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1 John GILHAM b abt 1720 Barton Toft d m (a) Elizabeth ROLL (b 1720 Barton Toft bur 17 Oct 1749 St Peters Neatishead) 31 Jul 1744 St Michaels Church, Barton Toft (b) Elizabeth BRADFIELD 3 Jul 1751 Catfield

Child of John and Elizabeth Roll
John b 1746 Neatishead bur 10 Jun 1821 Southtown, Gt Yarmouth
2......Jonathan b 1747 Neatishead bur 10 Jun 1821 Southtown, Yarmouth aged 74

Children of John and Elizabeth Bradfield
2a......Eliza b 1753 Gt Yarmouth
2b......Samuel b 1761 Gt Yarmouth


1a John GILHAM m Elizabeth MASTERS 21 Jun 1774 Gt Yarmouth

Children of Jonathan and Elizabeth
3......Jonathan Masters b 1774 Gt Yarmouth m Mary TITSHALL 13 Aug 1811 Gt Yarmouth
4......Elizabeth b 1776 Gt Yarmouth
5......Samuel Masters b 1777Gt Yarmouth
6......Nancy b 1783Gt Yarmouth
James b 1786 Gt Yarmouth
8......Hannah b 1790Gt Yarmouth

9 James SHARMAN b 1763 Thurlton

Child of James and unknown
James b 1785 Thurlton d 1867 Gt Yarmouth

11 William ROBERTS b abt 1756 m Mary TUCK (b 1756 Upwell) 16 Oct 1777

Children of William and Mary
12......Ann b 1781 Crimplesham d 1878 Gt Yarmouth aged 97
12a....Henry b 1778 Crimplesham d 1858 Downham m Sarah OAKES 17 Oct 1803 Crimplesham
Note: In 1851 Henry was an innkeeper
Mary Ann b 1786 Crimplesham d 1861 Gt Yarmouth aged 75
14......Robert b 1791 Thurlton


7 James GILHAM m Hannah THICK 23 Apr 1814 Christ Church, Greyfriars, Newgate, London

Children of James and Hannah
15......Elizabeth Margaret b 1815 Gt Yarmouth m Joseph LAWS 11 JUl 1842
16......Hannah b 1818 Gt Yarmouth m Richard Plumbley TURNER 6 Mar 1848 Gt Yarmouth
17......James Sayers b 1818 Gt Yarmouth d 1860 Newmarket m Eliza CHALLIS 17 Jan 1849 Colchester
18......Eliza Virtue b 1820 Gt Yarmouth
19......Louise Lucy b 1824 Gt Yarmouth
20......Jonathan Titshall b 1823 d 1892 Gt Yarmouth
21......Mary Ann b 1822 d 1901 Gt Yarmouth
22......Emily Master b 1827 Gt Yarmouth
23......Sophia Thick b 1833 Gt Yarmouth

10 James SHARMAN m (a) 13 Mary Ann ROBERTS (b 1795 Toft Monks) 1813 Thurlton

Note: James was a seaman aboard the Victory at the battle of Trafalgar when Nelson was killed.

In 1841 the family was at Nelson Monument, Gt Yarmouth and James was a mariner. In 1851 he and Mary were living in Brittania Place, Gt Yarmouth. In 1861 James' home was at South Denes Road and his occupation was given as "Keeper of the Nelson Monument and formerly seaman on board HMS Victory under the immortal Nelson at Trafalgar."

Children of James and Mary
24......James Nelson b 1822 Norwich d 1876 Gt Yarmouth
25......Marylinne Nelson b 1830
Note: In 1861 Mary Ann PILCH was living with her parents in South Dene Road Yarmouth. Marylinne changed her name to Mary Ann after her marriage to Anthony.
27......Maria b 1835


24 James Nelson SHARMAN m Mary Ann GILHAM 5 Sep 1848 St Andrews, Norwich [Norwich 13 361]

Note: Witnesses to the marriage were Daniel VYALL and Alfred HALTAWAY. In 1861 the family was living in Holy Trinity parish, Hull and William was a seaman. James was a merchant seaman.and in 1871 he was a publican at Monument House, Nelson Tavern, S Denes, Yarmouth

Child of James and Mary Ann
28......Mary Ann Nelson b 1 Apr 1846 Gt Yarmouth bap 17 Jun 1846 d 1st qr 1929 Gt Yarmouth m Joseph Robert CURTIS 1864 Gt Yarmouth
Horatio Nelson James b 23 Feb 1848 bap 5 Apr 1848 Gt Yarmouth d 5 Apr 1901 Aberdeen
28b....Edward Nelson b 21 Jun 1850 bap 3 Feb 1850 Gt Yarmouth
28c....William Nelson b 2nd qr 1851 [Yarmouth 13 436] d 3rd qr 1851 [Yarmouth 13 267]
29......John Henry Nelson b 1857 Drypool, Hull d 5 Apr 1901 Aberdeen
30......William Nelson b 2nd qr 1854 [Hull 9d 179]
31......John Horatio Nelson b 1856 Myrton, Hull d 1857 Sculcoats, Hull
32......Maria Nelson b 1860 Hull
33......Amelia Nelson b 1863 Hull m William ROWE Nov 1884 Hartismere, Suffolk

25 Mary Ann SHARMAN m (a) Anthony PILCH Dec 1848 Norwich (b) Thomas ROBINSON 2nd qr 1869 Hull

Child of Anthony and Mary Ann
34......Mary A Nelson b 1846


28a Horatio Nelson James SHARMAN m (a) Rebecca McDONALD 12 Sep 1869 Gt Yarmouth (b) Charlotte ALEXANDER abt 1895 Gt Yarmouth

Note: In 1891 Horatio was a basket maker and the family was at 73 George Street, Gt Yarmouth

Children of Horatio and Rebecca
28b......Beatrice Rebecca May b 5 May 1882 Gt Yarmouth d 23 Aug 1882 Gt Yarmouth
28c......Rebecca Nelson b 2nd qr 1885 Gt Yarmouth

Child of Horatio and Charlotte
28d......Ethel Nelson b 1897 Gt Yarmouth

29 John Henry Nelson SHARMAN m Mary Ann ROWLING (b 1861 Yarmouth d 7 Nov 1947) 25 Apr 1881 Gt Yarmouth

Note: The family were at Aberdeen in 1891 and 1901

Children of John and Mary Ann
29b......Louise Nelson b 3rd qr 1881 Gt Yarmouth d 11 Sep 1949 Aberdeen
29c......John Nelson b 3rd qr 1882 Gt Yarmouth d 29 Aug 1945 12 School Rd, Aberdeen
29d......Lewis b 1882 Newcastle
29e......Margaret b 1883 Aberdeen
29f......Marion b 1884 Newcastle
29g......Rebecca Nelson b 2nd qr 1885 Yarmouth d 1954 Aberdeen m Charles Edwin WINPENNY 21 Mar 1903
29h......William Nelson b 1887 Aberdeen
Note: William was aboard the Mars training ship in 1901 aged 13 moored in River Tay
29i......Margaret Nelson b 6 Apr 1890 Aberdeen d 2 Nov 1954 Aberdeen Royal Infirmary m William Walker FENTY (b 15 Sep 1893 Aberdeen d 27 Dec 1960 13 Menzies Rd, Aberdeen) 24 Dec 1919 St Nicholas, Aberdeen
29j......Rosina Nelson b 4 Aug 1891 Shiprow, Aberdeen d 13 Aug 1944 at 26 Bromhill Rd, Aberdeen
Violet Ann Nelson b 1895 Aberdeen d 1960 Aberdeen
29l......James Nelson b 2 May 1896 Aberdeen d 28 May 1899 14 Sinclair Rd, Torry, Aberdeen
29m......Mary b 26 May 1899 14 Sinclair Rd Aberdeen

30 William Nelson SHARMAN m Margaret J PEARSON (bap 15 Sep 1861 St John's Newcastle upon Tyne) 29 Mar 1881 [Tynemouth 10b 304]

Note: Margaret was the daughter of Lawrence and Jane PEARSON. . William was a trawler skipper, registered on 21 Dec 1883. He was the founder of the Bon Accord Ice and Cold Storage Co. Aberdeen. In 1880 he was a seaman taking steamships from Aberdeen to Tynemouth. In 1890 he commissioned his own trawler, the "St Taurus" in Aberdeen - the St. Taurus was used by the Navy during the war and it saw active service in 1917 when 8 men were lost.In 1901 the family lived at 54 Wellington St, Aberdeen

Child of William and Margaret
35......Mary Ann Nelson b 1881 Mutford d 21 Feb 1947 at 30 Grampian Circle, Aberdeen m Nathan William SMITH
36......Foster Nelson b 1883 Tynemouth d 6 Jun 1916 Aberdeen
Note: Foster drowned in Torry Nigg, Aberdeen, having been a ship's cook
37......Horatio Nelson b 1 Feb 1888 7 Bannermill St, Aberdeen d 1945 Aberdeen
Note: He was registered as William but changed his name on 17 Mar 1888 to Horatio Nelson
37a....Caroline Nelson b 1884 Tynemouth d 1884 Tynemouth
Lily b 24 Aug 1889 29 Clarence St Aberdeen d 3 Feb 24 1961 Darbyshire Rd, Fleetwood


29k Violet Ann Nelson SHARMAN m Joseph J W Albert ELLINGTON 1913 Aberdeen

Child of Joseph and Violet
39......Albert Sharman b 1916 Nigg, Aberdeenshire d 1999 Aberdeen

38 Lily SHARMAN m James Arthur MEWSE 18 May 1949 Blackpool Registry Office

See the Mewse tree here


39 Albert Sharman ELLINGTON m Adelaide McHARDY (b 1921 d 1989) 1939 Aberdeen

Child of Albert and Adelaide
40......Albert Grant b 1940 Aberdeen d 2007 Aberdeen
m Syliva ANDERSON (b 1941 d 2010 Aberdeen) 1959 Aberdeen

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