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Last update: 13 Nov 2011

Relevance: The Tripps are related to the Edmonds and Aldred branches by marriage: sisters Margaret and Elizabeth Edmonds married brothers Robert and Thomas.


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1 Gilbert BATEMAN b abt 1580 m (a) Alice EVERED (b 1582 Layham Sfk) Friday 24 Aug 1601 Lowestoft (b) Martha TURNER Saturday 31 Jan 1609/10 Lowestoft

Note: Martha had been married to William THOMPSON Thursday 14 Sep 1600 Lowestoft

Children of Gilbert and Alice
2......Lydia b 1601 Lowestoft
3......Robert b 1604 Lowestoft
4......Mark b 1605 Lowestoft

Children of Gilbert and Martha
5......Mary bap Thursday 27 Mar 1614 Lowestoft
Edith bap Monday 28 Mar 1616 Lowestoft bur 24 Dec 1646 Lowestoft
7......William bap Thursday 30 Apr 1620 Lowestoft
8......Mathay bap Thursday 9 Sep 1621 Lowestoft


9 Stephen TRIP b abt 1610 bur Saturday 9 Nov 1646 Lowestoft m 6 Edith BATEMAN Saturday 6 Nov 1632 in Oulton

Children of Stephen and Edith
10......Martha bap 19 May 1633 Lowestoft bur Thursday 15 Sep 1635 Lowestoft
11......Robert b Feb 1634 Lowestoft bur Monday 15 Feb 1634 Lowestoft
12......Thomas bap 2 Feb 1636 Lowestoft m Anne (b 1668 d 6 Oct 1716) [Tombstone]
13......Robert bap 26 Dec 1637 Lowestoft d 12 Jun 1700 Lowestoft bur 14 Jun 1700
14......Stephen bap 1 Mar 1640 Lowestoft bur 12 Feb 1688 Lowestoft
15......John bap 2 Oct 1642 Lowestoft


13 Robert TRIPP m Mary HALES (bap 10 Jan 1640 d 29 Jan 1715 bur 31 Jan 1715) 30 Jun 1664 Lowestoft

Note: Mary was the daughter of John and Alice HALES

Children of Robert and Mary
16......Margaret bap 18 Oct 1671 Lowestoft m John GILBY 2 Nov 1699 Lowestoft
Note: Her date of baptism may be ten years later
17......Robert bap 30 Mar 1665/6 Lowestoft
18......Mary bap 17 Nov 1667 Lowestoft m Matthew SHREEVE 1 Dec 1699 Lowestoft
Thomas bap 14 Mar 1675 d 3 Jul 1745 Lowestoft
20......Elizabeth bap 11 Mar 1677 Lowestoft m John MORE (b abt 1673 Lowestoft) 1 Dec 1701 Lowestoft
21......Robert bap 10 Jul 1679 Lowestoft
22......Edna bap 10 Feb 1680 Lowestoft m John ANDERSON 25 Dec 1710 Lowestoft
John b and bap 30 Sep 1681 Lowestoft bur 26 Sep 1742 Lowestoft

14 Stephen TRIPP (householder) m (a) Rose PYE (d 3 Apr 1699) (b) Mary bur 11 Nov 1716

Note: In 1674 Stephen was assessed as having 3 hearths for the Hearth Tax in Lowestoft

Children of Stephen and Rose
25......John bap Feb 1666 Lowestoft m Elizabeth GOODWIN 11 May 1695
26......Ann bap 30 Aug 1668 Lowestoft bur 8 Jun 1672 Lowestoft
27......Mary bap 6 Nov 1670 Lowestoft
28......Stephen bap 8 Jun 1673 Lowestoft
29......Rose bap 16 Apr 1676 Lowestoft bur 24 Apr 1676 Lowestoft
29a....Edna bap 14 May 1677 Lowestoft
30......Ane bap Sep 1678 Lowestoft
31......William bap 22 May 1681 Lowestoft
31a....Stephen bap 23 Feb 1684 Lowestoft


32 Thomas TRIPP m Susan BALGRAVE (bur 14 Nov 1740) 30 Oct 1713 Lowestoft

Children of Thomas and Susan
32a....Thomas bap 6 Sep 1714 Lowestoft
Thomas bap 17 Nov 1715 Lowestoft d 28 Nov 1761 Lowestoft
34......Mary b 1718 Lowestoft bur 13 Dec 1718 Lowestoft
35......Mary bap 2 Jun 1727 bur 21 Dec 1796 as widow m John MILES

19 Thomas TRIPP m (a) Ann PACY (b 1668 d Tuesday 6 Oct 1716 bur Sunday 11 Oct 1716 aged 48) Thursday 28 Nov 1697 Lowestoft (b) Mary

Note: See Ann's gravestone here. Mary subsequently married Thomas BLACKMAN 22 Dec 1728 Lowestoft

Child of Thomas and Ann
36......Thomas bap 2 Jul 1699 Lowestoft

Children of Thomas and Mary
37......Thomas d.o.b. unknown bur 6 Oct 1719 aged 3 weeks Lowestoft
38......Thomas bap 1 May 1721 Lowestoft
39......Rebecca bap 18 Aug 1723 Lowestoft
40......Benjamin bap 22 Apr 1726 Lowestoft bur 3 Dec 1727 Lowestoft

23 John TRIPP m (a) Mary REEVE ( b abt 1681 Lowestoft bur 13 Jun 1726 Lowestoft) 1 May 1705 Ilketshall St John (b) Susanna KETTERIDGE (d 18 Nov 1791, bur 22 Nov 1791 Lowestoft) 16 Jan 1731

Children of John and Mary
41......Simon bap 18 Feb 1703/4, Lowestoft bur 29 Aug 1710 Lowestoft - died of smallpox
42......Mary bap 6 Oct 1705 Lowestoft bur 11 Nov 1716
43......Simon b abt 1706 bur 29 Aug 1710 Lowestoft
44......John bap 26 Jul 1710 Lowestoft
45......Simon bap 24 May 1712 Lowestoft bur 7 Apr 1782 Lowestoft
46......Thomas bap 6 Aug 1714 Lowestfot
47......Robert bap 11 Nov 1715 Lowestoft
48......Margaret bap 20 Dec 1717 Lowestoft
49......Jeremiah (or Jeremy) bap 22 May 1720 bur 4 Oct 1721 Lowestoft

31a Stephen TRIPP m (a) Mary abt 1697 (b) Frances HUNT 29 Dec 1717

Children of Stephen and Mary
50......Susanna bap 23 Aug 1698 Lowestoft
51......Stephen bap 13 Sep 1700 Lowestoft
52......Stephen bap 6 Jul 1702 Lowestoft
53......Mary b 1704 bur 30 Nov 1708
54......Rose bap 8 May 1710 Lowestoft
55......Thomas bap 13 Jul 1713 Lowestoft bur 26 Nov 1783 Lowestoft


Note: Also in this generation, but not yet tied in with existing data were:
Thomas TRIP m Margaret PEARSON 18 Dec 1740
Aldred branch]
and John TRIPP m Susanna b 1644 bur 16 Jun 1719

33 Thomas TRIPP m Ann PARKER (b 1708) 19 Jan 1734/5 Lowestoft

Children of Thomas and Ann
56......Mary bap 18 Sep 1735
57......Thomas bap 17 May 1738 Lowestoft bur 19 Sep 1738 Lowestoft
58......Stephen bap 17 May 1738 Lowestoft bur 11 Mar 1738/9 Lowestoft
59......Elizabeth b Apr 1740 bur 16 May 1740 Lowestoft
60......Thomas bap 8 Nov 1741 Lowestoft
61......Ann bap 16 Dec 1744 Lowestoft
62......Stephen bap 14 Dec 1748 Lowestoft

38 Thomas TRIPP m Elizabeth EDMONDS (b 1713 d 23 Jul 1801, bur 27 Jul 1801 Lowestoft)[see Edmonds and Aldred branches]

Note: Thomas was a fish merchant

Children of Thomas and Elizabeth
63......Susannah b 1743 Lowestoft bur 27 Jul 1743
64......Thomas bap 25 May 1744 Lowestoft d 1809 Lowestoft
65......Elizabeth b abt 1744 bur 9 Feb 1826 Lowestoft
66......Stephen b 1745 Lowestoft bur 18 Jan 1747 Lowestoft
67......Stephen bap 22 Mar 1747 Lowestoft bur 31 May 1747 Lowestoft
68......Susannah bap 17 Apr 1748 Lowestoft
69......Elizabeth bap 21 Jan 1750 Lowestoft

69a Simon TRIPP (b 1710 bur 7 Apr 1782 Lowestoft m Isabella PARKER (b 1710 bap 22 Feb 1710 Lowestoft bur 29 Nov 1780 Lowestoft) abt 1735 Beccles

Note: Isabella was the daughter of Francis and Anne PARKER

Children of Simon and Isabella
Simon bap 28 Nov 1736 Lowestoft drowned 7 Mar 1786
71......Isabella bap 14 Nov 1739 Lowestoft m John MANTRIPP 14 July 1774 Lowestoft
73......Anne bap 13 Dec 1741 Lowestoft bur 18 Jul 1742 Lowestoft
74......John bap 1 May 1743 Lowestoft
75......Ruth b 1 Jul 1748 Lowestoft
76......Margaret bap 1 Jul 1752 Lowestoft bur 24 Nov 1752 Lowestoft
77......Stephen bap 16 Dec 1753 Lowestoft bur 14 Aug 1755 Lowestoft

44 John TRIPP m (a) Sarah TOOKE (b) Susanna BLACKMAN (b 1714 Lowestoft) 30 Oct 1731 Lowestoft

Note: John was a pilot. Sarah's parents were Samuel TOOKE (b 1688 Ipswich) and Mary LAWRENCE

Children of John and Susanna
78......Mary bap 5 Apr 1732 Lowestoft
79......Elizabeth bap 7 Sep 1733 Lowestoft d 14 Nov 1777 m (a) William STANNARD (b) Samuel CAPPS 29 Dec 1765 Lowestoft
80......Susanna bap 14 Nov 1735 Lowestoft bur 2 Feb 1748/9 Lowestoft
81......John bap 22 Apr 1738 Lowestoft bur 1 Jan 1743/4 Lowestoft
82......Thomas Blackman bap 11 May 1740 Lowestoft
83......Margaret bap 23 Mar 1743 Lowestoft bur 21 Dec 1743 Lowestoft
84......John bap 6 June 1745 Lowestoft bur 21 May 1805 Lowestoft
85......Margaret bap 13 Sep 1747 Lowestoft bur 25 Jan 1748 died of smallpox

45 Simon TRIPP m Susannah WIGGENS (b 1743 d 1830) 2 Jan 1763 Lowestoft

Children of Simon and Susanna
86......Simon bap 14 Sep 1764 Lowestoft
87......Isabel bap 1767 Yarmouth
88......Ann bap 1 Jan 1772 Lowestoft
89......John bap 1775 Yarmouth
90......Margaret dob unknown
91......Stephen bap 1773 Lowestoft

47 Robert TRIPP m Margaret PEARSON, formerly EDMONDS (b 1714 d 1777) 18 Dec 1740 Lowestoft [see Edmonds and Aldred branches]

Children of Robert and Margaret
92......Sarah bap 25 Sep 1741 Lowestoft
93......Susannah bur 27 Nov 1743 Lowestoft
94......Robert bap 14 Jul 1743 Lowestoft bur 16 Jun 1782 Lowestoft
95......Margaret bap 6 Sep 1749 Lowestoft
96......John bap 9 Jul 1752 Lowestoft bur 16 Jan 1834 m Margery (b 1760 bur 17 Apr 1835)
97......Thomas bap 26 Nov 1754 Lowestoft

55 Thomas TRIPP Sailor m Margaret SPICER 23 Feb 1752 Lowestoft

Children of Thomas and Margaret
98......Thomas bap 17 Dec 1752 Lowestoft
James Spicer bap 2 Jun 1754 Lowestoft bur as widower 18 Nov 1812 Lowestoft
100....Simon bap 19 Oct 1755 Lowestoft bur 19 Nov 1769 Lowestoft
101....Gilling bap 25 May 1757 Lowestoft bur 7 Mar 1794 Lowestoft
102....Margaret bap 13 May 1755 Lowestoft bur 11 Mar 1760 Lowestoft
103....Benjamin bap 20 Jan 1761 Lowestoft
104....Margaret b 1763 bur 10 Nov 1812 m John PORTER

91 William WIGGINS m Susanna

Children of William and Susanna
105......Richard b 1726 Lowestoft
106......John b abt 1729 Lowestoft d 1748 Lowestoft
107......William b 1731 Lowestoft
108......Thomas b 1734 Lowestoft
109......Phillis b 1737 Lowestoft d 1738 Lowestoft
110......Samuel b 1739 d Mar 1775 Lowestoft m Elizabeth
Susanna b 1743 Lowestoft


Note: Also in this generation, but not yet tied in with the other data were
112 Thomas TRIPP m Alice HOOK 19 Jan 1766 Lowestoft
112aThomas TRIPP m Susannah MAYHEW 20 Mar 1768 Gt Yarmouth
113 Thomas TRIPP m Margaret WILSON 23 Feb 1752 Lowestoft
113a Charles TRIPP b 1767 m Elizabeth (b Thornham, Nfk 1779)
Note: Charles was a hemp dresser

64 Thomas TRIPP m (a) Ann ASHBY (b) Mrs IBROOK (wid)

Source: Arminian Magazine 1811, 281, 363 and 552.

Thomas Tripp (1744-1809)

Thomas Tripp was born into a poor family in Lowestoft, Suffolk. His parents were devout Anglicans and Tripp was to retain a strong affection for the Church of England throughout his life. As a young boy, he was apprenticed to a cooper and after the premature death of his father, Tripp worked to support his mother and sister. He was a regular attender at Anglican worship and 'a sincere enquirer after truth'.

Tripp was persuaded by a friend, against his own better judgement, to attend Methodist worship in Yarmouth and he was converted soon after, by the preaching of the itinerant John Pawson. He went on to pioneer the cause of Methodism in Lowestoft, often in the face of severe persecution.

Tripp married Mrs Ibrook, the comfortably-off widow of a grocer and fish merchant. She had also been a Methodist from the early days of the movement and had often provided hospitality for the first preachers to labour in Lowestoft. In the intervals between visits by itinerants, Tripp often filled the gap by reading John Wesley's sermons to the assembled society and leading them in prayer.

Tripp was one of the chief promoters of the first Methodist chapel in Lowestoft, opened by John Wesley and John Fletcher in 1776. When it became necessary to enlarge the building, Tripp and his wife contributed the considerable sum of £100. He served for many years as class leader, society steward and circuit steward and was regarded as one of the founding fathers of Methodism in the town. A generous giver to worthy causes, it is estimated that he gave away £1,700 during the last twenty years of his life. Tripp suffered from very poor health for a long time before he finally passed away on March 29 1809. According to a non-Methodist account, such was the general esteem in which he was held that his funeral cortege was followed by three quarters of the population of Lowestoft.

Thanks to Paul Gardiner for this quotation

Note: The 1794 list of "principal inhabitants of Lowestoft" shows Thomas as a cooper

Children of Thomas and Ann
114......William bap 20 May 1780 Lowestoft
115......Ann bap 18 Dec 1781 Lowestoft
116......Rebecca bap 21 Oct 1783 Lowestoft
117......Simon bap 8 Feb 1786 Lowestoft
118......Margaret bap 10 Jul 1788 Lowestoft bur 15 Dec 1791
119......Mary bap 7 Jul 1790 Lowestoft

70 Simon TRIPP m 111 Susanna WIGGINS 2 Jan 1764 Lowestoft

Children of Simon and Isabel
120......Susanna b 1763 Lowestoft d Sep 1763 Lowestoft
121......Simon bap 14 Sep 1764 Lowestoft d 1764 Lowestoft
122......Susanna bap 6 Apr 1766 Lowestoft d 1848 Lowestoft
123......Elizabeth bap 19 Jun 1768 Lowestoft bur 23 Oct 1768
124......Elizabeth bap 11 Sep 1770 Lowestoft d 21 Aug 1847
125......Ann b 1771 bap 1 Jan 1772 Lowestoft m Jeremiah HOWARD (b 1771) 15 Jul 1798 Lowestoft
126......Richard bap 13 Jan 1773 Lowestoft bur widower 18 Mar 1842
127......Stephen bap 13 Jun 1773 Lowestoft d Mar 1842 Lowestoft
128......Rebecca bap 15 Jul 1776 Lowestoft m James PARKER 14 Apr 1803 Lowestoft
129......Mary bap 5 Nov 1777 Lowestoft m (a) John NEEVE 1 Jan 1798 Lowestoft (b) William FOLKARD (b abt 1778 d May 1819) 21 Nov 1803
Samuel bap 25 Jun 1781 Lowestoft d May 1819
131......Thomas bap 28 Jan 1786 Lowestoft bur 24 Feb 1786 Lowestoft

74 John TRIPP m Elizabeth HALL 10 Feb 1774 Lowestoft

Children of John and Elizabeth
132......Elizabeth bap 28 Feb 1775 Lowestoft bur 6 Dec 1777 Lowestoft
133......John bap 9 Oct 1777 Lowestoft
134......Elizabeth bap 4 Aug 1779 Lowestoft bur 31 Aug 1779 Lowestoft
135......Stephen bap 29 Mar 1781 Lowestoft
136......Margaret bap 16 Nov 1783 Lowestoft
137......Elizabeth bap 29 Dec 1785 Lowestoft
138......Rebecca bap 1 Feb 1788 Lowestoft bur 16 Apr 1790

97 Thomas TRIPP m Mary (bur 25 Jan 1837)

Children of Thomas amd Mary
139......Mary bap 11 Dec 1774 Lowestoft bur 6 Jan 1776
140......Thomas bap 17 Dec 1776 Lowestoft
141......Robert bap 31 May 1779 Lowestoft bur 21 Aug 1829 m Mary
142......Henry bap 16 Jun 1782 Lowestoft
143......Margaret bap 14 Oct 1785 Lowestoft

99 James Spicer TRIPP m Susannah BAXTER (b 1762 bur 30 Nov 1807 Lowestoft)

Child of James Spicer and Susannah
144......Susannah bap 14 Apr 1788 Lowestoft bur 20 Jul 1788 Lowestoft

94 Robert TRIPP m Mary BALLS 23 Dec 1766 Lowestoft

Children of Robert and Mary
146......Robert bap 6 Jun 1767 Lowestoft d 6 Feb 1831 bur 12 Feb 1831
147......Thomas bap 18 Mar 1770 Lowestoft
148......Mary bap 25 Apr 1772 Lowestoft
149......Catherine bap 17 Apr 1774 Lowestoft m Samuel MOORE
150......Elizabeth bap 20 Oct 1776 Lowestoft bur 6 Dec 1778
151......Samuel bap 7 Mar 1779 bur 12 Jul 1786 Lowestoft

138 James TRIPP m Esther KEMP (or YOWELL?)

Children of James and Esther
153......James bap 26 Dec 1805 Lowestoft bur 24 Aug 1807
154......James b Aldeby bap 7 Apr 1808 Aldeby
155......Esther bap 1 Feb 1810 Lowestoft bur 6 May 1812 Lowestoft


124 Elizabeth TRIPP m Thomas FOLKARD (b abt 1778 d May 1819) 6 Jan 1793 Lowestoft

Children of Thomas and Elizabeth
156......Thomas bap 28 Mar 1794 Lowestoft
157......Samuel bap 14 Jul 1795 Lowestoft m Judith ALLERTON 28 Jul 1821 Lowestoft (see Allerton branch here)
158......Elizabeth bap 22 Mar 1797 Lowestoft
159......Susannah bap 20 Apr 1799 Lowestoft
160......William bap 26 Aug 1801 Lowestoft
161......Mary bap 19 Sep 1808 Lowestoft
162......Mary bap 24 Sep 1810 Lowestoft
163......Elizabeth bap 27 Oct 1811 Lowestoft

126 Richard TRIPP m Mary TAYLOR( b aft 1764 bur 24 Dec 1807 Lowestoft) 23 Sep 1799 Lowestoft

Note: Richard was living in Mariner's Lane, Lowestoft and was a fisherman

Child of Richard and Mary
126b......Richard Conyard b 30 May 1804 bap 30 May 1804 Lowestoft

128 Rebecca TRIPP m James PARKER 14 Apr 1803 Lowestoft

Children of James and Rebecca
165......Rebecca bap 13 Dec 1803 Lowestoft
166......Susannah bap 22 Mar 1809 Lowestoft

130 Samuel TRIPP m Mary TITLOW (b abt 1789 d May 1819) 16 Nov 1807

Children of Samuel and Mary
130a......Sarah b 15 Jan 1809 Gt Yarmouth bap 16 Jan 1809 Great Yarmouth
130b......Susannah b 30 Aug 1811 Gt Yarmouth bap 1 Sep 1811 Gt Yarmouth

135 Stephen TRIPP m (a) Elizabeth TOZER (d 16 Jan 1834 Lowestoft) 10 Feb 1807 St Margaret Rochester, Kent (b) Elizabeth FLOWERDEW 20 Jan 1835 Lowestoft

Children of Stephen and Elizabeth Tozer
135b......Elizabeth b 29 Nov 1807 Chatham, Kent d 2nd qr 1891[Mutford 4a 615]
135c......Charles b 14 Mar 1816 Lowestoft
135d......William b 11 Jan 1820 Lowestoft

140 Thomas TRIPP m Mary MUNDAY (b 1755 bur 3 Dec 1799 Lowestoft) 16 Jan 1774 Lowestoft

Note: Mary was the daughter of Henry MUNDAY and Mary MUNDAY

Children of Thomas and Mary
167......Samuel b 7 Apr 1789 bap 12 Apr 1789 Lowestoft
167a....Mary b 18 Jun 1790 Lowestoft
168......Mary Ann b 13 Oct 1791 bap 24 Oct 1791 Lowestoft bur 10 Nov 1791
169......Mary b 17 Aug 1792 bap 23 Aug 1792 Lowestoft
170......John b 14 Sep 1793 bap 30 Sep 1793 Lowestoft
171......Elizabeth b 25 Jul 1797 bap 26 Jul 1797 Lowestoft

141 Robert TRIPP m Sarah NEEVE

Note: Pigots directory of 1830 shows Robert TRIPP as a coal merchant in Fair Lane, Lowestoft but the 1871 census shows him as a retired fish merchant living with his son William at Mucking, Orsett, Essex
Mary TRIPP married John NEEVE 1 Jan 1798 Lowestoft

Children of Robert and Sarah
John Neeve b 2 Feb 1792 bap 5 Feb 1792 Lowestoft
Note: Pigots directory of 1830 shows a John Neeve TRIPP as a bricklayer living in Fair Lane, Lowestoft
173......Robert b 15 Sep 1793 bap 22 Sep 1793 Lowestoft
Note: Pigots directory of 1830 shows Robert TRIPP (jnr) as a cooper in Fair Lane, Lowestoft
174......Philip b 1803, drowned "off Oephaloma" 26 Feb 1825
175......William Richard b 6 Jul 1806 bap 9 Jul 1806 Lowestoft

146 Robert or Ritson TRIPP m Sarah CORNEBY 6 Feb 1781 Lowestoft

Note: In 1851 Robert, who was deaf, was a cooper and lived at Mariners Lane, Lowestoft In 1871 he was living on his own at Dove Street, Lowestoft

Children of Robert and Sarah
146b......Mary b 1805 Lowestoft
Note: In 1851 Mary was a housekeeper (presumably for her father)
146c......Ritson b 1807 Lowestoft m Rebecca
Note: In 1851 Ritson was a sawyer

147 Thomas TRIPP m Elizabeth RAMSEY (d 13 Jan 1851) 13 Jan 1795 Lowestoft

Children of Thomas and Elizabeth
Thomas bap 18 Dec 1795 Lowestoft
177......Elizabeth bap 22 Feb 1797 Lowestoft m Thomas CLOUGH 1 Dec 1818 Lowestoft
178......Samuel bap 15 Jul 1798 Lowestoft
179......Robert bap 7 May 1800 Lowestoft bur 12 Jun 1816
181......Ann Ritson d.o.b.unknown d 25 Jun 1801
182......Mary bap 1 Jun 1804 Lowestoft
183......Bartholomew Ritson bap 16 Jul 1806 Lowestoft d 26 Oct 1876 m Rebecca FORSDICK 19 Dec 1842 Gt Yarmouth
Note In 1861 They were living at Dove Street, Lowestoft and Bartholomew was a cooper and sawyer. Rebecca was a cook.
Williambap 24 Jun 1809 Lowestoft d 20 Sep 1862 Kessingland bur 24 Sep 1862 Lowestoft
185......George bap 14 Aug 1811 Lowestoft bur 5 Oct 1811 Lowestoft

154 James TRIPP d 1st qr 1886 Kessingland [Mutford 4a 649] m Emma COLLINS (b 1822 Gisleham d 2nd qr 1886 [Mutford 4a 497]) 4th qr 1842 [Mutford 13 1801

Note: In 1851 James and Emma were in Kessingland and living with the family was James' father, John Tripp b 1871 Brooke, Norfolk. (Further research is needed on this.) In 1861 the family was at Street, Kessingland. James was a cordwainer employing two men and Emma was a shoemaker. In 1871 the family was at Turnpike Road, Kessingland an James is shown as a shoemaker. In 1881 he was a grocer living at Grocer's shop, Rushmere

Children of James and Emma
186......George b 1st qr 1844 [Mutford 13 487] bap 14 Apr 1844 Kessingland
Note: In 1861 George was a shoemaker but in 1871 he was described as a "letter carrier, government messenger". In 1881 he was listed as disabled
187......Allis Emma bap 7 Dec 1845 Kessingland
Note: In 1871 Alice Emma was visiting at Benacre Hall
188......Jessie b 3rd qr 1848 [Mutford 13 474] bap 10 Sep 1848 Kessingland
Note: In 1871 Jessie was a domestic. In 1881 Jessie was a dressmaker visiting at 4 Old Market Street, Lowestoft
189......Emma bap 22 Jun 1851 Kessingland
190......Daniel bap 16 Sep 1854 Kessingland
Note: In 1871 Daniel was a shoemaker
191......Laura Louisa bap 10 May 1857 Kessingland
Rosa Jane bap 2 Nov 1861 Kessingland
Note: In 1881 Rosa was a pupil teacher
193......Colin James bap 18 Jan 1866 Kessingland bur 4 Oct 1917 Lowestoft cemetery L/E/263
In 1881 Colin was a Grocer's assistant
193a....Bartholomew R b 1867 Kessingland
Note: In 1901 Bartholomew was a cab driver boarding at 147 Clapham Rd, Lowestoft

135c Charles TRIPP (b 1816 Lowestoft) m Mary Ann CADY (b 1825 Kelsale) 4th qr 1845 [Mutford 13 1181]

Note: In 1851 Charles was an Inn Keeper at Theatre Lane, Lowestoft and Mary Ann had her sister, Maria CADY staying with them. In 1861 Charles was a beer house keeper and dairyman living in Factory Lane .Lowestoft and Mary Ann's brother George CADY was staying with them and in 1871 the family was at Wesley Street, Lowestoft and Charles was a publican.

Child of Charles and Mary Ann
C2......Sarah Elizabeth b 1st qr 1850 Lowestoft [Mutford 13 505]
C3......Mary Ann b 4th qr 1851 Lowestoft [Mutford 13 485]
C4......Maria b 1st qr 1854 Lowestoft [Mutford 13 632]
C5......Alice b 1st qr 1858 Lowestoft [Mutford 13 695] bap 2 May 1858 Lowestoft
Note: Alice was a dressmaker living with sister Hannah Laura (both single) in 1891 at 6 Chatham Terrace, Yarmouth
C6......Eliza b 1860 Lowestoft [1871 census]
C7......Clara b 2nd qr 1862 Lowestoft [Mutford 13 707] bap 4 Sep 1864 Lowestoft
C8......Hannah Laura b 1st qr 1864 Lowestoft [Mutford 13 739] bap 4 Sep 1864 Lowestoft
C9......Ada Florence b 1869 Lowestoft [1881 census]


126b Richard Conyard TRIPP m Susan PARKER (b abt 1811) 14 Sep 1830 Lowestoft

NOte: In 1841 the family was at Mariners Lane, Lowestoft and Richard's father Richard, a fisherman, was present. Still living at the same address, Richard jnr was a twinespinner in 1851 and a timber yard labourer in 1861.

Children of Richard and Susan
126d......Simon b 1832 Lowesoft
126e......Elizabeth b 1833 Lowesoft
126f......Sarah A b 1835 Lowesoft d 4th qr 1872 [Mutford 4a 442]
126g......William b 1836 Lowesoft
126h......Rebecca b 3rd qr 1840 Lowesoft [Mutford 13 428] m Robert Thomas GALLANT 2nd qr 1865 [Mutford 4a 1111]
See the Gallant branch here

166 Susannah PARKER m William BALLS (b 1800)

Child of William and Susannah
195......Alfred Parker b 1829 d 1915

A1 Sarah G TRIPP married to unknown

Note: Sarah G Tripp appears in the 1861 census as a widow librarian, and in the 1871 census as an attendant at the South Pier Reading Room. She was living with her son Robert at Raglan St, Lowestoft in 1861 and at "by turnpike" Kessingland in 1871.

Child of Sarah and unknown
A2......Robert Tettilow b 21 Apr 1837 Lowestoft bap 21 Apr 1837 Lowestoft

C24 William TRIPP (b 1823 Lowestoft) m Martha FARETT (b 1823 Lowestoft bur 26 Feb 1898 aged 79 Lowestoft cemetery L13/141) 4th qr 1849 Lowestoft [Mutford 13 1193]

Note: In 1861 the family was at 10 Dukes Head Street and William was an innkeeper. In 1871 he was a twinespinner and they lived at Beach, Lowestoft and in 1881 the family was at 16 Chapel Street, Lowestoft when William was described as an unemployed twinespinner. When Martha died she had been living at 16 Chapel Street, Lowestoft

Children of William and Martha
C25......Ann Jane b 1856 Norwich [census]
C26......Frederick b 1869 Lowestoft [census]

C27 William TRIPP (b 1842 Burgh St Peter bur 27 Jan 1913 aged 72 Lowestoft cemetery L/11/383) m Elizabeth BORETT (b 1842 Broom) 3rd qr 1861 [Mutford 4a 979]

Note: William was a shoemaker. In 1871 the family was at Factory Lane, Lowestoft In 1881 the family was at Clapham Road Shop, Lowestoft and in 1891 at 169 Clapham Road. In 1901 they were at 23 Cathcart Street where he died in 1913

Chiuldren of William and Elizabeth
C28......Elizabeth b 1st qr 1862 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 659]
C29......Ellen b 1st qr 1867 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 743]
Note: In 1891 Ellen was a housemaid domestic at 2, Cliff, Kirkley
C30......Anna b 1st qr 1869 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 749]
C31......Eliza b 1870 Lowestoft [census]
C32......Alice Maud b 2nd qr 1873 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 738]
Note: In 1891 Alice was a dressmaker
William James b 4th qr 1875 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 729]

192 Rosa Jane TRIPP m Charles Edward BALLS (b abt 1863) 1st qr 1891 [Mutford 4a 1247]

Note: Charles was a gardener. In 1891 they were living at Wood Farm, Carleton Road, Mutford with Charles' father Charles BALLS aged 73 and his wife Emma BALLS aged 67 b Gillingham, Nfk. In 1901 Rosa was schoolmistress at Kessingland, and she and Charles lived at the school house. In the early 1900's they moved to Yearsley, nr York, where Rosa continued as schoolmistress - unusual in the days when women had to give up teaching on marriage

Children of Charles and Rosa Jane
196......Charles Edward
197......Jessie May b 2nd qr 1901 [Mutford 4a 1075]
198......Kate Emma b 1st qr 1904 [Easingwold 9d 429]

193 Colin James TRIPP m Florence Eleanor MARJORAM (b 1871 Pakefield bur 21 Apr 1938 aged 69 Lowestoft cemetery L/E/263) 1st qr 1893 [Mutford 4a 1149]

Note: In 1894 the family was at 319 Raglan Street, Lowestoft. They lived at 81 Cambridge Road, Lowestoft in 1901 and Colin was a pork butcher. In 1911 they lived at 120 Beccles Rad and Colin was a pork butcher. George MARJORAM Florence's father, ajourneyman baker aged 71 was staying with them in 1911. When Colin died in 1917 he was recorded as a dealer living at 120 Beccles Road, Lowestoft but when Florence died she was living at 272 St Peter's Street, Lowestoft

Child of Colin and Florence
199......Hilda May bap 28 Feb 1894 Christchurch Lowestoft d aged 2 months bur Lowestoft cemetery L/9/129W
199a....Colin Ralph b 2nd qr 1905 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 1154]

135b Elizabeth TRIPP m James JARVIS (b 1814 Lowestoft d 3rd qr 1872 aged 59 [Mutford 4a 439]) 1 Jan 1835 Lowestoft

Note: In 1841 the family was at Chapel Lane, Lowestoft and James was a twinespinner. In 1851 and 1861 they were at Flys Close, Lowestoft, James still a twinespinner in 1851 but a rope maker in 1861.

Child of James and Elizabeth
135e......Elizabeth Tripp bap 23 Dec 1837 Lowestoft d 2nd qr 1906 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 562]

172 John Neeve TRIPP m Hannah JOHNSON (b abt 1793 Hethersett) 15 Jun 1819 St Mary at Hill, London

Note: In 1851 John was an annuitant and he and Hannah lived at Dove Lane, Lowestoft

Child of John and Hannah
200......Maria b 1813

173 Robert TRIPP m Hannah COOPER (b abt 1814) 8 Sep 1736 Lowestoft

Note: In 1851 Robert was a cooper living at High Street, Lowestoft. In 1861 the family was at 124 High Street, Lowestoft

Children of Robert and Hannah
201......Sarah H b abt 1837 Lowestoft
202......Robert b 4th qr 1838 Lowestoft [Mutford 13 412]
Note: Robert was a telegraph Clerk living at 7 St John Street, St Peters per Mountergate, Norwich in 1861
203......William Sharman b 2nd qr 1842 Lowestoft [Mutford 13 459]
204......Louisa Mary b 2nd qr 1844 Lowestoft [Mutford 13 477]
205......Frederick Thorpe b 4th qr 1848 Lowestoft [Mutford 13 453] d 1st qr 1895 [Poplar 1c 438]
205a....Harry Edward b 1st qr 1852 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 685]

176 Thomas TRIPP m Charlotte GARWOOD 13 Feb 1820 Gorleston

Note: In 1841 the family was at High Street, Gorleston and Thomas was a cooper

Children of Thomas and Charlotte
176b......Thomas Ritson bap 18 Jun 1821 Gorleston m Mary Ann HOLMES
Note: In 1841 Thomas was a cooper. In 1851 Thomas was a carter and Mary was a beatster living at Back Way, Gorleston. In 1871 they were at Ice House Lane, Gorleston. In 1881 still at the same house, Thomas was a cooper and his mother Charlotte, now blind, was staying with them. There is no record of any children
Caroline Wightman bap 1 Jul 1823 Gorleston m George WRIGHT 2nd qr 1847 [Mutford 13 718]
176d......Elizabeth Ramsden bap 3 Dec 1826 Gorleston

184 William TRIPP m Elizabeth WHINCOP ( bap as Elizabeth Wincope 15 May 1808 Frostenden bur 4 Jan 1893 Kessingland) 24 Jan 1831 Lowestoft

Note: Elizabeth was the daughter of Richard WHINCOP and Elizabeth BALDRY. In 1861 William was a cooper and the family were at Kessingland Street, Kessingland. In 1871 Elizabeth, a widow, was living next door to son Philip "by the Turnpike" in Kessingland and was an annuitant
Headstone in Kessingland reads " Sacred to the memory of William TRIPP the beloved husband of ElizabethTRIPP who died 20th sept 1862 aged 52 years. "I sought the Lord and He heard me delivered me from all my fears"

Children of William and Elizabeth
x206....William Ramsay bap 22 Jun 1831 Lowestoft
Note: William was a mariner. In 1871 he was a widower boarding in South Shields
Benjamin b 22 Sep 1832 bap 23 Sep 1832 Kessingland d 24 Jul 1901 Stranton, Hartlepool
207......George Richard bap 15 Oct 1832 Kessingland d May 1901 Kessingland m Mary Ann BLOWERS (b 1836 d 4th qr 1902 Kessingland) 15 Jul 1880 Kessingland
Note: Mary Ann's father was John BLOWERS, shoemaker. Witnesses George and 142 Elizabeth DURRANT. George was a sailor. In 1891 they were living at 64 Bowman Street, Westoe, South Shields but by 1901 they had returned to Kessingland High Street where George was retired and living on own means.
208......Ritson bap 25 Oct 1835 Kessingland d 1Jan 1862 [Mutford 4a 451] aged 26
Note: Ritson was "accidentally drowned at sea just off Kessingland"
209......Bartholomew bap Sep 1837 Kessingland bur 8 Jan 1894 Kirkley cemetery K/T/8
Note: Bartholomew was a fisherman
210......Robert bap 22 Mar 1840 Kessingland
Note; Robert was a cooper in 1861
211......Philip bap 14 Jul 1842 Kessingland
215......Thomas b abt 1844 d 18 Jul1875 [Mutford 4a 433]
212......Agnes Mary (twin) bap 9 Aug 1846 Kessingland d 4th qr 1908 [Mutford 4a 594]
213......Thomas (twin) bap 9 Aug 1846 d 18 Jul 1875 Kessingland
214......Elizabeth Ramsay bap 19 Oct 1851 Kessingland


126f Sarah A TRIPP m Daniel COOPER 3rd qr 1857 [Mutford 4a 1066]

Note: In 1861 Sarah was staying with her parents; in 1871 she was living with her mother together with her children. Daniel, a fisherman, was not present at either census, But in 1881 he is a widower fisherman living at 45 Mariners St, Lowestoft with Happy and Sarah A's sister, Rebecca GALLANT. In 1891, when he is a labourer on Great Eastern Railway, he lists Rebecca as his wife, but records show that they actually married 3rd qr 1899 [Mutford 4a 1955]

Children of Daniel and Sarah
126k....Mary Margaret b 2nd qr 1858 Lowestioft [Mutford 4a 666]
126l....William b 3rd qr 1859 Lowestoft[Mutford 4a 672]
Y1......Daniel b 4th qr 1863 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 667]
Y5......Ellen b 2nd qr 1866 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 734]
Y2......Happy b 4th qr 1865 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 647]
Y3......Florence b 4th qr 1870 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 693]
The folowing children are shown as daughters of Daniel. Since Sarah died in 1872 it seems likely that they were from Rebecca GALLANT and or were brought to the marriage by her and the father may or may not have been Daniel. Certainly Harriet was hers.
Y4......Lillie b 1873 Lowestoft
Y5......Ellen b 1865 Lowestoft
Y6......Harriet GALLANT b 2nd qr 1879 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 837]

126g William Falcon TRIPP m Dorothy TYERS (b 1838 Loughborough) 4th qr 1863 [Loughborough 7a 302]

Note: In 1871 the family was at 41 Mariners Street, Lowestoft and William was a painter

Children of William and Dorothy
126m......Elizabeth b 1864 Lowestoft
Note: Elizabeth was a general domestic servant at 6 Southey St, St Mary, Nottingham
126n......William b 1867 Lowestoft
Note: In 1891 William was a blacksmith lodging at St Mary Rd Gorleston

A2 Robert Tettilow TRIPP m Roseanne PHILO (b 1833 Ingham, Sfk bur 13 Feb 1908 aged 77 Lowestoft cemetery L/20/34) 15 Apr 1858

Note: Roseanne was the daughter of John and Lydia PHILO. Robert was a steam boiler maker in 1861 and 1871 aand Roseann was a dressmaker in 1861 and an upholsterer in 1871. They lived at Raglan Street, Lowestoft in 1861 and at "by Turnpike" Kessingland in 1871. In1881 they were living at 9 Raglan Street, Lowestoft. When Roseann died in 1908 she had been living at 2 Worthing Road, Lowestoft

Children of Robert amd Roseanne
A3......Rosanna Jane b 12 Jul 1859 Lowestoft bap 4 Sep 1859 Lowestoft
A4......Alice b 29 Jul 1861 bap 6 Oct 1861 Lowestoft bap 6 Oct 1861 Lowestoft
A5......Emma Sarah b 1st qr 1863 [Mutford 4a 721] bap 4 May 1863 Lowestoft
Note: Emma was an upholsteress in 1871
A6......Mary Howett b 18 Dec 1864 Lowestoft
A7......Robert Edward P b 1866 bap 15 Jan 1867 Lowestoft
A8......Hester b 1869 bap 7 Mar 1869 Lowestoft

C33 William James TRIPP m Clara Maria SMITH (b 1877 Lowestoft) 4th qr 1903 [Mutford 4a 2292]

Note: In 1911 William was a quay labourer living at 158 Clapham Road, Lowestoft, and Clara's widowed mother Ellen Elizabeth SMITH (b 1838 Halesworth) was staying with them

Children of William and Clara
C34......William George b 4th qr 1904 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 1132]
C36......Jack Ernest b 3rd qr 1907 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 1143]
C37......Doris E b 2nd qr 1913 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 2262]

135e Elizabeth Tripp JARVIS m William Steggold HINES (b 1835 Holbrook d 2nd qr 1903 aged 68 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 549] 30 Aug 1860 Lowestoft St Margarets [Mutford 4a 976]

Note: In 1861 William was an innkeeper and they lived at "Beehive" 70 London Rd, Lowestoft. In 1871 they were boarding at Belle Vue, Lower, St Paul, Cornwall and William is shown as a fish buyer. In 1881 they were at the "Kings Arms Inn" Thoroughfare, Woodbridge and William was a licenced victualler. In 1891 they were at 8 Trinity Street, Bristol and William was a retired fish merchant, and in 1901 William and Elizabeth were at 75 Raglan Street Lowestoft, still shown as a retired fish merchant

Children of William and Elizabeth
135f......Arthur James b 3rd qr 1862 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 658] m Theresa Mary BISSETT (b 1864 Cork, Ireland) 13 Apr 1885 Cork
Note In 1891 Arthur was a fish salesman living at 8 Trinity St Bristol. In 1901 he was stlll a fish salesman and they were living at 1 Grosvenor Rd Bristol. By 1911 they had moved to 12 James Street, Bristol and Arthur was still a fish salesman. No children are recorded
135g......Alice Elizabeth b 3rd qr 1863 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 645] m William Popplewell FULCHER 9 May 1883 [Woodbridge 4a 1011]
William John b 1st qr 1867 [Halstead 4a 338]
135i......Anna Beatrice b 2nd qr 1868 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 710]
135j......Minnie b 4th qr 1870 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 687] d 1st qr 1871 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 687]
135ja....Fanny b 3rd qr 1872 Lowestoft [Mutford 740]
135k......George Frederick b 3rd qr 1874 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 744] d 14 Feb 1946
135m......Henry Charles Steggold b 1st qr 1877 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 840]
Note: In 1911 Henry was a patent fuel worker boarding at 21 Asgog St, Moors, Cardiff
135n......Lillie Kate b 2nd qr 1879 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 828]

203 William Sharman TRIPP m Alice Mary NEWMAN (b 1861 Halesworth) 3rd qr 1883 [West Ham 4a 216]

Note: In 1891 the family was at Seabrooks Wharf, Argent Street, Grays Thurrock and William was Foreman , coal, coke and salt wharf. In 1901 Alice, then a widow, with son William (aka Willie) were lodging at 2 Shaw Street, Middleton, Lancashire

Child of William and Alice
203b......William S b 1887 Grays Essex

205a Harry Edward TRIPP m Mary Ann DOUGLAS (b 1849 South Shields, Northumberland) 3rd qr 1873 [London City 1c 1]

Note: In 1891 Harry was a brewers clerk living at 80 High Street, Lowestoft. In 1901 Mary's widowed brother, John K DOUGLAS (b 1835 North Shields) a retired shipwright, was staying with the family at 80 HIgh Street, Lowestoft and in 1911 Harry was a managing clerk in a brewery living at 137 St Peters Street, Lowestoft

Children of Harry and Mary Ann
205b......Bessie b 1878 Lowestoft
Note: Bessie was a schoolmistress in an elementary school in 1901
205c......Laura Mary b 1881 Lowestoft
Note: In 1911 Laura Mary was a schoolteacher
205d......Harry E b 1882 Lowestoft
Note: Harry was an ex elementary pupil teacher in 1901
205e......William D b 1886 Lowestoft

176c Caroline TRIPP m George WRIGHT (b 1826 Gorleston) 2nd qr 1847 [Mutford 13 718]

Note: In 1851 the family was at Bock Way, Gorleston and George was a boat builder; Caroline was a dress maker. In 1861, Caroline was staying with her parents together with the two children, Alisson and George.

Children of George and Caroline
176g......Allison b 1848 Gorleston [census]
176h......George Davey b 1851 Gorleston [census]
Note: In 1871 George was a bricklayer

176d Elizabeth R TRIPP m William PRENTICE (d 1st qr 1855 [Mutford 4a 367]) 2nd qr 1846 [Yarmouth 13 604]

Note: In 1851 William was a carpenter journeyman and the family was at High Street, Gorleston. In 1861 Elizabeth, now a widow was living with her parents . In 1871 Elizabeth was a dressmaker and head of the household and had her mother staying with her as well as her sister Caroline WRIGHT and 176h George Davey at High Street, Gorleston.

Children of William and Elizabeth
176t......William Ritson b 1st qr 1847 [Mutford 13 488] d 1st qr 1850 [Mutford 13 364]
176l......Samuel b 1st qr 1849 Gorleston [Mutford 13 499] d 1st qr 1852 [Mutford 4a 455]
176m.....William Ritson b 2nd qr 1851 Gorleston [Mutford 13 540]
176n......Samuel Ritson b 2nd qr 1853 Gorleston [Mutford 4a 682]
Note: In 1871 Samuel was a bricklayer. In 1881 Samuel was a general labourer living with 176c Caroline, his aunt

206 Benjamin TRIPP m (a)Ann ASKWITH (b 1836 Whitby d 16 May 1882 Stranton, Hartlepool) 11 Jun 1854 St Mary's Whitby, Yorks (b) Hannah COOPER (b 1836 Sandsend, Yorks) 28 Jun 1883 All Saints, Stranton, Hartlepool

Note. In 1861 Benjamin was a crew member of the vessel "Harper" berthed in Middlesborough, shown as married. In 1871 Ann and children are at 10 Musgrave St, Stranton. In 1881 Benjamin was a seaman and the family was at 3 Barnard Street, Stanton Hartlepool. In 1891 Benjamin, Hannah and Arthur were living in Stranton. In 1901 Benjamin was retired and not working but living at 24 Stainton Street, West Hartlepool

Children of Benjamin and Ann
207h......Mary Elizabeth b 4th qr 1854 Whitby [Whitby 9d 358]
207i......Benjamin Ritson b 3rd qr 1858 Whitby [Whitby 9d 365] d 1862 Whitby
Note: In 1901 Benjamin was a general labourer
207j......William Henry Smith b 3rd qr 1860 Whitby [Whitby 9d 373]
Note: In 1881 William was unmarried sapper living at Brompton Barracks School of Military Engineering in Gillingham
207b......Robert Ritson b 1st qr 1863 Whitby [Whitby 9d 400]
207c......Annie b 2nd qr 1865 West Hartlepool [Hartlepool 10a 165]
207d......Benjamin Thomas b 2nd qr 1867 West Hartlepool [Hartlepool 10a 154]
George Askwith b 2nd qr 1870 West Hartlepool [Hartlepool 10a 182]
207k......Agnes Eleanor b 1872 West Hartlepool [Hartlepool 10a 196] d 1877 West Hartlepool
207f...... Violet Rebecca b 4th qr 1876 West Hartlepool [Hartlepool 10a 129]
Note: In 1901 Violet was a waitress at an inn
207g......Arthur Philip b 4th qr 1878 West Hartlepool [Hartlepool 10a 140]
Note: In 1901 Arthur was a general labourer

211 Philip TRIPP m Anna Maria HOWLETT 26 Dec 1864 Kessingland[Mutford 4a 1637]

Note: Anna's father was Richard HOWLETT, farmer. Witnesses were Richard HOWLETT and 176 Agnes TRIPP. Philip was a fisherman in 1871 and the family was at "by the turnpike, Kessingland" . In 1891 they were at 26 Goodwood Rd, Portsea and Philip was a carpenter and joiner. The 1901 census shows them at 30 Napier Rd, East Southsea

Children of Philip and Anna Maria
216......Arthur George bap 30 Jan 1865 Kessingland
Note: Arthur was a carpenter aboard HMS Hotspur in 1891

HMS Hotspur ironclad ram, built at Govan, Scotland by Napier. Launched 19th March 1870. and completed 17th November 1871. HMS Hotspur has a armored gun house with four gun ports. This was built instead of a turret as it was believed that the turret would not withstand a ramming. HMS Hotspur's major weapon was its 10 ft. ram from the bow. She was a good platform and steady when firing her 12 inch MLR gun.
She was re-constructed at Lairds in 1881 to 1883 with the gun house being replaced with a turret mounting two 12inch MLR guns. Major work was carried out on her super structure and torpedo launching gear was fitted. She was finally sold for scrapping in 1904 Displacement: 4331 tons, Speed: 12.6 knots. Compliment: 209. Armament: One 1 2inch MLR Gun (replaced later with two 12 inch) Two 64 pounder MLR.

216a....Agnes Mary b 3rd qr 1869 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 668]
216b....Eliza b 4th qr 1871 Hermitage, Sussex [Westbourne 2b 371]
216c....Philip Rushmer b 3rd qr 1874 Woodlands, Hampshire [Havant 2b 377]
216d....Benjamin b 4th qr 1876 Portsmouth [Portsea 2b 420]
216e....Thomas b 3rd qr 1879 Portsmouth [Portsea 2b 514]
216f....Horace R b 1st qr 1887 Portsmouth m Emily C HOPGOOD 2nd qr 1911 Farnham [Farnham 2a 253]

208 Ritson TRIPP (fisherman) m Patience CATCHPOLE (b 1 Mar 1837 Kessingland d 3rd qr 1869 [Mutford 4a 429]) 1st qr 1860 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 895]

Note: Patience was the daughter of John CATCHPOLE and Mary HUBBARD. In 1851 Ritson was lodging at the house of the schoolmistress, Elizabeth SULLINS and her husband.Ritson was a fisherman in 1861 and lived at Kessingland Street, Kessingland in 1862.Ritson was "accidentally drowned at sea just off Kessingland"


Sacred to the memory of RITSON TRIPP son of WM & ELIZ'TH TRIPP who was unfortunatley drowned 1st January 1862 aged 26 years while endeavouring to rescue his brother who fell from the 'Sally' of Newcastle.
Also ROBERT TRIPP his brother who was lost at the same time 1st January 1862 aged 23 years who is buried beneath the waves.

'Mark the brief story of a winters day, At noon in youth and health they launched away
By eve death had quenched their light, The parents home was desolat'd at night
Each passed alone that gulph no eye can see, They meet next moment in eternity
Friend, Kinsman, Stranger dost they ask me where,
Seek God's right hand and hope to find me there'

Child of Ritson and Patience
217......Eleanor b 1st qr 1860 [Mutford 4a 725] d 25 May 1881 Kessingland
217a....William Thomas b 25 Sep 1861 [Mutford 4a 621] bap 1 Apr 1866

209 Bartholomew TRIPP m Susannah MOORE (b 2 Oct 1836 Barnby d Oct 1917 Lowestoft ) 15 Jan 1864 Kessingland

Note: Bartholomew was a fisherman. Susan's father was William MOORE, labourer. Witnesses to the marriage were Amos WYATT and 176 Agnes TRIPP In 1871 they lived at Old Market, Kessingland when he is shown as a general labourer. In 1881 they were living at Street, Kessingland. Susannah appears as both Susan and Susannah: she brought a child, 209z....James Rogers MOORE (b 25 Feb 1859 Kessingland d 14 Mar 1914 Kessingland) to the marriage

Children of Bartholomew and Susan
218......Bartholomew Thomas b 30 Jun 1875 bap 8 Aug 1875 Kessingland bur 27 Apr 1938 aged 63 Lowestoft cemetery L/20/522
Note: When Bartholomew died he was living at 4 Albany Terrace, Lowestoft and was described as a horseman
219......George William bap 29 Jun 1890 Kessingland bur 4 Nov 1935 Lowestoft
Note: When he died he was at "The Street, Oulton" and was a corporation employee

215 Thomas TRIPP fisherman m Elizabeth DURRANT (d 1st qr 1889 [West Ham 4a 25]) 9 Jan 1868

Note: Elizabeth's father was Daniel DURRANT, fisherman. Witnesses were William DURRANT and Elizabeth TRIPP. Elizabeth later married Arthur MARJORAM (b 1852 Kessingland) in Ipswich in 3rd qr 1877 and in 1881 the family were at Beach Rd Kessingland.Thomas was cox of the Kessingland lifeboat and a fisherman.


In affectionate rememberance of Thomas the beloved husband of Elizabeth Tripp who unfortunately lost his life in launching the lifeboat 'Bolton' of Kessingland July 15th 1875 aged 31 years.

'He has left this world of care and toil,
And gone to the land of blest
Where not a wave of trouble rolls
Across his peaceful breast'

Children of Thomas and Elizabeth
220......Florence Mary b 4 Aug 1869 Kessingland
221......May Elizabeth b 9 Jul 1870 Kessingland bap 31 Jul 1870 Kessingland
Note In 1891 May was a dressmaker
222......Leonard Ritson bap 27 Oct 1872 Kessingland d 1940 aged 67 bur Lowestoft Cemetery 5 Mar 1940
Note: In 1891 Leonard was an ordinary seaman on the vessel "Autumn Sailing", off Plymouth
223......Clementine Annb 24 Jul 1874 bap 30 Aug 1874
224......Olive Lilian b 1 Nov 1875 Kessingland.bap 28 Nov 1875 Kessingland

212 Agnes Mary TRIPP m Joseph KEMP (b 1st qr 1845 Ilketshall St Andrew [Wangford 13 517] d 2nd qr 1899 [Mutford 4a 565]) 7 Jan 1868 Kessingland

Note: Joseph's father was Joseph KEMP, a grocer. Witnesses to the marriage were Horace TRIPP and Elizabeth KEMP
Joseph was a bricklayer in 1871 living at "by Turnpike" Kessingland and Agnes was a dressmaker. In 1881 their address was Street, Kessingland, and Joseph was a bricklayer employing three men. In 1891 the family was at 29 Haward Street, Lowestoft

Children of Joseph and Agnes
212b......Owen James b 5 Aug 1868 Kessingland
212c......William b 3rd qr 1870 Kessingland [Mutford 4a 690]d 2nd qr 1877 [Mutford 4a 507]
212d......Lillie b 3rd qr 1872 Kessingland [Mutford 4a 678]
In 1891 Lillie was a dressmaker. In 1911 Charles was a tailor
212e......James b 1st qr 1873 Kessingland [Mutford 4a 791] m Martha Rebecca DEVOY 4th qr 1904 [Greenwich 1d 1702]
In 1891and 1922 James was a bricklayer. In 1911 he was with Martha at 21 Row, Southwell Rd Norwich
Ritson Robert b 4th qr 1874 Kessingland [Mutford 4a 726]
In 1891 Ritson was a shop assistant
212g.......Thomas b 4th qr 1876 Kessingland [Mutford 4a 749]
Note In 1891 Thomas was apprentice to a baker
212h.......Sydney b 2nd qr 1878 Kessingland [Mutford 4a 815] m Eva Isabel FORD 4th qr 1904 [Mutford 4a 2244]
Note: In 1891 Sydney was an errand boy
212i......Honor Elizabeth b 3rd qr 1880 Kessingland [Mutford 4a 801] m Ernest John FORD 4th qr 1905 [Mutford 4a 2251]
Note: In 1901 Honor was a book printers assistant
212j......Joseph b 1882 Kessingland
Note In 1901 Joseph was a builders apprentice
212k......William b 1875 Kesingland
Note: In 1901 William was a tailor's apprentice
212l......Colin Herbert b 4th qr 1887 Pakefield [Mutford 4a 899]
212m......Agnes May b 4th qr 1889 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 914]

214 Elizabeth Ramsay TRIPP m George DURRANT 27 Dec 1870
Note: George's father was Daniel DURRANT, a fisherman. Witnesses were Florence TRIPP and Sarah Ann DURRANT At his marriage George was a fisherman and in 1881 he was a fish merchant living at Beach Road, Kessingland. In 1901 he was a boat owner living at 171 Raglan Street, Lowestoft and in 1911 he was a net store foreman living at 88 Haward Street, Lowestoft

Children of George and Elizabeth
214b......Dennis George b 4th qr 1871 Kessingland [Mutford 4a 672] bap 7 Jul 1872 Kessingland d 17 Aug 1946 Lowestoft bur 21 Aug 1946 Lowestoft cemetery L/D/492
214c......Effie b 1st qr 1873 Kessingland [Mutford 4a 791]
214d......Annie Elizabeth b 2nd qr 1874 Kessingland [Mutford 4a 770] m Frank MARSHALL 4th qr 1897 [Mutford 4a 2121]
Victor William b 1875 Kessingland
214e-1..Sylvia Isabella b 1876 Kessingland m Harry JARVIS (b 1873) 1896 Lowestoft
214f......Collis b 1st qr 1877 Kessingland [Mutford 4a 821] bap 29 Jul 1877 Kessingland d 1937 [Lothingland 4a 1238] m Althea TILLETT in 3rd qr 1900 [Mutford 4a 1829]
Note In 1901 Collis was a fisherman boarding with his sister Annie Marshall at 174 Raglan Street, Lowestoft
214g......Pleasance b 1st qr 1878 Kessingland [Mutford 4a 768] m Melbourne BIRD 3rd qr 1902 [Mutford 4a 1602]
Note: In 1901 Pleasance (Pleasie) was a dressmaker
214h......George Herbert b 1st qr 1880 Kessingland [Mutford 4a 829] bap 25Jul 1880 Kessingland d 1887 Lowestoft bur 20 Feb 1887 Lowestoft cemetery L/2/25
214i......Edward Orantos b 2nd qr 1883 Kessingland [Mutford 4a 859] bur 13 Jul 1939 Lowestoft cemetery m Winifred Elizabeth ROE 4th qr 1906 [Mutford 4a 2290]
Note: In 1901 Edward was a net tanner. In 1911 he was a cycle engineer living at 5 Cathcart Street, Lowestoft At his death he was described as a fish merchant
214j......Wilfred Herbert b 1st qr 1888 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 955] m Emma Elizabeth TRELOAR 1st qr 1909 [Mutford 4a 1349]
214k......Ferdinand Claude b 3rd qr 1890 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 848]
214m......Philip Clarence b 1892 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 968] d 1950 at 45 Tonning St Lowestoft
Note: In 1911 Clarence was a boot repairer
214n......George Raymond b 1st qr 1895 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 1025] m Clara M GURNEY 4th qr 1914 [Mutford 4a 2646]
Note: In 1911 Raymond was a motor car and Cycle mechanic


A4 Alice TRIPP m John Samuel BAGGE (b 1863 Lowestoft) 4th qr 1882 [Mutford 4a 1763]

Note: In 1891 the family was at 21 Jacobs Street, Lowestoft and John was a carpenter and joiner. In 1891 Alice's mother Rosanna and sister Hester were staying with the family. In 1901 the family was at 75 Oxford Road and again Alices mother was present.

Children of John and Alice
A10a......John Robert b 3rd qr 1884 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 881] m Gwendoline Bessie TUTHILL 4th qr 1904 [Mutford 4a 2200]
Note: In 1901 John was a journeyman printer
A11a......Mabel Alice Louisa b 3rd qr 1889 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 900] m Ernest F PLANT 2nd qr 1913 [Mutford 4a 1961]
Note: In 1911 Mabel was a dressmaker

A5 Emma Sarah TRIPP m William SAYE ( b 1862 London) Jun 1883 Mutford

Children of William and Emma Sarah
225......Rose Anna b 1st qr 1885 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 948]
226......Mary b 2nd qr 1887 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 961]
227......John William b 1890 Grimsby

A6 Mary Howett TRIPP m William BECKETT (b 1866 Norwich) 3rd qr 1888 [Gt Yarmouth 4b 21]

Note: In 1891 the family was at 29 Ellison Street, Hebburn, Durham and William was a shipyard labourer. In 1901 they were at 44 Holystone Street, Hebburn and in 1911 at 40 Holystone Street, Hebburn - William was still a labourer.

Children of William and Mary
A9......William b 1888 Lowestoft
A10....Mary E b 1890 Lowestoft
A11....Edith Gertrude b 1st qr 1892 Hebburn [South Shields 10a 79_]
A12....Gertrude Alice b 1st qr 1894 Hebburn [South Shields 10a 791]
A13....Samuel Townshand b 3rd qr Hebburn1896 [South Shields 10a 855]
A14....Jarvis Jackson b 1st qr 1898 Hebburn [South Shields 10a 826]
A15....James Thomas b 1st qr 1900 Hebburn [South Shields 10a 913]
A16....Grace Louisa b 3rd qr 1904 Hebburn [South Shields 10a 921]
A17....John Edward b 3rd qr 1906 Hebburn [South Shields 10a 933]
A18....Bertie b 1907 Hebburn [1911 census]
A19....Roseanna Jane b 2nd qr 1908 Hebburn [South Shields 10a 1032]
A20....Florence H b 3rd qr 1910 Hebburn [South Shields 10a _75]

C34 William George TRIPP m Lilian E LEECH 1st qr 1934 [Mutford 4a 2037]

Child of William and Lilian
C34b......Daphne E b3rd qr 1936 [Lothingland 4a 1698]

135h William John HINES m Ailson Guyler (surname unknown)(b 1874 Gateshead) 2nd qr 1888 [Tendring 4a 576]

Note: William was a commercial traveller in engineering. In 1901 and 1911 the family were at 110 Vartry Road, Tottenham

Child of William and Ailson
A21......Alfred Knox b 1898 Tottenham [1901 census]

135k George Frederick HINES m Eva Louise WOOD (d 10 Jul 1931) 7 Jan1914 [Weymouth 5a 500]

Note: George was a locomotive driver with the GWR.

Child of George and Eva
135q......Howard George b 14 Oct 1914 d[Weymouth 5a 483]

135m Henry Charles Steggold HINES m Mary VODDEN 3rd qr 1917 [Cardiff 11a 600]

Children of Henry and Mary
135r......Stella M b 1st qr 1920 [Cardiff 11a 1030]
135s......Joyce M b 2nd qr 1925 [Cardiff 11a 760]
135t......Thora F b 4th qr 1926 [Cardiff 11a 608]
135t......William H b 4th qr 1926 [Cardiff 11a 608]

135n Lillie Kate HINES m George Frederick PAYNE (b 1875 Bury St Eds) 3rd qr 1903 [Hackney 1b 1187]

Note: George was an insurance clerk in 1911 living at 17 Angel Hill, Bury St Eds

Children of George and Lillie
A22......Rita Madaline b 3rd qr 1904 [Bury St Eds 4a 970]
A23......Joan Marion b 2nd qr 1910 [Bury St Eds 9a 945]

207h Mary Elizabeth TRIPP m Thomas KEENAN of Ireland 4th qr 1873 [Hartlepool 10a 345]

Children of Thomas and Mary
C35......Annie b 3rd qr 1874 [Hartlepool 10a 221] m Matthew E L NEWTON 1st qr 1893 [Hartlepool 10a 165]
Note: Matthew was a railway engine fireman and lived at 21 Croft Terrace Hartlepool in 1901
C36......Mary Elizabeth b 2nd qr 1876 [Hartlepool 10a 168] m Thomas William WILSON 2nd qr 1893 [Hartlepool 10a 187]
Note: Mary was living in 1911 at 25 Mulkgrave Road, Hartlepool. Thomas was not present.
Kate b 1878 Hartlepool
C38......Catherine Ellen b 1879 Hartlepool m George GREEN 1st qr 1898 [Hartlepool 10 161]
Note: George was a shipyard rivetter and they lived in 1901 at 11 Brown Street, Hartlepool
C39......Margaret b 3rd qr 1879 [Hartlepool 10a 126]
C40......Thomas b 3rd qr 1885 [Hartlepool 10a 131]
Sarah Ann b 1st qr 1889 [Hartlepool 10a 110]
C42......Violet b 1st qr 1891 [Hartlepool 10a 167]
C43......Nellie b 2nd qr 1893 [Hartlepool 10a 134] m Benjamin PREST 1st qr 1918 [Hartlepool 10 187]
C44......Emily b 2nd qr 1897 [Hartlepool 10a 134]

207b Robert TRIPP m Margaret COONEY (b 1871 West Hartlepool) 29 Apr 1888 [Hartlepool 10a 166]

Note: In 1891 Robert was a boarder living with the Cross family in Stranton and he was a Labourer in a shipyard. Having left his wife Margaret in 1892, Robert was in court for 'wife desertion' in 1894. He was fined and given a one month prison sentence with hard labour. Robert, shown as married, was living with a mistress, Ellen CLINTON (b 1874 West Hartlepool) in 1901 at 195 Burbank Street, West Hartlepool. The census shows all children as of Robert.. In 1911 Robert was not present and Ellen was living at 4 Adelaide Street West, West Hartlepool and had a boarder, William LAING (b 1871 Newcastle)

Children of Robert and Margaret
C44a....Annie Askwith b 25 Jul 1888 Hartlepool d 18 Feb 1950 Hartlepool.
C44b....Robert Ritson b 1891 Hartlepool

Children of Robert and Ellen
H1......Agnes Ellen Tripp CLINTON b 3rd qr 1894 West Hartlepool [Hartlepool 10a 170]
H2......Valentine Tripp CLINTON b 1st qr 1897 West Hartlepool [Hartlepool 10a 172]
H3......Violet Ann Tripp CLINTON b 1899 West Hartlepool [Hartlepool 10a 149]
H4......Clarice Tripp CLINTON b 3rd qr 1901 West Hartlepool [Hartlepool 10a 182]
H5......Mary Tripp CLINTON b 4th qr 1903 West Hartlepool [Hartlepool 10a 153] m John H RIDDEN 2nd qr 1926 [Hartlepool 10a 281] (as Tripp)
H6......Benjamin T T CLINTON b 2nd qr 1906 West Hartlepool [Hartlepool 10a 185] d 2nd qr 1906 West Hartlepool [Hartlepool 10a 84]
H7......Irene Elizabeth Tripp CLINTON b 3rd qr 1909 West Hartlepool [Hartlepool 10a 192] m Arthur S SPALDING 1st qr 1927 [Hartlepool 10a 118] (as Tripp)

207c Annie TRIPP m Thomas SKINNER (b 1867 West Hartlepool) 10 Oct 1885 [Hartlepool 10 169]

Note: In 1891 Thomas was a blacksmith's striker and the family was at 6 Silver Street, Stranton. In 1901 the family was at 7 Dundas Street, West Hartlepool and Thomas was a labourer in sawmills. In 1911 the family was living at 164 Burbank Street, West Hartlepool and Thomas was a fireman

Children of Thomas and Annie
B1......Sarah Ann b 29 Nov 1885 West Hartlepool bur 24 Dec 1885 North Cemetery, Stranton [Hartlepool 10a 76]
B2......Thomas Edward b 12 Jul 1887 West Hartlepool
Note: In 1901 Thomas was a labourer in Sawmills In 1911 Thomas was a fireman
B3......George William b 29 Oct 1888 West Hartlepool
B4......Annie b 5 Apr 1890 20 Musgrave St, Stranton,West Hartlepool
Note: In 1911 Annie was a domestic servant
B5......Henry (Harry) b 30 Jan 1892 West Hartlepool
Note: In 1911 Henry was a brick maker
B6......Ben b 11 Mar 1895 West Hartlepool d 3rd qr 1895 [Hartlepool 10a 94]
B7......Arthur b 8 Sep 1896 West Hartlepool
Note: In 1911 Arthur was a saw mill worker
B8......Robert b 1899 West Hartlepool
B9......Violet b 24 Jul 1901 7 Dundas Street West Hartlepool m John W DOBSON 4th qr 1924 [Hartlepool 10a 219]

207e George Asquith TRIPP m Emma Augusta O CRAGGS (b 2nd qr 1871 Clutton, Somerset) 1st qr 1908 [Hartlepool 10a 219]

Note: Emma had previously been Emma SAVAGE She married Albert Edward CRAGGS in Paddington 3rd qr 1891 and had two children, Albert Edward. b 1899 Paddington and Ella Pretoria b 1901 West Hartlepool.

Children of Robert and Emma
H8......George Askwith b 2nd qr 1908 West Hatlepool [Hartlepool 10a 152]
H9......Edith b 1st qr 1911 West Hartlepool [Hartlepool 10a 142] m Herbert HENDERSON 1st qr 1931 [Hartlepool 10a 181]

207g Arthur Philip TRIPP m Alice CAMPBELL (b 1883 West Hartlepool) 22 Dec 1907 [Hartlepool 10a 270]

Note In 1911 Arthur was a general labourer living at 29 Rokeby Street, West Hartlepool. Alice's mother, Barbara DODEY, a widow, was staying with them

Children of Arthur and Alice
H10......Benjamin b 1909 West Hartlepool
H11......Violet R b 1910 West Hartlepool
H12......Alice b 4th qr 1912 West Hartlepool [Hartlepool 10a 298] m Frederick TAYLOR 2nd qr 1932 [Hartlepool 10 183]
H13......Ethel M b 2nd qr 1915 West Hartlepool [Hartlepool 10a 252] m Thomas ARMSTRONG 4th qr 1936 [Hartlepool 10 323]
H14......William b 1st qr 1917 West Hartlepool [Hartlepool 10a 184] d aged 2 2nd qr 1919 [Hartlepool 10a 133]
H15......Mary E b 4th qr 1923 West Hartlepool [Hartlepool 10a 210]

216a Agnes TRIPP m William M FOSTER (b 1870 Portsmouth) 2nd qr 1890 Portsea

Note: William was an overseer for H M Post Office in 1911 and the family was at "Glanbrook", Milton Rd Portsmouth

Child of William and Agnes
B10......Percy b 1890 Portsmouth
B11......Maurice William b 1904 Portsmouth

217a William Thomas TRIPP m Maria CATCHPOLE (b 26 Nov 1866 Kessinglandd 1957 aged 98) 3rd qr 1880 [Mutford 4a 1198]

Note: William was awarded the MBE in 1920 "for assistance in connection with fishery matters during the war" It was in fact a suggestion of using nets to ensnare German U-boats rather than herring. He lived at Dambrook House, Kessingland. William was the Master on the Lowestoft vessels Albatross and Seagull

A cross with double surround

West face : In loving memory of my dear husband William Thomas Tripp M.B.E. who passed beyond Nov 27th 1928 aged 67 years
also Fondly remembering my dear husband Reg (Bell) and our dear son John mum.
South face : Also of my dear son Dennis Thomas Tripp who passed beyond Fed 9th 1828 aged 39 years reunited.
East face : In memory of Edward (Ted) Churchill dear husband of Kath 'In silence we remember'
North face : Also of Maria his beloved wife who died Dec 8th 1957 aged 98 years.

Children of William and Maria
228......Lily Ellen b 1st qr 1881 [Mutford 4a 821] d 2 Feb 1966 Kessingland
229......Ritson John b 4th qr 1882 [Mutford 4a 827] d 27 May 1957 Kessingland
230......Frederick William b 1st qr 1884 [Mutford 4a 874] bap 3 Aug 1885 Kessingland d 23 Oct 1900 aged 16

In loving memory of Frederick William Tripp the dearly beloved son of William and Maria Tripp who fell asleep in Jesus October 23rd 1900 aged 16 years.
"Not lost to memory not lost to love
But gone to his Fathers home above"

Also of Victor Claude brother of the above who was killed in action in France October 12th 1916 aged 21 years
"He hath fought the good fight"

231......George Henry b 3rd qr 1885 [Mutford 4a 855] bur 10 Oct 1956 aged 71 Kirkley cemetery K/S/122
232......Sydney James b 4th qr 1887 [Mutford 4a 902] d 14 Apr 1955 Kessingland
233......Dennis Thomas b 3rd qr 1889 [Mutford 4a 895]
Note: Dennis (unmarried) emigrated to Buenos Aires, Argentina on the "Highland Harris" leaving Liverpool on 23 Oct 1909 with 47 other passengers. (The ship was torpedoed and sunk on 7 Aug 1918 by U96)
Probate records show that he died in The British Hospital in Buenos Aries, his home address was given as The Knoll, Kessingland and £ 3,000 was left to widows Irene Letitia and Maria.

234......Kathleen Maud b 4th qr 1890 [Mutford 4a 827] d 15 Apr 1984 aged 94 m Edward P CHURCHILL 1929 [Mutford 4a 3265]

In loving memory of Kathleen Maude Churchill died 15th April 1984, aged 94 and her sister Winifred May Bell died 26th June 1984, aged 92.
They rest here together.

Cherished memories also of Edward Churchill, Reg Bell D.C.M. and Pilot Sgt John Bell Re-united.

235......Winifred May b 4th qr 1892 [Mutford 4a 883] d 26 Jun 1984 aged 92
236......Clifford Edward b 1st qr 1894 [Mutford 4a 975] d 1894 aged 1
237......Victor Claude b 2nd qr 1895 [Mutford 4a 1002] d 12 Oct 1916
Note: Victor was a Private no 43289 in the 7th Battalion of the Suffolk Regiment and died aged 21 on 12th of October 1916 and is buried at Bancourt British Cemetery in France

209z James Rogers MOORE m 217 (a) Ellen Catcpole TRIPP 13 Jan 1880 m [Mutford 4a 1113] (b) Elizabeth Sarah JULLINGS (b 1863 Kessingland d 29 Oct 1909 Kessingland)

Note: James baptism was registered in the Barnby parish on the 30th March 1862. The birth is shown as illegitimate to a Commercial Traveller on 25th Feb 1859... Although it seems unlikely that a fisherman in Kessingland might when younger have been a commercial traveller. Consequently there is some doubt as to James' paternal parentage. On the marriage certificate his father is shown as Bartholomew Moore, of whom no trace could be found. Perhaps the registrar should have put stepfather, although there is no provision for this on the form. Certainly James was raised as a member of Bartholomew's family. Eleanor seems to have changed her name to Ellen Catchpole TRIPP for her wedding, and appears in the 1871 census as Ellen. In 1881 she and James were living at Street, Kessingland and James was a fisherman.

In loving memory of Ellen the beloved wife of James Moore who died 25th May 1881 aged 20 years. I heard a voice from heaven saying blessed are the dead which die

Children of James and Elizabeth

217b......Lilian Maud bap 14 Sep 1890 Kessingland
217c......Bertie George bap 22 Oct 1883 Kessingland m Margaret Rosetta EVES (b 1887 Burgh St Peter) 1908 Loddon
217d......May Florence bap 26 Nov 1884 Kessingland bur 10 Dec 1884 Kessingland
Elizabeth Sarah b 8 Feb 1887 Kessingland d 7 Mar 1953 Kessingland
217e......Florence May b 30 Aug 1788 Kessingland bap 2 Sep 1888 Kessingland bur 2 Sep 1888 Kessingland

218 Bartholomew Thomas TRIPP m Alice A POLL ( b 1871 East Dereham) abt 1899 [census 1911]

Note: Bartholomew was a carman furniture in 1911 living at 23 Factory Street, Lowestoft

Children of Bartholomew and Alice
238......Thomas Ritson b 2nd qr 1899 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 1081]
239......Royal S b 1901 Lowestoft [1911 census] m Bessie M MAYMAN 4th qr 1925 [Mutford 4a 2734]
240......Ethel b 1904 Lowestoft [1911 census]
241......Wilfred b 1906 Lowestoft [1911 census]

219 George William TRIPP m Amelia Lois NORRIS (b 1881 Kirkley) 1904 [Mutford 4a 2085]

Children of George and Amelia
A24......Bertie b 1904 Lowestoft
A24a....George Norris b 1904 Lowestoft
A24b....Amelia b 1909 Lowestoft
A24c....Ellen b 1910 Carlton Colville
A24d....Hilda M b 1912 [Mutford 4a 2071]
A25......Lily V b 1912 [Mutford 4a 2071]
A26......Arthur R b 1914 [Mutford 4a 2161]
A27......Irene R b 1917 [Mutford 4a 1578]

220 Florence Mary TRIPP m (a) Samuel George JEFFERY (b 1868 Ramsgate d 2nd qr 1903 [Mutford 4a 505]) 4th qr 1888 [Mutford 4a 1839] (b) Herbert Walter TAPHOUSE 1st qr 1905 [Mutford 4a 1353]

Note: Samuel was a shoemaker. In 1881 they were at 114 Raglan St, Lowestoft and in 1891 at Main Rd, Carleton Colville. Florence was living at 73 Carson Road, Plaistow, West Ham in 1911

Children of Samuel and Florence
A28......Ruby E M b 1893 Lowestoft m Harry JORDAN 2nd qr 1915 [W Ham 4a 308]
A29......Clifford J b 1899 Lowestoft m Bessie L TURNER 2nd qr 1920 [W Ham 4a 315]

Children of Herbert and Florence
A29a....Herbert William Arthur b 4th qr 1908 Lowestoft
A29b....Harold b 4th qr 1911 [West Ham 4a 426]
A29c....Vera F b 3rd qr 1914 [West Ham 4a 259]

221 May Elizabeth TRIPP m Charles Earl CATCHPOLE 1st qr 1898 [Mutford 4a 1171]

Note: Charles was a domestic gardener and the family was at Barking, Needham Market in 1901.

Children of Charles and May
221b......Winifred M b 1899 Lowestoft
221c......Arthur C E b 1901 Lowestoft

222 Leonard Ritson TRIPP m Emily Mary COLEMAN (b 1st qr 1872 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 769] bur 3 Feb 1948 aged 76 Lowestoft cemetery L/O/518) 3rd qr 1892 [Mutford 4a 1513]

Note: In 1901 Leonard was a fisherman and the family lived at 3 Stevens Street, Lowestoft and in 1911 Leonard was a boat owner, and the family lived at 171 Raglan Street, Lowestoft. When Leonard died aged 67 in 1940 he had been living in 235 Whapload Road, Lowestoft and was described as a pensioner. Emily survived him and when she died in1948 aged 76 she had been living at 4 Beaconsfield Road, Lowestoft

Children of Leonard and Emily
242......Emily Elizabeth b 4th qr 1893 [Mutford 4a 937]
Note: In 1911 Emily was a fishing net mender
243......May Mary b 2nd qr 1895 [Mutford 4a 1023]
244......Olive Jane b 3rd qr 1897 [Mutford 4a 1033]
Note: in 1911 Olive was a beetster (fishing net mender)
245......Thomas Ritson b 2nd qr 1899 [Mutford 4a 1081]
246......Leonard Elijah b 2nd qr 1899 [Mutford 4a 1098]
247......John Charles b 2nd qr 1902 [Mutford 4a 1148]
248......Lily Maud b 1907 Lowestoft [1911 census]
249......Hilda Muriel Jane b 2nd qr 1909 [Mutford 4a 1130]

224 Olive Lilian TRIPP m William C CHURCH 4th qr 1897 [Mutford 4a 2107]

Note: William was a grocer's manager in 1901 at Station Rd Stapleford, Notts, and in 1911 was at 126 Beaconsfield Rd, Lowestoft

Children of William and Olive
A30......Vernon William b 1905 Lowestoft m Lena E EADE4th qr 1924 [Mutford 4a 2633]
A31......William Harry b 1908 Lowestoft
A31a....Olive Lilian b 31 Jul 1915 Lowestoft m George R LAKE 3rd qr 1937 [Lothingland 4a 4144]

212b Owen James KEMP m Laura ALMOND (b 1866 Henstead d 1948 Oulton Broad) 3rd qr 1887 [Blything 4a 1191]

Note: In 1901 Laura was living in Duke Street, Hadleigh, Suffolk as acook to physician/surgeoan Arthur B.Franey.

Children of Owen and Laura
A32......Daisy Madeline Almond b 1888 Pakefield
A33......Eva Elizabeth Almond b 1890 Kirkley d 1st qr 1891
A34......Cecelia Annie Almond b 1894 d 7 Aug 1950 London

212d Lillie KEMP m Charles Thomas Colby BALLS (b 1870 Lowestoft d 18 Nov 1951 Mutford) 2nd qr 1891 [Mutford 4a 1304]

Note In 1911 Charles was a tailor

Children of Charles and Lillie
A35......Owen Hedley b 1891 Lowestoft
A36......George b 1894 Lowestoft
A37......Charles b 1898 Lowestoft
A38......Agnes b 1899 Lowestoft d 1899 Lowestoft
A39......Lily Agnes b 1900 Lowestoft
A40......Honor Elizabeth b 1903 d 7 Feb 1990 Stevenage m Frank Leonard JILLINGS (b 9 Jul 1906 Lowestoft d 7 Aug 1976 Stevenage) 25 Oct 1934 Baptist Church, Lowestoft

212f Ritson Robert KEMP m Rosa Edith GARNER (b 1878 Lowestoft) 30 Jan 1898 Lowestoft.

Note: In 1891 Ritson was a shop assistant. In 1901 he was a machine minder, printer and the family was at 262 Marleborough Rd, Oxford St Algate. In 1911 he was a printing machine manager and the family was at 1 Glenarlie Villas, High St, Aldershot. Witnesses to the marriage were Samuel Robert BURWOOD and Honor Elizabeth KEMP

Children of Ritson and Rosa
A41......Rosa Georgina A b 3rd qr 1898 [Oxford 3a 926]
A42......Ritson Robert Sidney b 2nd qr 1901 [Oxford 3a 943] m Eveline I H WICKS 4th qr 1925 [Watford 3a 1838]

212l Colin Herbert KEMP m Annie Gertrude HARPER (b 12 Feb 1887 Mutford d 1972 Lowestoft) 3rd qr 1912 [Mutford 4a 2437]

Note: In 1911 Colin was a barman living at "Fox and Hounds, London Rd, Lowestoft

Children of Colin and Annie
A43......Jack b 3 Dec 1912 Lowestoft d 1979 Southwold
A44......Russell Frank b 6 Aug 1914 Lowestoft d 19 Aug 1995) m Olive Doreen UNION (b 18 Jul 1916 Milford Haven d 31 Mar 1983 Lowestoft) 4th qr 1937 [Haverford West 11a 2681]
A45......Kenneth b 1920 Lowestoft d 1980 South Shields

214b Dennis George DURRANT m Alice Jane FLETCHER (b 1871 Lowestoft d 18 Jun 1949 Lowestoft) 1st qr 1893 [Mutford 4a 1138]

Note: Dennis was a fisherman and in 1911 the family was at 66 Essex Rd Lowestoft

Children of Dennis and Alice
A46......Maud Constance b 2nd qr 1894 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 959] m Frederick C KING 1914
John Fletcher b 13 Sep 1895 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 951]
A48......Eva b 1896 Lowestoft
A49......Bessie Victoria b 9 Jun 1897 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 1019] m Archibald J JUDD 3rd qr 1923 [Mutford 4a 2716]
A50......George b 1st qr 1898 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 1010]
A51......Sydney James b 3rd qr 1900 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 1093] m Margaret FULLER 4th qr 1933 [Mutford 4a 3046]
A52......Eva b 1896 Lowestoft
A53......Alice Florence b 10 Dec 1903 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 1183] m Alec J WARMAN 4th qr 1925 [Mutford 4a 2714]
A53......William Arnall b 2nd qr 1907 Lowestoft[Mutford 4a 1167]
A54......Eveline Doris b 4th qr 1909 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 1106]
A55......Silvia M b 1st qr 1913 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 2146]

214c Effie DURRANT m William GODDARD (b 1871 Dereham) 3rd qr 1894 [Mutford 4a 1590a]

Note: In 1901 William was a stationary engine fireman and the family lived at 22 Honiton Rd, Romford. In 1911 the family was at 10 Beresford Rd, Lowestoft and William was not at home.

Children of William and Effie
A56......Nora Effie b 2nd qr 1895 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 1008]
Note: In 1911 Nora was a shop assistant
A57......Dorothy Grace b 2nd qr 1897 Newcastle on Tyne [Newcastle 10b 131]
Note: In 1911 Grace was a dressmaker's apprentice
A58......William Claude b 1st qr 1899 Newcastle on Tyne [Newcastle 10b 166]

214e-2 Victor William DURRANT m Maria Efford K HILKER (b 1880 Aldershot) 1st qr 1907 [Alverstoke 2b 897] Hampshire

Note: In 1911 Victor was a pier waiter and the family was 19a Gold Street, Southsea

Child of Victor and Maria
A59......Ivy Dorothea V b 1st qr 1900 Portsmouth [Portsea 2b 548]
A60......Hilda Florence C b 2nd qr 1902 [Portsmouth 2b 589]
A61......Doris Gladys b 4th qr 1903 [Portsmouth 2b 505]
A62......Edward Louis Victor b 2nd qr 1905 [Portsmouth 2b 518]
A63......Herbert George b 2nd qr 1909 [Portsmouth 2b 538]
A64......William A b 4th qr 1910 [Portsmouth 2b 471]


225 Roseanna TRIPP m Alfred GIBBS 3rd qr 1901 Grimsby

Children of Alfred and Roseanna
H16......Roseanna b 6 Mar 1902 Grimsby
H17......Alfred b 21 Jun 1903 Grimsby
H18......William b 1905 Grimsby
H19......Charles b 1907 Grimsby
H20......Maria Elizabeth b 2 Apr 1908 Grimsby m Richard Henry LAVER (b 4 Jul 1905)
H21......Emma b 1909 Grimsby
H21a....Charles b 1911 Grimsby
H21b....unknown (male child) b 1st qr 1913 [Grimsby 7a 1081]
H21c....Emma b 4th qr 1914 [Grimsby 7a 1139]
H22......John b 3rd qr 1917 [Grimsby 7a 826]
H23......Joan b 3rd qr 1919 [Grimsby 7a 521]
H23b....Joan b 4th qr 1923 [Grimsby 7a 1014]

C37 Kate KEENAN m John BAILEY 2nd qr 1907 Lanchester, Durham [Lanchester 10a 631] Child of John and Kate
A65......John Harold b 2nd qr 1911 [Lanchester 10a 417] d 19 Sep 1980 Royal National Hospital, Bournemouth

C41 SarahAnn KEENAN m Thomas Selby ANGUS 9b 3 May 1893 Hartlepool) 24 Dec 1920 Hartlepool

Child of Sarah and unknown
A66......Maurice KEENAN b 1909 Hartlepool d 1982 Hartlepool

Child of Thomas and Sarah
A67......Selby b 22 Nov 1922 West Hartlepool d 7 Dec 1987 Ealing m Winifred Mary RICHARDSON (b 28 Sep 1920 Middlesborough) 3rd qr 1943 [West Hartlepool 10a 364]

135q Howard George HINES m m Mary BOYD 10 Jun 1942 Maud, Aberdeenshire

Child of Howard and Mary
135r......Elna b 17 Dec 1942 Ellon, Aberdeenshire m David McSEVNEY

H2 Valentine TRIPP m Mignon Rosamund GRIFFITHS 1st qr 1919 [Hartlepool 10a 237] (as Valentine C Tripp)

Children of Valentine and Mignon
250......Robert V C b 29 Mar 1919 West Hartlepool [Hartlepool 10a 240]
251......Sally V b 4th qr 1934 [Hartlepool10a 206]

H3 Violet Ann TRIPP m Herbert William ADAMSON 1921 St Pauls Church, West Hartlepool

Children of Herbert and Violet
A68......Herbert K b 4th qr 1923 [Hartlepool 10a 270]
A69......Derek W b 1st qr 1925 [Hartlepool 10a 246]
A70......Alan W b 4th qr 1927 [Hartlepool 10a 197]

C44a Annie Askwith TRIPP m Thomas William SHADFORTH (b 29 May 1884 Hartlepoold 30 Apr 1942 Hartlepool) 24 Nov 1906 Hartlepool

Note: Thomas was a striker blacksmith and the family lived at 2 Scotsons Court in 1911

Children of Thomas and Annie
A71......Thomas Arthur b 2nd qr 1907 [Hartlepool 10a 174
A72......Isabel b 2nd qr 1909 [Hartlepool 10a 195]
A73......Margaret Ann b 11 Jun 1911 Hartlepool d 15 Nov 1987
A74......Robert Ritson b 5 Aug 1913 Hartlepool d 15 Dec 1995
A75......Lorna Mabel b 25 Dec 1915 Hartlepool d 14 Dec 1992
A75a....Annie Askwith b 3rd qr 1918 [Hartlepool 10a 2950
A76......Matthew b 24 Apr 1923 Hartlepool d 24 Dec 1995
A77......Betty b 3rd qr 1925 [Hartlepool 10 268]
A78......Edwin b 1st qr 1929 [Hartlepool 10 250]
A79......Alan W b 1st qr 1933 [Hartlepool 10a 226]

B2 Thomas Edward SKINNER m Ethel MORTON 4th qr 1915 [Hartlepool 10 317]

Children of Thomas and Ethel
A80......Arthur Hunter b 11 Oct 1914 West Hartlepool m Violet VICKERS (b 20 Sep 1912 d 4 Jan 1998 Hartlepool) Oct 1934 Hartlepool
A81......Annie b 2nd qr 1916 [Hartlepool 10a 203]
A82......Ethel b 1st qr 1919 [Hartlepool 10a 212]
A83......Violet b 4th qr 1920 [Hartlepool 10a 295
A84......Doreen b 1st qr 1922 [Hartlepool 10a 308]

228 Lily Ellen TRIPP m Alfred Henry STROWGER (b 1876 Kessingland d 14 Jan 1956 Kessingland) 1st qr 1905 [Mutford 4a 1317]

Note: In 1911 Alfred was a fisherman (boat owner) for dift fishing and the family was at St Edmunds Villas, Kessingland

In loving memory of Alfred Henry Strowger died January 14th 1956 aged 80 years.
Death divides but memory clings
Also his dear wife Lily Ellen died Febuary 28th 1966 aged 85 years.
Always in our thoughts.
Also their son Frank Henry died 24th Febuary 1984 aged 75,
Eric William 1912-2001,
Ellen May born 1st Aug 1912 died 2nd May 2006.
In memory of Katherine Ellen Strowger 'Kit' 28th Feb 1916 - 8th April 2004
beloved wife for 64 years of Gaston Jack Strowger 'Jack'

Children of Alfred and Lily
A85......Vera Kathleen b 1st qr 1906 Kessingland 9Mutford 4a 1166] d 24 Dec 1906 Kessingland
A86......Winifred May b 30 Oct 1906 Kessingland d 6 Jul 1901 Leicester
A87......Ellen May b 2nd qr 1907 Kessingland [Mutford 4a 1148a] d 2 May 1906
A88......Frank Henry b 12 Sep 1908 Kessingland d 24 Feb 1984 Southwold Hospital
A89......Kathleen May b 1909 Kessingland
A90......Eric William b 30 Sep 1910 Kessingland d 2001 m Margaret S CHAPMAN 2nd qr 1937 [Lothingland 4a 2846]
A91......Ruby R H b 1914 Kessingland
A92......Gaston Jack b 1st qr 1915 [Mitford 4b 2987]
A93......Winifred H b 1915 Kessingland

229 Ritson John TRIPP m Kathleen Mary SIMS 1904 [Mutford 4a 2208]

Note In 1911 the family was at St Edmunds, Kessingland and Ritson was a drift boat owner

Child of Ritson and Kathleen
229c......Vera Kathleen b Jul 1911 Kessingland m Thomas A MILLER 1937 [Lothingland 4a 4105]

231 George Henry TRIPP m Harriet Ellen HART 1910 [Mutford 4a 1705]

Note: George was a ships husband. When he died George was living at 592 London Road South, Lowestoft

Children of George and Harriet
A94......Ena May b 4th qr 1910 [Mutford 4a 1027] d 2nd qr 1922 [Mutford 4a 1141]

In loving memory of Ena May the dearly beloved daughter of George and Harriet Tripp who
fell asleep in Jesus April 7th 1922
aged 11 years
"Jesus called a little child unto him"

252......Ritson b 4th qr 1912 [Mutford 4a 2067] d 15 Jan 2008 Dell Care Home, Oulton Broad
253......Leslie G b 2nd qr 1916 [Mutford 4a 2129]
254......Victor Claude b 16 Jun 1918 [Mutford 4a 1526] d 15 Oct 2008 Lowestoft

232 Sydney James TRIPP m 217e Elizabeth Sarah MOORE (b 8 Feb 1877 Kessingland d 7th Mar 1953 Kessingland) 4th qr 1907 [Mutford 4a 2297]

Note: Elizabeth was the daughter of James MOORE and Elizabeth JILLINGS. In 1911 Elizabeth was a beatster, but Sydney was not at home for the census; they were living at 4 Hope Terrace, London Rd, Kessingland

Sacred to the memory of Elizabeth Sarah Tripp who died 7th March 1953 aged 66 years.
Also of Sydney James her beloved husband 14th April 1955 aged 67 years.
'They were lovely and pleasant in their lives and in their death they were not divided'

Children of Sydney and Elizabeth
A95......Sydney James b 2nd qr 1908 Kessingland m Florence HEATHCOTE 1943 Nottingham
Frederick William b 1st qr 1910 Kessingland
A97......Richard Thomas b 14 Aug 1919 [Mutford 4a 1691] d 29 Apr 1983 Lowestoft

235 Winifred May TRIPP m Reginald BELL 1918 [Mutford 4a 2478]

Child of Reginald and Winifred
235b......John W b 3rd qr 1920 [Mutford 4a 2289]

235 Emily Elizabeth TRIPP m Augustus J BOYCE 4th qr 1915 [Mutford 4a 3453]

Children of Augustus and Emily
242b......Leonard G b 3rd qr 1916 [Loddon 4b 342]
242c......Harold G 3rd qr 1920 [Goole 9c 2302]

244 Olive Jane TRIPP m Harry E WEBB 2nd qr 1922 [Mutford 4a 2536]

Child of Harry and Olive
244b......Ronald E b 4th qr 1924 [Steyning 2b 333]

245 Thomas Ritson TRIPP m Esme M E A READ 4th qr 1919 [Mutford 4a 3194]

Children of Thomas and Esme
245b......Thomas Ritson b 3rd qr 1920 [Mutford 4a 2305]
245c......Jack Ritson b 3rd qr 1922 [Mutford 4a 2007]
245d......Sybil Ritson b 4th qr 1933 [Hampstead 1a 622]

246 Leonard Elijah TRIPP m Dora K MEALE 1st qr 1921 [Wangford 4a 2204]

Child of Leonard and Dora
246b......Joan E b 3rd qr 1921 [Wangford 4a 2026]

247 John Charles TRIPP m Mildred E JARY 3rd qr 1934 [Gt Yarmouth 4b 16]

Child of John and Mildred
247b......John C b 3rd qr 1934 [Gt Yarmouth 4b 16]

A32 Daisy Madeline Almond KEMP m Stephen Percy HEWITT (b 1883 Gorleston d 5 Jun 1963 Lowestoft) 3rd qr 1908 [Mutford 4a 2147]

Note: Stephen was a shipwright in 1911 and the family was at 25 Kent Road, Lowestoft

Child of Stephen and Daisy
A98......Edward Laurence 3rd qr 1909 [Mutford 4a 1128]

A34 Cecilia Annie Almond KEMP m Percy Harold DAVY (b 1888 Bishopsgate, d 10 Jul 1946 Northwood, London) 4th qr 1914 [Chelsea 1a 897]

Children of Percy and Cecilia
A99......Robert Harold b Nov 1916 London
A100....Vivienne b 30 Jan 1920 London d 13 Feb 2003 St Leonards on Sea

A47 John Fletcher DURRANT m Elsie Maud WRIGHT (b 3 Apr 1895 Lowestoft d 17 Apr 1962) 24 Jun 1916 Lowestoft

Child of John and Elsie
A101......Dennis William b 19 Jun 1918 Lowestoft

A57 Dorothy Grace GODDARD m (a( b) Alfred ROSE (d 2nd qr 1927 [Norwich 4b 139]) 4th qr 1918 [Norwich 4b 295] (b) Theodore H TABER (b 1896 Lowestoft) 3rd qr 1931 [Mutford 4a 3359]

Chilkd of Alfred and Dorothy
A102......Eveline Sybil Joan b 4th qr 1919 [Norwich 4b 298] m Clarence Walter Calver (b 1914 Lowestoft)


A65 John Harold BAILEY m Ellen G POND (b 4th qr 1913 [Wareham, Dorset 5a 437] d in Dorset) 2nd qr 1933 [Bournemouth 2b 1714]

Child of Harold and Ellen
A103......Raymond Daniel b 10 Oct 1933 Swanage [Wareham 5a 325] d 27 Sep 2002 Northallerton, N Yorks

A66 Maurice KEENAN m Dorothy GALLAGHER 1st qr 1932 [Croydon 2a 744]

Child of Maurice and Dorothy
A104......Kenneth b 1st qr 1938 [Hartlepool 10a 200]

252 Ritson TRIPP m Muriel MANTHORPE (b 1912 ) 3rd qr 1939 [Lothingland 4a 5534]

Child of Ritson and Muriel
257......Ritson b 3rd qr 1939 [Lothingland 4a 5534]

A72 Isabel SHADFORTH m Frederick Arthur ABIGAIL (b 21 Nov 1915 Aberdeenshire) 7 Sep 1935 [Hartlepool 10a 322]

Children of Frederick and Isabel

A73 Margaret Ann SHADFORTH m Herbert E INNES (b 22 Jun 1903 d 15 Feb 1959) 24 Oct 1934 [Hartlepool 10a 339]

Children of Herbert and Margaret A109......David Watson
A110......Mabel Joyce

A74 Robert Ritson SHADFORTH m Hilda Mary EMERSON (b 13 Jan 1912 Hartlepool d 27 Apr 1996) 25 Sep 1933 Hartlepool

Children of Robert and Hilda
A112......Robert Ritson

A75 Lorna Mabel SHADFORTH m William WINWARD (b 12 Feb 1911 d 21 Jan 1990) 1 Jan 1937 [Hartlepool 10a 157]

Note: Lorna married as Mabel Shadforth

Children of William and Lorna

A75a Annie Askwith SHADFORTH m William METCALFE 3rd qr 1946 [Durham S E 1a 1755]

Children of William and Annie
A117......Malcolm Gerard

A76 Matthew SHADFORTH m Eleanor EVANS 1st qr 1945 [Durham Eastern 10a 139]

Children of Matthew and Eleanor

A77 Bettie SHADFORTH m Charles Henry KENT (b 24 Feb 1924 d 3 Jan 1996) 1st qr 1948 [Durham SE 1a 1625]

Children of Charles and Bettie

A78 Edwin SHADFORTH m Janet HOLLINGSWORTH 2nd qr 1957 [Surrey NW 5G 1109]

Children of Edwin and Janet

A79 Alan William SHADFORTH m Dorothy SMALL 4th qr 1953 [West Hartlepool 1a 1938]

Children of Alan and Dorothy
A128......Alan William
A129......Sandra Anne

A86" Winifred May STROWGER m Henry A E GAUSDEN 2nd qr 1930 [Mutford 4a 2830]

Children of Henry and Winifred
A130......Michael W

A88" Frank Henry STROWGER m Ellen May UTTING (b 1907 Kessingland d 1975) 1935 Kessigland

Children of Frank and Ellen
A133......David Frank
A134......Robin Richard
A135......Brian Henry
A136......Vera Kathleen

A92 Gaston Jack STROWGER m Katherine Ellen GILBERT 3rs qr 1939 [Lewisham 1d 3700]

Child of Gaston and Katherine
A137......Geoffrey G b 1st qr 1940 [Lewisham 1d 1320] m Hilary A CUTLER 1964 Edmonton
A137a....Clive b 3rd qr 1941 [Dartford 2a 1861]
A137b....Anne b 1st qr 1944 [Dartford 2a 1923]


252 Ritson TRIPP m Muriel Ann MANTHORPE 1939

Children of Ritson and Muriel
A139......Ena R m John V COLLINS [Lothingland 4b 2694]

254 Victor Claude TRIPP m Joyce I ADAMS 3rd qr 1945 [Uxbridge 3a 369]

Children of Victor and Joyce
A140......Barry G M m (a) Lynda J STAFFORD 3rd qr 1972 [Lothingland 4b 4062] (b) Norma GREEN April 2001 [Waveney 753/1011/193]
A141......Gregory Victor P m Juliette I KIRK 3rd qr 1976 {Norwich Outer 10 2388]
A142......Robert L A m Christine MUTTON 1st qr 1971 [Lothingland 4b 2034]

A96 Frederick William TRIPP m Doris K SMITH 2nd qr 1935 [Lothingland 4a 3151]

Children of Frederick and Doris
A143......Rosalind M
A144......Sally J m Peter C McMASTER 1977

A97 Richard Thomas TRIPP m Renee Evelyn HARVEY (b 6 Feb 1919 d 12 Mar 1987 Kessingland) 3rd qr 1939 [Lothingland 4a 5532]

Note: Renee was the daughter of Alfred HARVEY and Grace HART

In loving memory of Richard Thomas Tripp died 29th April 1983 aged 63 years and his beloved wife Renee Evelyn died 12th March 1987 aged 68 years.

Children of Richard and Renee
A145......Maureen Ann b 4 Aug 1937 d 8 Mar 2007 Kessingland
A147......Richard J

242b Leonard G BOYCE m Eileen BOON 4th qr 1939 [Lothingland 4a 5471]

Child of Leonard and Eileen
A148......David l

A100 Vivienne DAVY with unknown

Child of Vivienne and unknown
A150......Shelagh DAVY

A101 Dennis William DURRANT m Clara Lilian ROBERTS (b 5 Apr 1923) 29 Nov 1941 Irthlingborough

Children of Dennis and Clara
A151......John m Martha Mateer CROTHERS (b 29 Mar 1939 Belfast d 25 Apr 1996) 24 Mar 1962 Ballysilan, N Ireland
A152......Peggy m John THWAITES (b 26 Mar 1940) 22 Aug 1964 Lowestoft
A153......Anita m Barry MOYSE (b 26 Jan 1945) 24 Mar 1968
A154......Dennis m (a) Jill BORRIT (b 22 Jun 1954) 14 Jul 1978 Lowestoft (b) Elizabeth Mary McCORMACK (b 13 Jul 1956 Ireland) 23 Jan 1995 Liverpool

A103 Raymond Daniel BAILEY m Ivy POSTILL 1st qr 1956 Rydale, Yorks [Ryedale 1B 2025]

Child of Raymond and Ivy
A156......Andrew Danny b 17 Jan 1959 Scarborough d 16 Feb 2004 Northallerton


A143 Rosalind M TRIPP m Patrick V WEIR 3rd qr 1968 [Lothingland 4b 3437]

Children of Patrick and Rosalind
A157......Nicola Mary
A158......Katie Ann

A145 Maureen Ann TRIPP m Melvyn GARDINER 3rd qr 1957 [Lothingland 4b 2369]

Children of Melvyn and Maureen
A161......Sarah E b 7 Mar 1966 Kessingland d Nov 2009 Lowestoft m Basil BURGESS Sep 2003 [Waveney 753/1494/056]

A146 Susan TRIPP m Walter MOORE 2nd qr 1967 Lowestoft [Lothingland 4b 2034]

Children of Walter and Susan

A147 Richard TRIPP m Jean (Jenne) HARSENT 3rd qr 1977 [Waveney 10 3528]

Children of Richard and Jenne


A159 Paul GARDINER m Karen Lorraine ROBINSON 7 Jul 1984 Kessingland

Note: Karen 's parents were David ROBINSON and Doreen VARAH

Children of Paul and Karen
A165......Hannah Claire
A166......Robbie William
A167......Taylor Jade
A168......Sonny Haydn

A160 John GARDINER with unknown partner

Child of John and unknown partner

Thanks to Lisa Eade for much of the information in this branch, to Marcus Scrafton for help with later entries and to Dave Ollerton and to Susan Blake for filling in many gap (and re-investigating some detail to provide a more accurate picture!) as well as to Dr David Case, 135r Elna McSevney, Di Kay, Paul Gardiner , Anne Mackiewicz and Anne Major

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