Settlement Order, Thetford

Examination of William Oldman yeoman 25 jan 1773 10 years since he ... into the parish of Hilborough and lived ?servant with one Francis Chandler miller for there under a legal Hi... ?term ?of seven years after which he w... and lived in Bury St Edmunds in the county of Suffolk with one Mr ?Bulfrey. B... the week ?far the ?town and the space of about three years after which he came and lived with Mr Joseph Gill in this borough miller ... to work for the space or term of sicx years on Michaelmas day last he ... into this parish of St Peter in this burgh ... The ... in the serivce of the said Mr Gill back never did any ... to gain a loyal settlement ?elsewhere than in the parish of hillborough aforesaid that about three years since he marryed to his now wife Mary in the parish of Saint mary in this Borough aforesaid and has two children.

William Oldman

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