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The Waldens are related through the Palmer and Andrews family as well as the Eastgates.

Last revision 3 Dec 2013


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A1 John WALDEN m Mary JOHNSON 1731 Shouldham

Children of John and Mary
Searle b 1731 Shouldham bap 10 Oct 1731 bur 18 May 1785 Wells next the Sea
A3......Margaret b 1733 Shouldham d Oct 1734 Shouldham
A4......Mary b 1736 Shouldham


A2 Searle WALDEN m Frances (d 1798) abt 1758

Child of Searle and Frances
A5......John James b 27 Jul 1760 Wells next the Sea d 3 Dec 1820 Wells next the Sea


A5 John James WALDEN m (a) Sarah SNAITH ( b 1763 bur 3.Sep 1787 Wells next the Sea) (b) Elizabeth BARNARD (bap 27 Dec 1767 Feltwell) 23 Mar 1788 Wells next the Sea

Child of John and Sarah
A6......William b 17 Feb 1787, bap 19 Feb 1787 privately, recd into church 19 Mar 1787 Wells next the Sea d 10 Sep 1787 Wells next the Sea

Children of John and Elizabeth
A7......Benjamin Barnard b 29 Jan 1789 bap 29 Jan 1789 privately, recd into church 5 Mar 1789 Wells next the Sea
1........Robert Searles b 23 Dec 1790 bap 24 Dec 1790 Wells next the Sea privately recd into church 21 Jan 1791 Wells next the Sea d 1 Apr 1861Feltwell
A8......Elizabeth b 30 Sep 1794 bap 2 Oct 1794 privately recd into church 24 Oct 1794 Wells next the sea
A9......John b 1796 Wells next the Sea


1 Robert Searles WALDEN () m Jane FORSTER 24 Mar 1818 St Nicholas Church, Feltwell

See Jane's ancestors and connections here

Note: Robert (known as Robert the Elder) In 1841 the family were living at The Beck, Feltwell - also present was Jane's mother, Elizabeth aged 83. Robert was a farmer of 150 acres employing two labourers. Three of the children - all the boys - emigrated, although not to the same place and there is an account of this family and their lives here

Children of Robert and Jane
2......Mary Ann b 10 Jan 1919 Wells-next-the-Sea bap 16 Jan 1820 Wells Independent
3......Robert Searles b 9 Jun 1820 Feltwell
Note: In 1841 Robert was lodging with a local grocer, John MOORE, a grocer and his family, with whom he was an apprentice. He was known as Robert the younger. Also present was a Thomas BOOTY a 14 year old apprentice grocer.
4......William Whiteman b 27 Dec 1821 d 12 Jun 1902 Detroit USA
5......Elizabeth b 18 Jun 1821 (?)
6......Henry Forster b 20 Apr 1825 Feltwell d 20 Sep 1905 Burnley Terrace, Mt Roskill, New Zealand
7......Jane b abt 1828

A9 John WALDEN m Hannah

Note: In 1841 John was a gardener, living in East Passage, Guinea Lane, Feltwell

Children of John and Hannah
A10......Hannah b 1822 Northwold
A11......Henry b 1830 Northwold
A12......Mary b 1832 Northwold
A13......Edward b 1834 Northwold


2 Mary Ann WALDEN m John ASHBY (b 1806 Kettering)

Note: In 1871 Mary Ann was visiting at Green End, Newport Pagnell. John was an iron founder's clerk in 1862.

Child of John and Mary Ann
8......Frank b 1852 Stony Stratford

3 Robert Searles WALDEN m Elizabeth UPTON (b 1822 Mundford)1 Jan 1862 Thetford Independent Chapel

Note: Robert Searles Walden 'The Younger' was 41 at the time of his marriage to Elizabeth Upton. They emigrated to Baden, Ontario where Robert became assistant postmaster and ran a general store. Elizabeth was already expecting their first child. Robert's father and grandmother had both died with the last 3 years (no doubt enabling the Ambrose Whiteman inheritance to be settled; in fact Robert sold land in Feltwell, Norfolk from his new home in Canada). This left just his youngest brother Henry and spinster sister Elizabeth farming in Feltwell. Supposed to have given money to nephew Henry Barton W. to build Gladstone Villa, which you can see here

Children of Robert and Elizabeth

9......Frank Ashby b 28 Jun 1864 Baden, Ontario d 31 Mar 1903 Water Street, Peterborough, Ontario
10....Robert William b 9 Jun 1820 Baden, Waterloo Co., Ontario d 17 Oct 1917 Neustadt, Hanover, Canada
11....Harry Upton dob unknown d 1944 Edenwold near Regina, Canada

4 William Whiteman WALDEN m (a) Rachel BARTON (b 20 Mar 1822 Feltwell d 2 Jul 1862 at 17 Westmoreland Rd, Newington, London) 22 Aug 1843 Feltwell (b) Ellen MORGAN 29 Mar 1864 St Peter's St Mary Newington, London

Note: In 1843 William was a farmer. In 1851 the family was at Silth Road, Walsoken. In 1871 he was described as an agricultural engine driver. He emigrated to Detroit, USA via Baden in 1873. Ellen his second wife bore him seven children. Although they appear to have corresponded with their English siblings no knowledge of the USA connection appears to have been handed down to the Feltwell family. Two of his great great grandchildren from England were able to meet up with several of his American descendants in 1996

Children of William and Rachel
12......Robert b 31 Mar 1844 Feltwell d 18 Jan 1909 at 11 Grove Park, Camberwell
13......Jane Elizabeth b 1845 d 23 Jan 1848
14......William Henry b 15 Dec 1846 Feltwell d 8 Feb 1908 at 95 Mayes Rd Wood Green, Essex [
15......Emma Jane b 13 Oct 1848 Magdelan, Kings Lynn d 17 Apr 1909 Thetford
Note.According to a letter from Arthur to his father dated 4 Aug 1873, Emma informed Arthur of William's intention to emigrate to America.
16......Henry Barton b 15 Feb 1850 Walsoken d 11 Mar 1922 Feltwell
17......Susanna b abt 1853 Walsoken
18......Ann Elizabeth b 6 Jan 1855
Note: In 1881 Ann was living at 241C New Rd, Camberwell with brother Robert
19......Rachel Matilda b 3 May 1857 d 14 Dec 1857 [Newington 1d 158]
20......Arthur Forster b 14 Oct 1858 7 Shaftesbury St, Newington d 28 Jan 1932 of cancer of the pancreas at 73 York Rd Aldershot
21......Mary Ann Bartlett b 17 Aug 1860 Walworth

Children of William and Ellen
22......Rachel Matilda b 27 Sep 1865 Bethnal Green, London d 18 Jan 1937
23......Anna Louise b 25 Dec 1867 Stapleford Tawney, Essex d 1923 Detroit
24......Esther Jemima b 18 Jun 1870 Lambourne, Essex d 27 Apr 1955
25......Bertha b 1873 d 1954
26......Mary Ann b 31 May 1876 Stratford, Ontario d 1909 m Charles HOLMES
John Morgan b 13 Apr 1879 d 22 Oct 1925
28......Rose Ellen b 24 Jun 1822 Detroit, Wayne Co, MI, USA d 19 Mar 1969 Roseville, Macomb, MI

6 Henry Forster WALDEN m (a) Ann GEE (bap 9 Jun 1834 d 2nd qr 1871 Feltwell aged 37 [Thetford 4b 252]) 4 Nov 1857 Feltwell (b) Eliza PALMER (b 1837 Feltwell d 10 July 1901 Onehunga NZ (c) Emma GARRATT 29 Apr 1904 New Zealand

See the Palmer connection here

Note: In 1871 Henry and Ann were living at the Beck, Feltwell. Henry - apparently known as Schemer Walden because of his ability to make things - emigrated in 1880 with a bankrupt preacher from Brandon, Suffolk called Goodson who later returned to England to discharge his debts and then went back to New Zealand. Goodson officiated at Henry's 3rd marriage in 1904. His first wife Ann Gee was buried with the youngest daughter Edith in unmarked graves in the garden of Hill Farm House apparently where his father had also been laid to rest, immediately under the south wall of the Wesleyan Chapel, Feltwell (now demolished) below the window at the west end of the building.

Children of Henry and Ann
29......Arthur Gee b 1859 d 25 May 1880 Great North Road, Auckland, New Zealand
30......Beatrice Gee b 1863 d 1 Mar 1899
31......Clara Gee b 1865 d 4 Aug 1902 Onehunga, NZ
32......Dora Gee b 1868 d 28 Nov 1926
33.....Edith Gee b Jun 1871 Feltwell d Sep 1871 Feltwell

7 Jane WALDEN m William GATHERCOLE (b 1823 Lakenheath) 1st qr 1859 [Thetford 4b 717]

Note: In 1871 William was an engine driver and the family was at Lakenheath Engine, Lakenheath. In 1881 William and Jane were at 5 Samuel Grove, Reddish, Stockport Lancs where William was a foundary labourer. It is probable that William had married Jane as a widower, for staying with them was 7 year old Grace SUMER, a grandchild of William's

This William may well be connected with the Brandon Gathercoles, the branch of which you can see here

Child of William and Jane
34......Samuel b abt 1861 Lakenheath


9 Frank Ashby WALDEN m Louisa PARKER (b 1859 Guelph, Ontario d 9 Oct 1917) 17 Jun 1896 Toronto

Note: Louisa presumably commited suicide : cause of death was 'Strangulation' having suffered from 'Depressive Melancholia' for 10 months

Child of Frank and Louisa
35......Allan Parker 10 Apr 1898 d 6 May 1982 Royal Hampshire Hospital, Winchester
Note: Allan Parker Walden was married twice but had no children. Allan was apparently acknowledged as special by his parents and cousins; as a child he did not mix with others. He was a doctor of medicine and worked in the US, Canada and UK. He was a surgical officer at King's Lynn hospital at the same time as his distant cousin Angela Christine Walden was a senior nursing officer but at the time neither knew of the relationship. He left his estate to various cousins in Canada on his mother's side. In 1930 he was at 91 Washington Av Newark, New Jersey and in 1936 at 179 Woolwich St. Guelph, Ontario. In 1942 he was at Elvin House, Andover, Hants. In 1966 he was retired and living at Willowdale Foxcott Rd Chaulton Andover

10 Robert William WALDEN m Sarah Matilda MARSHALL (b 1870 Normanby) 27 May 1891 Hampden, Normanby, Canada

Note: Robert ran his own store at one time and issued his own tokens bearing his name. He later became manager of The Neustadt Manufacturing Co. and was described in the obituary notice as 'a premier citizen of Neustadt..whiter than white.. RW as he was known, was the big man of the village'. resident at Neustadt at time of his marriage : he was 26 and she was 20. He died just 9 days after his sister-in-law Louisa Parker.

Children of Robert and Sarah
36......Matilda May b 2 Sep 1892 d 23 Mar 1953
37......Frank Harold b 11 Apr 1899 d 23 Oct 1951

12 Robert WALDEN m Elizabeth BROWN (d bef 1881) 4th qr 1873 [Lambeth 1d 473]

Note: Note: In 1851 Robert was at Walsoken, in 1861 at 22 Trafalgar St, Newington, a mesenger at the gas works, and in 1871 at 3 Roslyn Ave, Lambeth, a civil engineering assistant. In 1873 he was Store Keeper to Phoenix Gas Co and in 1881 he was at 241C New Road, Camberwell, a gas company collector with SM Gas Co. In 1891 he was living at Dagmar Villa, Dagmar Rd, Camberwell and was a collector for the South Metropolitan Gas Co. In 1901 he was still a gas co collector and lived at 11 Grove Park, Camberwell, where he died in 1909

Child of Robert and Elizabeth
37a....Robert Perry b 3rd qr 1874 [Lambeth 1d 473]
38......Lily Augusta Abigail b Mar 1876 Walworth [Lambeth 1d 505]
38a....Rose b 4th qr 1876 [Lambeth 1d 413]

14 William Henry WALDEN m Annie Maria RAINE 17 May 1866 Bermondsey [GRO ref Bermondsey 1d 60]

Note: In 1861 he was at 22 Trafalgar Street, Newington. William was at 17 Jocelyn St Camberwell in 1881, with wife Annie & family, an Architect's Clerk of Works (according to the family) or as a stone mason, (according to the census) or as . In 1891, still with Annie, he is a stonemason, although the birthplace is given as Walworth - probably an enumerator's error - wife and children are the same.

Children of William and Annie

39......Annie Rachel b 3rd qr 1868 Newington [Camberwell 1d 615] m Arthur BROOKER (b 1st qr 1869 Walworth [Lambeth 1d 341]) 2nd qr 1890 [Kingston 2a 585]
Note: in 1891 Arthur was a librarian at a Temperance depot, living with Annie at her parent's house
40......Clara b 1870 Newington d 4th qr 1889 [Camberwell 1d 531]
41......William Ernest B b 4th qr 1873 Newington [St Saviour 1d 133]
42......Florence Emma b 3rd qr 1875 Newington [St Saviour 1d 191] m Henry Eusebius SYMONDS 4th qr 1902 [Camberwell 1d 1433]
43......Nellie Edith b 2nd qr 1882 Camberwell [Camberwell 1d 896]

15 Emma Jane WALDEN m John TURNER (b 4th qr 1845 [Thetford 213 299] Dec 1872

Note: In 1881 John was a farm labourer living at 6 St Giles Lane, Thetford St Cuthbert with Emma and daughter Effie Clarissa In 1891 they were at Earls Street, Thetford and John was an engine fitters labourer In 1901 they were at Guildhall St Thetford. In 1911 John was an engineers driller, a widower, living at 8 Earles Street, Thetford

Children of John and Emma
44......Effie Clarissa b 1st qr 1877 Feltwell
Note: In 1891 Effie was a "mothers help"
45......Reginald Walden b 3rd qr 1881 Feltwell [Thetford 4b 374] m Lillie S MARTIN 4th qr 1911 [Mutford 4a 2639]
Note in 1901 Reginald was an Engine fitter's apprentice
46......Gertrude May b 2nd qr 1883 Feltwell [Thetford 4b 415] m either James DOCKREE or Charles Joseph DUNKIN 3rd qr 1902

16 Henry Barton WALDEN m Ruth WALKER(b 20 Jan 1851 Feltwell d 27 Jul 1929 Feltwell) 2nd qr 1874 [Thetford 4b 653]

Note: Henry was a skilled marble mason. He built and designed the village war memorial and a replica serves as his gravestone. An accident as a Stonemason whilst saving an apprentice's life irreparably damaged his hand and he was forced to retire as Carrier in Feltwell. There was a 'Grand Prize Draw' at Red Lion Assembly Rooms with 12 prizes for his benefit.(See Daily Chronicle 19 Sep 1884 for result) A staunch Liberal, he built Gladstone Villa in The Beck, Feltwell on retirement and you can see it here.

Children of Henry and Ruth
47......Rachel Elizabeth b 15 May 1875 Feltwell d 1st qr 1953 Holt, Norfolk [N Walsham 4b 751]
48......Minnie b 1 Jan 1877 Feltwell d 22 Jun 1971 Bury St Edmunds
49......Ruth b 9 Oct 1878 Feltwell d 24 May 1955 Feltwell
Note: Whilst in service in North Wales had illegitimate daughter 49a......Gertrude (Gertie) named after the nurse who delivered her.
50......Mary Ann b 11 Oct 1880 Feltwell d 9 Feb 1896 aged 15 bur 13 Feb 1896 in St Nicholas Churchyard, Feltwell
51......May b 11 May 1882 Edmonton d 27 Mar 1884 Edmonton
52......Henrietta b 21 Mar 1884 Edmonton d 11 Sep 1915 Blakesley Northants
53......Barton Hammond b 6 Jan 1887 Feltwell d Jan 1953 (?)
Note: Barton was a carpenter's apprentice in 1901. Barton's date of death is given as 1961 by Gertrude Walden
54......Robert Henry Gladstone b 23 Jun 1889 Feltwell d 19 Nov 1941 Hertford Hospital
55......Margaret b 24 Dec 1891 Feltwell d 7 Apr 1946
56......Clara b 8 Jan 1894 Feltwell d 5 May 1951 Feltwell
57......Thomas William b 11 Feb 1896 Feltwell d Jul 1899 Feltwell

17 Susanna WALDEN m Albert STORR (b 1851 Gosburton, Lincs d aged 73 4th qr 1913 [Kingston 2a 517]) 3rd qr 1879 [Lambeth 1d 763]

In 1879 Albert was a widower, a draper of 83 Lower March, Lambeth. In 1881 he was at Milliner, 35 Victoria Terrace, Kingston on Thames. In 1891 he was a collector of the Queen's taxes..

Child of Albert and Susanna
58......Edgar Walden b Jun 1880 Surbiton d 3rd qr 1897 Eastbourne aged 17 [Eastbourne 2b 42]

20 Arthur Forster WALDEN m Eleanor SMITH (b 1st qr 1859 Thurlow, Suffolk [Newmarket 3b 547]) 16 Sep 1879 Lambeth

Note: In 1871 Arthur was staying with his brother Robert and sister Ann at Denmark St, Roslyn Ave, Camberwell. In 1881 they were at Glenbuck Cottage, Arlington Rd, Kingston on Thames and in 1891 they were at 2 Cambridge Cottages, Portsmouth Rd, Kingston and he was an Auctioneer & Valuer, Guildford; In 1901 they were at 6 Recreation Road, Guildford. In 1922 he attended Henry Barton Walden's funeral

Children of Arthur and Eleanor
59......Arthur Percival b 1st qr 1880 Herne Hill, Surrey [Lambeth 1d 562]
59a....William Forster b 4th qr 1881 Surbiton [Kingston 2a 339]
Note: In 1901 William was a railway carrier's clerk
60......Eleanor Maud b 4th qr 1883 Surbiton Surrey [Kingston 2a 326]
Note: Eleanor was an assistant at boot shop in 1911
61......Marguerite Louise b 1st qr 1886 [Kingston 2a 334]
62......Robert Leonard b 2nd qr 1888 Surbiton [Kingston 2a 314] m Hilda E WALDOCK 3rd qr 1919 [Edmonton 3a 1363]
63......Frank Palmer b 2nd qr 1890 [Kingston 2a 321]
Note: Frank was an apprentice electrical engineer in 1911
64......Harry Douglas b 2nd qr 1895 [Kingston 2a 378] m Florence M WEBB 1st qr 1926 [Uxbridge 3a 43]
Note: In 1911 Harry was a clerk in a gas office
65......Edgar Lionel b 3rd qr 1897 [Guildford 2a 80] d 27 Sep 1918 in Chenai India (Included on the Roll of Honour)
Note: Edgar was acting sergeant when he died with the Duke of Cambridge's Own (Middlesex Regiment) 1/9th battalion no G49091, formerly 2020 of the Royal West Surrey Regiment
66......Harold Sydney b 3rd qr 1900 Guildford [Guildford 2a 89] m Annie E TAYLOR 2nd qr 1925 [Guildford 2a 275]
66x....Kathleen Edna b 1st qr 1903 [Guildford 2a 83]

22 Rachel Matilda WALDEN m George Thomas BENCH (b 8 May 1867 d 11 Jun 1981)

Children of George and Rachel
67......Irene b 21 May 1896 d 8 Nov 1949
68......Edna Gertrude b 27 Sep 1898 d 11 Nov 1977
69......Marshall Allen b 3 Mar 1901 d 7 Mar 1972

23 Anna Louisa WALDEN m William Albert SCHRADER (b Dec 1866 Germany)

Children of William and Anna
70......William Albert dob unknown d Sep 1961 Allen Park Veterans' Hospital MI
71......Emma Louise b 1 Jan 1886 Detroit d 13 Aug 1976 Livonia, MI m Ray COOK (b 3 Jan 1890 Fulyon, Indiana d 12 Jan 1966 Detroit) 24 Jun 1933 Detroit
72......Alice Elizabeth b 27 Oct 1899 Wayne County, Greenfield TWP MI d 7 Dec 1973 Flint MI
73......Ethel Dorothy b 10 Oct 1896 d 1985 Livonia MI

24 Esther Jemima WALDEN m William Edward WHING

Children of William and Esther
74......Ada Viola dob unknown
75......Esther Helen dob unknown
76......William Edward dob unknown
77......Marion dob unknown
78......Donald Lauren b 8 Aug 1913 d 13 Mar 1975
79......Austin b abt 1908

27 John Morgan WALDEN m Mabel Emily JOHNSON (b 27 Apr 1883 d 27 Oct 1915) 15 Jan 1902 Detroit

Children of John and Mabel
80......Ina Mae b 1902
81......Frances Emily b 8 Aug 1904 d 2 Mar 1990
82......Richard John b 30 Jan 1906 d 9 Mar 1970 Michigan
83......Gertrude Helen b 11 Oct 1912 d 26 Feb 1974

28 Rose Ellen WALDEN m Marshall Martin BORTHWICK (b 16 Aug 1877 at 79 Herriot Street Pollockshaws, Glasgow d 1963 Michigan USA)

Children of Marshall and Rose
84......Jessie dob unknown m Earl LAPREE
William Northrop b 27 Sep 1910 d 30 Oct 1996 Detroit
86......living daughter b 18 Jun 1922 m (a) Kenneth George GLATZ 22 Jul 1949 (b) Brooks MUNRO (b 10 May 1917 d 14 Jun 1962) 27 May 1957 (c) Joseph PURDO (b 10 Jan 1920 d Aug 1974) Dec 1967

30 Beatrice Gee WALDEN m Horace John BOWGEN (b 1858 England d 16 Jan 1938 Auckland Infirmary, Epsom New Zealand) 6 Oct 1892

Children of Horace and Beatrice
87......unknown son b 1893
88......unknown son b 1895

31 Clara Gee WALDEN m Alexander BIRD (b in Monaghan, Ireland)

Children of Alexander and Clara
89......Harry Alexander b 2 Feb 1894 Tauranga, New Zealand
90......Etty Walden b 20 Sep 1895 Tauranga, New Zealand
91......Leslie b 1897
92......Dora Ashby b 1900
93......Allan b 1901

32 Dora Gee WALDEN m Thomas Bergin DE WOLFE (b 1861 d 24 Aug 1916 Arthur St, Onehunga, New Zealand) 19 Apr 1892

Child of Thomas and Dora
94......Harry b 15 Mar 1893 d 15 Jul 1957 (a bachelor)


38 Lily Augusta Abigail WALDEN m Percival Charles SLATTER Sep 1906 Camberwell

Note: In 1911 percy was a stationer and the family were with Percy's brother, Stanley and his wife Alice at 2 Parklands Road, Streatham Park.

Child of Percy and Lily
38a......Charles b 1908 Camberwell

41 William Ernest B WALDEN m Eliza May Ann COLES Southwark 3rd qr 1905 [Southwark 1d 37]

Note: Whilst there is a family history of William having married a Susannah, his marriage to Eliza is confirmed by the 1911 census. William was a brass moulder living at 5 Hill Street, Peckham

Children of William and Eliza
41a......William Ernest b 1st qr 1906 [Camberwell 1d 872]
41b......Leonard Barton b 1st qr 1907 [Camberwell 1d 886] m Edith R HIBBERD 4th qr 1916 [Winchester 2c 271]
41c......Robert Arthur b 2nd qr 1908 [Camberwell 1d 897]
41d......Henry George F b bef census, registered 2nd qr 1911 [Camberwell 1d 852]

47 Rachel Elizabeth WALDEN m Thomas SWANN (b 1876 Stowmarket) 8 Jan 1899 Feltwell

Children of Thomas and Rachel
95......Walter d 1919 Wales
96......Miriam b 15 Jan 1901 d 1975 Holt m Reginald HAYES (issue three living children)
97......Harold b 7 May 1907 m Sarah (issue: one living child)
98......Kathleen Audrey b 12 Dec 1908 d May 2000 Suffolk m William GALLOWAY
99......Kenneth Robert b 1916 d 14 Oct 1941 in flying accident, Cleveland
Note: Kenneth was a pilot officer in the RAF

48 Minnie WALDEN m (a) William Joseph COOK (b 1822 d 4th qr 1918 aged 84 [Thetford 4b 702]) 15 Sep 1910 [Thetford 4b 775] (b) 52 Lewis George JUDKINS 14 Jan 1920 [Thetford 4b 423]

Note: In 1901 Minnie was a servant living at Lexden House, 65 Lexden Street, Colchester

Child of William and Minnie
100......Winifred b 1912 d 1997 m Geoffrey Frost SOPER 7 Jun 1934 (issue six living children)

49 Ruth WALDEN m Cecil Luke JACOBS (d 22 Sep 1960) 17 Oct 1914 [Downham 4b 359]

Note: In 1881 Ruth was staying with her grandparents at Feltwell. Ruth was a lady's maid at the Hall, Feltwell in 1901

Child of unknown partner and Ruth
101......Gertrude WALDEN b 17 Apr 1907 Willesden
Note: Gertrude was named after the attending midwife She became a grocer at 20 Bell St, Feltwell

Child of Cecil and Ruth
102......Dorothy Ruth b 8 Aug 1915 d 4 Apr 1999 James Paget Hospital, Gorleston. m Arthur William Whistler TUCK (issue: two living children)

52 Henrietta WALDEN m 48 Lewis George JUDKINS (b Dec 1884 Paulerspury [Potterspury 3b 26]) 16 Jul 1907 [Towcester 3b 33]

Children of Lewis and Henrietta
103......Samuel Henry b 22 Jan 1908 Southwell d 2 Jun 1984 Kings Lynn
104......Violet Marjorie b 24 Jan 1909 Towcester
105......Vera b 7 Mar 1913 Towcester d 4 Jan 1944 Capetown South Africa
Note: Vera was a state registered nurse

53 Barton Hammond WALDEN m Edith Emily SMITH (b 16 Oct 1880 Morley St Botolph, Norfolk d 1955) 8 Apr 1912 Forehoe District, Norfolk

Note: In 1901 Barton was a carpenter

Children of Barton and Edith
106......Phyllis Emily Ruth b 28 Mar 1914 Morley St Botolph, Norfolk d 2002 Norwich m George S AYRES 2nd qr 1934 [Forehoe 4b 439]
107......Hilda D M b3rd qr 1917 [Forehoe 4b 230]

54 Robert Henry (Harry) WALDEN m Ella Winifred CLARKE (b 7 Feb 1844 Culford d 12 Oct 1962 Station House, Lakenheath) 23 Apr 1913 Culford, Suffolk

Note: Robert (known as Harry) could work hard and lay 1000 bricks a day. Started as joiner and became a Master Builder & built many houses in Feltwell.Ella met Robert whilst a nurse maid to the doctor's family in Lodge Road, Feltwell. She was an accomplished seamstress and had also been a nursery maid

Children of Robert and Ella
108......Henry Cecil b 5 Sep 1914 Feltwell d 8 Jul 1969 at 47 Addison's Close, Feltwell Cremated at St Faith's Norwich m Muriel Annie Nora JONES (b 19 Dec 1916 Brecon d 4 Nov 1994 West Suffolk Hospital Bury St Edmunds) 5 Feb 1940 St David's Brecon (issue six living chldren)
Note: Educated at Thetford Grammar School, between 1939 and 1945 Henry worked for the Ministry of Transport. In 1946 and 1947 he was a Lieutenant in the Royal Pioneer Corps, Palestine and in 1968 he was a Surveyor and Contracts manager.
109......Geoffrey b 12 Nov 1915 Feltwell [Thetford 4b 493] m Maud JOHNSON (b 1920) 13 May 1940 Burton on Stather (issue three living children)
Note: Geoffrey was a builder
110......Raymond Barry b 14 Aug 1917 Feltwell d 9 Jul 1940 on HM submarine "Salmon"

HMS Salmon in 1935

On 4 July 1940 HMS Salmon (Cdr. Edward Oscar Bickford, DSO, RN) departed her base to patrol off Skudesnes on the south west coast of Norway. She was sent signals on 9th, 11th and 12th July, the final one ordering a return to harbour. None of these signals were acknowledged. Later it became known that one of the signals routed her across a minefield which at the time was unknown to the Admiralty. There was also a possibility that she was attacked by aircraft, but mining was considered the most likely cause of her loss somewhere in position 57?20'N, 05?00'E. She was declared overdue on 16 July 1940; Raymond was the telegraphist on board at the time.

The wreck of HMS Salmon was located in April 2008 by a surveying vessel prospecting for a cable laying route, and the cause of her loss confirmed as hitting a mine.

111......Kenneth Harry b 13 Apr 1919 Feltwell d 5 Sep 1995 Wakefield Yorkshire m Marjorie WRIGHTSON 22 Aug 1942 St Matthews Rastrick York (issue two living children)
Note: Robert was a heating engineer
112......Iris Lorna b 28 Jul 1921 d 20 Jun 2001 Bury St Edmunds bur in St Nicholas Cemetery, Feltwell m Gordon C DAVIDSON 1st qr 1948 [Downham 4b 879]
Note: In 1945 Iris worked for the Red Cross in Germany

55 Margaret (Maggie) WALDEN m Ernest W YOUNG 30 Dec 1920

Note: Margaret kept the village shop

Children of Ernest and Margaret
113......Monica dob unknown m Michael GRIFFITHS abt 1940 (issue: three living children)
114......living daughter dob unknown m Mr KING (isue two living children)
115......living daughter dob unknown m Trevor EMMANUEL (d 1995) (issue: One living child)
116......living daughter dob unknown m Mr McLELLAN (issue: three living children)

56 Clara WALDEN m Arthur COCK 17 Oct 1918 Feltwell

Note: It seems likely, though unsubstantiated, that Arthur was a member of the local Cock family which may be seen here

Children of Arthur and Clara
117.....Betty Walden b 22 Sep 1916 Feltwell m Alfred FLETCHER (issue: three living children)
118.....Peggy Walden b 18 Sep 1920 Feltwell d 6 Sep 1983 Bury St Edmunds m Mr A WHEATLEY (issue 1 living child)
119.....living daughter b 4 Sep 1926 Feltwell m Mr HUNTER (issue: four living children)
120.....living son b 29 Jul 1922 Feltwell m Miss ARBON (d 2 Apr 1995 Feltwell) (issue: three living children)
121.....living son b 30 Jan 1935 Feltwell m Miss ENGLISH (b 31 Mar 1936) (issue four living children)

59 Arthur Percival WALDEN m Ethel Sylvia HEATH (b 1878 Camberwell) 3rd qr 1907 [Camberwell 1d 1798}

Note: In 1911 Arthur was a commercial traveller and the family was at 57 Camden Grove, Peckham

Children of Arthur and Ethel
59b......Eleanor Sylvia Kate b 2nd qr 1908 [Camberwell 1d 977]
59c......Arthur G N b 1st qr 1912 [Camberwell 1d 1714]

61 Marguerite Louise WALDEN m Edwin Charles BONNER 2nd qr 1909 [Guildford 2a 157]

Children of Edwin and Marguerite
61b......Alfred Percy G b 2nd qr 1910 [Wandsworth 1d 657]
61c......Edith J b 4th qr 1915 [Wandsworth 1d 1017]

63 Frank Palmer WALDEN m Mary E KING 2nd qr 1922 [Lambeth 1d 719]

Children of Frank and Mary
63b......Joan M F b 3rd qr 1920 [Paddington 1a 149]
63c......Patricia M b 1st qr 1922 [Paddington 1a 135]
63d......Robert P b 1st qr 1924 Wandsworth 1d 1064]

66x Kathleen Edna WALDEN m Charles LEWRY 3rd qr 1923 [Orsett 4a 1474]

Children of Charles and Kathleen
66k......Keith E C b 2nd qr 1923 [Orsett 4a 1082] m Kathleen E BANHAM 3rd qr 1948 [Thurrock 4a 2353]
66l......Mavis E L b 1st qr 1931 [Orsett 4a 957]

67 Irene BENCH m Dan LUMSDEN 15 Mar 1916

Children of Dan and Irene
122......George "Bud" dob unknown d Mar 1973
123......Guy dob unknown

68 Edna Gertrude BENCH m Winfield COFFEEN

Children of Winfield and Edna
124......Selby Scott dob unknown d May 1982 m Ella Jean (issue two living children)
125......John dob unknown
126......Shirley Edith b 22 Jan 1922 d 26 May 1988 m Roy M BEHRINGER (issue three living children)

69 Marshall Allen BENCH m Florence Marie HAAS

Children of Marshall and florence
127......living son b 1 Mar 1935 m Miss E JOHNSON 27 Apr 1957
128......living son b 19 Mar 1937 m Miss WATTS 21 May 1965
129......living son b 19 Oct 1939 m Miss McCOMB 1961

70 William Albert SCHRADER m Myrtle BENCH

Children of William and Myrtle
130......William Wayne b 30 Jun 1923
131......Walden Otis b 7 Jun 1928 d 19 Aug 1992 m Shirley (issue: 3 living children)
132......Larry Maynard b 19 May 1930 Walled Lake, MI m Barbara Ann BRIGGS 11 Oct 1958 Walled Lake MI (Issue three living children)

72 Alice Elizabeth SCHRADER m (a) Arthur Burton ELSMORE 17 Mar 1909 Detroit (b) Roy Charles MILLS (b 10 May 1881 Applegate, Washington) 16 Jul 1924 Detroit

Children of Arthur and Alice
133......Ellen Marie b 5 Jan 1910 Detroit d 1 Sep 1939 Detroit m Frederick Charles BROWN (issue: three living children)
134......Anna Louise b 12 Mar 1915 Fostoria, Tuscola MI m Stanley Hiram WISER 29 May 1934 Detroit (issue two living children)

73 Ethel Dorothy SCHRADER m Robert Elliot DENNISON

Child of Robert and Ethel
135......Roger Miller b 3 Jan 1931 Detroit d 9 Jun 1999 Lansing MI m Lois J KNECHTTES (b 18 Jul 1932 Detroit d 29 Aug 1997 Stuart, FI) (issue two living children)

75 Esther Helen WHING m Gilbert BROUGH

Children of Gilbert and Esther
136......Peggy Jean dob unknown
137......David dob unknown

77 Marion WHING m Harold EHIE

Children of Harold and Marion
138......Richard dob unknown
139......Roberta dob unknown
140......Royce dob unknown

78 Donald Lauren WHING m Virginia Clements FORTIER b 18 Jan 1919

Children of Donald and Virginia
78b......Amy Susan d o b unknown m Robert CHESTER |||
78c......Kimberley Donna d o b unknown
78d......Jeffrey William d o b unknown

79 Austin WHING m Marguerite EBLING

Children of Austin and Marguerite
141......Barbara dob unknown
142......Nancy dob unknown

80 Ina Mae WALDEN m Richard NATION

Children of Richard and Ina Mae
143......Eunice dob unknown m James BUSH (issue four living children)
144......Ruth dob unknown m Ray BRADLEY (issue four living children)

81 Frances Emily WALDEN m Frederick T HAVRILLA 17 Dec 1924

Children of Frederick and Frances
145......Harley Frederick b 10 Jul 1926 Detroit d 9 Feb 1984 m Marion Grace KLUTH (b 13 May 1929 Detroit) 30 Jul 1948 (Issue four living children)
146......Dale Emerson b 10 Jul 1926 m Beatrice W SCHULTZ (Bea) (b 20 Aug 1925 Detroit d 25 Feb 2005 Scheurer Hospital in Pigeon, MI) 21 Jul 1946 (issue: five living children)
Note: Dale, his wife Bea and sister in law Marian met up with Robert and Rosemary Walden as they passed through Detroit Airport on their way to meet Ruth Purdo (Borthwick) in Fort Myers, 1996. They were able to exchange old photographs and family tree information
147......Janice Marilyn b 25 Jan 1928 m (a) William BELL (b) Joe HAGER 12 Mar 1965 (issue of William and Janice: two living children)
148......Lawrence Edward b 10 Feb 1931 d 9 Feb 1975 m Sally WILSON (b 2 Jan 1937) 13 Aug 1953 (issue: five living children)
149......John Walden b 22 Oct 1933 m (a) Jean KIRBY (b 20 Nov 1924 d 9 Apr 1989) 20 Jul 1957 (b) Anna THOMAS 27 Jun 1990 (issue of John and Jean: two living children)
150......Mary Ellen b 6 Mar 1943

82 Richard John WALDEN m Lilian BLACKETT (b 18 Sep 1907) 20 Jun 1928

Children of Richard and Lilian
151......Richard John b 11 Jul 1929 d 23 Jun 1985 m Mary Ruth CAMPBELL (b 25 Oct 1928) 24 Aug 1951 (issue: two living children)
152......Loren Herbert b 2 Mar 1931 d 1 Jun 1947
153......James Morgan b 27 Nov 1941

83 Gertrude Helen WALDEN m Howard Starkey PENNINGTON (b 29 Aug 1913 d 22 Nov 1983) 13 Sep 1933

Children of Howard and Gertrude
154......Living daughter , married with three children
155......Living daughter, married (no issue)

85 William Northrop BORTHWICK m Eleanor WARMBIER

156......Barbara Anne b 2 Dec 1934 Detroit d 1993 m Kenneth G WHITMER issue: three living children
157......Thomas b 13 Jun 1936 m Ann Katherine WERSEN (issue three living children)

92 Dora Ashby BIRD m Mr WHITEHEAD

Child of Mr Whiehead and Dors
158......Margaret dob unknown


112 Iris Lorna WALDEN m Gordon DAVIDSON (d 13 May 1981) 27 Mar 1948 Methodist Church, Feltwell

Childrern of Gordon and Iris
159......John R b 2nd qr 1949 [Downham 4b 682]
160......Lorna H b 1st qr 1951 [Downham 4b 554]
161......Martin C W b 1st qr 1953 [Downham 4b 629]
162......Treen G b 1st qr 1955 [Downham 4b 610]

122 George "Bud" LUMSDEN m Eula
Note: After George's death, Eula remarried and had another son, - Guy dob unknown

Children of George and Eula
122b......Daniel dob unknown
122c......Connie dob unknown
122d......Scott dob unknown

78c Kimberley Donna WHING m Robert E WILLIAMSON jnr

Children of Robert and Kimberley
163......Aaron David dob unknown
164......Jason Matthew dob unknown

78d Jeffrey William WHING m Kathleen MADAJ

Child of Jeffrey and Kathleen
165......Kelsey Alexandra dob unknown


159 Aaron David Williamson m Jessica PRITCHARD

Children of Aaron and Jessica
166......Alexander James dob unknown
167......Xavier Joseph dob unknown

There are many living descendants of whom record cannot be made without their permission, but if you have an interest in any of them please e-mail me and I will pass on your request

Many thanks to 78c Kim Williamson and to Rosemary Thorburn, who provided much of this research, and to Donia Lee Robinson who provided corrected information on 122 George Lumsden

© Richard Green 2013