club

Children of John and Arabella
1141......Donald Jack Edwin Parson 13 Nov 1903 Clacton d 10 Feb 1966 Colchester m Phyllis Noel KNIGHT (b 5 Jan 1905 Leytonstone d 21 Mar 1989 Clacton on Sea) 3rd qr 1936 Tendring
See Donald's gravestone
1142......Barbara Oona Marjorie Parson b 28 Nov 1910 Clacton on Sea d 22 Mar 1992 Clacton
1143......Gwendoline Cynthia Meryl Parson b 2nd qr 1919 Clacton on Sea d 2 Nov 2011 place unknown but probably Clacton

977 Laura SAYER m Frederick HARPER (b 1845 Stanhope St., Clare Market, London d 3rd qr 1918 Barnet) 15 Apr 1877 Christchurch, South Mimms

Note: Note: Frederick was a forgeman at a dental institute, and later a carpenter and the family were at 2 Harlands Cottages, Bells Hill,Arkley, Barnet in 1901

Children of Frederick and Laura
1144......Florence Alice Harper b 2nd Feb 1878 South Mimms bur 18 Nov 1884 South Mimms
1145......Frederick William Harper b 17 Apr 1880 South Mimms d 11 Mar 1951 St Albans m Ellen VYSE (b 23 May 1878 Barnet d 29 Mar 1951 Watford) 3rd qr 1910 Barnet
Note: In 1901 Frederick was a photo engraver and etcher
1146......Ernest James Harper b 1 Sep 1882 South Mimms d 8 Mar 1960 Barnet m Emily Florence BRADSHAW (b 3rd qr 1880 Barnet d 3rd qr 1965 Barnet) 2nd qr 1906 Barnet R D
Note: In 1901 Ernest was a printers cropper hand
1147......Alfred Edward Harper b 18 Jul 1889 Barnet m Annie Rosaline LENDON (b 24 Nov 1886 Islington d 2nd qr 1974 Enfield) 2nd qr 1924 Barnet R D
1148......Rose Bessie Harper b 22 Jun 1892 Barnet d 22 Oct 1983 Barnstaple m Joseph William ALDRIDGE (b 23 Dec 1886 Berkhampstead d 9 Nov 1964 Barnstaple) 4th qr 1914 Barnet
Note: Rose was a dressmaker
1149......Frances Jessy Harper b 21 Oct 1895 Barnet d 24 Jun 1973 Harrow m Fred Clarence HILLIER (born Clarence Fred Jun Qr 1891 Shaftesbury d 30 Nov 1945 Edgware) 2nd qr 1918 Barnet R D
1150......Lionel Henry Harper b1st qr 1899 Barnet d 7 Jan 1925 South Mimms

979 Norris Gardner SAYER m Margaret PRIEST (b Dec Qr 1853 Radlett bap 9 Oct 1853 Aldenham d 5 Mar 1936 Cardiff) 3rd qr 1886 Barnet RD

Note: In 1891 Norris was a labour master at union living at 4 Albion Place Chipping Barnet

Child of Norris and Margaret
1151......Alfred Norris James (Sair) Priest b 4th qr 1887 Northaw d 13 Nov 1957 Cardiff m Vera Matilda ELLIS (b 30 Sep 1892 d 30 Dec 1983 Cardiff)) 3rd qr 1917 Neath

980 Amelia Hannah SAYER m Alexander John TOSHACH (b 8 Aug 1868 Harwich d 30 Nov 1942 Woodbridge) 25 Nov 1895 St Johns Woodbridge

Children of Alexander and Amelia
1152......John Francis Toshach b 11 Sep 1896 Woodbridge d 23 Sep 1969 Woodbridgem Elizabeth Annie HOBBS (b 30 May 1889 Devenport d 2 May 1974 Rowhedge, Essex) 2nd qr 1919 Devenport
1153......Dorothy Beatrice Toshach b 17 Apr 1900 Woodbridge d 2nd qr 1979 Woodbridge m Ernest George FOSDIKE (b 13 Jul 1893 Woodbridge d 10 Jun 1979 Bromeswell) 3rd qr 1929 Woodbridge
1154......Alexander G Toshach b 16 Dec 1902 Woodbridge d 7 Feb 1980 Bromeswell m Gladys Lambert FAIRWEATHER (b 1st Apr 1903 Woodbridge d 26 May 1984 Kesgrave) 3rd qr 1931 Woodbridge

981 Frank Ernest SAYER m Alice SHRIMPTON (b 31 May 1872 bap 19 May 1872 Coleshill d 7 Apr 1935 Ipswich) 11 Jun 1898 St Mary's Church, Amersham, Bucks

Note: Witnesses to the marriage were Frederick and Kate SHRIMPTON. Frank was a pork butcher

Children of Frank and Alice
1155......Elsie Winifred Esther Sayer b 25 Apr 1899 bap 21 May 1899 Woodbridge d 31 Jul 1987 Woodbridge m Frank William TYSON (b 18 Dec 1897 Woodbridged 18 May 1984 Woodbridge) 22 Feb 1922 Woodbridge
1156......Eveline Mabel Sayer b 23 May 1904 Woodbridge d 19 Jan 1905 Woodbridge

983 Alfred Thomas SAYER m Fanny CURTIS (b 4th qr 1858 Alford, Lincs d 1st qr 1933 Hitchin) 4th qr 1884 Spalding R D

Note: Fanny was a milliner and in 1901 Alfred was a builder's foreman living at Station Rd Enfield. In 1911 Alfred was abuilders assistant and Stella was a school teacher: they lived at 31 Manor Road, Chase Side, Edmonton

Child of Alfred and Fanny
1157......Stella Constance Sayer b 26 Dec 1886 Enfield bap 8 Oct 1890 St Andrews Enfield d 7 Nov 1955 Harefield Hospital m Ernest Frederick JEFFERY (b 3 Jun 1880 Lamberhurst, Kent d 17 Dec 1953 Ruislip) 19 Apr 1911 Enfield

986 Henry William SAYER m Emily Grace BOATMAN (b 21 Sep 1869 Sawbridgeworth bap 17 Oct 1869 Sawbridgeworth d 21 Aug 1949 Chelmsford) 1st qr 1897 Bishops Stortford R D

Note: Henry and Emily were at the Apple Tree Inn Little Clacton from 1910 to 1914 (preceeding his cousin Barrington Cumming Sayer who was there from 1914) the Alma Inn, Springfield Chelmsford from 1917 to 1922 and the Plough, Springfield, Chelmsford later in 1925 and retired abt 1936 to live at Great Baddow.

A report on Henry's death in the Chelmsford Chronicle of 25 Dec 1942 reads,
"FORMER LICENSEE. The funeral took place on Saturday of Mr. Henry William Sayer, whose death occurred on Dec. 15 at Wickhams, Great Baddow, the residence of his daughter, Mrs. F. Collins. Mr. and Mrs. Sayer came from Burnt Mill, Harlow, to Chelmsford, where he was landlord of the Alma Inn, Springfield, and afterwards at Springfield Plough, retiring six years ago to live at Great Baddow. Service at St. Mary's Church was conducted by the Rev. R. H. Holmes. The mourners were : Mr and Mrs. F. Collins, Mr. and Mrs. Rondel, sons-in-law and daughters; Mr. A. T. Sayer. brother; Mr. B. Boatman, Mr. and Mrs. L. Boatman, brothers and sister-in-law; Mr. R. Collins, Mr. M. Rondel, grandsons; Mr. and Mrs. Davis, Mr. A. Boatman. Mr. E. Jeffrey, nephews and niece. The widow was unable to attend."

Children of Henry and Emily
1158......Winifred Isabel Sayer b 22 Sep1897 Enfield bap 26 Oct 1897 Enfield d Oct 1992 Chelmsford m Felix COLLINS (b 2 Mar 1898 Ashbocking d Oct 1988 Braintree) 1 Jul 1925 Springfield, Chelmsford
Note: Isabel was the first soprano to broadcast on radio. You can read about her
here here
Note: Tim Wander's book "MT WRITTLE - The Birth of British Broadcasting,' in addition to confirming Winifred's place as the first paid artiste, also says that the group she was an amateur soprano with was Freddie Munnion's concert band, 'The Funnions'. Tim also reveals that Winifred remembered being unimpressed by the new entertainment medium and calling the whole affair a "Punch and Judy show". Apparently, she had to use an upturned telephone mouthpiece as a microphone which cant have improved her mood.
1159......Edna Phyllis Sayer b 27 Mar 1904 Clacton d Aug 2000 Reading m William Alan Thomas RONDEL (b 13 Mar 1899 St Helier, Jersey d 3 Feb 1964 St Bartholomew Hospital Smithfield, London) 28 Apr 1926 Springfield Chelmsford

1054 Wilfred William SCARLETT m Frances Ada BROAD (b 27 Aug 1875 Henley d 15 Jan 1942 at 7 Strathway Gardens, Hampstead bur 20 Jan 1942 Hampstead cemetery) 2nd qr 1904 St George Hanover Square

Note: In 1911 Wilfred was a purveyor of meat and the family were at 1 Swallow St, St James, Westminster

Children of Wilfred and Frances
1160......Gladys Maud Scarlett b 28 Jul 1905 Westminster d 18 May 1978 Lindfield
1161......John Leslie Scarlett b 23 May 1908 Westminster d 29 Dec 2004 Malta
Note: John became a chartered accountant.
1162......Geoffrey Wilfred Scarlett b Jun 1912 Westminster m Helena F HIDSON (b 1st qr 1919 Barnet) 3rd qr 1952 Westminster
Note: Geoffrey became a chartered accountant.
1163......Irene Ada Scarlett b 7 Nov 1914 Paddington d 17 Feb 1991 Richmond m Frank Charles Onslow PARKHOUSE (b 4th qr 1914 Hendon d 14 Mar1982 Reigate) 3rd qr 1941 Hampstead

1055 Adeline Maud SCARLETT m Arthur John RODWELL (b 26 Aug 1865 Kensington d 16 Dec 1952 Sutton Surrey) 2nd qr 1901 St Georges Hanover Square

Note: Arthur was a baker and the family were at 35 Pembridge Villas, Notting Hill in 1911

Children of Arthur and Adeline
1164......Arthur John Scarlett Rodwell b 31 Dec 1902 Kensington d 17 May 1996 Sutton
1165......Gwendolen Maude Rodwell b 1st qr 1907 Kensington d 12 Mar 1998 Wycombe m Frederick Robert AINSWORTH (B 4th qr 1901 Hammersmith d 2 Sep 1966 Aylesbury ) 2nd qr 1934 Surrey Mid E)

1057 Louisa SCARLETT m Wiliam Bowler FAULKNER (b 15 Sep 1872 St Georges Hanover Square bap 24 Nov 1872 St George Hanover Square d 10 Feb 1961 New Maldon) 19 Sep 1895 Hanworth

Note: William was a bespoke Bootmaker and lived at "Sarand" Westbury Rd New Maldon

Children of William and Louisa
1166......Eric William Scarlett Faulkner b 4th qr 1898 St Georges Hanover Square d 26 Jul 1918 Killed in action Aveluy Wood, France
Note: Eric was a rifleman in 28th London Regiment (Artists' Rifles)
1167......Douglas Harold Kingsley Faulkner b 14 Feb 1900 St Georges Hanover Square m Blanch M HARRISON 1st qr 1939 Surrey NE

1058 James SCARLETT m Deborah BLOOMFIELD (b 3rd qr 1862 Yaxley, Suffolk d 2nd qr 1937 Bromley) 25 Sep 1899 St Marys Marylebone

Note: In 1911 James was a warehouseman and the family were at 106 Fernhead Rd, Paddington

Children of James and Deborah
1168......James Bloomfield Scarlett b 26 Aug 1890 Marylebone d 24 Jul 1973 Maida Vale m Florence Catherine ARBUCKLE (b 4th qr 1883 Cardiff d 16 Sep 1953Maida Vale) 2nd qr 1914 Marylebone
Note: in 1911 James was an engineer
1169......Gertrude Scarlett b 8 Jan 1893 Marylebone bap 26 Jan 1893 St Marys Marylebone d 2nd qr 1893 Marylebone
1170......Charles Scarlett b 16 Sep 1897 Marylebone bap 13 Feb 1898 St Marys Marylebone d 3rd qr 1977 Dover

1059 Charles SCARLETT m Georgiana Ashton ROONEY (b 1st qr 1867 bur 7 Apr 1915 Hanworth) 1st qr 1895 St Georges Hanover Sq

Note: Charles was a butcher and in 1901 the family were living at 57 Fulham Park Gardens, Fulham, and in 1911 at 5 Hanover Buildings, Thomas St W. Mary Elizabeth ROONEY Georgiana's sister was staying with them in both censuses

1061 Percy SCARLETT m Phyllis Matilda PILGRIM (b 10 Aug 1868 Clerkenwell d 18 Dec 1950 Hampstead) 4th qr 1902 St Georges Hanover Square

Note: In 1911 Percy was a butcher living at 3 Avenue House Henry St St Johns Wood

Child of Percy and Phyllis
1171......Alec Pilgrim Scarlett b 31 Jul 1903 Marylebone bap 9 Sep 1903 All Souls Marylebone d 31 Dec 1975 Hampstead

1062 Ada SCARLETT m Bertie Edward TRUMAN (b 17 Nov 1875 St James, Westminster d 3rd qr 1954 Surrey NE) 3rd qr 1905 St George Hanover Sq

Note: Bertie was a tea merchant

Child of Bertie and Ada
1172......Joan Evelyn Truman b 10 Aug 1910 Wandsworth

1063 Madeline SCARLETT m Walter Edward COLEMAN (b 22 Jun 1866 Marylebone bap 19 Aug 1866 St Andrews, Marylebone d 2 Jul 1920 Putney) 4th qr 1907 St Georges Hanover Square

Note: Walter was a stock and share dealer

Children of Walter and Madeline
1173......Walter Stuart Coleman b 27 Jun 1909 Putney d 6 Apr 1990 Elloughton Brough, N. Humberside
Note: Walter was a Scientist connected to the Aircraft Industry
1174......Leslie J Coleman b 2nd qr 1913 Wandsworth

1064 Florence SCARLETT m Sidney Arthur TRUMAN (b 23 Feb 1873 St James, Londond 27 Mar 1960 Gorleston) 3rd qr 1905 St Georges Hanover Square

Children of Sidney and Florence
1064b......Sidney Barrington Truman b 3rd qr 1906 New Maldon, Surrey m Ethel Winifred FORD (b 1st qr 1903 Canterbury d abt 1949 Paris) abt 1932 Paris Consulate
1064c......Arthur Desmond Truman b 27 Sep 1914 Kingston d 1st qr 1993 Gt Yarmouth m Marjorie Rose WIGG (b 24 Jul 1914 Mutford d 2nd qr 1997 Gt Yarmouth) 4th qr 1939 Lothingland

1065 Amy Martha SCARLETT m Walter REE (b 28 Aug 1859 Islington bap 17 Mar 1861 Pinner d 1st qr 1929 Brentford) 26 Dec 1896 Battersea parish church

Note: Walter was an engineers iron turner and in 1901 the family was at 26 Castle St Battersea. In 1911 they were at 46 Cranbrook Rd Chiswick and Florrie SCARLETT, a waitress was a boarder

Children of Walter and Amy
1175......Ernest Walter Ree b 18 Jul 1898 Hoxton bap 28 Oct 1898 St Mary Battersea d 20 Sep 1967 Rochford m Alice Victoria M RECORD (b 4 Jul 1897 Pancras d 7 May 1980 Rochford) 2nd qr 1925 Lambeth
1176......Nellie Amy Caroline Ree b 2 Dec 1899 Battersea bap 26 Jan 1900 St Mary Battersea d 3rd qr 1916 Edmonton

1066 Frederick John SCARLETT m Elizabeth BROWN (b 1877/8 St Pancras) 4th qr 1903 Pancras

Note: Frederick was a general labourer in the building industry in 1911 and the family lived at 196 Weedington Rd Kentish Town

Children of Frederick and Elizabeth
1177......Florence Scarlett b 1st qr 1907 St Pancras
1178......Frederick Scarlett b 4 Jul 1908 St Pancras

1069 Joseph SCARLETT m Florence Louisa HALL (b 2nd qr 1877 Islington d 3rd qr 1902 Fulham 26 Dec 1897 St Mary's Hammersmith

Children of Joseph and Florence
1179......Florence Nettie Scarlett b 7 Mar 1898 Hammersmith d 1st qr 1992 Hammersmith m Frank Edgar MEADS (b 4 Sep 1897 Hammersmith d 1 Jan 1982 White city, London) 4th qr 1923 Hammersmith
1180......Joseph Thomas Scarlett b 29 Jan 1899 Hammersmith bap 9 Feb 1899 Hammersmith m Prudence M FIDO (as Prudence M V b 2nd qr 1897 Plumstead d 1st qr 1945 Bromley) 4th qr 1923 Hammersmith
Note: Prudence was born Mary Prudence Victoria Colton and was previously married to Thomas S FIDO 1st qr 1917 Southwark
1181......Matilda Ann Elizabeth Scarlett b 1 Aug 1901 Fulham bap 25 Aug 1901 St Mary, Stamford Brook m William BETTS (born abt 1902 place unknown died 6 Jan 1931 Shepherds Bush) Jun Qr 1927 Hammersmith

1070 Walter SCARLETT m Rebecca STOCKTON (b 20 Dec 1880 d 20 Jun 1940 Hammersmith) 23 Sep 1900 Fulham

Note: In 1911 Walter, carman for an iron foundry, and family were living at 36 Leffern Rd Shepherds Bush

Children of Walter and Rebecca
1182......Rebecca Scarlett b 20 Feb 1901 Kensington [Fulham 1a 182] d 23 Jun 1988 Edgton, Salop m Joseph Albert CLEMENTS (b 9 Oct 1898 Swinton d 4th qr 1977 Wrekin) 4th qr 1920 Wellington
1183......Walter Scarlett b 2nd qr 1902 Kensington [Fulham 1a 186] d 20 Sep 1955 Shepherds Bush m Florence Maud ASH (b 9 Jan 1902 Portsmouth d 1st qr 1978 Hounslow) 4th qr 1929 Hammersmith
1184......Susan Ann Scarlett b 2nd qr 1904 Kensington m Alfred A BAKER 3rd qr 1923 Hammersmith
1185......Nellie Scarlett b 20 Feb 1906 Shepherds Bush [Fulham 1a 183] d 1st qr 1988 Kingston upon Thames m Henry Wilson STAINES (b 27 Nov 1907 Fulham d 18 Apr 1980 Ealing 1st qr 1936 Hammersmith
Henry served as a regular in the Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire Light Infantry from 1924 until 1931 and during the Second World War served in the Pioneer Corps as a Sergeant,from 1940 until 1944. He was wounded in North Africa, but retained enough vision to keep working for a number of years and joined St Dunstans [now Blind Veterans Uk] in 1977)
1186......Dorothy Rose Scarlett b 29 Aug1908 Kensington [Fulham 1a 134] m Frank Ernest John COATES (b 27 Jan 1908 HighWycombe d 30 Nov 1956 Brockley London) 4th qr 1932 Hammersmith
1187......Frederick Joseph Scarlett b 12 May 1910 Kensington [Fulham 1a 180] d 3rd qr 1964 Hendon m Cissie Isabel DOWSETT (b 1st qr 1919 Hammersmith 4th qr 1939 Hammersmith
1188......Ernest Arthur Scarlett b 8 Apr 1912 [Fulham 1a 341] d Nov 1998 Richmond upon Thames
1189......Percy Scarlett b 21 May 1913 {Fulham 1a 395] d 2nd qr 1994 East Staffsm Audrey D KING 4th qr 1947 Kensington
1190......George Edward Scarlett b 12 Sep 1914 [Fulham 1a 306] d Feb 1989 Hammersmith m Ellen Virginia FOWLER (b 3 Oct 1913 Fulham) 2nd Qr 1947 Hammersmith RD
1190a....Henry Alfred Scarlett b 18 Oct 1915 Hammersmith d 10 Jun 1980 New Addington m Winifred Edith HILDER (b 15 Mar 1913 d 25 Dec 1992 New Addington) 1st Qr 1944 Croydon
1190b....Benjamin J Scarlett b 25 Feb 1917 Hammersmith d 3rd qr 2002 Brightonm Josephine G TAYLOR (b 16 Mar 1916 Bristol d 4th qr 2006 Lewes) 4th qr 1938 Hammersmith
1190c....Sylvia Scarlett b 2nd qr 1920 Hammersmith d 2nd qr 1921 Hammersmith
1190d....Ethel Violet Scarlett b 21 Feb 1922 Hammersmith d 15 Aug 1922 Hammersmith

1072 Edwin SCARLETT m Rose WOOLMER (b 22 Nov 1880 Chelsea d 13 Dec 1961 Withington Manchester ) 4th qr 1904 Fulham

Note: Edwin was a carman butcher living at 1 Gillards Place Hammersmith in 1911

Children of Edwin and Rose
1191......George Edwin Scarlett b 27 Nov 1905 Hammersmith d 20 May 1985 Manchester m Caroline Agnes OLD (b 25 Oct1910 Clerkenwell d 3rd qr 1951 Manchester) 23 Mar 1940 Clerkenwell
Note: Caroline became a cigar maker
1192......Rose Florence Louisa Scarlett b 16 Jun 1908 Hammersmith d 27 Jun 1947 Finchley m John S SHARP 1st qr 1931 Finsbury
1193......Frederick Ernest Scarlett b 3rd qr 1911 Clerkenwell d 5 Jun 1921 Clerkenwell

1073 Florrie SCARLETT m George F DARVILL (b 2nd qr 1882 Fulham) 1st qr 1913 Fulham d 24 Nov 1917 France

Note: George F was a Private in the Middlesex Regiment and is remembered on Panel 9 of the Cambrai Memorial, Louverval, France

Children of Florrie and George
1073b......Florence V Darvill b 30 Sep 1913 Brentford m Reginald ADAMS (b 18 Jan 1914 Brentford) 3rd qr 1938 Brentford
1073c......Cecil W Darvill b 8 Feb 1915 Brentford d 17 Oct 1994 Uxbridge
1073d......Walter G Darvill b 25 Oct 1916 Brentford d 6 Jun 1956 London Hospital m Minnie H MANN [born Minnie H REED 1st qr 1906 West Ham m George P MANN 3rd qr 1933 West Ham RD] died 4th Qr 1996 Thanet RD) 4th qr 1953 Romford RD

Children of Florrie and unknown
1073e......Arthur Darvill b 3rd qr 1920 Brentford d 4th qr 1920 Brentford
1073f......Joyce S Darvill b 1st qr 1927 Brentford

1003 Horace George ISTED m Naomi STANLEY (b 2nd qr 1874 Croydon d 3rd qr 1950 Croydon) 4th qr 1894 Croydon

Note George was a bootmaker in 1911 living with the family at 44 Napier Rd South, Croydon

Children of George and Naomi
1194......Henry Isted b 1898 Northapton
1195......Stanley Isted b 1900 Northapton
1196......Bessie Isted b 1905 Croydon
1197......Olive Isted b 1910 Croydon

1012 George John ISTED m (a) Rose Selina HAWKINS (b 4th qr 1872 Manningford Bruse, Wilts d bur 5 Nov 1918 Hackney) 19 Nov 1893 All Saints Paddington (b) Ann REDWOOD (b 27 Aug 1862 Clerkenwell d 1 Jul 1958 Rosemead, Terling, Chelmsford) 4th qr 1920 Hackney

Note: George was a police constable in 1911 living at 134 Graham Rd Dalston London NE

Children of George and Rose
1198......Alfred Charles Isted b 17 Jan 1895 Brixton bap 3 Apr 1895 St Matthews Brixton d 1974 Western Australia m Gladys Agnes FOWLER (b 1 Jun 1899 Rodbourne Cheney, Wilts d 1985 Western Australia) 4th qr 1919 Swindon
Note: In 1911 Alfred was a butchers assistant and by 1919 he added Miner to his civilian life occupations, enlisted with 51st Battalion, 3rd Reinforcement of the Australian Commonwealth Military Forces on 9 Mar 1916 as a Private. His unit embarked from Fremantle, Western Australia on board HMAT A48 Seang Bee on 18 Jul 1916. He saw service on the Western Front and was awarded the Meritorious Service Medal, British War Medal and Victory Medal. The citation for his Meritorious Service Medal award reads as follows: "During period 25th February to 31st December 1918 this Non-Commissioned Officer has rendered continuous and conspicuously good work as Scout Sergeant. he has always displayed splendid initiative in making difficult reconnaissances and gaining valuable information. His devotion to duty and ever cheerful manner have always been a splendid example to his comrades."

Gladys was admitted to Hambrook School 8 Jun 1903 and left 10 Jun 1913 to go into Service

1199......Lilian Agnes Isted b 17 May 1896 Dalston bap 31 May 1896 St Marks Dalston d 1st qr 1898 Hackney RD
1200......Beatrice Ada Isted b 27 Apr 1898 Dalston bap 15 May 1898 d 2 Oct 1982 Stisted m David Portway CHURCH (b 22 Nov 1891 Terling d 28 Nov 1971 Terling) 7 Jun 1924 Terling
1201......Agnes Rose Isted b 19 Oct 1899 Dalston bap 8 Nov 1899 Holy Trinity Dalston d 2nd Aug 1963 Braintreee m Harry HUMPHREYS (b 17 Mar 1900 Terling d 1s Mar 1954 Rayne) 19 Jun1926 Terling
1202......Hilda May Isted b 1 Aug 1902 Dalston bap 15 Aug 1902 Holy Trinity Dalston d 15 Apr 1993 Chelmsford m Charles HUMPHREYS (b 14 Sep 1904 Terling d 12 Feb 1978 Chelmsford) 1st qr 1926 Braintree
1203......George Nathan Isted b 16 Jun 1907 Hackney d 11 Aug1993 Terling m Elizabeth Grace COOK (b 9 Nov 1899 Marylebone d 3rd qr 1990 Braintree) 19 Nov 1932 Terling
Note: George Nathan was an egg retailer. He was convicted of driving a motor vehicle in a manner dangerous to the public at Margaretting 18 October 1933. He was fined a total of 2.00 including costs and had his licence endorsed. The Essex Newsman of 21 October 1933 reports that he was driving a lorry on the London Road between Widford and Margaretting and was accompanied in the driving cab by his sister Doris and a Miss Ruby Perkins. All three were taken to hospital in Chelmsford with severe cuts and shock. His vehicle collided with another lorry in the fog (hope he had got rid of any eggs he was carrying before the crash)
Elizabeth was a district nurse

1203a....Doris Minnie Isted b 15 Aug 1912 Hackney d 16 Dec 1993 Braintree m Eric William CLAYDON (b 14 Nov 1911 Bocking d 15 Sep 1995 Rayne, Essex) 14 Mar 1936 Terling

1013 Walter ISTED m Julia Anna HAWKINS (b 2nd qr 1878 Manningford Bohune, Wilts) 31 Jul 1898 St Mary's Islington

Note: Walter was a navvy in 1901 but in 1911 he was a carman for a removal contractor living at 77 Cavendish Rd, Highams Park, Essex

Children of Walter and Julia
1204......Charles Walter Isted b 4th qr 1899 Higham Hill d 4th qr 1926 Stepney
1205......Gladys Annie Isted b 4th qr 1901 Higham Hill Walthamstow
1205a....Rose Julia Isted b 1st qr 1904 West Ham d 2nd qr 1905 West Ham

1015 Henry Thomas ISTED m Alice Hartley BENNET (b 1st qr 1874 Broomfield Essex d 23 Oct 1937 Chelmsford Hospital) 2nd qr 1898 Chelmsford

Note: Henry was an estate clerk in 1911 living at Church Green, Terling, Essex

The Essex Standard of 11 Feb 1893 reported: "TERLING. Accident. On Monday morning, (Feb.6 1893), Mr. Henry Isted was driving home from Hatfield Peverel Station, when his horse slipped and fell beneath the shafts, breaking one of them and injuring the horse's front legs and body. The driver had his feet against the dashboard, and was thus prevented from falling out of the cart, but he sustained a serious shock. The horse is a valuable one and much prized by Mr. Thos. Isted who has had it for some years."

Children of Henry and Alice
1206......Henry Thomas Isted b 26 May 1899 Terling d 19 Aug 1966 Hatfield Peverel m Ethel Margaret CLEVERLY 9b 3rd qr 1896 Manningford Bohune, Wilts d (9 Jan 1969 Rose Cottage, Harfield Peverel) 3rd qr 1925 Braintree
Henry was a wireless instrument maker
1207......Gerald Arthur Isted b 28 Nov 1903 Terling d 7 Sep 1994 Terling
1208......John Geoffrey Isted b 18 Jun 1909 Terling d Aug 1990 Waveney m Mabel Emily YEATS )b 18 Feb 1907 Edmonton d Apr 1994 Colchester 1st qr 1934 Woolwich
John was a milk bacteriologist

1016 Percy Charles ISTED m Lilian Alice NOKES (b 4 Apr 1886 Chelmsford d 20 Dec 1962 Orsett Hospital, Essex) 2nd Sep 1908 St Johns Church Chelmsford

Note: Percy was a printer's compositor

Child of Percy and Lilian
1209......Ida Lilian Isted b 7 Jun 1909 Chelmsford d 3rd qr 1981 Kings Lynn m Walter Wallace LIGGINS (b 15 Feb1906 Mistley d 3rd qr 1988 Kings Lynn) 3 May 1947 London Rd Congregational Church Chelmsford

1017 Frank ISTED m Harriet BULLEN (b 5 Oct 1884 Overstrand d 17 Feb 1966 Brentwood) 4th qr 1907 Cromer Church

Note: Frank was a gardener, domestic and later was Head Gardener to Lord Battersea and Col and Mrs Barclay. Harriet was a schoolteacher

Children of Frank and Harriet
1210......Lilian Edith Isted b 18 Sep 1908 Hanworth d 23 Oct 1993 Addlestone
1211......Thomas Herbert Isted b8 Dec 1909 Hanworth d 10 Mar 1985 Pyrford

1022 Maude Leslie ISTED m Charles UNSTED (b 4 Feb 1887 Watling d 3rd qr 1970 Eastbourne) 2nd qr 1910 Eastbourne

Note: Charles was a fishmonger

Children of Charles and Maude
1212......Leslie Unsted b 2nd Nov 1910 Hastings d 1st qr 1997 Eastbourne m Catherine Elizabeth F PACKHAM (b 4 Feb 1910 Hailsham d 1st qr 2006 Eastbourne) 2nd qr 1938 Hailsham
1213......Lilian M Unsted b 2nd qr 1912 Hastings d 1st qr 1997 Eastbourne m George MORLEY 4th qr 1932 Eastbourne
1214......Charles Edward Unsted b 22 Nov 1913 Hastings d 4th qr 1989 Derby m Nellie Margaret BAKER 4th qr 1938 Dartford
1215......Cecil Unsted b 10 Nov 1919 Hailsham d 2nd qr 1992 Eastbourne m Teresa Mary SHIPCOTT (b as Teresa Mary WALLIS 3rd qr 1909 Croydon) 4th qr 1958 Hailsham
Note: Teresa was married to George C Shipcott 2nd qr 1936 Croydon

1023 Lilian Bertha ISTED m William Charles MOSDALL (b 128 Nov 1886Brentford d 4th qr 1961 Ealing) 3rd qr 1914 Brentford

Children of William and Lilian
1023b......Ivy L Mosdall b 29 Sep 1915 Brentford m Joseph J RUSSELL 4th qr 1940 Brentford
1023c......Alfred W C Mosdall b 5 Oct 1919 Brentford d 4th qr 1986 Nottingham m Gladys STANBURY (b Gladys Martin 21 Jun 1918, previously married to Henry C H Stanbury 1st qr 1938 Brentford d Jun 1997 Bullingdon) 4th qr 1949 Ealing
1023d......Donald Harry Mosdall b 19 Aug 1924 Brentford d Feb 1998 Hatfield m Joyce HARMAN 1st qr 1948 Ealing
1023e......Elsie N Mosdall b 1st qr 1927 Brentford m Reginald James DUNCAN (b 1 Oct 1922 Willesden d 4th qr 1995 Brent) 4th qr 1944 Brentford
1023f......Norman L Mosdall b 3rd qr 1931 Brentford m Sheila D L KEEBLE (b 4th qr 1933 Willesden) 1st qr 1954 Willesden

1024 Alfred William ISTED m Ethel Gertrude HILLS (b 26 Jun 1890 Pett, Sussex d 4 May 1973 Hastings) 4th qr 1916 Hastings

Note: Ethel remarried after Alfred's death Albert J Stace 1st qr 1950 Hastings

Children of Alfred and Ethel
1024b......Richard Alfred Isted b 19 May 1920 Epsom d 21 Aug 1995 Belmont m Sylvia Mary DENNY (b 8 Jun 1925 Epsom d Jul 1999 Sutton 3rd qr 1946 Surrey Mid Eastern
1024c......Eric J Isted b 1st qr 1923 Epsom m Irene SNAPE 3rd qr 1946 Surrey Mid Eastern
1024d......Sheila B Isted b 3rd qr 1925 m Ernest P BOWRA (b 1st qr 1923 Limehouse d 1 Sep 1979 Burgess Hill) 4th qr 1948 Surrey Mid Eastern

1081 William James OSMOND m Ruby Mary ROBERTS (b 2nd qr 1885 Lambeth d 4th qr 1953 Uxbridge) 22 Jan 1907 St John the Evangelist, Brixton

Note: William was a fruit salesman in the 1901 census. Ruby remarried to Charles L BOLTON 1st qr 1928 Fulham

Children of William and Ruby
1216......Doris Mary Osmond b 7 Nov 1907 Clapham d 21 Apr 1996 Canterbury
1217......Denys Alfred Hugh James Osmond b 4 Jan 1909 Lambeth d 18 Dec 1971 London SE19
1218......Ruby Joan Osmond b 21 Jun 1910 Wandsworth d 2nd qr 1929 Chelsea RD
1219......Alun James Osmond b 21 Feb 1912 Lambeth d 8 Apr 2002 Haywards Heath m Lily TOYER (b 4 Nov 1905 Battersea d 1st qr 1974 Brighton) 2nd qr 1934 Wandsworth
1220......Richard Bryan Osmond b 11 Dec 1913 Lambeth d 20 April 1990 Sutton R D Surrey
1221.....Phyllis Ruth Osmond b 31 Dec 1914 Lambeth RD d 4th qr 1956 Hampstead m John BACON 4th qr 1943 Uxbridge
1222......Charles Jack Osmond b 22 Feb 1916 (?) d 2nd October 1942 m Muriel Elizabeth Buchanan DUNLOP 14 Dec 1941 Ruislip Manor, Mdx
Note: Charles was a Flying Officer, no 47685 in 106 Squadron in 1942 and was killed over Germany. His body was re-interred at Reichswald Forest War Cemetery, Kleve, Nordrheim after an initial burial. The London Gazette shows Charles appointment on 13 Dec 1941 to Leading aircraftsman. On 1st Oct 1942 he was promoted to Flying Officer. The wedding certificate shows Charles as a Seargent observer in the RAF and Muriel as a 20 year old private in the ATS. After Charles' death, Muriel remarried to Norman H TAPLIN 3rd qr 1948 [Croydon 5G 263]

Flying Officer Charles Jack OSMOND, service no 47685 was in a Lancaster bomber which was hit by flak at 13000 feet near Bochum, Germany. The plane, Lancaster Mk1 W4768 had taken off from Syerston, Notts, at 18.50 hours on 2nd Oct 1942 and the bombs had already been dropped over Krefeld.
Charles and one other were killed instantly, one man died of his wounds and four became POWs.The plane had recorded 19 hours flying when it was shot down. Charles appears on the war memorial (below) at Ruislip. A Lancaster bomber is shown on the right.

1223......Gerald Noel Osmond b 25 Dec 1920 Fulham

1083 Alice Isabella OSMOND m William Errington SMITH (b 2nd qr 1882 Camberwell d 18 Sep 1953 49 Palace Mansions London W14) 10 Jun 1911 St Pauls, Herne Hill London

Note: William was a bank clerk, later a bank manager

Children of William and Alice
1224......Osmond James Smith 3rd qr 1912 Camberwell d 3rd qr 1980 Sutton
1225......Gordon Errington Smith b 12 Jul 1912 Camberwell d 2nd qr 1982 Kensington & Chelsea m Edith M SHEPPARD 2nd qr 1935 Lambeth
1226......Bernard Malcolm A Smith b 23 Jul 1913 Camberwell d 1st qr 1983 Cheltenham

1084 Constance Lilian OSMOND m James GILCHRIST (b 4 Jul 1877 Rothienorman, Aberdeenshire d 27 Dec 1953 Beckenham) 5 Jan 1907 Weybridge, Surrey

Note: James was a doctor of medicine who graduated from University of Aberdeen

Children of James and Constance
1227......George Gilchrist b 29 Jun 1908 Farnboro' House, Kirkdale, Sydenham d 22 Jun 1975 White Cottage, Shawbury, Shropshire
1228......Kenneth James Gilchrist b 8 Mar 1910 Farnboro' House, Kirkdale, Sydenham d 23/24 Oct 1992, cremated 27 Oct 1992 Vatuwaga, Fiji
Note Kenneth J GILCHRIST was the Principal of the Central medical school of the South Pacific. His qualifications were: MBBS, LRCP, FRCS,FIM and he was awarded the OBE and was a member of the Order of St John of Jerusalem

He left an obituary which reads

"Born in London, graduated in medicine Guy's hospital, London, 1932. After a number of house appointments he joined the Colonial Medical Service in 1936 as Surgeon and remained in this until his retirement in 1970. He was Civil Surgeon to Gibraltar for ten years through the Spanish Civil War and the 2nd World War (liaison with R.A.M.C., status of Lieutenant Colonel). In 1946 was appointed Fiji's first Surgeon Specialist; in 1949 Surgeon Specialist to Northern Nigeria; returned to Fiji in 1952. In 1956 he opted out of Practical Surgery for full-time work in the Fiji School of Medicine (then Central Medical School of the South Pacific), at which he continued (the last six years as Principal) until his retirement in 1970 at age of 60.

He was educated at West Hill Preparatory School in Sydenham and Dulwich College and won prizes for anatomy and physiology at Guy's Hospital Medical School. The house appointments mentioned in his obituary included ones at Guy's and the Kent and Sussex Hospital before he was awarded his FRCS in 1935.

Since retirement he lived quietly in Lami. Many young Fijians of Lami, Suvavou and Suva will remember him as "Professor." He built up a well-known extensive collection of seashells, and in recent years personally collected a great number of fossil seashells of old Fiji (Pliocene and Miocene, back to 7,000,000 years old) which he fully catalogued. He never took Fiji citizenship, preferring to retain his British Nationality. He was cremated at his wish very privately at Vatuwaqa on Tuesday the 27th day of October 1992.


1110 Bertram Haylock SMALE m Elizabeth Rose REDSULL (b abt 1872 Knightsbridge d 22 May 1941 St John's Hospital, Battersea) 4th qr 1905 Fulham [Fulham 1a 474]

Note: In 1911 Bertram and family were at 15 Lower Park Fields, Putney and he gave his occupation as Artist and designer

Child of Bertram and Elizabeth
1229......Enid H Smale b 3rd qr 1913 Wandsworth

1123 Ellen Rose NIVEN m William Alfred George HERYET (b 7 Jan 1870 12 Todds Cottages, Lewisham d 30 Jun 1944 Brighton) 19 Nov 1902 St Patrick's Church, Hove

Note: In 1911 William and Ellen were at 67 St Martins Lane Strand, London where 6 servants were also living - 3 barmaids, 2 House servant and barmaids and one potman.

Children of William and Ellen
1230......Ivy Harriet Heryet b 31 Aug 1903 Deptford d 10 Nov 1969 Brighton m Francis Gillespie HOLLIER (b 4 Aug 1891 Trentham, Staffs d 20 Mar 1973 Brighton) 29 Jul 1926 London
1231......Phyllis Heryet b 11 Jan 1906 Greenwich d 11 Nov 1970 Poole m Edward Major CORNFORTH (b 24 Nov 1901 Trentham d 7 Dec 1962 Parkstone, Poole) 3rd qr 1931 Marylebone

974 Barrington Cumming SAYER m Ethel KEEBLE (b 29 Mar 1883 Raydon d 1 Jan 1960 bur 6 Jan 1960 Little Clacton) 1 Jan 1913 Raydon

Note: Barrington was a Corporal of Horse in the life Guards in Berkshire in 1901; In 1911 he was squadron master Corporal at Regent Park Barracks. later army pensioner and licensed victualler. Kellys directory lists him as a beer retailer at Apple Tree Inn, Little Clacton from 1914 to 1937

Children of Barrington and Ethel
1232......Rita Adeane Sayer b 11 Nov 1913Apple tree Inn Lt Clacton bap 18 Jan 1914 Lt Clacton d 21 Sep 2004 at 20 Hills Rd Clacton
Note: The London Gazette of 6 Oct 1933 states that Rita Adeane Sayer of Clacton was appomted telephonist without competition
1233......Barrington Alfred Sayer b 14 Apr 1916 Apple Tree Inn, Lt Clacton d 8 Mar 2005 Colchester R D
1234......Douglas Arthur Sayer b 11 May 1919 Little Clacton d 25 Sep 1972 Colchester

1128 Elizabeth Maud OSMOND m Edgar George Tom GRIFFIN (b 12 Nov 1884 Camberwell d 29 Nov 1961 New Maldon) 17 Jun 1908 St Phillips Clerkenwell

Children of Edgar and Elizabeth
1128b......Marjorie Hilda Griffen b 4th Feb 1910 Deptford m Wilfred GATES (b 6 Dec 1905 New Cross d 1 Jun 1991 Sharnbrook, Beds) 2nd qr 1933 Kingston
1128c......Constance Maud Griffen b 4th Feb 1910 Deptford d 5 Mar 2003 North Dorset m Colin A GORDON (b 8 Apr 1912place unknown) 3rd qr 1937 Surrey NE


1216 Doris Mary OSMOND m Frederick Herbert HICKMAN (b 4 Feb 1907 Walsall d 12 Sep 1970 Canterbury) 4th ar 1933 Walsall

Child of Frederick and Doris
1216b......Catherine M Hickman b 1st qr 1938 Birmingham

1217 Denys Alfred Hugh James OSMOND m Phyllis Violet I SMITH b 28 Oct 1902 Hitcham d 4 May 1972 Camberwell) 2nd qr 1932 Wandsworth

Child of Denys and Phyllis
1235......John S Osmond b 3rd qr 1933 Wandsworth

1220 Richard Bryan OSMOND m Polly BEDFORD (b 16 Jan 1906 Brixham d 3rd qr 1998 Torbay) 4th qr 1936 Uxbridge

Children of Richard and Polly
1236......Sally M Osmond b 2nd qr 1943 Newton Abbott d 2nd qr 1943 Newton Abbot
1237......Paul A Osmond b 3rd ar 1947 Brentford

1223 Gerald Noel OSMOND m Vivian E CHAPMAN 2nd qr 1954 Chichester

Children of Gerald and Vivian
1223b......Mark C Osmond b 4th qr 1955 Uxbridge m Alison M ANTHONY 2nd qr 1979 Hillingdon
1223c......Gail Miranda Osmond b 4th qr 1967 Uxbridge m David P SHEPPARD 2nd qr 1977 Hillingdon
1223d......Noel Gerald Osmond b 4th qr 1960 Uxbridge

1224 Osmond James SMITH m Marjorie Phyllis GRAY (b 22 Dec 1917 Lambeth d 2nd qr 1986 Milton Keynes) 4 Nov 1939 Camberwell [Camberwell 1d 2437]

Note: Osmond James Smith, M.A. , Certificat de L'universte de Rennes was a teacher and became headmaster of Sutton High School for boys. The school closed in 1962 and he then became headmaster of Broad Green College, London Rd Croydon

The following comment is on Friends Reunited. "I remember from the early fifties that when the bell rang for the start of lessons, the headmaster, Mr Smith would stand by the door from the 'quad" and inspect our hands and shoes for cleanliness as we filed in."

The School Team (11/12 year olds) with the Head Teacher (left) Osmond J Smith

Children of Osmond and Marjorie
1238......Lesley Ann Smith b 15 Aug 1945 Dulwich
1239......Mervyn James Smith b 2 Nov 1947 Bromley m Elizabeth A SCOTT (b 3rd qr 1948 Wimbledon) 3rd qr 1970 Merton RD
1239a....David Robert Smith b 19 Apr 1952 Sutton
1240......Gerald Clive Smith 24 Jul 1959 Sutton m Susan M STOBART April 1992 Sutton RD

1226 Bernard Malcolm SMITH m Margaret Patricia JEREMY (b 10 May 1914 Wandsworth) 3rd qr 1939 Camberwell

Children of Bernard and Margaret
1226b......Jennifer P Smith b 3rd qr 1941 Croydon
1226c......Bernice K Smith b 4th qr 1944 Croydon

1132 Violet May SAYER m Thomas William TAYLOR (b 28 Aug 1865 Hungerford) 1st qr 1924 Ipswich

Children of Thomas and Violet
1241......Thomas William Taylor b 10 Aug 1923
1242......Violet A Taylor b 2nd qr 1925 Ipswich
1243......Winifred M Taylor b 2nd qr 1925 Ipswich

1135 Thomas Lewis Tippel m Vera Barbara St GEORGE (b 21 Mar 1904 Brondesbury d 9 May 1986 New Barnet) 2nd qr 1930 Willesden

Child of Thomas and Vera
1244......Ann M Tippell b 3rd qr 1932 Willesden
1244a....Shirley B Tippell b 2nd qr 1935 Hendon m Peter W CONSTABLE (b 2nd qr 1934 Marylebone) 2nd qr 1962 Barnet

1137 Lewis Alfred Barrington WIGG m Gladys Marion PERRY (b 1st qr 1895 Edmonton d 1 Jan 1984 Bedford 3rd qr 1926 Edmonton

Note: Lewis was a bank clerk

Child of Lewis and Gladys
1245......Richard Chester Wigg b 22 Aug 1928 Lewisham m Mercedes Vegas y MINGUELL (b 3 Mar 1928 Badalona, Barcelona, Spain) 30 Sep 1969 Buenos Aires
Note: Richard was foreign correspondent for the London Times newspaper for 28 years most recently based in Madrid, Spain. He was also the author of Churchill and Spain: The Survival of the Franco Regime, 1940-1945. Mercedes was also an author and wrote books on Roman Ceramics and Pottery

1139 Mary SAYER m Owen Frank Latter GREEN 26 Sep 1935 St Thomas Church, Heigham, Norwich

Note: The press notice in the Eastern Daily Press reads: " Marriage GREEN - SAYER September 26th 1935, Owen Frank Green of Norwich to Mary, only daughter of Mr and Mrs George Sayer of Weeley, near Clacton"

From Chelmsford Chronicle of 4 October 1935: Just one error in the exept below - that the marriage took place on a Thursday (26 Sep), not a Friday.

"WEELEY Wedding. - At St. Thomas's Church, Norwich, on Friday, Mr. Owen Frank Green, son of Mr. and Mrs. F. Green, of Craymere's Farm, Briston, married Miss Mary Sayer, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Sayer. of Weeley. The bride has been staff nurse at the Norfolk and Norwich Hospital. ..."

St Thomas' Church, Heigham, Norwich

see the Green branch here

1140 Alec SAYER m Gwendoline Mary FRENCH ( b 25 Jan 1912 the Cross, Wivenhoed Dec 1996 Colchester R D) 15 Jan 1936 Pettaugh, Sfk
Note: Gwendoline was baptised Mary Gwendoline, not Gwendoline Mary

Child of Alec and Gwendolin
1104b......Margaret A Sayer b 1st qr 1938 Gipping

1142 Barbara Oona Marjorie PARSON m Herbert W MEACOCK (b 7 Sep 1906 Honor Oak Park, Kent d 28 Sep 1992 Clacton) 4th qr 1937 Tendring

Children of Herbert and Barbara
1142b......Raymond Meacock b 3rd qr 1938 Tendring d 3rd qr 1938 Tendring
1142c......Ashley Meacock b 3rd qr 1938 Tendring d 3rd qr 1938 Tendring
1142d......Yolande M D Meacock b 3rd qr 1939 Colchester m Ronald P DOUGLAS (b 2nd qr 1934 Colchester) 3rd qr 1968 [Colchester 4a 1936]
1142e......Ashley John Meacock b 3rd qr 1942 Colchester m Gillian M PRYKE (b 4th qr 1942 Romford) 4th qr 1968 Berkhampstead
1142f......Dudley A Meacock b 4th qr 1944 Clacton on Sea m Hilary M CLIFFORD 4th qr 1968 Colchester
1142g......Corolie G Meacock b 2nd qr 1946 Colchester m Ricardo A THOMAS 3rd qr 1972 Colchester

1232 Rita Adeane SAYER m Clifford PAGE 7 Sep 1946 Colchester

Child of Clifford and Rita
1246......Vanessa Lynne A Page b 17 Oct 1951 Colchester m Stephen A COOMBE 3rd qr 1981 Colchester

1227 George GILCHRIST m Rosalie Ruth IRWIN (b 28 Dec 1910 Dublin S d 9 Feb 1989 Whaite Cottage Shawbury) 12 Jan 1938 Wesley College Dublin

Note: George was a station medical officer RAF

Children of George and Rosalie
1227b......Peter Nigel Gilchrist b 2nd qr 1941 Hendon m Elizabeth Rosemary LYONS-MONTGOMERY (b 10 May 1940 Warmbath, Transvaal, South Africa) 2nd qr 1965 Berkhamstead
1227c......James Irwin Gilchrist b 28 Jun 1946 Wimbledon m Valerie Nuala TWEDDLE (b 28 Dec 1946 Dublin) 8 Aug 1968 Dublin

1207 Gerald Arthur ISTED m Gladys WUST (b 2 Nov 1906 Stratford d Aug 1991 Chelmsford) 14 Mar 1930

Note: Essex records office is the source of the following:
newscuttings etc. relating to Gerald Arthur Isted of Terling, former assistant to Guglielmo Marconi.
Also with regard to Gerald Arthur Isted is this website: of interest, particularly the part which reads:
"Mr A. Isted, an English engineer, who often made the manual labour with his screwdrivers and pliers to carry out the projects suggested by Marconi. He was the director of the building of the Castel Gandolfo Station.
Mr A. Isted was withdrawn from Italy by his bosses during the World War Second and maybe he was the one who gave to England the winning weapon: the radar."
Although the piece above says Mr A. Isted, Roland Green thinks it refers to Gerald Arthur Isted as that is the only Isted name that came up whenever he googled Marconi and Isted.

An excerpt from the website below suggests that Gerald Isted was also involved in the installation of Vatican Radio. http://www.radiovaticana.org/esp/chisiamo_9.asp Other high-qualified specialists contributed to the installation of Vatican Radio. Belgian engineer J. Baptise Mathieu, Mssrs. Isted and Jackson of the English Marconi Wireless Company, and Italian engineers Mssrs. Santamaria and Esposito assisted Marconi and Fr. Gianfranceshi in their efforts to complete the project in record time. In less than two years this dedicated team saw the completion of Vatican Radio.

Gerald Isted was later to move onto television and a technological report for the BBC at http://downloads.bbc.co.uk/rd/pubs/reports/1964-63.pdf contains the following:


Thanks are due for the facilities given by the Chief of Research, Marconi Research and Development Laboratories at Great Baddow and also to Mr G.A. Isted and his staff for their assistance. Further info. on Gerald Isted's life and career comes from an article he wrote for the GEC Review entitled "Guglielmo Marconi and the History of Radio".
G.A. Isted was born in 1903 and joined the Marconi Company at Chelmsford in 1923. In 1926 he was transferred to G. Marconi's private laboratory in London. In 1929 he was sent to Italy as Marconi's personal technical assistant and participated in Marconi's microwave experiment. When hostilities broke out between Italy and Abyssinia in 1935, he was recalled to England where he joined the staff of T.Eckersley who was studying radio wave propagation, mainly at Gt. Baddow. During World War II, he was in charge of the RAF section of the Inter-Services Ionospheric Bureau based at Great Baddow. Subsequent to Eckersley's retirement, he became Chief of the Marconi Radio-wave Propagation Group. He was largely responsible for the success of the nationwide coverage of the Independent Television Authority Band 111 television service. He retired in 1969 after 46 years with the Marconi company.

Child of Gerald and Gladys
1207b......Roy Gerald Isted b 12 Jun 1931 Rome, Italy d 14 Aug 1948 The London Hospital

1233 Barrington Alfred SAYER m Joan Margaret BRUNNING (b 15 Sep 1918 Weeley d 1 Feb 2009 Weeley, Essex 8 Oct 1938 Little Clacton

Children of Barrington and Joan
1247......Barrington Edward Sayer b 4 Aug 1939 Little Clacton m Brenda Jane HOWARD (b 2nd qr 1942 Colchester) 6 Mar 1965 Colchester
1248......Roger Sayer b 19 Mar 1946 Little Clacton m Pamela Meath WALDROM (b 21 Jul 1946 Wallongong, NSW, Australia) 2 Oct 1971 Little Clacton

1234 Douglas Arthur SAYER m Freda Phyllis Ada YOUNG (b 2nd qr 1920 Tendring d 1 May 1994 Birch 2nd qr 1940 Colchester

Children of Douglas and Freda
1249......Cherrie Adeane Sayer b 29 Nov 1942 Colchester m (a) James Ronnie STEVENSON 2nd qr 1969 Sutton (b) Bryan C DUFFY 5 Nov 1992 Surrey NW
1250......Jennifer B Sayer b 1st qr 1950 Colchester m Michael James LYNCH 1 Jan 1972 Birch, Essex
1251......Janet P Sayer b 23 Jan 1952 Colchester m (a) Michael A HANSELL 16 Apr 1977 Gt Clacton (b) Derek PALMER 5 Apr 1994 Hertford and Ware


1241 Thomas William TAYLOR m Audrey Evelyn FULLER (b 29 May 1936 d 16 Jun 2005, bur Rushmere St Andrew)

Child of Thomas and Audrey
1252......Thomas Leslie Taylor b 14 Aug 1961

1104b Margaret A SAYER m Gordon A WALLER 1st qr 1958 Samford

Children of Gordon and Margaret
1104c......Julian R Waller b 3rd qr 1961 Ipswich
1104d......Jane C Waller b 2nd qr 1964 Ipswich


1252 Thomas Leslie TAYLOR m Alison Elizabeth SHARPE (b 17 May 1968) 13 Apr 1991 St Matthews Church Ipswich.

Children of Thomas and Alison
1253......Meghann Marianne Taylor b 18 Aug 1993
1254......Jordan Joel Taylor b 3 Jul 1997

Many thanks to my cousin Roland Green for this information, and to his colleagues, Peter Cook (for the Scarlett part) and Bruce Isted of New Zealand [ISTED one-name study researcher] for their research work as well as b66 Tom Taylor for his descendancy from James Sare.

You can contact Roland

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