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A1 King Fornjotur of Kvenland b abt 160 with unknown

Note: Fornjotur was my 59x Great Grandfather

Child of Fornjotur and unknown
Kari b abt 185 Kvenland


A2 Kari FORNJOTSSON King in Kvenland with unknown

Child of Kari and unknown
A3......Frosti b abt 210 Kvenland


1 Njord King of the Swedes b 214 Noatun, Sweden m Dotter SVIERGE abt 234

Note: These families were of the House of Yngling; Njord's father was Yngvi king in Turkey.. Njord was then the sole sovereign of the Swedes. He practiced sacrifrice, and was called the drot, or sovereign, by the Swedes. He received scatt and gifts from them. In his days were peace and plenty, and such good years in all respects that the Swedes believed Njord ruled over the growth of seasons and the prosperity of the people. In his time all the diars, or gods, died, and blood-sacrifices were made for them. Njord died of sickness, and before he died made himself be marked for Odin with the spear-point. The Swedes burned him, and all wept over his grave-mound.

Child of Njord and Dotter
Yngfi-Frey b abt 235 Uppsala


A3 Frosti KARASSON King in Kvenland with unknown

Child of Frosti and unknown
A4......Jokull b abt 240 Kvenland


2 Yngi-Frey m Gerd GYMERSDOTTIR (b abt 239) 255

Note: Yngve-Frey was King of the Swedes. Gerd was the daughter of Gymer and Orboda

A torc, the "Ring of Pietrosa", part of a 3rd to 4th century hoard found in Romania is engraved with much damaged runes "To Ingwy of the Goths" and is thought to refer to Yngi-Frey. A drawing of the torc by Henru Trenk, 1875 is shown below:

Child of Yngvi-Frey and Gerd
3......Fjolnir b abt 256 Uppsala d Hleithra, Denmark


A4 Jokull FROSTASSON King in Kvenland with unknown

Child of Jokull and unknown
5......Snaer b abt 275 Kvenland


3 Fjolnir m unknown

Child of Fjolnir and unknown
4......Svegdi b abt 277 Uppsala


5 Snaer JOKULSSON (King in Kvenland) and unknown

Child of Snaer and unknown
5a....Vinlandi b 298 Uppsala
5......Driva b 302 Finland
5b....Thorri b 302 Raumsdal, Norway


4 Svegdi FJOLNARSSON m 5 Driva SNAERSDOTTIR abt 318

Child of Svegli and Driva
6......Vanlandi b abt 298 Finland.
6a....Thorri b abt 310 Raumsdale
Note: Thorri became king in Kvenland


6 Vanlandi SVEGDASSON m unknown about 318

Child of Vanlandi and unknown
7......Visbur b abt 319


7 Visbur VANLANDSSON m unknown

Child of Visbur and unknown
8......Domaldi b abt 340


8 Domaldi VISBURSSON m unknown

Note: Domaldi was sacrificed to Odin

Child of Domaldi and unknown
9......Domar b abt 361


10 Danp RIGSSON (b abt 340 m unknown

Child of Danp and unknown
Drott b abt 361


9 Domar DOMALDSSON m 11 Drott DANPSDOTTIR abt 381

Child of Domar and Drott
12......Dyggvi b abt 382


12 Dyggvi DOMARSSON m unknown

Child of Dyggvi and unknown
13......Dag b abt 403


13 Dag DYGGVASSON m unknown

Child of Dag and unknown
14......Agni b 424 m


15 Frosti ( King in Finland b abt 402) m unknown

Child of Frosti and unknown
Skjalf b abt 428 Finland


14 Agni DAGSSON m 16 Skjalf FROSTADOTTIR abt 444

Note: Agni was king in Sweden

Child of Agni and Skjalf
17......Alrec b abt 445 Uppsala d 470 Svitjod


17 Alrek AGNASSON "The trembler" m 16 Dagreid DAGSDOTTIR abt 465

Note: Alrec was king in Sweden

Child of Alrek and Dagreid
18......Yngvi b abt 466 Uppsala d 499 Alf, Cochem-Zell Germany


18 Yngvi ALREKSSON (King in Uppsala) m unknown

Child of Yngvi and unknown
19......Jorund b abt 487
19a....Aun dob unknown
19b....Eric dob unknown
19c....Erick dob unknown
19d....Uppsala Varmland dob unknown


19 Jorund YNGVASSON (King in Uppsala) m unknown

Child of Jorund and unknown
20......Aun b abt 509


20 Aun "The Aged" JORUNDSSON (King in Uppsala) m unknown

Child of Aun and unknown
21......Egil "Vendikraka" b abt 530


21 Egil "Vendikraka" AUNSSON (King in Uppsala) m unknown

Child of Egil and unknown
22......Ottar b abt 551


22 Ottar EGILSSON (King iof Sweden) m unknown

Child of Ottar and unknown
23......Adils b abt 572


23 Adils OTTARSSON (King iof Sweden) m Yrsa HELGASDOTTIR

Note: Yrsa was the daughter of Olaf "the mighty" HALFDANSSON and Helgi HALFDANSDOTTIR, King and Queen in Denmark.

Adils is the subject in the Skjoldunga Saga which records as follows:

Adils was a long time king, became very rich, and went also for several summers on Viking expeditions. On one of these he came to Saxland with his troops. There a king was reigning called Geirthjof, and his wife was called Alof the Great; but nothing is told of their children. The king was not at home, and Adils and his men ran up to the king's house and plundered it, while others drove a herd of cattle down to the strand. The herd was attended by slave-people, churls, and girls, and they took all of them together. Among them was a remarkably beautiful girl called Yrsa. Adils returned home with this plunder. Yrsa was not one of the slave girls, and it was soon observed that she was intelligent, spoke well, and in all respects was well behaved. All people thought well of her, and particularly the king; and at last it came to this that the king celebrated his wedding with her, and Yrsa became queen of Sweden, and was considered an excellent woman.

King Halfdan's son Helge ruled at that time over Leidre. He came to Sweden with so great an army, that King Adils saw no other way than to fly at once. King Helge landed with his army, plundered, and made a great booty. He took Queen Yrsa prisoner, carried her with him to Leidre, took her to wife, and had a son by her called Rolf Krake. When Rolf was three years old, Queen Alof came to Denmark, and told Queen Yrsa that her husband, King Helge, was her own father, and that she, Alof, was her mother. Thereupon Yrsa went back to Sweden to King Adils, and was queen there as long as she lived. King Helge fell in a war expedition; and Rolf Krake, who was then eight years old, was taken to be king in Leidre. King Adils had many disputes with a king called Ole of the Uplands; and these kings had a battle on the ice of the Venner lake, in which King Ole fell, and King Adils won the battle. There is a long account of this battle in the "Skjoldunga Saga", and also about Rolf Krake's coming to Adils, and sowing gold upon the Fyrisvold. King Adils was a great lover of good horses, and had the best horses of these times. One of his horses was called Slongve, and another Raven. This horse he had taken from Ole on his death, and bred from him a horse, also called Raven, which the king sent in a present to King Godgest in Halogaland. When Godgest mounted the horse he was not able to manage him, and fell off and was killed. This accident happened at Omd in Halogaland. King Adils was at a Disa sacrifice; and as he rode around the Disa hall his horse' Raven stumbled and fell, and the king was thrown forward upon his head, and his skull was split, and his brains dashed out against a stone. Adils died at Upsal, and was buried there in a mound. The Swedes called him a great king. Thjodolf speaks thus of him: --

"Witch-demons, I have heard men say,
Have taken Adils' life away.
The son of kings of Frey's great race,
First in the fray, the fight, the chase,
Fell from his steed -- his clotted brains
Lie mixed with mire on Upsal's plains.
Such death (grim Fate has willed it so)
Has struck down Ole's deadly foe."

Child of Adils and Yrsa
24......Eystein b abt 594


24 Eystein ADILSSON (King of Sweden) m unknown

Child of Eystein and unknown
25......Ingvar"The Tall" b abt 616


25 Ingvar "The Tall" EYSTEINSSON (King iof Sweden) m unknown

Child of Ingvar and unknown
26......Braut-Onund b abt 638 d (date unknown) in Estonia


26 Braut-Onund INGVARSSON (King iof Sweden) m Algaut GUTREKSSON (b abt 639 Sweden) abt 659

Note: In Braut-Onund's days there was peace in Sweden, and he became rich . King Onund went with his army to Estland to avenge his father, landed with his army and ravaged the country round far and wide; took a great booty and returned in autumn to Sweden. In his time there were fruitful seasons in Sweden. Onund was the most popular of kings.
Onund bestowed great diligence and expense on opening the woods and cultivating the cleared land. He also made roads through the desert forests; and thus cleared land is found all through the forest country, and great districts are settled. In this way extensive tracts of land were brought into cultivation, for there were country people enough to cultivate the land. Onund had roads made through all Sweden, both through forests and morasses, and also over mountains; and he was therefore called Braut-Onund (Onund Land-clearer). King Onund had a house built for himself in every district of Sweden, and went over the whole country in guest-quarters.

Child of Braut-Onund and Algaut
27......Ingjald b abt 660


27 Ingjald "Evilheart" ONUNDSSON (King of Sweden) m Gauthild ALGAUTSDOTTIR (b abt 664 Sweden) 681 Varmland

Note: Gauthild was the daughter of Algaut GAUTREKSSON (b 639) Ingjald was eventually driven out of Uppsala

Child of Ingjald and Gauthild
28......Olaf b abt 682 Varmland


29 Halfdan SOLFASSON m unknown

Child of Halfdan and unknown
Solveig b 684 Soleyum, Sweden


28 Olaf "Tree Feller" INGJALDSSON (King of Vestfold and Jutland) m 29 Solveig HALFDANSDOTTIR abt 703 Romerike, Sweden

Note: Olaf "Tree Feller" was of the House of Yngling His mother was Gauthild, a princess of West G?taland, whose maternal grandfather was Olof the Sharp-sighted, the king of Nerike. His mother sent him to his foster-father Bove in West G?taland, where he grew up with his foster-brother Saxe who was surnamed Flette.
When Olaf heard of his father's death, he assembled the men who were willing to follow him and went to his kinsmen in Nerike, because after his father's atrocities, the Swedes had grown hostile towards the Ynglings.
When the Swedes learnt that Olof and his kin had sought refuge in Nerike, they were attacked and had to head west through deep and mountainous forests (Kilsbergen) to Lake V?nern and the estuary of Klar?lven (where Karlstad is presently situated). Here, they settled and cleared land. Soon they had created a whole province called V?rmland, where they could make good living.
When the Swedes learnt that Olof was clearing land, they were amused and called him the Tree-feller. Olof married a woman named Solveig who was a daughter of Halfdan Guldtand of Soleyar. Olof and Solveigh had two sons, Ingjald Olofsson and Halfdan Hvitbeinn, who were brought up in Soleyar in the house of his mother's uncle S?lve.
Because of king Ivar Vidfamne and his harsh rule many Swedes emigrated to V?rmland, and they became so numerous that the province could not sustain them. The land was afflicted by famine of which the Swedes accused the king. It was an old tradition in Sweden of holding the king responsible for the wealth of the land . The Swedes accused Olaf of neglecting his sacrifices to the gods and believed that this was the cause of the famine.
The Swedish settlers thus rebelled against Olof, surrounded his house on the shores of lake V?nern and burnt him inside it. Thus he was sacrificed to Odin, like his ancestor Domalde.

Children of Olaf and Solveig
31......Ingjald b 702 Raumerike, Buskerude, Norway
32......Halfdan "White Leg" b 704 Raumerike, Buskerude, Norway d 736 Toten, Vermaland
33......Asa b 706 Raumerike, Buskerude, Norway


01 Björn 'Ironside" RAGNARSSON b abt 777 Denmark d 859 Devonshire, England m unknown

Björn Ironside is said to have been the first ruler of a new dynasty, and in the early 18th century a barrow named after a king Björn on the island of Munsö was claimed by antiquarians to be Björn Ironside's grave.

Children of Björn and unknown
02......Áslákur b 781 Uppsala
Erik b 782 Uppsala
04......Refil b 796 Uppsala


32 Halfdan "White Leg" OLAFSSON (King of Norway) m (a) unknown (b) Asa EYESTEINSDOTTIR (b 708 Uppland, Norway) abt 730

Note: Halfdan Whiteleg was the son of Olaf of the House of Yngling according to Heimskringla.
His father was sacrificed to Odin by the Swedish settlers in Varmland because of a famine. Some Swedes, however, realised that the famine was brought by overpopulation and not by the fact that the king had been neglecting his religious duties. Consequently, they resolved to cross the Ed Forest and settle in Norway and happened to end up in Soleyar where they killed king S?lve and took Halfdan prisoner. The Swedish expatriates elected Halfdan king as he was the son of their old king, Olof. Halfdan subjugated all of Soleyar and took his army into Romerike and subjugated that province as well.
Halfdan conquered a large part of Hedemark, Toten, Hadeland and a part of Vestfold. When his brother Ingjald Olofsson died, he inherited Wermelandia. Halfdan died of old age in Toten and was transported to Vestfold where he was buried under a mound in Skiringssal.

Child of Halfdan and unknown
34......Ivar b abt 756 Norway d abt 790
Note: Ivar became Jarl of the Upplanders

35......Eystein "The Fart" b 736 Holtum, Vestfold, Norway d abt 780 Borre, Vestfold Norway
36......Gudrod "Jagtkonge" b abt 738 Vestfold d abt 810


37 Eric AGNARSSON m unknown

Child of Eric and unknown
Hildi (b abt735 Vestfeld, Norway


03 Erik BJÖRNSSON King of Uppsala m unknown

Children of Erik and unknown
05......Björn pa Haga b abt 815
06......Anund (King of Birka) b 829 d 859 Sweden


34 Ivar Jarl of the Upplanders m unknown

Note: Orkneyinga Saga names ñEarl Ivar of the Uplands, father of Eystein the Clattererƒî[128]. Jarl of the Uplanders in Norway [in Kristian? and Hedemarken, the area around Oslo].

Child of Ivar and unknown
39......Eystein b abt 788 Maer, Norway d aft 830


35 Eystein "The Fart" HALFDANARSSON (King of Vestfold) m 38 Hildi ERICSDOTTIR abt 756 Akershus, Norway

Children of Eystein and Hildi
40......Harald b abt 762 d 804 Irish Sea
41......Halfdan b abt 760 d 800 Norway
42......Geva b abt 755 Vestfold


36 Gudrog "Jagtkonge" HALFDANSDOTTIR m Alfhild ALFARINSON abt 743 Vestfold

Child of Alfhild and Gudrog
43......Olaf b abt 770



Child of Anund and Gudbørg
07......Erik "Vaderhatt" b abt 849 Björkö d 882 Sweden


020 Eadwulf II of Northumbria b abt 750 m unknown

Child of Eadwulf and unknown
Eadwulf III b 790 d 830


39 Eystein "The noisy" Glumra IVARSSON (Jarl of the Upplanders) m Ascrida ROGNVALDSDOTTIR abt 812 Maer, Nord Trondelag

Children of Eystein and Ascrida
44......Ragnvald b 830 Maer d abt 892 Orkney
45......Sigurd 1 "Riki the powerful" b 832 Maer d 892 Orkney
Note: Sigurd became Earl of Orkney
46......Malahule (Haldrick) b abt 845 Maer d 911
47......Swanhilda b abt 850 Maer


40 Harald EYSTEINSSON (King of Haithabu) m Emhild of Engem abt 740

Child of Harald and Emhild
48......Hemming b abt 777 d 837


41 Halfdan "The Old" EYSTEINSSON m Hilf DAGSDOTTIR abt 762

Child of Halfdan and Hilf
49......Ivar b bef 780 Maer d 870
50......Gudrod b abt 790 Holtum, Vestfold d 821


42 Geva EYSTEINSDOTTIR m Count Witekind II von THURINGEN (b abt 746) d 7 Jan 809 Westfallen, Sachsen

Children of Witekind and Geva
51......Witekind dob unknown d 834
52......Wigebart dob unknown d 825
53......Hasala b abt 776 m Bruno II von SACHSEN-ENGERN (b 756 Wittenburg d 813)
54......Wicibert b abt 780 Westfalia d abt 847 m Ordrad (b abt 782 Sachsen)
Note: Wicibert became Count of Westfalia)


43 Olaf GUDROSSSON m unknown

Children of Olaf and unknown
55......Rognvald b abt 790 Jutland d abt 850
56......Helgi b abt 802 Dublin, Ireland


07 Erik "Vaderhatt" ANUNDSSON m unknown

Children of Erik and unknown
08......Emund b 862 d 970
09......Gunnar dob unknown
010....Björn b 868 Uppsala d 956 Uppsala


021 Eadwulf III (King of Northumbria) m unknown

Child of Eadwulf and unknown
022......Eadwulf IV b 810 Bamburgh, Northumbria


44 Earl Ragnavald I "The Wise" EYSTEINSSON m (a) Ragnhild HROLFSDOTTIR (Countess of More b abt 857 Norway) (b) Groa Princess of Trondheim abt 877

Note: In the Saga Heimskringla, Rognvald is Earl of Maer. He accompanies Harald Fairhair ( his uncle) on his great expeditions to the west, to Ireland and to Scotland. Here, Rognvald's son Ivarr is killed. In compensation King Harald grants Rognvald Orkney and Shetland. Rognvald himself returns to Norway, giving the northern isles to his brother Sigurd Eysteinsson. His uncle, fought 07 Erik, King of Sweden

Children of Ragnvald and Ragnhild
57......Thori "The Silent" dob unknown Jarl of Maer
Note: Thori became Jarl of More
58......Ivar dob unknown d abt 972
59......Robert or Rognvald (Rollo) b 870 Maer d 932 Notre Dame, Rouen
59k....Einar "Turf" b 874 Maer
Note Einar became Earl of Orkney
59l....Harald b abt 880 [source:"Mae Hanes y Gruffydd ap Cynan"]
59m....Alayn dob unknown [source: "Mae Hanes y Gruffydd ap Cynan"]


See the SAUVEUR branch here

46 Malahule (Haldrik) EYSTEINSSON m Maud St POL (d after 965) abt 888

Children of Malahule and Maud
60......Hugh de Calvacamp b 890 near Dieppe, France
61......Richard de St Sauveur b 893 Maer, Norway d 933
62......Ralph de Bayeux b 895


47 Swanhilda EYSTEINSDOTTIR m Harald I "Fairhair" HALFDANSSON (b. Abt 850, Hademark, Norway) d. 933) abt 870

Child of Harald and Swanhilda
63......Bjorn b 892 Vestfold d 927


48 Hemming HARALDSSON m Unknown

Child of Hemming and unknown
64......Klack-Harald b abt 800 d 844


50 Gudrod "Jagtkonge" HALFDANSSON m Asa HARALDSDOTTIR (b abt 794 Holtum, Vestfeld) abt 816

Child of Gudrod and Asa
66......Halfdan b 822 Vestfeld d 860 Norway


55 Rognvald OLAFSSON with unknown m Tora SIGURDSDATTER of Russia (b abt 806) abt 833 Maer Nord Trondelag

Child of Rognvald and unknown
67......Ascrida b 812 Maer


010 Björn "den Gamie" (the old) Eriksson m unknown

Children of Björn and unknown
011......Olaf "the mighty" b 885 Uppsala d 964 Hadeby (stung by an adder)
012......Erik b 945 d 994 Uppsala
013......Björn dob unknown
014......Ingeborg dob unknown
015......Cyrid dob unknown


022 Eadwulf IV (King of Northumbria) m unknown

Child of Eadwulf and unknown
023......Ealdred b abt 840 Bamburgh d 933 York


60 Hugh de CALVACAMP m Maud de POL

Child of Hugh and Maud
60b....Hugh dob unknown
Note: Hugh was a monk at the abbey of St. Denis and in 942 he was made Archbishop of Rouen by William "Longsword", Duke of Normandy. From the estates of this Achbishopric, Hugh gave to his brother, Ralph, the domain of Tosni.
T1......Ralph de Teoni b 930 Tosni, France


59l Harald Haarfager ROGNVALDSSON m unknown

Child of Harald and unknown
W1......Olaf b abt 920 [source:"Mae Hanes y Gruffydd ap Cynan"]


T2 Sunifred BESALU (b 878 Urgel, Lerida, Spain) m Richilde (b 900 Rouergue d 954) abt 925

Child of Sunifred and Richilde
Raymond Borell b 926 d 30 Sep 992


T4 Raymond de TOULOUSE III (b 921) m Garsinde de NARBONNE (b 926 Aqitaine)

Child of Raymond and Garsinde
Luitgarde d 1001


T6 Arnould de CARCASSONE (Seigneur of Comminges) m Arsinde de CARCASSONE

Child of Arnould and Arsinde
Roger de CARCASSONE b 935 d 1019


64 Klack-Harald HEMMINGSSON (King in Jutland) m unknown

Note: Klack Harald, the Danish King , together with more than 400 of his retinue, was baptized in Mainz in 826. The baptism took place in the presence of the Frankish Emperor Louis the Fair.

Children of Klack-Harald and unknown
68......Thyri b abt 888 d 935 Jellinge, Vegle, Denmark
69......Thorny dob unknown


023 Ealdred (King of Northumbria) m Aethelthryth

Child of Ealdred and Aethelthryth
024......Eadwulf b 870 Bamburgh d 912


T1 Seigneur Ralph de TEONI m unknown

Child of Ralph and unknown
T8......Ralph II b 970 Tosni, France


W1 Olaf HARALDSSON m unknown

Child of Olaf and unknown
W2......Sitruic abt 945 [source:"Mae Hanes y Gruffydd ap Cynan"]


T3 Raymond BORELL II (Count of Barcelona) m T5 Luitgard de TOULOUSE

Child of Raymond and Luitgarde
T9......Raymond Borell III b 972 d 25 Feb 1017


T7Roger de CARCASSONE m Adelaide de ROUERGUE (b 929 d 1011

Child of Roger and Adelaide
T10......Ermensinde b 975 d 1 Mar 1057


68 Thyri Klacksdottir m Gorm "The Old" (King of Denmark b 840 d 936 Jellinge)

Note: Gorm's father was Hardecanute Sigurdsen. Gorm became King in 899.

Children of Gorm and Thyri
70......Harold II (Bluetooth) b 910 Blauzahn, Germany d 1 Nov 986 Jomsburg, Roskilde, Denmark

71......Knut dob unknown d 940


011 Olaf "the mighty" m Ingeborg THRANDOTTIR 902

Children of Olaf and Ingeborg
016......Gyrid b Jan 11 929 d 13 Nov 965 Jomsborg, Denmark
017......Styrbjörn b abt 939 Hadeby d 1 Nov 985 Uppsala


024 Eadwulf (reeve of Bamburgh) m unknown

Eadwulf was a ruler of at least part of the former kingdom of Bernicia in northern Northumbria in the early tenth century.
In 924 Ealdred submitted to Edward the Elder, and on 12 July 927 he was one of the northern rulers who submitted to Edward's son King Æthelstan at Eamont Bridge. Ealdred was a witness to several of Æthelstan's charters issued in southern England in 931 or 932, but he was not recorded thereafter.The Annals of Clonmacnoise record in 934 that "Adulf m'Etulfe king of the North Saxons died", and this may be the only notice of Ealdred's death

Child of Eadwulf and unknown
025......Ealdred b 900 d 933
026......Uchtred b abt 902 d 949


T8 Seigneur Ralph de TEONI II m unknown

Note: In 1013-14, the Duke of Normandy, having founded the castle of Tillieres, gave custody of it to Ralph and his son Roger. Around 1015 he went to Apulia, and in the winter of 1015-16, he was at the seige of Salerno.

Child of Ralph and unknown
T11......Roger ("The spainiard") b 990 Tosni d 14 May 1039 Conches, Seine et Marne
T11a....Ralph III dob unknown


W2 Sitruic m unknown

Child of Sitruic and unknown
W3......Olaf CUARAN b abt 990 [source:"Mae Hanes y Gruffydd ap Cynan"]


T9 Raymond BORRELL III m T10 Ermensinde de CARCASSONNEabt 988

Child of Raymond and Erminsinde
T12......Godehut b 990 Barcelona d 1077


70 Harold II "Bluetooth" GORMSSON (King of Denmark) m (a) Thora (b) Gunhild SVENSDOTTIR (c) 016 Gyrid OLAFSDOTTIR (b abt 915 Sweden)

Note: After his conversion, around the 960s, Harald had his father's body reburied in the church next to what is now an empty mound (and had accorded him a pagan burial), and erected the now famous Jelling stones. Here is the runic inscription from the Jelling stones:
"King Harold bade these memorials to be made after Gorm, his father, and Thyra, his mother. The Harold who won the whole of Denmark and Norway and turned the Danes to Christianity."
You can see the stone he erected here

Children of Harold and Gyrid
72......Gunhilda 936 killed in 1031
73......Herbastus b 945 Normandy d 1002
74......Wevie b 948
75......Herfast b 963
76......Hakon dob unknown
77......Sveign "Forkbeard" b 965 Denmark d 2 Feb 1014 Gainsborough, Lincolnshire
Note: Svein was buried at Roeskild Cathedral, Denmark
78......Thyra dob unknown d 18 Sep 1000

Child of Harald and Gyrid
79......Thyra b abt 947
80......Gunhild dob unknown
80a....Sigrid b b 971 Halland, Sweden
See Gunhild's descendants here


025 Ealdred Earl of Northumbria

Child of Ealdred and unknown
027......Oswulf b abt 910 d 965


T11 Roger de TOENI m T12 Godehut DE CARCASSONNE abt 1030

Child of Roger and Godehut
T13......Raoul dob unknown
T14......Adeliza b 1033 Tosni, Louviers, Eure, Normandy
T15......Robert b 1038 Tosni


W3 OLaf CUARAN m unknown

Child of Olaf and unknown
W4......Olaf b abt 1030 [source:"Mae Hanes y Gruffydd ap Cynan"]


77 Sveign "Forkbeard" HARALDSSON (King of England, Norway and Denmark) m (a) Gunhilda of Poland abt 990 Div 1000 (b) Sigrid "The Haughty"

Note: Svein acceded to the throne of Denmark in 986, but became King in England and Norway as well.
He built his North Sea empire through conquest and marriage. In 978 he seized his father's kingdom of Denmark and began making raids on England, often demanding protection payments. In 1000 he attacked Norway and became ruler. Two years later Ethelred, the King of England, fearing that Sweyn's empire would overrun his kingdom, ordered that the Danes settled in England be massacred.

This order was impracticable in many areas where Danes had strongholds but where the policy was carried out the consequences were terrible. Among the Danes massacred at Oxford was Sweyn's sister Gunnhild, and Sweyn's resolve to rule England was hardened. The Massacre of St Brice's Day turned support from Ethelred and the king executed many who expressed pro-Danish sympathies. Sweyn enjoyed several early successes at Oxford and Winchester but was unable to seize London despite frequent attempts in 994. By late 1013, however, he had devastated fifteen counties and driven Ethelred from England but died early the next year following a fall from his horse.

Children of Svein and Gunhilda
81......Gytha dob unknown
82......Harold b 990 d 1018 Denmark
83......Canute b 993 d 12 Nov 1035 Shaftesbury, Dorset
Note: Canute became king of England in 1016. That year, he completed the Danish conquest of England that his father, Sveign Forkbeard, had begun. Canute divided England into military districts ruled by earls. In 1019, he succeeded his brother as king of Denmark. He acquired Norway in 1028, thus uniting a great Scandinavian empire that centered around the North Sea. In England, Canute ruled wisely and enjoyed strong support from the church. His code of laws restored and enforced Anglo-Saxon customs. He was the first Norse ruler to be accepted as a civilized Christian king.
King of England, Denmark, & Norway. Sweden was also a vassal to him.Married on the 2 of July 1017 to Emma of Normandy. Emma was the widow of Ethelred the unready and daughter of Richard "sans Peur" of Normandy.Children: Hardeknud (King of Denmark and England), Gunhilda.
He had two sons, Svein (King of Norway) and Harald Harefoot with Alfiva of Northampton. King of England in 1016 after King Edmund Ironside had been murdered. In 1018 he became King of Denmark and in 1029 he became King of Norway. He made a pact with Emperor Conrad II against Poland and received a part of Germany north of Ejder.He married on the 2 of July 1017 to Emma of Normandy. Children: Hardeknud (King of Denmark and England), Gunhilda.
He had two sons, Svein (King of Norway) and Harald Harefoot with Alfiva of Northampton. King of England in 1016 after King Edmund Ironside had been murdered. In 1018 he became King of Denmark and in 1029 he became King of Norway.
He made a pact with Emperor Conrad II against Poland and received a part of Germany north of Ejder.

84......Gunhilda dob unknown
85......Thyra b 994 Denmark d 1018
85a....Estrid dob unknown


79 Thyra HARALDSDOTTIR m 017 Styrbjörn "The strong" OLAFSSON (Prince of Sweden b 920 d 985 Fyrisval, Uppsala)

Child of Styrbjorn and Thyra
86......Thorgils Sprakeleg b abt 970 Uppsala


027 Oswulf (Earl of Northumbria) m Estrid Svensdatter

Child of Oswulf and Estrid
028......Waltheof b abt 930 Bamburgh d 970 Bamburgh


T15 Robert de TOENI, later STAFFORD m Avice de CLARE

Note: Avice was the daughter of Richard FiTZGILBERT and Rohese GIFFORDThe Clare name was derived from the historic treaty signed in the year 912 at the Castle St Clair- sur -Epte in which King Charles of France ceded control of the area of France known as Normandy (Land of the Northmen or Norsemen) to Rollo Rognvaldson. Thus the name de Clare in a manner of speaking is a form of social bragging denoting as it does the family's close association with both the founder and the founding of Normandy.

In 1066 Duke William of Normandy invaded England and claim the throne of England. William had the support of Pope Alexander II in this endeavor and the Pope consecrated a banner (called a Gonfanon, specifically for William to use during the invasion. Upon arrival in England with his invasion force, Duke William called a meeting of some of his most trusted knights, among who were his cousins, Ralph de Toeni and Ralph's younger brothers Robert de Toeni and Nigel de Toeni. Duke William offered the honor of carrying his consecrated banner into the battle of Hastings to Ralph de Toeni stating that the honor was Ralph's ancestral right. But Ralph tactfully declined the honor saying that he wanted to carry a sword into battle and fight at the side of Duke William. Duke William approved his request and gave the consecrated banner to Robert de Toeni who was next in line by ancestral right to be Duke William's Standard bearer. Thus Robert de Toeni became the Standard Bearer for William the Conqueror at the Battle of Hastings (also known as the Battle of Senlac hill) in the year 1066.
The Battle of Hastings was a ferocious battle wherein with young Robert de Toeni (Stafford) near his side, William had to make use of four horses during the battle because three were killed under him. As he marched through England conquering it territory by territory he established control by building a series of castles along the way: each castle was located approximately a one-day march from the other so that they could mutually support one another. Each new castle was used to consolidate control over previously conquered territory, and to serve as a base of operations to further advance his army throughout England. He gave these castles to his most trusted and loyal officers.

One such castle was Stafford Castle. William built a timber and earthen castle upon the same natural hill, which had been used earlier for a fortress built around 910-915 by Ethelfleda, Lady of the Mercians and daughter of King Alfred the Great, when she established the Burgh of Staithford, which means a fortified town at the landing place of the water crossing. The name Staithford evolved into Stafford over time.

William commanded young Robert de Toeni to change his name to Stafford to denote that he was the governor of the castle (or Castellan of Stafford)

In addition to Stafford Castle, King William t was very generous to his loyal cousin Robert de Stafford, for the original fief granted to Robert extended into 7 counties, holding 131 manors, and thus 131 Lordships or estates. Located in Staffordshire, Gloucestershire, Warwickshire, etc., [Note Ralph de Toeni was also rewarded for his loyal service, though not as generously].
Robert I de Stafford served as the first Sheriff of Staffordshire, his date of death is not known, but it is known that he was still alive in 1086 and counted in the remarkable 1086 Survey of England called the Domesday survey where Robert was listed as a major land holder, his brother Nigel is also shown to be a prominent land owner in Derbyshire.

There is a connection to another relative of mine here

Children of Robert and Avice
T16......Adeliza b 1064 Tosni d 1135 Belvoir Castle, England m Roger le BIGOD abt 1084
See the Bigod branch here
T17......Nicholas b 1075 Stafford
See the Stafford branch here
T18......Nigel b 1076 Stafford
T19......William (Brito) de ALBINI b 1086 Aubigny, France


W4 Olaf (King of Dublin and the Isle of Man) m unknown

Child of Olaf and unknown
W5......Ragnuillt b abt 1060


86 Thorgils Sprakeleg STYRBJORNSSON m 80a Sigrid HARALDSDOTTIR (b 971 Halland, Sweden)

Children of Thorgils and Sigrid
87......Ulf b 991 Halland, Jamtlands, Sweden d 29 Sep 1027 Roskilde, Denmark
88......Eilif dob unknown
89......Gytha dob unknown m Earl GODWIN


028 Waltheof (Earl of Northumbria) m Aelfleda

Children of Waltheof and Aelfleda
029......Uchtred b 971 d 1016 Yorkshire (murdered by Thurbrand)
030......Eadulf Crudel b abt 975
031......Ecgfrith b 985


87 Ulf THORGILSSON (Jarl of Denmark and Orkney) m 85a Estrid SVENSDATTER (Princess of Denmark b abt 993 ) abt 1014

Note: Ulf joined Cnut the Great's expedition to England. In c. 1015, he married Cnut's sister Estrid and was appointed the Jarl of Denmark, which he ruled when Cnut was absent. He was also the foster-father of Cnut's son Harthacnut.
When the Swedish king Anund Jakob and the Norwegian king Olaf II took advantage of Cnut's absence and attacked Denmark, Ulf convinced the freemen to elect Harthacnut king, since they were discontented at Cnut's absenteeism. This was a ruse on Ulf's part since his role as Harthacnut's guardian would make him the ruler of Denmark.
When Cnut learnt what had happened in 1026, he returned to Denmark and with Earl Ulf's help, defeated the Swedes and the Norwegians at the Battle of the Helgea. Ulf's assistance did not, however, cause Cnut to forgive Ulf for his coup. At a banquet in Roskilde, the two brothers-in-law were playing chess and started arguing with each other. The next day, the Christmas of 1026, Cnut had one of his housecarls kill Earl Ulf in Trinity Church, the predecessor of Roskilde Cathedral.
Cnut arranged a marriage for Estrid with Ulf, Jarl of Orkney. It is possible that Ulf's murder took place with her consent. She did not lose her brother's trust, and was granted large lands by him. She gave her son an education by the church, made donations to the church and is believed to have founded the first church made of stone in Denmark (Roskilde Cathedral). She supported her sons's struggle to gain dominance over Denmark. In 1047, her son became king in Denmark due to his mother's descent, and is hence known as Sven Estridssen (son of Estrid). Estrid herself was granted the honorary title of Queen (not Queen mother), the very same variation of the title normally reserved for the consort of the king, and became known as "Queen Estrid", despite the fact that she was not a monarch nor the spouse of one.

Children of Ulf and Estrid
90......Bjorn b 1009 Denmark d 1086 (murdered)
91......Niels b 1017
92......Svein b 1019 m Rannveig TORDSDATTER
92a....Svend b abt 1020 Roskilde, Zealand, Denmark d 28 Apr 1076 Soderup m Gunhild SVENSDATTER
Note: Svend became King of Denmark
92b....Bjorn Ulfsson b 1022 d 1049 Dartmouth, England
93......Asbjorn b 1024 d 1086
94......Githa dob unknown
95......Odo dob unknown


029 Uchtred "The Bold" (High Reeve of Bamburgh) m Ecgfrida

Child of Uchtred and Ecgfrida
32......Ealdred b abt 1007 Bamburgh d 1038


90 Bjorn ULFIUSSON (Earl of Denmark) m unknown

Children of Bjorn and unknown
96......Siward b 1025 Denmark d 1055 York, England bur Galmanho Abbey, York


032 Ealdred Earl of Northumbria m Bernicia

Child of Ealdred and Bernicia
033......Aelfled b abt 1030 Northumberland


96 Siward BJORNSSON (Earl of Northumberland) m 033 Aelfled

Note: He was an Earl (probably of the southern--Danish--portion of the ancient Northumbria) in or before 1041. His marriage had given him some claim to the hereditary Earldom of Northumberland, and in or before 1042 the murder of his wife's uncle Eadulf put him, as Earl, in possession of the whole of Northumbria, from Humber to Tweed. He was presumably Earl also of Northampton and Huntingdon. He gave active support to the Confessor against Earl Godwin and his sons, and in 1054 led a force of English and Danes against the Scottish usurper Macbeth, which put Malcolm, upon his murdered father's throne.
After the death of Aelfled about 1040 he married Godiva of Numbumbria.

Children of Siward and Aelfled
97......Waltheof II b 1046 Northumberland d 31 May 1076 Winchester bur Jun 1076 Crowland, Lincs
98......Sybil b abt 1048
99......Osbeorne b abr 1050

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