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Inventory: Thomas Oldman 1788

Note: Special thanks to Anna Kettle for finding this Inventory

It is of an Inn in Bury St Edmunds - which one is not yet known.

Spellings and capital letters are as in the original, but some punctuation has been added to clarify the text

Entries which may be obscure are defined in the glossary: please click on the word in the text which you want to understand


&cr: Etcetera
Beaufet: a sideboard or trolley for holding crockery or food
Beer Pipe: a large cask containing 103 inperial gallons of beer
Billet: a straw filled mattress (paliasse)
Blower Hanging Horse: a clothes drier on pulleys which hangs in a draught
Bolster: a pillow the full width of the bed
Cowl (e): a tub or similar vessel
Corded bedstead: one in which the mattress is placed on a network of cords
Coverlid: a coverlet
Crome: a hooked rake
Delph: a blue and white pottery
Do: ditto
Dressing glass: a free standing mirror, full length in a frame.
Footman: a stand for holding a kettle over a fire
Guile: unknown. Any advice is welcome - please email me!
Hogshead: a large cask of approx 52 imperial gallons.
Hop Cleanse: A tub for washing hops
Horse: a clothes drying rack
Keeler: a cooling vessel
Letch: a channel for directing liquid into a vessel
Lye: detergent, a soapy liquid
Moirny: unknown. any advice is welcome - please email me!
Napkin press: a chest of drawers to hold napkins
Night Chair: Commode, a wooden box seat concealing a chamberpot.
NP: Notary Public
Pier glass: a wall mounted mirror in a frame
Pillar table: a table with one central leg
Pott stool: probably a commode email me if you know differently!
Press bedstead: a folding bedstead
Puncheon: a cask whose size depends on the contents: if for beer, 72 gallons, if for whisky 120 gallons
Rudder: a paddle for stirring malt in the mash tub
Russia Tablecloth: a tablecloth made of a particular kind of linen
Sackon bedstead: one in which the mattress is placed on a web of hessian strips
Smoke Jack: A device fitted into a chimney which turned the spit when a draught (such as caused by smoke) went up the chimney
Snuffer: A conical device for extinguishing candle flames
Spline: the wooden strip between a peg and a wall
Steelyard: a weighing device
Tea Board: a tray
Tea Kitchen: unknown. Any advice is welcome - please email me!
Voider: a tub into which is placed left over remains of meals.
Wainscot table: small table to fit in window alcove
Waiter: a serving trolley
Wort: infused malt before fermentation


A true and perfect inventory of all and singular the Goods Chattels and Credits of Thomas Oldman late of Bury St Edmunds in the County of Suffolk, Innholder, intestate, deceased, which at or since his death have come to the hand posession or knowledge of Elizabeth Oldman, widow, the relict and intended admistratrix of all and singular those Goods and Chattels and Credits of the said deceased Taken and Appraised the 27th and 28th days of November 1788 by Jonathan Mason the older and Jonathan Mason the younger, both of Bury aforesaid, as follows, to wit:

In the front and back garrets no 1,2,3,& 4 __..s..d___
Two Corded bedsteads, Two sackon ditto with furniture, 4 feather beds, small ditto, five Bolsters, 3 pillows, three pairs Blankets, 3 coverlids, 4 Quilts, 17 chairs, tables &cr.

15..03.. 9

In the Dining Chamber and closet - No 5 - & passage __..s..d___
Standing stove, sett of Irons and Chimney Board, Fender, Bellows, Fender, 14 chairs, pier glass, 2 mahogany tables, 3 wainscot ditto, 2 paintings, japanned waiter, pewter pott, mahogany press bedstead, napkin press, large oval table, 2 tea boards, 2 Dozen and 6 Delph plates, mahogany table, a four post sackon bedstead with calico furniture, 3 mahogany tea boards, 2 glass lights, One Dozen of Silver handled Knives and one Dozen fforks and case, 1 Doz Green handled Do and forty-2 Dozen do, Bone handles, box, &cr.

25..11.. 6

In the Chamber no 6 __..s..d___
Three bedsteads with Check furniture, 3 Feather Beds, 3 Bolsters, 3 Pillows, seven Blankets, 3 quilts, Pier glass, 3 tables, 5 chairs &cr

17.. 6.. 6

In the Chamber no 7 __..s..d___
Four Bedsteads with green furniture, four feather beds, 4 Bolsters, seven pillows, 4 pair blankets, 4 quilts, 1 coverlid, Square mahogany table, walnuttree table, pier glass, 6 walnuttree chairs, window curtain and rod, chimney blind &cr

35..16.. 6

In the Chamber no 8 __..s..d___
Four post Bedstead and furniture, Two Feather Beds, Two Bolsters, Four Pair Blankets, 3 quilts and counterpane, Two mahogany bureaux, Pier and Dressing Glass, Mahogany Chest with Drawers, Mahogany Dressing Table, Mahogany Night Chair, an alarm clock, Irion (Iron) Chest, Six Chairs, window curtain & rod &cr

33..19.. 9

In the Chamber no 9 and stair case __..s..d___
A four post bedstead with green Moirny Furniture, Feather Bed, Bolster, Two Pillows, pair Blankets, Cotton counterpane, six mahogany chairs, six walnuttree ditto, mahogany Card Table, Two Dressing Glasses, sett of Fire Irons, Window Curtain, Large Painting, , Bason stand, an Eight Day Clock and case, , bells as fixed &cr

23.. 3.. 0

In the Back Parlour, - No 10 __..s..d___
Twelve Rush Matted Chairs, two elbow do, pier glass, 6 Paintings, framed and glazed, Pillar Table and stand, square Dining table, Door Curtain and rod, Window shade, sett of Fire Irons, Blower hanging horse, 18 cloak pegs and splines, stool, bell as fix'd, 26 glasses sorted, 5 decanter bottles sorted, 18 wine glasses, Two odd do, 5 beakers, 7 decanter bottles &cr.

6.. 7.. 4

In the Front Parlour or Dining Room - No 11 __..s..d___
Sett of Fire Irons, 22 rush matted chairs, 2 Pillar Tables, 5 Dining Tables, Pier Glass, one large do, Voider, Window shade, cloathes pegs and splines, Bell as fix'd

12..14.. 2

In the Bar, - No 12 __..s..d___
Ten Pewter liquor measures, Beaufet, 6 rush matted Chairs, Elbow do, square Dining Table, Pier Glass , sett of Fire Irons, Mahogany Cheese Wagon, Coffee Mill, Set of glass castors with silver tops and Frame, Two large Juggs, Eight Delph Bowls , 22 china and stone Mugs, 18 china Tea Cups and Saucers, China bowls, basons &cr


In the Kitchen - No 13 __..s..d___
A wind up Coals Range with Crane Hooks and Cast Iron back, Smoak Jack, Tea Kitchen, Two pokers, Fire pan, tongs, ffender, pair bellows, Large Footman, Large stand Horse, Tea Kettle, Two coal scuttles, Two Gallon Measures, Brass Kettle as fix'd, with furnace iron, Copper Can and Funnel, six pewter beer measures, 8 pair Brass Candlesticks, , new Copper Tea Kitchen and tea Kettle, , an eight day dial [Clock], seven iron Candlesticks, four pair snuffers, Thirty Stone Mugs, pewter plates and dishes, 157lbs pair Steelyards, six chairs, Table, Pott-stool, Dresser and pewter case &cr.


Pantry in Bar Room and Scullery in Kitchen - No 14 - & yard __..s..d___
Five dozen Stone Plates, Eleven Dishes, Bowls, Basons, sauce-Boats, Stone Jarrs, Two dozen knives and fforks sorted, box sundry earthen potts &cr, six saucepans, two covers, Stewpan, Fish Kettle, four Boilers, Two frying pans, copper Dripping Pan and Frame, large frying pan, plate rack, leaded meal tray, Copper and Irons as fixed, Lye-letch<, six pails, Stool &cr

8..14.. 6

In Lumber Chamber No 15

Nine furnace iron bars, twenty sacks and ladders


In the Brewhouse - No 16 __..s..d___
A copper as fixed with furnace and irons, lead curb and Lid, Lead Wort Pump, Hop cleanse, three coolers, Mash tub with a brass tap, Lead under Back, square Guile, Two pair stops, three Jets, Rudder Tunnell, 5 beer pipes and pieces, Cowle, Four tubs and Keelers, five troughs, poker, crome, pair of iron dogs & slings &cr


In the Yard, Garden, Stables Barn &cr __..s..d___
Fruit Trees, Shrubs, Arbour, Hogs Trough, Linen Horse, new Rack and Manger, and upper floor in the Barn, pair doors, Wheelbarrow, Cinder Riddle, Water Pott, Shovel, four forks, Twentyfour Halters, chain &cr

2.. 5..00

In the Soldiers' Room __..s..d___
Three bedsteads, billets, Two beds, bolsters and pillows, blankets, coverlids, chairs &cr.

3..14.. 6

In the Corn Chamber __..s..d___
Four Corn Measures, two Binns, three scuttles, Oats, Malt, Twenty sacks, sack barrow &cr

19..12.. 3

In the Cellars __..s..d___
Fortyeight beer pipes, Puncheons, Hogsheads, and small casks, Five Tubs, 10 dozen empty bottles and rack, 8 Horns, Fourteen Taps, 5 Keelers, 2 Screw Hoops all the bearers, Cowls, Measures, &cr

25.. 0.. 4

. __..s..d___
Wine in bottles and casks
Spirituous Liquors - 140 gallons
Beer - 3817 gallonsxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx__..s..d___

239.. 6..11

Plate __..s..d___
Two Quart Tankyards, Two Cream Potts, six ladles, two pepper Casters, one sauce Ladle, Three pair Salts, Two pair Sugar Tongs, Forty three Table and tea spoons, one silver watch, one metal case ditto, pair Silver Buckles

35..12.. 6

Linen __..s..d___
22 pair of sheets and new piece of sheeting, 10 Damask Tablecloths, 7 Huckaback Do, 8 Russia Ditto, Napkins, Pillowcases, Kitchen Linen, wearing apparel of sd. dec. &cr

31..17.. 9

__..s..d___ __..s..d___
Cash in the House at the time of the sd. deceased's death and not exceeding the sum of


__..s..d___ __..s..d___
Do rec'd from Henry Secker's effects being a Composition of 5% in the pound for a debt of 3..11..00 due to sd. decd.

17.. 9

__..s..d___ __..s..d___
To Do. rec'd of Mr Fairfax a debt due to sd. decd. for Graine__..s..d___ vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv

10.. 8

__..s..d___ __..s..d___
To Do. of Burton a debt due to said dec'd.__..s..d___ bbbbbbbbbbbvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv


__..s..d___ __..s..d___
Bad and desperate debts due to the sd Decd - 50.


__..s..d___ __..s..d___
To cash rec'd of Charles Russell due on note from him to sd. decd.

10.. 0 0

__..s..d___ __..s..d___
To balance of an accompt between the sd decd. and Matthew Fermole.

2.. 0.. 4

__..s..d___ __..s..d___
To do from Peter Buxton.__..s..d___ vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

1.. 7.. 0

__..s..d___ __..s..d___
To do from Charles Blomfield.__..s..d___ vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn


__..s..d___ __..s..d___
__..s..d___ vvvvvvvvvvmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmvvvvvvvnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

660..15.. 3

Lastly this exhibitant the said Elizabeth Oldman declares that she knows of no other Goods, Chattels or Credits of or belonging to the said deceased other than what are hereinbefore set forth, but if at any time hereafter any other Goods, Chattels or Credits of or belonging to the said deceasedshall come to her hands, posession or knowledge, she will be ready and willing to set forth the same and charge herself therewith accordingly when by Law required.

The mark of__

X __..

Elizabeth Oldman

The said Elizabeth Oldman was sworn to the truth of the foregoing inventory the 22nd day of July 1791 before me
Joseph Sharpe Senr

Present: J Dalton, NP.

In the Commissary's Court of the Archdeaconry of Sudbury &cr.

A true, just and faithful account made and rendered by Elizabeth Oldman, widow, the relict and administratrix of all and singular the Goods Chattels and Credits of Thomas Oldman, late of Bury St Edmunds in the County of Suffolk, Innholder, intestate deceased, of and concerning her admcon of the said goods, Chattels and Credits of the said deceased, which at any time since his death has come to her hands or posession, given in by virtue of her corporal oath - 22 July 1791 - follows, to wit

The Charge

__..s..d___ __..s..d___
This accomptant charges herself with the sum of 660..15.. 3 being the sum total, amount or value of what she hath rec'd of the said dec'd's Goods, Chattels and Credits as by the inventory thereof here to annexed and to which she doth refer, it may appear.

660..15.. 3

The Discharge

This accomptant craves allowance of the following sums of money by her paid an administratrix aforesaid - viz:

Details of transaction __..s..d___
To Mr Jno LeGrice for Rent27.. 1..00
To Saml Scott a debt due from sd dec'd. ..13.. 6
To Jacob Reach the Sexton for Burial Fees ..15.. 6
To cash paid the underbearers ..12..00
To Wm Preston, a debt due from sd dec'd. ..15..00
To Thomas Danby the balance of account between him and the sd dec'd for Barley7.. 5.. 6
To Mr Dalton for letters (?) of administration7..11..00
To Mason & Son for appraising stock and furniture2.. 2..00
To Ezra Willis for a Coffin2.. 2..00
To Richd Rolfe a debt due from sd dec'd9.. 3..00
To Mr Spinks a bill for funeral expenses11..17..00
To John Guy, a debt due from sd dec'd ..10..00
To Martin Sharpe - do- 1..15.. 6
To John Gooday for Hearse and Coach hire 1.. 1..00
To Henry Topple att'g for business done by him for sd dec'd .. 9.. 4
To J Toosey a debt due from the sd dec'd 5.. 8..00
To Messrs Carter do for 1 doz Knives and forksdelivered in dec'd's lifetime 1.. 4..00
To James Steward a debt due from sd dec'd 3..11..00
To Edward Turner a Do for coals 7.. 2..00
To Mr Japsy or Vapsy a debt due from sd dec'd .. 4 ..00
To Benjn Brown do 13..16..00
To Edwards and Bullen do7..14..00
To John Lawrence do 10.. 2..00
To Thos Ridley do 2.. 5..00
To John Tipple do ..12.. 5
To Bacon and Marshall> do 4.. 7..00
To Thomas Singleton for gravestones 1.. 3..00
To Andrew Hunter for tables had by dec'd in his lifetime 2.. 2..00
To Evans and Dormans a debt due from sd dec'd 54..16..6
To Moss and Dike's executors a debt due from sd dec'd 4..16.. 9
To Josh Thompson for Breaking the Ground in Churchyard and putting down gravestones .. 2.. 6
To Ralph Guest for wood bottoms and 2 silver mugs, due from sd dec'd .. 1.. 6
To Saml Scott the remainder of consideration money given with Thomas Oldman, son of the Dec'd as an apprentice to S Scott10..10..00
This accomptant declares that there is now due to Saml Oldman Brot of sd dec'd, the sum of a debt due from sd dec'd to him 2..00.. 6
This accomptant also declares that there was due from sd dec'd to William Johnson, on Bond, at the time of his death which is yet unsatisfied 80..00..00
Also interest on Bond from 5th April preceeding ye intestate's death to 19th Nov following, 7 months and 14 days at 5% per annum 2..10..00
TAlso this accomptant declares that there is now due to George Hubbard, apothecary from the dec'd a balance of an account 6..16.. 3
__..s..d___ __..s..d___
__..s..d___ 295.. 5.. 6
Court fees for exhibits, Invent'y on oath and rendering an account of Sd Dec'd's effects 1..18.. 8
__..s..d___ 297.. 4.. 2

The Mark of__.


Elizabeth Oldman__.

The sd. Elizth Oldman was sworn to
the truth of the foregoing account
the 22nd day of July 1791
before me
Joseph Sharpe Senr
Present: John Dalton, NP.

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