by Michael Broad, Dunedin, NZ

One g-g-grandfather was Richard Driver born 1812 of Clifton, Bristol. He went to sea at age 14 and after many voyages and wreckings, was serving on American ships whaling in southern waters. In 1839 he was on the whaler "John and Edward" off the Otago heads, and Richard was in a boat party ashore searching for fresh water. There was a skirmish with local Maori and some seamen were killed.

A daughter, Motoitoi, of the chief, Kahutia, took a shine to Richard and saved him from any harm. He 'married' Motoitoi and stayed in neighbouring areas for the rest of his life. He became an expert on the vagaries of the harbour channel, became a harbour pilot, and in fact piloted our first two settler ships into port, the "John Wickliffe" and the "Philip Laing" in 1848. Richard was appointed Otago's first "Official" Harbour Pilot and on retirement had never lost a ship.

The first child of Richard and Motoitoi was born in 1840, Maria Catherine, my g-grandmother. In 1857 Maria married, but in 1860 her first husband drowned. In 1861 Maria married Peter William Mouat born 1828 at Mossbank, Shetland Islands. There is a wonderful tale of a member of the Mouat family here. Peter's father had died in the great famine, and he was taken to sea by a couple as a cadet at age of six. By the time he got to New Zealand he had spent years at sea and now was a qualified ship's carpenter. He settled near Port Chalmers as a boatbuilder.

Their first child of 12 (+1 adopted) was Anderina, my grandmother, born in 1862. In 1884 Anderina married Henry Thomas Green Junior born in Sydney, Australia, also in 1862. In contrast to her mother who lived to a ripe old age for the times, and was known to all and sundry as Granny Mouat, Anderina died early, aged 34, with septicaemia following childbirth, not uncommon in those days, although this was after delivering 8 children.

My mother, Gladys Tui Green, was born in 1892; she was third youngest and being only about 5 at the time she hardly remembered her mother. A stepmother followed plus two half brothers and three half sisters. She had a brother, Clarence Henry (Harry) Green who was killed in WW1 after winning a military medal. Details may be seen here Mother died in 1981.

Both my Broad grandparents had died before I was born. Grandad Green who died in 1939 was the only one about in my youth, but as he was in a home in his last years is only a shadowy figure in my memory.

Michael Osborne Broad

Note: One of Anderina's brothers was William Gilbert Mouat (known as Gilbert) who married Mary Foord, and in addition to having four boys they were pioneers in the truest sense in New Zealand.

According to family records, originally made it is thought by Mary, William was the first man to climb Mount Aspiring on 12th March 1882. He climbed with a colleague, Tom Mantell in order to fix a trig on the top: They also built a small cairn next to which they buried a bottle containing their names on paper.

There are exerpts from Gilbert's memoirs which you can see here

Photographs of William and Mary are below - thank you for these, Michael.

William Gilbert Mouat as a young man with a magnificent moustache on the left and with Mary on the right.

On the left is their home at Aorere and on the right is Mary panning for gold. The gravel had to be extracted from underneath the boulders before it could be panned to find the gold - backbreaking work for a fit man today, but hardly the task for a woman, even then. Nevertheless she did it....and on top of that, she was a collector of shells. Seen below at the age of 78, Mary had some 4000 seashells and corresponded with people all over the world - she even found seven new varieties, two of which were named after her. These were Powelliphanta superba mouatae, a N.Z. giant carnivorous land snail and Taron mouatae, a conical sea shell.

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