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List of Wills filed in the Probate Registry, Somerset House

Thanks due to Chris Crickmore for this information

(All Crickmores and Crickmers, but not Crickmays)

Lincoln Crickmay of Lowestoft, Butcher. Copy in file

Robert Crickmore, late of Seething, farmer, died 2nd February, 1859 at Seething. Will proved at Norwich, 18th March, by John William Wells of Norwich, gent., and William Barnard of Bracon Ash, execs. Effects: 3,000.

William Crickmore of Kirby Cane, farmer, died 3rd June, 1860. Will proved by Henry Crickmore, father, one of the executors, 2nd November.

Ann Crickmay of Beccles.

John Crickmer of Bethel Street, Norwich, commercial traveller, died 24th June, 1864 at Bethel Street. Will proved at Norwich by Joseph Woodrow, wine merchant of St. Giles Parish, 21st April.

Sarah Crickmore, spinster of Bramford, died 20th February, 1863. Will proved by Lydia Crickmore of Bramford, sister, executrix.

Samuel Thomas Crickmay of Great Yarmouth, ret. tailor, died 12th March, 1867 at Great Yarmouth. Will proved by Susanna Crickmay, widow, executrix, 29th April. Effects: 200.

James Crickmore of Beccles, butcher, died 22nd October, 1869. Effects under 200. Admin. granted to his widow Elizabeth and his son Robert, cabinet maker of 18 George Street, Greenwich, Kent. 5th January, 1870. (Registered age: 53, Wangford).

John Crickmar of East Donyland, carpenter, died 2nd February, 1870. Will proved by George Turner, innkeeper and Peter Harris, shipwright.

William Crickmer of 68 Huntingdon Street, Barnsbury Park, Islington and 3 Ridgwood Villas, New Waddon Road, Croydon, gent., died 30th June, 1870. Proved by widow Mary, 12th August, 1870. (Registered age: 78, Croydon).

George Crickmore of Kessingland, Suffolk, Yeoman, died 23rd December, 1870. Executors: George William John Bird and John Crickmore Bird, nephews, Master Mariner and fisherman respectively. 7th January 1871. Effects: under 300. (Registered age: 94, Mutford).

William Rufus Crickmore of Lambeth Cottage, Kilburn, Middx., plumber, died 6th September, 1872. Admin. granted to his widow, Eleanor Ann. Effects: under 800. (Registered age: 47, E. Preston)

Joseph Crickmere of St. James, Southelmham, Suffolk, machine and drillman, died 7th May, 1873. Will proved by his son William of St. James and James Branford of Bungay. Effects: under 800. (Registered age: 76, Wangford)

Henry Crickmore of East Donyland, Essex, died 19th July, 1874. Will proved by his daughter Nicholinia Crickmore, spinster of East Donyland, and his son Douglas, mariner of Gosport. (Registered age: 62, Lexden).

Samuel Crickmer of St. Kilda, Melbourne, Victoria, gent., died 25th March, 1874. Admin. granted to his widow Elizabeth, of Flinders Street, Melbourne, Victoria.

John Crickmore, carman of Norwich, died 20th November, 1874. Will proved by his widow, Lydia of Norwich. Effects: under 100. (Registered age: 62, Norwich).

William Crickmore of Southtown, gent. Admin. granted to his brother, Henry of Suffolk. Effects: under 20. (Registered age: 68, Mutford).

Robert Crickmore, farmer of Loddon, died 16th January, 1876. Admin. granted to his widow, Ruth Ann. Effects: under 4,000. (Registered age: 47, Loddon).

William Crickmore, farmer and publican of Ellingham, Norfolk, died 22nd December, 1876. Will proved by his widow, Margaret Sarah. (Registered age: 33, Loddon).

Thomas Crickmay, shoeingsmith of Rupert Street, Union Place, Heigham, Norwich, died 5th April 1875. Admin. Granted to widow Mary Crickmay.

Robert Crickmer, gent., of Harwich, died 23rd February, 1880 at Harwich Will proved 31st March by Charles Frederick Bevan, chemist, and James Richard Franks, merchant. Effects: under 1,500. (Registered age: 89, Tendring).

Maria Sarah Crickmore, widow of Great Yarmouth, died 21st January, 1880. Will proved at Norwich by Samuel Bowen of Great Yarmouth, exec. Effects under 1,500. (Registered age: 55, Yarmouth).

Lydia Crickmore of Bramford, spinster, died 16th April, 1880. Will proved by her brother John, agricultural labourer. Effects under 200. (Registered age: 86, Bosmere).


Henry Crickmore, gent., of Boxted, Essex, died 25th September, 1880. Admin. granted to Sarah Ann, his widow. Effects: under 200. (Registered age: 66, Lexden).

John Crickmore of Bramford, labourer, died 11th April, 1881. Will proved by Samuel, his nephew, farmer of Chillingwood Farm, Havin Street, Ryde, I.o.W. and Harriet, spinster, his niece, of Thurleston Lodge, Ipswich. (Registered age: 81, Bosmere). 1882
Ruth Ann Crickmore, widow of 4 University Terrace, Norwich, died 24th November, 1881. Effects: under 1,000. (Registered age: 47, Norwich).

(Ce)Celia Crickmore of Prahran, Victoria, widow, died 5th August, 1883.

Ann Jane Crickmore, widow of Seething, died 24th October, 1884. Admin. granted to William, gent. her son. Effects: 406 1s. 10d. (Registered age: 96, Loddon).

Henry Crickmore, agricultural labourer of Mettingham, Suffolk, widower, died 31st March, 1876. Admin. granted to his son, Jarvis timber agent of Suffolk. (Registered age: 86, Wangford)

Douglas Crickmore of East Donyland, Essex, merchant mariner, died 4th April, 1885. Admin. granted to Emily, his widow. (Registered age: 46, Lexden).

Mary Crickmore of 116 Waddon New Road, Croydon, widow, died 15th October, 1884. Will proved by Charles James Crickmer, nephew, of 15 Albert Road, Regents Park, wine merchant. Effects: 61 13s. 1d. (Registered age: 90, Croydon).

James Crickmore of Altrincham, died 19th February, 1996. (Registered age: 45, Altrincham).

Martha Crickmore, widow of King Street, Fenton, Stoke on Trent, died 18th April, 1886. (Registered age: 89, Stoke on Trent).

John Crickmer of Norwich and Port Philip, Australia, bachelor, midshipman. Died in or since 1840, place unknown.

Joseph Crickmore of Topcroft, Norfolk, Licensed victualler, died 20th January, 1887, at Topcroft. Probate granted 22nd February, Norwich, to his widow and executrix Anna. (Registered age: 48, Loddon).

Robert Crickmore, formerly of Lime Cottage, Alexandra Road, St. Helens and late of Thorndon, both Suffolk, gent., died 29th March, 1888. Will proved by John Andrew Crickmore of Bildeston, at Bury St. Edmunds. (Registered age: 81, Hartismere).

William Crickmore, gent., of Owatonna County, Minnesota, died 11th February, 1888. Admin. granted to William Nethercote Ladell of Norwich, solicitor and attorney and John Gibbon Agar, executor. Effects: 101 13s. 2d.

Lydia Crickmore, widow, of 8 St. Stephens Street, Norwich, died 30th November, 1889. Probate granted to her son John George Crickmore of 13 Orchard Street, Norwich. Effects: 100+ (Registered age: 73, Norwich).
George Crickmore, warehouseman of 156 St. Johns Road, New Cross, Kent, died 29th October, 1892. Probate granted to Richard Hunt, Commission Treasurer. Effects: 645 19s. 10d. (copy will in file). (Registered age: 82, Greenwich)

Hannah Crickmore of 1 West Street, Croydon, Surrey, widow, died 8th January, 1892. Probate granted to John Crickmore Archer, engineer and Henry Randall, builder. Effects: 1,874 7s. 7d. (Registered age: 78, Croydon).

Robert Crickmore of Braintree, saddler, died 29th October, 1893. Probate granted 19th January, 1894 to Hannah Strutt Crickmore, widow and John Andrew Crickmore, grocer and draper. Effects: 1,017 13s. 5d. (Registered age: 57, Braintree).

Charlotte Crickmore, widow of Thorndon, died 17th March, 1895. Probate granted 14th May, 1895 to Thomas Crickmore, innkeeper and John Andrew Crickmore, grocer and draper. (Registered age: 93, Hartismere).

James Thomas Crickmore of 22a Jubilee Buildings, Gerrard Street, Waterloo Road. Admin. granted to Florence, widow. Effects: 71.

Samuel Crickmer, retired grocer, died 23rd December, 1898. Probate granted on 28th January, 1900 to Mary Jane, widow. Effects: 881. (Registered age: 64, Ipswich).

William Crickmore, gent., of Seething, died 15th January, 1899. Probate granted 1st September, 1899 to Charles Michael Roberts, gent., and Henry Mann Roberts, brewer. Effects: 2,299 1s. 3d.

Eliza Crickmore of 12 Wemys Road, Blackheath, wife of Robert Crickmore, died 24th September, 1901. Admin. granted to Robert, widower, retired upholsterer. Effects: 230 17s. (Registered age: 56, Lewisham).

Henry Crickmore, retired mariner of Southwold, died 25th July, 1901. Probate granted 16th September to Anna Crickmore, spinster. Effects: 321 17s. 8d. (Registered age: 56, Blything).

James Crickmore of Torrington Stairs, Millwall and of the 'Torrington Arms', Millwall, died 12th February, 1901 at the 'Torrington Arms'. Admin. granted 2nd March, 1901 to William Crickmore, barge and boat builder. Effects: 4,397 3s. 11d. Resworn August 1901, effects: 5,430 13s. 8d. (Registered age: 59, Poplar). James Crickmore was not landlord of the Torrington Arms in 1892 (Directory).

James Crickmore of Birchbrook, East Donyland, Essex, labourer, died 5th October, 1901. Probate granted to Hannah, widow, 7th November, 1901. Effects: 198 15s. 6d. (Registered age: 86, Lexden).

John George of 13 Orchard Street, Heigham, Norwich, printer, died 15th February, 1901 at the Asylum, Hellesdon, Norfolk. Admin. granted on 13th May to Sarah Elizabeth, widow. Effects: 123 15s. (Registered age: 54, St. Faiths).

Anna Crickmore, spinster of Southwold, died 25th July, 1904. Admin. granted 24th October, 1904, to Elizabeth Crickmore, spinster. Effects: 155 18s. 1d. (Registered age: 44, Blything).

Basil Hamilton Crickmer of Beverley, Yorks., died 10th March, 1901. Admin. granted 3rd March to William St.John Peppin Crickmer, congregational minister. Effects: 345 11s. 6d. (Registered age: 22, Beverley).

Charles Battiscombe Crickmer of Minneapolis, Minnesota, died 23rd June, 1884. Admin. granted to William St. John Peppin Crickmer.

Rev. William Burton Crickmer of 61 Glengarry Road, E. Dulwich, Surrey, clerk, died 6th January, 1905. Admin. granted 25th February, 1905 to William St. John Peppin Crickmer. Effects: 202 16s. 10d. (Registered age: 75, Camberwell).

Frederick Edwin Crickmer of 45 Blockhouse Street, Old Kent Road, died 16th February, 1907. Probate granted 19th March, 1907 to Emily Alice, widow, and Thomas Pyle, solicitor's clerk. Effects: 853 18s. 1d. (Registered age: 56, Greenwich).

Harriet Crickmore of 'Datchet', Whitton, nr. Ipswich, spinster, died 30th June, 1907. Probate granted 24th August, 1907 to Edward Chalinder, solicitor and Anne Chalinder, spinster. Effects: 1,122 0s. 8d (Registered age: 75, Bosmere).

Henry Crickmore of East Donyland, Essex, carpenter, died 1st April, 1906. Probate granted 5th January, 1907 to Atheline, widow.

John Andrew Crickmore the elder of Bildeston, Suffolk, grocer, died 5th January, 1907. Probate granted 2nd February, 1907 to Ellen, widow and John Andrew Crickmore and Harry James Crickmore, grocers. Effects: 8,238 15s. 1d. (Registered age: 72, Cosford).

Samuel Crickmore of 62 Richmond Road, Ilford, Essex, died 17th November, 1907. Probate granted 29th November to Charles James Faunch, civil servant. Effects: 130 13s. 6d. (Registered age: 84, Romford).

William Crickmore of Woolpit, Suffolk, died 17th February, 1907. Probate granted 28th February, 1907 to Patrick O'Connor, licensed victualler. Effects: 197 7s. 3d. (Registered age: 90, Stow S.)

Adeline Crickmer of The Home for Aged Governesses, Harcourt Terrace, Adelaide Road, Dublin, spinster, died 24th December, 1907. Probate granted to Rev. John E. Moffat, clerk and Alfred Henry, solicitor, sealed in London, 12th June, 1908. Effects: 720 14s. 5d.

Cora Rebecca Crickmore of Rowantree, Church Street, Edmonton, spinster, died 21st March, 1909. Admin. granted to the Solicitor for the Affairs of the Treasury. Effects: 274 4s. (Registered age: 73, Edmonton).

John James Crickmore of 16 Lorne Park Road, Lowestoft, fisherman, died 13th November, 1909 at sea. Admin. granted 7th December to Fanny, widow. Effects: 154.

Joseph Crickmer of Adley Villa, Newport, Salop., died 21st February, 1910. Probate granted 6th May to Maud Ellen Crickmore, spinster, and Frederick William Hood, solicitor's clerk. Effects: 160 7s. 4d (Registered age: 70, Newport).

William Hart Crickmer of Earl Soham, Suffolk, retired grocer, died 2nd August, 1910. Probate granted 12th September to Alice Mary Crickmer, spinster. Effects: 392 5s. 2d. (Registered age: 79, Plomesgate).

Herbert Crickmore of Kilshaw Street, Everton, died 23rd March, 1910. Admin. granted to Edith, widow, on 28th May, 1910 Effects: 5. (Registered age: 37, Liverpool).

Albert Charles Sycamore Crickmore of East Donyland, Essex, died 6th July, 1911. Probate granted 22nd August, 1911 to Eliza, widow, and Harold Martin Scrutton, yacht decorator. Effects: 445 8s. 6d. (Registered age: 68, Lexden).

Betsey Crickmore, widow of 30th Oxford Road, Altrincham, died 12th September, 1911. Probate granted 5th October to Amy Cramp, wife of Ellis Cramp. Effects: $173 3s. 9d. (Registered age: 82, Bucklow).

John Ebenezer Crickmer of Beth Combe, Charlton Road, Kent, died 8th December, 1912. Admin. granted 31st January, 1913 to Charles James Crickmer, wine merchant. Effects: 1,076 19s. 6d. (Registered age: 72, Greenwich).

Alfred Bluke Crickmore of Kessingland, shoemaker, died 8th April, 1897. Admin. granted 27th May, 1913, to Alfred Crickmore, fisherman. Effects: 5.

Caroline Crickmore of 3 Westdown Road, Catford, Kent, spinster, died 2nd February, 1915. Probate granted 15th June to Joseph Crickmore Wrangham, cashier, George Walter Wrangham, clerk to P.L.A., and Caroline Wrangham, spinster. Effects: 1,408 8s. 6d.

Nicholinia Crickmore of Rowhedge, Essex, spinster, died 19th January, 1915, at Severalls Asylum, Colchester. Admin. granted 2nd July, 1915, to Henry Samuel Sycamore Crickmore, retired mariner. Effects: 102 1s. 1d.

Letty Crickmer of Earl Soham, Suffolk, widow, died 11th September, 1916 at Wickham Market, Suffolk. Admin. granted 26th October, 1916, to William George Crickmer, carrier.

George Crickmer of 21 Palmerston Road, Ipswich, retired printer, died 26th February, 1917. Probate granted 21st April, 1917 to George Crickmer, civil servant. Effects: 1,176 0s. 3d.

Harry Rhodes Crickmer of 15 Albert Road, Regents Park, Middx., died 26th July, 1904 at The Infirmary, Worthing. Admin. granted 24th July, 1917, to Edwin Leadham Hough, Official Receiver in Bankruptcy. Effects: 300.

Henry Crickmore of Earlham Road, Norwich, Co. Sergeant Major, Norfolk Regiment, died 1st August, 1915 at Nasiriyeh, Mesopotamia. Admin. granted 27th March, 1917 to Annie, widow. Effects: 257 4s. 4d.

Ellen Crickmore of Ipswich, widow, died 23rd October, 1919. Probate granted 18th December, 1919 to Mary Louisa Crickmore, spinster. Effects: 401 10s. 6d.

John Crickmore of 280 Halley Road, Manor Park, Essex, Rifleman, 8th City of London Regiment, died 13th January, 1919 at Bethnal Green Military Hospital. Admin. granted 7th March to Nora, widow. Effects: 155 10s. 1920

Leslie Crickmer of High Street, West Bedlington, Northumberland, died 10th July, 1920. Probate granted 6th August to Joseph Astin Smith, dispenser. Effects: 400.

Sarah Ann Crickmore of 126 Shakespeare Road, Acton, Middx., spinster, died 19th December, 1919, at St. Columba's Hospital, Avenue Road, Swiss Cottage. Admin. granted 30th June, 1920 to Eliza Ellen Hooper, widow. Effects: 1,035.13s.

Hannah Strutt Crickmore, widow of Braintree, died 15th February, 1921. Probate granted 29th June to Robert Samuel Crickmore, saddler, and Josiah Howard, gent. Effects: 2,786 15s. 10d.

Charles James Crickmer of 15 Albert Road, died 15th March, 1917. Probate granted to widow Ellen. Effects: 40.

John Ebenezer Crickmer (again), died 8th December, 1912. 80 to Charles Hurst Crickmer, 80 to Ellen Crickmer.

Gladys Emma Louise Crickmer of 4 Edith Villas, Rous Road, Newmarket, died 16th June, 1922. Probate granted to Edgar Crickmer, jockey, husband. Effects: 400.

Alice Crickmer of Bildeston, wife of the Rev. John Henry Crickmer, died 4th May, 1923. Admin. granted to 30th October to her husband. Effects: 2,656 11s. 8d.

Emma Crickmer of 68 Lacey Street, Ipswich, wife of John Crickmer, died 12th November, 1922. Probate granted at Ipswich, 26th January, 1923, to John Henry and William Charles Crickmer, retired compositor.

Emily Crickmore of Seething, widow, died 26th April, 1923. Probate granted in Norwich, 27th June, to George Morecroft Roberts, brushmaker. Effects: 5,623 8s.

Thomas James Crickmore of 'The Brickmakers' Arms', Spring Road, Ipswich, licensed victualler, died 28th July, 1923. Probate granted Ipswich, 3rd October, to Mary Anne, widow Effects: 785 0s. 6d.

Mary Jane Crickmer of Ebenezer Villa, 2 Martin Road, Ipswich, died 12th November, 1923. Probate granted Ipswich, 8th March, 1924, to William Edward Kersey, solicitor. Effects: 880 4s. 6d.

Harriet Crickmore of Rolt Street, Deptford, wife of Thomas Jehu Wallace Crickmore, died 29th May, 1925, Greenwich Hospital. Probate granted 28th October to Henry Crickmore, carter, and George Crickmore, labourer.

Anne Crickmore of Earlham Road, Norwich, wife of Henry, died 31st January, 1925. Admin. granted Norwich, 18th March to Henry, army pensioner.

Robert Crickmore of 242 London Road South, Lowestoft, died 18th December, 1924. Probate granted London, 12th March, to Annie Elizabeth, widow. Effects: 2,425 4s. 4d.

Robert Samuel Crickmore of Braintree, died 11th December, 1924. Probate granted London, 17th January, 1925, to Kate Ellen, widow and Charles Harry Howard, grocer. Effects: 20,164 2s. 9d.

William Henry Shales Crickmer of Fingringhoe, Essex., died 16th May, 1927. Admin. granted Ipswich, 18th August, 1927 to Agnes Eliza, widow. Effects: 497 11s. 10d.

William Charles Crickmer of 20 Christchurch Street, Ipswich, died 17th October, 1926. Probate granted Ipswich, 22nd January, 1927, to Alice, widow, and Percy Stanley Crickmer, watchmaker. Effects: 5,510 19s. 10d.

Elizabeth Charlotte Crickmore, spinster of Springfield House, Acton, died 4th February, 1927. Probate granted Lewes, 21st February, to Henry Elliot Stewart. Effects: 366 7s. 2d.

George Henry Crickmore of Ingate Street, Beccles, died 27th March, 1927. Probate granted Norwich, 2nd July, to Beatrice, widow. Effects: 545 18s. 6d.

Ellen Crickmer, widow of 15 Albert Road, Regents Park, died 13th February, 1927. Probate granted London, 10th May, to Rev. Charles Hurst Crickmer and Ellen Corton Crickmer, spinster. Effects: 262 2s.

Harry Crickmore of Bridge Farm, Mettingham, Suffolk, died 2nd November, 1928. Probate granted 24th November, 1928, to Eliza, widow. Effects: 1,619 3s. 10d.

John Thomas Crickmore of 53 Stanley Street, Lowestoft, died 2nd August, 1928. Admin. granted 25th October to Mary Ann, widow. Effects: 215 1s. 2d.

George L Crickmay, notice in The Times of 21st October, 1928

Charles Hurst Crickmer of 5 Baldock Road, Letchworth, died 26th June, 1929 at Norfolk Hospital, Kings Lynn. Probate granted 18th December, 1929 to Courtenay Melville Crickmer, architect. Effects: 607 12s. 4d.

Leonard Albert Crickmore of 33 Grosvenor Terrace, Bootham, Yorks., died 19th August, 1930 at County Hospital, York. Admin. granted 27th September to Ivy Maud, widow. Effects: 1,033 12s. 11d.

Ellen Crickmore of 4 Moores Road, Dorking, spinster, died 6th November, 1931, at Cottage Hospital, Dorking. Probate granted London, 3rd December, 1931, to Charles Maitland Duncan, accountant. Effects: 389 0s. 3d.

William Shales Crickmore of Hazlemere, Albion Street, Rowhedge, Essex., died 20th February, 1931. Probate granted London, 28th March, 1931 to Frances Harrington Crickmore, widow. 406 16s. 9d.

Ethel Crickmer of 58 Taylor Road, Wallington, Surrey, spinster, died 6th June, 1932 Admin. granted London, 22nd August, 1932, to George Crickmer, retired civil servant. Effects: 45. (See 1917)

Thomas Jehu Wallace Crickmore of 1 Thrifty Villas, Hall Road, Oulton Broad, Lowestoft, died 27th November, 1931. Probate granted London, 20th January, 1932, to Henry Crickmore, carter, and George Crickmore, labourer. Effects: 158.

George Crickmer of 58 Taylor Road, London died 13th March, 1933. Probate granted in London to Emily, widow, 17th May, 1933. Effects: 1,570. Further grant May, 1944.

Atheline or Athelina Elizabeth Crickmore of Hilda Villa, Parkfield, Rowhedge, E.D., Essex, widow, died 3rd November, 1934 Probate granted at Ipswich, 18th March, to Wallace Thomas Allen, mariner. Effects: 222.

John Douglas Crickmore of Blyths Lane, Wivenhoe, died 4th November, 1926. Admin. (with will) granted London, 7th October, 1935, to Olive Nellie Louise, widow. Effects: 40.

Walter William Crickmore of Old Church Cottages, Hopton, Suffolk, died 11th November, 1936 at Royal Infirmary of Kingston on Hull. Probate granted York, 25th November, 1936, to Edith Caroline, widow. Effects: 155.

Daniel Herbert Crickmore of Hyde Park Corner, Fingringhoe, Essex, died 10th December, 1935. Probate granted Ipswich, 11th February, 1936, to George Robert Crickmar, retired government officer. Effects: 1,104.

Harry Crickmore of Yarmouth Road, Kirby Cane, died 4th June, 1936, at Norfolk and Norwich Hospital. Probate granted Norwich, 5th September, 1936, to Eliza Baldry, wife of Herbert Baldry.

Frederick Arthur Crickmay, architect and surveyor of Redhill and Victoria Street, effects 15,616. Notice in The Times of 26th March, 1936, 17/e.

Charles Henry Crickmore of 17 Beauclere Road, Hammersmith, Middx., died 8th August, 1936 at Central Middlesex Hospital, Park Royal. Admin. granted London, 13th November, 1937, to Laura Emma, widow. Effects: 697.

Samuel George Crickmer of 48 Bell Lane, Ipswich, died 28th October, 1936, Heathfield Hospital. Probate granted Ipswich, 7th January, 1937, to Walter Crickmer, agent for Hearts of Oak Friendly Society. Effects. 140.

Thomas William Crickmer of 18 Dell Road, Oulton Broad, Lowestoft. Died 11th October, 1936. Admin. granted Ipswich, 13th March, to Edith, widow. Effects: 188.

Harry William Crickmay of 50 St Mary Street, Weymouth, Dorset, died 21st July 1937 at St Ann's Nursing Home, Virginia Water, Surrey. Probate London, 6th January to Harry Denis Crickmay, schoolmaster and Stuart Waydelin Crickmay, motor salesman. Effects 2,593 18s. 4d.

Katherine Elizabeth Crickmay of 16 Webster Gardens, Ealing, Middx., widow, died 10th April 1938. Probate London 6th May to Louisa Catherine Henderson, wife of William Henderson, and Edward Fletcher Emmet, solicitor. Effects 7,384 8s. 6d.

Alice Crickmer of 29 Christchurch Street, Ipswich, widow, died 20th January 1938 at Allington House Nursing Home, Woodbridge Road, Ipswich. Admin. Ipswich 19th February to Percy Stanley Crickmer, watchmaker. Effects 228 1s.

Harold Charles Crickmer of The Knoll, Peasenhall, Suffolk, died 4th March 1938. Admin. Ipswich 25th April to Charles Crickmer, blacksmith's striker. Effects 214 15s. 4d.

Rosa Crickmer of 827 Woodbridge Road, Ipswich, spinster, died 16th March 1938 at Heathfields Municipal Hospital, Ipswich. Admin. Ipswich 25th April to Charles Crickmer, blacksmith's striker. Effects 355 7s. 4d.

Alfred Crickmore of 4 Priestnall Road, Heaton Mersey, Stockport, Lancashire, died 20th February 1938 at the Manchester Royal Infirmary, Manchester. Admin. London 18th October to Gertrude Lilian Crickmore, widow and Thomas Nuttall Halstead, chartered accountant. Effects 2,488 7s. 6d.

Edgar Stuart Crickmer of 60 Sutherland Grove, Southfields, Surrey, died 3rd July, 1939 at Surbiton Lawn Tennis Club, Surbiton, Surrey. Probate London 4th August to Ivy Elizabeth Crickmer, widow. Effects 4,830 3s. 4d.

Hector Williams Crickmer of Great Ruffins Lodge, Wickham Bishops, Essex, died 8th January 1939 at the Essex County Hospital, Colchester. Admin. Ipswich, 30th January, to Lucy Mary Crickmer, Widow. Effects 493 13s. 10d.

Mary Livock Crickmer of 17 Baldock Road, Letchworth, Hertfordshire (wife of Courtenay Melville Crickmer) died 27th March 1939. Probate London, 22nd May to the said Courtenay Melville Crickmer, architect, Edgar Charles Milcham solicitor, and Daphne Josephine Crickmer, spinster. Effects 2,186 3s. 8d.

Robert Crickmer of 41 Coronation Road, Ipswich, died 12th December, 1938. Admin. Ipswich 17th February, 1939 to Annie Crickmer, widow. Effects 475 10s.

William St. John Crickmer of 12 Havelock Street, Bridlington, Yorkshire, died 5th February 1939 at Westbourne Nursing Home, Victoria Road, Bridlington. Probate at York, 9th September, to William St. John Ewald George Crickmer of no occupation and Edith Agnes Barlow, spinster. Effects 690 10s. 4d.

George Archelaus Crickmore (otherwise George, otherwise George Hercules) of Dell Cottage, Dell Road, Outlon Broad, Lowestoft, died 16th July, 1939. Probate Ipswich, 23rd October, to Eric Edward George Crickmore, corporation clerk, and Vera Doughty (wife of Victor Doughty). Effects 421 17s. 8d.

Edith Marion Crickmay of 12 Merridale Crescent, Wolverhampton (wife of Thomas Francis Crickmay) died 8th September, 1940. Probate Birmingham, 1st November, to Thomas Francis Crickmay, retired schoolmaster. Effects 358 15s. 7d.

Kate Ellen Crickmore of The Avenue, Braintree, Essex, widow, died 15th February 1940. Probate London, 15th April, to Hilda Marion Crickmore, spinster and Alfred Ernest Jones, solicitor. Effects 2,199 6s. 8d.

Adelaide Mary Crickmar of Ivy Villa, Fingringhoe, Essex (wife of Arthur Albert Crickmar) died 29th October, 1940. Admin. Ipswich, 25th February, to the said Arthur Albert Crickmar, retired carpenter. Effects 140 10s. 5d.

Emily Crickmer of 28 Morton Road, Exmouth, Devon, widow, died 16th February 1941 at St Thomas Public Assistance Institute, Exeter. Admin (with will) Llandudno, 11th June, to Alice Janet Booth (wife of John Edward Booth). Effects 268 9s. 1d.

William St. John Ewald George Crickmer of 12 Havelock Street, Bridlington, Yorkshire, died 3rd November, 1940. Probate York, 23rd June, to Edith Agnes Barlow, spinster. Effects 581 7s. 5d.

Jessie Crickmore of 64 Suffolk Road, Barking, Essex (wife of William Charles Crickmore) died 11th June 1938. Admin. Llandudno, 14th November to Jessie Amelia Cresswell, married woman. Effects 430.

William Charles Crickmore of 64 Suffolk Road, Barking, Essex, died 15th March, 1941 at St John's Hospital, Chelmsford. Admin. Llandudno, 8th May to Jessie Amelia Cresswell, married woman. Effects 471 4s. 1d.

Agnes Kate Crickmar of 26 Wickham Road, Colchester, spinster, died 24th May 1942 at The Post Office, Fingringhoe, Essex. Probate Ipswich, 8th August, to Edna Susan Crickmar, spinster. Effects 442 6s. 1d.

Gertrude Amy Crickmar of 21 Elmcroft Crescent, North Harrow, Middx., (wife of George Robert Crickmar) died 22nd April, 1942 at Redhill County Hospital, Edgware, Middx. Probate Llandudno, 30th June, to Patrick Alfred Rohan, guardsman HM Army. Effects 1,518 16s. 11d.

John Hayter Crickmay of Ilversden, Station Road, Orpington, Kent, died 28th April, 1942 at Farnborough Hospital, Kent. Probate Llandudno, 6th November, to Louisa Crickmay widow, and Richard William Fry, company director. Effects 3,193 5s. 7d.

William George Crickmer of The Causeway, Earl Soham, Suffolk, died 28th July, 1942. Probate Ipswich, 30th September, to Florence Crickmer, widow, and Minnie Ford (wife of Fred Ford). Effects 804 0s. 9d.

Alice Maud Crickmore of 71 Alexandra Road, Norwich (wife of George William Crickmore) died 23rd March, 1942. Admin. Norwich, 2nd June, to the said George William Crickmore, retired engine driver. Effects 67 13s. 6d.

John Andrew Crickmore of The Limes, Melford Road, Sudbury, Suffolk, died 17th September, 1941 at Clare, Suffolk. Probate Llandudno, 19th January, to Margaret Emma Crickmore, widow, Herbert Cecil Brown and Margaret Brown (wife of the said Herbert Cecil Brown). Effects 5,724 19s. 11d. Resworn 6,204 19s. 11d.

Ernest William Crickmay of 251 Lauderdale Mansions, Paddington, London W2, died 12th September, 1943 at St Mary Abbots Hospital, Kensington, London W8. Probate York, 13th October, to Douglas Ernest Crickmay, bank actuary. Effects 1,672 8s. 2d.

David Crickmer of 23 Croft Street, Ipswich, died 6th May, 1943 at East Suffolk and Ipswich Hospital, Ipswich. Probate Ipswich, 21st July, to Alice Crickmer, widow. Effects 7,547 17s. 6d.

Edgar Robert Crickmer of Audley Villa, Newport, Shropshire, died 23rd December, 1942. Probate Llandudno, 2nd February, to Maud Ellen Evans (wife of Algernon Enos Evans). Effects 774 1s. 1d.

Ellen Crickmore of 15 Over Street, Brighton, spinster, died 21st January, 1942 at Brighton Municipal Hospital, Elm Grove, Brighton. Admin. Llandudno, 10th February, to Doris Gladys Vincent (wife of Russell Swale Vincent). Effects 51 6s. 6d.

Mary Ann Crickmore of 8 Roman Road, Lowestoft, widow, died 13th December, 1942. Probate Norwich, 11th January, to Ada Mary Woodrow, widow. Effects 479 19s. 10d.

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