Norwich Consistory Court, Will 1520, 122 Robynson

Thomas CRIKEMAY of Bedingham. 3 May 1520.

To the high altar at Bedingham 12d.
To reparations of the church of All Saints in Shotisham 6s 8d.
To the church of Woodton 2 bushels of wheat & 2 bushels of malt.
I will that when the church of Bedingham is fully finished shortly after I will that my executors by counsel take a workman and o draw with colours the image of St George there as it shall be thought best to the worship of God and St George and there I bequeath 6s 8d.

I will that Mawte my wife and Thomas my son jointly together do take up in the Courtes my tenement with the lands thereto belonging with the close and garden called Ravennes and the close called the Lownde lying in Bedingham with the appurtenances held by copy during the term of the life of the said Mawte, and after her decease to remain to the said Thomas that is to say 40 days after her decease to him and his heirs and his assignees for ever.

I bequeath to Agnes CRIKMAY the daughter of John CRIKMAY my son a calf of this year. I bequeath to each of my godchildren 4d. I bequeath to the said Thomas my son 2 -------, the best, a pair of sheets, a ---- of ----, the best pan, the biggest brass pot and a ----- that was his mother's, the biggest kettle pottell pan, 6 sheep & 4 lambs, all these... the cattle to be delivered to the same Thomas a little after the decease of the said Mawte my wife... a chafer of lattyne, 2 platters and 2 dishes of pewter to the same Thomas at that time.

I bequeath to Elizabeth my daughter the lesser brass pot, a pan of 2 gallons, a pottell pan, a fine steak of the first calf the steak to be dined at Hallow Mass next after my decease.

I will and bequeath to Cecily my servant a calf an ewe and a lamb.

I bequeath to Friar ASHEWELL 10s.
To Friar PALMER 10s.
I bequeath to Anabill LEMAN 8 sheep.

I bequeath to hallowing of the church of Bedingham when it is hallowed 6s 8d.

I require all my enfeofees to make and deliver a sufficient and a lawful ----- to John STANNOW of such lands as I sold him in my life.
I bequeath to John CRIKMAY son of John CRIKMAY my son 3s 4d.
I bequeath to Thomas my son 2 kine and 2 bullocks.
The residue to Mawte my wife, sole executrix. Wits: Andrew GRENE, John CRIKMAY, Robt SWANNE & others

Probate granted: 11 Aug 1520