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April 6th 1886, by Joseph FOWELL

Portable Engine by Roby40--
Machine & Elevator by Holmes & Sons45--
Traction Engine by Burrell & Sons [No 673]150--
Machine by Burrell & Sons45--
Elevator by Burrell and Sons20--
Old water cart frame & wheels3--
Lot of wood for elevators4--
Grist mill on wheels18--
Sack lifter110-
Hand barrow-5-
Water Cart4--
Traction Engine by Fowell & Co [No 22]250--
Heading - "Yard"----
Elevator by Burrell 15--
Chaff cutter by Maynard20--
Portable Engine by Ward and Silver40--
Machine by Holmes40--
Elevator (old)10--
2 Ploughing Engines, Turning Cultivator, 5 furrow plough, drag harrow, sleeping van, 2 water carts, new rope350--
New Elevator frame6--
4 wheel truck12--
Waggon .... arms8--
Waggon wood arms5--
Heading - "Shop Stores"-----
Lard oil in Barrell310-
Black oil 30 gallons116-
Red Lead 2 cwt116-
White Lead - half cwt-106
Cotton Waste 1 cwt14-
Paint Mill2--
Bolts Nails & Screws, various3--
Cobra oil 4 gall-10-
Parafin (sic) 10 gall-84
Linseed oil 20 gall2--
Nest of drawers and contents110-
Oak varnish 1 gall-8-
2 extra pistons2--
2 pulley boxes4--
2 Chair pinions1--
Files and steel110-
Knives and fittings for chaff cutters214-
Heading - "Smiths Shop"---
1 anvil110-
1 pr bellows1--
Stocks & dies quarter to three quarter2--
ditto gas half to 1"15-
1 Ratchet and drills110-
Tube cutter-5-
Spanner by Clyburn-4-
2 prs Vice110-
2 tube expanders4--
Sundry sniths tools2--
Heading - "Barn"---
2 set of Engine Carriages4--
wood in yard-10-
odd pulleys and wheels 10 cwt2--
2 pair new shafts2--
3 benches and vice1--
coals 3 tons28-
Heading - "2nd Barn"---
Stack of poplar boards215-
Reaper by Hornsby710-
Mower by Hornsby5--
4 boiler tubes14-
Grease - large tub full115-
Lot of old bands2--
2 screw jacks3--
4 greasing jacks-15-
new iron 2 cwt-16-
old brass - 60lbs110-
Hand lathe2--
4 4 gallon cans-16-
3 old balances110-
Heading - "Farm Stock"---
New Tumbrill10--
Mkt cart on springs5--
ditto, old110-
Land Roll310-
Horse Rake110-
Drag harrows2--
A ditto15-
Seed ditto1--
2 iron ploughs3--
2 weighing machines and weights25-
New dressing mc by Boby12--
2 old ditto1--
2 barrows-10-
1 ladder 38 rounds15-
1 ditto 24 rounds-18-
1 ditto 18 rounds-13-
1 waggon ladder-76
2 root pulpers2--
Riddle & fan-5-
3 shovels and 2 spades-5-
2 scythes on shaft-76
drag rake-3-
2 hand ditto-2-
2 manure forks-26
Barn shovel and scoop-2-
4 cattle cribs-10-
Iron water trough-76
4 water tubs-6-
6 steel hand forks-9-
2 corn bins2--
Corn drill 10 coulter5--
1 gig210-
Heading - "Harness Room"---
3 set of fore gear25-
3 set of hind gear3--
2 pair of plough traise-10-
1 pair of hind ditto-76
2 iron pails-1-
2 scuttles-2-
set light cart harness3--
old ditto1--
riding saddle-10-
18 bits various1--
Heading blank---
2 tons hay in stack6--
1 ton stores tares3--
Straw stack - oats110-
ditto - wheat8--
chaff in 3rd barn2--
Mangles - 8 tons4--
Potatos - 6 tons12--
Stack straw in horse yard3--
Heading - "Granary"---
12 comb Maise (sic)6--
4 comb barley2--
15 cwts cake6--
20 new sacks1--
40 sacks and bags - old1--
40 stone of meal2--
Heading - "Growing crops"---
8 and a half acres of wheat, 3 and a half acres Tares, 8 acres peas, 3 acres clover, 6 acres beans, 3 acres barley, 3 acres oats in all 35 acres at 40s70--
16 yards of good manure2--
Heading - "Horses"---
Tommy 11 old10--
Filley (sic) 2 year old10--
Colt 2 yr old10--
3 yearlings20--
2 sows4--
6 fat pigs 24 stone98-
9 store pigs9--
Heading blank---
Stack of straw in yard10--
7 do cultivator points and shares310-
[Total value]1696114

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