Statement by SAMUEL MEWSE 29 Dec 1880

I am master and part owner of the drift net boat "Twilight". On the 9th December instant I was out fishing 28 miles to the eastward of Lowestoft, about 7o'clock of the evening and riding to my nets, which extended about one and a half miles, when a trawler sailed into my nets when about 200 yards off. He parted about 60 nets from us and sailed away. He was a foreigner, but to what nation he belonged I should not like to say; he was cutter rigged. I am sure he was a foreigner; he had no number or letter on his mainsail, and if he had any letter or number on his bows it was covered over by his staysail, which was lowered. I examined her through my glasses.

The damage done in nets and fish amounted to 30. I recovered the nets the same night, but some of them were torn to pieces

Signed by the said Samuel Mewse this 29th day of December 1880 in the presence of me, W H HIGGIN, QC, Commissioner.

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