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Excavations at the rear of no 80 High Street, where the Mewse family had a butcher's shop (seen on the right of the first photo below), showed that Rants Score had gulleys on either side to carry storm water from High Street to a lower level: this was fed by another drain built of high quality 17th century bricks running from the rather narrow Wilde's Score. [David Butcher: Lowestoft 1550 - 1750 p 256]

1 - 5 Rant's Score from the top - occupied by John and Elizabeth Mewse and Elizabeth's mother, Susan Crickmore John had lived "next the gas house" (a pub) in 1871 and the gasometer is clearly visible in the distance - the pub was close by.

The building on the immediate right of the photo was the butcher's owned by William Mewse in the latter half of the 1600s

Looking up to the houses on Rant's Score. Susan Crickmore nee Shorten lived in no 1 - nearest the top, and John Mewse lived in the one immediately below. And at No 3 lived William Crisp and his family in 1881. You can see his details here. These tiny houses were built in the late 1800s on the land at the rear of the butcher's shop which had been owned by William Mewse in the latter half of the 1600s, (back visible in photo) and remain as cleared houses but with the ground plan still visible. Susan's house had a living room about 9 feet square, presumably also housing the stairs, and a tiny kitchen at the back. John's at no 2 had rooms of a similar size, but overall was twice the size of no 1.

Photos above provided by Ivor Bunn, to whom many thanks

And this is all that is left today, 2006 - foundations in a car park. 2 cars are parked taking up all of No 1 Rants lane. The line of bricks going left from the break in the tarmac was the dividing wall from no 2.

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