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(Parts summarised shown in italics)

Spelling as in the original. Paragraphs and punctuation have been added for ease of reading

I, Triphena Aldred of Lowestoft in the County of Suffolk, being of sound, disposing mind and memory, praised be God, do make publish and declare this to be my last Will and Testament in manner following, that is to say:

I give and devise unto my Grandson, Samuel Higham Aldred and to his heirs and assigns for ever. all that my copyhold messuage or tenement with all the edifices, Buildings, Ground, hereditaments and appurtenances thereto belonging, situate, lying and being in Lowestoft aforesaid, in a street or lane called Blue Anchor Lane, in the tenure use or occupation of Thomas Wells, his assigns and undertenants,

And also all that my piece of ffreehold Land containing by estimation an acre be the same more or less, situate and being in Lowestoftupon or near the common pasture there called Stomaker Heath, and is in the tenure, use or occupation of Thomas Raven, his assigns or undertenants

But my mind nevertheless is that until my Grandson Samuel Higham Aldred shall attain his said age of Twenty one years that Robert Browne of Lowestoft aforesaid, merchant, whom I have appointed executor of this my will shall have derive and take all the rents, issues and profits of all the aforesaid hereditaments and premises and apply the same as he shall from time to time find proper for and towards the maintenance and Education and bringing up of my said Grandson.

Robert Browne is then empowered to extend the leases on the house and land, up the the time Samuel reaches 21. If Samuel should die before the age of 21, Robert should sell the proerty and divide the money obtained between three Granddaughters, Mary, Triphena and Sarah the daughters of my son Samuel Dixon Aldred when they reach 21, or to the survivor/s of them if any shall die before that time for the maintenance, Education and bringing up of my said three granddaughters to be paid at their ages of Twenty one years, with the survivor/s having the share of one or more dying before that age.

Also I give and devise unto Triphena Botson my daughter for and during the term of her natural life all that my messuage or Tenement with all the Edifices and Buildings, Ground, hereditamants and appurtenances thereto belonging situate and being in Lowestoft aforesaid in the said street or lane called the Blue Anchor lane now in the tenure, use or occupation of Bartholomew Allerton, his assigns or undertenants, and from and after my daughter's decease, I give and devise all the last mentioned hereditaments and premises to be equally divided amongst and between all such lawful children if more than one which my said daughter shall have living at the time of her decease to hold and take as Tenants in common and not as joint Tenants (and if only one child is alive, then it takes all) But if my said daughter Triphena Botson should depart this life without having lawful heir, it goes to Samuel Higham Aldred, but if he died before he becomes 21, then Robert Browne shall hold it in trust to sell and divide the proceedings between Samuel's three sisters, Mary, Triphena and Sarah when they are 21. There follows the usual disclaimer to protect the executor.

Also I give and bequeath to my grandson Samuel Higham Aldred my silver Tankard (sic) and large silver spoon and my largest Gold ring to be delivered to him on his attaining the age of Twenty one years and in case he should die under such age I give the said Tankard to my said Granddaughter Mary and the said large silver spoon to my said Granddaughter Triphena and my said largest Gold ring to my said Granddaughter Sarah when they reach 21

Also I desire and request my Executor to sell and dispose of all my household goods and ffurniture as soon as convenient after my decease, and the moneys arising from the sale I give and bequeath to be equally divided between my said daughter Triphena Botson and my said three granddaughters, Mary, Triphena and Sarah Aldred at 21, and to the survivors if ant should die before that age.

Also I give and bequeath to my daughter Triphena Botson ffifty pounds of lawful money of Great Britain. Also I give and bequeath to Samuel Dixon Aldred my son the sum of ffifty pounds .... within six calendar months of my decease.

Also I give and bequeath to my two Grandsons, John Obed Aldred and Joshua Aldred the sons of my said son, Samuel Dixon Aldred the sum of ffifty pounds apiece when they reach 21 and if either should die before 21, then the money be divided between Samuel Dixon Aldred and daughters Mary, Triphena and Sarah or their survivors.

And as to all the rest, residue and remainder of my monies, goods and chattels, and all other my personal estate whatsoever and wheresoever not hereinbefore or hereinafter given and disposed of, I give and bequeath the same and every part and parcel thereof to be equally divided among and between my said daughter Triphena Botson and my said Grandson, Samuel Higham Aldred and my said three Granddaughters Mary, Triphena and Sarah share and share alike, to be paid when the children are 21 or to the survivors of them

Also I ... and appoint the said Robert Browne to be sole executor of this my last Will and Tesament hereby revoking all others made by me at any time heretofore and I give and bequeath to the said Robert Browne Ten Pounds for his care and trouble in and about the execution of this my will.

And I also will and desire that over and above that he shall be paid a reasonable Compensation for his trouble in the new discharge of the trusts thereof. In witness whereof I the said Triphena Aldred have, to this my last will and testament, contained in six sheets of paper and affixed together at the top to the first, second, third, fourth and fifth sheets thereof, set my hand and seal this twentieth day of October One Thousand, seven hundred and Seventy eight.


The mark of Triphena Aldred

Witnesses: Robt Reeve, Robert Reeve, jnr, Edward Dinmore

Will proved 21 February 1791 .

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